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Found 26 results

  1. Name: Jameston Ownership: The Crown of Corrington Location: Celestia, East Prio Sea Map: Mayor: Trade Value: see accounts spreedsheet Town Bank: see accounts spreedsheet Town Income per turn/Town Expenses per turn: 230DB/150DB Who can own property in Jameston: Anyone Who can freebuild in Jameston: Anyone Description: Corrington's jewel of the Prio Seas, Jameston is a melting pot of cultures and powerhouse of commerce. Established on the 15th January 617, the first Corlanders landed in a large sheltered bay located on the western shores of Celestia. Rich with natural resources, Jameston was the first Corlander settlement in the Prio Sea, named after Queen Annetta's Grandfather, King James IV of Corrington. Located on the southern shore of Vanilla Bay, Jameston swiftly became one of the quickest growing settlements in the Empire and developed it's own unique style. Early buildings tended to have sturdy lower floors built out of locally produced stone, while colourful timber framed upper stories add a rainbow of colours not normally associated with Corrish settlements. As the settlement developed, the trend has been for more brick buildings rendered in citrus colours of greens, yellows and oranges. The small Alfred River empties into Vanilla bay at the site of the settlement, and upstream large tracts of fertile land have been cleared for sugar cane plantations. Jameston is one of the leading producers of sugar in the new world, and is the site of a Royal Sugar plantation. To the east of the settlement, think verdant jungle covers the land and here vanilla plants can be found growing naturally throughout the jungles. Corrish settlers were quick to exploit this valuable spice, the second most expensive spice known to man second only to saffron. Businesses taking advantage of the islands abundant vanilla plants are known to give investors a bonus in profits. Celestia holds perhaps the largest diversity of orchids yet seen in the world and the jungles are splashed with their bright and vibrant colours. Towards the end of 617, a rush of settlers flocked to Jameston in search of the rumoured 'Superb Orchid'. Hundreds of new species of flora and fauna were discovered and several species in particular have been labelled as the 'Superb Orchid'. It was during these expeditions that several sites were found with ruins of a long forgotten civilisation, thought to be related to the Myzec on the neighbouring island of Cascadia. A hub for the East Terran Trading Company (ETTC), Jameston hosts the majority of company military forces. ETTC troops mainly consist of mercenaries hired from the southern Nizami satrapies of the Molokoi Empire. These men are mostly drawn from the Nizam ethnic group and sign into the ETTC military for 15 years with the promise of immediate Corlander citizenship and a parcel of land in the colonies on retirement. In addition they are allowed to bring up to 5 family members with them to the new world. As such, Jameston hosts a large ethnic Nizami group who tend to live together in the south eastern section of the settlement which has become known as the Nizami Quarter. ETTC forces are mainly comprised of infantry; known as sepoys, but a small unit of lancers also compliments the force. Original Information: Builds in Jameston Please help us out by posting your a link to your Jameston builds in this thread. Licensee is Listed after the type of licence. Properties: 246/300 Size for EGS purposes - Level 32 'Grand City' Required for Level 64 Capital City: TBA Artisans: 33 Tailor's Shop, small artisan, Ayrlego (+1 settlement size) Barbershop, small artisan, Ayrlego (+1 settlement size) The Lavender Inn, medium artisan, Ayrlego (+2 settlement size) The Garnet Inn, medium artisan, Drunknok (+2 settlement size) Basement House, small artisan, Elostirion (+1 settlement size) Captain's Daughter Inn, medium artisan, Jameston (via Blackdeathgr) (+2 settlement size) The Gilded Cup, large artisan, Gideon (+3 settlement size) The Captain's Daughter Inn, medium artisan, Mike S (+2 settlement size) The Colonist Inn, medium artisan, Faladrin (+2 settlement size) Jameston Haberdasher, small artisan, Spud the Viking (+1 settlement size) WTC Stand, small artisan, Drunknok (+1 settlement size) Wainwright, large artisan, Ayrlego (+3 settlement size) Alehouse, medium artisan, Jameston (+2 settlement size) Merrynight Tavern, large artisan, Ayrlego (+3 settlement size) Small Tavern, small artisan, Jameston (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) The Sergeant's Arms, small artisan, Jameston (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) Sepoy Armoury, medium artisan, Jameston (via Ayrlego) (+2 settlement size) Spice Merchant's Workshop, medium artisan, Jameston (via Ayrlego) (+2 settlement size) Commerce: 44 Office of the Allcock Trading Company, small commerce, Ayrlego (+1 settlement size) Lighthouse and Pilot's Station, medium commerce, Jameston (+2 settlement size) WTC Warehouse, medium commerce, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) 'Soldiers' Wharf, small commerce, Ayrlego (+1 settlement size) Chocolate Shop, medium commerce, Ayrlego (+2 settlement size) MAESTRO Office, small commerce, MAESTRO (via Maxim I), (+1 settlement size) Autumn Trading House, large commerce, Jameston (+3 settlement size) Post Office, small commerce, Jameston (+1 settlement size) Royal Society of Navigation and Discovery Headquarters, large commerce, RSND (via Ayrlego) (+3 settlement size) Warehouse of the RSND, medium commerce, RSND (via Drunknok) (+2 settlement size) Local Harbour Administration, medium commerce, LM71 Blackbird (+2 settlement size) Stores Detail, small commerce, RSND (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) Dockyard, large commerce, Ayrlego (+3 settlement size) Spud's wharf, small commerce, Spud the Viking (+1 settlement size) Dock scene, small commerce, undisclosed owner (+1 settlement size) Spice Market, small commerce, Jameston (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) Customs Post, medium commerce, Jameston (via Ayrlego) (+2 settlement size) Bakery, small commerce, Jameston (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) Altonian Colonial Company, Jameston (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) Dockside Customs Office, Jameston (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) Royal Rum Transport Company, Royal Commerce, ETTC (Via BricksbyPidy/DeathCap) (+10 settlement size) Factories: 37 Sugar Factory, medium factory, Drunknok (+2 settlement size) Bottle Factory, medium factory, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Jameston Distillery, large factory, Professor Thaum (+3 settlement size) WTC Musket Factory, medium factory, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) WTC Gunpowder Factory, medium factory, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Fish Drying Factory, large factory, Ayrlego (+3 settlement size) Sugar Press, medium factory, Ayrlego (+2 settlement size) Vanilla Sorting Plant, large factory, ETTC (via Ayrlego) (+3 settlement size) Domesticated Elephants, medium factory, ETTC (via Ayrlego) (+2 settlement size) ETTC Sugar Mill, large factory, ETTC (via Ayrlego) (+3 settlement size) Rum Distillery, large factory, BricksbyPidy (+3 settlement size) Royal Barrels and Crate Factory, Royal Factory, Jameston (via BricksbyPidy) (+10 settlement size) Residences: 89 Governor's temporary office, small residence, Ayrlego (+1 settlement size) CSC Plantation House, royal residence, Corrington (+10 settlement size) ETTC Sepoy Barracks, small residence, Jameston (+1 settlement size) Pied-à-terre, small residence, Professor Thaum (+1 settlement size) Temporary Diplomatic Office, small residence, Flavius Gratian (+1 settlement size) Converted Warehouse, small residence, Spud the Viking (+1 settlement size) Residential Wing, Montoya House, medium residence, Royal Society of Natural Philosophy (via Bregir) (+2 settlement size) Uncle's Tree House, small residence, Kai NRG (+1 settlement size) Stone residence, small residence, Flavius Gratian (+1 settlement size) Wooden residence, small residence, Flavius Gratian (+1 settlement size) Lapis Lazuli House, medium residence, Evancelt (+2 settlement size) Residence of Abdul Nazir, small residence, Brickwolf (+1 settlement size) Art and Culture: 8 Temple of Poseidon, small art and culture, Jameston (+1 settlement size) Oleon Consulate, medium art and culture, KotZ (+2 settlement size) White Glove Order (WGO) Lodge, small art and culture, Sir Stig (+1 settlement size) Grand Entrance Arch, Montoya House, small art and culture, Royal Society of Natural Philosophy (via Bregir) (+1 settlement size) Cascadian Temple Ruins, large art and culture, Corrington (via Ayrlego) (+3 settlement size) Educational: 17 The Academy for the Science of Sugar, large education, Drunknok (+3 settlement size) Schoolhouse, medium education, Brickwolf (+2 settlement size) Montoya House, large education Royal Society of Natural Philosophy (via Bregir) (+3 settlement size) Museum of Natural Sciences, large education, Drunknok (+3 settlement size) Botanical Gardens, large education, Elostirion, (+3 settlement size) Spud's Home of Indigenous Antiquities, small education, Spud the Viking (+1 settlement size) Plantations: 18 Vanilla plantation, medium plantation, ETTC, (+2 settlement size) Sugar plantation, royal plantation, Corrington, (+10 settlement size) Sugar plantation, small plantation, Ayrlego, (+1 settlement size) Bees and Honey, medium plantation, Elostirion, (+2 settlement size) Cotton Plantation, large plantation, Elostirion, (+3 settlement size) Mines: Forts: 3 Queen's Head Battery, small fort, Jameston (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) Fort Totie, medium fort, Jameston (via Spud the Viking) (+2 settlement size) Troops: see account sheet Other Buildings: Vessels stationed here: Other related builds: Surveying Celestia, Freebuild, Ayrlego
  2. As Angad approached his brother's home on the outskirts of Jameston, both his brother and his brother's wife waved from across the small foot bridge that spanned the creek. Chickens pecked at scratch grain and then they too looked at the approaching soldier. Angad was on a brief leave from his post as an ETTC Sepoy, and as he didn't have a place of his own, was coming to stay with his brother's family. His sister-in-law loved everything blue, and his brother had built pieces of lapis lazuli into the walls of the house to remind her of his love. -------------------------------------- I wanted to try out a new 32x tan baseplate and red turban I got in a recent BnP order. Also wanted to try inverting the water and building colors. Licensed as a medium residence in Jameston.
  3. Ever since Cascadia was first settled by Corrington, the ETTC have had plans to exploit the vanilla that grows with such abundance on the island dubbed by some 'The Vanilla Isle'. Until now, the company has collected wild vanilla beans, however after months of careful research, the first vanilla plantation is beginning to produce the valuable crop. Located in the hinterland of the settlement of Jameston, a tract of land has been carefully cleared for the project. With the assistance of botanists from the Royal Society, it was found that the vanilla plant, an epiphyte that normally grows in the branches of trees in the Cascadian rainforest, can be carefully transplanted onto stakes for commercial production. Detail of the vanilla plant grafted onto a stake.
  4. After seeking out the Olean consul, Montoya now had to find conveyance back to King's Harbour and had made his way to the Jameston docks, where he had found a midshipman of a Royal Navy vessel. "Aye sir, we're off a brig lying in the roads, which will be going west as soon as we've watered and resupplied" the midshipman reported. "And unless new orders have arrived, we are indeed heading for King's Harbour" Turning to a sailor, he barked: "Take care with those barrels, Johnson - we don't want them spilling good rum now, do we?" and back to Montoya: "Beggin' yer pardon, sir. Requirements of the service and all that... We can find room for you, your assistant and limited dunnage in the boat. I am sure the capt'n 'll accommodate you shipboard, sir." "Just be back here this at 2 this afternoon, and I'll take you out" __________________________________________________________ Overall shot of the build. I think this warehouse/dock will be licensed as a commerce in Jameston, while I might license the boat as a class 1. C&C is, as always, welcome.
  5. Returning to civilisation had at first been pleasant. The good food, enjoyable company, and comforts of modern life was a nice change from living it rough in the jungles of Celestia. However, just as he had arrived in Jameston, he had been informed of a diplomatic crisis brewing. It had been sparked by piratical attacks by some crews connected to the Wayfarer Trading Company, apparently founded by the insufferable count Mesabi, who had so angered Montoya during the Malto peace talks. So informed, Montoya had made his way to the Olean consulate in Jameston with the utmost haste, but found the consul unavailable - or at least so he was told by the clerk. Hence, he was now making his way towards the residence of the consul, a small but stately house nearby. At the door, again he was dismissed, told by the guards that the consul was not available. He was starting to wonder if this was really true, or if he was being avoided. Not to be deterred, he had the guard swear upon his honour that he would deliver a letter to the consul at the utmost despatch. The letter: My last build (almost) in Jameston before Montoya heads back west. I wish to offer this little art and culture or residence for Oleon to license, with the stipulation that it counts towards my December build count. @Bodi @Captain Genaro - anyone of you are welcome to license it. :) The secret juniper treaty mentioned above was to have been the main focus of Montoya contacting Oleon upon his return, but something *cough cough* WTC ;) came in the way. C&C welcome, as always.
  6. While sailing to Jameston an altercation had taken place in the open waters between a Sea Rat convoy and a Romantica (Prio) convoy. When the Sea Rat convoy reached port they had a ship in tow repairs being made as they berthed. Captian Larvey of The Drunken Monkey Purchased two slips from the Harbor Master The Log read as follows: Capt. Larvey [SR] The Drunken Monkey [monkey figurehead] 4 days paid Capt. Larvey [SR] The Palmetto [golden figurehead] 4 days paid Later that day the Prio convoy reached Jameston with heavy battle damage. Capitaine La'Douche sought out the authorities. Knowing the Corrish stance on Piracy he hopped to see them all swinging from the gallows before he left port. In the Jameston Constables office: La'Douche: (Bursts though the door) Constable I would like to report a crime! Sergeant: Just what is it you would claim Sir? La'Douche: An act of out and out Piracy! Sergeant: Where did this act take place? La'Douche: East of Trador on way to this Port. La'Douche: Pirates fell upon my ships and over took us ... We barely made it out alive. Then they forced me and my crew into a single long boat and made off with my vessel. Sergeant: They showed quarter? Thats odd th..... La'Douche:(cutting the Sergeant off) Sir I have it on good faith that they have arrived in this very port! What do you intend to do! Sergeant: Its late Im sure they will be good and drunk tonight being first night in port. I will speak with the harbor master tomorrow to see if any ships have made berth fitting your description. La'Douche: I want them hanged! Sergeant: If the description matches and you can identify them then I will Arrest them and im sure they will be found guilty in court. If it is how you say. Even later that night: Hearing a little bird whisper in his ear that the Corrish Authorities planned to seize his ships and Imprison him and his crew. Also knowing Corringtons' reputation for hanging Pirates even if there was no more evidence other than here say . . . Capitan Larvey decided they had out lived their welcome in Jameston. Back at the docks: Capitan Larvey: Machete me boy! Machete: Aye Capitan? Larvey: We sail at first light, have the dry stores and rations secure and stowed! We need ALL ships in the fleet ready to make way. Machete: Aye Sir but why we just made port tis morn? Larvey: The Prio Capitan is claiming we attacked them ... Machete: (interrupting) Tis a LIE Sir out and out fallacy! Larvey: Aye be that as it may, it matters none, they intend to seize our ships and lock us all up. Machete: We can fight this Sir they were the aggressors sailing right through or floatila with no regard ... You were right to fire that warning shot. Larvey: Aye but how do we prove they opened fire and we simply responded ... Nay they see us as pirates ... And I be quite fond of me neck remaining unbroken! We sail at first light, those to drunk to sail will be left behind. Those too drunk to fulfill his duties will be thrown over. I need me crews hearty me boy we have Four ships to sneak out of here. Machete: Aye Sir I'll pass the word around to snuff the rum early. Larvey: Aye make it so. The Sea Rat crews worked feverishly through the night and by the time first light broke the Sea Rat fleet was twelve miles out singing "What will we do with a drunken sailor what will we do ..." Meanwhile back in town: Capitaine La'Douche met up with the Sergeant first thing accompanied and him and two privates to the Docks. La'Douche: Harbormaster! Have you had any ships that fit the description of a C2 with a monkey figurehead towing a C3 with a golden idol figurehead with a broken mast? Harbormaster: (reading log) ahh yes here they are a Capitan Larvey paid four days up front ... slip nine and ten ... Right this way La'Douche: These slips are empty! Harbormaster: I swear they were here when I made rounds last night ... (looking at log) slips nine and ten ... Sergeant: Harbormaster if you aided these pirates in any way I'll see you hang. 1st private: (to second private) so we don't get to arrest anyone? Sergeant: Not today boys ... Not today. ------- Just a little story to explain how the Palmetto came to be in my possession ... Special thanks to @kaiju, @Ayrlego,and @Bregir for allowing this story to happen. Comments are more than welcome ... I'm sorry for some of the pictures being fuzzy that's my poor quality mobile.
  7. Elostirion

    Plants in Jameston

    After challenge 5, the Fontonajos have added further properties to their estates in Jameston (microbuilds to activate challenge rewards): C) Medium Plantation: Bees & Honey (hope this counts as a micro build; if it does not please let me know, and I will license this as a small plantation and come up with a real micro) The Myzec of Cascadia collect honey from wild bees as a sweetener for their foods and drinks on special occasions. Celestia, as the neighbouring island, has even more biological diversity. The businessmen they are known for, the Fontonajos have decided to have some honey bees imported from the old world, to recreate the excquisite in a controlled environment near Jameston on Celestia - and potentially the wild bees of the island might be attracted and both types of bees - if they are different in the first place - might interbreed eventually? B) Large Educational Property: Botanical Gardens In the rapidly growing settlement of Jameston on the island of Celestia, Juan Alfonso Fontonajo has opened a small Botanical Garden to display the wonderful flora of the island that he and others have discovered on their adventures deep into the jungle covered mountains of Celestia. A) Large Property of my choice: Cotton Plantation Near Jameston the Juan Fontonajo has setup a cotton plantation - and with the help of Corrish scientists has come up with an innovative irrigation system. In the middle of the concentric fields there is a well, and water is pumped up from that well into a very long tube that ranges all over the field, to automatically irrigate the whole width of the field. An ox is walking circles around the well all day to turn the tube, which is placed on stakes with wheels at the bottom - and the whole field is irrigated. Will that new technological advancement spread over all the Brick Seas?
  8. Many asked why the street had been named Montoya Street, but it all came down to some rather mysterious circumstances of Don Isaac Montoya's disappearance. Having departed for Tortuga to meet with Captain Benjamin Morgan to try to establish some form of diplomatic contact to the Sea Rats, none had heard from him for months. As a grand initiative to explore inland Celestia and find the fabled superb orchid had been announced, the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy had naturally started planning an expedition of its own, in which Don Isaac Montoya had been expected to take part. However, there was no sign of him, and to honour his memory, the RSNP had named their new premises in Jameston after the chairman believed to be lost. And with "Montoya House" placed at the end of the street in question, the name "Montoya Street" had quickly caught on. Montoya House was gated by a Triumphal Arch celebrating the triumphs of science. Upon passing the arch, visitors are met with a glorious manor consisting of three wings in the latest Corlander style. One wing holds the stables and storerooms... ...while another holds dormitories and offices for visiting scientists. The main wing holds a lecture hall on the second floor, and a kitchen on the first floor... well as a library with all the latest volumes and a large dining hall. These arrangements ensures that the RSNP can entertain scientists from all over the Brick Seas, ensuring them ample space, material and opportunity to delve deep into the scientific wonders of the island. It is expected to become the staging point for many an expedition into the interior of the island in the years to come. One such expedition is preparing to set out just these days. From left to right: Dr. Albert Brickingstone, anthropologist of Cascadian fame, who had been stranded for years, living amongst the Mysec of Cascadia, studying their history, language and culture. Sir Anton Hughes, physician, now on leave from his medical duties to delve into his other passion: Birds. Thomas Mallory, adventurer and tracker, and his assistant Nathaniel Parker. They take care of the practical parts of the mission, navigating the jungles, identifying edible plants, tracking birds and beasts, humble tasks that the RSNP intellectuals are rarely willing (or able) to care for themselves. Royal Pioneers, ensuring safety, drawing maps, and doing the heavy lifting. One never knows what dangers the jungles may bring! ______________________________________________ A few more pictures can be found in my Flickr. I am quite happy with how this turned out, actually. As always, C&C is welcome.
  9. The influence of MAESTRO was already for a longer time extending the Eslandolan borders. So when Corrington asked for adventurers exploring their jungle, the Trador Agency of Exploring & Culture (a branch of MAESTRO) decided to set up an office in Jameston. An office that also would be used as a MAESTRO commercial office. Lars Stefano was appointed to be in charge of the office. Lars really hoped the explorers would come back before the deadline with their findings. But as no-one ever mapped the jungle, it was possible that the explorers were somewhere completely lost in the jungle. It was a shame that Jan Zwartbaard was now somewhere in Tellvok. MAESTRO really could have used the experience of their master explorer.... ---- Hope you enjoy the build!
  10. Early last year, the then Captain Dirk Allcock financed a small cocoa plantation just outside King's Harbour. Since then, the chocolate industry has boomed and John Cadbury's plantation has expanded. Now, he has sent his daughter Elise to open a shop in the rapidly expanding settlement of Jameston. Elise supervised the construction of the shop herself, and Jameston's colourful style was perfect for her to paint the first floor of the building in the purple that is rapidly becoming a trademark of her father's company. Importing chocolates and cocoa powder from Cocovia, the shop opened just in time to capitalise on all the visitors flooding into town on expeditions to find Celestia's superb orchid. A medium commerce to raise Jameston to city status. It is actually on a 32x32 base however for some reason when it rendered it didn't render the base or detail??? I will redo when I get home next weekend, but as it took almost 6 hours to render on my laptop - I don't really want to try again only to get the same result! Edit: Updated with complete render
  11. Colonel Oystridge had been sent in advance to find accomodation for the White Glove Order expedition to find the fabled Superb Orchid. Everywhere he had asked they were fully booked, so he bought a private mansion, and had it converted into a WGO Lodge. This involved making a niche with an Owl and to Ravens, symbols of wisdom and foresight. A whaleoil lamp held in a handsculpted fixture, illuminated them nicely. New windows were fitted to set the right mood for when Miss Blumenskiold arrived. Miss Blumenskiold was a woman with an intense presence. As she approached, he noticed she was quite tall and an alluring scent made his mind drift. Colonel Oystridge could feel his authority dwindle away. "Ahem.. Welcome to Jameston, Miss Blumenskiold. I hope you had a nice journey." "Yes I did, thank you very much, mister...", she let the sentence hang. "Oystridge. Colonel Oystridge.", the Colonel added. "Oh, a military man. Well, I guess someone needs play war. I prefer to make love.", Miss Blumenskiold exclaimed nonchalantly. "Ehrmm... I also prefer...." the Colonel started, but was abruptly interrupted by Miss Blumenskiold. "I have been tasked with retrieving the Superb Orchid for the Order. Show me which way I should hold this map, so we can get on with it" "Yes, let's get it on... Ehh... I'm sorry.. I mean... I have people for those kind of things. I am more of a hands-on kind of leader", the Colonel found himself in a situation where he tried to excuse and prove himself to her. Her devilish charm had gotten a hold of him. "Then show us the rooms and send for these people you know." "We...", she gestured towards her assistants "..have work to do". The Colonel felt his heart sink. He was filled with envy towards her followers, a botanist with the name of Carmo Chaves, and an experienced jungle guide called Arsenio. This is my entry in Cat A of the Superb Orchid of Celestia. It was fun mimicking the style of Jameston, and trying out new techniques. I used Brickbuilts Skyrim Roof tutorial. I will license it as an Art&Culture.
  12. Basement House, Montoya Street, Jameston, Celestia Jameston had attracted many foreigners over the past few weeks. Rumours had gone around of an orchid to be found on Celestia, an orchid so beautiful that everyone in the world would stop in silent adoration and just want to watch it for the rest of their lives. Juan Alfonso Fontonajo had assembled a small group of people around himself to lead an expedition into the inner parts of the islands, up the mountains. He had recently been to Cocovia, to get an impression of what might be the future of land based mobility: The Wagonway. And impressed he was, though also certain that this was not what it should be in final perfection. When he boarded a ship to Celestia with his servant Barlo Forga, he met a group of people who shared his same goal: Finding the most beautiful orchid in the world on Celestia. They decided to join forces and set up camp in Celestia first. Fontonajo hired a group of builders to construct the house that one of his new found companions, Luca do Figino, had designed. They dug about a metre deep into the ground and made a half open-basement - half of which soon became a barn, while the other half became a workshop. As it was rather warm and moist on Celestia, this was the perfect way to keep the air fresh while working on the preparations for their journey. They had even planted some of the native Celestian flowers, with lightish blue patels. And they planned to add more of the things they would find on this beautiful island. Hence also the barn, which might soon be home to some of the island's native anmials. Fontonajo's expedition group: Juan Alfonso Fontonajo, heir to Román Esteban Fontonajo, fromer member of the Eslandolan Colonial Council and still official mayor of Nova Terreli (though other family members are doing his duties during his absence. Lady Ludovica Grande from Mardier, born rich, married into nobility and a widow for more than 15 years after her husbands mysterious death. After the end of the long-lasting Mardierian Civil War she decided to leave Londa and discover the world with her friend - whereever they might end. Luca do Figino, craftsman, inventor, visionary - from Terraversa. He had left his home in young years and sailed to Mardier in the old world - where he found nothing but hostility towards him, because he was from Terraversa. It was Lady Ludovica Grande who left him into her home and may well have saved his life during the end of the Civil War. "The Doctor", a man from Corrington in his fifties who refuses to reveal more than his profession about himself. He has been with Lady Ludovica for a while, and the two are said to be a couple. Barlo Forga, the bad-tempered servant of Juan Alfonso Fontonajo, who complains that that he has to do all the work. To which Fontonajo replies not with words but with a decent weekly pay.
  13. Doctor's Thaum diary Jameston, January 618, the 5th Celestia Superb Orchid Search, 1st day After a momentous air travel with Callaghan, my dear Iauln and the magnificent Sven, followed by a recordative crash near the shore, we catch the Garret twins up in Jameston. All was ready for the expedition, as I've asked, and I am very pleased ! Today we walked along the shore of Celestia, heading north, along the beautifull Vanilla Bay, I was amazed by the profusion of flora and fauna, what a healthy shore !! The waters are so great provider that we met a very special crab (Fig 1) , with a very high body mass index, he certainly greatly benefits of the fishy shore. As we never met such a crab, Sven decide to name it a cancer pagurus gigas. Iauln tried to catch it with its dip net but didn't succeed. However, he drew a pretty good image of it. We also found a strange five-stemed plant (Fig 2) , with very poor roots (only to grab the sandy ground) which seems to feed on sea spray's salt. As for the gigantic crab, we called it a Svenia Saltis. Iauln, drew it fine too, he is a talented drawer for sure. Fig 1 cancer pagurus gigas Fig 2 svenia saltis ************************************************** First cat B entry for me, C&C welcome
  14. previously Doctor's Thaum diary Celestia, North of Vanilla Bay, January 618, the 7th Celestia Superb Orchid Search, 3rd day We leaved the Vanilla Bay shores for the northwestern cliffs of the island, as we passed close to the jungles, we could see some caracteristic fauna like a beautiful chameleon, also well drew by Iauln (Fig 2). We find a very stange flower, with an exceptionnaly developped pistil (no doubt that this is a specie of arum ) I think this pistil is oversized for better falling down the cliff and be carried by the sea to the stamen. (Fig 1) Fig 1 Fig 2 third built for the orchid search (and second Cat B) C&C welcome
  15. Ella Hutchins is a recent graduate of the University of Belson with a major in Botany. At the top of her class, she recently received correspondence from Royal Society of Natural Philosophy member and Governor of the Paradise Isles Dirk Allcock inviting her to Jameston to take up the position of Chief Scientist in an expedition he plans into the interior of Celestia. Thrilled by the idea of pioneering the discovery of new plants in Terra Nova, and hopeful for membership in the Royal Society, Ella eagerly accepted and has recently arrived in Jameston. To serve as headquarters for the expedition, Governor Allcock has rented out the entire premises of the Lavender Inn, a respectable establishment in Jameston. Miss Hutchins is boarding there while making preparations and meeting the principle members of the expedition. Here Dirk and Ella discuss details of the expedition The principle members of the expedition are: Licensed as a medium artisan. Additional Image: I've been wanting to use lavender coloured bricks for some time now - originally they were for Weelond and an Oktoberfest entry that didn't pan out. Anyway I didn't have enough for two levels, but I had some sand green on my desk from another discarded project and I put them together coincidently and decided that they really work well together... well at least I think they do! Not a combination I ever expected to build in!
  16. Location: Jameston Type: Medium Factory Agnes and a WTC Elite walked to the edge of Jameston, where the new musket factory had opened. They had been told to only build their buildings on the edge of town for reasons everyone knew. Musket Factory by North White, on Flickr Two Bored WTC Infantrymen stood in front of the factory. "Woah Woah Woah" Said the First. "We're guarding this building. We don't need any of you elites around!" "Yeah, Scram! We don't take your type here." Said the Second. Musket Factory by North White, on Flickr Agnes sighed. "What is it with you grunts? Is someone jealous they aren't called elite?" "No..." Said the first sheepishly. "Good," Said Agnes smugly, "Trooper, stay out here and show them how to guard a building." Agnes entered the building leaving the three soldiers to argue outside. Musket Factory by North White, on Flickr The Foreman greeted her. "Sorry for the delays, countess. We had some trouble constructing the building." "All in good time, mr. foreman. Now, show me how this factory works." "Of course!" Musket Factory by North White, on Flickr "First, Metal is pounded into the rough barrel of the gun." Musket Factory by North White, on Flickr "It's taken over to the furnace, where it's heated, sealing the cracks." Musket Factory by North White, on Flickr "Once it's been forged, we let it cool over here." Musket Factory by North White, on Flickr "Meanwhile, we assemble the flintlock mechanism." Musket Factory by North White, on Flickr Musket Factory by North White, on Flickr Musket Factory by North White, on Flickr "Additionally, the stock is cut out of wood." Musket Factory by North White, on Flickr "All of the pieces are brought to the master craftsman at the crafting table." Musket Factory by North White, on Flickr Musket Factory by North White, on Flickr Musket Factory by North White, on Flickr Musket Factory by North White, on Flickr "And the musket is assembled." Musket Factory by North White, on Flickr "Then we just package them." Musket Factory by North White, on Flickr Musket Factory by North White, on Flickr "You see, we run an efficient and productive factory here in Jameston. And now that we're operational..." Agnes cut the foreman off. Musket Factory by North White, on Flickr "Now that the factory is operational, I can put you out of your misery and put one of Mordo's men in charge." Said Agnes, with a rare smile. "Did you just pull those out of the box there? Because those aren't loaded..." The foreman said calmly. Musket Factory by North White, on Flickr "Damnit." FIN Thanks for viewing my latest factory! I hope to get one more out before the month ends. I'll take my 200 Dbs, thank you. C&C appreciated. I hope this is accurate enough for musket production. I'm not entirely sure how the barrels were made, so that part might be a bit off.
  17. Location: Jameston Type: Medium Factory Agnes angrily stomped all the way over to the next WTC factory Gunpowder Factory by North White, on Flickr Pete Zanzibar stood outside. "Madam Mesabi! Have you come to inspect our factory!" Asked Pete Excitedly "This the Gunpowder one or the Bottle one?" Asked Agnes "The Gunpowder one, madam." Gunpowder Factory by North White, on Flickr "Perfect, just the one I was looking for. And let me remind you, I'm not drunk, I just drank enough to keep my nerves steady." Said Agnes. She dropped the two muskets by some empty barrels. "Well, I'll just show you inside, so you can see everything!" Said Pete, nervously Gunpowder Factory by North White, on Flickr "Gunpowder is made of three ingredients. Sulfur, Saltpeter, and Charcoal. We have to import in the Sulfur, but the other to ingredients are manufactured here." Pete Paused. "But, unfortunately, we have to have a Corrington officer to watch everything for safety reasons." Said Pete. "Hey now! Let's see you do this job as well as I do." Said the Corrish Officer Gunpowder Factory by North White, on Flickr "All you do is tell us how much of each ingredient gets dumped in a barrel from that cheat sheet!" Yelled Pete back "Yeah, but I'm certified to read the cheat sheet. Are you?" Said the Officer Smugly. "No... Moving on. We dump barrels of Urine into sand to make saltpeter." Gunpowder Factory by North White, on Flickr "So that's what that smell is..." Muttered Agnes. "Yes, that reminds me can we build a scented candle factory next? Or perfume?" Asked Pete. "I'll think about it." said Agnes, rolling her eyes. "Next, we make charcoal. We do this in that room over there." Pete motioned to a small room off to the side of factory. Gunpowder Factory by North White, on Flickr "And finally, we combine the sulfur, the saltpeter, and the charcoal, in a big vat." Gunpowder Factory by North White, on Flickr "And we just take the powder out and put in buckets." Finished Pete. "Great great great... Can I borrow some?" Asked Agnes drunkenly. "Why?" Asked Pete. "Agnes needs to go shoot someones." Agnes burped loudly. Gunpowder Factory by North White, on Flickr "Uh, I guess... I don't think we have that caliber of ammunition here though, we're using a different type for the advanced rifles." Agnes sighed loudly. "Why is everything so hard!" Gunpowder Factory by North White, on Flickr She kicked open the door, and left in a huff. FIN Thanks for viewing my third factory of the month. I tried to recreate the process of making gunpowder to the best of what the internet says. Hopefully it looks different enough then the last one I did. I made this one bigger and tried to fill the area fully. @Ayrlego I could probably build one more for Jameston to license. I'd really like to do a Musketball factory to end the story arc. As usual, C&C appreciated.
  18. The entrance to Vanilla Bay is a relatively safe one, the channel being sufficiently wide and deep. There are some rocky outcrops off the Southern headland however, and on one of these the Settlement of Jameston has constructed a Lighthouse. Shipping arriving at night are advised to keep the light on their starboard side to avoid running foul of these rocks, especially when the harbour is shrouded in a tropical mist. The light itself is an oil powered lantern, encased in a glass lens to magnify the light. The station is maintained by Royal Marines, and at any time a Royal Navy Petty Officer is available to board visiting ships and provide pilot services into the bay and advice on the best anchorages (the larger commercial wharfs are still all under construction.) -------- And a normal picture! Licensed as a medium commerce in Jameston by the settlement. Feel free to mock my attempts at digitally adding some fog and the light!
  19. "Calm down kids, calm down" ... Mrs. Hoover had a bit of trouble with her class today. The children could not be blamed though, for they were excited to see the Academy for the Science of Sugar - science and sugar, what more could a Corlander child ask for?The class had been invited for a tour of the academy, since its purpose was not only to research all things related to sugar - sources, refinement, uses - but also to inspire the youth to a future in the academic field. Mrs. Hoover and her class waited in front of the gates, being greated by two friendly Corrington guards. First an overview over the whole facility: the main building had two wings, on the area around it were a couple of fields with different plants. On the left side of the main building there also was a small greenhouse, and on the backside there was a stack of bee hives. The tour began in the main building. The first stop was the library, where one of the scientists was working on a book about "exciting news in the fields of sugarcane research". The bookshelves were already crammed full with books about every possible aspect of sugar, and a table in the rear of the library was covered with maps of the best regions for certain plants. The next stop was in the laboratory, were another scientist explained his work. "Greetings, young ones. What we have here is our experimental laborator. We examine different plants and their content of sugar. In the storage spaces behind me you can see some: a grass called stevia, and two different types of sugarcane. On the table in front of me I have some sample of fully grown stevia plants, sent to us by a farmer on the island of Argentia. He is interested in whether this type of plant is one to be rumoured to be extremely sweet. In the jar on the other side of the table you can see some sap from agave plants from that same island. The question remains which is the sweeter one of both. I hope we will find out soon!" One of the pupils was curious: "And what is it in that red cup?" "That is my coffee, kiddo." Leaving the main building through the back door, the group came to the bee hives. "Do not be scared, they do not harm anybody as long as they are not provoked. Note how the different hives are marked in different colours. We keep these bees to study the honey they produce. Honey is a great sweetener, so of course we are interested in its properties!" The greenhouse had been set up to study certain orchids, some of which had very sweet nectar. They needed special care, even in the already warm climate of Celestia. Moving past two small fields - the farmer from Argentia had provided seeds, so here some young agave and stevia plants were being grown for future studies - the class came to some small fields of sugarcane. But was it? A third scientist - even if she looked more like a farmer - explained: "There are different types of sugarcane plants, and we try to find out which type grows best in what places. Here we have one field with a variant being grown on Lacryma, and right next to it another type from Tiberia. As you can see, the sugarcane from Tiberia grows smaller, and we have found out it also produces less sugar." "You may wonder why we do not just plant the other type of sugarcane everywhere. Well, it is not as easy. Tiberia is not the best environment for sugarcane. But we are working on the problem. If you turn around, you can see a field of beet. This might be the future of sugar for the Mainland. We have found this type of beet growing well almost everywhere, and it has small amounts of sugar in it. By selective breeding we hope to increase its sugar levels, thus providing a source of sugar that grows in the Mainland. THis way we would not have to transport it all over the Brickseas, greatly reducing prices back there. There is some way to go, but the first results are promising!" As they leave, the children where even more excited than before. Sugar rules! ==================================================================================================================== A large education property for Jameston. I tried to cover as many areas of "sugar studies" as possible in that timeframe. A study hall, a laboratory, experimental fields - which you will find at any faculty of agricultural sciences - and combine it with the things I already know about the BotBS world. The decision to use the sugarcane build from @Simon_S was due to me having the parts needed - that it was on Tiberia and provided a nice IC reason for shorter plants was just the proverbial ising on the cake. I would have liked to include some more details about bees and sugar beet, but the level of knowledge in that time period was not advanced enough. Fun fact: sugarbeet was a thing only from 1801 onwards, prior to that it was either honey, fruits or sugar from sugarcane as sweetener. @Ayrlego: I will license the property (large education for Jameston) in a minute, you promised mucho monies. In this case 460DB if I am not mistaken. And some inside joke at the end:
  20. In response of the mayor of Jameston' call, the doctor Thaum send his finest brewmatser and his most experienced staff to help solving this thorny issue : " Will Jameston produce enough booze for keeping up morale of the future wanabee explorers and botanists" Here comes the main Jameston Distillery with Captain Antonio Feliciano Trezalez y Tondoz y Gazon personnally handing the key of the factory to colonel Allcock's obligee. the same without the roof : More pics later. will be licenced as a large factory
  21. Location: Jameston Type: Medium Factory The Sepoys of Jameston eyed the new factory suspiciously. They had heard the stories of the WTC, and their exploits. The WTC Infantryman eyed the horse hungrily. Bottle factory by North White, on Flickr Inside the factory, Pete Zanzibar observed the workers. Bottle factory by North White, on Flickr Glass was made by melting sand into a gooey hot pulp, and gathered on a pipe. Bottle factory by North White, on Flickr The blob of glass was put into a mould made out of a barrel. Bottle factory by North White, on Flickr Bottle factory by North White, on Flickr A worker would then blow into the pipe, turning the blob of glass into a bottle. Bottle factory by North White, on Flickr After the bottles were cooled, the mould pieces were removed, and the bottles placed in crates. Bottle factory by North White, on Flickr The large crates were loaded into a cart. Bottle factory by North White, on Flickr As Zanzibar walked towards the exit he muttered to himself. "We are literally robbing the crown of Corrington with these economic incentives. Pity this had to be built at the edge of the world though. Her sister factories will make this the manufacturing capital of the new world. But it'll be a pain to ship the goods. Yes sir, it'll be a pain to ship the goods." FIN Thanks for viewing my build! Sorry for the radio silence lately. This was going to go in Mesabi Landing, but I need the cash, so Jameston I guess. C&C appreciated!
  22. Dramatis Personae (I too really like this idea to keep characters sorted! Thanks to @Kolonialbeamter for the Inkscape template for the character tags!) Colonel Sir Dirk Allcock has finally made it back to civilisation. After months in the jungles of Cascadia with the Myzec, he has finally arrived back in Jameston, a settlement that has grown much in his absence. As he greets Samuel Woodruff outside the new constructed offices of the Allcock Trading Company, Dirk notices that next door is a barbershop. A barber with a luxurious moustache is waiting for customers at the door. After months in the jungle, Dirk longs for a proper shave and trim, so much to the surprise of Mr Woodruff, but not so much Sergeant Gowan or Davy Russell, who had both returned with Dirk from Cascadia, he heads over and greets the Barber. The moustached barber returns Dirk's greeting enthusiastically, revealing a thick Mardierian accent. Dirk soon finds himself in the barber's chair, looking out onto the street with Mr Woodruff hovering alongside and Sergeant Gowan lounging on the back wall. Russell has wondered off. The barber's name was Marco, and he was indeed of Mardierian descent. "So my fine man, how did you end up here in Jameston, by the sounds of it you originally hail from Mardier?" "Not Mardier Signore, but rater the Isle de Medio, born in New Ter-ra. I worked as the personal barber for teh Mardierian Viceroy himself." "and you fled after the fall of the Island to Eslandola?" "Si, Signore, bet-ter to leave no?" "Quite so, but why not New Haven with your fellow countrymen?" "Ah, Every-a-one go to New Hafen - Marco, he lika his chances going east, so I a come here no? Open my own shop" "Well my dear man, let's see if your barber skills are as you say, your finest shave and a trim thank you." With that Marco got to work. Mr Woodruff began a report. "The incentive for factories was released as ordered Colonel. We have had more interest than expected so far, but I shall await judgement until the projects themselves firm up." "Quite good, and I see that the resupply convoy from Cocovia has arrived in harbour, I noticed the Lady Jacqueline amongst the ships at anchor on my arrival" "Indeed, Captain Sawkins awaits you at your pleasure. The convoy is readying to depart in the next week and are currently loading goods, mostly sugar cane" "Yes, I see the sugar industry here is off to a great start, very good indeed" The conversation went on for sometime, until Marco had finished. Dirk felt great - it was indeed a fine shave. "Well my good Sir, that was indeed as good as promised, Sergeant, pay the good man from my purse if you please, and don't skimp on the tip." "To be sure Sir," "Actually while you are there, Marco, give my Sergeant a shave, he always seems to have that shadow on his face" The normally stoic Sergeant Gowan looked horrified. "Ah Sir, for the love of the gods you wouldn't let that Mardo anywhere near me with a razor would you Sir?" "Don't make such a fuss Sergeant, you will feel better I assure you" "Zeus, Hades and Posiedon!" Sergeant Gowan made the sign against evil. Dirk sighed, "Just pay the man then Sergeant. We shall be returning." "Many tanks Signore, a fine day to you" ---------- Another small artisan for Jameston and the first section of the street put together. Below is a picture of the Barbershop on its own. It was time for Dirk to return and time to focus on storytelling again, hence the wall of text. I really love @Kolonialbeamter's tags for his characters and hope to put together some of my own, as I seem to have lots of named reoccurring characters and it would be nice to weave them back into the stories again. EDIT: Tags added thanks to KB's assistance!
  23. On the same street as the Allcock Trading Offices and Temple of Poseidon stands a new tailor's shop. Run by two enterprising young women, the shop makes and repairs quality clothes for the citizens of the settlement. Will be licensed as a small artisan. This is the third of my 20x20 modules intended to be joined together for a large street scene. Hopefully I'll start putting together the scene after the next couple of builds.
  24. While to most outsiders Corlanders are not known as a pious people, many still follow the old ways, especially those from rural or outlying areas. Where Corrington differs from the majority of the nations of the Madrice peninsula, is that for a couple of hundred years now the Faith has been completely separated from the state. Corlanders are still free to practice any religious beliefs, but only so far as those activities do not conflict with the secular laws of the state. Dirk Allcock is not among the pious of his countrymen. A man of science he has little time for what he considers myths and fairytales. As colonial governor however, when a group of Priests of Poseidon approached him seeking permission to construct a small shrine in the docks of Jameston, he immediately recognised the advantages and gave his approval. To be licensed as a small art and culture by the settlement of Jameston. Technique for the pattern above the archway is from here
  25. Before leaving on his expedition Colonel Dirk Allcock came to the realisation that after almost two very successful years in New Terra, he needed full time staff to manage his many and varied investments. Thus he hired a small staff and charged them with the construction of a suitable office in the dockside area of Jameston. His office manager is a man by the name of Samuel Woodruff, a very experienced accountant and book keeper from Belson. Leaving a major old world trading company for the colonies, Woodruff is at home anywhere he can compile neatly ordered lists then plan the growth of the numbers on those very lists. Not just a bookworm, he also has a keen sense of what constitutes a good and a bad investment. He is however, getting quite advanced in age. He plans to run Allcock's interests from Jameston. Thus a roaming manager was also required, someone not afraid to get their hands a little dirty travelling from one end of the brick seas to the other looking after the interests of the company. Somewhat unusually the man picked by Allcock for this job is actually a women. Little is known about Jessica Campbell. Able to comfortably blend into anything from a high society ball or a disreputable lowlife tavern, Campbell is not a women to take likely. Highly intelligent, proficient with blades and firearms, she has left a string of defeated enemies behind who under estimated her. The pair can be seen here exiting the office. Campbell is to leave Jameston shortly on a secret mission for Allcock. Woodruff has dispatches to go out on the next Corlander ship to depart the settlement. A small commerce for Jameston, this thread will double as a place I can list all the properties and ships licensed in my name in the EGS for my own reference. This is the first of hopefully a whole series of 20x20 modules that I am planning to try and add together to get a street scene of Jameston. My vision for Jameston at this stage is for a more colourful an vibrant settlement than the settlements I have previously worked on (Mooreton Bay being a lot of tans and Port Woodhouse being stucco or 'classic Lego pirate style')! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ships licensed The Lady Jacqueline - Class 4 The Alexander Keith - Class 6 Properties licensed (Only includes properties licensed to Allcock personally eg. not ETTC/RSNP/Settlement or Faction properties) The Captain's Daughter Tavern - Arlinsport - Small Artisan (+5DB) Lavender Patch and Apiary - Arlinsport - Small Plantation (+5DB) Cocoa Plantation - King's Harbour - Small Plantation (+5DB) Quarry and Brickworks - Mooreton Bay - Medium Factory (+11DB) The Corunna Tavern - Mooreton Bay - Medium Artisan (+10DB) Banana Plantation - Mooreton Bay - Small Plantation (+5DB) Matthew Sawkin's Residence - Mooreton Bay - Small Residence (+2DB) Fishmonger's Stall - Mooreton Bay - Small Commerce (+5DB) Abigail Park Barracks - Mooreton Bay - Medium Residence (+3DB) The Yellow Mermaid Tavern - Mooreton Bay - Small Artisan (+5DB) Militia Barracks - Mooreton Bay - Small Residence (+2DB) Salt Pork Factory - Mooreton Bay - Medium Factory (+11DB) Large Factory - Arlinsport - Large Factory (+16.5DB) Large Factory - Mooreton Bay - Large Factory (+16.5DB) Governor's Hall - Mooreton Bay - Small Residence (+2DB) Allcock Residence - Arlinsport - Small Residence (+2DB) Widow's Hattery - Stormhaven - Medium Artisan (+10DB) Rice Fields - Mooreton Bay - Small Plantation (+5DB) Department of Time Bell Tower - Mooreton Bay - Small Art and Culture (+5DB) Small Residence - Weelond - Small Residence (+2DB) Tavern - King's Port - Small Artisan (+5DB) Widow's Hattery, Mooreton Bay Branch - Mooreton Bay - Medium Artisan (+10DB) Crabber's Rock - Port Woodhouse - Small Commerce (+5DB) Small Residence - Jameston - Small Residence (+2DB) Tikal Temple - Myzectlan - Large Art and Culture (+40DB) Potter's Workshop - Port Woodhouse - Small Artisan (+5DB) Beer Garden - Trador - Small Artisan (+5DB) Bayonet Course - Port Woodhouse - Small Educational (+6DB) Sugar Plantation - Jameston - Small Plantation (+5DB) Allcock Trading Company Office - Jameston - Small Commerce (+5DB) Oktoberfest Street Festival - Weelond - Medium Artisan (+10DB) Tailor's Shop - Jameston - Small Artisan (+5DB) Barbershop - Jameston - Small Artisan (+5DB) Twin Palms Inn - Mesabi Landing - Medium Artisan (+10DB) The Lavender Inn - Jameston - Medium Artisan (+10DB) Small Wharf - Jameston - Small Commerce (+5DB) Chocolate Shop - Jameston - Medium Commerce (+10DB) Seafood Stall - Port Woodhouse - Small Commerce (+5DB) Fish Drying Plant - Jameston - Large Factory (+16.5DB) Blackwood's Lodgings - Port Woodhouse - Medium Residence (+3DB) Sugar Mill - Port Raleigh - Medium Factory (+11DB) Dockyard - Jameston - Large Commerce (+15DB) Lotii Residence - Port Raleigh - Medium Residence (+3DB) Sugar Press - Jameston - Medium Factory (+11DB) Wainwright - Jameston - Large Artisan (+15DB) Merrynight Inn - Jameston - Large Artisan (+15DB) Armoury - Spudkirk - Medium Artisan (+10DB) Total Income: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------