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  1. SilentWolf

    [GoC - FB - COR] All Hail the Queen!

    I don't want to seem super picky on this, and thus I give @Bregir the right to overule me if he feels I am being so. I would like to see this build with a different renderer. For ease I might suggest the iStudio as you can import the model directly in, though I know there are a few others out there that I have used before. I know some take a lot of computer power so feel free to let me know if your computer can't handle a heftier render (that would be similar to someone not having a large enough collection which we won't fault anyone for.) If such is the case, we could talk about a way for you to forward me the file, and I could render it for you. Feel free to message me directly if you need, but I like the way the build is done but would like to see a different renderer used.
  2. I will admit that I am no ship expert. Bregir has a much better understanding of them then I do. I do think your brickbuilt furled sail technique is unique and adds some interesting depth you don't always see in LDD ships. I do like some of the small details you have added everywhere. They create a nice touch. The technique you employed to simulate tumblehome is a new one for me. I am always pleased to see new techniques tried but I am not sure it worked as well as would be hoped. It did take me a few moments to figure out what you were doing with them. I will say that you had a nice use of the panther as a figurehead, even if it is a bit large, it is unique and doesn't look overtly out of place. Areas of improvement: when tiling a floor in LDD, there is no seperation when rendering with Bluerender. So you need to add elements to mix things up. Try different colors, or a printed tile, or even a grate piece, or a stud, to occassionally break things up. I do know there are some other renderers out there that do render the edges of the pieces so it looks more realistic. You could also look for one of them. Have you looked at iStudio for building or rendering? On my Myzec build, I rendered it both with LDD and iStudio and they did render it differently as you can see below.
  3. SilentWolf

    [GoC - FB2 - COR] University of Quinnsville

    A from me. This build looks amazing and has a lot of nice details. I am particularly fond of the fencing technique and how it is brick built and not just a premade Lego part. Also the edges of the flower gardens are well done particularly the corners. I like that you have ivy just starting to grow on the side of the building. The use of only a single vine is indicative of a newer building which matches the story and the build. Lastly, I will say that the render on this build turned out well which is not always the case for such a large construction. A couple areas of improvement. This large and impressive of a build could use more story. It also could use some activity of figures, which might lend to the story. Right now it looks pretty lifeless. Also some more views would be nice (ie. birds eye, through the gate, focused on a figure in the garden, etc.) You have the two approvals you need for this build.
  4. SilentWolf

    [GoC - FB1 - COR] Spirdkirk Forward Outpost

    A from me. The bottom of the tower does reflect a classic pirate feel, though the top is more of a unique design. Good job at blending the two together. The fortifications look hastily contructed per the storyline, but I like that you have included some firepower with the watchtower. It would be a great first line of defense and warning. My favorite part of this build is the tent. Great job on its shaping. I also like the palm tree posing. Areas for improvement. I know you are using the foliage to create the look of a new building in a formerly wild area. However, if a watchtower had just been constructed and with feet tramping through the area, there would be more dirt and less foliage right around the new constructions. The foliage works great farther away from the new construction, but not right in front where the soldiers are walking. So maybe include more pathway right under foot and use the foliage farther out. Also, I am not sure how well the modern hat works in the setting, though I think you were creative in your story to try and blend it in.
  5. A from me. I am no expert on ships, which is why I am slow at building them. However, I do recognize beauty in lines, colors, and story shots. You have done an excellent job of showing off this build and creating activity on board. The sailing pictures are also well done and the use of the blue sheet helps the presentation. If you have a few small translucent blue pieces, spreading them around the ship helps add realism to this technique of picture taking as it blends the build into the otherwise smooth sheet/cloth. I would ask if the flags are facing the right direction. They seem to be going the wrong way, but you have them all so precisely placed it seems you were intentional on it. Note: I had mentioned on your other build to include the GOC task you are submitting for, but I notice you had already done that here. So please ignore the other comment and carry on as you have done in this build.
  6. A from me. The troops are exceptionally done with a nice backstory to each one. I am fond of the perfect posing of each group of soldiers. I find that the focus on your photography here is well done. Nice background buildings and minifigures. I would have liked to see a post parade shot of the buildings and common figures, but that is more of a curiosity factor on my part then a neccessity for this build and storyline. Great job.
  7. SilentWolf

    [GoC] Fortification on Serentia

    I love the classic look to this build. It definitely takes me back to my early days with the pirate series. I find that this presentation is excellent for Serentia and is a creative method of doing it. The figures are well done and well posed. Bregir has already mentioned the one area of lack which is something in the courtyard. Just keep that in mind in the future when making builds with large open areas. A from me which is the two you need for this build. One thing that would be helpful to the GOC reviewers is to note what category and subcategory you are doing. It helps (me at least) figure out what to look for, especially as some builds could work in multiple categories. (ie. On this build, you could say Mangrove Madness, rural category, or #12, 2nd category or a combination of this.) Thank you.
  8. To start off a from me. This boat has a lot of nice touches in its shape and design. I like that you included the sides bowing instead of being all at the same height. It is of course what I expect from you with your ship knowledge. You did a nice job shaping the ship, and I particularly will note that the shot from above shows how well you did. Normally I would see gaps with the blue baseplate peeking through. You did an excellent job of making it so that didn't happen. The inclusion of the hand to hand armaments was also a great touch. Areas for improvement: The third shot looks great because the baseplates take up the whole picture. However, the other two pictures show the edges of the baseplates. I would like to see you use another presentation technique that doesn't let the baseplate seem so obvious in the pictures (Ayrlego is obviously the master of this in Corrington.)
  9. SilentWolf

    [GOC] WTC Rising Sun

    Don't ask me how I missed the thumb up. Sorry about that!
  10. SilentWolf

    [GoC] WTC Offices, Stormhaven

    from me. I do love the Mandrakes and undergrowth. Also I like the waves and water; they have a natural feel to them. I look forward to more builds in Stormhaven, as it has a lot of potential for some love and an unique build style.
  11. Lets just start off with the . You did an excellent job on all these builds, especially matching them to the cities they are in. I could easily see the city style in your builds. I normally would object that your builds are not in seperate posts for the GOC, but seeing as you went above and beyond the requirements and you were heading out to sea I won't quibble over that. Obviously, I see the cavalry and infantry so you more then account for that requirement. I look forward to your part 3 upon your return. I have to say, I need you building in Elizabethville more often! My builds are like a sketch that I showed and you took it and made a masterpiece. Great job! I also have to commend you on all the trees and vegetation. They are all well done.
  12. SilentWolf

    [GoC - Gunboats for the RN] Class 2 Gunboat

    This is a great little gunboat from you. I really like the details you placed into this model. The oarsman look ready for their work, the figures are well placed, and the overall shape of the boat is great. Though the smoke and cannon ball is one of my favorite parts of this build. Second favorite would be the shape and design of the flag. Those are definitely perfect touches to take this build from good to great. Keep up the good work.
  13. SilentWolf

    [GoC - Sloops for the RN] Class 3 Cutter

    You have already received a lot of good feedback above so there is not much I can improve on. I am saving Bregir's sketch for my own reference in the future! I do find the 1 cannon with the small cannon ball opening facing out a big strange since the other two use the larger end. Not that it is a terrible thing to do, but it does bother my sense of order. Personally, I really like the tiller and the anchor. Those are nicely done touches to this ship.
  14. SilentWolf

    [GoC - FB - COR] All Hail the Queen!

    Sorry that I have taken so long in getting to all the new GOC posts. It looks like you are using Bluerender for this build. I have found that on some builds the texture just doesn't turn out right using Bluerender, and that using a different renderer gives the build that little extra. For the build itself, I like the way it is designed and how everything is so orderly. Though I think Ayrlego has a valid point that you should alter the palm trees a little to give them a more natural look. I normally would just tell you to look into it for the next build you do, but as this is the third and final build for this challenge, I would like to see one more render with a little more detail before I officially give my approval.
  15. Fort Legoredo was the pinnacle of desire for Lego sets during my late childhood. I finally acquired it as an adult and love the set. I like the additions you have made to it, but I miss height of the main gate and the flag and the big sign above the main gate.