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  1. SilentWolf

    [GoC] Stables, Elizabethville

    from me. This is a great build, and I like that your story and build keep a lot of the history and lore done before, including the white trees and the soldier uniforms. Thanks for the inclusion of Micah in this build! I had been wanting to do a build like this but just haven't had time for any building for a while. I also like the inclusion of both old and new horse molds in various colors. It adds so much diversity to the horses.
  2. SilentWolf

    [GoC] Cavalry Stables, Port Woodhouse

    This is a great build that obviously fits into the Port Woodhouse style. I am impressed with the building and of course you have done a great job on your figure posing. I am intrigued on the way you assembled the officers hat though I don't have those parts so I won't be replicating it. I do notice that the horse stalls are about 1 stud too short so you had to get creative in fitting them in there with there feed troughs. However, great work overall and I love the build. from me.
  3. SilentWolf

    [GoC] Amanteca Workshop, Myzectlan

    from me. The build looks great, and great use of the various feather pieces from over the years. I am sad you didn't get a lower angle shot with the parrots, as I obviously prefer seeing and placing animals in scenes.
  4. from me and sorry for taking so long to look at this. The animals are well placed and hard to spot, which would be expected in a jungle. Love the posing of the soldiers.
  5. SilentWolf

    [GoC] Stone House, Myzectlan

    from me. Mostly this is just a great build to look at and notice the details. The ground is well done for the civilization, the building looks great especially with the dash of light blue, and the various containers and bags give it a great feel of a used dwelling as well as adding color.
  6. SilentWolf

    [GoC - COR] ‘Redcoats Rule’ - Task 3

    from me. Great little build as there is a lot packed in there. I like the addition of foliage in such a small scene. My only critique is that the officer is carrying his weapon on the opposite shoulder and backwards of the other troops. That seems contrary to the orderliness of Corrish troops.
  7. from me. The beach is well done and I like that you pulled off posing your soldiers while still maintaining the orderliness and discipline one would expect of a Corrington soldier.
  8. SilentWolf

    [GOC] Gunboat Mark I

    I am late to seeing his but here is a from me. I like the creativity for the oars, and am especially fond of the use of two colors to represent the water and the foaming water. Also the letter format of description is both fitting to the quest, and well put together. Sorry for the late response.
  9. I love that brickbuilt tent. I may need to borrow that design in the future. The figures are well posed and I like the accessories used to make the camp look believable (especially the food). Also nice use of slopes and plates to give some depth and texture to the ground. As for improvement, I like that you attempted to do foliage in the background with the leaves, though I am not sure I find it convincing. I think making one tree or bush using the leaves would be better overall than the upright leaves. from me for the GOC. PS. Your link in the "For the Glory of Corrington" thread doesn't work right so you probably want to edit that.
  10. SilentWolf

    [GoC - COR] Cocovian Watchtower

    I love the tower; it definitely has the throwback look of classic Pirate legos with some nice upgrades. I also find your posing of the figures to be well done and the night scene with the light is awesome.
  11. SilentWolf

    [GoC] The Battle of Hillswell Marsh

    Very nice battle scene and I love the weapon details. The bayonets, smoke coming from the firing, and particularly like the depiction of the ramrod in the loading of the musket. Great vegetation and build.
  12. Here was mine though I haven't gotten around to doing a physical version like Capt Wolf.
  13. Well I haven't been building in a while and I feel like my present builds are still lacking, I do feel I have improved since this first ship. To show some improvement.
  14. The pictures aren't showing up for me right now, but welcome back!
  15. Sir Micah of Wolfhaven and his wife Elizabeth would be honored to attend. As they are primarily in Elizabethville, they would be sure to come to King's Harbour for such an event. Also Hannah, the lady in black, would be a great addition to any social gathering, even though I haven't developed her backstory enough. All three can be found here. Elizabeth and Micah change clothes frequently, but the faces and hair/hat stay the same. These pictures are good examples. Hannah dresses in black, obviously.