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  1. I love that brickbuilt tent. I may need to borrow that design in the future. The figures are well posed and I like the accessories used to make the camp look believable (especially the food). Also nice use of slopes and plates to give some depth and texture to the ground. As for improvement, I like that you attempted to do foliage in the background with the leaves, though I am not sure I find it convincing. I think making one tree or bush using the leaves would be better overall than the upright leaves. from me for the GOC. PS. Your link in the "For the Glory of Corrington" thread doesn't work right so you probably want to edit that.
  2. SilentWolf

    [GoC - COR] Cocovian Watchtower

    I love the tower; it definitely has the throwback look of classic Pirate legos with some nice upgrades. I also find your posing of the figures to be well done and the night scene with the light is awesome.
  3. SilentWolf

    [GoC] The Battle of Hillswell Marsh

    Very nice battle scene and I love the weapon details. The bayonets, smoke coming from the firing, and particularly like the depiction of the ramrod in the loading of the musket. Great vegetation and build.
  4. Here was mine though I haven't gotten around to doing a physical version like Capt Wolf.
  5. Well I haven't been building in a while and I feel like my present builds are still lacking, I do feel I have improved since this first ship. To show some improvement.
  6. The pictures aren't showing up for me right now, but welcome back!
  7. Sir Micah of Wolfhaven and his wife Elizabeth would be honored to attend. As they are primarily in Elizabethville, they would be sure to come to King's Harbour for such an event. Also Hannah, the lady in black, would be a great addition to any social gathering, even though I haven't developed her backstory enough. All three can be found here. Elizabeth and Micah change clothes frequently, but the faces and hair/hat stay the same. These pictures are good examples. Hannah dresses in black, obviously.
  8. It is attached using a clip like this slid into the top of the open end of the post.
  9. This is my first large vessel in quite a while, so I am looking for some advice on the style of rigging to go for. I was thinking square would make the most sense. What class would you say this is? I was going for a class 5 merchant vessel. Also any other suggestions for improvement? I was finally able to get back to this over the holidays as it had languished since March of 2018, so I was hoping to finalize it soon.
  10. SilentWolf

    [GoC] A New Haven

    from me. This is a really pretty build and well done in digital form. I love the story and tying up all the random loose ends of previous stories. I would like to know how you render with the brick edges showing, as I always struggle with the seemless look in my digital builds.
  11. Despite my desire to participate again, life prevented me still from getting any builds done. I'm looking forward to reading about the competition.
  12. I am probably working on my team tomorrow.
  13. SilentWolf

    [GoC - FB - COR] All Hail the Queen!

    I don't want to seem super picky on this, and thus I give @Bregir the right to overule me if he feels I am being so. I would like to see this build with a different renderer. For ease I might suggest the iStudio as you can import the model directly in, though I know there are a few others out there that I have used before. I know some take a lot of computer power so feel free to let me know if your computer can't handle a heftier render (that would be similar to someone not having a large enough collection which we won't fault anyone for.) If such is the case, we could talk about a way for you to forward me the file, and I could render it for you. Feel free to message me directly if you need, but I like the way the build is done but would like to see a different renderer used.
  14. I will admit that I am no ship expert. Bregir has a much better understanding of them then I do. I do think your brickbuilt furled sail technique is unique and adds some interesting depth you don't always see in LDD ships. I do like some of the small details you have added everywhere. They create a nice touch. The technique you employed to simulate tumblehome is a new one for me. I am always pleased to see new techniques tried but I am not sure it worked as well as would be hoped. It did take me a few moments to figure out what you were doing with them. I will say that you had a nice use of the panther as a figurehead, even if it is a bit large, it is unique and doesn't look overtly out of place. Areas of improvement: when tiling a floor in LDD, there is no seperation when rendering with Bluerender. So you need to add elements to mix things up. Try different colors, or a printed tile, or even a grate piece, or a stud, to occassionally break things up. I do know there are some other renderers out there that do render the edges of the pieces so it looks more realistic. You could also look for one of them. Have you looked at iStudio for building or rendering? On my Myzec build, I rendered it both with LDD and iStudio and they did render it differently as you can see below.
  15. SilentWolf

    [GoC - FB2 - COR] University of Quinnsville

    A from me. This build looks amazing and has a lot of nice details. I am particularly fond of the fencing technique and how it is brick built and not just a premade Lego part. Also the edges of the flower gardens are well done particularly the corners. I like that you have ivy just starting to grow on the side of the building. The use of only a single vine is indicative of a newer building which matches the story and the build. Lastly, I will say that the render on this build turned out well which is not always the case for such a large construction. A couple areas of improvement. This large and impressive of a build could use more story. It also could use some activity of figures, which might lend to the story. Right now it looks pretty lifeless. Also some more views would be nice (ie. birds eye, through the gate, focused on a figure in the garden, etc.) You have the two approvals you need for this build.