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  1. New Ship Classes - The Transition

    Good to know. I will work on getting mine entered shortly. Though I second MKJoshA's question.
  2. New Ship Classes - The Transition

    I need to make a new class 1 or 2 before I license my other ships.
  3. I really like that tree the panther is climbing! The vegetation is great in all of them, and the three different scenes for the three cats is a great way to portray them.
  4. @Maxim I, Bregir was answering your comments in regard to other ways to influence and interact with NPC nations, and brought up how in KPC there was no solid interaction with Garvey as it had no actual influence on the event nor any outcome to it. There were stories told about Garvey by players in Challenge D, but Garvey as an NPC did not interact with the storyline as to influence its own outcome like the new system allows. You took comments that had nothing to do with what Eslandola should do, and everything to do with how NPC nations can be interacted with in the new system, and applied the comments in an accusatory method back at @Bregir. I read the links to the results and nowhere did I see a mention of Garvey being granted a monopoly on tuna. I do know that story-wise, Mardier has lost much of its tuna fleet, but there wasn't any mention of a monopoly granted, nor even that Garvey has taken over in the slack. From previous experiences in the game, builds are required to claim and have a monopoly, plus a trade company, none of which Garvey can do nor has unless someone donates a licensed build to them. It is nice to know that Eslandola paid their allies for the support rendered them, though hidden transactions don't in any way expand the storyline. This is the first time any of the other players have heard of this so to claim that it is part of BOBS lore that everyone should know seems a bit hard to understand. Same applies to RNTC actions before. The account sheet might say something but without a storyline or declaration of some sort it doesn't really create a storyline.
  5. The Dalton Brothers

    Nice wild west concepts! Simple and classic feeling but fun. My biggest critique is that your second picture appears to a bit fuzzy. Nice way to make the minifigures different heights.
  6. My name is Lowflyer

    Welcome Lowflyer! This is definitely a great place to learn and study how to build with different techniques. I look forward to seeing you around.
  7. There is a lot to like in this build. The first thing that caught my eye was the way you attached the flag. Very ingenious and realistic looking. I also like the way you did the planks over the windows. Not pressing them down was a great idea, and it definitely turned out. The medium flesh bricks with the white walls also look really good, as does the usage of the brick bricks in the foundation. Keep up the great work!
  8. [ESL-FB] Trees for Corrington

    The dock and the land are exceptionally done. I will be studying this dock before I make another of my own. The young saplings, however, are my favorite part of this build. The design and angle of the photos really give the realism of young trees about to be shipped off. One of these days I will have enough colored leaves to build on OtoƱo. Until then I will just enjoy builds like this. Overall well done.
  9. On a ropewalk near Camp Isaac...

    Nice waterfall! I am glad to see you have gotten around to a build with the cats in it. I still need to do that. Nice foliage, especially the green whips, and the trees. The technique used on the trees looks really good and I would have never though of it. So now that you have thought it up, I can steal borrow it and try to perfect it. I also like this style of rope bridge. I do forget though whether the last we heard of Don Montoya, it was in his hands for the next move or Captain Morgan's hands.
  10. Great idea for a "tent" though the word shelter might have been more applicable. I like the campfire and the snot technique for the base. Look forward to more of the story.
  11. This is an alternate minifigure world that has similarities to the human world, but is not the same at all. There are possibilities and rumors that it is related to the ancient lands of Historica, but there hasn't been confirmation of that. Basically everything is made up but a lot has basis on world history.
  12. Will BOBS members be earning Special Tags for their profiles in this new era? A BOBS tag? Individual faction tags?
  13. The little building looks great and as mentioned already the loose tiles really make the roof standout. The field is well done and seems reasonable that it would be how it is grown (as I have never seen them before.) The palm trees were also well done.
  14. Brigadier Sir Andrew Howe, I was pleased to hear of your promotion to command of all land forces in the new territories of our glorious empire. I am writing to inform you that the WETEC base in Elizabethville on Lacryma has new recruits graduating soon. They will be available for service to wherever they are needed throughout the colonies, and as they are exceptional horsemen and well trained soldiers, I believe they will serve Her Majesty well wherever you need them. Sir Micah of Wolfhaven Knight of the Order of the Compass Rose Owner and Chairman of Wolf's Equine, Trading, and Expedition Company
  15. The Bagpipe Factory in Pontelli

    The plan? They bring money. So very Eslandolan of her. As has already been stated this is a great classic feeling build. I am liking the recent attempts in that direction from various builders. I like how you did the entrance with the bushes, path and gate. I also like how the black tile on tan plates turned out for the one roof. The small outdoor oven is great and the chopping scene is inspiring. I shall have to use them in the future. I must ask why there is a cannon on top of the bagpipe factory? Is it to announce when shipments are ready?