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  1. [COR] Negotiations in the Blue Dragon

    I really like this build with all of its color, and small details (cabinet, tables, bottles, plants, candles, etc.) Though the action in many minifigure poses is my favorite part of this and many of your builds. Great negotiations between the two of you though it is quite the complicated arrangement it seems. Keep up the great work.
  2. [FB - COR] ETTC Hires Sailors

    The figures were definitely the highlight of building this scene. I enjoy picking the faces and outfits for each build and this one gave a lot of opportunities.
  3. [COR - FB] On the Frontier

    So sad! I was just about to volunteer to build you a nice cabin. You are welcome. Thank you very much. I realized too late that none of the pictures got a good view of the fireplace. A bush or rock would probably have been a good choice. Hopefully I remember it next time.
  4. [OCT] Charcuterie at Octoberfest

    I like the corners on this facade and the bright colors you have included. The minifigure choices and poses are also well done. Keep up the great work.
  5. [OCT] An end with a big bang!

    I am so far behind on commenting on builds, but the announcements of winners made me remember I hadn't commented on this one. I really like the small building and action that you have put into the first build. The recently lit firecracker is an excellently done shot. Though the fireworks scene with the microscale town really sets your story and build apart from a normal build. Great job and look forward to more from you.
  6. I am liking the builds for this stage. The leaf roof is exceptionally done, and the bark shack has a very hurried but efficient manner about it. Probably the only critique would be that I would have liked the minifigures to seem more hurried in their tasks for the second two builds. However, the great color and staging of the builds more than makes up for it.
  7. [COR-AMRCA] Mokolei Expedition

    Here is an additional view of the map and beneath it the inspiration cut from the overall map KB posted.
  8. I think the real point is they love science and science loves the orchids! @Bregir and leadership, since the MRCAs appear to be running mid month would it be possible to end the challenge on the 31st to avoid the problem of everything being due at once?
  9. [COR] A fountain for Elizabethville

    This is a great fountain! Way better than all my attempts. Elizabethville is definitely moving up in status! I really like the story, and it makes the income generation so much more likely than some arts and cultures I have done. I look forward to its larger scene. P.S. Elizabethville will be happy to license this fountain for the good of all its citizens.
  10. @Capt Wolf The Flying Colt was traveling with the HMS Alice from King's Port to Elizabethville.
  11. I would like to get an official ruling on this from the Court. Well a market day would be commerce like a normal market (unless you are being creative), I think the other two would fall in arts and culture unless you have them happening in a certain area (along a dock, along a street of residences, in front of businesses) that would cause it to be possible to license as another category. In general though, as long as the item can be qualified in some way as one of the categories, it can be licensed.
  12. Terraversan armies and militias

    This is one nation that fleshies work very well for. Otherwise, they all wash out in yellow. I like the way you have portrayed different groups and ranks and even did some figures that are not custom. I do like the native warriors and their blend of colonial and native elements. Keep up the great work. :)
  13. [OL FB] Lavalette Microbuilds

    These are both really nice microbuilds. I like the walls on both buildings, as well as the factory doors, and the pile of sand. Great job on a first microbuild! Way better than I would do!
  14. [COR FB] A letter, and fish

    I am liking the method you are using for your storytelling. The letter home is a great idea that hasn't been utilized much in BOBS. The dock definitely gives off the sense that it hasn't been used in a while. I'm very impressed with those of you who make a suspended water so you can see underneath. One of these days, I need to learn to do that. Great fish posing and also npu with the gray rock with fish stickers. I'm sure Arlinsport would be willing to license the property if you are certain you are offering it up.
  15. [COR Nov FB] Tailor's Shop, Jameston

    This is a great build with a nice color scheme and great attention to details. Once again I like your street technique, and the minifigure posing. The clothing racks and work table are also well done and reflect what one would expect to see. Due to the era it could use a sewing manequin (?) or whatever they called the form they sewed over. The brick bricks are used well here with the half-timbered house. If I may trouble you for a closeup of the half timbered section on the right side of the building I would appreciate it. I am curious how you got the cross beam placed there.