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  1. Welcome @LM71Blackbird to BOBS and Corrington. I am sure you will have lots of fun building and telling stories throughout this world of sail. I like your intro and that ship. It looks well made. I look forward to future stories from you.
  2. SilentWolf Index

    2018 mC: Everyone participates in Elizabethville
  3. "Johnny, why are you still working here in the office? You should be outside with everyone else watching the parade!" scolded James Hendricks. "If you don't leave these books for later, and go out right now I am going to have to fire you." James smiled as Johnny Martin, his young clerk, immediately vacated the office to grab his pennant in the storage room, before scrambling out the front door to see the parade that was already passing by. James is the business manager of the WETEC office in Elizabethville. The Elizabethville office is second only to the Arlinsport office in volume of work and sales. Though he is a shrewd business man who requires detailed and perfect work out of all his employees, James is not one to deprive a young man from the joy of the holidays. The New Year is just beginning and Elizabethville has decided to put on a parade that will travel down the length of its main street, all the way down to Fort di Legno near the docks. Many different people have joined the parade, and most of the rest of the town is crowding the walkways watching. First, came the marines, marching in their perfect order. They were stationed on the boat Octavia that is anchored in the bay. Following behind them are the bagpipes of the Corrish highlands playing their sweet but haunting tunes. Following them on horseback are several of the WETEC Light Cavalry. Following the cavalry, is a most peculiar site. A very tall man is walking by juggling balls. All the kids are in awe of his height, though whispers among the adults about a gadget called stilts has intrigued several who heard the whispers. Following the juggler is an equally peculiar site. A small cart being pulled by a yoke of... pigs! The driver must be skilled indeed to handle pigs so well. Oh, it is a monkey not a man driving the pigs. What a bizarre site to behold. So bizarre in fact that most people missed the man walking behind the pig-monkey cart as if he was in charge of it. The parade goes on with all sorts of fun and peculiar sites. People have moved from all over the old world to settle in this new colony. Many who have settled here, like the bagpipers of the highlands, have brought their own customs and traditions that they continue to follow. Together, all these customs and traditions are mixing into one town and colony that creates exciting holidays indeed.
  4. I could see a livery stable or changing station part way or at either end. Obviously fresh draft animals would be key to the operation of this kind of route, so a part way changing station would make sense.
  5. (MRCA Result) Sinking of the Shuriken

    This is a well done sinking ship. A favorite touch that I noticed was the water spouting through the front of the hull as it slips beneath the wave. Great way to add a little more detail with just a few bricks. Also I like the frame you put around your build and the way the foamy waves spill over it. Great job!
  6. Account Summary

    I built a single fort in Elizabethville that I originally licensed as a small then later upgraded it to a medium. So there should be only one medium fort under my account that is located in Elizabethville. I would like it and its back upkeep switched to Elizabethville which should be 140dbs total including this month. Thank you for helping work this out.
  7. [COR-S] The WTC Riff Raft

    As the Icarus returning is just now leaving Mooreton Bay, I see no problem with using that as the starting point for the tMRCA. In story it makes plenty of sense. I am particularly fond of whatever piece you used to make the Riff Raft sails. The shape is nice and I think a simple railing would have improved the look. I am glad it didn't sink with so many men on it!
  8. Account Summary

    Upkeep for a small fort is 10 db per month. BOBS is in its 25th month so even if being charged back to there, the upkeep on a small would be 250. However, I believe forts are only charged since the change to upkeep not retroactive.
  9. Merry Christmas to everyone!
  10. I am glad to see this ship photographed with some close up shots. I am also glad, since I'm starting on a ship, that rigging doesn't make or break a ship.
  11. @Drunknok the term is defined here which is on the first page of this thread.
  12. Great concept and storyline. I am fond of the chosen minifigures and their posing. Even though the wall is simple the colors and style fit in well with the town.
  13. New builds have been added, and I have made changes to the page to make it less burdensome.
  14. [COR - FB] On Lacryma

    Thank you! I want to go walk there too. My toddler tried, and it didn't go well. Thank you! I had contemplated adding more to try to get it to a large, but I was out of green slopes and leaves, and was running low on the stems and undergrowth. Thus a medium it had to be. Thank you! I was quite unhappy with my first round of pictures so I took more and was glad I did. The view down the stream is my favorite. I actually had several of them but had to figure out which was the best.