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  1. SilentWolf

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC entry thread

    Santa delivering presents in the Wild West 20181130_141511 by SilentWolf Legos
  2. I would love to see the historical recipes and might even go ahead and try some if they sound interesting.
  3. SilentWolf

    [BTSC] Wanted: Merde the Murderer

    Very nice backstory and an interesting way to create the team. I like the minifigures and their outfits. The lady's outfit matches really well to the rest of them. I am curious where her hairpiece and hat are from? Good luck in the competition!
  4. There is nothing in the rules that states that a build can not be used for what it is. So if my MRCA build shows a building or dock, I can license it appropriately. If my MRCA build is a ship, I can license that ship. The MRCA only designates a different type of entry, as in not simply a Freebuild. It doesn't have any other specifications. The same applies for all other types of builds historically. The first type of build that was designated as not usable as more than one item, was the ship limit increase, and the commanders of fleets.
  5. In the past, they have been able to be. I don't know whether or not leadership wishes to change it with the new rules, but precedent says it is acceptable.
  6. SilentWolf

    [COR - FB] Nathaniel Goodwin introduction

    Welcome to Corrington Nathaniel Goodwin! I really like the little details you have added to the office, piano, bust, candlestick, and telescope. The picture of the soldiers through the window is well executed. I always struggle with those perspective shots. Great job and I look forward to seeing your character about the brickseas.
  7. SilentWolf

    Lion's Gate

    This is a gorgeous build, with a myriad of great details and techniques. Great way to splash back into BOBS. In addition to the build, I like the fig choices and poses. Looking forward to more from you!
  8. Sir Edward Summeridge, I have read that you are seeking investments into bonds for the Royal Society of Navigation and Discovery. I have considerable interest in the success of this Royal Society. From my own personal estate, I have authorized investments for as much as you are in need of up to 1000dbs. Please advise how much you would need transferred at this time. Sir Micah of Wolfhaven Chair of Wolf's Equine, Trading, and Expedition Company
  9. Sir Micah and Arthur Kellogg are standing outside the WETEC office where Micah works when he is in Elizabethville. They are discussing the lack of expansion of the business and some recent setbacks. Though Micah has been working on improving Elizabethville, and exploring the region, he has been not as active as he was prior to being married. However, Arthur Kellogg's news is igniting a fire in him to once again push for company expansion. The WETEC's largest ship, the Don Obello, was reported missing several months ago. Arthur had taken the second largest vessel the Octavia, and searched all along its last route. He had looked for signs of wreckage and checked for crew cast away on any islands on the route. There was nothing to be found. The only assumption could be that the ship and all its crew went to the bottom. Fortunately, the WETEC had commissioned a similar ship that was supposed to sail in coordination with the Don Obello, but with less armament and more cargo space. The Filly Winds, was a more reserved version of the Don Obello without the flair, but with all the sleekness and speed. Arthur informed Micah that Filly Winds had recently put in at Prinport, and was taking cargo for its maiden trade voyage. More ships, however, would be needed as the WETEC expands its sale of horses, and its exploration beyond its present spheres.
  10. How much WERE you bringing into the country?
  11. Is there a way to see which settlements are charging taxes? I know all Oleon ones do, some Eslandolean, some NPC ports, but how do I remember month to month which do?
  12. SilentWolf

    Era II Trade MRCA

    I can't answer the specifics of your question as I am not sure how they are handling fleets in 2.0. However, from my understanding there is a "dice roll" on combat and defense that adds numbers to the stats of both ships. A simple example would be if ship A has 2 guns but rolls a 4 it now has stats of 6. It is fighting ship B with 4 guns but it only rolls a 1 so it has a stat of 5. Ship A would win in this case. Now I know it has been revised with 2.0 so maybe I'm completely wrong but from my understanding the basic idea I just explained is still in effect.
  13. SilentWolf


    I have tried to bid on the Supreme but it isn't going through. Also why does the link for the Supreme go to the HMS Sovereign? Is it a sistership?
  14. Here in the write up the Pinto Filly went to the bottom. However, it isn't on the list of ships lost and in the summary it is listed as arriving in Nova Terelli, making 400 doubloons and just being damaged.
  15. Welcome Ragnar Alfredson to the great nation of Corrington. It is great to see a well educated man among us and I look forward to his adventures!