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Found 16 results

  1. After the Eslandolan and Garvian invasion of the Isle de Medio thousands of Mardierian settlers left homeless and facing starvation. C´╗┐orlander efforts to assist were met with fierce resistance from Eslandola and the resulting Nova Malto crisis was resolved by shipping large numbers of Marderian refugees to the Corlander island of Alicentia for resettlement. Marderian refugees settling down to life as Corlander citizens in New Haven. The influence of the Marderians was clearly visible in the architectural style of the buildings. Sir Peter Nash OC, Baron of Swanley, was commissioned by a Mardierian friend to design a luxury bathhouse. Peter took this assignment with both hands and designed a bathhouse in Marderian style. The bathhouse is a luxurious place to relax and do business. Peter relaxed by the water and enjoyed the various drinks and food provided to him by the servants. A number of other gentlemen enjoyed the hot water while discussing business matters. --- Build will be licensed in New Haven by @Bricksbypidy. Property type: Large Art and Culture Dimensions: 91 x 56 studs Total parts: ~7,700 Credits: - None Source of Inpsiration: Forge of Empires - Ornate Baths --- With this build I've achieved: - a total of 5 licensed builds in New Haven (New Haven has 15 licensed builds) - a total of 9 Art & Culture builds (21% of all my builds) - a total of 22 Large builds (51% of all my builds) - New Haven (Town) needs 1x Artisan and 1x Factory to become a Large Town
  2. Name: New Haven Ownership: The Crown of Corrington Location: Western shore, Northeast Cape, Alicentia, Sea of Storms Map: DRAFT ONLY - Final map to follow. Mayor: Giovanni Lorenzini (NPC) Trade Value: See account spreadsheet Town Bank: See account spreadsheet Who can own property in New Haven: Anyone Who can freebuild in New Haven: Anyone Description: After Eslandola and Garvey's decisive victory over Mardier on the Isla de Victoria, all Mardierian forces withdrew from the island and with them fled most of the settlers of wealth and status. Before leaving, Mardierian troops conducted a scorched earth policy, determined to leave nothing of value behind for the victorious Eslandolans. Left behind however, were the poorer Mardierian settlers and those without the means to flee, or with nowhere to go. Fearing reprisals from their new Eslandolan overlords, but more so from the natives who the Mardierian forces are said to have savagely repressed, these refugees, their homes and crops burned, gathered in the ruins of the former settlement of Malto on the north of the Island. Former Mardierian army Captain Giovanni Lorenzini turned to the Empire of Corrington for help. Corlander colonial authorities, fearing a humanitarian disaster on the war torn island, authorised armed support for Lorenzini's proposal of a "free and neutral" settlement and temporarily recognised Nova Malto as a separate entity from the Eslandolan colony of the Isla de Victoria. This sparked a diplomatic crisis, with Eslandolans refusing to recognise the peaceful humanitarian intent of the free settlement and an armed stand-off followed. After intense diplomatic negotiations, Corlander forces agreed to withdraw from the island, and Eslandola agreed that any former Mardierian settlers who wished to leave could do so with the Corlanders. Eslandola also agreed to assist in the funding of a new settlement for the refugees. New Haven is the result of this agreement. Located on the western shore of the Northeast cape of Alicentia, the settlement is primarily populated with former Mardierian refugees and Corlander colonial authorities have confirmed Giovanni Lorenzini as mayor. Original Information: Builds in New Haven Please help us out by posting your a link to your New Haven builds in this thread. Properties: 17/31 Size for EGS purposes - Level 2 'Town' Required for Level 4 'Large Town' TBA. Key Name, size and type of property, builder (licensee)(settlement points) Residences: 3 New Haven Housing Projects, medium residence, Bregir (New Haven) (+2 settlement size) New Haven Housing, small residence, Legostone (New Haven) (+1 settlement size) Factories: 3 New Haven Mill, small factory, Capt Wolf (New Haven) (+1 settlement size) Gin Distillery, medium factory, Sir Stig (New Haven) (+2 settlement size) Artisans: 6 The Blues Inn, small artisan, Maxim I (New Haven) (+1 settlement size) Greenway Resturant, medium artisan, Bregir (via Mesabi) (+2 settlement size) - not licensed yet Lenia's Laundry, large artisan, New Haven (via Ayrlego) (+3 settlement size) Commerce: 4 Warehouse and Pier, small commerce, Brickwolf (+1 settlement size) Whiffo Dock, small commerce, Garmadon (Corrington) (+1 settlement size) ETTC Offices, medium commerce, ETTC (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) Art and Culture: 3 Brethren of the Golden Triangle Monastery, large art and culture, Corrington (via BricksbyPidy) (+3 settlement size) Educational: 1 New Haven School, small education, Maxim I (Corrington) (+1 settlement size) Plantations: Mines: Forts: 1 Medium Fort Montoya, medium fort, Lord Buckethead (New Haven) (+2 settlement size) Troops:
  3. Brethren of the Golden Triangle The Eslandolan and Garvian invasion of the Isle de Medio left thousands of Mardierian settlers homeless and facing starvation. Even so the Brethren of the Golden Triangle, a religious brotherhood. The brotherhood was headed by friar Louis Bertrand. We've seen them before take up residence in a monastery in New Haven. The Marderian brotherhood also resumed their daily activities. With the construction of the Marderian chapel, the beloved worship services could take place again. The Corrish were happy with this place for rest, meeting and reflection in New Haven. --- Large Art & Culturewill be licensed by @Bricksbypidy in New Haven. Completing GoC task 13.2 A New Haven Success Story with this build. Property type: Large Art and Culture Dimensions: 92 x 80 studs Total parts: ~8,500 Credits: Source of Inspiration: Chapel from Anno 1800 ( --- With this build I've achieved: - a total of 3 builds in New Haven (8% of all my builds) - a total of 6 Art and Culture builds (17% of all my builds) - a total of 17 Large builds (47% of all my builds) - a total of 27 licensed builds (66% of all my builds)
  4. We have seen the arrival of the Brethren of the Golden Triangle on Alicentia. After their flight from Isle de Medio, they moved into a monastery in New Haven. The brotherhood was led by friar Louis Bertrand. After a period of relative calm, the brotherhood has resumed their day-to-day activities. For example, education is given to the youngest Corrish in primary school. In addition, with the construction of the chapel there is again room for worship. The Marderian brotherhood has become more and more integrated into the Corrington society. A famous celebration of the Marderien Brethren is the 'Semana Santa', or the 'Holy Week'. During this week, various festivities and parades take place, with which the community propagates their religion. --- This build has no link with the Ku Klux Klan, it's based on the Spanish Semana Santa. Build will not be licensed. Completing GoC task 13.3 A New Haven Success Story with this build. Property type: Large other Dimensions: 66 x 42 studs Total parts: ~4,300 Credits: None --- With this build I've achieved: - a total of 5 builds in the category 'Other' (14% of all my builds) - a total of 37 Free Builds - the title 'Humanitarian Hero' for completing GoC task 13 'New Haven Success Story' (total of 3 builds) - completing 9 GoC tasks (total of 27 builds); hopefully the Crown (@Ayrlego) sees my effort and will honor me with a new honorary rank in the Corlander nobility!
  5. Corrington is known as a bastion of knowledge and learning. The youngest residents of New Haven are also involved in education at an early age. This classroom can accommodate 24 students who are taught by Friar Louis Bertrand, head of the Brethren of the Golden Triangle. The friar teaches geography, biology, music and language, among other things. The students have just completed their dictation. One young student has cheated and is serving his sentence in the corner of the classroom. --- Education building will be licensed by @Bricksbypidy in New Haven. Completing GoC task 5.1 Higher Education with this build. Completed 3 out of 3 for this task. Property type: Large Education Dimensions: 43 x 53 studs Total parts: ~2,700 Credits: - Design piano and wood stove: @ Marinbrickdesign (Instagram), piano is modified by @Bricksbypidy --- With this build I've achieved: - a total of 2 builds in New Haven (6% of all my builds) - a total of 4 Education builds (12% of all my builds) - a total of 16 Large builds (47% of all my builds) - 3 out of 3 tasks for GoC Higher Education; awarded with the title 'Patron of Knowledge' - a total of 8 completed GoC tasks, awarded with 8 GoC titles.
  6. Brethren of the Golden Triangle The Eslandolan and Garvian invasion of the Isle de Medio left thousands of Mardierian settlers homeless and facing starvation. Even so the Brethren of the Golden Triangle, a religious brotherhood. The brotherhood was headed by friar Louis Bertrand. They lived peacefully in seclusion in a monastery on Isle de Medio before the war broke out. The brotherhood made the crossing by ship in search of a safer shelter in New Haven. A number of old monks refused to leave the old monastery and stayed behind on Isle de Medio. Friar Louis Bertrand and his brehtren have not heard from them to this day. Would they still be alive? The crossing to Alicentia went smoothly. With a large group of Mardierian they arrived in the harbor of New Haven. Defeated, but motivated to start a new beginning here, a new monastery was built. Although it couldn't match the old monastery on the Isle of Medio, the Brethren of the Golden Triangle were content. Here they could quietly practice their religion in silence and with prayers. --- Residence building, donated to the settlement and will be licensed by @Ayrlego in New Haven. Completing GoC task 13.1 A New Haven Success Story with this build. Property type: Large Art and Culture Dimensions: 83 x 71 studs Total parts: ~16,000 Credits: - Design piano and painting 'Mother and Child': inspired by @ Marinbrickdesign (Instagram), created by @Bricksbypidy - Design parchment cabinet and desks: @ Marinbrickdesign - Design furniture: @Bricksbypidy, @ Nortonsevenfour (Instragram) & @ Brickdesigned (Instagram).
  7. Location: New Haven Type: Small Residence (Per the Court's allowance!) GOC Task 13a It was a fine day in New Haven.... But first, some history... The Eslando - Mardierian War of 616 was devastating to the Mardian population of Isla de Medio. As the war came to a bitter close, Corrington landed troops as a refugee effort on the island.... Then Came Count Mesabi, who managed to make the situation worse, and looted the remains of Malto for all it was worth.... The Grey Family endured these hardships, and rejected the Corrish resettlement effort in New Haven. Instead, they moved to Fatu Hiva.... ....The primary target of Count Mesabi in the Second Terraversan War. In the pillaging of the settlement, the Grey's family livelihood once again was lost.... AND THUS, with few other options, they accepted the Corrish resettlement stipend, and moved to New Haven PRESENT DAY: Market Street bustled with activity in New Haven, as local merchants hawked their wares. The Local Waywart stood on this street, of course, selling 2nd tier WTC products for low prices. The Grey family was presently sitting down to dinner. Owen Grey muttered angrily as he finished sealing his envelope of various Corrish application forms. Soon, the Grey family would make their comeback.... FIN Thanks for viewing my build! I had fun with this one, though I admit I am totally reusing basic techniques from my other builds here. I think it still looks good though. Also, I would be metagaming the system a bit here, if I can license this as a residence. I need a residence or artisan for the GoC task, and this is clearly a commercial, so if I can get a thumbs up on making this a residence (People live here, technically!) I would appreciate it. For the GOC approval: @Ayrlego, @Captain Dee, @Bregir, @SilentWolf, @LM71Blackbird, @evancelt C&C appreciated, as always.
  8. Thaddeus Calvo, the Eslandian adventurer somewhat well known in certain social circles, had extensively explored the island of Maldria for the previous six months. He encountered several similar but independent native tribes inhabiting different regions of the island, and discovered that they were familiar with trading with outsiders, as they traded with the Tyree'De, a non-Halosian people from an unknown land to the south. These discoveries led Eslandolan officials to believe that another settlement on the island of Maldria was needed. The tribes that would trade at the town of Interlagos on the north coast did not appear to travel extensively to the southern coast. A fertile river valley on the southwest portion of the island was a perfect location for another settlement: accessible overland from Interlagos via a pass in the hills that formed the spine of the island, land suitable for farming, rivers that would provide access to the island's interior, and a natural sheltered harbor for sea-going vessels. So Calvo set out from Interlagos again, this time with a crew of men to build a trading post on one of the southwestern rivers. Calvo and his men found a suitable spot at the mouth of one of the rivers. Sandy beach, but with rocky outcroppings suitable as a foundation for permanent structures. First they built a dock to receive ships large and small. Next they built a small structure that would serve as both a warehouse and office. Finally they built a watch tower to serve not only as a lookout, but as a landmark for traders on both land and sea to see from a distance. It didn't take long before scouts from one of the local native tribes came to check out what the Eslandians were doing. And so the trading post of Punto Sur was established. Maps: --------------------------- The main elements of this build were inspired by the classic Imperial Trading Post set: small rectangular building, tower, dock, and crane. I hope you like my take on that classic. The last two pics were taken at a different time than the first three, and so the light was different and for some reason they have a pink cast I couldn't edit out. All C&C welcome.
  9. Location- New Haven, Alicentia Type- Large Artisan New Haven was a sort of way station for several nations. And it was here that Greenway Restaurant was located, to serve all of the different cuisines. Greenway restaurant by North White, on Flickr It was also a meeting place for Corrish soldiers, who had a particular mystery on their hands... Greenway restaurant by North White, on Flickr "Seriously, where in Hades's name are all the horses going?" asked the sergeant. "We all know it... it's..." the other soldier was interrupted by the loud clopping of horses. Greenway restaurant by North White, on Flickr The WTC Calvary rode up, loudly guffawing. Greenway restaurant by North White, on Flickr "And then they all died. Huh! That's a lot of Valets! Greenway restaurant by North White, on Flickr "Gentlemen, watch our axes and horses. There's a Horse thief running amok! And FYI we don't tip." Said the Dragoon. They both entered the Greenway Resteraunt Greenway restaurant by North White, on Flickr The two were seated by the lovely hostess Greenway restaurant by North White, on Flickr Before she could hand them a menu, they told her to order for them. "I tell you," said the first. "The WTC has really got things going on in the Brick Seas." Greenway restaurant by North White, on Flickr "And we're glad to be a part of it. But we need more members! If only more prominent members of Corrington would join us!" Greenway restaurant by North White, on Flickr The hostess yelled at the chef. "Daily Special! And make it snappy, these guys look jumpy!" Greenway restaurant by North White, on Flickr The chef sighed, and walked outside. Greenway restaurant by North White, on Flickr Past the livestock... Greenway restaurant by North White, on Flickr and over to the cauliflower... Greenway restaurant by North White, on Flickr A while later, the hostess brought the Calvary a big pot of Cauliflower soup. Greenway restaurant by North White, on Flickr They hated it, and tipped accordingly. FIN Thanks for viewing my build for @Bregir ! He won this with his awesome entry into my minichallenge like three months ago. Maybe the famous Herlock Sholmes can solve the mystery of the disappearing horses on Alicetina as well! Anyways, I hope it's up to his standards. Money will be forwarded as well eventually. This build also marks the entry of the WTC Calvary, who actually ride their horses. C&C appreciated! Also this marks 1000 posts! Let's hear another round of
  10. Garmadon

    Whiffo Dock

    Captain Whiffo stood on the newly finished small dock, thoughtfully perusing the document in his hands, a couple of crates of miscellaneous goods by his side. "Mmhm, yes, alright," he muttered to himself, and then looking up, and addressing the world of the Brick Seas at large - though there happened to be no one there to hear him - he began reading in a stentorian voice, "Ladies, gentlemen, etc., etc., etc., of the Brick Seas!" "Be it known to you that on this day, the 8th of August of the year 617, Captain Whiffo makes over the ownership of Whiffo Dock to the honorable Corlanders for the use of the inhabitants of New Haven, in accordance with the Treaty of blah, blah, blah - hoping that it may thrive and become a bustling center of trade in the years to come." He looked around satisfactorily. Nothing but jungle and water could be seen anywhere about - New Haven was somewhere... out there - but what of it? This location had suited him just fine, and he prided himself on his Eslandolan foresight on all things mercantile and economic, and had concluded that this would be a splendid situation for a future center of commerce and a great place to unload... dinghies? Pshaw! He turned back to his parchment. "This dock, therefore - named in my honor, of course," he added aside - "shall stand as lasting testimony to the good-will of Eslandola to all, blah, blah, blah - you folks," he looked up with a smile, "is what it means to say - and shall prove that Eslandolans are men of their words - or men of their diplomats' words... I never signed that treaty - well!" He turned to the paper again, "Excellent, excellent - that will do the job admirably. I certainly hope the Corries do appreciate the work, for I tell you, it goes very much against the Eslandolan grain to build a dock and then leave it for somebody else to make money off of. Ah, well! - se la vie..." And with that he pulled out a handy sword, and pinned the parchment down to the boards of the new dock. He stepped back to admire the scene, And then turned and left the small new dock to itself and the jungle... And a somewhat random shot of Captain Whiffo by the rock I had to use to hold the paper down in the wind Just a little build from me for BoBS for the Corries' New Haven settlement - I did try out a bit of a new (for me!) rock-work technique which was meant to be an attempt at SK's angled rocks (connected via a technic axle), but I'm not really too sure about how it turned out It is a small commerce to be licenced by Corrington. Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome as always!
  11. Capt Wolf

    New Haven mill

    True to its word, Eslandola sent workers to New Haven to help build a new settlement for the refugees that chose not to stay in Malto. Corrington had already started to build houses for them, but the refugees needed more than housing. One of the first buildings the Eslandolan workers built was a small tower mill that could grind grain into flour. Admittedly, the plasterer needs to return for a second pass at completing his job, but the mill is already operational. The refugees can now mill grain supplied by Corrington into flour. When the refugees are harvesting their own grain, they will be well on their way to handling their own food needs. Some additional views: This property can be licensed as a small factory. -------------- This build started as an attempt to see what I could do with some of those angled wall panels and the angled door frame. I didn't think it was looking very good as I started, but getting some brick details onto the other walls started to help, and when the roof and sails went on it improved a bunch. The top rotates as it should, as do the sails. All C&C welcome.
  12. As a man of its word, Lord Maximilian Damaximus sent some workers to New Haven as well to help developping the new Haven for refugees. As the housing projects started to turn out very colourfull, the architect continued this style and designed a school and an inn for New Haven. The school, in the red, was very much needed to keep giving chances to the refugees and to teach them the laws of Corrington. After a hard day of study and much information, the citizens can take a break in the Blues Inn next door. --- Property can be licenced by Corrington as a small education and a small artisan. --- This was a fun build :)
  13. Legostone

    New Haven Housing

    As other tasks had already been occupied, we decided to add some more housing to New Haven. Build from solid stone that was found nearby, we decided that painting it would make it look best. Off course, everyone was complaining about us taking so long to finish up the roof - it seemed like they wanted the roof to collapse on their heads. This roof should last. I needed a use of my blue windows for a while now, and given that most of my bricks useful for projects like this are currently out of my reach, this was the obvious choice to build. The roof is also offset half a stud in each direction, but that isn't too clear in the picture sadly. To be licensed by Corrington for New Haven as a small Residence.
  14. Settlers are leaving Malto under the care of their Corlander rescuers, and ferried to Alicentia, where a new home awaits. But providing accomodation for so many people in what was nothing but a barren shoreline is no easy task - where are they to live? To see to this need, a young Corlander architect has drawn up the New Haven Housing Projects, specifically designed to provide easily constructed, comfortable living for many people in a short time. Although not the most spacious of quarters, the housing projects emphasis comfort and individuality, giving each house its own style. Being the only quarters available in large numbers, the projects now house rich and poor side by side, adding to the communal atmosphere of New Haven. While time will undoubtedly see some people moving to more grandiose quarters, the projects will continue to provide comfortable and affordable living for the settlers of New Haven.
  15. The destructive war between Mardier, Eslandola and Garvey has come to an end with the complete withdrawal of Marderian troops from the island, however before leaving, Mardierian troops conducted a scorched earth policy, determined to leave nothing of value behind for the victorious Eslandolans. Left behind however, were the poorest of the poor, the most vulnerable and the most exploited. They turned to Corrington for help and happy to oblige Corrington was, the refugees have left their homes with all their belongings now set course for New Haven, located on the island of Alicentia. However during this journey they are vulnerable to those who would see them harmed and pirates, The Corlander authorities knowing the perils of traversing the seas authorised the construction of a fort in a New Haven, the burden of overseeing the construction of this fort in such a short period of time fell to Army Captain Augustus Fernsby. The fort has been named Fort Montoya in honour of the man who secured freedom for the Marderian refugees. However Captain Fernsby will not be able to stay to see that the refugees arrive safely for he has since been recalled to lead an Expedition to the Mokolei Empire ___________________________________________________________________________________ Will be licensed as a Medium Fort Thanks
  16. CrispyBassist

    [MOC] NYNH&H Budd RDC

    I've been working on this one for a while now and I'm finally done with the building phase of it. The next step would either be to put on decals, but I'm contemplating painting it metallic silver (the gray parts that is) to replicate the stainless steel exterior of the real cars. I want to hear opinions on painting it though. I don't think it looks 100% right unpainted, but I know most RDCs weren't too shiny in service. It's also a mix of light grey and light bluish grey bricks. As of now I'm thinking of holding off on paint til I've gotten a few opinions after people have seen it in person. It's powered by an Sbrick, which I do have a few gripes about (as everyone seems to). It works well for me, the biggest plus being that I don't have to rework the washboard roof so that the IR receiver can see out. I wanted to do directional lights, but Brickstuff lights don't seem to work that way with the Sbrick. Might have to modify the wiring a bit. I've started on an interior as well, only partially for now due to my short supply of blue chairs and the fact that the battery box and Sbrick need to sit in there for the time being. I'll probably be building a second, either an RDC-2 (combine) or RDC-3 (RPC combine). Then I'll put all the Power Functions bits in the baggage/post office compartment to hide them better. This one is going to be numbered after New Haven 47, or i may redo the colors of the front and make it New Haven 32. Both of these live at the Danbury Railway Museum, near my hometown in New York. More photos can be found in my Flickr album. Let me know what y'all think!