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Found 10 results

  1. King's Port, Terraversa, 20th February 621 They had done it! After the fierce battle for the shore and the coastal batteries, after the long siege and the battles in the streets, after two full days of brutal room-to-room fighting in the Palace of the Archduke, King's Port had finally fallen! On the other side of the monumental square, now a labyrinth of trenches, moats and barricades, they could see the Council Hall, where the Archduke Guards and a company of Altonian mercenaries had made their last stand. With their surrender, just a couple of hours before, the Battle for King's Port was definitively over. Philip climbed one of the pinnacles of Oldis' Palace and started waving the blue flag of Oleon. Down in the streets, dozens of soldiers were watching, cheering and throwing their hats in the air. Just a few years before, the Raiders were considered the scum of the Empire, a discipline unit to be sacrificed as far as possible from the motherland. Now they were hoisting the colors of the Nation, celebrating the victory of Oleon over its enemies! ------------ My first attempt with forced perspective, I hope you like it... the inspiration is the famous picture of the Red Flag over the Reichstag.
  2. King's Port, Terraversa, 15 February 621 "Disregarding losses, the city is ours to take!" That yellow flag was ugly, nothing more than an old piece of cloth put on a bent pole. And it could be the last thing Tristan would have ever seen... people definitely think strange things when they might be only a few seconds far from their own death. It was time to go. "Soldiers of Oleon, for King and Country... Charge!" The men launched a battle cry and turned the corner, leaving the protection of the stone wall. The enemies were waiting for them behind a barricade, just twenty meters forward... The sharp sound of shots immediately filled the air, and bullets started flying in every direction. The man right at his side fell with a yell, wounded or dying... but they had managed to close the gap, and the enemies had no more time to reload! Tristan raised his gun, aiming for the man in front of him, a veteran of Oldis' heavy cavalry... it would have been a fair game. The man did the same with his long wheellock pistol... they both knew that one of them would have dined in the Hades, together with many others. --------- Miguel Sanchez pushed with rage the ramrod in his musket as if he was stabbing an enemy. He had enough gunpowder for five shots, six at most, then he only had his knife. They couldn't resist for long, he knew, but he was ready to fight for his country until his last dying breath! Miguel had already fought for the independence of his nation... he was in Van Dhorne's militia during the civil war. Some called them fanatics, some accused them of war crimes, but they did what they had to: they hit hard the Mardierians and their sympathizers, killing the enemies and leaving behind the fallen brothers. People of Terreversa had gained independence, and now Archduke Oldis was losing it, entering a power game too big for their young nation. But people of Terraversa were not defeated yet and would have resisted, with or without the Archduke! "Stand up, coward! Take your musket, or I'll shot you myself!" The man nodded, frightened, but remained where he was. The militias had recruited all the able men to fight against the invaders, sometimes even forcibly... if they weren't ready to die for freedom, they didn't deserve it! Some of the new recruits, however, completely lacked motivation... damned cowards! "Oleander dogs are arriving! They are the renegades of the Legion!" Miguel spat on the ground, disgusted. The Legion, traitors of their own country! The men ran to their battle positions, ready to open fire. Everyone hated those sellswords, who had sold themselves to a new master. The bluecoat officer started speaking in Mardierian, asking the defenders to drop their weapons... well, they would have dropped something! "Augusto, send them a cocktail!" ---------- "One last attempt, their last chance." Thought Captain Alvaro Ferrer. King's Port had almost fallen, only a few blocks of buildings stood between them and the palace of the tyrant: the impregnable Citadel only existed in Oldis' propaganda. Selfish and greedy as usual, Archduke Oldis was still sending his soldiers to die for him, even if the battle was clearly lost... probably he had to feed his self-esteem of great general, resisting against superior forces -clearly from his own palace. Or more likely he was just gaining time to gather more gold, paintings, and Lotii porcelains in his coach before running away... maybe even something stolen from the Ferrer Manor, sacked by the militias during the civil war. "Drop your weapons! Oldis has already fled with your treasures! Do you want to die for a coward?" Yelled Alvaro in a megaphone. He used the Mardierian of Terraversa, his native language. "You fought well, but it is over!" Two men appeared on the upper floor of the building. One held an explosive bottle, the other, in civilian clothes, had a gun. They had wasted their opportunity. "Fire at will! Take the drunk down!" As usual, the one with the explosive bottle -the drunk- was the priority... even if sometimes those devices exploded before the Terraversans could throw them. The soldiers of the Mardierian Legion started a violent musket fire towards the windows, trying to take cover behind the low wall of a garden. In the nearby road, a company of soldiers launched an assault against a barricade. This was happening on his right, so they likely were General Rimbaud and his guys, the Astrapi Raiders and the tirailleurs of the 5eme. ----------- On the other side of the road, Francisco Mendoza was waiting for the enemies behind a barricaded door. That build must have been a tavern, just a few months ago, but now it was their fort. He peeked across the planks blocking the windows. The enemies were advancing again, crossing what remained of the park of the Cordobas' Mansion. Those bluecoats were the traitors of the Mardierian Legion, mostly Terraversans exiled during the Glorious Revolution. But, apart from the official words, he knew that some of those men had their reasons... rumors said that some of the men ended up in proscription lists with were simply political rivals of Oldis or L'Olius, or were victims of personal revenge. However, Francisco Mendoza was a soldier, not a politician. Soldiers follow the orders, do not discuss political intrigues, and the orders he had received were quite simple: defend the Citadel, hold the line, if necessary die where you stand but do not retreat! For sure the Archduke had a plan to broke the siege... soon he would have personally led the counterattack, but he needed time to reorganize the army. Or at least, this is what soldiers told each other, sharing a bottle of brandy in the pauses between the fights. The truth was that nobody really knew what was happening in the city... for what he knew, the things yelled by the damned traitors on the other side of the road could even be true. But Francisco Mendoza was a soldier, and he followed orders. He would have fought there with his comrades -soldiers from different units, militiamen, even some civilians- he would have held the position! Orders were shouted on the other side of the street, and muskets started firing again... soon the hellish concert of shots and yells seemed to arrive from every direction, oddly even from below... --------- The road to victory is always difficult and scattered with obstacles... nobody ever mentioned that it could also pass right through the sewers. Captain Antoine Dupont crawled through the breach, entering what seemed the cellar of a tavern. If he was right, the enemy stronghold was just a couple of meters above them... otherwise, they would have found a way, as usual. Antoine waved his torch twice: it was the right way, or at least he hoped so. With a few hits of pickaxe, the little breach became a real passage: it would have been their only way out, in case of troubles, so it was worth spending a little more time to widen it. He didn't have to explain that: his men knew perfectly what to do... it was their tenth mission together, and he trusted each of them as himself. However, it was their first time in a unenviable task, the dandies of the infantry would have got lost in five minutes. But they were the Engineers of the 2eme, thought Antoine with pride, and they were the only ones who could complete the job! "Enemy patrol!" The yell reverberated in the tunnels, truncating Antoine's thoughts. He didn't expect to find enemies down in the sewers, but they were more than ready. Barely lighted by a dark lantern, the soldiers started shooting at the enemies... the torches of those idiots turned them into perfect targets! --------- Sergeant Guillermo Cortina was nervous. He had seen enough battles to know that they were losing... the Citadel could hold for a week at most, no matter how hard they fought. What he also knew was that someone was going to be left behind, to cover the retreat of the others... and, of course, the escape of the politicians: they were still continuing useless talk about the best defence strategies, even if the fights were now just a few blocks far from the Council Hall! Guillermo and his platoon were patrolling one of the many tunnels running below King’s Port... a labyrinth of catacombs, sewers, cellars and smugglers’ galleries. It was quite unlikely to find enemies down there, and at least they were safe from enemy cannons, but everybody knew that they could re-emerge in an area controlled by the enemies... not a great perspective! They crossed the umpteenth arch, stopping just a step before the slippery bank of a sewer canal. Guillermo raised its torch with a sigh of relief... then he noticed the figures forward in the tunnel. He had barely the time to realise his mistake, then he was hit by two musket shots. --------- Overall view: the whole build is 32x32 on three levels (in the evening I'll show you the third one). Back view: Front view: I completed this build in a very long time, and even more time passed before I could publish it (because I waited for the result of King's Port Battle, but also due to real-life stuff). I tried to depict different points of view, from my main character to a Mardierian expatriate personally hating Oldis, from a common Terraversan soldier to a fanatic of the militias. I hope you enjoy the build and the stories- I liked building and writing them!
  3. Dear Eslandola, word has reached my ears, even here in Terraversa, about the most concerning recent financial reports. Be assured, my dear friends of the Colonial Council, that you do not stand alone in this struggle. The Fontonajo family is with you in these difficult times. I am certain you all realise any taxation of wealth is not an option? After all, the freedom of choice is what has made our nation great, and most certainly you will not dispossess your citizens of this freedom! I have always been in favour of further taxation - port taxes, taxation of new investments (properties), even taxes for living in the most luxourious towns, taxations for larger fleets, for titles, for offices - just about for everything that leaves us with a choice to decide against it, and thus against the taxes. While taxes on regular income might be a grey area, taxing our possessions leaves us with no choice to take another path - which is essentially the demise of freedom and thus the doom of our Empire. To express my support with more than just words I hereby transfer some of my most valuable possessions. While I give the Cotton Island near Salida Este to the Merchants Colonial Trading Company, which should be netting the MCTC around 150 Dubloons in monthly revenue, the Colonial Council Hall in Montario is hereby transferred to our nation. I entrust you, my friends in the Colonial Council, to use the money wisely. Also as of today, all port taxes acquired by Nova Terreli shall go directly to the treasury of our great Colonial Eslandolan Empire. My utmost respect to the work all of you are dedicating to our nations in those hard times. My finest regards Román Esteban Fontonajo, Colonial Grand Ambassador I might license this as a small commerce in Kings Port, Terraversa. And some more detail-shots of the furniture:
  4. It was the talk of the town the last couple of weeks. Princess Sofiana, a niece of King Alphonso of Mardier, was about to marry with Captain Emilson. Captain Emilson was a son of a wealthy family in Mardier and owner of a private fleet. By giving the hand of Lady Sofiana, King Alphonso hoped to led Captain Emilson join his war against Eslandola. As a wedding gift, the Emilson Family received no less than 1000 doubloons from Mardier! The wedding itself was a big succes. All noblemen from KP were invited, even the rebels. After a long day, the newly wed couple went to their suit in the Royal Horse Inn in KP. It was a very quiet night. A few strangers walking on the street, minding their own business or trying to arrive at home on time in order to avoid an unhappy wife. The doors of the Royal Horse already closed. And inside, only the barman and a musician were spotted. A very quiet night indeed. The couple slept very well, knowing a royal Mardierian Guard was well erm guarding the balcony. What no-one knew, was that an assassin prepared the perfect murder for weeks... Very smoothly he managed to remove some wooden planks he made loose in the past so he had access to the room without anyone noticing him. Once arriving at the bed, he choked the unfortunate lady. Smooth, quickly and without any sound. A bit later, Captain Emilson woke up, discovering his wife to be dead. He yielded, drawing the attention of the Royal Guard. As there was no way someone could have entered the room. The guard quickly determined 1 and 1 should be 2 and he arrested Captain Emilson for the murder on his wife. The fact that Captain Emilson had a reputation of liking SM, wasn't helping the poor guy... Aftermath: Captain Emilson was found guilty of murder. His last words were: "it wasn't me". His brother took command over his fleet and sailed away from KP under a Pirate Flag, having sworn to avenge his brother. Mardierian traders are his favourite prey. ------- Thanks for watching! C&C welcome!
  5. A Lovers' Tale Part II (Against Mardier) Prelude Part 1 (Bregir) Part 2 (Elostirion) Part 3 (Ayrlego) Rumours had spread quickly in town. Ricardo Alphonso de la Montague had proposed to Angelica Castellano. In the many taverns of King's Port the stories of Ricardo's proposal were already told, how he had brought a carriage with more than one thousand flowers, a ring of pure gold with the biggest ruby that had ever been found in the new world, and proposed to bis beloved Angelica from down the streets, up towards her balcony. And how she had replied, singing with the softest voice of an angel, as her name sugggests, a song to express her deep love for Ricardo, and to say yes. Marja Fontonajo knew different. She had been there. She had found Angelica Castellano in King's Port, and realised that she was the girl that Ricardo's father had talked about, the girl Ricardo was in love with. There were not a thousand flowers, nor a pretentious ring, nor did she sing. But what she had seen had gone far deeper. These two did not need any of these symbols. It was the real and honest love of a young couple. Now, a few days later, the facts were obvious. The de la Montague family had always been pro Terraversan independence. And while Ricardo's father, Hugo de la Montague, was afraid for his son, he would not oppose the marriage. General Castellano, commander of the Horse Guards, was more sceptical. He had not yet decided for a side in the Terraversan conflict, and did not like the idea of his daughter deciding for him. And then there was King Alphonse XIII of Mardier, who had been struggling to get the powerful Castsellano on his side in the Terraversan conflict. It was known that his ruthless Death Guard had already arrived in King's Port. The danger for Ricardo and Angelica had become real. At the "Grape & Goblet", a tavern and guesthouse in King's Port The Death Guard is entering the tavern, while Ricardo and Angelica are climbing down the window. But how have they gotten there? And why is blood dripping from the upper floor? Two hours earlier Marja Fontonajo saw one of the kitchenmaids hastily leave the guesthouse through a backdoor with a letter in her hand. The maid ran straight to a larger estate and handed the letter to one of the guards at the gates. The guard took the letter inside, and soon after Marja could see a Sergeant of the Death Guard assemble his men in the courtyard. Marja hasted back towards the "Grape & Goblet", where she confronted the innkeeper, but found him to be innocent. In fact, he had not even known that the young couple who were his guests were actually Ricardo and Angelica, but when he learned he agreed to help. Marja quickly ran up the stairs, and burst the door open, where she found the two lovers kissing, half naked. "Get dressed. Immediately!", she commanded the ashamed lovers. While Angelica looked at her in fear, Ricardo - though still confused - grabbed for his rapier. "If I wanted you dead you would already be.", Marja replied. "Who are you?", Angelica asked, afraid of the answer. "Your guardian. Now listen! You have been betrayed. The Death Guard is on its way. Your lifes are in danger. Now get dressed, and stay in here. When I give you a sign you leave through the window. You", she added towards the befuddled innkeeper, "get us a rope and a board to barricade the door. Now!" And looking at the lovers again she added: "Climb down the window, then run towards the back of the house, fifty metres to the left, turn right, and you will find an alleyway. Go down, at the first crossing go left, and then just follow the path till it ends. You will find a closed tavern called Othello's Folly. Climb in the second window at the back and I will meet you there and get you out of town." "But my father...", Ricardo started. "Already knows", Marja interrupted. "Now stop discussing and get ready. They will be here in a minute!" When the first soldier of the Death Guard ran upstairs, Marja gave the sign for Angelica and Ricardo to climb. Once the soldier has spotted her and starts running, drawing his saber, a bullet hits him right in the heart. Marja hasn't killed anyone in quite a while. Now, however, her only thoughts are with the lovers. And how she will leave the tavern in about thirty seconds. Downstairs the innkeeper tries to win some time by discussing the honour-code of the Terraversan guesthouse association, that clearly forbids to disclose any details about guests. The Death Guard's sergeant is already getting angry, while the next of his men cannout hold it an run upstairs. Two more members of the Death Guard are entering the "Grape & Goblet" right now. Little do they know that the room of Ricardo and Angelica is already empty... ... and that the two lovers are fleeing the guesthouse right under their nose. __________________ To be continued...
  6. A Lovers' Tale Part I (Against Mardier) Prelude Civil war had been gentle on King's Port, although everyone had a relative or acquaintance involved in the conflict. Life had been good on Terraversa under the Viceroy, after independence from Mardier had been declared, and for a long time, there had been little or no fighting, limited mainly to minor skirmishes at sea. But now, with Mardier recovering from internal conflict, war is moving closer, and the whole populace is holding their breath, watching the tides and turns of the political landscape. Of great importance is the generals of the Terraversan armies, as their choice of allegiance will spell the doom or success of the independence movement. One such is General Castellano, commander of the Horse Guards, some of the finest Terraversan Cavalry. Undecided as of yet, the Horse Guards has been ordered to remain in their barracks, their general refusing to declare either for or against independence. Agents of Mardier has tried bribes, blackmail, threats, seduction to bring him to their side, as has agents of the independence movement. An honourable man, General Castellano has yielded to none so far, wishing not to stir up conflict and risk bloody, collateral damage, but agents of Mardier fear that his daughter is about to do so for him. The Castellano family is both rich and influential, as is typical for military officers in Mardierian societies, and holds considerable real estate, including a mansion in uptown King's Port. In from their country estate, his daughter Angelica often takes residence here, as she has done this day. She occupies the west wing, with several balconies over the back alleys behind the mansion. Just moments ago, she heard something hit the shutters over the back door and rushed with great anticipation to the balcony nearby, fixing up her hair and robe on her way. Walking out on the balcony, her hopes are met, as her paramour, Ricardo Alphonso de la Montague, is awaiting, a defiant expression upon his face. The son of one of the champions of Terraversan independence, Hugo de la Montague, their romance is laden with political implications, but none of them care one bit for politics, entirely caught up in the intense love so typical for the young. Seeing her beaming smile in the window, Ricardo's face lights up as he takes off his hat in an elegant sweeping movement merging with a bow. "My sweetheart! How my heart has longed throughout the day to once more set eyes upon your beauty, and hear the sweet melody of your voice!" Breaking into a charming, shy smile, Angelica feels her love rise through her bosom, resulting in a healthy blush upon her face, making it prettier than ever. At least to Ricardo, a man with a mission... "As have mine, my love. The hours have passed like the turn of the centuries, as I waited for you to return" Looking left and right, concluding the alley is as empty as before, our young hero returns his attention to Angelica, with a more serious glance. "Listen carefully, my darling Angelica - we must act. My father and yours both have caught the scent of our connection. This is of little concern, but rumour has it that others have done so too. Others, who will not look kindly to our families uniting..." "What are you saying, Ricardo?" "There are those who will seek to part us, with any means possible. Angelica, my love. I have come to ask for your hand, and to ask you to abscond with me. To leave for a place where we can live in peace until such a day that we can return here, without risking our lives..." Ricardo gave her a compelling gaze before continuing. "Let me in to talk to you in private. And to help you pack - we must hurry! I know of an inn where we can hide for now..." __________________ To be continued...
  7. Category A 1 by Brandon Stark, on Flickr Category A 2 by Brandon Stark, on Flickr The Mardierian Death Guard prepares to make an arrest on a recently married couple from two rebel aligned families, while the unsuspecting couple inside is enjoying their honeymoon inside a King's Port house.
  8. Marja Henrietta Fontonajo stood on the veranda of the de la Montague ranch, a few miles northeast of King's Port on Terraversa. She knew the ranchero Hugo Gonzalo de la Montague from former... missions. Hugo Gonzalo had always been a true Terraversan, opposing the Mardierian throne. Marja had held up the relationship between Terraversan revolutionists and the Eslandolan crown for many years. But this time it was different. There was no more king Fernando. There was no more master. At least so she thought, until Hugo Gonzalo de la Montague started talking: "My son might be about to do something stupid, mistress Fontonajo." "Then you should tell him not to?" "Which father's words might stop a son's heart, young lady?" "My father did. Until he died, that was." "See?" "I guess you might be right", Marja frowned. "But what do you think he will do?" "Regarding that", Hugo replied, "I must admit I am not quite certain yet." "So what do you assume?" "At the current moment in time I assume it might be love." "Love?" "Sure, love. A heated heart leaves place for no cool mind, they say." "Why are you telling me?" "I am quite certain you know why, mistress Fontonajo?" "I won't help you. I cannot babysit your son!" "What other business hinders you, mylady? That of a broken king? Or your brother's? Highest political ambitions, they say. King of the Colonies he might want to become, or at least there are rumors? Is it this?" "No. But your son has to care for himself." "Does he really have to?" "I said no", Marja replied. "And I mean it." Hugo Gonzalo de la Montague hesitated for a while, before he replied. "Then, mylady, I am afraid I have to remind you that you owe me. Most certainly you know what I am talking about? And I guess your personal honour is still intact?" Marja's face hardened, and with a stern look she replied: "So who am I looking for?" "Ricardo Alphonso, my glorious son, a good looking..." - "Not him. Her.", Marja interrupted. "I fear I have no clue who she is." "No clue at all, Senor de la Montague? None at all?" "There might be one... thing... A housemaid had told me that she had heard him murmur a name in his sleep. Angelica, she had said." "Where can I find this housemaid?" The look in Hugo's face - when he had talked about his housemaid - both ashamed and enthusiastic at the same time, had told Marja all she needed to know. Now she had something against Hugo de la Montague. Whenever she would need it. But he had made her curious. And he was right in that she owed him. And now she wanted to find out more about this story. Time to find a girl named "Angelica" in King's Port. She had solved harder tasks before. For the first time since the fall of King Fernando she felt vivid again. Marja Fontonajo was back. ... to be continued ...
  9. The reporter from the Kings Port Advertiser was fuzzing about, calling out to the sketch artist to "catch my best features…" and "…make sure to make L'Olius looking right heroic for the frontpage" and to the scribe "…and don't you misquote me, or I will have at your hide!" They were setting up outside the high court of Terraversa waiting for the highly profiled case of L'Olius versus Eslandola, a case, which, apart from including the most beloved naval hero of Terraversa, was highly likely to have serious diplomatic consequences. And with Terraversa struggling for independence in the Mardierian civil war, the outcome could be critical to the future of the colony. A large crowd was assembling, and there was a general din as the tension was rising with the anticipation. A few Eslandians had shown up too, but most of them withdrew swiftly as the moral pressure of collective public opinion against them, or were removed by brute physical force, should they venture to express their allegiance. The hum of the crowd was considerable and normal conversation was strained at best, impossible at the worst. Nonetheless, the moment the doors opened and a guarded L'Olius stepped out, a hush fell over the crowd. L'Olius raised his hand in greeting, a triumphant smile spreading upon his face, and the hush temporarily gave way to a series of loud cheers. As the cheers died down, L'Olius gave a short speech in his booming quarterdeck voice, much to the joy of the crowd. "L'Olius has just left the courts, and appears in great spirits" the reporter dictated. "Out here, he is getting the hero's reception he deserves, regardless of the mistreatment those greedy, selfish Eslandians has brought upon him." The scribe scribbled on, and the sketch artist was busy immortalising the moment that might change the fate of Terraversa for ever. "The Eslandians have long held our trade in an iron grip, and their unlawful monopolies have threatened our economy, our very survival, and most importantly, our freedom!" The reporter paused for a moment, weighing his words and letting the scribe catch up. "L'Olius has taking it upon himself to put things right, to bring justice and reason to our world. With a perfectly legal Letter of Marque in hand, he has fought for our liberty, and the survival of our merchants. And now the Eslandians have brought him to court! Perfectly harassing him, our great hero! And on the pretence of some trifle about legalities - a trifle surely put to right by our esteemed courts!" The scribe enjoyed this… He knew it would be on the front page of the Kings Port Advertiser tomorrow, and that it would be sold out. The picture forming on his colleague's canvas would be the perfect eye-catcher, as would any headline containing L'Olius' name these days. As the reporter continued his narrative, he resumed his writing. What a sensation this would be…
  10. Ahoy mateys, this is Part I of our storyline for the ongoing build off between ESL and MAR. We - that is Jacob Nion, Bregir, and I - sided with l'Olius and justice! To reveal to you what those sneaky, backstabbing Eslandolans are capable of doing with their money-grabbing fingers if they see their Doubloons at stake. A Hero Harassed - Part I - Pleadings “You did what?” The judge gasped in surprise. And it looked like the hint of a grin on his face. L'Olius continued. Yes, he had seized the Queen of Terreli – and he had done it... with pineapples! L'Olius' squadron had been following the Eslandolan convoy for several days, and couldn't believe that there was only one warship to escort all these traders. And this warship seemed to be commanded by the worst captain anyone could ever have heard of. As a result, the Queen of Terreli performed so very poorly at sea, clearly this could only be a trap. But l'Olius was determined to follow his orders, so his squadron kept pursuing. And when they were about to intercept, l'Olius knew how he could seize the Queen without much violence: If using grapeshot was one of the most bloody ways to attack and seize a ship, he would use a broadside of the most unbloody thing – pinappleshot. And it worked! The captain and crew of the Queen were so utterly surprised, that before they could even think of what in Poseidon's name they had just witnessed, l'Olius was already standing on the bridge, and he placed the still confused captain under arrest. This story would definitely go down in history. What a day. But all that wasn't really what this trial was all about. Neither were the reasons for l'Olius orders to be discussed, nor the political background to be analyzed. This trial was about one thing only: Did he seize the Queen of Terreli legally, did he possess a valid letter of marque. And the answer to this question could only be 'Yes.' Yes, he did possess a valid letter of marque. It was granted to l'Olius personally by the Governor of Terraversa himself. And denying Terraversa's Governor the right to issue legal documents – not even Eslandola could go that far, if they didn't intend to affront all Mardians, and risk a war, that they always claimed not to want! So for one last time l'Olius looked at the pitiable Eslandolan representative, and waving his letter of marque before her eyes with pleasure he said: “Like it or not – the Queen of Terreli is now legally mine.” I hope you enjoyed this first part. Here is the rest: Part II - Discovery, Part III - Prospects. C&C welcome. For l'Olius and justice!