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Found 5 results

  1. Tortuga was just founded, but the news of the return of notorious Pirate Captain Morgan, made the newly settlement booming. Taverns popped up like well erm like Sea Rats when smelling gold. Anyway, Captain Morgan made it a task of honour to visit every new tavern in the town. One of these new taverns is the "Roaring Lion". When the drunk pirates saw it was Captain Morgan who entered the pub, they started cheering. "Long live Captain Morgan" they said "Our enemies will flee for us once again!" "Hooray! Hooray!" "To Captain Morgan, to a new chance!" a hooded guy in the corner said... "To a new chance of richdom indeed", Captain Morgan replied "Feel free to sit here, Captain, I am exptected somewhere else", and so the hooded guy left the tavern ---- Back on his vessel, sailing towards the Purple Reign who had layed anchor a few miles outside Tortuga, Commodore Matt Lenoir rethought the evening. It was without any doubt the guy he sent to the depths of the ocean, so the rumours are true. Well, now he has a new chance to capture the dreadfull Captain Morgan... --- OOC: I bought the parts of Captain Morgan as I hoped to do something with the MRCA outcome myself, but well, I was busy with other things and forgot to talk this through with him. So I am very happy he resurrected his character as I have a use again for those parts :p It is a very nice idea to put Tortuga on such an important location, even if the island isn't theirs, so I am curious how things will turn out once another faction claims the island as a price of a future challenge. But in the meantime, let's have fun with Tortuga! I am not going to licence this tavern myself, maybe I'll donate it to a Sea Rat :)
  2. Previously: The Lady Arlene New Allegiance Welcome To The Crew The Death Of Captain Morgan Sea Turtles Part I "Faster! Unload the boats!" Hundreds of voices yelled over the beach, Captain Morgan marched forwad, holding the Jolly Roger in his hands. A Foot In The Door by Jacob Nion, auf Flickr It hadn't been hard to assemble this bunch of scallywags. As soon as word had spread of his return, people had followed his call to the sea turtle island. Six ships had come from Bastion, his very own Lady Arlene being one of them. And several more ships would join. From Rassilon and Charlatan Bay as well as from any other pirate nest west of Terraversa. Some hundred meters inwards of the isle he stopped and began to speak: "Brethren! You all know my name! You all followed my call! As one of your very own kind, I claim this island in the name of the brethren of the Sea Rats, and for every living soul in this world that starves for freedom. Shall this be a free colony for free men and women. Shall it not be harmed by the greed of kings and high lords! This Port shall henceforth be known as Tortuga! And now do your bloody work you disgraceful bunch of shivering sea slugs!" A Foot In The Door by Jacob Nion, auf Flickr
  3. Previously: The Lady Arlene New Allegiance Welcome To The Crew The Death Of Captain Morgan The voice of the surge commanded Captain Morgan back to the living. Slowly he moved his hand, feeling the sand between his fingers. He rose his head and squinted around. It took him a moment to remember. His ship was gone. His crew dead. But he was alive. When the Queen Annetta's Revenge had vanished beneath the waves, the wake had pulled him underwater. In the dark abyss he had awaited Poseidon. But suddenlysomething rushed by in front of him. Something that felt like a rock, but it welled up. Or was up down and it was sinking? Unable to think he pulled his knife and stabbed it into this thing. He could not remember how long he had drifted on the ocean, partially on the surface, then again diving and swallowing the salt of the sea. Sea Turtles by Jacob Nion, auf Flickr Now he saw his floating rock; it was a sea turtle. The knife was still sticking in its shell. Sea Turtles by Jacob Nion, auf Flickr Morgan stood up. He was marooned on a small pieca of rock and sand. A forest of coconuts grew on the inner land. He recognized this island and its location. After founding a small pool of fresh water, he began collecting driftwood and lut up a signal fire. It was likely that sails would appear on the horizon regularly. The question was, which colours they would bear. After one day he finally noticed a ship. It took an hour until it was close enough to reveal its allegiance. The flag was blue and yellow. From now on, Benjamin Morgan knew he was saved. And more; he had a plan. Sea Turtles by Jacob Nion, auf Flickr
  4. Without further ado, I may present you Captain Morgan's new flagship, the infamous and fearsome Queen Annetta's Revenge! The name is a subtly reminiscence to the time when Captain Morgan served in the Royal Navy of her majesty, Annetta Queen of Corrington. It is a class 5LA galleon and so far my largest ship. Pics are linked to larger resolutions. The Figurehead is a crowned harpy with an accidental resemblance to a young female sovereign of Halos. As mentioned, accidental. Thanks for visiting my ship!
  5. May I present you the first ship sailing under my command: the Warbringer! She is small, does not look like a real lady. But she doesn't behave like one either. When getting in range she is a deadly enemy to every ship of the same size. This is supposed to be a class 2A vessel. Thanks for looking!