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  1. Romanos

    Romanos-Port Royal

    TX , will do, still work to be done , and baseplates to buy ;)
  2. Romanos

    Romanos-Port Royal

    I started collecting pirates when I bought my son a chessboard 40158 and a boat 70413. And that collected dust for a couple of years because I worked more city. Then I came across these 2 beauties-6243 and 4195, 20 euros each, so I made a port for all 3. I have made this so far, now there is a market and a village for the natives.
  3. Romanos

    [MOC] Certissa Port Royal

    Building my city for 6 y. ( 7 m now ). I finally started building pirates and castles. The pirates will be by the beach, like the old part of town with a harbor.This is 4 x32 -2 more house to build and square and a market.
  4. A colleague has been urging me to start doing something in castle topics. I have a big city of 7 m, so this block will be like an old part of town. And maybe I can expand it so it can big part of town. I'm still working on a lot of details and a building with a red roof that was 1 is now crazy to me - mostly the roof;) The sidewalk is too pretty, but I need about 3000 1x1 to make it right. I borrowed a lot of ideas, so maybe someone will recognized they work - THANK YOU !!
  5. Romanos

    [MOC] Certissa town-new layout test --3 page.

    And this is my 1 try ;)
  6. Romanos

    [MOC] Certissa town-new layout test --3 page.

    TX ;) Love when there are many minifigs in town , it looks alive then. For window it is 2x2 and 1x2 ;)
  7. Romanos

    [MOC] Certissa town-new layout test --3 page.

    TX ;) And now ready for new exhibition, small one ;)
  8. Romanos

    [MOC] Certissa town-new layout test --3 page.

    My new town square is near the end . If only i have 1x1 tiles it would be better. Only i need about 20,000 for the whole city 😭😭😭😭
  9. Romanos

    [MOC] Certissa town-new layout test --3 page.

    New layout is in testing phase,there will be a square, a construction site and a field. 4 new buildings-in Tudor house style. 😁
  10. Romanos

    [MOC] I want My chocolate, Leonidas Store and bar

    Love it ;) to eat ;) exterior and interior.
  11. Romanos

    [MOC] Bavarian Town

    Love it , colors are great ;)
  12. Romanos

    [MOC] Certissa town-new layout test --3 page.

    TX ;) i try to give all my minifigs something to do, and not put them random in town.Its more fun for visitors of exhibition to find little scenes in town with my little help and the list i made. Building with blue is my 1 ( after 4 try ;) hope to make more-only its hard to get combination of colors to look great .
  13. Romanos

    [MOC] Certissa town-new layout test --3 page.

    LOG Kockice exhibition in Djakovo ( hometown ;) some of pic , other on flick ;)
  14. Romanos

    [MOC] Certissa town-new layout test --3 page.

    And with exhibition in 3 weeks its time to start with town ;) first something to cool yourself ;) Beach;) and town will grow in next days.
  15. Romanos

    [MOC] Certissa town-new layout test --3 page.

    And new part of desk is in place ;) 2.5 m more. Now we have 7,5 x 1.7 m. Place for new city block, railroad station , and harbor. Now to get all 5 m of old town back -and dust them as they go back. Then on to new part of town