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  1. frumpy

    [MOC] New castle builds

    Thanks everyone. I saw the spill over edge style somewhere before so tried it myself and I really enjoy it.
  2. Hi All, Here are a few smaller builds I've done recently. These buildings were all part of a larger collaboration build I did but I finally decided to put them on smaller bases. I enjoyed doing the castle gate siege with the action going on. There are some more pictures on flickr for those interested. Thanks.
  3. frumpy

    [MOC] Battle of Drakenborg

    Nice build. The siege weapons are really cool.
  4. frumpy

    [MOC] Haunting in Brickwood

    Love it! Really good little story and the detail of the tree and base is wonderful.
  5. frumpy

    [MOC] A Friendly Encounter

    Such a clever little build. Well done.
  6. frumpy

    [MOC] Medieval Tavern

    Excellent work, with lots of fantastic details - the sign out front, the curved wall on the inside, the windows! The inspiration from the blacksmith and then taking that and taking it a step further has given such a lovely result. Well done!
  7. frumpy

    [MOC] Farrador Castle

    Just building at night after work mostly. Was a last minute build of the castle for a collaboration where another person had to pull out a couple of weeks before an event where we were displaying so I had to build this to fit in with the display. Having said that I enjoyed the build very much and was happy with the castle. In terms of how long I keep builds for I normally keep them and show them at different local lego events (Sydney, Australia). After they've done a few events they get boxed up in the garage and left until I can be bothered pulling them apart of parts (sometimes years). This one wasn't built for GoH. I haven't built for GoH for years now, although I probably should get back into it at some point. I honestly don't build enough to keep up :)
  8. frumpy

    [MOC] Farrador Castle

    I had to rush this build for a lego event so was built in a week. Thank you. Thanks. Yes, I’ve put that fig in a few builds now lurking around, always looking for trouble :) Yes, the extra plates and pieces in the wall add a good effect, although takes extra build time. Took a week to build so was a busy week with building. lol. I do like the colours. But in this case I didn’t choose as the castle was part of a collaboration and I had to do these guys as well as crusaders.
  9. frumpy

    Medieval street

    This is a very impressive build. I love the details in the buildings and the streets.
  10. Hi All, Here is a castle I built a while back but only recently took photos. It was originally part of a larger collaboration but I was able to convert the landscape so that it could be displayed by itself as well. Thanks.
  11. frumpy

    MOC Medieval Haven

    Such a fantastic layout! Well done. Nice variety of buildings and techniques in use. Love it.
  12. frumpy

    Idyllic forest house

    This is a lovely little build. Very peaceful and nice colours.
  13. frumpy

    [MOC] Roman stuff

    Nice builds. That furniture is pretty neat.
  14. Hi All, This is a build I did earlier this year and only finally got around to taking photos today. Thanks.
  15. What a fantastic build!! Great details in this build. Simply amazing.