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  1. [MOC] Star Chaser - Neo Classic Space

    Nice ship. I really like the wing design. Well done.
  2. [MOC] Tregatis VI Mining Operations

    Thanks, I wanted to pay tribute to some classic sets. Some of the small vehicles/ships are classic space versions of non-CS sets.
  3. [MOC] Tregatis VI Mining Operations

    Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.
  4. [MOC] Tregatis VI Mining Operations

    Yes, the intent is to have a display of prototype suits for the next evolution.
  5. Hi All, I've finally finished all my classic space builds and turned them into the following layout. Tregatis VI Mining Operation Tregatis VI is a uninhabited planet located in the Pegasus galaxy. The CS explorers discovered the planet contains a rare mineral that has great potential as an energy source. They have set up a mining operation on the planet to extract the ore and ship it back to earth for refining. More pictures of the layout here: If you are interested in just the ships and vehicles you can find these here: Hope you enjoy. Thanks.
  6. [MOC] LL351 Conquest - Interstellar Explorer

    Thanks guys. Benny's spaceship did indeed provide some inspiration for this build. And a big ship needs lots of thrusters :)
  7. Another reveal from my Sydney Brick Show CS layout, the LL351 Conquest. The LL351 Conquest is the flagship of the CS fleet. Equipped with four hyper-drive engines the LL351 is capable of exploring the furthest reaches of the galaxy. With plenty of weaponry the Conquest is able to defend itself with ease and provide protection for other ships in the CS fleet. In addition to the ships four crew members there is also a planetary scooter that can be launched from the ship for short range reconnaissance missions.
  8. [MOC] Classic Space P.M.R.

    For this year's Sydney Brick Show at the end of April I'm doing a classic space layout. This is one of the vehicles that will be on display. P.M.R. - Planetary Mining Rover The Planetary Mining Rover is a mass produced rover used extensively throughout the galaxy. The equipped dual drilling arms are capable of breaking through some of the toughest materials known to man. A cargo compartment in the rear of the rover enables the P.M.R. to transport materials back to base. I hope to get some pictures of some of the other vehicles online over the next few weeks.
  9. [MOC] The Lord of the Isles

    Wow. Very impressive build. The design is very smooth and the interior is a nice touch. i also like the water
  10. CCC XIV - Secret Cottage in Farnor Forest

    This is a great build. Lots of detail and the landscaping looks very natural. Well done.
  11. Hi All, My first Classic Space builds. Starting small and working my way up to some bigger ships and settings. Tregatis VI Exploration Tregatis VI is a uninhabited planet located in the Pegasus galaxy. The CS explorers discovered the planet contains a rare mineral that has great potential as an energy source. Extensive exploration of the planet has begun in preparation for a full scale mining operation. LL331 Eagle Solar Fighter The LL331 Eagle Solar Fighter is part of the CS exploration fleet. Able to fly both in space and atmospheric conditions, the LL331's versatility makes it one of the most prolific space fighters currently in production. The only limitation of the LL331 is the lack of a hyper-drive limiting the range of the craft to single solar systems. P.E.B. - Planetary Exploration Buggy The Planetary Exploration Buggy is a basic CS rover used commonly for ground-based exploration of new planets. The P.E.B. comes equipped with two explorer robots able to search large areas of land independently and return to the buggy to upload their discoveries for relay back to the command ship. Thanks
  12. [MOC] Trooper Training

    Thanks. I never could get them all lined up nicely though. Thanks. No custom figs. Not sure what sets they came in though. Thanks.
  13. [MOC] UCS Rogue Shadow (IDSMO-R2)

    Wow. I've never seen dark bley look so good. Well done.
  14. [MOC] Trooper Training

    Hi All, Another small Star Wars build. Decided to make up a training facility for the clone troopers to practice. In this case team orange versus team green. Thanks