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  1. In the colonies, port protection is often an issue. Both ships and fortifications are often in short supply. Hence, alternative measures are often considered, such as the Corlander gun barge. Built on a heavy raft of logs, it is almost impossible impossible to sink. Armed with 18 pounders, it may be unhandy, but it has quite a bite. Sitting low in the water, it is a difficult target in a close engagement, although the open deck does leave the crew exposed. The barge has no propulsion of its own, and is hence only useful as a defensive measure. It must be towed to location where it will anchor and stand its ground. By use of two anchors, the guns can be lain sideways, but the only option of retreat is to cut the cables and drift ashore. Outside King's Harbour Gun barge no. 1 is currently running through trials in the bay, offering one of the young lieutenants a command of much more firepower than normally. However, protecting a port is far from the independent command of a sloop or frigate dreamt about by many of the young gentlemen... ___________________ A "ship" based on the gun barges used by the Danes at the battle of Copenhagen against the British to supplement the fleet. She is fairly large (class 4/5) but I am thinking she is a class 3 in BoBS terms, considering there is no rigging and only a simple hull. If she is ever licensed, I am thinking range 0, manoeuvre 1 (minimum) and a lot of firepower :) C&C welcome - mainly a fun build after reading about the battle of Copenhagen *shakes fists at the dastardly British thieves... Little better than pirates...*
  2. The Empire of Corrington Nickname: The Scientific Kingdom Colors: Red and Black Flag: Quick Glance Compared to the other nations, Corrington is a highly scientific empire characteristic for order, consensus and firm principles. The Corlander Navy is relatively large and the empire boasts extensive, but sparsely populated, colonial possessions. Historically, most wealth have been generated through shipping, although property investment has been helped along by the large wealth brought in by its traders. During the first era, the legendary Corlander convoys were incredibly successful, and its escorts scoured the waters for any privateer daring to cross their paths. Corlanders typically make their carreer as scientists or inventors, naval or army officers, or civil servants, although several significant Corlanders have made their fortune in trade. All vocations are welcome, although staying on the right side of the law (and our beloved Queen's orders) makes for the most harmony amongst our ranks. As a Corlander, there are many ways to advance in Society! (See "The Government of Corrington" below") Signing up All Corlander citizens are welcomed to join Corrington's colonial efforts. To join, sign up in this thread with an introduction post that shows your sigfig. We encourage you to present your sig fig with a back story, but a few sentences are sufficient. (Check out this quick start guide) The Government of Corrington Three generations ago the monarchy instituted a new reform – representative government. Although the Queen is popular, she does not rule over the kingdom with absolute power. She shares it with the House of Representatives, the Noble Parliament, and the Parliament of Science. To ensure the safety of the Monarchy, the fourth branch of government, the Queen's Executive House commands the Royal Guard. Corlanders can pursue careers in all four branches of government, although it requires unquestionable loyalty and ability to reach the highest position of power. During the first era of colonial ventures, most positions have been filled by the old world elite (NPC's), but with the growing importance of the colonial possessions, this is like to change. Noble Parliament The Noble Parliament consists of the nobility of Corrington and is led by the Prime Minister. It directly commands the Royal Navy and the Royal Armed Forces, and controls all diplomatic relations, as well as upholds the law. House of Representatives The House of Representatives ensures broad representation in government, as all tax paying citizens are eligible for election. It controls the finances, taxes, industry, and commerce of the nation, as well as the colonial posessions. Parliament of Science The Parliament of Science consists of the most prominent scientists of Corrington and acts as an advisory institution for the Queen and the other branches of government. Queen's Executive House The Queen's Executive House ensures the safety of the Monarchy, and thus commands the Royal Guards. Further, the constabulary, Belson's famous patrolling policeforce, is under direct control of the Queen. (For more on the four branches of Government and how to advance, follow the links. All Corlanders are invited to pursue a career in government, either for their sig fig or another character. It will take both efforts and loyalty to advance, and progressively more so the higher the position, and positions may hold actual in game responsibility, but most active players will be able to advance to lower positions quite easily. If you are interested but in doubt how to advance, ask in this thread.) Leadership Queen Annetta (NPC) Queen Annetta by @Captain Dee Queen Annetta - Every Corlander would die for Queen Annetta, the heart of the empire. Because she has yet to find an equal mate, the Queen is the most popular person in the realm by far – suitors come from around the world to attempt to woo her. At 25, she is rich from the taxation on trade throughout the empire, and she is loved enough to have her own personal army – The Queen’s Guard. This unit is considered to be the crack troops of the empire, and all important campaigns include at least a company of these soldiers. Rumours in era I had her pregnant with someone's love child, but no baby was ever seen, and every loyal Corlander will tell you that it is nothing but vile slander by the enemies of the Crown. Admiral Woodbrose (SkaForHire, Co-Leader) As minister of the Colonies, he oversees the administrative aspects of expansion. A hard-nosed old sea buzzard who looks to please his niece (the Queen) by expanding trading policies in the New World. Although he sometimes wishes he was still a naval commander, he often turns to diplomacy to avoid major conflict. This is not to say that he doesn’t crush a rebellion or two, every once in a while. Technically, the Minister of the Colonies is the overseer of the Conquered Isles as well. However, the administrative duties as minister of the colonies have kept the good admiral from partaking as actively in the colonial ventures as he had hoped. Rear-Admiral Fletcher (Bregir, Co-Leader), Commander of the Terra Novan Fleet Commanding the Terra Novan Fleet, Rear-admiral Fletcher has had the responsibility for keeping the colonial possessions safe in close cooperation with the army ressources stationed there. He has functioned as chief military commander for all Corlander assets in Terra Nova during most of the first era, but now has a counterpart in Colonel Howe to take over command of all army assets. Under his, and his predecessors, rule, the Terra Novan fleet has been massively successful in keeping Corlander merchant shipping safe, taking prize after prize filling up the dockyards of Terra Nova. Middle-aged and unremarkable, Fletcher is an effective but discreet commander. Brigadier Howe (Ayrlego, Co-Leader), Commander of the Colonial Army Headquarters Brigadier Sir Andrew Howe and Captain Bertram Rickard Wolf inspect troops in Arlinsport. Commanding the Corlander Colonial Army, Brigadier Sir Andrew Howe is responsible for the land component of Corlander defences in Terra Nova and works in close cooperation with his Naval superior, Rear Admiral Fletcher. Brigadier Howe has over 30 years service in the Corlander Army, most with the elite Queen's Own Foot Guard Regiment, whose uniform he still wears. As a Colonel he gained a reputation as the Queen's hatchet man in the Terra Nova, executing important missions directly on behalf of Her Majesties Government. Notably he commanded the first Corlander expedition to Isla de Victoria at the time of the Eslandolan Operation KMA. A master strategist and excellent tactician, Howe is known as a somewhat distant and stern commander who nevertheless inspires great confidence in the men under his command. Assisting Brigadier Sir Andrew Howe is Aide de Camp Captain Bertram Rickard Wolf. Captain Wolf is a descendant of the Wolf Clan, one of the Clans of northern Corrington. Previously he served in the Queen´s Rifles Regiment, a unit known for its unorthodox tactics. With his Rifles platoon he became the hero of the Battle of Golden Bay on Serentia, which secured Serentia for the Crown. His accomplishnents were noted by the High Command and he was chosen to serve as Brigadier Howe´s aide. Landscape Corrington has two administrative sections. The Mainland The mainland is mostly rolling hills with a small mountain chain running down the middle of the country. It is the northernmost country in Eastern Halos, and the winters in the North are often unbearable to many outsiders. Most of the freeholders grow potatoes, wheat, or cabbage, and raise livestock. Cows and pigs are plentiful, and the countryside is dotted with many small hamlets. However, the cities are bustling places that never sleep. The cities are well planned, kept clean, and order is maintained at all times. The largest city, and capital of the empire is Belson. Belson is home to one of the world’s foremost universities: Archeon College, the premier navigation school of the known world. Many other science fraternities and explorers clubs call the capital home. The public buildings within Bellson are immense in size, and command respect from even the greatest architect. Careful study of city planning, public function, and defense is second nature to a Corlander bureaucrat, noble, or adventurer. The Colonies The Colonies Administrative division oversees both The Conquered Isles, Tiberia, and any future colonies. The Conquered Isles The Conquered Isles were once four different countries, three of which were island nations; Belondia, Peppin, Myrph, and the Isle of Tam. However, all of these countries sided with Oleon in a series of conflicts over the last 200 years. The final territory was gained in the 49 Years War, the last major uprising and war with Oleon. Upon defeating Oleon, the last of the isles were taken to safeguard navigation routes into the Great Northern Ocean. Although now integrated into the culture of Corriginton, the Isles were once a rebellious people, and the source of many civil wars. Still separatists attempt to raise trouble so far away from the capital. Nova Terra A typical townhouse of Arlinsport - by @Mike S Corrington’s first colony in the Sea of Storms is Tiberia. Its provincial capital is Arlinsport, named after Queen Annetta’s father, King Arlin II. Arlinsport is known for its robust defenses and deep harbor, but it is the only such port on all of Tiberia. The city is the most developed colony of the nation, characterised by pretty townhouses placed in perfect order. The majority of the island is still not tamed by Corlanders, but the island is already home to a makeshift rum industry, thanks to sugar smuggling from LeBellan to the south. The national drink of Corrington has become rum quite quickly. Some traces of gold have been found on Tiberia, but not enough to be a fully functional mining economy. Because it is one of the only Sea of Storms islands that lie outside of the warm temperate zone, it cannot grow cash crops. This means that Arlinsport is mostly a trading post between the old world of Halos and the richer, foreign and colonial ports to the south and east. Arlinsport resembles a typical, orderly Corlander city. Corlanders tend to build in British or Scandinavian styles. They are diversified in their interests, but science and order governs all work. As such, Corlander cities are orderly and relatively clean. Many science fraternities are interested in what the New World has to offer, so new expeditions with a scientific premise are leaving for Terraversa, and Terra Nova, often. Corlanders have generally taken an anthropological interest towards natives, which has resulted in amiable relations to the new people encountered. History and Culture: Brief: Life is dominated by the concept of order. Science is valued, and has led to the best sea charts (also secret) in the world. The Queen is the most important person - she has a private army. There are four branches of government, and Corrington has claimed the largest landmasses during era I. Detailed: The Corlanders are a people who pride themselves on civilization and class above anything else. They look to further their lot in life through trade, and believe that order is more important than might, although they are not shy about utilizing might to establish order. The Royal Army wears red, but auxiliary units and private armies of this nation have been known to wear all sorts of different uniforms. Their building style tends to be mostly British and Scandinavian, and the capital is considered one of the most orderly and planned cities in the world (in fact they tore down the original capital 300 years ago to install a new grid system that the city followed.) Department of Time in King's Harbour by @Captain Dee Corlanders like to stick to a schedule, and this translates to their lives both on sea and land. As excellent navigators, they have charted and timed most of the sea routes, calculating averages for every point of the year. Corrington’s merchant marine is one of the best organized in the world, and it is said that their secret charts keep them always “on time” when trading. Beyond charts, Corlanders believe that science will help them establish further order, so there are many universities and “science fraternities” throughout Corrington. Corrington holds the largest colonial territories, but they are sparsely populated. Many islands are home to nothing but a small trading post, and some are as of yet unsettled. All colonial territories were claimed during the first era of colonial expansion, so they are still in their infancy. The most developed region is the Southern Isles, home to a thriving industry and culture. The Northern Reaches is mainly known for its horses, although the island of Serentia may hold many unsolved mysteries. In the far east, the Paradise Isles are of great scientific interest harbouring some of the most fascinating flora and fauna of the Brick Seas, as well as the remnants of an ancient civilisation. Corrington and Oleon have constantly fought wars since their founding in 106AE. Some were as long as a century, others were a few months. The constant warfare has militarized both societies. The last major war was the 49 Years War. Ending in 590AE, that war was won by Corrington. (Although it lost to Oleon in the 8 month Juniper War just seven years ago). The 49 Years War secured the Isle of Tam, the last of the rebellious Conquered Isles, but cost the kingdom much of its treasure. For this reason, the people of Corrington have been taxed heavily over the last 25 years. Finally, as a present to her people on her 25th birthday, Queen Annetta has lowered the tax rate back to the traditional level. For some time now, however, Oleon and Corrington has been neutral. Corrington in the first era In Era I, Corrington quickly mastered the seas and perfected her methods of managing trade routes. The legendary convoys brought in exceptional profits to all who cooperated, and swiftly dealt with all who threatened its success, sweeping national and independent privateers and pirates from before them. With minimal losses, her convoys and escorts captured pirate ships at such an extraordinary rate that the shipyards are still working to repair all the ships. As a result, there are so many ships in drydock that the queen offers those who helps the Crown build ships full rights to the first prize captured. The explorers of the empire fanned out across the newly discovered areas in search of land and scientific discoveries. They traveled more extensively than all the other empires, and added massive numbers of new islands to the empire. Corrington claimed more islands than any other nation in both the Sea of Thieves and the Prio Seas. The government of Corrington was stable throughout the first era which is more than can be said of all the other nations in the region. There were periods of slowness in government decisions being made, but that is rumoured to be due to the fact that the empire was expanding faster than the information could be kept current. The expansion also prevented the scientists and cartographers from keeping up with the new discoveries which left some confusion for new settlers attempting to join the new colonies to the east. This slowed down the growth of the towns, which proved detrimental as shipping slowed down in the second half of Era I. However, due to the great profits of the first half of the Era, Corrington's citizens invested deeply in properties and business ventures in other nations and the slowed income from the lacklustre shipping acitivity was not detrimental to the citizens who stayed active in colonial ventures. In short, Corrington outpaced all her neighbors on the seas and in discoveries. Her shipyards are still humming away furthering her power on the seas, and it will take another era before any nation can rival the landmasses acquired by Corrington in the first era. Operation Pax Corlandia At the end of the first era, Eslandola declared war on Mardier and ousted them from Isla de Medio. This left uncertainty amongst inhabitants of the formerly Mardierien settlements, particularly in Matlo in the north, where fear of Eslandian prosecution and criminal plunder was widespread. To protect the rights of these citizens, Corrington magnanimously launched Operation Pax Corlandia. This lead to a diplomatic incident with Eslandola, who proved to be dead-set on securing the whole island in an aggressive expansion of their empire. The tension rose to new limits, and at one point, was was threatening. After tough negotiations, Corrington agreed to evacuate the city and its inhabitants to safeguard their rights on Corlander territory. This evacuation is currently in progress, marking a change in relations with Eslandola... For more on Corrington’s history, and that of its rivals, please see the History and Background thread. By Garmadon
  3. Camp Isaac, established as an entirely pacifist, scientific settlement, was initially unprotected, but wild animals and other threats have led the Royal Pioneers to erect a wooden palisade with blockhouses in the corners. The blockhouses allow for guards to be posted. In order to build the palisades, and to offer a clear view over the approaches to the camp, multiple trees had to be cut down. Camp Isaac's inhabitants could now sleep safely in their tents, not risking tigers, panthers, or... rats sneaking in at night. Will be licensed as a medium fortification.
  4. Name: Port Woodhouse Ownership: The Crown of Corrington Location: Garma's Key, in the Garma Strait, East Prio Sea Map: Mayor: Trade Value: See account summary Town Bank: See account summary Who can own property in Port Woodhouse: Anyone Who can freebuild in Port Woodhouse: Anyone Description: Port Woodhouse is a settlement located on the small but strategically important island of Garma's Key. Garma's Key is a small low laying island located astride the Garma Strait that separates the Islands of Celestia and Cascadia. The sea directly around the key is shallow and hosts coral reefs, but the south eastern coast is deep enough to harbour larger ships. It is on the south western coast where the settlement has been established. This strategic position guards the entrance to Safety Bay, a large deep water bay in which an entire fleet could easily shelter. The settlement itself sits on the most southern point of Garma's Key and the adjacent small tear-dropped shaped island just to the south has been earmarked for the sight of giant fortifications to guard the entry to Safety Bay. A naval base is also being established to protect Corlander commerce in the region. The settlement's purpose as a naval and military outpost, together with its unsuitability for cash-crop agriculture, have resulted in it being dwarfed in size by neighbouring commercial settlements such as Jameston and Mesabi Landing. Despite this, Port Woodhouse looks to be growing into the administrative capital and the seat of Corlander Colonial government in the Paradise Islands. The crabs that are abundant on the island are prized for the taste of their meat, and the island has quickly become known for the quantity of it's seafood. Properties licensed to exploit this have been observed to make a slightly larger profit than other similar properties. Original Information: Builds in Port Woodhouse Please help us out by posting your a link to your Port Woodhouse builds in this thread. Licensee is Listed after the type of licence. Properties: 16/31 Size for EGS purposes - Level 2 'Town' Required for Level 4 'Large Town' 20 properties of any type including 1 commerce and 4 factories. Residences: 4 Infantry Barracks, medium residence, Ayrlego (+2 settlement size) Blackwood's Lodgings, medium residence, Ayrlego (+2 settlement size) Factories: Artisans: 5 Pottery Workshop,small artisan, Ayrlego (+1 settlement size) Armoury, medium artisan, Ayrlego (+2 settlement size) Heffrington's Inn, medium artisan, RSND (+2 settlement size) Commerce: 3 Crabber's Rock, medium commerce, Ayrlego (+2 settlement size) Seafood Stall, small commerce, Ayrlego (+1 settlement size) Art and Culture: Educational: 4 Naval Medicine Research Centre, medium education, Ayrlego (+2 settlement size) Office of the Royal Corps of Engineers, small education, Lord Buckethead (+1 settlement size) Bayonet Drill, small education, Ayrlego (+1 settlement size) Plantations: Mines: Forts: (0 out of 1 small available) Troops: Other Buildings: Vessels stationed here: Other related builds:
  5. Location: Arlinsport Type: Royal University Corrington is well known for its appreciation of the sciences. So when Terra Nova was first colonized by the Crown, scholars and academics alike followed. It came as no surprise that the University of Tiberia was soon established in Arlinsport. While not as prestigious as some of the universities in the mainland, it has become a beacon of academic excellence nonetheless. The university is centered around four main colleges: Smythe College of Natural Sciences Prometheus College of Alchemy and Applied Sciences Zumbro College of Political Thought and Philosophy LaCoursiere College of Fine Arts and Music Together with some smaller colleges, these form the academic body of the University of Tiberia. Many of the finest thinkers, architects, explorers and artists in the New World have seen their stories begin here. The University has a massive garden complex, a large football stadium, and 15 different halls of varying size. Several laboratories are on the campus, developing technologies ranging from fertilizers to explosives. There are 4 large residence halls, but there are several fraternity and sorority houses that are considered part of the university. Additionally, other University owned buildings are located throughout Arlinsport, instead of on main Campus. The University has a soccer team, a rowing team, a math bowl team, and several other sports teams, and features a dozen clubs. The universities colours are red and white, with a lion centered on the banner. While it has no official name, most students refer to it as Tibby the Tabby - the mascot of the university! Banner Description: Help us to build a royal university in the city of Arlinsport! The college is being built retroactively IC, so your builds can focus on an earlier part of your character's story. Were they a class clown? A teacher's pet? Take this opportunity to fill in some backstory for a character or characters, or show college students today, in 618! Build Description: Builds should show any part of the college campus. This can include dormitories, fraternity/sorority houses, classrooms, gardens, offices, laboratories, or libraries. Your build must be of excellent quality, and low quality builds will not be accepted to the project. This will be decided upon by Corrish leadership. LDD is allowed, as well. Style Guideline: The University of Arlinsport is constructed of red bricks, with white accents, similar to Harvard. However, interior scenes should not be considered held to these standards. Remember, a creative entry is more important than fitting the style of the project. However, several outbuildings exist throughout Arlinsport, and these do not have to fit the style guidelines. Map guidelines: If you have a great idea for one building in particular, please post in this thread to reserve the building. Classrooms, Libraries, and other interior scenes, as well as garden scenes do not need to be reserved. Please name the hall you have selected, as well as the building number. If you change your mind about building, please announce so in the thread. University of Tiberia by North White, on Flickr Administrative and Faculty Hall Ceremonial Hall and Auditorium Maximum Main Library Hall of Engineering (Prometheus) Hall of Alchemy (Prometheus) Hall of Applied Science (Prometheus) Hall of Fine Arts (LaCoursiere) Hall of Music (LaCoursiere) Hall of Biology(Smythe) Hall of Mathematics (Smythe) Hall of Anthropology(Smythe) Clock Tower Hall of History (Zumbro) Hall of Politik (Zumbro) Hall of Philosophy The Great Gardens of Tiberia Carriage House Dormitories Dining Hall Lesser gardens Fraternities and Sororities Groundskeeping Fieldhouse Queen’s Stadium Payment: For Every 100 Studs contributed, 10 Dbs are to be awarded (rounded). Payment will be distributed when the project is finished. Rewards: Building anything that is accepted gives you the right to say any and all of your characters have attended the University of Tiberia. Building at least 250 approved studs gives you the right to say that any and all of your characters graduated from the University of Tiberia with Bachelor in any field. Building at least 1000 approved studs grants you the right to say any and all of your characters have graduated from the University of Tiberia with Masters in any field. Building at least 2000 approved studs grants the right to say any and all of your characters have graduated from the University of Tiberia with Doctorate in any field. The altogether best entry gets the title "Dean of the University of Tiberia" And rewards an additional 100 Dbs The best entry by a foreigner gets the title: "Multicultural Diplomat" and rewards an additional 100 Dbs. Only to be awarded if 3 or more foreigners enter. The most humorous entry in the challenge (as decided by leadership) earns the title "class clown" and awards 50 Dbs. The Best Microbuild of the map gets an extra 100 Dbs Entries are to be judged by Corrish Leadership upon the completion of the project. Goals: 10,000 Studs: The University is considered finished. 20,000 Studs: A holiday in Arlinsport to celebrate the anniversary of the University, and a raffle among the participants for a 200Db prize. 30,000 Studs: To Be Announced The Goal of the Project is to have 10,000 Studs by September, and to Be Finished by next march. However, these are nothing more than friendly suggestions. Ask questions below! Current Builds: Namerens in the Library 48x48 Alchemy Classroom 24x24 All-faiths Chapel 18x12 Total Studs: 3,096
  6. Name: Camp Isaac Ownership: The Crown of Corrington Location: Cascadia, East Prio Sea Map: Mayor: None. The settlement is managed by the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy Trade Value: 0 Town Bank: 0 Who can own property at Camp Isaac: Any scientific endeavour will be welcomed in Camp Isaac, however non-scientific, foreign endeavours should obtain permission from the military governor first. (A mere formality, simply state your intentions in this thread) Who can freebuild in Camp Isaac: Anyone Description: Camp Isaac is the first Halosian settlement on Cascadia and is located in the only navigable deep water channel in the estuary of the largest river on Cascadia. This river connects a large inland lake with the ocean, and, as the estuary consists mainly of wet lands criss-crossed with small streams, river travel makes up the main mode of transport for the camp, both downstream to the ocean by the deep water channel, and upstream, inland towards the lake. To make navigation easier, a series of lighthouses are planned for the deep water channel, as is a bridge to ensure communication with the mainland. Build on wetlands and mainly serving as a base camp for expeditions into the interior of Cascadia, Camp Isaac consists mainly of tents, wooden huts, and other somewhat temporary constructions. It is renowned for being the starting point for the expedition which famously discovered the golden city of Myzectlan, and named after its founder and member of the expedition, Don Isaac Montoya. Managed by the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy, the camp welcomes all scientific expeditions and offers a perfect place to prepare for adventures! Original Information: Builds in Camp Isaac Please help us out by posting your a link to your Camp Isaac builds in this thread. Licensee is Listed after the type of licence. Properties: 0/11 Size for EGS purposes - Level 1 'Hamlet' Required for Level 2 'Town' 11 properties of any type. Residences: Factories: Artisans: Commerce: Art and Culture: Educational: Plantations: Mines: Forts: (0 out of 1 small available) Troops: Other Buildings: Vessels stationed here: Other related builds:
  7. Brethren of the Brick Seas (BoBS) Introduction and Starting Thread (Just looking for the Master Index?) What is it? The simple answer is that it is a building community on Eurobricks that is open to all who wish to join. We tell stories about a maritime-oriented world where the technology level is parallel with the historical Age of Sail. There are currently four factions. Each member joins a faction, and builds to win points (Gold doubloons and influence points) for their faction, themselves, and to better their building skills. At any given time of the year there may be one or more building challenges in which a builder may win recognition and sometimes prizes for themselves. On top of this, there is also a game mechanic that allows players to earn more gold and power for themselves and their faction. Background: The year is 615 AE (After Empire) and this is the dawn of a new era. For the first time in the history of the continent of Halos, new lands have been discovered. Even more shocking, the Halosians are not alone in the world. Once thought to be a flat plane, where monsters roamed the edges, the world is now believed by most geographers to be most certainly round. This was proven first with the discovery of Terraversa by the Mardierian explorer, Ardmond Basker. For 100 years the Mardierians have held Terraversa as a far off gateway, keeping all others out and not allowing the information of the world to the east, or New Terra, to permeate into the rest of Halos. At almost a 1000 miles from the next island in the Sea of Storms, the island remains a most crucial point on the voyage into the unknown. As time went on, other nations of the Madrice Peninsula began to search the seas for other islands and their potential riches. South of the Basker Islands, Corrington took Tiberia, an unforgiving rock just outside of the much more lucrative tropical zone. Oleon found LeBellan, the jewel of the Sea of Storms. LeBellan sits right inside the tropical zone, and produces sugar in vast quantities. 56 years ago Eslandola took possession of An Holli and An Toli, two smaller islands south of LeBellan, both sugar producing as well. Despite gaining footholds in the Sea of Storms, the other Madrician nations were unable to voyage beyond Terraversa. This all changed with the death of King Harln of Mardier, and the vast civil war that began in the country in 595 AE. Instead of looking to gain territory from Mardier’s mainland, the Eslandolans approached the Viceroy of Terraversa and paid him handsomely for permission to trade at the island. The Viscount took it further and allowed ALL nations to pay for the privilege to visit his island. Twenty years later, as the civil war continues, Terraversa has become a defacto independent state. The Viscount’s son, Miro Oldis, now runs the island, and his father’s policies live on. It is not certain if the Mardierians will reestablish their colony or not after the war, but it may be too late. In 597, intrepid Eslandolian explorer Cato Calrelli sailed east from Terraversa into the unknown. It was thought to be suicidal at the time, but he returned 70 days later with the news that he had found more of New Terra. He claimed the land for Eslandola, and soon the Kingdom of Eslandola was the leading nation in colonization. In 605, news circulated throughout the Madrice Peninsula that the Eslandolans had found gold on their island of Nellisa, and this set off a thirst for expansion and exploration never before seen. With Terraversa as a launching spot for new expeditions, Corringtonians, Oleanders, Eslandolans, along with some Garvans, Mardierans, and Carnovans made their way towards New Terra. Many found themselves unable to find supplies at Nellisa, the Eslandolans baring even some of their own from landing on the island. These vagabonds headed south, where a new isle was found, one with few resources, but great defensive harbors. Soon, the Sea Rats had a home. Angry that they had been dispossessed and had not found aid, many turned to vengeance on the Eslandolans by becoming pirates, and many of these pirates began to prey on all nations, and even their fellow pirate. Besides Terraversa, where the Atwi tribe lives, no new natives have been found yet. The islands beyond Terraversa have so far all had strange abandoned settlements upon them, and some sailors say that there is a whole new nation of people in these far waters, but no one has recorded seeing a non-Halosian or Atwi person yet. OW NORTH Series Map This brings us to the present. Oleon and Corrington have both issued rewards for the first permanent settlement “Beyond the Line” (beyond Terraversa). They are willing to bring their navies to New Terra if they only have a settlement to resupply at. Eslandola is calling for its own people to venture into the unknown and find wealth and fortune in the its name. But the Sea Rats lurk in all the waters of New Terra, waiting for opportunity, and despite the world seeming more round than ever, some say those old sea monsters still exist in the uncharted lands of the East. All factions await new souls to take on a role in the New World. Who will win in the end? Nobody knows, but for sure the sea will play a large role in deciding the fate of these rich new lands. She can be a cruel mistress to those who do not respect her, indeed, and the only guarantee in this world is that salt will run through your veins as you become part of the Brethren of the Brick Seas. The Crossing Series Mapd How this works: Builders pick a faction - this is your faction until the next “open period,” so make sure to pick a character you like. You will be able to change factions with enough personal influence points (PIPs), but that take a while. Your builds do not have to display your signature figure, but we encourage it! You also may build MOCs in other faction’s territory, so building is not limited to one style. There will be an “Era” of story and challenges, which will end with winners being determined in a few different categories. The contests and stories told during an era will influence the map, the history of the world, and future challenges. When a era is completed, points will be reset, but Factions and builders will keep their “gold doubloons.” (DBs) Builders and factions alike seek fortune. This project setting revolves around two currencies that are earned by building and winning competitions. This is the economy of the project. We understand that not every builder will want to play this game, and a builder can opt out of playing altogether, or only participating in the game when they choose. Free Builds that enhance the community’s story are always welcome. Even if a builder opts out of playing the "Economic Game System" (EGS), their freebuilds will earn their faction Doubloons and Factions Influence Points. Please see the rules thread for more details on how the economy works. Factions: The Kingdom of Eslandola STATUS: Open for new members SCORE: 0 DBs | 0 FIPs The Empire of Corrington STATUS: Open for new members SCORE: 0 DBs | 0 FIPs The Empire of Oleon STATUS: Open for new members SCORE: 0 DBs | 0 FIPs The Sea Rats STATUS: Open for new members SCORE: 0 DBs | 0 FIPs What you need to do now: Take a look at the faction threads. Pick a side and sign up in the faction thread with your signature figure (sig fig). It helps to have a back story! Can I have more than one character? Yes! Although one should be your sig fig and your main character, you can have as many other characters as you wish. The world needs populated after all! A starting challenge: This is open to everyone to complete once, and 25DBs will be awarded to the builder for completing the task. Build your sig fig and place them in a setting in our world. It can be in the colonies, in the motherland, at sea, anything you would like, but make sure to show the figure clearly and demonstrate the profession you have chosen for them in some way. (IE: if you decided to play an explorer, maybe you will place them on the bow of a ship looking out to sea with a spy glass.) Any profession that existed during the enlightenment is fine, along with a few other professions that would be a reasonable fit. If you are playing in the EGS, then there are a few character traits that you may want to consider here. How are scores kept? Each month, a pinned thread will help us keep score. After you complete a build (which should have its own thread, no matter if it is a free build, a duel, or a challenge build) you need to post in this score keeping thread and use a leadership-supplied link to a webform to help us keep score. In the thread, post your name, faction, and a link to your build (and the challenge it belongs to) in the thread. Please only use one post per topic, and just edit the thread when you build something else. At the end of the month, a project leader will tally up the scores and update the “Hall of Fame and Score” post for each faction. Please be patient for updates, we are not being paid for this. Scores will be displayed as follows: Name: DBs, PIPs, (PIPs achieved this cycle) IE: Skaforhire: 5DB, 5PIPs, (2PIPs) Current faction score is kept by adding all member’s totals within the parenthesis minus any expenditures the faction has made during the cycle. What can be bought with points and doubloons? A lot. The list will grow over time with more specifics, but since we are just launching this project, here are some of the examples without specific details: DBs: Position within trading guilds, rank in certain factions, a letter of marque to join another factions war against a third faction, a licence to sail a vessel in the raiding action, gamble, etc… FIPs: A newly discovered island, win a war between factions, buy DBs for the total score, open up a new portion of the map just for your faction for a few months, etc… The Map: The map is a part of the storytelling mechanism. As you can see, it is not totally defined yet. This will change as time goes on. New portions of the New World (and some of the Old) will be uncovered through events, challenges, and other parts of the project. New islands will be claimed, older territories will be taken in war, and the map will stay dynamic throughout the story. Builders will have the map revealed to them over time, and they will help decide what lands are conquered. With that said, the first part of our story will take place in New Terra. Your character should probably have some feasible connection that would lead them to that region, or it may be hard to really participate in the early challenges. A baker back in Eslandola’s capitol city is probably going to have little interaction with things going on in New Terra. We will eventually have challenges that happen on the mainland, and different story events “back home,” but we are emphasizing the pirate theme and its nature primarily in the first part of this project. Once a firm piratical lore and history is established, more aspects of Enlightenment era politics, war making, and commerce will emerge. Rules Thread History and Background Thread The Scorecard Thread
  8. Landing on Celestia Name: Jameston Ownership: The Crown of Corrington Location: Celestia, East Prio Sea Map: Mayor: Trade Value: see accounts spreedsheet Town Bank: see accounts spreedsheet Who can own property in Jameston: Anyone Who can freebuild in Jameston: Anyone Description: Jameston is the first Corlander settlement in the Prio Sea region and is located in a sheltered bay on the western coast of the island of Celestia. Celestia is a larger island than those claimed by Corrington in the Sea of Thieves area, and is covered with verdant and thick jungle. Although not yet fully explored, large mountain ranges are visible in the interior. A large bay is located on the western coastline, and has been named Vanilla Bay after the abundance of the valuable epiphyte growing amongst the trees of the jungle on the leeward side of the bay. On the Southern side of the bay, opposite the promontory formed by the southernmost point of a large spit, the jungle thins on a flat plain. It is here, at the mouth of a small river, that Jameston has been founded. The settlement is named for Queen Annetta's Grandfather, King James IV of Corrington. Original Information: Builds in Jameston Please help us out by posting your a link to your Jameston builds in this thread. Licensee is Listed after the type of licence. Properties: 139/101 Size for EGS purposes - Level 8 'City' Required for Level 16 'Large City': x2 factories. Artisans: 18 Tailor's Shop, small artisan, Ayrlego (+1 settlement size) Barbershop, small artisan, Ayrlego (+1 settlement size) The Lavender Inn, medium artisan, Ayrlego (+2 settlement size) The Garnet Inn, medium artisan, Drunknok (+2 settlement size) Basement House, small artisan, Elostirion (+1 settlement size) Captain's Daughter Inn, medium artisan, Jameston (via Blackdeathgr) (+2 settlement size) The Gilded Cup, large artisan, Gideon (+3 settlement size) The Captain's Daughter Inn, medium artisan, Mike S (+2 settlement size) The Colonist Inn, medium artisan, Faladrin (+2 settlement size) Jameston Haberdasher, small artisan, Spud the Viking (+1 settlement size) WTC Stand, small artisan, Drunknok (+1 settlement size) Commerce: 25 Office of the Allcock Trading Company, small commerce, Ayrlego (+1 settlement size) Lighthouse and Pilot's Station, medium commerce, Jameston (+2 settlement size) WTC Warehouse, medium commerce, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) 'Soldiers' Wharf, small commerce, Ayrlego (+1 settlement size) Chocolate Shop, medium commerce, Ayrlego (+2 settlement size) MAESTRO Office, small commerce, MAESTRO (via Maxim I), (+1 settlement size) Autumn Trading House, large commerce, Jameston (+3 settlement size) Post Office, small commerce, Jameston (+1 settlement size) Royal Society of Navigation and Discovery Headquarters, large commerce, RSND (via Ayrlego) (+3 settlement size) Warehouse of the RSND, medium commerce, RSND (via Drunknok) (+2 settlement size) Local Harbour Administration, medium commerce, LM71 Blackbird (+2 settlement size) Stores Detail, small commerce, RSND (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) Dockyard, large commerce, Ayrlego (+3 settlement size) Factories: 14 Sugar Factory, medium factory, Drunknok (+2 settlement size) Bottle Factory, medium factory, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Jameston Distillery, large factory, Professor Thaum (+3 settlement size) WTC Musket Factory, medium factory, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) WTC Gunpowder Factory, medium factory, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Fish Drying Factory, large factory, Ayrlego (+3 settlement size) Residences: 39 Governor's temporary office, small residence, Ayrlego (+1 settlement size) CSC Plantation House, royal residence, Corrington (+5 settlement size) ETTC Sepoy Barracks, small residence, Jameston (+1 settlement size) Pied-à-terre, small residence, Professor Thaum (+1 settlement size) Temporary Diplomatic Office, small residence, Flavius Gratian (+1 settlement size) Converted Warehouse, small residence, Spud the Viking (+1 settlement size) Residential Wing, Montoya House, medium residence, Royal Society of Natural Philosophy (via Bregir) (+2 settlement size) Uncle's Tree House, small residence, Kai NRG (+1 settlement size) Stone residence, small residence, Flavius Gratian (+1 settlement size) Wooden residence, small residence, Flavius Gratian (+1 settlement size) Art and Culture: 8 Temple of Poseidon, small art and culture, Jameston (+1 settlement size) Oleon Consulate, medium art and culture, KotZ (+2 settlement size) White Glove Order (WGO) Lodge, small art and culture, Sir Stig (+1 settlement size) Grand Entrance Arch, Montoya House, small art and culture, Royal Society of Natural Philosophy (via Bregir) (+1 settlement size) Cascadian Temple Ruins, large art and culture, Corrington (via Ayrlego) (+3 settlement size) Educational: 17 The Academy for the Science of Sugar, large education, Drunknok (+3 settlement size) Schoolhouse, medium education, Brickwolf (+2 settlement size) Montoya House, large education Royal Society of Natural Philosophy (via Bregir) (+3 settlement size) Museum of Natural Sciences, large education, Drunknok (+3 settlement size) Botanical Gardens, large education, Elostirion, (+3 settlement size) Spud's Home of Indigenous Antiquities, small education, Spud the Viking (+1 settlement size) Plantations: 13 Vanilla plantation, medium plantation, ETTC, (+2 settlement size) Sugar plantation, royal plantation, Corrington, (+5 settlement size) Sugar plantation, small plantation, Ayrlego, (+1 settlement size) Bees and Honey, medium plantation, Elostirion, (+2 settlement size) Cotton Plantation, large plantation, Elostirion, (+3 settlement size) Mines: Forts: 3 Queen's Head Battery, small fort, Ayrlego (+1 settlement size) Fort Totie, medium fort, Jameston (via Spud the Viking) (+2 settlement size) Troops: 1st Company, 1st ETTC Regiment of Sepoys (ETTC) Other Buildings: Vessels stationed here: Other related builds: Surveying Celestia, Freebuild, Ayrlego
  9. (Crest courtesy of @Kolonialbeamter) This thread encompasses all builds within King's Harbour and on the island of Cocovia (unless in another settlement) Military Governor's Office Outstanding contracts: - Class 1F w/ station: 40 db - Lumbermill: 25db - Coming soon: Quarry, Lumbermill, brick- and tileyard Outstanding offers: - The King's Harbour Foundation Name: King's Harbour Ownership: The Crown of Corrington Location: Cocovia Mayor: Military Governor, J. Cooke Trade Value: 83 db Town bank: 210 db Who can own property in King's Harbour: Any honourable Corlander. Further, foreigners are allowed property rights after agreement with the Governor/mayor. Who can freebuild in King's Harbour: Anyone. Maps: Location: City Map: Will be published soon. Description: King's Harbour is first and foremost a naval base, and most activity is geared towards the repair, provisioning, maintenance, and outfitting of naval and merchant vessels. Obviously, the many sailors passing through, as well as the craftsmen and workers living there, is likely to give rise to a number of secondary and tertiary services over time, as the naval base expands. Located in an excellent, defensible natural harbour, it is the perfect place for ships to refit, provision, and repair, or to take refuge from storms or enemies. The surrounding forests offers a reasonable source of cordage and timber for these purposes, as well as plenty of fruits, vegetables, and animals for provisions. Fresh water can be procured from multiple springs, or from the river flowing into the bay. The settlement is founded near a native settlement, and co-exists in close cooperation with the natives, the cultures of Corrington and the natives spilling over between them. The harbour is protected by two peninsulae, the northern arm being tall, overgrown, and rocky, and the southern more flat and accessible. Builds in King's Harbour: (Please help me out by posting a link to your King's Harbour builds in this thread.) Properties: Needed to grow to large town: 1 cultural, 16 properties (15/31) Fortress: Fortress and Lighthouse, Chase Point, BrickOn, License status: Small fortress Colonial Half-battery, Mark I, Southern Arm, Bregir, License status: Small fortress Modified half-battery, Northern Arm, Ayrlego, License status: Medium fortress Residence: Native riverside hut, King's Harbour, Bregir, License status: Small residence Cpt. Wolfson's Residence, King's Harbour, Brickwolf, License status: Small residence Lighthouse, Northern Arm, Puvel, License status: Medium residence Plantation: Cocoa Plantation, Hinterland, Ayrlego, License status: Small plantation Pig Farm, Hinterland, Puvel, License status: Small plantation Commerce: Military Governor's Office, King's Harbour, Bregir, License status: Small Commerce Station for communication and Logistics vessel(s), King's Harbour, Bregir (KB), License status: Medium commerce ETTC Warehouse, King's Harbour, ETTC (Bregir), License status: Medium commerce Education: The Proceedings, King's Harbour, Royal Society of Nat. Phil. (Bregir), License status: Small Education The Cutty Shark, King's Harbour, Royal Society of Nat. Phil. (Professor Thaum), License status: Small Education Artisan: Butcher's Shop, King's Harbour, Puvel, License status: Small Artisan Factory: Slipway, King's Harbour, Bregir, License status: Medium factory Mine: Fontonajo's Rock Quarry, Hinterland, Elostirion, License status: Rock Quarry Vessels stationed here: Colonial Gunboat, Mark I, Class 1 A, Bregir, License status: Unlicensed Ferret, Class 1F, Bregir (KB), License status: Unlicensed Rowboat, Class 0, Bregir (KB), License status: Unlicensed Other related builds: Letters from home, Freebuild, Bregir A morning swim, Freebuild, Bregir Elena Arrives and An Invitation, Freebuild, BrickOn Prospecting on Cocovia, Freebuild, Bregir
  10. Location: Quinnsville Type: Large Factory The WTC's efforts into Horse consumption had come to a head with their new, innovative product! Jellied Horse In a Can by North White, on Flickr Jellied Horse Meat! In a Can! Jellied Horse In a Can by North White, on Flickr First cooked in sea water, than in fresh water with a mix of proprietary WTC spices, the horse meat turned into a delicious jiggly concoction fit for any meal! Jellied Horse In a Can by North White, on Flickr With innovative Cans with a rubber lid (patent pending!) the delicious treat could be stored for months at sea. Untitled by North White, on Flickr WTC ships picked up crates by the cartload, all for sale across the Brick Seas! WTC! a Leading Pioneer in Innovation! FIN
  11. Location: Belson Type: Large Artisan Previous Chapters Belson by North White, on Flickr It was a busy day in Belson. A Streetcar rumbled across the elevated rail bridge, past an ad for Canned Horse Meat. Belson by North White, on Flickr The streets were choked with people, going to and from work, and carriages taking people to where they needed to be. Belson by North White, on Flickr A Military Convoy sent supplies to the docks, heavily guarded by the proud Corrish Marines. Belson by North White, on Flickr Dr. Edmund Vesper walked towards the small yellow tavern, where his quarry lay. He passed a small child selling newspapers. Belson by North White, on Flickr "Quincy Samuel." Said Vesper punctually. "What Floor?" "3." Said the Barkeep, going back to his business. Belson by North White, on Flickr Dr. Vesper climbed the stairs, past a pool table where off duty workers raucously played. Belson by North White, on Flickr There stood Quincy, blissfully ignorant. Belson by North White, on Flickr "Odell Kirk. Where is he?" Yelled Vesper "What?!? Who are you!" Asked Quincy in a panic. Belson by North White, on Flickr Dr. Vesper punched Quincy. Hard. He fell down. "Your his secretary. Where is he?!?" Repeated Dr. Vesper "He's in Namere! Visiting Da Bricki!" FIN Thanks for viewing my build! I really enjoyed building this one, and I hope it is still "BoBS like" enough for everyone. This was a major reason I asked about Sailpunk, as this build is much more 'sailpunk' than historical. The elements, however, are historically accurate, as far as I can tell. C&C appreciated! Extra Shots: Belson by North White, on Flickr Cheese Store in the other building. Ran by an Oleander of course. Belson by North White, on Flickr The Entire Build Belson by North White, on Flickr Another Angle
  12. After losing the corvette HMS Badger to a nefarious fleet of pirates (and sinking the flagship, the Komodo Dragon), Corrington had been outraged to see the pirates parade the prize into the Olean port of Lavalette. Hence, Corrington had sent an official request to the RNTC authorities to size the unlawful prize and return it to its proper owners. This had left the authorities of Lavalette in a dilemma, as can be seen from the following official communication. Official letters: The outcome had been an agreement that Corrington would dispatch a group of Royal Engineers to assist in building up fortifications to counter the the pirate threat. In return, Oleon would seize the HMS Badger and expel the pirate fleet, as well as assist in the build up of similar Corlander defences at some point in the future. A plan had been made for a distributed build up of fortifications that would add up to a well-rounded defence of the settlement. Lavalette Fort Headquarters by Tom Gray, on Flickr (32x16 by @Spud The Viking) Fortifications: Visitors for Lavalette by @Bregir (32x16) Lavalette Cannon Battery by @LM71Blackbird (32x16) Innovative Tactics for Lavalette by @Drunknok (32x16) Mortar Emplacement by @Bregir (32x48) Small Fort at Lavalette by @Bodi (32x32) to be continued... For now, a large fort will be licensed.
  13. More Marching to Quinnsville The newest graduating class of the Quinnsville Military Academy are out for some drills and exercise. These 2 companies will join the 1st Quinnsville Fusiliers Company as the 2nd and 3rd Quinnsville Fusiliers companies. This will help to strengthen Quinnsville's defenses as it continues to grow into one of Corrington's premiere settlements in the New World! Troops 1 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr ------------------------------------- Just a quick MOC to go along with the recruitment of some more troops for Quinnsville. Nothing overly special but as usual, C&C are welcome and apprecieated and thanks for looking!
  14. Location: Mesabi Landing Type: Small Commercial Adventure Purpose: To hunt down the Red Rascal Pirates of zone 35. Troops: 10 WTC Marines- Red Squad Coffers: 10 Dbs Character List "You gentlemen are some of the WTC's finest. The Smartest Captain. The most Decorated Marines. And Tony, who's just a cool dude." Said Agnes. Mesabi Landing AMCRA by North White, on Flickr "Thank you Madam." Said Tony with one of his famous grins. "Now unfortunately, We have a problem. There are pirates in the area. They attacked our ships a few months ago. And now they're based somewhere in the vicinity. Hiding..." Mesabi Landing AMCRA by North White, on Flickr "They're the Red Rascals. Former Corrington soldiers who turned to villainy. Kinda like us actually. Anyways they're lead by Big Hat Barry. They have a basecamp on one of the islands in zone 35. Here's a convenient list! Isle 14: Argentia (I think we would have noticed if they were on our own island!) Isle 15: Cacadia Isle 16: Uncharted... Isle 17: Uncharted... Isle 18: Celestia Isle 19: Garma's Key Isle 20: Uncharted... Isle 21: Uncharted... Isle 22: Uncharted... Isle 23: Ile d'Ore (Let's hope they ain't here. I don't want to deal with Oleon as well) "So, while we have our Gunboats on patrol, you fine gentlemen will search each island by row boat, to try to locate the camp, and deal with it. That clear?" Mesabi Landing AMCRA by North White, on Flickr "Yes Ma'm!" They said in unison. FIN C&C appreciated. This will be licensed as a commercial by Mesabi Landing, and I plan to use it as Agnes's office for the future. Yes, it's a modified version of the Dr. Strange Set. So, it probably looks better than most of my regular builds.
  15. Name: Mesabi Landing Ownership: Wayfarer Trading Company , via the Crown of Corrington Location: Argentia, East Prio Sea Map: Mayor: Count Mesabi . Trade Value: see accounts spreedsheet Town Bank: see accounts spreedsheet Who can own property in Mesabi Landing: Anyone Who can freebuild in Mesabi Landing: Anyone Description: Pax Corlandia was a dangerous incident for all sides involved. With the Corrish occupation of Nova Malto, battle lines were drawn, and names were made. One of these names was Captain Mesabi, who was annointed Count for his bravery (or lunacy?) during the incident. After the whole Nova Malto incident, the Corrington Colonial Council decided to do something to about the troublesome - now Count - Mesabi. The solution was simple: send him to a faraway island. Isle 14, AKA Keep-Yer-Boots-On, AKA Argentia, was decidedly the right place. Littered with waste from passing ships, cacti, crabs with hats, and mysterious plants, Argentia is perhaps the most depressing of the Islands of the Prio Sea - and a perfect place to keep Mesabi from causing more trouble. Undeterred, Count Mesabi established a settlement on the barren island, naming it after himself. Newly ennobled, he seeks to make the settlement the greatest in the Prio seas, at all costs. The settlement has grown quickly, becoming a haven for exiles, outlaws, and traders from all known (and sometimes unknown) nations. The WTC unofficially controls the town, despite the protests of the Crown. However, the settlement remains a rough place, and at the same time an eldorado for those looking for adventures, glory - and profits. Original Information: Builds in Mesabi Landing Please help us out by posting a link to your Mesabi Landing builds in this thread. Each builder is listed after the type of licence. Properties: 164/176 Size for EGS purposes - Level 16 'Large City' Required for Level 32 'Grand City': 12 properties of any type including at least x8 factory, x6 artisan, x6 commerce. NPC Residences: 29 Residences: 10 Mesabi Residence, medium residence, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Home of Miss Agnes Winterbottom, small residence, Brickwolf (+1 settlement size) A Merrynight Story, small residence, Mesabi (+1 settlement size) Ralph Clutchingtons residence, medium residence, LM71Blackbird (+2 settlement size) Timber frame house, medium residence, LM71Blackbird (+2 settlement size) Somewhere to live, medium residence, Lord Buckethead (+2 settlement size) Factories: 24 Mesabi Landing Foundry, medium factory, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Foundry No. 2, medium factory, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Metal Foundry, medium factory, LM71Blackbird (+2 settlement size) Bricks for Mesabi Landing!, medium factory, Drunknok (+2 settlement size) Inky Brewsters, large factory, Mesabi (+3 settlement size) Barrels!, medium factory, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) WTC Shipyards, large factory, Drunknok (+3 settlement size) Hydrological Harvesting, large factory, Mesabi (+3 settlement size) Royal Shipyard of Mesabi Landing & Executive Offices, royal factory, Mesabi (+5 settlement size) Artisans: 26 "Fallingwater" pub, small artisan, Maxim I (+1 settlement size) "Twin Palms" inn, medium artisan, Ayrlego (+2 settlement size) Office of the "WTC Monthly", small artisan, Drunknok (+1 settlement size) "Blue Dragon" tavern, medium artisan, Drunknok (+2 settlement size) Peterson's Discount Boat and Scavenge, medium artisan, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Coal transportation in Mesabi Landing, medium artisan, Lord Buckethead (+2 settlement size) Chef Curtis' bakery, medium artisan, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Rotating Meat, small artisan, Legostone (+1 settlement size) Something Fishy, medium artisan, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Tuber Tavern, medium artisan, Drunknok (+2 settlement size) Aqueduct and laundry store, large artisan, Mesabi (+3 settlement size) The Yellerbelly Inn, large artisan, Mesabi (+3 settlement size) Tuber's Shop'n'Farm, large artisan, Drunknok (+3 settlement size) Commerce: 26 Mesabi Landing Stockpile, medium commerce, Mesabi (+2 sttlement size) Yet another warhouse, small commerce, Mesabi (+1 settlement size) Mesabi Landing - The Harbour, large commerce, Drunknok (+3 settlement size) Office of Agnes Mesabi, small commerce, Mesabi (+1 settlement size) WTC Sales Division, medium commerce, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Arriving in Mesabi Landing, small commerce, Lord Buckethead (+1 settlement size) Market place in Mesabi Landing, medium commerce, Drunknok (+2 settlement size) Small WTC warehouse, small commerce, Drunknok (+1 settlement size) Waymart Flagship Store, large commerce, Drunknok (+3 settlement size) Royal Dock, medium commerce, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Small pier, small commerce, Drunknok (+1 settlement size) Outdoor Sausage Smoker, small commerce, LM71Blackbird (+1 settlement size) "One boat, two boats, three boats...", large commerce, Drunknok (+3 settlement size) Harbour Administration, medium commerce, Drunknok (+2 settlement size) Small dock, small commerce, Mesabi (+1 settlement size) Art and Culture: 12 Mesabi Monument, small art and culture, Drunknok (+1 settlement size) Crashing a wedding, medium art and culture, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Egg-tion in Mesabi Landing!, small art and culture, Drunknok (+1 settlement size) Celebrating Easter, medium art and cuture, Drunknok (+2 settlement size) Flying Fish Fountain, small art and culture, LM71Blackbird (+1 settlement size) Mesabi Landing's Got Talent, small art and culture, Drunknok (+1 settlement size) Agnes Mesabis private chapel, small art and culture, Mesabi (+1 settlement size) The Paradise Isles Cup, large art and culture, Drunknok (+3 settlement size) Education: 10 Library of Learning, large education, Mesabi (+3 settlement size) Karst Geographers, medium education, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Laboratory of Doctor Edmund Vesper, medium education, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Mesabi Landing Gamma School, large education, Drunknok & Lord Buckethead (+3 settlement size) Plantations: 12 Poppy plantation, small plantation, Mesabi (+1 settlement size) Agave plantation, small plantation, Drunknok (+1 settlement size) Stevia plantation, small plantation, Drunknok (+1 settlement size) Potatoes for the people, medium plantation, Drunknok (+2 settlement size) Brickford Plantation, small plantation, LM71Blackbird (+1 settlement size) Millet plantation, large plantation, Drunknok (+3 settlement size) Agave plantation, medium plantation, Drunknok (+2 settlement size) Jubaea plantation, small plantation, Drunknok (+1 settlement size) Mines: 4 Staking a claim on Argentia, prospecting build, Drunknok Mesabi Landing Daycare and Coal Mine, mine, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) More prospecting on Argentia, prospecting build, Drunknok Mesabi Landing Rock Quarry, mine, Drunknok (+2 settlement size) Lord Buckethead Mining Co., prospecting build, Lord Buckethead Tactical prospecting, prospecting build, Mesabi Gold at last?, prospecting build, Drunknok Forts: 4 Fort Agravia, medium fortress, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Fort Mesabi, medium fortress, Drunknok (+2 settlement size) West Shield, large fortress, Drunknok (+3 settlement size) North Quarter: 3 Green Street: #1 | #2 | #3 | . each an unlicensed small residence, Drunknok (+3 settlement size) Troops: - Vessels stationed here: - Other related builds: Pax Crablandia, Kai NRG A letter to Colonel Allcock, Drunknok Restoring Order (Part I), Ayrlego Restoring Order (Part II), Ayrlego Planning North Quarter, Drunknok
  16. The Brick Seas are a rough place, that much is for certain. The Wayfarer Trading Company did its best to make them a safer space. But despite their succes in hunting down pirates, potential dangers were still everywhere. A war between Prio and the Sea Rats had just been averted, but oerall tensions were still high. Mesabi Landing had to stay safe. So it was decided to invest in a series of large fortifications, with the first one guarding the harbour. Three others would follow, being set up around the settlement, protecting it in all directions, shielding it from any attack. This first fortress was named West Shield: Observation Point Main Battery Minor Battery Delta Storage Level Mobile Defense ======================================================================= A large fortress for Mesabi Landing, licensed by the WTC. Build sizes are as follows: Observation Point: 32x32 Main Battery: 32x32 Minor Battery Delta: 16x32 Storage Level: 32x32 Mobile Defense: 16x32 It all adds up to 64x64, i.e. the footprint of a large fort. Each build is supposed to be one section of the fort, but not in the way that they would be combined into one single structure. Imagine that each of these is exemplary for similr structures in West Shield, and that there are parts of the fort you do not get to see. As always, C&C are appreciated!
  17. Facing the main square of Arlinsport, the new headquarter of the Bank of Corrington has now been finished, and the bank is opening for business. The building itself is almost monumental in style, symbolising the stability and security it stands for (and offering some of the safest vaults of New Terra). The employees are well paid and recruited after extreme vetting to ensure their moral standards. ___________________________________________ The bank offers anyone to set up an account, whereafter access to any of the banks multitude of services can be arranged. Base service 24 hour access to accounts You can always find your current account here. Free and instant withdrawals and deposits to and from your account (within your credit limit!). (Simply fill out the proper transaction form and enter your transaction in the above sheet under "Deposits", as well as in this thread.) Interest on deposits All account holders with positive balances share in any interest earned on loans and credit lines. Optional services Credit line and loans Negotiate a credit line to help you when in need of extra liquidity, or take out a one time loan Anonymous accounts Should this be of interest, an anonymous account can be set up. Joint investment handling Are you tired of monthly payments to investors? Place your investment under the BoC, and let the proceeds automatically flow into the bank accounts of the shareholders to be withdrawn at their convenience. The BoC handles investments of all kinds, in return for a small set-up fee and share of profits. (Contact your personal advisor for details on prices and set-up) ? (The bank will regularly audit the accounts to check for discrepancies, and criminal or fraudulent behaviour will be punished most severely.) Should this lead to any questions, feel free to ask here or in more private communication. Also, do you think this 16x16 build can be licensed as a small commerce? For new players: Bank of Corrington Pioneer Loan Scheme
  18. 14-gun merchant ship "Razorbill" The Quinnsville shipyards are hard at work during the summer months, and their most recently launched vessel is a 14-gun merchant frigate. 14-gun Frigate 4 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr She has fourteen 8 pounders on the top deck which offer plenty of protection and has quite a bit of valuable cargo space. 14-gun Frigate 3 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr She has a finely crafted stern and the crew are quite pleased with how she handles on the Brick Seas. 14-gun Frigate 2 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr ---------------------------------- It's been a little while since I posted a ship build and I've had this one completed for a little while now. She's definitely not my best work in my opinion, but I believe she is ready to be launched into the Brick Seas. As usual, C&C are welcome and appreciated and thanks for looking!
  19. Quinnsville Weapon Emporium Not far from the busy city square of the bustling city of Quinnsville is a gunsmith. The Quinnsville weapon emporium is known for producing the highest quality firearms and swords on all of Cocovia. Weapon Emporium 1 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr It is a small little operation with limited production but it allows for finer weapons to be forged. Out back is where the swordsmith hammers away to perfect the shape of his latest saber. Weapon Emporium 2 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Inside the shop the master gunsmith carefully works on his newest masterpiece on the workbench with his trusty dog at his side. Weapon Emporium 3 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr A marine sergeant has been sent to put in a special order for a crate of marksman rifles. The troops in Quinnsville are being trained in all of the latest military techniques and demand the best equipment. Weapon Emporium 4 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr ----------------------------------- Another real brick build! This will be a small artisan for Quinnsville. C&C are welcome and appreciated and thanks for looking! A few more angles can be seen under the spoiler:
  20. Name: Quinnsville Ownership: The Crown of Corrington Location: Cocovia, west of the Sea of Thieves, in Queens Bay Map: Island of Cocovia by Christian West, on Flickr Mayor: Richard Brickford (@LM71Blackbird) Trade Value: see accounts spreadsheet Town Bank: see accounts spreadsheet Who can own property in Quinnsville: Anyone Who can freebuild in Quinnsville: Anyone Description: A Island discovered as Corrington ships journeyed past the known mapped edges of the Sea of Thieves in 616, the settlement of Quinnsville was founded by the captain of one of the exploring ships, Sir Thomas Smaugton. He was Sailing under both the flag of the Empire of Corrington, as well as the MAESTRO trade company which still holds a slight presence in the settlement. Mayor Smaugton contributed to much of the town's progress, but sadly, the Pearl of Cocovia had not seen much development since the retirement and mysterious disappearance of it's beloved mayor. Fortunately, one Richard Brickford, volunteered to step in and nurse the abandoned settlement back to health. Now under his leadership Quinnsville has quickly risen to prominence on Cocovia and is a flourishing settlement on the verge of becoming a Large City. Original Information: For all things regarding the original Quinnsville settlement thread which includes but is not limited too, Original settlement builds (no pictures), The Quinnsville Chronicler (Issues 1-10), The Infamous Junkyard Fleet, and info on the MAESTRO Trade Company please visit original settlement thread found here: Builds in Quinnsville: Please help us out by posting a link to your Quinnsville builds in this thread. Licensee is Listed after the type of license. Properties: 94/101 Trade Value: 279 Size for EGS purposes - Level 8 'City' Required for Level 16 'Large City': 7 properties of any type including at least x1 residence, x4 factory, x4 artisan, x0 commerce, x2 education, x0 culture. Stationed Troops: 90 (1 Battalion, 3 Companies, 9 Platoons) Marching to Quinnsville, Quinnsville, Recruitment Status: Active Duty, Tomsche More Marching to Quinnsville, Quinnsville, Recruitment Status: Active Duty, LM71Blackbird Residence: 15 Military Barracks of the 1st Quinnsville Fusiliers, Quinnsville, Licensed status: Large Residence, LM71Blackbird (+3 settlement size) The House of Knowledge, Quinnsville, License status: Small Residence, Tomsche (+1 settlement size) New Beginnings, Quinnsville, License status: Small Residence, Mike S (+1 settlement size) Setting up Residence, Quinnsville, License status: Small Commerce, Narbilu (+1 settlement size) Grave Tidings, Quinnsville, License status: Small Residence, Tomsche (+1 settlement size) Brickford Residence, Quinnsville, License status: Small Residence, LM71Blackbird (+1 settlement size) Factory: 12 Quinnsville Shipyard, Quinnsville, License status: Large Factory, LM71Blackbird (+3 settlement size) Large Shipyard, Quinnsville, License status: Large Factory, LM71Blackbird (+3 settlement size) Quinnsville Cannon Foundry, Quinnsville, License status: Medium Factory, Spud the Viking (+2 settlement size) Clam and Cup Coffee Burnery, Quinnsville, License status: Small factory, Tomsche (+1 settlement size) Jellied Horse in a Can, Quinnsville, License status: Large Factory, Mesabi (+3 settlement size) Plantation: 11 Cocoa Plantation, Quinnsville, License status: Large Plantation, LM71Blackbird (+3 settlement size) Luuk Luchtwandelaar's Cabbage Plantation, Quinnsville, License status: Small Plantation, Tomsche (+1 settlement size) Palmwood Plantation on Cocovia, Quinnsville, License status: Small Plantation, Legostone (+1 settlement size) Timber Plantation, Quinnsville, License Status: Large Plantation, LM71Blackbird (+3 settlement size) Beachside Fishery, Quinnsville, License status: Large Plantation, LM71Blackbird (+3 settlement size) Mine: 0 Searching for Gold, Prospecting build, Tomsche Artisan: 12 ETWC inn, Quinnsville, License status: Small Artisan, Garmadon (+1 settlement size) The Green Dragon, Quinnsville, License status: Medium Artisan, Drunknok (+2 settlement size) Finally in Quinnsville, Quinnsville, License status: Medium Artisan, Bregir (+2 settlement size) McPherson's Swords and Bullets, Quinnsville, License status: Small Artisan, Tomsche (+1 settlement size) Quinnsville Chronicler, Quinnsville, License status: Medium Artisan, LM71Blackbird (+2 settlement size) Quinnsville Lighthouse, Quinnsville, License status: Medium Artisan, LM71Blackbird (+2 settlement size) Quinnsville Weapon Emporium, License status: Small Artisan, LM71Blackbird (+1 settlement size) Commerce: 24 Quinnsville Station, Quinnsville, License status: Small Commerce, LM71Blackbird (+1 settlement size) Eslandolan wharf, Quinnsville, License status: Medium Commerce, Garmadon (+2 settlement size) Mail Office, Quinnsville, License status: Small Commerce, Maxim I (+1 settlement size) Lapzwanzer's Finest Chocolates, Quinnsville, License status: Small Commerce, Tomsche (+1 settlement size) Setting out to Elysabethtown, Quinnsville: License status, Small Commerce, Tomsche (+1 settlement size) Market Beach, Quinnsvile, License status: Medium Commerce, Tomsche (+2 settlement size) Settle on Quinnsville, Quinnsville, License status: Small Commerce, Narbilu (+1 settlement size) The Quinnsville Commerce House, Quinnsville: License status, Small Commerce, Tomsche (+1 settlement size) The Brickagramer House of Games, Quinnsville: License status, Small Commerce, Tomsche (+1 settlement size) The Frisky Business, Quinnsville: License status, Small Commerce, Tomsche (+1 settlement size) Sailor's Beach, Quinnsville: License status, Medium Commerce, Tomsche (+1 settlement size) Visiting a friend, Quinnsville: License status, Small Commerce, Faladrin (+1 settlement size) Pier and Storehouse, Quinnsville, License status: Large Commerce, LM71Blackbird (+3 settlement size) Education: 5 Quinnsville Public Records Building, Quinnsville, License status: Medium Educational, LM71Blackbird (+2 settlement size) Military Academy, Quinnsville, License status: Large Educational, LM71Blackbird (+3 settlement size) Art & Culture: 5 Quinnsville Monument, Quinnsville, License status: Small Art & Culture, LM71Blackbird (+1 settlement size) Parade Route, Quinnsville, License status: Large Art & Culture, LM71Blackbird (+3 settlement size) Quinnsville Village Square, Quinnsville, License status: Small Art & Culture, Tomsche (+1 settlement size) Forts: 3 Transferring Command, Quinnsville, License status: Small Fortress, Tomsche (+1 settlement size) Defending Territory, Quinnsville, License status: Small Fortress, Narbilu (+1 settlement size) Fort Annetta, Quinnsville, License status: Licensed Large Fortress, LM71Blackbird (+3 settlement size)
  21. Location: Mesabi Landing Type: Large Artisan "So this is Mesabi Landing... ...We've passed 3 bars since we got in the carriage." Said Princess Isabella. "And 4 Horse meat Markets!" The Yellerbelly Inn by North White, on Flickr "I'm just glad we found a taxi! This city is huge!" Said Antonio The Yellerbelly Inn by North White, on Flickr The Cab reached their destination, the YellerBelly Inn. The Yellerbelly Inn by North White, on Flickr "Here's your stop gente." Said the Cab Driver in a near incomprehensible Eslandolan accent. The Yellerbelly Inn by North White, on Flickr The Street was busy, Mesabi Landing almost was, but at least this section of the town was free of the rail shipping system. The Yellerbelly Inn by North White, on Flickr The taxi pulled up to the Inn. The Yellerbelly Inn by North White, on Flickr Antonio Paid the man, and he and Isabella walked to the door of the Inn The Yellerbelly Inn by North White, on Flickr Inside, the Inn was dingy, and smelled of cheap beer. The Yellerbelly Inn by North White, on Flickr "And... Ace means the Countess takes the Cash!" Yelled Agnes Mesabi, the other player exclaimed loudly and stomped off. The Yellerbelly Inn by North White, on Flickr Isabella sat in the chair where the other player had been. The Yellerbelly Inn by North White, on Flickr "I am Princess Isabella of Namere, the rightful heir of Gonda. And I come to you with a business opportunity." Said Isabella, but she wondered why it had been so easy to track down the de facto mayor of Mesabi Landing. "way to put all your cards on the table." muttered Antonio The Yellerbelly Inn by North White, on Flickr "Good enough for me!" Said Agnes Mesabi, extending a hand. TO BE CONTINUED thanks for viewing my build. July was a busy month for me, I recently got an apartment, and spent the week getting stuff moved in. This was the last build I did at my old place, and it sat for about 2 weeks before I finally found the time to post it. This build was my attempt to recreate @Ayrlego's "Twin Palm Inn" I think his was better though... Anyways, with a new larger Lego Space, you can all expect a new era of Lego from Count Mesabi . Unless school is super busy.... Entire shot of the build.
  22. Location: Mesabi Landing Type: Class 8 Ship Destroying Angel by North White, on Flickr Having been launched, the WTC's largest ship, the Destroying Angel now floated majestically in the harbour of Mesabi Landing. Destroying Angel by North White, on Flickr Agnes and the Ship's Designer walked along the deck, discussing the mighty vessel. Destroying Angel by North White, on Flickr "How is a vessel with 6 cannons worthy of the name "Destroying Angel?!?" Asked Agnes angrily. "Maybe you should have waited before naming it!" Yelled the designer. "This ship was built as a speedy, long range, maneuverable, gunboat. Not a Hard Hitting Warship." "Easy now-" Agnes was interrupted. "DON'T QUESTION MY DESIGNS EVER AGAIN!" Yelled the Designer. The tour continued in silence until they reached the conference room. Destroying Angel by North White, on Flickr "As you requested, a fully stocked bar, and a conferance room for directing WTC operations." "Excellent." replied Agnes. Destroying Angel by North White, on Flickr The Majestic Ship would soon see action against the Pirates of the Brick Seas... ...except for Sinbad thanks to the reckless actions of Ansa Mesabi... FIN So, finally finished the destroying angel, which I had working on since around November. I recently finished it up and spent the day doing rigging in sails, and I will say the following. Sails are $#@%$#@%$%$#@%#@%$#@%@#%#@%@#%@#^&*&*^(^%#@$$#@^&&(&^%#$$@#$ing difficult to do. And mine look absolutely terrible. They also took me like 6 hours to do, as well as a major chunk of my sanity. So I am not going to fix them anytime soon. Otherwise, I'm mostly happy with the rigging, and the ship as a whole. I tried to follow @Bregir's suggestions for the ship, and worked hard to give her a nice tumblehouse. I also added my own little interior for when I need a conference scene when I'm fighting pirates. C&C appreciated, though the sails are awful. I understand.
  23. [COR - CH II - Cat B] The Fatu Hiva Expedition - Base of Operations -------------------- Expedition Log: Part 1 Part 2 -------------------- Journal entry of Sergeant Anthony Andrews, Aide-De-Camp to Major Nathaniel Brickford. Day 12, After two long days of traversing through the dense jungles of Île d'Or, we finally reached the clearing that Tuk Tuk told us about. It was a little smaller than we first anticipated, however the well trained troops quickly got to work. We tried to remain as quiet as possible, but we needed to make a temporary palisade to protect ourselves. We dug down and cut bamboo in order to make a slightly camouflaged campsite. From past 10 yards we were invisible. The Fatu Hiva Expedition - Base of Operations 1 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr After most of the camp had been set up and the men were put on sentry duty, the major, Tuk Tuk, and myself began to form a course of action. Tuk Tuk told us that we were most certainly already being watched by the enemy. That was confirmed later when we started to hear the distant sound of war drums. We were within striking distance of the savage tribe, but we still didn't know what we were truly up against or even where they were located. Tuk Tuk began to tell us about the surrounding landscape as we brainstormed some ideas. The Fatu Hiva Expedition - Base of Operations 2 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Tuk Tuk told us that the tribe would most likely be centered around a cave. The natives were very superstitious and in some of the caves there were shiny stones and veins of gold, which they believed gave them special powers. So we had to be prepared for a conflict in the darkness of a cave. Major Brickford believed that this could be a forgotten treasure and if what Tuk Tuk was saying was accurate, then there could be a fortune to be made on Île d'Or! We had priorities though, so we decided that before we finalized any plan we would find a vantage point and physically locate the natives campsite and find how strong their numbers were before attacking. It would not be long before we could liberate this island of this terror. -------------------- This is my second entry to Category B. More builds and more of the Fatu Hiva Expedition to follow! I was thinking this will fit as a small residence. C&C are welcome and appreciated and thanks for looking!
  24. [COR - CH II - Cat B] The Fatu Hiva Expedition - Into the Jungle ----------------------------- Part 1 of the Expedition. ----------------------------- Journal entry of Sergeant Anthony Andrews, Aide-De-Camp to Major Nathaniel Brickford. Day 10, With the help of some local fisherman and Major Brickford's leadership, we ferried our supplies from the HMS Resilience to the shore. It took a full days work to get everything off loaded and organized, but it was worth the effort. We were able to offer the residences of Fatu Hiva some valuable supplies including food and other goods. Considering their own government refused to lift a finger the local leadership was grateful that the Major was able to bring some of Corrington's abundance to help their overtaxed settlement. From there we checked our own supplies and packaged it up into our rucksacks. Before we left Quinnsville Major Brickford had commissioned some special uniforms to be made for the troops. Knowing we would be in the jungle and that red and white tend to stick out, he had a sort of 'camouflage' developed, consisting of a dark green jacket and black trousers. This way our movements should be less detectable to the savages and rival explorers. We rendezvoused with Tuk Tuk at his hut on the beach. After some brief discussion, Tuk Tuk told us of a path that leads straight into the jungle. He knows that particular area very well, because that is where he cultivates some of his bamboo for his kayaks. It was a 4mile march over sand and rocky terrain, but after an hour we finally reached the location. Into the Jungle 1.1 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr The transition in terrain was far from gradual. As soon as the foliage starts you are immediately in thick jungle. Thankfully, since Tuk Tuk comes here often, there was a path leading straight through the overgrowth. Into the Jungle 1.2 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Tuk Tuk began to fearlessly lead us through the jungle. Some of the men were a little jumpy at some distant noises, however Tuk Tuk assured as that it was just the ambient noises of the environment. While we were hiking, our guide let us know that we were headed to a clearing in the jungle that we could make a base camp at and from there look for the savage tribe. From memory, he believed that it was a 25 mile hike, which would be trying, but nothing to big for the best troops of Her Majesty's settlement of Quinnsville. Into the Jungle 1.3 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr With a predetermined stopping point and a pep in our step, we marched on. We are currently making a temporary campsite so the men can rest for a few hours, but we will be back on our feet at first light to hike the remaining 10 miles to the clearing. ------------------------------------------------- This is my first entry for Category B. I'm having a lot of fun with this challenge so far, and this jungle scene was pretty cool to build. It is something new for me building wise, so hopefully you all like it as well! As usual, C&C are welcome and appreciated and thanks for looking! More builds to come! This will be licensed as a small plantation in Fatu Hiva.
  25. The Royal Society of Navigation and Discovery (RSND) Current leadership Chairman Wilbur Epper II ( @Drunknok) VP of operations Ralph Clutchington ( @LM71Blackbird) VP of Security Sterling Blackwood ( @Ayrlego) Charter: §1 Purpose The Royal Society of Navigation and Discovery (henceforth "RSND") operates under the direct control of the Secretary of Discovery and is tasked with driving exploration and expansion of her Majesty's territories throughout the known and unknown world, including ensuring safe navigation and charting of all sea and land territories. To support this, the Society will operate its own mercantile and military capabilities, including, but not limited to, merchant and armed vessels, troops, forts, and properties. The RSND is a non-profit organisation and owes no dividend to its owner, the Crown of Corrington. In return, RSND is obliged to come to the aid of Corrington when requested, and to act in full loyalty to, and in complete compliance with, Corrington, its policies, and its laws. Failure to adhere to these obligations will lead to immediate replacement of leadership as necessary. §2 Organisation Acting under the Parliament of Science, reporting to the Secretary of Discovery, the RSND will be led by a loyal Corlander appointed chairman by the ministry. To assist him in his duties, up to two vice presidents can be appointed, who, in the chairmans absence, have full discretion over the Society's assets. One will be the VP of Security, in charge of all military capabilities and dispositions, the other the VP of Operations, in charge of all civilian assets. §3 Funding §3.1 Royal Guarantee The Crown guarantees the finances of RSNP and presents an initial investment of 1.000 dbs. Further investments may be made in the future. §3.2 Bonds For additional funding, the Society can issue bonds as necessary. Bonds are issued with a face value of 100 dbs and accrues value monthly at a rate set by the chairman (currently 1 db, minimum 1db). The number of bonds and the date and frequency of issue is decided by the RSND. All loyal Corlanders are eligible to invest in RSND bonds on a first come/first serve basis. However, RSND bonds must be distributed fairly amongst all interested Corlanders, meaning that when two or more Corlanders are interested in a bond, the owner of the fewest bonds will be awarded ownership. When the funds are available, RSND may decide to cash in bonds, starting with the bond holders with the most bonds, unless some bond holders are willing to cash out voluntarily. Bonds are cashed in at face value plus accrued value. Bond holders may request cash out, but cannot demand it. §4 Territorial claims and settlements §4.1 Territorial claims The Royal Society of Navigation and Discovery may, as representative of Her Royal Majesty's government, and in coordination with the same, make territorial claims in unoccupied territories on Corrington's behalf. All territories are added to the Crown as if claimed directly by the same, and the Society holds no jurisdiction over said territory. Strict adherence to Corlander laws and politics are required. §4.2 Settlements TSND maintains control over new settlements established by its representatives until such a time that other ministries, be it military or civilian, take over. While under control of the Society, RSND is required to offer adequate protection and security, as well as proper civilian administration, for all inhabitants and assets. All loyal Corlanders may invest in RSND settlements, while foreigners must apply for specific permission on a case to case basis. By the authority of the Parliament of Science The Secretary of Discovery Spencer Robinson