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  1. Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 (you are here) As soon as he had heard about the Red Fandago (also known as Flynn Stewart) being found, Colonel Greybeard had gathered a band of his troop with all haste and dashed of to the docks where Sergeant Salt had spotted the highwayman. Well wait a second, allow me to correct that - the first thing he did was find a cab, and then he dashed off with the troop to the docks. But unfortunately, it took so long to find a carriage that in the end not much time was saved anyhow... Be that as it may, they were just tearing up the wharf when Sergeant Salt caught sight of the Red Fandago. "We've got him, Colonel!" he exclaimed - a bit prematurely, as Colonel Greybeard thought. Flynn Stewart was darting down the dock with all haste, carrying the last of his ill-gotten gains with him. Colonel Greybeard spotted a ship's gangplank resting up against the wood, Captain Blofeld waiting for his last crewman at the top of it and ready to depart. "Oh snap! - that chap!" exclaimed the Colonel under his breath. "We must catch this rascal - coach master, faster!" The troop leapt of the carriage and raced to the dock, reaching it just after the gangplank was pulled back and the Surprise began to move. Were they too late? To be continued... A couple last pictures without the carriage: The whole build: Next installment of the storyline - keep your weather eye(s) opened for more soon! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome as always!
  2. Location: Mesabi Landing Type: Medium Commercial On the Royal Dock, several elite guards and other WTC personnel awaited the return of Agnes's Private Yacht A gallant return by North White, on Flickr Once in, the Guards lined up to greet the Countess and her companions A gallant return by North White, on Flickr "Bah, some ball. I can't believe Cooke put guards around the punch bowl!" Said Agnes A gallant return by North White, on Flickr "At least you weren't kicked out after, you know." Said Mordo A gallant return by North White, on Flickr "Operator! We have a passenger! Deal with it! But first, what's the news?" Said Agnes Grumpily A gallant return by North White, on Flickr "Come into my office, you will be most pleased." Said the Operator. A gallant return by North White, on Flickr "While you were gone, Mesabi Landing has become a large city, and the largest in Corrington." Said the Operator with a smile. "Excellent..." Said Agnes. "Now pass the Vodka. My hangover is coming back." FIN Thanks for viewing my build! With this Mesabi Landing becomes a large city, and the largest in Corrington. This also means my mayor pay goes up. Anyways, thank you to everyone who has built in Mesabi Landing, but especially @Drunknok, my partner in crime. Stay tuned, we still have more work to do...
  3. The Tale of Doctor Alfredson of Corrington: Chapter 1 Arlof upon Sea was a small Corrish town, one its main landmarks was it's prestigious university, It was not the most renown university in Corrington but it was fairly decent, if university league tables existed it would probably be quite near the top, or at least that what the board of directors would have you believe. The board of directors had thought that Arlof University needed something to to put it on the map ,as the saying goes, so when one of their doctors of ecology suggested going on a journey to New World, they fully supported him, hoping that it would bring fame and praise to their humble establishment. Alfredson however had plans of his own that he had to chosen not to divulge to the board of directors. Doctor Ragnar Alfredson stood out on the Arlof docks quietly waiting for his contact. The silk trader arrived right on que, Ragnar had been waiting for about twenty minutes before he arrived but this was due Ragnar's promptness rather than any tardiness on the part of the captain. "So, is there space for me on the Autumn Blossom?, I hear you're headed to the new world and me and my apprentice have the very same destination in mind." "Yes, we will be docking in Cocovia, but if you want more stops along the way then I'm sure you could afford them." "Do you have the payment?" Ragnar nodded and handed the captain a sack. "As discussed." It was lighter than the captain had been expecting, too light to be Doubloons at any rate ,but it bore the correct seal and seemed to be the package his superiors were expecting, they had not told him what the pack would be and he had naively assumed it would be mere coin. "The ship will be waiting out in ocean," He gestured to a small rowing boat, "you can use our rowboat to get across, oh and since you'll be the on voyage with me I'd like you to address me as Captain Yiroe" Ragnar nodded again in agreement as Yiroe left the dock house. He then went about making the proper preparations and found his apprentice Calder Norrington to help carry the equipment. They worked together to load up the rowboat and ended up having to make multiple journeys out to the Autumn Blossom. Ragnar was lucky that his fiancée Alice Elieasdottir was not as forgetful as he. She met him outside the dock house and brought him his compass, an essential tool which he had neglected to remember. "Aha, I knew I had missed something, thank you dear." "You're welcome, but I'm afraid that's not all you forgot..." "Oh" "You were going to tell your colleagues where to wish farewell from." "Yes of course, how about here?" "Sounds good to me." Ragnar looked down at his compass, musing. "Would it be better to call compasses space clocks or to call clocks time compasses?" "What? Oh I guess the time compasses sounds better." "I think it fits better if the naming system is uniform, yeah, time compass does sound better." Ragnar nodded. After they were informed, they came to wish farewell to Calder and Ragnar. ( from left to right :Alice Elieasdottir, Argus Wyld Professor of Archaeology,William Jayek head of the board of directors and chemist, Keith Marcoson Doctor of Botany, Magnus Pertwee Professor of Physics , Gwenive Dorn Professor of Military History and Angus Keltch Student of Economics.) As the others waved gentle Keith sound out asking for a souvenir, The little rowboat pulled back past the crowd as Calder and Ragnar neared the Autumns Blossom. "I mean both of you get me one!" "So you only want one but from the both of us." Ragnar teased Keith but all were in good spirits as the boat slowly drew out of sight. OOC: This is the first part of Doctor Alfredson's story I hope you all like it. C and C are welcome. (This is my first, introductory freebuild I hope I did it right )
  4. Location: Mesabi Landing Type: Medium Artisan The people of Mesabi Landing, (Melanders?) were an industrious people. Fishy smell by North White, on Flickr Today, a fishing crew rowed it's way around the bay, nets in hand. Fishy smell by North White, on Flickr After catching an absurd amount of fish an oysters (but not crabs), they rowed their way back to headquarters. Fishy smell by North White, on Flickr There, they disembarked, hauling in their fresh catch. Fishy smell by North White, on Flickr Everything was brought inside the off shore building, (because of the smell of Fish) for processing Fishy smell by North White, on Flickr There, the fish were to be processed and put in barrels from the barrel factory to be used for a variety of purposes. Fishy smell by North White, on Flickr FIN Thanks for viewing my build, I hope you like this one, I had fun building it. I also tried to capture the essence of Mesabi Landing with the scenery. C&C appreciated!
  5. Location: Mesabi Landing Type: Medium Factory Early in the morning, the cartload of wood arrived at the Barrel Factory. Barrels! by North White, on Flickr The workers spent all day making Barrels. Barrels! Barrels! by North White, on Flickr Barrels! by North White, on Flickr And by noon, they had filled the Cart with Barrels. Barrels! by North White, on Flickr WTC: A Leading Pioneer in Innovation. FIN Thanks for viewing, C&C appreciated.
  6. To all sea officers of the Royal Navy, In order to ensure discipline and order in the fleet, I hereby publish a new set of regulations for the officers of the Royal Navy. Please find it enclosed below. Regulations for the dress uniforms and insignia of rank of Royal Navy officers Dress uniforms Officers of the Royal Navy act as representatives of her Royal Majesty and is required to dress accordingly. Dress uniforms of the Royal Navy consists, as detailed in the drawing below, of the following: Black bi- or tricorne, with plume of suitable colour. Navy blue uniform jacket with brass buttons. May include details in gold/brass, white, or red. Red or white breeches Dress uniforms are required to be worn when acting in any official capacity on or off shore. Note: For practical tasks, some daily duties, exercise, or active warfare, personal judgement is advised and attire should be adjusted to the situation at hand. Insignia of Rank All officers of the Royal Navy must, at all times when in uniform, carry the proper insignia of rank. Regulations state that: Lieutenants and Commanders carry white epaulettes Post Captains and Commodores carry yellow epaulettes Flag officers (rear-admirals and upwards) carry golden epaulettes Warrant officers may carry epaulettes as befit their station, but cannot carry any of the colours above Signed Rear Admiral Fletcher Commander-in-Chief, Terra Novan Fleet OOC: So, I thought I'd make a little guide to navy uniforms. I'd like to see a little more uniformity in the way we dress our officers, but I am not going to crack down on anyone wishing to put on a personal touch. The most important part is the colour of the epaulettes.
  7. Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 (you are here) In a new ETWC inn recently opened in Quinnsville... (Just one note about this inn - the reason it was such a success, I may as well say at once, was because of two things: one, it served a recently developed fizzling orange-flavored drink which was quite a hit, and two - a very strange thing for Quinnsville - it was a nice place to spend a quiet and peaceful time. With all their customers coming and going all the time nobody knows how they manage to do it, but they do.) Anyways, to return to the point, it was this inn that Colonel Greybeard went to whenever he was stressed or just wanted some of that orange juice. Today he was there with his aide, Lieutenant Stick. Some Corry lawyers (especially Frank, Frank, Frank, Frank and Wrzygrislovsky) had been getting on him again to pick up his chase of the notorious highwayman who had been attacking Corrington's travellers some time ago. Colonel Greybeard had managed to just recently find out that his real name was Flynn Stewart, but he hadn't figured out anything more than that. The Colonel began, Colonel Greybeard: This chap has an uncommon good knack at disappearing, old pal. We will need to recruit another regiment to chase him down, through thick and thin, cloud and fog. Lieutenant Stick: What, Colonel, has old Wrzygrislovsky been getting on you again? Colonel Greybeard: Just so, good chum. But jolly me, he isn't much help at actually helping us find the old chap. Just then Sergeant Salt burst in, confident as usual. Sergeant Salt: Well there, Major - pardon me, Colonel, I mean - I have found him! Colonel Greybeard jumped up. Lieutenant Stick: The Red Fandago? Sergeant Salt: Yes, yes, who else! I saw him on the docks just half an hour agone. Colonel Greybeard: But stop, my chap. You did catch him, right, at any rate, mate? Sergeant Salt: Oh no - that is, not yet. I was sure you would wish to do so yourself, good Colonel, so I dashed off here as fast as I could. Colonel Greybeard: Oh snap, old chap. Burst my buttons. Then let us go, on the double! He grabbed a cookie (oh yes, that was another reason the inn was so popular - they had George's excellent cookies there), and they all dashed out. Colonel Greybeard (muttering): Shiver me timbers, but a bird in the hand's worth two in the bush, or so they say. ... To be continued ... A couple more shots of the inn: A final overview: So yes, I am helping out with Captain B's awesome storyline again - hang in there for more to come soon! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  8. Location: Mesabi Landing Type: Large Factory The Rails of Mesabi Landing had made everything disturbingly efficient. Inky Brewsters by North White, on Flickr Coal was being transported to factories across the town, which by now was impressively sized. Inky Brewsters by North White, on Flickr But Coal was just one of the ingredients needed to produce products in this factory. Inky Brewsters by North White, on Flickr Ink was important throughout the colonies, and could be manufactured easily with simple ingredients. Inky Brewsters by North White, on Flickr A mixture of Horse Glue, Water, and Coal made the sticky black substance that was needed throughout the colonies. Inky Brewsters by North White, on Flickr WTC: A leading Pioneer in Innovation. FIN Thanks for viewing my large factory! I hope you liked this build. C&C appreciated!
  9. NB: Many pictures and long post Invitations had been sent out liberally, but Cooke had far from anticipated the amount of interest a ball, the first of its kind in Terra Nova, would garner. People from Eslandola, Oleon, and Corrington, as well as a number of Sea Rats, had flocked to King's Harbour the last few weeks to participate in the festivities and now the night had finally come. Everyone was gathered in the great hall of the new government palace (in the only wing anything close to finished) and the clock struck the hour, marking the beginning of the event. Cooke called the crowds to attention from the library balcony with a young smiling man at his side. "Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, to the first great ball of Terra Nova. It pleases me to see so many faces, new and familiar, and trust we shall have a... well... ball!" The crowd laughed merrily. Cooke wasn't exactly known for his humour and wit, but he had his moments. "Allow me to present to you all sir Michael Farley, the new Colonial Administrator for the Southern Isles. He will henceforth take over civilian administration of King's Harbour and acts as my second in all civilian matters. I trust you will welcome him - tonight is as much his party as it is mine." Cooke stepped back, and Farley held a short, somewhat nervous, but good-hearted speech, before retreating with a sweaty brow and a sigh of relief, calling out: "Let the festivities commence!" The orchestra started playing and the crowd dispersed, many the quadrilles of the lanciers. The dancing took up most of the floor, although some found room for conversation and a glass of sparkling wine. Rear-admiral Fletcher and Constable de Tourment found common ground, figuring they might have fought against each other on more than one occasion, sharing war memories and some recent events. @blackdeathgr Nearby, Mordo of the WTC, Richard Brickford, and Uncle was discussing trade companies, mr. Brickford listening attentively to his more experienced fellows... @Kai NRG, @Drunknok, @LM71Blackbird ...while Micah of Wolfhaven is discussing Montoya's disappearance with Ibn al'Sayeed, as well as strategies for the ETTC. @SilentWolf Sir Aidan Coyle and Cooke himself, both colonial governors to Her Majesty, took the chance to catch up on the military and political situation of the pirate-ridden Brick Seas. @Mike S On the balcony, Willem Guilder, Admius Legistrad to Eslandola, discussed cooperation and trade with the mayor of Mooreton Bay, James Hume. @Capt Wolf, @Ayrlego For those with a taste for more quiet surroundings, the upstairs library and downstairs smoking room were popular. Captain Anthony Genaro was seen talking to Lieutenant Thierry LaGaufre of the Royal Musketeers, perhaps lobbying for access to his Majesty's ear for a command? Rumour had it Genaro had long been on half pay. Downstairs, Hadvice Goshawk and Sir Mowgli were deep in conversation, as Sir Mowgli told an engaging, touching, and almost unbelieveable story of his missing cat, a large black panther last seen on a raft in the middle of the ocean. @Professor Thaum, @Roadmonkeytj Amongst the books, Wilbur Epper II, Royal Conductor of Corrington, was discussing new and innovative means of transportation with Alberto de Pontelli of the Royal Society. Epper maintained the effectiveness and punctuality of the wagonways, while Alberto told of his recent invention of flight and its principles. @Drunknok, @Captain Braunsfeld It was a lovely afternoon, and many retired to the gardens for fresh air or a refreshment in the guest house placed there. The bar was serving the finest wines and rum, and fresh fruits ensured the well-being of the guests. Outside, in the gardens, many found peace for conversation. Sergeant Major DeLeau and Captain Cookie debated swordsman's techniques... @gedren_y, @Captain Braunsfeld ...while Frederick Spud and Colonel Brickinson had an enthusiastic discussion about the merits of apples versus potatoes. @Spud The Viking, @Captain Braunsfeld Young Lieutenant Lavendwood was taken quite aback as a heavy hand landed upon his shoulder, and no less so as he realised it was the hand of a rear-admiral, as near as a god as any man can be to a young naval officer. "Relax, young man." the god-like creature said in a deep, booming voice "I merely wish to express my satisfaction with your recent dispatches. Cooke has praised you no insignificant amount, and should you keep up your initiative, I have no doubt you will one day raise your flag. Corrington needs men like you and your colleagues." @Flavius Gratian Many passed by the gardens that evening, discussing matters of personal interest, including Jerome Monezterrel and Captain Tristan Rimbaud... @Legostone, @Keymonus ...Rodsh Derr and Major Romain.... @blackdeathgr, @Bart ...Brickinson and Thierry LaGaufre... @Captain Braunsfeld, @blackdeathgr ...and Elise and Kathy, who discussed the fine Olean wine and rum delivered by Elise herself. @KotZ, @Bart The new colonial administrator also took his chance to meet some of the important people of the Brick Seas, amongst these Lord Frederick Spud, head of clan Spud from the north-most corners of Corrington. @Spud The Viking "I am sorry my invitation should have taken you such by surprise, Captain Genaro." Cooke interjected upon hearing the story. "I had thought my name would have been familiar to you?" "You will forgive me, will you not? I fear I..." "Most certainly" Cooke said with a rare smile. "You helped me once in a time of need. A matter of secrecy - I sent you a few letters...? Genaro's face lit up in recollection, before looking over his should carefully. "Indeed - I remember now. Some matter of political delicacy... Are your situation still... troubled?" "Less so, less so, although you never know when politics are involved! You did me a great service, and I hope I shall one day be allowed to repay you. If not in kind, then in friendship." Genaro patted Cooke's shoulder jovially. "I have no doubt, my friend, I have no doubt." and they walked down the path, sharing stories of the sea in good humour. @Captain Genaro Back in the ballroom, people mingled happily, making new acquaintances or revelling in old. Captains Tristan Rimbaud, Miles Bowditch, and Rodsh Derr found a common interest in the myths of the Brick Seas.... While young Keenan Reid was in exquisite female company with Lady Villeneuve, and mademoiselle de Tourment. @TheCubbScout, @Capt Wolf, @blackdeathgr Nearby, Aidan Coyle and Jerome Monezterrell shared their concerns with the piratical activity stifling trade and communications, not to mention the safety of sailors in general. @Mike S, @Legostone Captain Whiffo was in high spirits, conversing with Lady Norrington. @Capt Wolf, @Garmadon Ibn al'Sayeed inquired industrial magnate Sir Dee, and Mordo of the WTC, for insights into the foundry business, in which both were heavily involved... ...while Captain Nathaniel Brickford was sharing romantic and military exploits with his naval colleagues, Lieutenants Lavendwood and Ferguson. @LM71Blackbird, @Flavius Gratian, @Asgon Agnes Mesabi and Uncle were in complete agreement that "back in the good old times", balls were larger, the spirits stronger, and the young people less noisy. @Mesabi, @Kai NRG "No news whatsoever, I fear." Cooke said with a furrowed brow. The Fontonajos looked concerned, Roman being an old friend of Montoya. "I certainly hope he will reappear. He always has." "Indeed." Cooke changed the subject. "While I wish not to reflect badly upon Guilder, for whom I have the utmost respect, there are many in Corrington, present company included, who were sad to see you retire as Admius Legistrad..." Pausing for a moment, he continued. "You are regarded a friend of Corrington, and you shall ever be welcome in my halls. Montoya have said only positive things of you and what you have achieved in terms of governance and city planning..." @Elostirion And so the party went on into the night, people discussing subjects large and small, in general enjoyment. Hopefully new friendships were made, and perhaps a trade deal or two struck? Only time will reveal what came of the great ball of King's Harbour! ___________________________________________________________________ This was a lot of fun building, writing and photographing, and I hope I have managed to include (almost) all, and that no characters have been grossly misrepresented. It was great fun collecting all these sig figs, and I hope to have a chance to use them all again some day. C&C welcome!
  10. Location: Belson Type: Ship "Bah, I tell you Nick, you need accomplishments in the new world to rise through the ranks these days. It's ridiculous." Said Ansa, "Could be worse, we have been assigned a ship." Nick replied. HMS Red Angel by North White, on Flickr "Yes, the HMS Red Angel, A class 5 frigate." Said Ansa HMS Red Angel by North White, on Flickr "Paperwork, Madam." Said a Dockworker. "Thank you. What is the status of the vessel?" Asked Ansa "Everything is done but the rigging and the sails, she'll be ready to sail within a few weeks." he replied HMS Red Angel by North White, on Flickr Nick and Ansa boarded the vessel. HMS Red Angel by North White, on Flickr "She's a sturdy ship, this one. She's the Judgement's little sister, 14 24 lb guns, to the Judgement's 19. She's sturdier though, and can take more hits. We think." Said Nick "Excellent" said Ansa HMS Red Angel by North White, on Flickr "This is the Forecastle, we'll be attacking a lifeboat here once she's ready to sail." HMS Red Angel by North White, on Flickr They walked back to the front of the ship. HMS Red Angel by North White, on Flickr HMS Red Angel by North White, on Flickr "She's an excellent Vessel. But I assume there's a Captain's Cabin?" asked Ansa "Yes," said Nick, "but decorating it is on you." They went below deck into the Captain's Cabin. HMS Red Angel by North White, on Flickr "When can we set sail?" Ansa asked. "Soon...." said Nick. FIN Thanks for viewing my new Ship! I really tried to go above and beyond with this one, and I hope it shows. I still have to do the rigging and the sails, but I need more parts to do so. C&C appreciated!
  11. Location: Trador Type: Medium Commercial Mordo, Zumbro and an Eslandolan realtor stood at the far end of the quayside, far from the nicer part of Trador. "Trador está un ocupado City, friends." Said the Eslandolan realtor, "buildings by the quayside are muy far from each other, and hard to come by." Waymart Trador by North White, on Flickr "Which brings us to this fabelachtig estate." He finished. Waymart Trador by North White, on Flickr "Yes, an abandoned warehouse at the far end of Trador is certainly fabulous, especially as it's accented in pink. Who designed this place, that weird Oleonese guy?" Said Mordo sarcastically. "Well, I like it." Said Joseph Zumbro. "How much?" Waymart Trador by North White, on Flickr "The price is precio bajo only 100 Dbs." Said the Realtor. "We'll take it!" Said Joseph before Mordo could react. Mordo groaned. "Excelente! It's yours. No takebacks!" Said the Realtor. "100 Dinero in my office by nightfall." He handed them a key. Mordo and Zumbro walked over to the door. "What a great deal." Said Zumbro. "You know these Eslandolans are trustworthy because-" Mordo cut him off. Waymart Trador by North White, on Flickr "You idiot! Commercial properties cost a third of that! You were supposed to haggle!" "Why? Not my money I'm spending." Said Zumbro, smirking. "Get the store completed, or I will leave you here on this apple infested rock..." Said Mordo. He stomped off and away to go get something to drink. The team got to work. Sally was the strongest of the group, and was able to carry a heavy chest by herself. Bradley and Karren had to carry a crate together. Joseph held the door, because he was a gentleman, and also lazy. Waymart Trador by North White, on Flickr Karren, a makeup expert, was tasked with writing the Logo on the front of the store. Waymart Trador by North White, on Flickr The box she was sitting on was placed poorly, and she came to a crash as Zumbro knocked the doors open. Waymart Trador by North White, on Flickr "We put a sign there you idiot!" Said Bradley. "Well, I didn't read the sign, you idiot." Within a day, they were finished. Mordo came back, grumpy as ever. Waymart Trador by North White, on Flickr Inside, happy shoppers browsed the Waymart's wares. A Corrish Captain browsed pants Waymart Trador by North White, on Flickr The Eslandolan Realtor looked at foodstuffs. Waymart Trador by North White, on Flickr And other shoppers browsed the store's various wares. Waymart Trador by North White, on Flickr "I'm actually impressed." Said Mordo. "I guess I'll take you to King's Harbour with me. I've got a ball to attend." Waymart Trador by North White, on Flickr Agne's private Yacht, the WTC Queen of Hearts pulled up to the Quayside. Waymart Trador by North White, on Flickr And with that they were off to establish more Waymarts. Waymart Trador by North White, on Flickr FIN Thanks for viewing my build! I had fun making this one look like an American big box store, and I hope it turned out that way. It's definitely not my best build, but I think it captures the ubiquitousness of a big box store. I hope @Maxim I feels that this is a good addition to Trador. Shoutout to @Bodi for obvious reasons. C&C appreciated.
  12. Class 6 Large Exploration Xebec, "Albatross" From the Quinnsville shipyards comes yet another ship! A large Xebec, out-fitted for a long exploration journey or a long profitable trade run. Large Xebec 2 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr As the big brother to the recent merchant xebec launched from the shipyards, this one consists of two decks. It also features eights gun, but these have been upgraded to 8-pounders. Large Xebec 3 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr It has a boat stored on the deck for beach landings as well. Large Xebec 5 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr There is a spacious stern and stern castle which features a sizeable Captains Quarters. Large Xebec 4 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Large Xebec 6 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Large Xebec 7 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Below deck there are lots of supplies and plenty of space for a good amount of cargo. There is also a few bunks and small kitchen at the rear of the ship. Large Xebec 8 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Large Xebec 9 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Thanks for checking out another one of my ships! Like my smaller xebec, this one was also really fun to build. I put her as a class 6 because she's not a warship, but she is 5 midsections long. Which according to the index puts her as a class 7. Here for picture of her next to prefabs. If anyone doesn't agree with the C6 designation, just let me know. C&C are welcome and appreciated and thanks for looking!
  13. Class 4 Merchant Xebec, "Pelican" Next out of the Quinnsville Shipyards is a small, lightly armed, Merchant Xebec. Xebec 1 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Xebec 2 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Not built for combat or super long voyages, it is lightly armed with only eight 4 pounders for protection. It's lack of cannon though, means it has plenty of cargo space for a sizeable haul of goods. Xebec 3 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr It has no quarters for the crew, just high side walls and space under the stern for shade. Xebec 4 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Xebec 5 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Thanks for checking out one of my latest builds. This is my first time building an Xebec, but I think it turned out pretty nice. It was also a blast to build. C&C are welcome and appreciated!
  14. Class 5 Brig, "Dolphin" With the construction of the new Quinnsville shipyards, the shipwrights have been rather busy! One of the shipyards most recent additions that they have produced is a lightly armed brig. Imperial brig 3 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Even though it carries only 8 guns, they are 8 rather large 32 pounders. Imperial brig 6 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr It has a small but well lit stern, thanks to its 6 lanterns. Imperial brig 4 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Imperial brig 5 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr To make up for it's small number of guns, it is stocked with plenty of weapons in case a conflict involves a boarding. Imperial brig 7 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr The Captain's quarters, is small but includes everything one might need on a short voyage. Imperial brig 8 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Thanks for checking out my ship! I built this back in January, before I even joined BotBS, but I figured it would be a nice addition to my other ships. C&C are welcome and appreciated!
  15. The Juniper Provinces, Corrington 608 I.I. Two Oleonese foot soldiers limped towards a small fort that had been erected upon the road. An act of Valor by North White, on Flickr "Ambush..." Said the first. "I thought we had this putain of a province. We lost a whole company to those Corrish dogs!" "Merde! And all I have left is this bottle of wine. How is a good Oleonese Gentleman supposed to fight with a half full bottle of wine!" Said the second. "HALT!" Cried the guard at the gate. "We've heard reports of Corries in the area. Were you followed?" An act of Valor by North White, on Flickr "Non, non, just let us in. We need food, we've been on the run for a day! We'd have been mort if it weren't for these Corrish roads." Quickly, the guard opened the gate to let them in. He turned, hearing the clopping of hooves. An act of Valor by North White, on Flickr "Charge!" Yelled Captain Mesabi, and she, flanked by 3 other riders sprang from the woods. An act of Valor by North White, on Flickr "Merde, Merde, Merde! Close the gate!" Yelled the soldier at the gate, he fired his musket wildly missing all four of the riders. An act of Valor by North White, on Flickr Captain Mesabi fired her rifle into the soldier, and he dropped to the ground. An act of Valor by North White, on Flickr The two soldiers tried to close the gate, pulling the heavy doors close to one another. An act of Valor by North White, on Flickr The soldier at the gate fired, killing the Captain's horse. She leapt from it, having already reloaded her musket. An act of Valor by North White, on Flickr Her bullet pierced his skull, shooting fragments of his small Oleonese brain into the camp. An act of Valor by North White, on Flickr Pulling the gate back open, she ran in. An act of Valor by North White, on Flickr She aimed her musket, and fired the second barrel, killing a guard who up until that moment had been whipping a Corrish soldier. An act of Valor by North White, on Flickr She turned to the second Oleonese soldier, and bashed him with her musket. Her second in command, Lieutenant Nick ran inside, while the rest of her forces covered the walls, firing at the soldiers up top. An act of Valor by North White, on Flickr An act of Valor by North White, on Flickr "What's going on?" Asked the Oleonese Commander, drunk on cheap wine. He and his second in command got up, and looked out at the battlefield An act of Valor by North White, on Flickr The Second in command was immediately struck in the head, and fell from the wall An act of Valor by North White, on Flickr Captain Mesabi smashed the chains of the POWs, freeing them. An act of Valor by North White, on Flickr Meanwhile, Nick knocked a distracted soldier off the wall. An act of Valor by North White, on Flickr The POWs fled, running after the remaining soldier outside the wall. An act of Valor by North White, on Flickr "Captain Kellog?" Asked Captain Mesabi, "We've got you. We'll take you home now." An act of Valor by North White, on Flickr "You... came..." He said, wheezing. "Thank you... old friend..." He closed his eyes, and his breathing ceased. An act of Valor by North White, on Flickr Nick escorted the Commanding officer over to Captain Mesabi. He was the last survivor of the small camp. An act of Valor by North White, on Flickr "You Corries have honour right? I've surrendered. I am your prisoner. For the moment." The Commander said, the stench of wine on his breath. Captain Mesabi surveyed the wreckage of the camp. Intel had reported that there had been over 200 Soldiers in the camp. They had rescued only 4. Her mind drifted to the piles of fresh earth they had passed on the ride in... She knocked him to his knees. An act of Valor by North White, on Flickr "I'll be damned if I let a pig like you go home after a war like this. She drew her blade. An act of Valor by North White, on Flickr An act of Valor by North White, on Flickr An act of Valor by North White, on Flickr The two rode away from the camp in silence, leaving nothing but Corrish colours, blowing gently in the wind. An act of Valor by North White, on Flickr We aren't going to win this war. She thought to herself. LATER The Board by North White, on Flickr "We have reviewed your accomplishments, Captain Ansa Mesabi." Said the chair of the army review board. "We'll let you know whether you are eligible for promotion at this time." FIN Thanks for viewing my build. It has officially been 1 year for me playing BoBS. Thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way, especially @Bregir, @Ayrlego, @Maxim I, @Capt Wolf, and @Drunknok! This build is to introduce Count Mesabi's sister, Captain Ansa Mesabi. It was fun to do some action sequences. I miss back in AG where everyone was at war with everyone and we could kill as many of the enemy as we wanted in our stories. Still though, BoBS has been a great experience and I think I have become a better builder because of it. C&C appreciated.
  16. Legostone's Class 7 ship LS Ship 4 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr After the most recent shipping activity that damaged and claimed several ships to depths of the Brick Seas, the Monezterrell shipyards have become overloaded with work. The shipwright's there have been busily repairing vessels that were either recently acquired or had been damaged during their latest trade run and work on large unfinished vessels like this one had to be moved elsewhere for completion. To assist with the overflow, the newly built Quinnsville shipyard offered to finish this large vessel for a small fee. It's completion was achieved and was now ready for pickup. LS Ship 5 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr LS Ship 2 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr First off, thanks too @Legostone for letting me finish his WIP LDD ship. It was pretty fun to do. Right now she sits at about a little over 6k pieces (yes, LDD did crash a few times! ). She's got two decks, and around 32 guns. For those interested, the Quinnsville shipyards are working at low capacity at the moment, so if anybody needs ships finished or built (in LDD), the shipyard is excepting more contracts. If there is enough people who may want to hire the uses of my shipyard, just let me know. I will adjust the Quinnsville Shipyard thread accordingly to accommodate for those business dealings and include prices, limitations, etc. Thanks for checking out this build. C&C are welcome and appreciated!
  17. Location: Mesabi Landing Type: Medium Artisan The Horsage Holder by North White, on Flickr ...horrible... ...horrible... .....horrible... The Horsage Holder by North White, on Flickr Chef Curtis awoke in a sweat. He got up. The Horsage Holder by North White, on Flickr "Well now, this cannot go on any longer. Something needs to be done!" Gracefully, he got to work, molding the dough into a shape that could hold a greasy sausage. Or horsauge. The Horsage Holder by North White, on Flickr Quickly, he put the design into the oven. The Horsage Holder by North White, on Flickr Some time later, he pulled out his design. It was perfect The Horsage Holder by North White, on Flickr Pulling a sausage from a chest, he put it inside the bun. He handed it to the first customer without a word. The Horsage Holder by North White, on Flickr "Well now, this is good. The Sausage isn't getting my hands all greasy. But it's a bit bland. It needs something..." FIN Thanks for viewing my build! C&C appreciated
  18. Name: Mesabi Landing Ownership: Wayfarer Trading Company , via the Crown of Corrington Location: Argentia, East Prio Sea Map: Mayor: Count Mesabi . Trade Value: see accounts spreedsheet Town Bank: see accounts spreedsheet Who can own property in Mesabi Landing: Anyone Who can freebuild in Mesabi Landing: Anyone Description: Pax Corlandia was a dangerous incident for all sides involved. With the Corrish occupation of Nova Malto, battle lines were drawn, and names were made. One of these names was Captain Mesabi, who was annointed Count for his bravery (or lunacy?) during the incident. After the whole Nova Malto incident, the Corrington Colonial Council decided to do something to about the troublesome - now Count - Mesabi. The solution was simple: send him to a faraway island. Isle 14, AKA Keep-Yer-Boots-On, AKA Argentia, was decidedly the right place. Littered with waste from passing ships, cacti, crabs with hats, and mysterious plants, Argentia is perhaps the most depressing of the Islands of the Prio Sea - and a perfect place to keep Mesabi from causing more trouble. Undeterred, Count Mesabi established a settlement on the barren island, naming it after himself. Newly ennobled, he seeks to make the settlement the greatest in the Prio seas, at all costs. The settlement has grown quickly, becoming a haven for exiles, outlaws, and traders from all known (and sometimes unknown) nations. The WTC unofficially controls the town, despite the protests of the Crown. However, the settlement remains a rough place, and at the same time an eldorado for those looking for adventures, glory - and profits. Original Information: Builds in Mesabi Landing Please help us out by posting a link to your Mesabi Landing builds in this thread. Each builder is listed after the type of licence. Properties: 105/176 Size for EGS purposes - Level 16 'Large City' Required for Level 32 'Grand City': 71 properties of any type including at least x13 residence, x16 factory, x15 artisan, x12 commerce, x3 education. NPC Residences: 9 Residences: 10 Mesabi Residence, medium residence, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Home of Miss Agnes Winterbottom, small residence, Brickwolf (+1 settlement size) A Merrynight Story, small residence, Mesabi (+1 settlement size) Ralph Clutchingtons residence, medium residence, LM71Blackbird (+2 settlement size) Timber frame house, medium residence, LM71Blackbird (+2 settlement size) Somewhere to live, medium residence, Lord Buckethead (+2 settlement size) Factories: 16 Mesabi Landing Foundry, medium factory, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Foundry No. 2, medium factory, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Metal Foundry, medium factory, LM71Blackbird (+2 settlement size) Bricks for Mesabi Landing!, medium factory, Drunknok (+2 settlement size) Inky Brewsters, large factory, Mesabi (+3 settlement size) Barrels!, medium factory, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) WTC Shipyards, large factory, Drunknok (+3 settlement size) Artisans: 17 "Fallingwater" pub, small artisan, Maxim I (+1 settlement size) "Twin Palms" inn, medium artisan, Ayrlego (+2 settlement size) Office of the "WTC Monthly", small artisan, Drunknok (+1 settlement size) "Blue Dragon" tavern, medium artisan, Drunknok (+2 settlement size) Peterson's Discount Boat and Scavenge, medium artisan, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Coal transportation in Mesabi Landing, medium artisan, Lord Buckethead (+2 settlement size) Chef Curtis' bakery, medium artisan, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Rotating Meat, small artisan, Legostone (+1 settlement size) Something Fishy, medium artisan, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Tuber Tavern, medium artisan, Drunknok (+2 settlement size) Commerce: 20 Mesabi Landing Stockpile, medium commerce, Mesabi (+2 sttlement size) Yet another warhouse, small commerce, Mesabi (+1 settlement size) Mesabi Landing - The Harbour, large commerce, Drunknok (+3 settlement size) Office of Agnes Mesabi, small commerce, Mesabi (+1 settlement size) WTC Sales Division, medium commerce, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Arriving in Mesabi Landing, small commerce, Lord Buckethead (+1 settlement size) Market place in Mesabi Landing, medium commerce, Drunknok (+2 settlement size) Small WTC warehouse, small commerce, Drunknok (+1 settlement size) Waymart Flagship Store, large commerce, Drunknok (+3 settlement size) Royal Dock, medium commerce, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Small pier, small commerce, Drunknok (+1 settlement size) Outdoor Sausage Smoker, small commerce, LM71Blackbird (+1 settlement size) Art and Culture: 7 Mesabi Monument, small art and culture, Drunknok (+1 settlement size) Crashing a wedding, medium art and culture, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Egg-tion in Mesabi Landing!, small art and culture, Drunknok (+1 settlement size) Celebrating Easter, medium art and cuture, Drunknok (+2 settlement size) Flying Fish Fountain, small art and culture, LM71Blackbird (+1 settlement size) Education: 7 Library of Learning, large education, Mesabi (+3 settlement size) Karst Geographers, medium education, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Laboratory of Doctor Edmund Vesper, medium education, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Plantations: 11 Poppy plantation, small plantation, Mesabi (+1 settlement size) Agave plantation, small plantation, Drunknok (+1 settlement size) Stevia plantation, small plantation, Drunknok (+1 settlement size) Potatoes for the people, medium plantation, Drunknok (+2 settlement size) Brickford Plantation, small plantation, LM71Blackbird (+1 settlement size) Millet plantation, large plantation, Drunknok (+3 settlement size) Agave plantation, medium plantation, Drunknok (+2 settlement size) Mines: 4 Staking a claim on Argentia, prospecting build, Drunknok Mesabi Landing Daycare and Coal Mine, mine, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) More prospecting on Argentia, prospecting build, Drunknok Mesabi Landing Rock Quarry, mine, Drunknok (+2 settlement size) Forts: 4 Fort Agravia, medium fortress, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Fort Mesabi, medium fortress, Drunknok (+2 settlement size) Troops: - Vessels stationed here: - Other related builds: Pax Crablandia, Kai NRG A letter to Colonel Allcock, Drunknok Restoring Order (Part I), Ayrlego Restoring Order (Part II), Ayrlego
  19. The Reckoning: Chapter 2: Invasive species Location: Camp Isaac Type: Medium Educational Previous Chapters The Reckoning Chapter 2 by North White, on Flickr Dr. Vesper was not impressed with the state of Camp Isaac. Wayfarer Trading seemed to have its roots there already, and WTC marines seemed to be building some sort of "Waymart" here as well. But Dr. Vesper paid little attention, and instead walked to one of the smaller research buildings in the camp. The Reckoning Chapter 2 by North White, on Flickr Randall Knox was a junior researcher in the field of Ornithology for the RSNP. He was a simple man who liked birds. And today he found the Belsonian exile in his research laboratory. The Reckoning Chapter 2 by North White, on Flickr "Um hello there mate? Can I help you?" He asked Dr. Vesper cordially. "You must be Randall Knox... I have read some of your papers on the field of... well... l will use the laymans term... birds." Dr. Vesper said coldly. "And you are?" he asked, somewhat confused. "Dr. Vesper. Edmund Vesper. Please, sit down with me, I want to talk to you about a thing or two." Dr. Vesper continued. The Reckoning Chapter 2 by North White, on Flickr "Are you familiar with... the Tiberian Puffin?" Dr. Vesper asked. The Reckoning Chapter 2 by North White, on Flickr "Ah, of course. A small seafaring bird once found on Tiberia. Why do you ask?" Randall said. The Reckoning Chapter 2 by North White, on Flickr "Do you recall why they are gone?" Dr. Vesper asked. "Well, there are theories, but..." "But we all know the truth. We killed them, we cooked them we and ate them. And our cats killed them. And the rats that snuck off our ships ate their eggs. Until there were no puffins left. None at all." Dr. Vesper said cooly. "But of course that's just a theory. And Tiberia holds many cliffs where Puffins could hide still..." Said Randall happily. "Ah, you are an optimist." Said Vesper with a frown. "Yup! And I like birds!" Said Randall. The Reckoning Chapter 2 by North White, on Flickr Dr. Vesper stood, and drew his pistol. "What you are not getting is this: minifigures destroy. We take. We break things. And we forget about the consequences. I spent my life dedicated to building better ways to do this, only for them to toss me aside like rotting wood in a forest to be burned down anyway. And that is why now is the time of reckoning." "What are you doing?" said Randall in a panic. "Put that thing away before someone gets hurt!" Randall, stood up, only to be struck with the but of a pistol. He cried out, and was struck again. As he crawled away, Dr. Vesper beat him over and over until he stopped moving. The Reckoning Chapter 2 by North White, on Flickr "Yes, Mr. Randall Knox. I think the time of reckoning is nigh." Dr. Vesper dug into the back pocket of Randall's pants, and pulled out identification papers. The Reckoning Chapter 2 by North White, on Flickr He walked away smiling. The Reckoning Chapter 2 by North White, on Flickr "And I think it is high time paying King's Harbour a visit..." The Reckoning Chapter 2 by North White, on Flickr FIN Thanks for viewing chapter 2 of the Reckoning! Thank you to @Bregir and @Ayrlego for reviewing the build, and @Drunknok for editing it. C&C appreciaited
  20. The Reckoning: Chapter 1, A Call to Arms Location: Mesabi Landing Type: Medium Educational A wagon rattled along the new tracks that lead through Mesabi Landing. Lead by a Royal Engineer, a wagon carried coal over to the factories on the other side of town. The Reckoning Chapter 1 by North White, on Flickr As the Wagon passed, 3 figures walked over to the laboratory of Doctor Edmund Vesper, the Belsonian Exile. The Reckoning Chapter 1 by North White, on Flickr The Reckoning Chapter 1 by North White, on Flickr An Elite stood guard outside, while Karl Mordo and Peter Zanzibar entered the laboratory. The Reckoning Chapter 1 by North White, on Flickr Dr. Vesper was busy examining a flask, and did not acknowledge them as they entered. The Reckoning Chapter 1 by North White, on Flickr "Ahem." Said Pete, drawing a letter from his pocket. "This is for you, good Doctor." Dr. Vesper opened the letter and read it quickly, his eyes darting across the text. The Reckoning Chapter 1 by North White, on Flickr "Thank you gentlemen, for delivering this personally. I must ask you to leave now however. My work requires me." Said Dr. Vesper emotionlessly He motioned them to the door, and they exited. He reread the latter again to be sure. His hands shaking with rage, he picked up a chair The Reckoning Chapter 1 by North White, on Flickr "They exhile me to this godforsaken isle, and then cut my throat!" The Reckoning Chapter 1 by North White, on Flickr "Oh, but there will be a reckoning. A reckoning indeed. And a reckoning cannot be postponed indefinitely." He walked to a crate. The Reckoning Chapter 1 by North White, on Flickr He drew a pistol, exhamined it and smiled. The Reckoning Chapter 1 by North White, on Flickr "A reckoning cannot be postponed indefinitely..." he repeated. FIN Thank you for viewing my build! This marks the beginning of a new story I would like to tell. If @Bregir doesn't stop me. I tried to use some new techniques in this build, especially with the windows. I also finally got some slopes to use. Thank you to @Lord Buckethead for his railroad idea. Not only is it a great idea, it will be featured in my builds, as it gives me an excuse to use my rail pieces. Additionally, this build finally makes Mesabi Landing a City. Corrington is up to 4 now! Final note: Dr. Vesper is NOT to be associated with the WTC. He is not, and will not be a member of the WTC. Do not take out any of his IC actions against my trading company! C&C appreciated!
  21. Name: Quinnsville Ownership: The Crown of Corrington Location: Cocovia, west of the Sea of Thieves, Queens Bay Map: Island of Cocovia by Christian West, on Flickr Mayor: No active mayor at this time. (Former Mayor, Sir Thomas Smaugton, Retired) Trade Value: see accounts spreadsheet Town Bank: see accounts spreadsheet Who can own property in Quinnsville: Anyone Who can freebuild in Quinnsville: Anyone Description: A Island discovered as Corrington ships journeyed past the known mapped edges of the Sea of Thieves in 616, the settlement of Quinnsville was founded by the captain of one of the exploring ships, Sir Thomas Smaugton. He was Sailing under both the flag of the Empire of Corrington, as well as the MAESTRO trade company which still holds a slight presence in the settlement. Mayor Smaugton contributed to much of the town's progress, but sadly, the Pearl of Cocovia has not seen much development since the retirement and mysterious disappearance of it's beloved mayor. Original Information: For all things regarding the original Quinnsville settlement thread which includes but is not limited too, Original settlement builds (no pictures), The Quinnsville Chronicler (Issues 1-10), The Infamous Junkyard Fleet, and info on the MAESTRO Trade Company please visit original settlement thread found here: Builds in Quinnsville: Please help us out by posting a link to your Quinnsville builds in this thread. Licensee is Listed after the type of license. Residence: Factory: Quinnsville Shipyard, Quinnsville, License status: Large Factory, LM71Blackbird (+3 settlement size) Plantation: Cocoa Plantation, Quinnsville, License status: Large Plantation, LM71Blackbird (+3 settlement size) Mine: Artisan: ETWC inn, Quinnsville, License status: Small Artisan, Garmadon (+1 settlement size) The Green Dragon, Quinnsville, License status: Medium Artisan, Drunknok (+2 settlement size) Commerce: Quinnsville Station, Quinnsville, License status: Small Commerce, LM71Blackbird (+1 settlement size) Eslandolan wharf, Quinnsville, License status: Medium Commerce, Garmadon (+2 settlement size) Education: Quinnsville Public Records Building, Quinnsville, License status: Medium Educational, LM71Blackbird (+2 settlement size) Art & Culture: Quinnsville Monument, Quinnsville, License status: Small Art & Culture, LM71Blackbird (+1 settlement size) Forts:
  22. Location: Mesabi Landing Type: Medium Educational Mesabi Landing was booming, and Mordo had much to do. Today he walked to a new Business, the Karst Geographers. Karst geographical by North White, on Flickr He entered the building to find one of the Geographers sitting at a desk, penning a letter. Karst geographical by North White, on Flickr "Mr. Mordo! We have the work you've commissioned! Come see!" Said the Geographer "Excellent, Agnes will be most pleased we can gaze upon our fine city." Said Mordo. Karst geographical by North White, on Flickr They all walked over to a table where maps lay spread out. The Second Geographer pulled out a map and showed to Mordo. Mesabi Landing Map by North White, on Flickr "I must say gentlemen, I'm Impressed!" FIN Karst Geographical is now accepting commissions! Any mayor or civil servant can request a map of their settlement for the price of 100 Dbs! Corlanders served without charge! Simply PM Me @Mesabi Thanks for viewing my newest build. I really tried to do something different with the roof this time, and also tried to detail the outside. environment. I'm not sure if this can be counted as an educational, I felt maps were knowledgey, but if leadership disagrees, let me know. I won't license this for a few days. I didn't put much story, as this is mostly to display my new map of Mesabi Landing, but I will get back into regular silliness soon. C&C appreciated!
  23. Location: King's Harbour Type: Small Cultural (Government office) Governor Cooke sat in his office reading his mail. There was a knock on his door, and a soldier entered. The request by North White, on Flickr "There's a Lady Mesabi here to see you sir." the soldier said. "Curious, send her in." He replied. Countess Mesabi entered holding an envelope. The request by North White, on Flickr "Good afternoon, Governor Cooke. As acting Chair of the Wayfarer Trading Corporation, I'd like to formally present to you our request." She said cautiously, and handed him the envelope. "Very well, Madam." he said, equally cautious. The request by North White, on Flickr He opened the Envelope, and began to read. The request by North White, on Flickr "So, Governor Cooke, What say you?" She asked. FIN Just a small build requesting the licensing status for the WTC. Sorry @Bregir, I had like none of the parts you showed me for Cooke. King's Harbour is free to license this, I'll be concentrating my efforts in Mesabi Landing this month. C&C appreciated, and I look forward to hearing from you @Bregir as to the WTC's Status!
  24. To all noteworthy citizens of the Brick Seas, King's Harbour has recently received Royal Recognition as a city of the Empire, and to celebrate this, Colonial Governor Jtno. Cooke, Captain, RN, wishes to invite dignitaries of all nations to a ball in the soon to be opened Governor's House (See spolier). One of the first events of its kind in Terra Nova, the Governor hopes that socialites from all over the Brick Seas will make their way to King's Harbour to join in the festivities, the banquet, and the following ball. (Dancing optional) Should you be interested in attending, please send your card to King's Harbour so the event can be planned accordingly. Your host, Captain Jno. Cooke, RN Colonial Governor, The Southern Isles OOC: Why not celebrate? I am building a ballroom and thought I might as well populate it. I hope to see many sig figs or their representatives making their way to King's Harbour, and will try to recreate everyone who attends to the best of my abilities. Fleshies might be "yellowfied" and I might need a little help in identifying proper parts, but I will do my best. I will of course highly encourage a few story builds leading up to the ball getting your characters to King's Harbour, and you are welcome to build here while you are at it, but it is not a requirement. Only the most obvious plotholes will be denied. (eg. if your character is known to be far way to the south. But then you can always send someone else). If anyone wants to interact specifically with some of the other guests, I will do my best to show that in the build. Just let me know - it may be a good opportunity to talk to a friend, prospective business partner, or strike secret political deals. I can't make any promises as to timing, but my best guess is in about a month. I think this will be fun :) Edit: All credit for the coat of arms goes to @Kolonialbeamter
  25. King's Harbour port KH 1 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr After a safe and uneventful journey to King's Harbour, the trio of Richard Brickford, Ralph Clutchington, and Elijah Plates all arrived safely aboard the brig "Swift". KH 4 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Nathaniel was waiting on the dock for them to arrive. "Hello father! How have you and mother been?" inquired Nathaniel. "We've both been doing very fine". "Well, I managed to track down Sabastian for you father." "Splendid! Then let us go and start talking!" KH 5 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr "How's it going my old friend, what money making scheme have you cooked up this time!" Sabastian exclaimed. "Well, I struck upon the idea of forming a trading company in the islands and I'd like the four of us as well as Elijah to found it." replied Richard. "That's a wonderful idea Richard! Why wouldn't you tell me that on the boat ride over?" questioned Ralph. "Because it was neater for a big, elaborate reveal." "Oh..." "What will it be called father?" asked Nathaniel. "It will be branded Brickford & Brickford Trading Company!" Replied Richard excitedly. "It will take at least a month or two to get all the necessary paperwork and required permits sir." Ralph interjected. "Not a problem!" exclaimed Sabastian. "In the mean time I heard from one of my guinea pi-, I mean one of my customers that a grand ball is being held by the Colonial Governor! You would certainly want to meet him before finalizing any of your plans, I hear is a very agreeable fellow." "Then we have our course of action that we will follow." Decided Richard. " But first, lets find an inn that we can stay at and get more organized." (OOC) I hope you enjoyed reading my character backstories! They certainly were fun to write! I decided to make a dock MOC to show all my characters converging in King's Harbour. Also, I didn't notice a large commerce like this in the King's Harbour thread, so I figured it would be a nice addition to the city. C&C are welcome and appreciated and thanks for checking it out! Read part one here: For those of you not familiar with my backstory, please refer to these posts: