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  1. Location: Mesabi Landing/ Cocovia Type: Minichallenge build Mordo headed up to Agnes's office with the monthly newspaper The Office by North White, on Flickr "Um, about the hole in the-" Agnes cut him off "Candle fell on the TNT. What's the latest?" The Office by North White, on Flickr "So, first off... The Grand Cocovia Railway has stalled out. It's over budget and over time. They're opening the project to other nations in a last ditch effort to complete it." Mordo summerized "What!?! Other nations?" Agnes yelled "We built them a dock, right?" "The dock doesn't really help to further the railroad. Anyways, the Sea Rats have-" Agnes rose from her chair. The Office by North White, on Flickr "No, we have to deal with this. Charter me a ship to Cocovia. You're in charge while I'm gone." "But!" "No Buts!" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A WEEK LATER The Tavern by the tracks was where most of the railworkers spent their days. Traffic was busy in King's harbor, and the railroad was often delayed by passing carts. Unionist Tavern by North White, on Flickr Unionist Tavern by North White, on Flickr Inside, workers happily chatted, ignoring their duty to the railroad. A Union had formed, and while contracts were negotiated, work would not be completed. Unionist Tavern by North White, on Flickr The door opened, and Agnes Mesabi walked in, flanked by Pete Zanzibar, and two yellow jacket soldiers. Agnes fired her gun. Unionist Tavern by North White, on Flickr "Now which one of you is in charge of the union?" she yelled angrily Unionist Tavern by North White, on Flickr "That'd be me, miss, and you better watch yourself, because I know a few guys who could talk some sense into you. But I'm not the kind of man who starts fights." Said the Union leader Unionist Tavern by North White, on Flickr Agnes said nothing and walked over to the bar. "A bottle of your finest," she asked politely. Unionist Tavern by North White, on Flickr The Union leader began to walk back to the table. Agnes began to down the bottle. Unionist Tavern by North White, on Flickr Finishing it, she flipped it, turned and smacked the man on the back of the head. He fell with a groan. Unionist Tavern by North White, on Flickr "Gentlemen?" she asked. "Show this man how the WTC operates...." Unionist Tavern by North White, on Flickr The two yellow jackets began to punch and kick the man, while he cried in agony. "The WTC will be helping to assure the project is finished." Said Agnes coldly. "And you can forget your union. We don't do unions." Unionist Tavern by North White, on Flickr She turned to the bartender. "Another of your finest." She said with a smile. FIN Thanks for viewing my first actual entry into the CWW challenge. My last one wasn't up to snuff, so I'd like to offer this one, and possibly some more. I hope you don't feel we have @Brickwolf. All shares created by me are to be given to the crown. C&C appreciated!
  2. Location: Arlinsport Type: Small Commercial The Bank of Corrington's payment desk was seldom graced by anyone from the WTC, but today, there was an exception. Paying some debts by North White, on Flickr "You people, are actually paying?" The banker asked in surprise. Paying some debts by North White, on Flickr "Of course! The WTC always pays its debts. Eventually. We're always com-" The Marine was cut off "Why is the chest leaking?" The banker asked in concern. Paying some debts by North White, on Flickr "Uh.. I think we grabbed the wrong chest. Terribly sorry." The two marines grabbed the dripping chest and hurried out. The Guardsman grabbed a broom. Paying some debts by North White, on Flickr An hour later they returned to the bank, carrying a chest clearly filled with gold. As they walked in, one of the marines slipped in the mysterious liquid. Paying some debts by North White, on Flickr Gold flew everywhere, landing in the puddle and underneath chests. Paying some debts by North White, on Flickr The banker said nothing. "Well that's half of the loan sorry-we're-not-cleaning-it-up-bye." Said a marine, and the two darted out. Paying some debts by North White, on Flickr And the rest of the day, the room stank of what was probably horse blood. FIN Thanks for viewing this little build to commemorate me paying off some of the loan I took from the BoC! @Bregir, funds will transfer when I get to it. If Arlinsport would like to license this build as a small commercial, that would be great as well. C&C appreciated!
  3. Location: Mesabi Landing Type: Medium Cultural The Church of the Order in Mesabi Landing was usually where weddings were held. Wedding crashing by North White, on Flickr "Dear friends and family.... We are... gathered here.... today" The priest droned. Wedding crashing by North White, on Flickr "To.... join... these.... two in.... holy matrimony..." *BANG* Wedding crashing by North White, on Flickr Agnes walked into the church, pistol smoking, drunk as hades. Wedding crashing by North White, on Flickr "So! You's the happiest couple! Well let me tell you people about getting married....." Wedding crashing by North White, on Flickr "Madam, you should leave...." Said the groom. Wedding crashing by North White, on Flickr Agnes knocked him to the floor. "I pronounce you man! And... ah who cares." She slurred Wedding crashing by North White, on Flickr Agnes ran out, leaving the wedding guests in stunned silence. FIN So, I got a sailboat with clear sails for Christmas, and I wanted to experiment with them as stained glass windows. I'm not sure if it worked, but I'll let y'all be the judge of that. Originally I was going to make this be Agnes sitting through a boring church service, but I thought this would be funnier. Hopefully it's not to sacreligious. C&C appreciated!
  4. Location: Zone 35 Type: Class 2 The newest addition to the WTC's fleet was the WTC Dog Days. WTC Dog Days by North White, on Flickr Designed for hauling cargo medium range, she was just another addition to the Brick Seas WTC Dog Days by North White, on Flickr Yup, nothing to see here folks. Just another free class 2 ship. FIN C&C appreciated, but I'm not expecting much today. Also I need to raise my ship levels again...
  5. Location: Mesabi Landing Type: Small Commercial Adventure Purpose: To hunt down the Red Rascal Pirates of zone 35. Troops: 10 WTC Marines- Red Squad Coffers: 10 Dbs Character List "You gentlemen are some of the WTC's finest. The Smartest Captain. The most Decorated Marines. And Tony, who's just a cool dude." Said Agnes. Mesabi Landing AMCRA by North White, on Flickr "Thank you Madam." Said Tony with one of his famous grins. "Now unfortunately, We have a problem. There are pirates in the area. They attacked our ships a few months ago. And now they're based somewhere in the vicinity. Hiding..." Mesabi Landing AMCRA by North White, on Flickr "They're the Red Rascals. Former Corrington soldiers who turned to villainy. Kinda like us actually. Anyways they're lead by Big Hat Barry. They have a basecamp on one of the islands in zone 35. Here's a convenient list! Isle 14: Argentia (I think we would have noticed if they were on our own island!) Isle 15: Cacadia Isle 16: Uncharted... Isle 17: Uncharted... Isle 18: Celestia Isle 19: Garma's Key Isle 20: Uncharted... Isle 21: Uncharted... Isle 22: Uncharted... Isle 23: Ile d'Ore (Let's hope they ain't here. I don't want to deal with Oleon as well) "So, while we have our Gunboats on patrol, you fine gentlemen will search each island by row boat, to try to locate the camp, and deal with it. That clear?" Mesabi Landing AMCRA by North White, on Flickr "Yes Ma'm!" They said in unison. FIN C&C appreciated. This will be licensed as a commercial by Mesabi Landing, and I plan to use it as Agnes's office for the future. Yes, it's a modified version of the Dr. Strange Set. So, it probably looks better than most of my regular builds.
  6. Location- New Haven, Alicentia Type- Large Artisan New Haven was a sort of way station for several nations. And it was here that Greenway Restaurant was located, to serve all of the different cuisines. Greenway restaurant by North White, on Flickr It was also a meeting place for Corrish soldiers, who had a particular mystery on their hands... Greenway restaurant by North White, on Flickr "Seriously, where in Hades's name are all the horses going?" asked the sergeant. "We all know it... it's..." the other soldier was interrupted by the loud clopping of horses. Greenway restaurant by North White, on Flickr The WTC Calvary rode up, loudly guffawing. Greenway restaurant by North White, on Flickr "And then they all died. Huh! That's a lot of Valets! Greenway restaurant by North White, on Flickr "Gentlemen, watch our axes and horses. There's a Horse thief running amok! And FYI we don't tip." Said the Dragoon. They both entered the Greenway Resteraunt Greenway restaurant by North White, on Flickr The two were seated by the lovely hostess Greenway restaurant by North White, on Flickr Before she could hand them a menu, they told her to order for them. "I tell you," said the first. "The WTC has really got things going on in the Brick Seas." Greenway restaurant by North White, on Flickr "And we're glad to be a part of it. But we need more members! If only more prominent members of Corrington would join us!" Greenway restaurant by North White, on Flickr The hostess yelled at the chef. "Daily Special! And make it snappy, these guys look jumpy!" Greenway restaurant by North White, on Flickr The chef sighed, and walked outside. Greenway restaurant by North White, on Flickr Past the livestock... Greenway restaurant by North White, on Flickr and over to the cauliflower... Greenway restaurant by North White, on Flickr A while later, the hostess brought the Calvary a big pot of Cauliflower soup. Greenway restaurant by North White, on Flickr They hated it, and tipped accordingly. FIN Thanks for viewing my build for @Bregir ! He won this with his awesome entry into my minichallenge like three months ago. Maybe the famous Herlock Sholmes can solve the mystery of the disappearing horses on Alicetina as well! Anyways, I hope it's up to his standards. Money will be forwarded as well eventually. This build also marks the entry of the WTC Calvary, who actually ride their horses. C&C appreciated! Also this marks 1000 posts! Let's hear another round of
  7. Location: Outside Mooreton Bay Type: Ship The brave crew of the WTC Riff Raft sailed and rowed towards the WTC Icarus Returning WTC Riff Raft by North White, on Flickr The Corrish Marines stationed aboard leered at them as they pulled alongside, but they were happy to get off the deathtrap that was the Icarus Returning WTC Riff Raft by North White, on Flickr The exchange was quick. The Marines hopped in a lifeboat and started frantically rowing away. The WTC crew got into position and heaved the anchor, and sailed the ship away WTC Riff Raft by North White, on Flickr And so, the Icarus Returning was free to sail again, and haul mining explosives across the Brick Seas. FIN This is the build for my little class 0 "Riff Raft" It could use a little work, I know, but I'm happy with it. It will be doing short trade runs across zone 24. Also, I'm a little confused as to where to have the Icarus Returning start this TMCRA, as it technically isn't allowed in Mooreton Bay. C&C appreciated
  8. Location: Mooreton Bay The Bailiff's voice boomed through the courtroom. "The court now hears the case of Corrington v. Tyrell, presided by the honourable Judge Swenson. Please Rise!" Everyone stood. Courtroom day 1 by North White, on Flickr "Thank you, you may be seated," Said Judge Swenson Courtroom day 1 by North White, on Flickr ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @Ayrlego, you can take it from here, Please do not post in the trial thread unless you are a part of the trial. Discuss the trial here!
  9. Ella Hutchins is a recent graduate of the University of Belson with a major in Botany. At the top of her class, she recently received correspondence from Royal Society of Natural Philosophy member and Governor of the Paradise Isles Dirk Allcock inviting her to Jameston to take up the position of Chief Scientist in an expedition he plans into the interior of Celestia. Thrilled by the idea of pioneering the discovery of new plants in Terra Nova, and hopeful for membership in the Royal Society, Ella eagerly accepted and has recently arrived in Jameston. To serve as headquarters for the expedition, Governor Allcock has rented out the entire premises of the Lavender Inn, a respectable establishment in Jameston. Miss Hutchins is boarding there while making preparations and meeting the principle members of the expedition. Here Dirk and Ella discuss details of the expedition The principle members of the expedition are: Licensed as a medium artisan. Additional Image: I've been wanting to use lavender coloured bricks for some time now - originally they were for Weelond and an Oktoberfest entry that didn't pan out. Anyway I didn't have enough for two levels, but I had some sand green on my desk from another discarded project and I put them together coincidently and decided that they really work well together... well at least I think they do! Not a combination I ever expected to build in!
  10. [Disclaimer: Due to the size of this builds layout and the restrictions of my lightbox I could only do a few limited shots of the whole assembly. Some subassemblies had to be shot on their own. As usual: please excuse my poor photography skills.] It was another sunny day in Mesabi Landing, and the harbour was as busy as always: Some WTC Marines enjoyed a fistfight between two sailors... ... while Gonzo "Drunknok" Thompson just enjoyed a moment of rest and peace (and a bottle of rum): Some had todays work already done... ... and others still had a lot to do: The captain of the "Cranky Parrot" was discussing something with Joe... ... while another sailor was heading straight for the "Blue Dragon" right down the road: === WTC Warehouse One of the WTC Operators is taking stock: "Four Corrington suits, minor blood stains, check. Two pompous Corrie hats, check. Three flags, check. You never know when any of these might come in handy..." " ... one big barrel of beer, check. Two sacks of potatoes, check. One rat guarding the warehouse, check. Six bottles of rum, che... waitaminute! Only five bottles? Oh well, I guess Drunknok needed some inspiration for his newspaper. Fine, five bottles it is then." Harbour Tax Office When Mesabi Landig was founded, one of the first things the Crown set up was an office for the collection of harbour taxes. Little did they know how the WTC would handle things! No doubloons were ever collected here, and over time the building fell into disrepair. The Corrington red is still flying though - order must be upheld! Now the ruins are home to Steven, one of the local crabs. He is the brother of Barney, the bouncer at the "Blue Dragon". WTC Harbour Office . Guarded by two trustworthy (?) WTC Infantry... ... in this building all captains have to register their ships when coming to Mesabi Landing. One of them is doing so right now, while two more are waiting: "Welcome to Mesabi Landing. Your hat looks odd, what is it with the skull and bones?" "Arr, good lady, 'tis my families coat of arms. You see, we are honest to the bone, hence the skull and bones." "I see. For a moment I feared you were a pirate. Please note that piracy will not be tolerated here." "Of course!" "So, what are you trading with?" "Well, artefacts. Mainly made of gold, like these coins." "I see, good. Now we only need your name, and you can continue with your trades." "Umm, I think you want another of our artefacs for further examination." "I see. Mr. Smith, welcome to Mesabi Landing!" ============================================================================================================ Well, that was quite some work. Leaving out the plate with the office of the "WTC Monthly" on it, this build has a footprint of 3072 studs, and will be licensed as a large commercial property for Mesabi Landing. Building the whole thing took me about a month. It is of course modular, while I did not build any structures to support the not-water-plates (being 5 bricks above ground). The harbour sections can easily be rearranged, there are connector holes on the edges for stability. @Ayrlego @Mesabi: Please let me know if you want something to be depicted in any of these builds, for a collab or whatever you want. If not, I will take most of it apart soon. C&C are appreciated.
  11. Captain's log, December 16th, 617 AE HMS Ironsides, moored in King's Harbour Admiral Fletcher has recently sent me a young officer, formerly first of the HMS Redoubtable. Seemed a decent enough chap. Some of these young officers have a tendency to feeling entitled, thinking that a plum is their birthright, and will scoff at anything less. Back in my day, anything copper-bottomed was a regular god send. Independent command was all one of her Majesty's officers would ever dare dream of, even if it was the lowliest transport afloat. Hopefully young Lieutenant Lavendwood ( @Flavius Gratian ) is nothing of that sort. His service record appears commendable, but he is very young to have reached 1st Lieutenant, and, being the son of an Earl, one could fear some influence of favouritism. However, with the service lacking in ships, and more so officers, I shall soon find out! He carried out the outfitting of Gun Sloop No. 1 expertly, but now is the time to see if he can lead. I have put him in command of the two gunboats, which should be ample chance to prove himself. Today, I shall be drilling the gun boats in gunnery. Although I expect no miracles, after such a short while, we will see whether the young man has been able to make the men follow him. Time will show if they will respect him too. Captain Cooke is, in the HMS Ironsides' jolly boat, dropping empty casks as targets for the gunboats. Golden watch in hand and spyglass at the ready, he will carefully gauge the accuracy of the gunners, and the time between shots. Aiming a gunboat's guns is more complicated that those of a regular man of war, as the whole boat must be turned to train the guns. ___________________ A quick little story build including raising the shiplimits (to 75) for Corrington. As always, C&C is welcome. I am quite happy with how the blurred out background works, and all lego shots have always fascinated me.
  12. "Nok, nok, nok..." Gonzo "Drunknok" Thompson walked around in the office of the "WTC Monthly", his peg leg making the familiar sound that gave him the second part of his nickname. The half-full bottle of rum on the table had something to do with the first part. Gonzo was busy getting the latest issue printed. He had the handwritten text in front of him, as well as most of it on the printing plate already. The process of setting up the printing plate took a lot of time, since the text had to be set letter after letter, word after word, out of little blocks of metal each with a negative cut-out of one letter or syllable. A few lines of text were still missing, and he looked for the right letters - luckily they were right next to him in a well sorted shelf. The most common letters had more blocks available in boxes at the top, the least used only had small boxes at the bottom. The finished printing plate was then coated with black ink: It was then put (upside down of course) into the printing press... ... moved over the clean paper and finally mechanically pressed onto the paper: With the printing plate done once, it was now possible to repeat the printing process as often as wanted - simply return the plate, add new ink and fresh paper, press, then start again. The "WTC Monthly" will find its way to every minifig in the Brick Seas - that deserves some more rum. Cheers! =============================================================================================================== A small artisan for Mesabi Landing. More pictures in the spoiler tag: I am not happy with how the building looks from the outside. Usually I like reduced colour palettes, but in this case the result looks like one of those 80s Lego City houses. The inside turned out okay, with a few compromises in terms of realism due to the scale. Obviously the roof is removable, but so is the back wall for even easier access:
  13. Hear Ye Hear Ye! Captain Tyrell, Rogue WTC Captain, has been detained by Corrish forces in Moorington Bay. His trial is due to commence soon, as allowed by Corrington's Laws. Corrish Law allows for a trial of the Accused's Peers, which is any seafaring Captain on the Brick Seas (I. E. You!) So, We are accepting applications for Jurors in the trial Please Post in this thread. Please post a character picture for your juror, a name, and a ship for them. I'd recommend not using a main story character. The Court trial date is tentatively set for the 20th. Stay Tuned to this topic for updates! Court Docket: Charges: Piracy, violation of Sovereign Treaties, Assault on Corish Officers, Improper Ship Docking Presiding Judge: TBA Prosecutor: TBA Defendant: Captain Tyrell @Mesabi Defense Attorney: Jake Cochran @Mesabi Jurors: TBA Defense Witnesses: Captain Cristoph Tyrell (Icarus Returning) @Mesabi Captain Caroline Carolina (Beacon) @Mesabi First Mate Frederick Hammers @Drunknok Allen Landon, Bank of Corrington Officer @Bregir @Bregir Hope I'm not overstepping my bounds here. But I thought this would be a good topic to make.
  14. From the onset, King's Harbour was established with the very purpose of establishing a base for the Royal Terra Novan Navy. Until now, this purpose has been well served by the natural harbour, a few batteries, and quays where ships can be resupplied from the rich resources of the island. However, with Corlander naval presence increasing and following a number of skirmishes with pirates of different sorts, more organised naval facilities are required, and King's Harbour has started a process to expand its abilities to service larger vessels and more advanced repairs and refits. The first step in the build up is a masting sheer, a crane specifically designed to lift masts into larger ships. The lower masts of larger vessels have to be lowered vertically into the hull, as they cannot be raised by a simple process of pulleys and ropes. While not able to lift great weights, the new masting sheer at the King's Harbour Naval Base can handle the masts of even the largest ships of the Brick Seas, and lifts high enough to be able to handle even topmasts and topgallants for smaller vessels. Quickly after its inauguration, the masting sheer had its first task, shifting the topmasts of the schooner Blazer, just in from Jameston on the Paradise Islands. Captain Norman Monroe is drilling his crew and preparing them for the heavy task of getting the guns back on board. He has been considering the option of mounting 18 pounders, but the original 4 pounders are easier to handle for the merchantman's limited crew. The inside of the masting sheer is empty, and the stone structure is only there to support the crane on the top. It only houses the pulleys and a set of stairs to allow maintenance of the top of the crane. The crane is operated by a large capstan normally manned by 4 sailors. In case of heavy lifting, up to 12 men can be stationed at the bars. ____________________________________________ This build has been ready for some time, but I have simply been too busy posting it. While I am quite happy with the build, the pictures didn't come out as well as I wished for. I think the light settings on my camera has been off, as I did take the pics on a sunny day with plenty of light. As always, C&C is welcome. This is largely inspired by the masting sheer on Holmen Naval Base in Copenhagen, and is the first part of what I expect to, over time, become a royal artisan for King's Harbour. I am not in a rush, though, so we will see how long time it takes! Also, not that I here show the Blazer with all her sails furled - remember I promised that earlier? Well, now I actually did it! ;)
  15. Dramatis Personae Part One It was just before dawn and the settlement was calm. Jessica Campell stood on the front step of the inn and surveyed what she could see of the settlement. In the pre-dawn light the settlement appeared calm. The smell of stale alcohol mingled in the air with what Jessica swore smelled like roast horse. In her pocket was her report for Governor Allcock. Carefully transcribed into a cipher known only to her and the governor, she went through the contents in her head. Mesabi Landing, 6 December 617AE As you instructed I arrived in the settlement of Mesabi Landing a month ago and it is indeed as bad as you feared. Soon after arriving I was able to find work as a bar keep in a small inn run by one of the few honest men I have met in this wretched place. Samuel Morris financed the 'Twin Palms' inn with one of your grants, with the hope that Mesabi Landing's reputation of heavy drinking would turn a neat profit. And indeed it would, were it not for the fact that the settlement is virtually lawless, and the WTC troops here come and take what they want, without the inconvenience of actually paying for anything. Indeed the entire settlement is characterised by drunken behaviour, throughout both day and night. Count Mesabi, the mayor, is absent - rumour has it that he is leading an expedition to the far south of Halos, his exit from the settlement hastened by rumours of debtors chasing him. His wife Agnes was assuming his duties, although it is said the majority of the actual management was done by a WTC officer named Pete Zanzibar, although both have apparently left for Jameston around the same time I arrived. So no one is appears in charge and the WTC troops have filled the void, their remaining officers either encouraging their behaviour or too weak to prevent it. The WTC troops are almost always drunk, and as mentioned make life impossible for honest citizens by their thievery and extortion. Rumours are that criminals of all kinds, including pirates, are free to use the settlement as long as the WTC is paid off and the WTC troops receive their cut. You may well at this point ask about the Corlander garrison under Major Mason. I have managed to befriend one of his junior officers, an officer by the name of Lieutenant Billsby. A young and impressionable officer, he paints a picture of a garrison with extremely low morale, frustrated by their apparent powerlessness to act. Major Mason has confined his men to the fort and spends most of his time muttering about blowing the settlement to Hades and beyond. Lieutenant Billsby is allowed out to buy supplies from the WTC, who of course charge exorbitant rates. I will await your instructions, although I must advise you that I am unable to intervene on my own. To restore Corlander order you will need to send a senior officer to deal with Major Mason, and I would go as far to recommend you back him with regular troops to handle the WTC. J ------------------------------------------------------- A quick build for Mesabi Landing - Governor Allcock has been worried about rumours from the settlement for sometime. I've tried to use the style Mesabi uses in most of his builds in the settlement but merged with my own. It's only a façade with no interior though! Part Two will be added to this thread soon, the build is just about finished and only the story needs writing.
  16. Location: Jameston, Celestia Type: Medium Commercial Jameston Basecamp by North White, on Flickr Agnes awoke with a start at a table full of papers. Jameston Basecamp by North White, on Flickr "What the? How the $#@$# did I get here?" She asked angrily "Good morning!" Said Pete Zanzibar "I'm glad to see you've come too." "You didn't answer the question, you pinstriped idiot." Agnes muttered. "Well.... after you left the gunpowder factory, you walked into a pineapple tree. You then challenged it to a duel, and blew it up with TNT." Said Pete "And?" "Well, then you tried to rob a general store with a stick." "And?" "And we realized it would just be easier to buy out the store, and set up headquarters there, and let you think you robbed the place." "Oh." Jameston Basecamp by North White, on Flickr "So, anyways, the elites are all here, and we're going to go find that fabled orchard." Said Pete "Wait, who's running things in Mesabi Landing?" Asked Agnes Jameston Basecamp by North White, on Flickr Pete stopped smiling. "Him." He said quietly. "Oh." Said Agnes. "Well then, let's get this show on the road." Jameston Basecamp by North White, on Flickr FIN Thanks for viewing my entry into Challenge 6! As usual, I'm the first to post . I really tried to imitate @Ayrlego's style with this build. I probably failed, but I'm happy with the amount of texture I put into the build. C&C appreciated! More pictures
  17. Gunboats for the Colonies Citizens of Corrington, shipwrights of the Brick Seas, and boatyards of Terra Nova. The Royal Navy hereby initiates a building program for gunboats to protect the harbours of Corrington. This building program includes two classes of vessels, both using oars as main propulsion for maximal maneuverability, often utilising sails as secondary propulsion: Gunboats (Class 1) Small vessels with a large cannon mounted in the bow or stern. Typically 4 to 8 oars and makeshift rigging. Gun sloops or light galleys (Class 2) Larger vessels with heavier armament carried in the bow or stern. Typically more permanent rig and better open sea performance. May carry mortars or howitzers for secondary armament. Once a design has been submitted, the Navy Board will review it, and send any requests for change back to the constructor. (OOC: You may be asked to improve on your design to have it accepted.) Accepted designs will be bought into the Royal Terra Novan Navy at 25 dbs for class 1 vessels and 40 dbs for class 2 vessels. They will be named by type (eg. "Gunboat") and number (eg. "No. 2") and constructors are invited to propose a gifted boatswain for command. The crown will then review the qualifications and make appointments accordingly. For the first 9 vessels, the best design of every three vessels commissioned will be awarded with a prize from the stock of dry-docked captures. (Class 1 or 2 vessel) The Crown will assign these vessels to harbours as they are finalised, based on tactical needs. Signed Rear-Admiral Fletcher Commander, Royal Terra Novan Fleet PS. The Crown thanks the Montoya estate for its offer to finance this building programme.
  18. The entrance to Vanilla Bay is a relatively safe one, the channel being sufficiently wide and deep. There are some rocky outcrops off the Southern headland however, and on one of these the Settlement of Jameston has constructed a Lighthouse. Shipping arriving at night are advised to keep the light on their starboard side to avoid running foul of these rocks, especially when the harbour is shrouded in a tropical mist. The light itself is an oil powered lantern, encased in a glass lens to magnify the light. The station is maintained by Royal Marines, and at any time a Royal Navy Petty Officer is available to board visiting ships and provide pilot services into the bay and advice on the best anchorages (the larger commercial wharfs are still all under construction.) -------- And a normal picture! Licensed as a medium commerce in Jameston by the settlement. Feel free to mock my attempts at digitally adding some fog and the light!
  19. Named after a bird following the ship since shortly after it was put into service, the "Cranky Parrot" is a small vessel built for trade. Despite its unarguably grumpy character, the parrot has always brought luck to its namesake, which is currently sailing to Mesabi Landing. Soon to be under the command of the WTC, the "Cranky Parrot" might need all the luck it can get. Multiple elements can be removed: The anchor chain can be released.... ... and also be re-attached. ========================================================================================================= This will be my free class 2. I used a cog as a reference. The "blocky" design with this one is intentional, I will work with hinges and smoother hulls with other ships. @Mesabi: This will soon be nominally under WTC control. We have discussed this, just give the orders.
  20. Corrington, Challenge I – Celestia’s Superb Orchid Corrington’s latest claims in New Terra have mostly focused on the East Prio Sea, where the Crown has claimed a chain of Islands which have been dubbed the Paradise Isles. The two largest islands of this chain are Celestia and Cascadia. The Royal Navy has conducted a thorough survey of the coastlines of these new territories which have been mapped and settlement has begun. An expedition into the interior of Cascadia led to the discovery of the ancient city of Myzectlan, however, little is known about the interior of Celestia. Contact with the natives on Celestia remains limited, although they appear to be a far more primitive society to the Myzectlan on Cascadia. Communication with them has so far proven very difficult. Recently however, one of the native auxiliary scouts that accompanied the expedition from Alicentia has approached Colonel Sir Dirk Allcock, Colonial Governor of the Paradise Isles with news. The scout has learned of rumours of a ruined temple complex deep in the highlands of the interior of Celestia. Abandoned thousands of years ago, the natives believe the temple to be where the gods lived on the island before departing sometime in the distant past, and it is considered a sacred site, haunted with the spirits of the ancestors. Most of the natives avoid it, although those who have ventured in talk about an orchid that they describe as the most beautiful in existence. Celestia is quickly becoming known amongst the Corrish colonists as the Orchid Isle, due to the huge diversity of the epiphytes that grow there, so the claim of the most beautiful in existence is one not to be taken lightly! So while Dirk doesn't place much weight in the superstitions of the natives, and is even sceptical about the existence of 'ancient ruins', he is deeply curious regarding this splendid Orchid. That, and the need to explore and map the interior, have meant that he and the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy will sponsor expeditions into the interior open to adventurers from all nations. So now is your chance to make a name in the field of science! Put on your best hat, and join the adventure... NB: In era II, each main challenge will focus on developing one area of the "hosting nation", and highlight the specialty of each nation. For challenge I it is Corrington and Science. We may also add smaller "story-challenges" in between, but you will see. Soon(TM)..... General Rules Deadline: January 15th 30th, 618 AE. The exploration challenge will consist of three sub-categories. Participants may choose to enter any number of sub-categories, however all participates must submit an entry to Category A in order to progress to the other two categories. All entries must be linked in this thread. As entries start to be submitted, the fogged out ‘terra incognita’ on the map may start to be revealed as word of your discoveries filters back to Jameston. New geographical features will most likely be named after (or by) their discoverers. Category A – Setting up Camp All expeditions require a starting point, so all participants are required to licence a small property (may be bigger if you like) in the settlement of Jameston. If required the mayor will provide the funds to licence the property (upon request, although ownership of the property will then be transferred to the settlement). A Jameston Street Your expedition’s base may be anything from a log cabin or tent, an inn or tavern, or a grand residence suitable for a gentleman or women of high status. It should introduce your explorer and his/her team. Rewards and Rules: Minimum size 16x16. One entry allowed per player. Build must be able to be licensed under the rules of the EGS. The winner of this challenge will have obviously invested a great deal in the fledgling settlement, and so will be awarded a free large property licence of any type in the settlement of Jameston (micro scale build only required). The ownership of all properties will have the personal guarantee of the Colonial governor, even in the event of a state of war between Corrington and the nation of the owner. Judging Criteria: Base camp build and the description of the expedition and it's member minifigs. Category B - The Flora, Fauna, and Geography of Celestia Celestia has a huge diversity of plants, from swamp reeds to gorgeous orchids, animal life, from the smallest insects to rumours of large carnivorous cats, and geography, from rivers and lakes, deep jungle and open grassland, to mountains, valleys and caves. Portray and describe a plant, animal or geographical feature with the description in the style of a scientific article to the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy. Animals may be brick built or Lego animals. Your build should be accompanied by a short letter to the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy describing the creature in as much detail as possible. Rewards and Rules: Maximum size per entry: 1024 stud (equal to 32x32). Each entry may consist of several builds and multiple entries per player is encouraged. The overall winner for Cat B will be granted a free large educational property license, second place a free medium educational property license and third place a free small educational property license (microbuilds required to activate) in Jameston. Additionally, there will be one winner for each sub-category of Flora, Fauna, and Geography. The winners in each of these areas of study will be rewarded with a 100DB grant from the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy (and honorary membership if not already a member). In addition every entrant to this category will be permitted to name the species or feature they discover (within normal naming conventions). Do you want to describe an animal and geographical feature? Have no worries for in this category, several entries per player are encouraged. Judging criteria: Depth of "scientific" description and creativity in illustrating it with builds. Category C - The Superb Orchid of Celestia Show your character discovering the 'Superb' Orchid within the ruins of the ancient temple. The build should clearly show your explorer discovering the orchid within jungle ruins. Remember the build should be set in the mountainous jungle deep in the interior of Celestia. Be creative - perhaps the primitive tribes are helpful, or maybe they are trying to prevent you discovering the ruins? Perhaps the ruins are related to Myzectlan on Cascadia? Rewards and Rules: Size: Unlimited. One entry per player. The winner will be awarded the title “Great Explorer of Celestia” and will be rewarded with a 150DB grant from the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy (and honorary membership if not already a member). As the winners will now be quite the renowned botanists, they will receive a free large plantation property license, second place a free medium plantation property license and third place a free small plantation property license (microbuilds required to activate) on Celestia. Judging Criteria: Tranquillity and beauty of the scene, integration of jungle and ruins, the superb orchid itself.
  21. Location: Jameston Type: Medium Factory The Sepoys of Jameston eyed the new factory suspiciously. They had heard the stories of the WTC, and their exploits. The WTC Infantryman eyed the horse hungrily. Bottle factory by North White, on Flickr Inside the factory, Pete Zanzibar observed the workers. Bottle factory by North White, on Flickr Glass was made by melting sand into a gooey hot pulp, and gathered on a pipe. Bottle factory by North White, on Flickr The blob of glass was put into a mould made out of a barrel. Bottle factory by North White, on Flickr Bottle factory by North White, on Flickr A worker would then blow into the pipe, turning the blob of glass into a bottle. Bottle factory by North White, on Flickr After the bottles were cooled, the mould pieces were removed, and the bottles placed in crates. Bottle factory by North White, on Flickr The large crates were loaded into a cart. Bottle factory by North White, on Flickr As Zanzibar walked towards the exit he muttered to himself. "We are literally robbing the crown of Corrington with these economic incentives. Pity this had to be built at the edge of the world though. Her sister factories will make this the manufacturing capital of the new world. But it'll be a pain to ship the goods. Yes sir, it'll be a pain to ship the goods." FIN Thanks for viewing my build! Sorry for the radio silence lately. This was going to go in Mesabi Landing, but I need the cash, so Jameston I guess. C&C appreciated!
  22. Dramatis Personae (I too really like this idea to keep characters sorted! Thanks to @Kolonialbeamter for the Inkscape template for the character tags!) Colonel Sir Dirk Allcock has finally made it back to civilisation. After months in the jungles of Cascadia with the Myzec, he has finally arrived back in Jameston, a settlement that has grown much in his absence. As he greets Samuel Woodruff outside the new constructed offices of the Allcock Trading Company, Dirk notices that next door is a barbershop. A barber with a luxurious moustache is waiting for customers at the door. After months in the jungle, Dirk longs for a proper shave and trim, so much to the surprise of Mr Woodruff, but not so much Sergeant Gowan or Davy Russell, who had both returned with Dirk from Cascadia, he heads over and greets the Barber. The moustached barber returns Dirk's greeting enthusiastically, revealing a thick Mardierian accent. Dirk soon finds himself in the barber's chair, looking out onto the street with Mr Woodruff hovering alongside and Sergeant Gowan lounging on the back wall. Russell has wondered off. The barber's name was Marco, and he was indeed of Mardierian descent. "So my fine man, how did you end up here in Jameston, by the sounds of it you originally hail from Mardier?" "Not Mardier Signore, but rater the Isle de Medio, born in New Ter-ra. I worked as the personal barber for teh Mardierian Viceroy himself." "and you fled after the fall of the Island to Eslandola?" "Si, Signore, bet-ter to leave no?" "Quite so, but why not New Haven with your fellow countrymen?" "Ah, Every-a-one go to New Hafen - Marco, he lika his chances going east, so I a come here no? Open my own shop" "Well my dear man, let's see if your barber skills are as you say, your finest shave and a trim thank you." With that Marco got to work. Mr Woodruff began a report. "The incentive for factories was released as ordered Colonel. We have had more interest than expected so far, but I shall await judgement until the projects themselves firm up." "Quite good, and I see that the resupply convoy from Cocovia has arrived in harbour, I noticed the Lady Jacqueline amongst the ships at anchor on my arrival" "Indeed, Captain Sawkins awaits you at your pleasure. The convoy is readying to depart in the next week and are currently loading goods, mostly sugar cane" "Yes, I see the sugar industry here is off to a great start, very good indeed" The conversation went on for sometime, until Marco had finished. Dirk felt great - it was indeed a fine shave. "Well my good Sir, that was indeed as good as promised, Sergeant, pay the good man from my purse if you please, and don't skimp on the tip." "To be sure Sir," "Actually while you are there, Marco, give my Sergeant a shave, he always seems to have that shadow on his face" The normally stoic Sergeant Gowan looked horrified. "Ah Sir, for the love of the gods you wouldn't let that Mardo anywhere near me with a razor would you Sir?" "Don't make such a fuss Sergeant, you will feel better I assure you" "Zeus, Hades and Posiedon!" Sergeant Gowan made the sign against evil. Dirk sighed, "Just pay the man then Sergeant. We shall be returning." "Many tanks Signore, a fine day to you" ---------- Another small artisan for Jameston and the first section of the street put together. Below is a picture of the Barbershop on its own. It was time for Dirk to return and time to focus on storytelling again, hence the wall of text. I really love @Kolonialbeamter's tags for his characters and hope to put together some of my own, as I seem to have lots of named reoccurring characters and it would be nice to weave them back into the stories again. EDIT: Tags added thanks to KB's assistance!
  23. On the same street as the Allcock Trading Offices and Temple of Poseidon stands a new tailor's shop. Run by two enterprising young women, the shop makes and repairs quality clothes for the citizens of the settlement. Will be licensed as a small artisan. This is the third of my 20x20 modules intended to be joined together for a large street scene. Hopefully I'll start putting together the scene after the next couple of builds.
  24. While to most outsiders Corlanders are not known as a pious people, many still follow the old ways, especially those from rural or outlying areas. Where Corrington differs from the majority of the nations of the Madrice peninsula, is that for a couple of hundred years now the Faith has been completely separated from the state. Corlanders are still free to practice any religious beliefs, but only so far as those activities do not conflict with the secular laws of the state. Dirk Allcock is not among the pious of his countrymen. A man of science he has little time for what he considers myths and fairytales. As colonial governor however, when a group of Priests of Poseidon approached him seeking permission to construct a small shrine in the docks of Jameston, he immediately recognised the advantages and gave his approval. To be licensed as a small art and culture by the settlement of Jameston. Technique for the pattern above the archway is from here
  25. The Wayfarer Trading Company has very unique uniforms. Curious for each rank? Use this handy guide! WTC Captains WTC forces by North White, on Flickr Dressed in Clean, dark tan uniforms, WTC captains wear a Bicorne. Each WTC captain commands a ship and her crew. Currently the WTC's Vessels are: WTC Aurora Class 2 WTC Copperhead Class 3 WTC Icarus Returning Class 6 WTC Beacon Class 4 WTC Infantry WTC forces by North White, on Flickr The WTC's Infantry was created to relieve the burden of the Marines, who beforehand filled all around roles for the WTC. The WTC Infantry does general guard work, and defends their land installations. WTC Marines WTC forces by North White, on Flickr The WTC Marines are the backbone of the WTC. Trained in combat, resource procurance, and shipmanship, the WTC Marines fill all sorts of roles within the organization. WTC Elites WTC forces by North White, on Flickr The highest ranking combat soldiers of the WTC belong here. Highly skilled in combat, they make sure no foreign power or trade corporation will ever harm the WTC. WTC Specialists WTC forces by North White, on Flickr WTC's specialists fill roles that regular soldiers cannot, such as snipers, translators, and assassins. WTC Operators WTC forces by North White, on Flickr Not all combat is physical! WTC's Operators consist of salesmen, lawyers, and upper level managers. They might be more cutthroat than the elites, however. These are the WTC's forces as of October, 617 iuxta imperium C&C appreciated, the elites aren't quite finished, I need more brown arm things, and they will have red feathers in their caps.