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Found 465 results

  1. For the Glory of Corrington! (GoC) - A Faction Enduring Challenge Sometimes it can be difficult to find inspiration for a build or choose a direction for a storyline. Well, fear not fellow Corlanders, here is some direction for those times when you need it! The following are a set of faction endorsed cooperative building tasks to inspire and guide you on your journeys through Corrish territories in Nova Terra. GoC General Rules Builds for GoC tasks should be posted in their own thread with the tag [GoC]. You must also provide a link to your build in this thread. A progress list will be maintained in the second post of this thread. Quality - This should also be an opportunity for you to improve your building skills, so take your time and focus on quality. When presenting your build, designated members of Corrington will award you a if they feel it passes quality standards. Don't worry, we will of course take into account collection size and experience. If some minor adjustments are required, these will be suggested. Two from the reviewers are required for the build to officially count towards the challenge. It is recommended you do not de-construct your build until you receive the required from reviewers in case it requires some adjustments to pass these requirements. - By submitting an entry you agree to receive feedback from the reviewers and will accept their judgement on the matter. - All tasks have a minimum size requirement of a 20x20 (400) stud footprint (or equivalent - irregular bases are permitted as long as they meet the minimum 400 stud footprint). - Other individual requirements will be listed in each task description. Builds that do not meet the task requirements will be rejected. - Only builds posted after 1 January 2019 may count towards the GoC challenge. - Current reviewers @Ayrlego @Captain Dee @Bregir @SilentWolf @LM71Blackbird @evancelt Rewards - Complete any of the below tasks to earn the corresponding IC title for that task for one of your characters. All tasks consist of a minimum of three separate builds (entries). Some tasks will stipulate the subject of each of the three builds and may require them to be posted in a specific order. Others only require three separate builds that meet the requirements. Please read the requirements for each task carefully and ask any questions in this thread. - Each subsequent entry in a task must be significantly different from the last and should attempt to show some kind of improvement from the last, for instance using different techniques or changing the subject matter. NB: In some tasks, there might be specific requirements for the three builds defined. The idea is to glorify our faction, so you should strive to do the best within your own limitations and be proud of every GoC build. Clone builds rushed to complete tasks will not be accepted. - Complete three tasks (total of nine builds) for your main character to become a Knight in the Order of Corrington (OC) and the right to style themselves 'Sir' and use the post nominals OC. eg Sir Fredrick Mercury OC. - Complete six tasks (total of 18 builds) for your main character to receive a honorary Baronetcy within the Corlander nobility. Your new title will be announced by Royal decree when you complete the requirements. An example may be something like: Sir Fredrick Mercury OC, Baron of Feltham - Complete nine tasks (total of 27 builds) for your main character to receive a honorary Earldom within the Corlander nobility. Your new title will be announced by Royal decree when you complete the requirements. An example may be something like: Sir Fredrick Mercury OC, Earl of Finnsbrough - Complete twelve tasks (total of 36 builds) for your main character to receive a honorary Dukedom within the Corlander nobility. Your new title will be announced by Royal decree when you complete the requirements. An example may be something like: Sir Fredrick Mercury OC, Duke of Rhyeshire - Nobility titles will only be awarded to Corlanders. Foreigners are welcome to participate in any of GoC tasks and will be awarded the corresponding title if they complete an individual task; however, they will not be eligible for ennoblement. - A list of tasks is provided below. They do not have to be completed in any order and new tasks may be added from time to time as faction priorities change. GoC Task List 1. Redcoats Rule! Background: The mighty Empire of Corrington is built on several foundations, but perhaps one of the most iconic is the bright scarlet coats worn by her soldiers. With dogged stoicism, Corlander redcoats face the harshest of conditions, are unmoveable in defence and relentless in advance. The sight of the redcoats of Corrington will always strike terror in her enemies! Goals: Show us your redcoats! Requirements: Build three scenes showing soldiers of the crown going about their business in the colonies. Your build must showcase faction troops, preferably redcoats. They could be training, parading, maintaining weapons, guarding supplies, fighting dastardly pirates or treacherous natives (and winning of course!). Alternatively you may choose to build a military building (fort, barracks, armoury etc. Just remember to include plenty of redcoats!). There is no EGS requirement for this task. Your combined builds should display at least two different branches of the army; for example, infantry, cavalry, artillery, engineers etc. Title Awarded: Patron of the Army 2. The Oaken Shield Background: The backbone of Corlander power in Terra Nova is the Royal Navy. Royal Navy warships hunt pirates, raid enemy hideouts and settlements and keep trade routes open. Goal: Ensure Corlander Naval supremacy in Terra Nova. Requirements: Build three warships for commissioning in the Royal Navy, one for each of the three naval armament schemes, Gunboats for the Colonies, Sloops for the Royal Navy, and Cruisers of Terra Nova. A requirement of this task is that the completed build is handed over to the faction for licensing and deployment. Title Awarded: Master Naval Shipwright 3. The Merchant Marine Background: While the Royal Navy has been prominent in keeping the sea lanes of Terra Nova safe, the Corlander Merchant Marine has seen a slow but persistent demise. We cannot allow this decline to continue. Goal: Build up a significant fleet of merchant vessels to bring home the riches of Terra Nova. Requirements: Build three merchant vessels, one if which is offered to the Crown. These vessels should be licensable in the EGS, and must meet the following requirements. In total, your builds must make up a minimum of 12 shiplevels. One ship must be small (class 1-2), another medium (class 3-5) and one large (6+). Additionally, one build should be a historical or exotic rigging type (eg. xebec, longboat, felucca, junk, cog, carrrack, proa, polacre, etc.), one should be a fore-and-aft rig (eg. schooner, sloop, cutter, lugger, etc.), and one should be a square rigged vessel (eg. brig, snow, ship-rigged, galleon, etc.). (The predominant rigging type on a vessel determines the category) Rigging types and sizes can be combined freely. Title Awarded: Shipping Nabob 4. Purser's Network Background: The 'Oaken Shield', or ships of the Royal Navy need shore based support to be able to function and carry out their roles or defending and expanding the Empire. The fleet operates several major Naval bases in Terra Nova and these require constant expansion. Major fleet bases include Arlinsport, King's Harbour, and Port Woodhouse. Goal: Build an extensive naval support and logistics network for the Royal Navy in Terra Nova Requirements: Build a series of three scenes showing how the fleet is supported from ashore. Your scene must be in one of the settlements listed above and must be licensable in the EGS. Ownership must be transferred to the faction. Each of your scenes must be a different EGS licence type. eg. Artisan, Commerce, Factory, Education etc. Some examples could include: Naval hospital, quays and cranes, armoury, ropeyard, sail maker, powder mill, cannon foundry, tavern, cartographers, various industries for provisioning, powder depot, recruitment office, training facilities, storehouses, etc. Title Awarded: Master Purser 5. Higher Education Background: Corrington is known as a bastion of knowledge and learning. Science, mathematics and literature all flourish under Corlander patronage and Corlander schools and universities are world renowned. Thus it is only natural that this passion for education is transferred with Corlander settlers in Terra Nova. Goal: Display Corlander supremacy in the field of education and knowledge in Terra Nova. Requirements: Build a series of three scenes showcasing Corrington's commitment to knowledge and science in Terra Nova. You can complete the following three subtasks in any order. There are no set locations for these tasks. 1. Build a scene showing some aspect of education for children of the colonies. The build must be licensable as an educational property under the EGS rules. 2. Build a scene showing some kind of vocational training in a specific industry or field. For example, a college for engineers or cartographers, an academy for military officers etc. The build must be licensable as an educational property under the EGS rules. 3. Build a scene showing a place for research or higher learning. Examples could include an agricultural research institute, a university college for theoretical mathematics, a chemistry or botany laboratory etc. The build must be licensable as an educational property under the EGS rules. Title Awarded: Patron of Knowledge 6. Sweet, Sweet Corrington! Background: One of the major premises for Corrington settling the new world was access to areas suitable for the growth and harvesting of sugar cane. The settlements of Stormhaven, Port Raleigh and Jameston all have burgeoning sugar cane industries, but the demand in the old world for sugar is insatiable. Alternative sources to cane sugar have even been investigated in Mesabi Landing. Our sugar industry must be expanded! Goal: Expand Corrington’s grip on the sugar industry in the new world. Requirements: Build a series of three scenes in any of the three main ‘sugar’ settlements (Stormhaven, Port Raleigh or Jameston) showing some aspect of the industry. Your three scenes may be in the same settlement, or can be spread across all or some of them. Alternatively one of your scenes may be exploring other sources for sugar (Agave or Stevia) in Mesabi Landing. Your scene could be anything from a plantation, to the storage and processing of the raw product, or any of the products derived from sugar (eg. Rum!). Your scene must be able to be licensed in the EGS. Should you not wish to license it yourself, you may sell it or the faction will purchase it. Title Awarded: Sugar Kingpin 7. Chocolate and Coffee on Cocovia Background: One of the first islands settled by Corlanders in Terra Nova, Cocovia was so named for the abundance of Cacao plants that grow naturally on the island. Indeed the chocolate industry on the island now has a solid foundation and the demand for chocolate in the old world requires extensive expansion. The island is also thought ideal for the cultivation of coffee, although coffee plantations and industry have yet to be established. Goal: To establish monopolies on both chocolate and coffee for Corrington. Requirements: Build a series of three scenes showing the either the chocolate or coffee industries in Quinnsville or King's Harbour. Your scenes must be able to be licensed in the EGS. Should you not wish to license it yourself, you may sell it or the faction will purchase it. Your scenes must be built in the following order and the properties must be constructed in either the settlement of Quinnsville of King's Harbour. 1. Your first scene should show the growing of the raw product (coffee beans or cocoa beans) and must be licensable as a plantation under the EGS rules. 2. Your second scene should show some aspect of processing the raw product. It must be EGS licensable as a factory. 3. Your final scene should show the production or sale of the final product eg. A coffee shop or chocolatier. It must be EGS licensable as either a commercial property or artisan. Title Awarded: Colonial Cafe King 8. The Lotii Connection Background: Port Raleigh hosts a sizable Lotii community – the largest of any of Corrington’s settlements in the Brick Seas so far. These industrious arrivals have quickly adapted to live in the colonies; however, they have also transported much of their home culture with them. Many of their buildings are built in the style of their ancestral home and they have bought with them their traditional artwork, crafts and festivals. NB. The Lotii are based on a generic East Asian culture and previous depictions have displayed both Japanese and Chinese characteristics. Goal: Display Lotii culture in Port Raleigh Requirements: Build three scenes showing inhabitants of Port Raleigh with Lotii background. Your build should display some aspect of traditional Lotii culture which has been transplanted into the settlement. Examples could include teahouses, Japanese style gardens, porcelain production, Oriental style buildings or restaurants, fireworks production/sellers, street festivals etc. There is no EGS requirement for this task (although licensable builds are encouraged). Title Awarded: Honorary Lotii 9. Equines for Elizabethville Background: The rolling plains of the island of Lacryma are ideal for the breeding of horses, indeed some of the finest horses in the new world are from Elizabethville! Goal: Expand the equine industry in Elizabethville Requirements: Build three scenes showing some aspect of the breading, keeping or export of horses in Elizabethville. Examples could include a ranch, stables, racetrack, blacksmith specialising in shoeing horses, saddler, wainwright etc. Your scenes must be able to be licensed in the EGS. Should you not wish to license it yourself, you may sell it or the faction will purchase it. Title Awarded: Purveyor of Thoroughbreds 10. Daily life of the Myzec Background: The Myzec are loosely based on the Aztec civilisation and inhabit the city of Myzectlan, located in a hidden valley on Cascadia. They primarily farm maize, sweet potato and beans in 'floating island' plots or chinampas on Lake Myzec. The meat in their diet includes fish and water fowl/turkeys and dugout canoes are used to transverse the lake. Very few mammals are farmed in the Myzec valley although there are some pigs and goats. They weave cloth from goat wool and produce leather from animal hides hunted outside the valley. A basket ball type game is a very popular recreational activity. They ferment an alcoholic ale from maize. Goal: To expand the lore of the native people in the lost city of Myzectlan on Cascadia. Requirements: Build a three small scenes showing the Myzec people conducting activities from their day to day life. Some examples may include: Farming a chinampa lot, milling maize grain, making tortillas, fermenting ale, fishing, trapping ducks, repairing fishing nets, making canoes, warriors training, producing mud bricks for construction, weaving cloth, tanning hides, hunting in the jungle, making jewellery/pottery, ball games, etc There is no EGS requirement for this task (although licensable builds are encouraged). Title Awarded: Friend of the Myzec 11. Strategic Outposts Background: Some of Corrington's settlements in Terra Nova occupy vital strategic positions for the defence and expansion of the Empire but have little commercial value - they exist primarily to protect Corrington's interests. Hence these settlements tend to be smaller and more military focused. To maximise their strategic importance, they require extensive naval bases, army barracks, fortifications and logistics hubs. Currently, these include Hussar's Isle and Port Woodhouse. Until such time as more purely military outposts are created, the commercial hubs of Spudkirk and Port Raleigh, together with the developing settlements of Wullham and Brickford Landing; which all also occupy strategic locations, will be included in this task. Goal: To build up the network of Corlander strategic defences in Terra Nova. Requirements: Build a scene showing a building of strategic value in each of these important locations. Your building should be military in nature and examples could include: fortifications, quays and cranes, naval storehouses, army barracks, munitions stores and factories, etc. Your build must be licensable under the EGS rules and the ownership must be transferred to the faction. To complete this task you must build one scene in both Hussar's Isle and Port Woodhouse and a third scene in either Spudkirk or Port Raleigh. Title Awarded: Strategic Mastermind 12. Mangrove Madness Background: The settlement of Stormhaven was founded on the Isle of Serentia in the only safe port for over 400 miles. Unfortunately, despite the excellent shelter provided for ships, the location is not ideal for a settlement. Stormhaven cove is covered in mangroves which are almost impenetrable in many places. Properties within the settlement limits are build on stilts above the mangroves and raised wooden walkways provide access between properties. Further inland building is possible on land and some plantations and other properties have been established. Goal: To expand the settlement of Stormhaven Requirements: Build a series of scenes showing the unique aspects of life in Stormhaven. 1. Build two scenes showing buildings within the settlement limits. Your buildings must be in the style of the settlement ie. they must be constructed on wooden stilts above mangroves. Examples (one, two, three). Your scenes must be able to be licensed in the EGS. Should you not wish to license them yourself, you may sell them or the faction will purchase them. 2. Build a scene showing a rural property outside the settlement limits. Your scene should in some way support the settlement, for example it may be a plantation or farm, a lumber yard etc. Your scene must be able to be licensed in the EGS. Should you not wish to license it yourself, you may sell it or the faction will purchase it. Title Awarded: Swamp Magnate 13. A New Haven Success Story Background: The Eslandolan and Garvian invasion of the Isle de Medio left thousands of Mardierian settlers homeless and facing starvation. Corlander efforts to assist were met with fierce resistance from Eslandola and the resulting Nova Malto crisis was resolved by shipping large numbers of Mardierian refugees to the Corlander island of Alicentia for resettlement. Thus the settlement of New Haven was established, populated primarily with Mardierian refugees from the Mardierian-Eslandolan/Garvey conflict. Goal: Assist Mardierian resettlement in New Haven Requirements: Build a series of three scenes showing Marderian refugees settling down to life as Corlander citizens in New Haven. Your scenes must be build in the following order and the properties must be constructed in the settlement of New Haven. 1. Your first scene should show a Marderian family arriving in New Haven, show their initial lodgings and introduce their backstory (where did they come from, what did they do? Did any of their possessions survive? etc. Your build must be licensable as a residence or artisan under EGS rules. 2. Your second scene should show your Marderian Family starting work or establishing a business in New Haven. Maybe they establish a plantation (the Isle de Medio was famous for citrus plantations), or are they a master artisan who opens a workshop? Your scene must be able to be licensed in the EGS. Should you not wish to license it yourself, you may sell it or the faction will purchase it. 3. Your third scene should show your Marderian family celebrating or expressing their culture in their new settlement. Marderian culture is loosely based on Mediterranean cultures such as Italy, Greece or Spain. Perhaps they are celebrating a Marderian holiday, or preparing a traditional Marderian meal. The choice is yours! There is no requirement for this scene to be licensable under the EGS rules. Title Awarded: Humanitarian Hero Additional Temporary Tasks 14. Bastion of the East Valid until 1 Jul 23 or Queenston achieves City Status - whichever comes first Background: Corrington has long coveted the large island known as Arlintina at the far east of the known map. Finally, a small colony has been established on the southern coast of Arlintina. With vast open floodlands perfectly suited for sugar cane cultivation, rumoured mercury deposits and a bay large enough for ships of all sizes, Queenston is full of potential! Goal: Grow Queenston into a self sustainable city from which to project the glory of Corrington! Requirements: Build 3 properties that show Queenston as a growing settlement (must be licensable under EGS rules). Of the 3 builds, you may keep 1 as a personal investment, but 2 must be sold to Corrington : 1 to Queenston; and 1 to the Crown. There are no property size limits, Corrington will pay ×2 the licensing fee for the purchase of your builds. All builds must respect Queenston's aesthetic (see settlement page for examples/inspiration). Tag @Ayrlego in builds to be donated to the crown. 1. As a new settlement on promising land, people from all corners of the Empire have moved to Queenston in hopes of a better life on the new frontier. Build a property that shows what the daily life of these pioneers may look like. 2. Queenston's location offers great access to open floodlands perfect for sugar cultivation. Build a sugar cane plantation to exploit this resource. 3. Queenston is the most easterly settlement of the great Empire of Corrington. What lays beyond the eastern horizon, no one knows. To the south, war with the Lotii rages. Build a scene showing some aspect of the military defences of Queenston. Examples of suitable builds could be a barracks, supply depot, training facility, foundry, military docks etc. You build should include the glorious redcoats of Corrington's military as a major feature. Title Awarded: Queenston Pioneer
  2. To raise the settlement level of Port Woodhouse, this (currently) Large Town needs a Royal Factory. Baron Nash (architect) is of course the right person to contribute to this! To also provide the naval support and logistics network for the Royal Navy in Terra Nova it has become a Guarded Cannon Foundry. This is where the guns for Corrington's fleet are made. At this moment a few more guns are being loaded on board of corvette "Sémilliante". A class 6 vessel with 24 guns (24 x 8lb longgun). The ship can accommodate 140 crew members. The ship was made in William Parker's shipyard. One of the greatest ship designers of Corrington! --- Collab build with @boeing_787_8_dreamliner. Factory will be licensed to the Crown/settlement by @Ayrlego in Port Woodhouse. Class 6 Vessel "Sémilliante" is bought by Bricksbypidy from @boeing_787_8_dreamliner, and will be licensed by @Bricksbypidy Completing GoC task 4.2 Purser's Network with this build. Property type: Royal Factory Dimensions: 226 x 130 studs Total parts: ~48,000 Credits: - Architecture style: Sleepless Night (Flickr), Andreas Lenander (Flickr), @evancelt - Design crane: Rydan (Bricklink), modified by @Bricksbypidy - Design vessel: @boeing_787_8_dreamliner
  3. Like most settlers, the old scientist had moved into one of Queenstons many three stories townhouses. Every morning he would take his cane and go for strolls around the edge of town, observing and taking note of all the exotic lifeforms he could find. After a couple weeks, his neighbour had taken notice of the old man. And one day, as the scientist returned home, the young man intercepted him in the hallway and begged the man to teach him. After a good amount of convincing, the old man agreed to take him on as his assistant. Now that they're two, he may finally be able to venture deeper into the jungle. But first, the young man must learn the basics. --- This building is very much inspired by @Ayrlego's fantastic previous builds in Queenston. Will be licenced by the Crown (@Ayrlego) as a small residence in Queenston, completing GoC Bastion of the East task 1
  4. After Sir Peter Nash OC, Baron of Swanly (architect), completed his sugarcane mill in Mooreton Bay, he stayed in Mooreton Bay for a while. He met the head of a Public Nautical School from a neighboring island who was eager to open a dependency in Mooreton Bay. "Our youth are the future and deserve the opportunity to be trained for service in the merchant marine." Peter was happy to participate in this and designed a beautiful school building for these smallest Corries in Alicentia. --- Will be licensed to the Crown/settlement by @Ayrlego in Mooreton Bay. Completing GoC task 5.2 Higher Education with this build. Property type: Royal Education Dimensions: 114 x 98 studs Total parts: ~19,500 Credits: - Source of inspiration: based on a gameplay design from Anno 1800 (Harbourmasters Office) - Design minifigures: The Minifig Co
  5. The Adventures of Edmund Cooke | S01E02 'The Book of Knowledge' After we recently met our main characters in tavern 'The Drunken Fish' in Arlinsport, the story now continues... (click here for S01E01) Characters Screenshot S01E01 Edmund Cooke quickly finished his drink... "Hey Jim", he asked, "are you interested in talking about these 'deadly predators' at my place". Jim Corbett accepted the invitation, but indicated that he first had to stop by his house to pick up something. In the meantime a number of hours had passed and it was already starting to get darker and darker... *knock - knock*, there was a 'knock' on the door. Bernard Claesen Speirdyke looked with his small sleepy eyes through the window in the door . "Who's there?" he asked. "It's me, Jim," came the voice from the other side of the door. Bernard unlocked the door and escorted Jim to Edmund's office. Here Edmund was already sitting at a long table, waiting for his guest. Alexandre Bras-de-Fer was also present. Edmund's good friend and advisor was also very interested in what Jim had to say. Bernard closed the door behind Jim and stood at the door. He half listened to the conversation between the three gentlemen, while he had to make an effort to stay awake. Jim pulled a large, old book from under his arm. "This, gentlemen, is 'The Book of Knowledge'; I affectionately call it 'Wiki'... It contains everything you need to know about the white predators we talked about earlier today - well, yesterday... Jim put the book on the table and opened it at the letter "P." "The Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus) is a hypercarnivorous species of bear. Its native range lies largely within the Arctic Circle, encompassing the Great Northern Ocean and its surrounding seas and landmasses, which includes the westernmost regions near the Great Alliance States. It is the largest extant bear species, as well as the largest extant land carnivore," Jim read. "The only other bear of comparable size to the polar bear is the Kodiak bear, which is a subspecies of brown bear. Adult male polar bears weigh 350–700 kg (770–1,500 lb) and measure 2.4–3 meters (7 ft 10 in – 9 ft 10 in) in total length," Jim continued his story. Edmund sat listening to Jim's story with an enthusiastic smile on his face. His mind wandered and he already saw himself on a new adventure, in search of this Ursus maritimus! "...and that's all there is to it about the infamous polar bear, in this 'Book of Knowledge'." Jim concluded. Edmund was startled from his daydream: "Okay, now what...?" "You need an ocean-going vessel to make a voyage to these western reaches of the Great Northern Ocean!" replied Jim. Edmund looked at Alexandre. He gave a little nod and said, "I know the right person in Arlinsport for this job... His name is Parker." To be continued... --- Will not be licensed, because I've reached the maximum for this month. No GM input needed at this time to continue the journey... Property type: Medium Residence (but wil not be licensed) Dimensions: 35 x 27 studs Total parts: ~1,700 Credits: - Design minifigures: @ Ktownbricks, @ Theminifigco, @ Brickmaniatoys and @ Lego (Instagram) - Design furniture: @ Nortonsevenfour, @ Brickdesigned and @evancelt (Instagram), @ Brick_Sanchez (Rebrickable) - Design custom parts (parquet floor, carpet & Mona Lisa painting): @ Briquestore_officiel (Instagram)
  6. Name : Queenston Ownership : The Crown of Corrington Location : Arlintina, New Haven Sea Map : Coming soon Mayor : Edward Scarver (@Justsomebrix) Trade value : account summary Town Bank : account summary Town Income per turn / Town Expenses per turn : 46dbs / - Who can own property in Queenston : Anyone Who can freebuild in Queenston : Anyone Description : Coming Soon Official Information : Builds in Queenston Please help us out by posting the link to your Queenston builds in this thread. Licensee is Listed after the type of Licence. Properties : 46/31 Size for EGS purposes - 'Large Town' Required for 'City' : x4 commerce, x4 factory, x3 residence Required for 'Large City' : x12 commerce, x12 factory, x11 residence, x4 educational, x1 cultural Required for 'Grand City' : x15 artisan, x28 commerce, x28 factory, x27 residence, x7 educational, x3 cultural, 1 royal Required for 'Capital City' : x47 artisan, x60 commerce, x60 factory, x59 residence, x12 educational, x6 cultural, 5 royal Planned Builds : - Royal Plantation, Queenston (via Lmcpictures) - Large Fort, Queenston (via Justsomebrix) Artisans : 17 Blueberry Manor, Corrington (via Evancelt) (+2 settlement size) Tavern, Corrington (via Lmcpictures) (+10 settlement size) Armory, Corrington (via Evancelt) (+2 settlement size) Supply depot with military docks, Corrington (via Bricksbypidy) (+3 settlement size) Commerces : 4 Mayor's Office, Corrington (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) ETTC Office, ETTC (via Ayrlego) (+3 settlement size) Factories : 4 Logging Camp, Justsomebrix (+2 settlement size) Sawmill, Queenston ( via Justsomebrix) (+2 settlement size) Residences : 5 Grenadier Barracks, Corrington (via Ayrlego) (+3 settlement size) Corner Townhouse, Queenston (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) Corner Townhouse, Corrington (via Justsomebrix) (+1 settlement size) Educational : 3 Primary School, Queenston (via Bricksbypidy) (+3 settlement size) Art and Culture : 4 Town Hall, Corrington (via Evancelt) (+2 settlement size) Guillotine, Queenston (via Justsomebrix) (+2 settlement size) Plantations : 10 Royal Sugar Cane Plantatio, Corrington (via Bricksbypidy) (+10 settlement size) Mines : 2 Clay Pit, Corrington (via Ayrlego) (+2 settlement size) Forts : Troops : Company of ETTC sepoys, Justsomebrix Vessels stationed here : Other buildings : Other related builds : Arrival on Arlintina, Evancelt Edward Scarver's arrival on Arlintina, Justsomebrix The Reds and the Royals, Bricksbypidy
  7. From Mad Morgan's diary, Professional Fortune Hunter (part 2) [Scroll back to previous stories here] April 21, 623 Dear Diary. Unfortunately we did not find what we hoped for. No shiny gold..., but we don't give up! April 22, 623 Dear Diary. The abandoned mine contains traces of salt. This also seems to have some value! April 23, 623 Dear Diary. We have done further investigation. The tracks led us through a maze of caves to the coast. Here we came across some beautiful natural salt pans. April 30, 623 Dear Diary. We have invited renowned architect Sir Peter Nash, Baron of Swanley, to Quinnsville. He made a design for our workshop and office. May 14, 623 Dear Diary. Today we said goodbye to Peter. We are very satisfied with his work! Jolly and I hope to start a great business in Quinnsville with this salt mine! --- After my prospecting build, this is the salt mine build on Quinnsville! Will be licensed by @Bricksbypidy Property type: Mine Dimensions: 111 x 62 studs Total parts: ~10,000 Credits: - Roof technique with Ice Pop #30222) by stl_brick_co (Instagram) - Design Mad Morgan: Lego CMF Series 12 - Prospector (col186) - Design Jolly Jones: Tattooga (Appears in Lego Pirates of Barracuda Bay - 21322)
  8. Name: Quinnsville Ownership: The Crown of Corrington Location: Cocovia, west of the Sea of Thieves, in Queens Bay Map: Island of Cocovia by Christian West, on Flickr Mayor: Richard Brickford (@LM71Blackbird) Trade Value: see accounts spreadsheet Town Bank: see accounts spreadsheet Who can own property in Quinnsville: Anyone Who can freebuild in Quinnsville: Anyone Description: A Island discovered as Corrington ships journeyed past the known mapped edges of the Sea of Thieves in 616, the settlement of Quinnsville was founded by the captain of one of the exploring ships, Sir Thomas Smaugton. He was Sailing under both the flag of the Empire of Corrington, as well as the MAESTRO trade company which still holds a slight presence in the settlement. Mayor Smaugton contributed to much of the town's progress, but sadly, the Pearl of Cocovia had not seen much development since the retirement and mysterious disappearance of it's beloved mayor. Fortunately, one Richard Brickford, volunteered to step in and nurse the abandoned settlement back to health. Now under his leadership Quinnsville has quickly risen to prominence on Cocovia and is a flourishing settlement on the verge of becoming one of the few Grand Cities of Corrington. Original Information: For all things regarding the original Quinnsville settlement thread which includes but is not limited too, Original settlement builds (no pictures), The Quinnsville Chronicler (Issues 1-10), The Infamous Junkyard Fleet, and info on the MAESTRO Trade Company please visit original settlement thread found here: The Quinnsville Chronicler - Vol. 2, 3 Builds in Quinnsville: Please help us out by posting a link to your Quinnsville builds in this thread. Licensee is Listed after the type of license. Properties: 170/176-300 Trade Value: 790 Size for EGS purposes - Level 16 'Large City' Required for Level 32 'Grand City': 10 properties of any type including at least x0 Residence, x5 Factory, x16 Artisan, x0 Commerce, x0 Education, x0 Arts & Culture, and 0x Royal. Notable Events: Quinnsville Military Exercise, Fought between Derr's Expeditionary Light Infantry and The Quinnsville Fusiliers (1, 2) ---- Results Stationed Troops: 270 (1 Regiment, 3 Battalions, 9 Companies, 27 Platoons) Marching to Quinnsville, Quinnsville, Recruitment Status: Active Duty, Tomsche More Marching to Quinnsville, Quinnsville, Recruitment Status: Active Duty, LM71Blackbird 1st Quinnsville Light Dragoons and 1st Quinnsville Company of Foot (Rifleman), Quinnsville, Recruitment Status: Active Duty, LM71Blackbird 1st Battalion Her Majesty's Royal Marines, Quinnsville, Recruitment Status: Active Duty, LM71Blackbird Stationed Vessels: 2 Quinnsville Gunboats No.2 and No.3, Quinnsville, Status: Active Duty, LM71Blackbird HMS Growler, Quinnsville, Status: Active Duty, LM71Blackbird Residence: 38 Factory: 27 Plantation: 16 Mines: 4 Artisan: 16 Commerce: 33 Education: 10 Art & Culture: 19 Forts: 3 Unlicensed Builds: 1 Artillery Field Testing (GoC), Quinnsville, License status: Unlicensed, LM71Blackbird (+0 settlement size)
  9. The Adventures of Edmund Cooke | S01E01 'Beerhunters' This story begins in 'The Drunken Fish' tavern in Arlinsport, Tiberia. But before I take you into the story I will first introduce the main characters for this first episode: Characters Edmund Cooke Governor of the colony of Ethiopia, far away. Edmund is a War-veteran who recently fought in the Seawatch Campaign. In addition, he is a renowned captain who likes to conquer the raging oceans. Edmund had come to Tiberia to meet an old friend, Mayor Mason Denear. Bernard Claesen Speirdyke Edmund Cooke's right-hand man. Bernard is Edmund's personal security guard and assistant. Bernard is originally from 'Wullham, Panarium, a settlement/island in The Great Ocean. Alexandre Bras-de-Fer Navigator by profession. Takes care of Edmund's ship and navigates to the correct destination. He is also a good friend and advisor to Edmund. Jim Corbett Professional hunter and adventurer. He has seen many parts of the world and knows a lot about flora and fauna. No adventure is too crazy for him, no hunt is too dangerous for him! S01E01: Beerhunters After a long journey, Edmund Cooke, Bernard Claesen Speirdyke and Alexandre Bras-de-Fer have arrived in Arlinsport, Tiberia. They had already explored the city and finally ended up in tavern 'The Drunken Fish' for an alcoholic snack. Edmund entered the tavern first, looked around, and nodded in agreement: "Good people here." The tavern was filled with redcoats enjoying a beer. The room was filled with 'Highland' music, blasted into the tavern by the redcoat in the checkered kilt. Upstairs from the gallery stood behind the curtains a smartly dressed gentleman and lady surveying the spectacle. "Hmm, maybe the owners", Edmund thought. There were few places left. At the very back, a man sat alone at a large table. The man was dressed in brown clothing and wore a raccoon skin cap. Although the person looked a bit strange, there were few other options. The trio sat down at this table. Well three..., Bernard stopped just to be sure so that he could have a good overview of the situation. You never knew... While the men were enjoying a beer, their eyes fell on the white rug on the floor in front of the stairs. It looked like a bearskin, but they had never seen a white one before. The man across from them overheard Edmund and Alexandre arguing and joined in the conversation: "Never seen a dead polar bear before?" Bernard looked at the man suspiciously. What was this eccentric fellow meddling with? Alexandre looked at the man and indicated that he had never seen a white bear. "Jim Corbett," said the man. "My name is Jim Corbett, hunter". Confused by this sudden turn in the 'conversation', the trio also introduced themselves. Jim nodded in agreement and continued the conversation: "The polar bear lives in the cold colonies with a lot of snow." Alexandre nodded at Edmund as if to say they had never been there. "The polar bear is a deadly predator, and this skin was taken as a trophy by the owner of the tavern," Jim continued. "The story goes that these bears live in the far western colonies, beyond the Great Alliance States. The bears are rare and rarely seen." Edmund, an adventurous man, was mesmerized by what Jim had to say. His interest was piqued. He wanted to know more about this... To be continued... --- Will be licensed as a Large Artisan building to Arlinsport for the Crown (@Ayrlego). No GM input needed at this time to continue the journey... Completing GoC task 4.1 Purser's Network (license type 'Artisan') with this build. Property type: Large Artisan Dimensions: 72 x 52 studs Total parts: ~6,000 Credits: - Overall concept: based on a design by Damian Bonczyk (see picture below):
  10. "WELCOME TO THE GRAND CITY OF JAMESTOWN!" After his last design assignment in Jamestown, Peter Nash (architect) stayed a little longer in this Large City. This city was bustling with activity. This city was not for nothing the second largest city of Corrington. (Mesabi Landing had already reached the Grand City level.) After some research, Peter came to the conclusion that Jamestown was also not far from this legendary status. Only one Royal Factory was still missing to receive the Grand City label. In the past period, Peter had been involved in the rum industry. This was already abundantly represented in Jamestown. An important link was still missing in the 'rum chain'. The Rum Distillery was already established; a Rum Transport Company had moved into a beautiful office and warehouse on the harbor. With Peter's last assignment, a generous Barrels and Crates Factory was added to the 'rum chain'. Once again beautifully situated on the water, which made it easy to transport over water. --- Will be licensed as a Royal Factory building to Jamestown by @Ayrlego Property type: Royal Factory Dimensions: 177 x 130 studs Total parts: ~37,600 Credits: - Overall concept: based on a gameplay design from Anno 1800 (see picture below): - Design hull vessel: @ bricks_fan_uy (Instagram) - modified by Bricksbypidy - Design big cart: @ Peter.g.keith (Instagram) - modified by Bricksbypidy - Design small cart: @ marinbrickdesign (Instragram) (Lego 6010 remake)
  11. This thread encompasses all builds within Arlinsport and on the island of Tiberia (unless in another settlement) Name: Arlinsport Ownership: Crown Location: Tiberia (Sea of Storms) Mayor: NPC Mason Denear [income goes to the treasury] Trade Value: see accounts spreadsheet Who can own property in Arlinsport: Anyone. Who can freebuild in Arlinsport: Anyone. Map: Corrington’s only colony in the Sea of Storms is Tiberia. Its provincial capital is Arlinsport, named after Queen Annetta’s father, King Arlin II. Arlinsport is known for its robust defenses and deep harbor, but it is the only such port on all of Tiberia. The majority of the island is still not tamed by Corlanders, but the island is already home to a makeshift rum industry, thanks to sugar smuggling from LeBellan to the south. The national drink of Corrington has become rum quite quickly. Some traces of gold have been found on Tiberia, but not enough to be a fully functional mining economy. Because it is one of the only Sea of Storms islands that lie outside of the warm temperate zone, it cannot grow cash crops. This means that Arlinsport is mostly a stopover for merchants going to the richer, foreign ports to the south. Although Arlinsport resembles a normal, orderly Corlander city, most of the settlements on the island are makeshift in their permanency, and thus come in all different shapes and sizes. Properties: 94 Size for EGS purposes – Level 8 ‘City’ Required for Level 16 'Large City': x3 artisans, x8 factories, x1 art and culture. Artisans: 13 Woodworker’s Shop, small artisan, Mike S (+1 Settlement Size) Amelia Street Bakery, small artisan, Mike S (+1 Settlement Size) The Scribe of Arlinsport, small artisan, Puvel (+1 Settlement Size) Boat yard, small artisan, Brickwolf (+1 Settlement Size) The Captain’s Daughter Tavern, small artisan, Ayrlego (+1 Settlement Size) The Crossed Swords Tavern, small artisan, BrickOn (+1 Settlement Size) Arlinsport Blacksmith Shop, small artisan, SilentWolf (+1 Settlement Size) The Captain's Daughter (2) Tavern, small artisan, Mesabi, (+1 settlement size) The Juniper's Inn, medium artisan, Wellesley (+2 settlement size) Guest House, small artisan, Arlinsport (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) New Quay, medium artisan, Brickwolf (+2 settlement size) Commerce: 19 Coyle Shipping Company, small commerce, Mike S (+1 Settlement Size) Bounty Office, small commerce, Skaforhire (+1 Settlement Size) Bank of Arlinsport, small commerce, Scarst (+1 Settlement Size) Counting House, small commerce, Scarst (+1 Settlement Size) Horse Merchants Office, small commerce, SilentWolf (+1 Settlement Size) Livery, medium commerce, Silentwolf (+2 Settlement Size) Headquarters, medium commerce, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Seawolf shipping company and offices, Brickwolf (+2 settlement size) ETTC Headquarters, medium commerce ETTC (+2 settlement size) Bank of Corrington Office, small commerce, Arlinsport (+1 Settlement Size) Arlinsport City Gate, medium culture, Arlinsport (+2 settlement size) Bank of Corrington, small commerce, Bank of Corrington (+1 settlement size) not licensed Seawolf Sipping Company Main Office, small commerce, Brickwolf (+1 settlement size) Fortified Factory, large commerce, Corrington (via Spud The Viking) (+3 settlement size) Factories: 8 Miscellaneous goods factory, large factory, Ayrlego (+3 settlement size) Small factory, small factory, Ayrlego (+1 settlement size) Shako Shanty, medium factory, Arlinsport (+2 settlement size) Glue factory, medium factory, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Residences: 28 (21 NPC) Elizabeth’s parent’s home, Small residence, Silentwolf (+1 Settlement Size) The Montoya Residence, small residence, Bregir (+1 Settlement Size) Micah’s Residence, small residence, SilentWolf (+1 Settlement Size) Allcock Residence, small residence, Ayrlego (+1 Settlement Size) Griffin's Residence, small residence, Silentwolf (+1 Settlement Size) Griffin's Residence (2), medium residence, Silentwolf (+2 Settlement Size) Art and Culture: 5 The Department of Time, small culture, Bregir (+1 Settlement Size) The Gardens of Arlinsport, medium culture, Silentwolf (+2 Settlement Size) Admiralty Office, small culture, Corrington (+1 Settlement Size) Arlinsport Botanical Garden, small culture, Brickwolf (+1 Settlement Size) Educational: 7 The cartographer, small education, Phred (+1 Settlement Size) Cartography Academy, small education, Kai NRG (+1 Settlement Size) Lecture Room, small education, Drunknok (+1 settlement size) Naval Academy, small education, Arlinsport (+1 settlement size) Lieutenant Joshua's presentation, small education, Spud the Viking (+1 settlement size) Plantations: 5 Sugar Cane Plantation, small plantation, (Arlinsport via Simon_S) (+1 Settlement Size) Little Spices Plantation, small plantation, Puvel (+1 Settlement Size) Lavender Patch and Apiary, small plantation, Ayrlego (+1 Settlement Size) Horse Ranch, small plantation, SilentWolf (+1 Settlement Size) Potato Plantation, small plantation, Spud the Viking (+1 settlement size) Mines: 2 Prospecting on Tiberia, prospecting build, Mike S (+1 to settlement size) Silver Mine, mine, Mike S (+1 Settlement Size) Forts: 9 Fort Arlin, Large Fort, Mike S (on behalf of the Crown) (+3 to settlement size) x2 NPC Large Forts (+6 to settlement size) Other builds: 2 A visit to Arlinsport, unlicensed, BrickOn (+1 to settlement size) Leaving Tiberia, unlicensed, Lord Vladivus (+1 to settlement size) ETTC hires sailors, unlicensed, SilentWolf Reviewing the Guard, unlicensed, Ayrlego A letter, and fish, unlicensed, Drunknok Current Major Projects in Arlinsport: The Royal University of Tiberia
  12. Peter Nash (architect) had already gained a lot of experience in designing factories. The sugar cane industry was also not strange to Peter. The step to this design assignment in Mooreton Bay was therefore a small one. This suger cane mill is a factory that processes sugar cane to produce raw sugar or plantation white sugar. As you can see, the sugar cane goes in on one side of the factory and the raw sugar bags come out on the other side. --- Will be donated to the Crown, and licensed as a Royal Factory building to Mooreton Bay by @Ayrlego(???) @Ayrlego, you take care of the paperwork? Property type: Royal Factory Dimensions: 130 x 84 studs Total parts: ~14,700 Credits: - Overall concept: partly based on a gameplay design from Anno 1800 (see picture below):
  13. While Oleon has invested heavily in their newly conquered territories in Northern Terraversa, Corrington's resources has been stretched in countering the Lotus threat to the far East. This has put Corlander investments in a rather unfavourable light, something L'Olius has not been late to remark, privately or publicly. "Allow me to be the first to congratulate you on your new position, my dear friend!" Cooke beamed a bright smile. "Her Royal Majesty's ambassador to all of Terraversa - I would say that is quite the honour, and well-earned for your many years of service" Montoya, giving a polite bow to his friend, replied: "Indeed, indeed. An honour and a burden, but one I am very willing to take. However..." he sighed. "However, our resources are spread thin across the Brick Seas, and our support for the Commonwealth of Terraversa after the war has been a bloody disgrace!" Cooke spat out bluntly. "We have even removed most of the fleet East, leaving little to protect our interests in these seas!" "Might you not be slightly biased by the lack of a command for yourself, my dear friend?" "That is ENTIRELY besides the point!" Despite these words, Cooke did visibly calm down. "And have you not spent your time productively with the artillery and defences of the new Commonwealth, as well as training it's navy?" "I have, I have... But let me tell you this, Isaac, if I do not soon get a deck under my feet, I will go stark raving mad - not to mention that I will lose all chance of promotion!" "You are the most senior post-captain in the list...." "In Terra Nova, yes! Back home, the spit and polish crowd are caressing their interests with the Admirality and Royal Court, and I'll tell you this - at some point some upstart from a moneyed family will show up here, bossing me around. Some puppy, with little actual experience! Bossing me around!" The colour was rising in Cooke's face as he ranted on. "I am sure the rear-admiral will not let that happen, my friend." Montoya ensured his friend. "He holds you in high regard." "Yet I am left without a ship! Without even a barge to call my own!" "One will come, in due time, I have no doubt." Montoya turned. "Now, allow me to give you a tour of this newly constructed embassy. It is quite the showpiece, I will tell you...." The newly built Corlander embassy to Terraversa was placed in Westface, to solidify Corlander policy that the Commonwealth was to be the main hub for Terraversa. It was a stately building of three floors, the bottom holding conference rooms, kitchen, and a large dining hall. On the middle floor, stately offices, studies, a large library, and private chambers were located, while the top floor held bedrooms for staff and dignitaries. ________________________________________________ To be licensed by Corrington as a medium art and culture in Westface.
  14. Name: Mooreton Bay Ownership: The Crown of Corrington Location: Alicentia Mayor: James Hume Trade Value: see account spreedsheet here Town bank: see account spreedsheet here Who can own property in Mooreton Bay: Anyone. Who can freebuild in Mooreton Bay: Anyone. Maps: Description: Corrington's first settlement on Alicentia, Mooreton Bay, is located inbetween two large freshwater lakes and a large natural bay. As with other Corrish settlements in the new world, Mooreton Bay is founded near a native settlement, and co-exists in close cooperation with the natives in accordance with a formal treaty between the two peoples. Founded by famed Corrish explorer Sir Dirk Allcock in February 616, it was one of the first Corlander settlements in the Terra Nova. The settlement is named after the famous Corlander General Sir Charles Moore. Moore was a hero of the Juniper War who was killed leading a valiant rearguard action that allowed the main Corlander Army to escape an overwhelming Oleon invasion force. Together with the free settlers, a small contingent of convicts were present at the establishment of the settlement; mostly minfigs convicted of piracy in the Sea of Thieves. These convicts are awarded plots of land in return for a set amount of labour determined by the severity of their crimes. The abundent local sandstone makes for a convenient building material for most of the settlements buildings, which have taken a very Mardierian style after the foundation of nearby New Haven and the influx of Mardierian refugees fleeing the Isle de Medio after the Eslandolan invasion. Tropical fruits grow well in the fertile soils of Alicentia and plantations taking advantage of this recieve bonus income. The settlement successfully repelled a raid by notorious Eslandolan pirate Captain Nordau in late 622, although not without serious damage to Fort Denison. Original Information: Builds in Mooreton Bay Please help us out by posting a link to your Mooreton Bay builds in this thread. Licensee is Listed after the type of licence. The amount added to the settlement trade value is included after that in brackets. Properties: 107/101 Size for EGS purposes - Level 8 'City' Required for Level 16 'Large City': x8 artisans, x7 commerce, x4 education. Artisans: 8 The Corunna Tavern, Medium Artisan, Ayrlego (+2 Settlement Size) The Yellow Mermaid Tavern, Small Artisan, Ayrlego (+1 Settlement Size) Widow's Hattery - Mooreton Bay Branch, Medium Artisan, Ayrlego (+2 Settlement Size) Barrel Maker, Small Artisan, Flavius Gratian (+1 settlement size) Post Master's House and Office, medium artisan, Mooreton Bay (via Ayrlego) (+2 settlement size) Commerce: 9 ETTC Warehouse and Offices, Medium Commerce, Ayrlego (Owner: ETTC) (+2 Settlement Size) Fishmonger's Stall, Small Commerce, Ayrlego (+1 Settlement Size) Wharf and Custom's Office, Medium Commerce, Bregir (+2 Settlement Size) MCTC Warehouse, Small Commerce, Capt Wolf (+1 Settlement Size) Seawolf Shipping Warehouse and Office, Small Commerce, Brickwolf (+1 Settlement Size) Fisherman's Wharf, Small Commerce, (Brickwolf) (+1 Settlement Size) Mayor's Office, Small Commerce, Mooreton Bay (+1 settlement size) Factories: 18 Penal Brick Works, Medium Factory, Ayrlego (+2 Settlement Size) Salt Pork Factory, Medium Factory, Ayrlego (+2 Settlement Size) Miscellaneous good factory, large factory, Ayrlego (+3 settlement size) Glassblowers, small factory, LM71 Blackbird (+1 settlement size) Sugarcane Mill, royal factory, Mooreton Bay (via BricksbyPidy) (+10 settlement size) Residences: 43 Captain Sawkins House, Small Residence, Ayrlego (+1 Settlement Size) Abigail Park Barracks, Medium Residence, Ayrlego (+2 Settlement Size) WETEC Manager Residence, Small Residence, SilentWolf (+1 Settlement Size) Militia Headquarters, Small Residence, Ayrlego (+1 Settlement Size) Temporary Administrative Headquarters, Small Residence, Ayrlego (+1 Settlement Size) Private residence, Small Residence, Mooreton Bay (via Ayrlego) (+1 Settlement Size) Art and Culture: 15 Department of Time Bell Tower, Small Art and Culture, Ayrlego (+1 Settlement Size) Moore House, Royal Art and Culture, Ayrlego (+5 Settlement Size) Town Gaol, small art and culture, Mooreton Bay (+1 settlement size) Courthouse, large art and culture, Mooreton Bay (+3 settlement size) Educational: 3 Botany House, Medium Educational, Ayrlego (Owner: Royal Society of Natural Philosophy) (+2 Settlement Size) Mooreton Bay Library, Small Educational, Spud the Viking (+1 Settlement Size) Plantations: 4 Banana Plantation, Small Plantation, Ayrlego (+1 Settlement Size) Hog Plantation, Small Plantation, SilentWolf (+1 Settlement Size) Salt Farm, Small Plantation, Brickwolf (+1 Settlement Size) Terraced Rice Fields, Small Plantation, Ayrlego (+1 Settlement Size) Mines: Forts: Fort Denison, Small Fort, Ayrlego (+1 Settlement Size) Small Fort, Small Fort, Brickwolf (Owner: Mooreton Bay) (+1 Settlement Size) Troops: x1 Company of Militia Other related builds: First Landing, Challenge IA, Ayrlego (Trade Value +2) Perchance to Dream, Challenge IB, Ayrlego (Settlement size +1, Trade Value +2) The Treaty of Alicentia, Freebuild, Ayrlego (Trade Value +2) Tholeau Falls, Challenge 3A, Ayrlego (Trade Value +2) Undercover for the Final Piece, Challenge 4A, Bregir (Settlement Size +1)
  15. Name: Jameston Ownership: The Crown of Corrington Location: Celestia, East Prio Sea Map: Mayor: Trade Value: see accounts spreedsheet Town Bank: see accounts spreedsheet Town Income per turn/Town Expenses per turn: 230DB/150DB Who can own property in Jameston: Anyone Who can freebuild in Jameston: Anyone Description: Corrington's jewel of the Prio Seas, Jameston is a melting pot of cultures and powerhouse of commerce. Established on the 15th January 617, the first Corlanders landed in a large sheltered bay located on the western shores of Celestia. Rich with natural resources, Jameston was the first Corlander settlement in the Prio Sea, named after Queen Annetta's Grandfather, King James IV of Corrington. Located on the southern shore of Vanilla Bay, Jameston swiftly became one of the quickest growing settlements in the Empire and developed it's own unique style. Early buildings tended to have sturdy lower floors built out of locally produced stone, while colourful timber framed upper stories add a rainbow of colours not normally associated with Corrish settlements. As the settlement developed, the trend has been for more brick buildings rendered in citrus colours of greens, yellows and oranges. The small Alfred River empties into Vanilla bay at the site of the settlement, and upstream large tracts of fertile land have been cleared for sugar cane plantations. Jameston is one of the leading producers of sugar in the new world, and is the site of a Royal Sugar plantation. To the east of the settlement, think verdant jungle covers the land and here vanilla plants can be found growing naturally throughout the jungles. Corrish settlers were quick to exploit this valuable spice, the second most expensive spice known to man second only to saffron. Businesses taking advantage of the islands abundant vanilla plants are known to give investors a bonus in profits. Celestia holds perhaps the largest diversity of orchids yet seen in the world and the jungles are splashed with their bright and vibrant colours. Towards the end of 617, a rush of settlers flocked to Jameston in search of the rumoured 'Superb Orchid'. Hundreds of new species of flora and fauna were discovered and several species in particular have been labelled as the 'Superb Orchid'. It was during these expeditions that several sites were found with ruins of a long forgotten civilisation, thought to be related to the Myzec on the neighbouring island of Cascadia. A hub for the East Terran Trading Company (ETTC), Jameston hosts the majority of company military forces. ETTC troops mainly consist of mercenaries hired from the southern Nizami satrapies of the Molokoi Empire. These men are mostly drawn from the Nizam ethnic group and sign into the ETTC military for 15 years with the promise of immediate Corlander citizenship and a parcel of land in the colonies on retirement. In addition they are allowed to bring up to 5 family members with them to the new world. As such, Jameston hosts a large ethnic Nizami group who tend to live together in the south eastern section of the settlement which has become known as the Nizami Quarter. ETTC forces are mainly comprised of infantry; known as sepoys, but a small unit of lancers also compliments the force. Original Information: Builds in Jameston Please help us out by posting your a link to your Jameston builds in this thread. Licensee is Listed after the type of licence. Properties: 246/300 Size for EGS purposes - Level 32 'Grand City' Required for Level 64 Capital City: TBA Artisans: 33 Tailor's Shop, small artisan, Ayrlego (+1 settlement size) Barbershop, small artisan, Ayrlego (+1 settlement size) The Lavender Inn, medium artisan, Ayrlego (+2 settlement size) The Garnet Inn, medium artisan, Drunknok (+2 settlement size) Basement House, small artisan, Elostirion (+1 settlement size) Captain's Daughter Inn, medium artisan, Jameston (via Blackdeathgr) (+2 settlement size) The Gilded Cup, large artisan, Gideon (+3 settlement size) The Captain's Daughter Inn, medium artisan, Mike S (+2 settlement size) The Colonist Inn, medium artisan, Faladrin (+2 settlement size) Jameston Haberdasher, small artisan, Spud the Viking (+1 settlement size) WTC Stand, small artisan, Drunknok (+1 settlement size) Wainwright, large artisan, Ayrlego (+3 settlement size) Alehouse, medium artisan, Jameston (+2 settlement size) Merrynight Tavern, large artisan, Ayrlego (+3 settlement size) Small Tavern, small artisan, Jameston (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) The Sergeant's Arms, small artisan, Jameston (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) Sepoy Armoury, medium artisan, Jameston (via Ayrlego) (+2 settlement size) Spice Merchant's Workshop, medium artisan, Jameston (via Ayrlego) (+2 settlement size) Commerce: 44 Office of the Allcock Trading Company, small commerce, Ayrlego (+1 settlement size) Lighthouse and Pilot's Station, medium commerce, Jameston (+2 settlement size) WTC Warehouse, medium commerce, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) 'Soldiers' Wharf, small commerce, Ayrlego (+1 settlement size) Chocolate Shop, medium commerce, Ayrlego (+2 settlement size) MAESTRO Office, small commerce, MAESTRO (via Maxim I), (+1 settlement size) Autumn Trading House, large commerce, Jameston (+3 settlement size) Post Office, small commerce, Jameston (+1 settlement size) Royal Society of Navigation and Discovery Headquarters, large commerce, RSND (via Ayrlego) (+3 settlement size) Warehouse of the RSND, medium commerce, RSND (via Drunknok) (+2 settlement size) Local Harbour Administration, medium commerce, LM71 Blackbird (+2 settlement size) Stores Detail, small commerce, RSND (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) Dockyard, large commerce, Ayrlego (+3 settlement size) Spud's wharf, small commerce, Spud the Viking (+1 settlement size) Dock scene, small commerce, undisclosed owner (+1 settlement size) Spice Market, small commerce, Jameston (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) Customs Post, medium commerce, Jameston (via Ayrlego) (+2 settlement size) Bakery, small commerce, Jameston (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) Altonian Colonial Company, Jameston (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) Dockside Customs Office, Jameston (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) Royal Rum Transport Company, Royal Commerce, ETTC (Via BricksbyPidy/DeathCap) (+10 settlement size) Factories: 37 Sugar Factory, medium factory, Drunknok (+2 settlement size) Bottle Factory, medium factory, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Jameston Distillery, large factory, Professor Thaum (+3 settlement size) WTC Musket Factory, medium factory, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) WTC Gunpowder Factory, medium factory, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Fish Drying Factory, large factory, Ayrlego (+3 settlement size) Sugar Press, medium factory, Ayrlego (+2 settlement size) Vanilla Sorting Plant, large factory, ETTC (via Ayrlego) (+3 settlement size) Domesticated Elephants, medium factory, ETTC (via Ayrlego) (+2 settlement size) ETTC Sugar Mill, large factory, ETTC (via Ayrlego) (+3 settlement size) Rum Distillery, large factory, BricksbyPidy (+3 settlement size) Royal Barrels and Crate Factory, Royal Factory, Jameston (via BricksbyPidy) (+10 settlement size) Residences: 89 Governor's temporary office, small residence, Ayrlego (+1 settlement size) CSC Plantation House, royal residence, Corrington (+10 settlement size) ETTC Sepoy Barracks, small residence, Jameston (+1 settlement size) Pied-à-terre, small residence, Professor Thaum (+1 settlement size) Temporary Diplomatic Office, small residence, Flavius Gratian (+1 settlement size) Converted Warehouse, small residence, Spud the Viking (+1 settlement size) Residential Wing, Montoya House, medium residence, Royal Society of Natural Philosophy (via Bregir) (+2 settlement size) Uncle's Tree House, small residence, Kai NRG (+1 settlement size) Stone residence, small residence, Flavius Gratian (+1 settlement size) Wooden residence, small residence, Flavius Gratian (+1 settlement size) Lapis Lazuli House, medium residence, Evancelt (+2 settlement size) Residence of Abdul Nazir, small residence, Brickwolf (+1 settlement size) Art and Culture: 8 Temple of Poseidon, small art and culture, Jameston (+1 settlement size) Oleon Consulate, medium art and culture, KotZ (+2 settlement size) White Glove Order (WGO) Lodge, small art and culture, Sir Stig (+1 settlement size) Grand Entrance Arch, Montoya House, small art and culture, Royal Society of Natural Philosophy (via Bregir) (+1 settlement size) Cascadian Temple Ruins, large art and culture, Corrington (via Ayrlego) (+3 settlement size) Educational: 17 The Academy for the Science of Sugar, large education, Drunknok (+3 settlement size) Schoolhouse, medium education, Brickwolf (+2 settlement size) Montoya House, large education Royal Society of Natural Philosophy (via Bregir) (+3 settlement size) Museum of Natural Sciences, large education, Drunknok (+3 settlement size) Botanical Gardens, large education, Elostirion, (+3 settlement size) Spud's Home of Indigenous Antiquities, small education, Spud the Viking (+1 settlement size) Plantations: 18 Vanilla plantation, medium plantation, ETTC, (+2 settlement size) Sugar plantation, royal plantation, Corrington, (+10 settlement size) Sugar plantation, small plantation, Ayrlego, (+1 settlement size) Bees and Honey, medium plantation, Elostirion, (+2 settlement size) Cotton Plantation, large plantation, Elostirion, (+3 settlement size) Mines: Forts: 3 Queen's Head Battery, small fort, Jameston (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) Fort Totie, medium fort, Jameston (via Spud the Viking) (+2 settlement size) Troops: see account sheet Other Buildings: Vessels stationed here: Other related builds: Surveying Celestia, Freebuild, Ayrlego
  16. To further expand Corrington’s grip as the greatest imperial power, a Trading Company enlisted the services of renowned architect, Peter Nash, to construct infrastructure to facilitate the rum trade based in Jameston. Mr. Nash quickly designs and completes an office building to serve as the headquarters for the rum trade, a warehouse to store rum before it is shipped, and an inn to house local workers. From the balcony of the newly constructed office building, Mr. Nash appears satisfied with the work completed ashore. Before the rum can be transported, vessels are needed to convey the cargo. Two vessels cruise into port. Coincidentally, HMS Carolina was in the vicinity, sailing to fight in the ongoing Lotii War. Feeling a sense of national duty to bolster Corrington’s commercial endeavors, HMS Carolina dispatches Lieutenant Palmer and Sailing Master Bowles to survey the vessels. Having been in the service for less than a year, Lieutenant Palmer relies on the experience of Mr. Bowles to properly survey the ships. Gazing at the shore, Palmer takes in the bustling activity on land. Large, ow-driven carts move the copious amounts of rum to the awaiting ships. An off-duty soldier indulges in the abundant rum just outside of the inn. Several curious citizens of Jameston marvel at the new ships in the quay. Mr. Palmer: “All is well Mr. Bowles, we must make haste to our ship before the war against the Lotii ends” Mr. Bowles: “Aye aye, sir” --- Collab build by @DeathCap and @Bricksbypidy! Will be licensed as a Royal Commerce building to Jamestown by the ETTC (@Ayrlego). (Sold to the ETTC) Completing GoC task 6.3 Sweet, Sweet, Corrington with this build. Property type: Royal Commerce Dimensions: 162 x 90 studs Total parts: ~31,700 Credits: - Design Inn, Office, House, landscaping and rendering: @Bricksbypidy - Design Warehouse, Vessel Class 4, Vessel Class 2 and storytelling: @DeathCap - Design carts: @ Peter.g.keith (Instagram) - modified by Bricksbypidy
  17. When Edward Scarver first arrived on the island, after having set up a logging camp, he organised the construction of a sawmill. Wooden logs from the camp were quickly made into planks and large boards, which enable the rapid expanse of the small hamlet in the form of cabins and various wooden buildings. Today, despite having grown to a Large Town, the sawmill is still being used everyday, making it the first permanent building in Queenston. ---- Will be licenced as a medium factory for Queenston, officially making the settlement a Large Town I started this build right after I posted the logging camp almost a year ago, but then I lost motivation and forgot about it. Yesterday I decided to just finish the darn moc, so that I could take it apart and start on something new. Hopefully it will take me less than 9 months to finish the next project
  18. A snapshot of the celebration of the Lotii New Year in Port Raleigh. It shows some inhabitants gathered in the village square to enjoy the fireworks and the traditional dragon dance. It's based on the traditional Eastern Asia Lotii culture. --- Unfortunately will not be licensed. Completing GoC task 8.3 The Lotii Connection with this build. Property type: Large Art & Culture (but cannot be licensed, because I have reached the maximum) Dimensions: 58 x 42 studs Total parts: ~6,900 Credits: - Design dragon @ Lego set 80102 - Design cheese slope village square @ Katie Walker (Flickr) - Fireworks inspired by @ Lego set 80106
  19. A snapshot of a Lotii Garden in Port Raleigh. It shows some Lotii inhabitants enjoying the peaceful vibe of a colorful, green environment. It's based on the traditional Eastern Asia Lotii culture. --- Unfortunately will not be licensed. Completing GoC task 8.1 The Lotii Connection with this build. Property type: Large Art and Culture (but cannot be licensed, because I have reached the maximum) Dimensions: 98 x 82 studs Total parts: ~12,700 Credits: - Path technique by Toltomeja (Flickr) ( @Toltomeja )
  20. A snapshot of a Lotii Watermill in Port Raleigh. It shows some traditional inhabitants working at a watermill. The grain is harvested and later ground by using the water mill. It's based on the traditional Eastern Asia Lotii culture. --- Unfortunately will not be licensed. Completing GoC task 8.2 The Lotii Connection with this build. Property type: Large Artisan (but cannot be licensed, because I have reached the maximum) Dimensions: 87 x 58 studs Total parts: ~7,200 Credits: - Water mill based on @ tipsandbricks technique 654 (Instagram) - Design hand cart @ Barthezz Brick (Instagram) - Bush with gold crowns based on @ tipsandbricks 1977 (Instagram)
  21. It was a busy Friday evening at the Queenston harbour, the settlement had received a constant flow of new settlers, eager to start a new life on the frontier, but coutious enough to wait for the settlement to grow a bit before settling there. The Dockmaster was busy directing the merchants and collecting their docking fees. Meanwhile, the mailman’s son, Jim Hawkins, was running around town delivering mail for his sick father. He arrived at the Dockmasters office with a letter from his cousin in Port Raleigh, but when Jimmy knocked at the door he heard a large thud coming from the narrow alley next of the house. He went to inspect the sound, but what he found was a rough, strange looking man holding a sack of coins. The boy stood silently and looked in the eyes of the man, who himself had froze upon discovering he had been caught. Jimmy’s eyes slowly looked to the left where he could see the broken window the man had come out of. Now having realised what he had witnessed, frozen in fear, he watched as the man took his finger in front of his mouth, signalling the boy to stay silent. In a sudden and explosive move Jimmy turned around and shouted towards the main street : “THIEF!! THIEF!!!Thi..” But before he could run away, he was silenced by a knife to the back. But the commotion had caught the attention of some sailors on the docks, and before the thief could get away, the men caught up to him and beat him bloody. People gathered around the boy and the doctor was called in a hurry, but the boy was already gone. A jury was assembled and a trial was held at the Town Hall the next day. It was revealed that the thief, Jules Moche, had been a recruit of la Légion Etrangère, but was dishonourably discharged for disobedience and cowardice in battle. The jury’s decision was quick and final, for an attempted robbery and the murderer of Jim Hawkins, the coward Jules Moche was to be executed… by Guillotine. The next day, a guillotine was constructed next to the town hall and will stay there as a reminder to what awaits murderers in Queenston. On Monday the 20th of March 623, the public execution of Jules Moche took place. The crowd cheered and shouted in anger as the prosecutor mercilessly flayed the criminal for his crimes… After the deed was done, the townsfolk decided to have a statue of Jimmy built in the town center, so that everyone would remember the first Hero of Queenston. ---- This moc will be licenced for Queenston by me, as a medium art and cultural build. I originally tried to build a gallows, but I wasn't happy with how it turned out. So just for fun I made a Guillotine, I was quite happy with the design so I decided to use that instead. After the amount of figures I copy and pasted for the camp scene, it was really fun to experiment with the exaggerated minfigure posing on this build. It was also quite fun making decals for the Arlintinian Guards that will be introduced in the near future, as the protectors of Queenston and the Island of Arlintina. Hope you enjoy
  22. Some heavy Cavalry, Royal Horse Guards & Royal Dragoons, parade through the cobblestone streets of Queenston after an illustrious victory over some badass pirates. They are greeted by cheering residents with waving flags as they march under the Triumphal Arch! --- Will not be licensed. Completing GoC task 1.1 Redcoats Rules! with this build. Property type: None Dimensions: 27 x 63 studs Total parts: ~4,400 Credits: - Royal Horse Guards & Royal Dragoons @LM71Blackbird - Hammer Cobblestone: #1845 Techniques @ - Garage Door Pillars: #1477 Favourite Brick Friday @
  23. This thread encompasses all builds within Elizabethville and on the Corrington claimed island of Lacryma. Name: Elizabethville Ownership: Crown Location: Lacryma Mayor: Tom Mercer (SilentWolf) Trade Value: See account sheet Who can own property in Elizabethville: Anyone Who can freebuild in Elizabethville: Anyone Map: To be released someday About the settlement of Elizabethville: Elizabethville is founded on the island of Lacryma which was discovered by Micah and the other members of the WETEC while searching for new islands to the East. They found there a friendly local tribe, and were informed that the island had many other tribes as well. The partners founded a horse ranch in the area near there discovery of a cave. This was the beginning of the settlement that is growing as new settlers arrive from all parts of Corrington and the brickworld. The geography of Lacryma is mostly pedestrian looking plains with plenty of trees scattered about along with a few small forests. There is no great harbor on the island, but several places to anchor a ship safely. Builds in Elizabethville, a Large Town: Properties to reach City Residences: 0 Factories: 4 Artisans: 0 Commerce: 0 Education: 0 Art & Culture: 0 Royal Properties 0 Other Licensed Builds: 0 Licensed properties (91): 1. Residence (28) Chief's Longhouse S-Licensed Captain's Residence S-Licensed On the Frontier S-Licensed Cole Family Residence S-Licensed Mayor Tom Mercer's Residence S-Licensed A First Meeting with the Onondaga S - Licensed An Odorific Homecoming M - Licensed Natural Growth Residence - 20? 2. Factory (4) From all over they have come M-Licensed Micro Mill M-Licensed 3. Plantation (9+3?) Horse Ranch (Includes these two builds: Defending Horses against Pirates and Unexpected Attack) M-Licensed Ahoy, Fishermen! S-Licensed To Make Ends Meet S-Licensed On Lacryma M-Licensed Horse Farm, Elizabethville L - Licensed 4. Mine (2) Mercury Mine (Hi, ho, quicksilver, away!) - Licensed 5. Artisan (12) Preservation of Food S-Licensed The Bittersweet Mug M-Licensed Tomahawk Makers Longhouse S-Licensed Small Inn S-Licensed Stables L-Licensed Merrymas punch stall in Elizabethville S - Licensed Horse logging, Elizabethville L - Licensed 6. Commerce (10+1?) Trading with the Whole Village L-Licensed Founding a Colony M-Licensed Primitive Accommodations, Elizabethville M - Licensed Horse Breeding, Elizabethville L - Licensed 7. Education (6) The Present Will Be History L-Licensed Elizabethville Observatory L - Licensed 8. Art and Culture(14) The Art of Horses and War M-Licensed A Fountain S-Licensed Thanksgiving in Elizabethville S-Licensed Hippodrome Elizabethville R - Licensed 9. Forts (2) Fort di Legno M-Licensed Other Mocs (15) Where Only the Strange Men Go... The First Election We have found gold! Letters to be written Arrival At Elizabethville A Seventeen Point Plan An Afternoon Shipwreck A Day Trip to the Interior Same Stars, Different Names First Snow in Elizabethville Training the Elizabethville Militia Mysterious Bones A Farewell In Elizabethville Hawarden Regiment Encampment Queen's Birthday Parade (Please help me out by posting a link to your Elizabethville builds in this thread as well as what category they are licensed as.) Last Edited 4/19/2023
  24. Prior to launching their attack on the Lotii, the Corlander forces on El Oleonda had amassed near Seawatch. The army had traveled to the island from the Corlander settlement of Spudkirk. Nearly 500 men in strength, the forces were a sight to behold. Regiments of light and heavy infantry, mounted hussars and dragoons, artillery, and sappers came together under the leadership of Brigadier Allcock. Brigadier Allcock ( @Ayrlego ) was the overall commander of the forces, with support from Colonel Wolf ( @Brickwolf ), Major Brickford ( @LM71Blackbird ), Major Brickleton ( @evancelt ), and Lord Spud ( @Spud The Viking ). Once the siege on Seawatch had been lifted, the commanders set about erecting a secure camp for the forces. Positioned outside the walls of Seawatch proper, they had engineers and sappers construct a sturdy palisade wall around an area large enough for hundreds of tents. Large guard towers were placed near entrances. Liaison officers from Oleon, Eslandola, and Carno looked on the camp with envy - the amount of discipline shown by the Corlander forces was impressive. A good force to have as allies instead of enemies, to be sure. The 47th Regiment of Foot "Ryebourg" Light Infantry drummers have all traded their drumsticks for a musket... The only sound we have to offer the Lotus is the sound of a thousand bullets piercing through their ranks. The 26th of Foot "Hawarden Regiment" follow closely behind the 47th. A company of regular light infantry are staying behind to secure the camp while they wait for the Carnite forces to relieve them. ---- Started this build ceveral months ago as a collab with @lmcpicture, we had designed and built ceveral elements for the project, but life happened and we ended up forgetting the moc. 2 weeks ago I decided to build the moc, but I had to make it much smaller than we originally planned. I build all the landscape, placed all the buildings and minifigures. I used the wall, guard tower and tents (tents are available on rebrickable, I highly recommend you check them out) that lmcpictures designed. The cannons are modified versions of michaelozzie2 's design on instagram and the bulk of the story was written by Evancelt. Hope you enjoy! This will serve as my third entry to the redcoats rule task
  25. "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the new hippodrome of Elizabethville! Today we present to you a competition between four factions. In lane 1 Fabio Montinelli starts on behalf of Eslandola! In lane 2 I present to you Fabrice Dubois the forward man for Oleon! In lane 3 is starts on behalf of Corrington, Sir Peter Nash, Knight in the Order of Corrington! A highly skilled horseman. And finally in lane 4, Cromwell Huckabee will defend the honor of the Sea Rats!" *Cheering Audience* "Are all participants ready?! In 3, 2, 1, start!" And there they go! Cromwell Huckabee takes charge! At the first corner he distances himself more and more from the other three participants. Fabio Montilelli and Sir Peter Nash follow, followed by Fabrice Dubois!" *Screaming and cheering men and women* *Sea Rats supporters of Cromwell Huckabee go quiet... very quiet...* "Oh no! What's going on here...!! Summer Flower, Cromwell's horse comes to an abrupt halt! With a thump, Cromwell Huckabee falls to the ground. Summer Flower is leisurely nibbling on a juicy dandelion! Trying with all his might Cromwell still trying to push Huckabee into motion, but to no avail..." *Cursing Sea Rats in the stands* "Fabio Montinelli and Sir Peter Nash approach in the background, with Fabrice Dubois in tow. They pass Cromwell Huckabee, who pushes against the horse's bum, sighing and puffing. But to no avail..." *Unintelligible chants by angry Sea Rats* "Sir Peter Nash comes alongside Fabio Montinelli with the finish line already in sight! Peter encouraged his horse again and with a last effort he squeezed out another powerful final sprint." *A frenzied crowd of Corrington supporters* "And after a spectacular race, Sir Peter Nash, on behalf of Corrington, is finally the first to cross the finish line! Followed by Fabio Montinelli (Eslandola) and shortly behind him, Fabrice Dubois (Oleon). Cromwell Huckabee (Sea Rats) finally finished a few minutes later, when his horse Summer Flower trudged across the finish line satisfied." --- Will be licensed as a Royal Art & Culture in Elizabethville, by @SilentWolf The build will be purchased by @SilentWolf Completing GoC task 9.2 Equines for Elizabethville with this build. Property type: Royal Art & Culture Dimensions: 142 x 111 studs Total parts: ~14,000 Credits: - None