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    Pirates of Barracuda Bay

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    Lego, Lord of the Rings, Castle, Pirates, Dwarf, Elves, Orcs.


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  1. bereinhold

    [MOC] Ironbeard Dwarf Outpost

    I was thinking mostly earth tones. But please tell me your ideas, I always want to hear from other people so I can learn from them and get better. What were you thinking with colors?
  2. I would appreciate your vote on my Lego ideas MOC especially if you like the castle theme, dwarfs and Lord of the Rings Legos! You can vote for it here on the Lego Ideas website. My children are my inspiration for this Lego build. The dwarfs are some of our favorite castle minifigures and there are not many sets featuring them. This build is intended to feature the dwarven race and their unique home set robustly within the natural elements.