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  1. Ravelino

    Should I hire Ninja-Pirates, or Pirate-Ninjas?

    I was genuinely afraid until I read the smiley... But to dive into this deeper.. Do you want it done in silence and cause confusion after the beating? Hire Ninja-Pirates. If you want it done in utter mayhem and cause even more confusion after the fact? Hire Pirate-Ninjas.
  2. Ravelino

    LEGO + IKEA !

    Tell me about it..ended up buying a new closet after because all the wooden stumps broke off trying to dissemble it after 5 years of (I must say reliable) service Ontopic I don't know what to feel about this..I'm not too fond of the Diner but I'd prefer that over an IKEA store modular so I hope they'll stay away from that area. Lego incorporated furniture would be funny but niche market and I doubt it would be man sized lego bricks to 'build' furniture(although that would be fun just literally buying 'pieces' of furniture) so I'll just have to see.. Maybe it's closets with sorting bins! Now that I would buy..you can never have too many sorting bins
  3. Ravelino

    [COR-FB4] Hurriedly hiring help.

    *and suddenly the world turned studs up* "ehh why is that palmtree growing sideways?" very nifty technique indeed..I also like the pattern you used for the blue tiles not too sure about the "branched palm tree" though...although I like your trunk and branches the palm foliage just seems off on top of it
  4. One of my favourite non-castle sets from childhood! Did you receive this MISB? Because I honestly don't remember that skull or that black dragon! Hilarious review indeed! Nice that you dug this up from an old drive. I remember wanting it badly as a kid if only for the black saddle..that was an awkward negotiation with my parents; At the time there was no way that saddle alone wasn't worth buying a $40 set in my eyes but I made a good case for the remaining 222 parts because I knew my parents didn't share my opinion on that matter(duh)
  5. I agree..although I don't follow the series I quickly divert to Ninjago Lego when I don't have a specific set to buy and want to "support TLC" instead of bricklinking for parts.. Especially the €20-€60 sets usually have multiple of a new element or new color-type(usually gold) of an element without duping too many minifigs(I rarely resell lego)
  6. Nice job again! You're starting to have a bad influence on my wallet lol.. First you make me notice/buy the Temple of Resurrection because of your cute little Temple rebuild and now this crawler! If TLC released the set in this version it('s box) would've been comfortably sitting in my collection for a while now. Seen this set lie about here and there, skipped it everytime and picked something else.. Seeing this rebuild makes me doubt wether to still buy this set..
  7. Very complete review indeed..except for the little baby thing Just bought this set after seeing CoolerTD's MOC a couple days ago (didn't even know it existed until then). I was actually picking up an extra copy of 70651 Throne Room Showdown(also a recommendation!) when I remembered this set, found a single copy on the shelf and couldn't get myself to leave it there until next time. Totally agree with everything the reviewer mentioned (especially the love/hate for stickers) except one thing: I don't think Cole looks that much the same as the Ninjago Movie version; and honestly the two ninja are my least favourite minifigs in this one..I'd rather see a return of the Lloyd + Cole combo like in 70623 Destiny's Shadow but that's mostly because of their bodies reusability and the fact the orange accents look a little gimmicky to me.
  8. Ravelino

    Best Lego Ideas projects

    Yeah that MoF Black Falcon's Fortress is a beauty I liked these as well in my recent browsing: Flight Works by EndlessAges Medieval Inn by Wazzup258 but then again I'm heavy into medieval lego and crazy detaiis
  9. Ravelino

    Panzer 2 Snow Diorama Small

    Cute little MOC to display a cute little Panzer 2! The brickarm U-clips look a great fit as well although some would've preferred a "purist" solution, I only think you would need to change the 1x1 with horizontal clip's colour to black as or the pulley,s to new dark gray for a more coherent look as I'm not too fond of the clash between old and the new dark gray there..
  10. Ravelino

    REVIEW: 75181 UCS Y-Wing Starfighter

    Nice review! The amount of greebles and reusable parts in one set almost makes me want to buy this set despite the rididculous 10,16 ct per element price ratio (compared to the 0,78 per element I paid for the Old Fishingstore and 0,5 ct per element for the Destiny's Bounty)
  11. Ravelino

    Do you talk about Lego outside EB?

    and that just killed the topic... Anyway, yeah I do talk about it outside of EB and even outside of the lego community and keeping it a secret is a bit hard considering I have only 37m² to "hide" my collection.. By the way offtopic again I find the idea of the nerdy Lego enthusiast a bit blasé as well and personally I don't see myself in that stereotype either even though I do admit I have some nerdy preferences I like a drink every now and then and performing(not watching) most popular (heavy contact) sports as well; although the cars don't need all that gas guzzling IMHO and I'm not the guy who says it has to be the noisiest(either from the motor or the speaker volume) I do have the need for speed and power when it comes to cars any "gas monkey" would refer to when showing off his/her hotrod. That being said I'm also not the guy too shy to say it's Lego that's standing in the middle of the room as I usually have to verify it to people who're not familiar with it
  12. Ravelino

    [Poll] What do you do with new sets?

    I build it up to see it in real life and if there were new applications/building techniques to parts in the set and in my collection, and when I'm tired of looking at it/need parts for a MOC from it I start to cannibalize it for parts until there isn't much to look at and I decide to tear it apart.. Only 2 sets I haven't touched/will restore are the MMV houses(I also have the stand somewhere and a couple more I build using/altering its design), which I just like as a set and a Jack Sparrow BrickHeadz I got from my cousin will remain built as a tribute for he never tears down any set unless he buys it for parts, it's currently missing its headband because I needed the dark red 2x2 curved slopes for a speeder but I will replace them. A third will be added to that; Once I have the time I will restore my Tower of Orthanc as I actually only tore it down for easy transport. So my answers were based on the first (MISB) copy of a set as the second usually gets parted out immediately or in a rare case will be put away MISB in a plastic bag, in the rare case I buy a 3rd set it's for the parts/figures so it will be dismantled from the jump. I don't sort out because Lego does it for you, so unless it's a second hand set I don't need to sort out and even then I find it amusing to just throw the elements on a heap and plough through it as I build the set.
  13. Ravelino

    Series: A Brickish Space Comic

    Had a real laugh reading through these! First of all: Nice builds, it's nice to see how you stayed true to every faction's building style while still making a coherent overall setting. I especially like how you kept a sort of punchline/ending to each page while having a story over multiple pages as well The backgrounds really add to the "real feel" of the shots.. Keep up the great work!
  14. Ravelino

    Black Falcon's Fortress Updated

    This brings back old memories.. Sure in comparison to Mark of Falworth's HUGE rendition this somewhat pales, but so does the original and I must say yours does less so in my opinion. I like how you kept true to the original floorplan while adding new accents to features like the drawbridge, the "half timbered building" (great name since it's not technically a keep I think) and the brick solution for the BUWPs(big ugly wall pieces). Therein lie also some (minor) points of dislike.. From the looks of it although the bridge is drawn by the beams there is no way to actually draw the bridge except to "thumb the beams up".. Maybe you could add some sort of a wedge which could be operated from within one of the gatetowers to retain the "functionality", since in the original I think you could operate it from on top with a spool? I didn't much like the yellow arches in the original but hey we had blue yellow green or red(maybe a little brown and pink) so we just had to go with it... due to the fact you used browns and added the MMV style the house now also doesn't look too nifty in yellow either.. maybe replace the yellow with tan or dark tan to get a more realistic colorscheme? That leaves us with the "half timbered building"..I like how you removed another BUWP from the build but the execution leaves us with a weird dull reverse yellow L..maybe if you changed the color it would already help but what would really help a lot is to centralize that window using 1x1 tiles and plates like this: Front Back Don't mind my color scheme it's so you could see which heights I used and how they fit. So the grooved 1x1s you see are the tiles placed in the middle in front and at the sides in the back. The front part is actually hanging like this but if you add that on top of the reverse slopes they should be a snug fit.(you could even consider not using the bottom plates at all and build directly onto the reversed slopes. All in all great rendition of a classic and although not as extravagant as a recent cousin still a noteworthy addition to the catalog of black falcon inspired builds! Ps to remove the gaps you could add 1x1s with snot and tiles on the snot stud..it looks way more gappy in the photo though
  15. Ravelino

    What is your favorite Lego Theme?

    80s and early 90s castle and space will always have a place in my heart as the sets that introduced me to Lego. As for current series I buy the most Ninjago sets so that has to be my favourite theme although I'm a big fan of the Creator Expert and Architect lines as well... I'm a bit strange as "rebrickable value" weighs in a lot when I buy a set as I usually build a set up only to completely tear it down a couple days later because I remember a certain element I need in the MOC I'm making is hiding in that set.