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  1. Very nice! I like how the builds don’t need the stickers, although they add a lot.
  2. Ravelino

    [Chibi] Emeraldas from Leiji Matsumoto

    I agree with Feuer Zug that the hair is phenomenally well done. So too is the body, especially the legs/boots are wonderfully shaped. The sword and cape look great as well, although the boat stud wasn't necessary imo and it's a bit sad the fishing rod doesn't exist in LBG. The face looks a bit platey(well duhh) but I don't mind that as much as the way you portrayed the scar and the cosmo gun. I have no solution for the scar with the face as is aside from STAMP(sticker across multiple parts) which, I agree, is an awful solution. Maybe just don't represent it (although that's like a Harry Potter without a lightning bolt on his forehead)? The Cosmo Dragoon could've definitely improved by finding similar solutions in DBG/Pearl Dark Gray or even Flat Silver. Have you considered a flat silver screwdriver for the barrel and removing the cone? Still not perfect but looks a lot sleeker imo Even though, very impressive in this scale and instantly recognizable. Also like the Leiji Matsumoto fig btw Scrolled through your Flickr page as I was already there: some nice stuff also! Are you ever planning to render some of these projects in real bricks?
  3. Ravelino

    [MOC] Toa Nuva on Mata Nui

    Funny how one small addition (or reduction) can make all the difference in aesthetics. I can get lost in tiny details as well. Particularly find it annoying when I've fiddled around with an object/aspect for minutes/hours only to find that the first solution was the best all along. And yet, next build I'll start the same process all over again So happy I got a bit better in using Studio, saves me a lot of time in large/intricate builds.
  4. Nice review and I agree with you and previous posts. I don’t even own the previous set and I don’t feel like purchasing this, not even for the parts which, admittedly, are quite welcome. I would like to pick up the Tau We fig, though a more neutral torso/more Kaminoans would’ve been welcome if I were to MOC their facility one day. [rant]I really hate stickers, and that cockpit could’ve been angled way better even while using the same canopy piece(which is completely wrong). But that tail is probably what bugs me the most. They had two plates thickness of space and just threw an assembly of parts on top of a couple of modified 4x4 plates[/rant] I’ve a lot more to rant but let’s call it a day by thanking you for showing me what not to purchase if it can’t be helped
  5. Ravelino

    Elephantry Soldier

    At first this had me giggle, then upon closer inspection awe crept in. I’ve always liked how people sneak in huge bulky parts and make them ‘vanish’ in an intricate build and this is no exception!
  6. Ravelino

    [MOC] The Great Shogun (Samurai MOC 2022)

    Wait, how did I miss this? It’s gorgeous Haven’t had time to check the process yet but is it somewhat posable? Even if not this is still a MasterPiece (no pun intended) Also like how the pattern in the base looks somewhat like it contains white hearts from this angle.
  7. Ravelino

    [MOC] Toa Nuva on Mata Nui

    Decided to pop in to this section of the forum for once and this caught my eye. I have no special feelings for Bionicle, except maybe for the abundance of parts and colours it brought forth, but this is a well designed MOC Exetrius! You’ll have to forgive me for not knowing their names, but I particularly like certain aspects of each Toa. For example the pelvis and thighs of the blue and the mouth of the red. The weapons are neat too! The red’s are my favourite but I’m kind of a sword guy so that’s not surprising. I like the gold and the blue’s weapons as well.
  8. Indeed this is a neat one! Usually I’m not much of a fan of altered/painted (butchered!) parts but you have a steady hand with that brush of yours. Did you do the gold line on the arched window as well?
  9. Ravelino

    [MOC] LZHHM: Trainstation

    Thanks @Feuer Zug, along with the set I took some inspiration from our own local station so it couldn’t be helped I guess
  10. Ravelino

    [MOC] (Not so) Abandoned Tower

    Thanks @noahtheb& @Vliebricker ! I can never get tired of building natural surroundings, I literally had to stop myself and add figures before there was no place for them anymore.
  11. Ravelino

    Some thoughts after YEARS without a castle theme

    Glad to see this thread back on-topic. We have to bear in mind that global issues and the need to keep pushing new products affect TLG’s moving space when it comes to distributing much wanted items. Also the fact they’re running a couple years ahead of us consumers doesn’t help. I think if given the chance they’d print a couple billion more BAM figs along with the recent figs from the big castle. Unlike aforementioned space squad (which honestly surprised me a little) I feel they’d run out in a couple days if they were a wide release, especially when keeping an eye on the online PAB. Concerning the BAM knights I think the biggest problem here could be the company’s conflicting rules with stores’ targets. Here in the Netherlands they kept a strict limit with a little leeway but I heard from several managers blocking customers from buying more than reasonable numbers to keep stock. Some customers even went as far as to dress up for the part and return multiple times with family member’s VIP passes before they were eventually found out. But I have also read about several cases (abroad) where they didn’t even blink when someone came to the registers with a bag full of knights/wizards/whatever. Sure you can’t guess the reasoning and maybe they’ll even give them away for free when they’re done with them( highly doubt it) but a line has to be drawn these days. TLDR it is what it is, I hope they wise up and give us a couple themes that’re at least actually close to Castle and Pirates unlike Nexo Knights and an oceanic Ninjago wave. Easy money in pocket if you’d ask me.
  12. Ravelino

    [MOC] Blacktron: SCARAB

    Love it, especially the wings and the use of that (Bionicle?) piece for the nose. Rear thruster also looks rad! But I agree it could’ve done with a windscreen of some sort. Granted, a helmet provides just as much (little?) protection in these deathraces.
  13. Ravelino

    [MOC] LZHHM: Trainstation

    To be fair @LEGO Train 12 Volts, I was just too lazy to remove the plates underneath or I would’ve done just that to gain some extra pieces give the roof some finishing touches. I do agree this looks a lot smarter ‘though, thanks for your comment!
  14. Ravelino

    [MOC] (Not so) Abandoned Tower

    Thanks @Viper Knight, glad you like it. Also thanks to whoever front paged this, always appreciate some extra exposure