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  1. Ravelino

    MMV 2.0: José's Inn

    Jose's Inn by Jip Kempers, on Flickr Welcome to José's Inn! The owner is a grump, and his past a bit shady, but it's the only place on the market where you can get black barrel beer! More pics here Thanks for watching!
  2. Ravelino

    Baron Samedi

    This MOC killed you! Lovely build, though, with a lot of npu’s ( and techniques Base is nice too, even the (I’m just gonna put it out there) phallic charms around the edge. Only thing (sort of) missing is a good ole bottle o’ rum!
  3. When I saw the title, at first I thought ”Did someone just complete the Summer Joust group challenge in under 9 days...by himself!?” Evidently this is not the case, but that makes this MOC no less amazing! Lots of great little details. I especially like the different stages of ripening, the brick built chicken coop and blackbird(raven?), and also how you made a nice slot for the seeds.I also like how you put the historically more plausible grape pressing method in it, as well as the romanticised “stomping with the feet” Really the only thing that struck me as a bit odd is the width of the tree in the first and fourth picture, although it looks lovely again in the second Also gave you my support on the Bubble Scouts!
  4. Ravelino

    [MOC] Mushrooms!

    Thanks! Yeah me neither, apparently they were in two sets. The Incredibles Underminer Bank Heist and the Townhouse Pet Shop & Cafe. I happened upon them while searching for the yellow leaves.
  5. Ravelino

    The Big Mystery WIP

    Been busy with other things lately. Finally found the time to do some work in Stud.io Big Tower WIP rework Stud.io by Jip Kempers, on Flickr
  6. Ravelino

    [MOC] Mushrooms!

    My first entry for the Summer Joust 2020 contest Mushrooms! by Jip Kempers, on Flickr More pictures here C&C welcome! Thanks for viewing :)
  7. Ravelino

    Copenhagen Kiosk, free instructions

    Why? You can buy a set of those pieces for less than a dollar on BL? Like I said on LowLUG, another wonderful design!
  8. Ravelino

    The Big Mystery WIP

    I gotta be more attentive of this thread lol... Most of you will have seen these wander around on Flickr but as a formality I'll add them to this post as well. You can scroll down for the latest updates Big WIP Bridge Studio Render by Jip Kempers, on Flickr Gatehouse/Keep Module WIP Studio by Jip Kempers, on Flickr Big Mystery WIP Studio 18/05/2020 Bley by Jip Kempers, on Flickr Sooo.. Today I haven't been able to do much work on Studio so I decided to break down the tower as I've gotten more and more disturbed by the gaps. Also I still wasn't completely satisfied with the silhouette of the Wolf. So after taking in some of the advice I'd received here and there (more modularity=less destruction to change things, close the gaps, lose the wooden floor) I broke it down and started anew. The result is slightly bigger(it used to be 12x14 it is now 20x20 but unintenionally the dimensions work out much better for the Wolf Silhouette and the fact that the back can be taken off now. Big WIP Tower rework by Jip Kempers, on Flickr More pictures(of every stage) can be found on my Flickr
  9. Ravelino

    [MOC] Voyage of the Fyrdraca

    Like I said on the LowLUG forum: another beautiful boat and a nice story to go with it I also love the use of the little shell on the beach and the crow(or raven? ) in the tree to add a little life to the island!
  10. Ravelino

    The Big Mystery WIP

    I see that I missed out on a few updates here.. So after a few nights cursing and searching I’ve decided to stop working “on the fly”. Big Wip Layout by Jip Kempers, on Flickr Even though I’m spending roughly 80% of my Lego time on sorting, my collection is still too chaotic to keep building for more than a few minutes before I get stuck because I couldn’t find enough of the next element, switch the game plan and replay the loop. Big Tower WIP by Jip Kempers, on Flickr I got tired of this and so, after adding a few cheese slopes, I decided to leave my bricks alone except for sorting and some smaller projects, and mainly focus on the design for now. Wip 2 by Jip Kempers, on Flickr I roughly know what I have in stock (I have more elements that I don’t know of than elements I know of and do not have so that’s a plus) so it’s possible for me to continue working in LDD/Studio. bigwipstudio by Jip Kempers, on Flickr I do not consider it the same, though. I’ll never get used to not having bricks in my hands while testing out new connections, but (at the moment) a much speedier development process for the rough sketches.
  11. Ravelino

    The Big Mystery WIP

    Noticed I haven’t done an update in a while, so here’s a few new pics! Wip 4 by Jip Kempers, on Flickr Haven’t progressed much on this module as I too often find myself in doubt about what to do and/or searching for the right elements. I am currently in the middle of sorting my collection so I lack the time(and space) to take proper photography precautions. I used to have an “organised chaos” not unlike some of you might have had in the past but 5 bl orders and 20 big sets later I realised it might not work so well anymore. I did get to mess around with some old and new furniture...
  12. Ravelino

    Half-timbered weapon smith's house

    Nice little house, I really like the tudor style and the red roof! I'd like to see more pictures so I can give you a full feedback on the interiors! If you go to this website you can register for free and upload up to 1000 pictures which you can edit into your original post like: More pictures on My Flickr ( << this example uses my own flickr account) You can do hyperlinks with the little chain at the top next to the " quotation button.
  13. I made a little MOC while sorting my collection and looking for pieces for a contest over at LowLUG The Fright from the Skies by Jip Kempers, on Flickr Let me know what you think of a flying (!) warg
  14. Ravelino

    The Big Mystery WIP

    Released some pictures of the entire tower as it is: Tower WIP by Jip Kempers, on Flickr More pictures can be found on my Flickr Album
  15. Ravelino

    [Gunman]: Building Techniques - MOCs

    That's another nice example of the recently popular Lego tensegrity structure! By the way I can see you posted that Dragonslayer duo februari, but is it possible I've seen (pictures) of that MOC from some time before? Because I can't remember it being just 2 months