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  1. This is so impressive! I admire your ambition to build such a large MOC with so many details, and to succeed with such great result! I love that you didn't just choose one location for your build, like a wall, or a house, but went all in and included a whole section of a city with gates, palaces, street life, outskirts and much more. Truly a masterpiece, and dare I say a trendsetter for future Kaliphlin builds? I expect many (myself included) to draw inspiration from your magnificent gatehouses.
  2. Etzel

    Book III Challenge IV: Tick-Tock

    I love that you managed to show both the scene of the clock being made, and a detailed clock itself in such a limited footprint. And it's mechanized too! Great job!
  3. That's a very impressing hall! The banners in Kaliphlin colors helps to see the scale and the floor design fits the scene pefectly. I like the muted colors that goes well with serious topic being discussed by the envoys. The microbuild is also beautiful. The turquois dome stands out perfectly. The microscale ship foreshadows greater things to come
  4. A grand epos! I think you deserve much praise for your story telling which really builds up the tension, and equally much for your detailed builds that brings the story to life. I very much like the council room with the wonderful bookcases with large volumes and scrolls.
  5. Etzel

    Book III - Challenge IV: The Turning Point

    My entry for category A, "Burning bridges":
  6. Following the uprising in Mitgardia under Sir Uldain, Lord of Bleywood, the Northen Guild was is turmoil: To strengthen the popular support of his rebellion, Lord Bleywood sent out a group of men to seek out a shaman in the distant Clan Lands. Shaman Noiddi was considered mad by many, but during his episodes of trance he had vision of both past and future events. Rumors had spread of his vision of the old chieftain Krix the Cruel from many centuries ago that ruled almost all Mitgardian territory. Persuaded by Lord Bleywoods men, Noiddi seeked out the bog where the infamous chieftain had been buried the old-fashioned way in the dark, murky waters. With ancient rituals the shaman raised the bones of Krix the Cruel, and with them the last crown worn by something equal to a Mitgardian king. The antique artifacts were quickly transported the Lord Bleywood and presented to his son and heir, Sir Urdraigh. With the symbolic power of the chieftain of the olden times and the strength of the growing rebel forces, the Mitgardian people were ready to break free from the tyranny of the southern Queen… * * * It was finally time to face the battlefield for Lord Bleywood’s rebellion. So far they had succeeded in the political and tactical arena by gathering more and more lords and cities to their side, while at the same time the guild leaders in Valholl had been divided and undecisive in their actions. The support from the people had grown as well, and Lord Bleywood and his allies had increasingly became the true leaders of the lands of the Northern Guild. The threat to their success came now from the outside. Queen Ylspeth would not let a fourth of her kingdom slip away with out a fight. An army of loyal knights, mostly Avalonian nobles, and their levies marched north and set course towards Valholl to join up with the remaining royalist Mitgardians that were still holding out. The Bleywood forces made their stand at a bridge across the Whistling River in the southwest… The battle ended in a great victory for the rebellion. The Avalonian knights were lured out in the woods and picked of one and one, the footmen and archers tried to outflank the Mitgardians but got stuck in the mud, and the bridge was held by the elite troops of Theodore Bruin. The beaten royalists retreated to the south and the claim to the Northern lands by Lord Bleywood was now unquestioned. Sir Urdraigh took some noble prisoner to ransom and gave orders his soldiers: “Burn the bridges! We will have no use of them now that Mitgardia is once again a sovereign land. We want nothing from the southern lands anymore. The border is closed! Queen Ylspeth can try to salvage what little pride she has left, but one thing is certain: she is no longer Queen of Historica, because Historica as a unified kingdom is no more. The other guilds will soon follow us in their quest for independence.” More pictures can be found at my Bricksafe account:
  7. Etzel

    Future Castle Sets?

    Don't give up hope yet. The Medieval Blacksmith is in the next review session (where the result will come in early 2020).
  8. Etzel

    Prelude: The Winter of Despair

    A very inspiring prelude, I'm really curious to see what the challenge will be. The bandit hideout sets the tone perfectly for a rugged and unbalanced Mitgardia. Love the snowy landscape!
  9. Etzel

    Delhi Durbar

    Those are really nice! I love the use of some minifig torsos that I never thought to be so fitting for Indian MOCs. I very much like the flowered howdahs too.
  10. Etzel

    Map of Historica: Challenge III Prize

    Of course! I just got it (it got hold up in customs for a while) and can enjoy the excellent design IRL. The inside was packed with cool pieces. Big thanks for this amazing prize!
  11. Etzel

    The Ulfgang Stockade

    Thanks! The tan 2x2 cone has been produced, but it's quite expensive in quantities so I chose an easier option. I'm not the creator of the map, that honor belong to Viceroy
  12. Etzel

    [MOC] Falconry Training

    Great work! I think you really have the "Mitgardian feel" in your landscaping, a very good balance between bright and subdued colors that fits well in the cold north. The birch tree really lifts the build and matches nicely with the flag. The minifigs are on point as well, I didn't know the hair you used for Siggi came in that color.
  13. A continuation of the story from "Pass it on", my Challenge III build, and of the misadventures of Shivering Ettu. The rebellion of Lord Bleywood and Lord Ulfgang is slowly beginning to take shape. With the help of the mercenaries of Theodore Bruin, these lords are hoping to gather more support from displeased nobles and break away from the leadership of the Steward in Valholl. Defensive preparations are being made as the risk of open conflict draws nearer and in Ulfgang land the stockades are being erected in all strategic places. According to the lord's deal Lord Bleywood has sent a group of prisoners to his ally to be used as workforce in the constructions. It's mostly just an excuse to show of my Ulfgang faction. Wolfpack shields and insignia, with dark red and dark green colors, and the nice tartan printed legs from Tartan Batman. I have a few ideas on how to bring this story forward, but I'm not sure how much time to build I'll have from now on. Maybe it will have to be a long term project. I did work a bit with the Mitgardia map to give you a bit of a hint of where this takes place. The map shows the southwest corner of Mitgardia. Blue+Gold: Bleywood, Dark Green+Dark Red: Ulfgang, Green+Yellow: Valholl, Mitgardia Capital
  14. Thanks everyone! Really happy to come out on top among such great entries. Guess it's time to demolish and start building something new. ;)