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  1. Etzel

    Future Castle Sets?

    There is a big difference between the LEGO themes of City, Castle and Pirates, and the AFOL themes of City, Castle and Pirates. LEGO's themes are definitely aimed towards a younger audience and the sets are often quite simple, the latest Castle and Pirate themes are perfect examples of that. I didn't see a lot of praise for those themes among AFOLs and I certainly didn't think much of them myself either. But, they add their small part to the much bigger AFOL themes of Castle and Pirates that is the combination of all the different reincarnations of the themes throughout the years. These classic evergreen themes has such a big fanbase that they don't end when the specific current theme ends, they live on and expand. The main reason for why they do that is MOCs. Nothing keeps the interest in a theme going as seeing new builds from it, with new interesting techniques and creative ideas. Some themes are easier to start MOCing in, it's usually those with lots of buidlings because that's an easy and nice start for most. If left to just discuss the sets and stories behind them, the interest will die out when no more sets are released. Even though LEGO is mostly made for kids when you look at it from TLG's or an outside perspective, that is not really as relevant inside the AFOL community. i dare say most AFOLs don't love LEGO because it's a great kids toy, the love it because it's a great hobby for adults whatever its original intent. Of course we should be aware and understanding towards the situation and we can't expect to get our way all the time, but we certainly shouldn't back away from voicing our opinions from an AFOL point of view. With that said, I think a discussion about a possible future Castle theme is a bit uninteresting. If we get one, we'll get one, but until then it's nothing that stops us from keep building in the Castle theme. New, useful parts comes in a lot of various themes and thankfully the Collectible minifigure series has provided us with some quality historically fitting minifigs. If I could choose a "dream theme" it would be something like Prince of Persia, a theme that explores a new setting, provides a lot of useful parts, and that sells really poorly to the main target group so the sets will be on sale. It may seem a bit selfish but considering how well TLG is doing financially I'm not worried that it will do any harm.
  2. Etzel

    LEGO Minifigures – Disney Series 1 Poll

    Yeah, when I say "good" or "bad" it is of course a reflection of my personal taste. No LEGO set is universally good or bad to all AFOLs, we are humans after all.
  3. Etzel

    LEGO Minifigures – Disney Series 1 Poll

    Maleficent is my favourite, and one of few good minifigs in this series. I understand that LEGO goes with this because of the profit and so on, but I honestly feel that it's one of the worst series (only slightly better than the Simpsons ones). Good thing we are getting the German football team at the same time at least.
  4. Thanks again! It's nice to see that it can please builders from different sides of the fan base. I do agree that the Elves theme could've fitted great with in the historic subforum. It is in many way similar to the many different castle themes, only made for a different target group. However, it's currently the only active theme in the A&A subforum that lends itself to MOCing to a high degree so it has a purpose of balancing the topics here. The A&A forum holds a great number of themes but its biggest problem is that it has too few MOCs to keep the interest up when the theme ends. Adventurers is an exception, and I believe Elves could have that potential too if it weren't for those mini-dolls. Character customization is one of my favourite parts of the LEGO hobby and an important part of MOCing, but minifigs are so much better suited for that. As for Eurobricks Castle fans affection for discussing discontinued themes I think you are missing that fact that the historic subforum is one of the largest and most active parts of Eurobricks, especially when it comes to MOCing thanks to Guilds of Historica. The amount of creativity that is shown there does not come without new inspirations and different ideas.
  5. Thanks everyone! I'm happy you liked it! Thanks for you nice words, but don't let my build discourage you. There are countless new and different variations to be built!
  6. You split a box with two fellow AFOLs of course! That's why the equal distribution for this series is so great, much less hassle about the remaining minifigs that no one wants doubles of.
  7. Thanks! It's stickers, from 70810 MetalBeard's Sea Cow.
  8. Thanks a lot! It was indeed my intention to make it look like the inn was located in a forest, because that was how I pictured it when I first saw the set. A whole village would surely look awesome, but that's for someone else to build.
  9. This is my take on the 41174 Starlight Inn set that I picked up a few weeks ago. I'm normally not a big fan of sets and usually only sees them as parts pack but I liked the idea of this one. However, I didn't really like the use of some colours and wanted to use them more realistically, e.g. only green plants and leaves and keep the purple and pink for the interior. The structure is made to reflect the set with a kitchen and sitting room at the ground floor, and a bedroom and a balcony with a telescope on the upper floor, as well as the rounded window. No thought has been given to how this would go with whatever stories goes on at the Elves tv show, comics, books or whatever, I don't care about them at all. This is just my try to make a better inn that could go with the Elves minidolls. Thanks for watching! /Etzel
  10. Etzel

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    That's a very nice siege tower! I also like your use of both crownies and the latest lion knights, they work very well together with their similar colour scheme. The variation of your Nokheimer Raiders is great, but what I like most about them is their dynamic poses. They really look so much more realistic when there are small variations in how they are holding their weapons, which foot they are lifting, which way they look etc. When I army build it's usually just a maximum of 20 minifigs, but that makes it easier to experiment with more rare shields and torsos. This is my small company that uses the bear shield from the Frightening Knight from the Collectible Minifigs sereis 15. I made a MOC with them for a mini-challenge in Guilds of Historica but it's essentially just an army build with some landscaping so I figured I could post it here as well. Just now I realized that I have some of the old KK2 bear shields, 3846pb16, that I could've used to make the company bigger. Maybe I'll use them in a later build.
  11. Lovely! The darker colours on the ground and the minifigs together with the black background gives the whole build a sort of gritty and foreboding feeling. Perfect for the events that are to come! I'm intrigued to find out whether falcons and bears will go together nicely...
  12. Stunning scene, Gideon! I really like how the canopy of your trees looks, nice and thick and probably way more stable than mine. I also think you manage to get a very nice vegetation on the ground. The use of the palm leaves sideways is really well done, you managed to hide their connections really well.
  13. Awesome! I'd also like to thank you for bringing the challenge to my attention by posting your great entry on Swebrick's forum. Here is my entry: The Company of Lord Theodore Bruin aka. "Teddy's Bears" Maybe this is the start of another session of GoH building for me, I certainly hope so!
  14. The Company of Lord Theodore Bruin has heard the call from the Desert King. Much like all the other mercenary companies that gather at Sultan's Gate, the so called "Teddy's Bears" are hoping to gain both gold and glory from the upcoming crusade. Travelling down from the North these Mitgardians need to pass trough some rough terrain before reaching the land of Kaliphlin. The company consists of three divisions, the knights, the footmen and the archers, all resourceful and reliable soldiers commanded by the respectable Lord Bruin and his counsellor. The company is of course also bringing their loyal mascot, the brown bear Boo. For the Desert King's Nocturnus Crusade Mini Challenge. /Etzel
  15. Is this mini challenge for Kaliphlin only or can members from the other guilds enter as well? I just recently put together a small force in a session of fig-barfing and thought that with some nice landscaping around them it could fit right in for this challenge.