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  1. Etzel

    Future Castle Sets?

    Don't give up hope yet. The Medieval Blacksmith is in the next review session (where the result will come in early 2020).
  2. Etzel

    Prelude: The Winter of Despair

    A very inspiring prelude, I'm really curious to see what the challenge will be. The bandit hideout sets the tone perfectly for a rugged and unbalanced Mitgardia. Love the snowy landscape!
  3. Etzel

    Delhi Durbar

    Those are really nice! I love the use of some minifig torsos that I never thought to be so fitting for Indian MOCs. I very much like the flowered howdahs too.
  4. Etzel

    Map of Historica: Challenge III Prize

    Of course! I just got it (it got hold up in customs for a while) and can enjoy the excellent design IRL. The inside was packed with cool pieces. Big thanks for this amazing prize!
  5. Etzel

    The Ulfgang Stockade

    Thanks! The tan 2x2 cone has been produced, but it's quite expensive in quantities so I chose an easier option. I'm not the creator of the map, that honor belong to Viceroy
  6. Etzel

    [MOC] Falconry Training

    Great work! I think you really have the "Mitgardian feel" in your landscaping, a very good balance between bright and subdued colors that fits well in the cold north. The birch tree really lifts the build and matches nicely with the flag. The minifigs are on point as well, I didn't know the hair you used for Siggi came in that color.
  7. A continuation of the story from "Pass it on", my Challenge III build, and of the misadventures of Shivering Ettu. The rebellion of Lord Bleywood and Lord Ulfgang is slowly beginning to take shape. With the help of the mercenaries of Theodore Bruin, these lords are hoping to gather more support from displeased nobles and break away from the leadership of the Steward in Valholl. Defensive preparations are being made as the risk of open conflict draws nearer and in Ulfgang land the stockades are being erected in all strategic places. According to the lord's deal Lord Bleywood has sent a group of prisoners to his ally to be used as workforce in the constructions. It's mostly just an excuse to show of my Ulfgang faction. Wolfpack shields and insignia, with dark red and dark green colors, and the nice tartan printed legs from Tartan Batman. I have a few ideas on how to bring this story forward, but I'm not sure how much time to build I'll have from now on. Maybe it will have to be a long term project. I did work a bit with the Mitgardia map to give you a bit of a hint of where this takes place. The map shows the southwest corner of Mitgardia. Blue+Gold: Bleywood, Dark Green+Dark Red: Ulfgang, Green+Yellow: Valholl, Mitgardia Capital
  8. Thanks everyone! Really happy to come out on top among such great entries. Guess it's time to demolish and start building something new. ;)
  9. Thank you very much for your nice comments! I'm happy the diagonal orientation worked and that all the little scenes fits together. Ah, that part hasn't actually been told yet. ;) I imagine something must have happened after Ettu arrived to Bleywood that made the Lord quite angry, but what that may have been is still a mystery... Those are actually official ones from the 71040 Disney Castle: sticker sheet
  10. I've made an entry as well, Cat A:
  11. "Pass it on", Category A entry for Challenge III. I got a bit carried away when writing the story for the build. If you prefer to just look at the pictures the compressed backstory is that the build shows a secret meeting between some Mitgardia nobles where they are planning a rebellion against the Guild of Mitgardia. All around the castle there are rumors and gossips about the events. In the stronghold of Sir Uldain, lord of Bleywood, things are stirring. Strange people are coming and going, lords have paid visits and mercenaries are camping outside the walls. Words travel fast in a big household, and it reaches every corner of it, even deep down into the darkest dungeons... Shivering Ettu, the far-traveled little man from the Northern-most part of the Clan Lands of Mitgardia, could just about hear the conversation that the guards were having outside his cell. They spoke of Sir Uldain and his guests. Apparently the lord had invited both two of the neighboring lords and a captain of a mercenary band. All the armed soldiers belonging to various factions had the guards on their toes and one of them shared her doubts about the true allegiance of the guests. Ettu didn't know what to make out of it, he didn't know who these people were or why they were there. It was difficult for him to care about anything really, locked up as he was. But still... the talk among the guards had been increasing during the latest weeks. There were a tension that forebode something grand and radical in the atmosphere of the stronghold. If something could change are break up the monotony of the realm, perhaps there were a small chance that Ettu could finally be free again? He had lost count of the days he had spent in his cell, but by the changing of seasons he figured it must have been about five years since he came to Bleywood... - Those bear soldiers look especially untrustworthy, I don't see why the lord let them stroll around the castle like this. ´- Relax, they are only allowed to walk around the village and into the courtyard, no one is allowed inside. Besides, they spend good money in the taverns. Alesia over at The Burping Rock said she'll be able to keep the fires going all winter thanks to all that gold those bears spread around them. Being a mercenary sure pays off it seems. - Whatever. I'm not interesting in joining them anyway. I'll stay loyal to the lord, especially with what may come... In the cell across from Ettu some imprisoned robbers also listened carefully at the conversation from the guards. - Maybe the mercenaries are here to recruit more soldiers? I know that sometimes they pick prisoners to join their ranks so this could be our chance to get out of this place! - Good idea! Hey, guards! Get over here! We need to talk! In the consulting room at the bottom floor of the castle three men were eagerly waiting for the negotiations upstairs to finish. The man with a wolf emblem on his tunic looked over the maps on the table again and again. - We should definitely go for the Antler river first. Controlling that gives us power over the most important trade routes south from Mitgardia. - Yes but the guild knows this too. They have strong garrisons in Vaholl and can easily reinforce by transporting more troops from the Winter Lakes region. The coastal cities along the Tradewind Bay should be our first target instead. That way we can establish contacts with potential allies in Avalonia and control much of the trade to Varlyrio. - You guys are too blinded by your lords' desire for gold and control over trade routes. Don't you think the guild will come down on you wherever you choose to attack first? You need to think strategically and make sure the Steward and his men underestimates your threat. Lure them into believing it's just a small uprising of angry peasants and then take them by surprise. With a bit of luck we will get some prisoners, that is a sure way of expanding the war budget. - Back off! You know the rules, no Ulfgangs or Teddy's Bears are allowed inside the castle. That's a direct order from the Lord of Bleywood. - Come on Gorm, we just want to know what's happening at the meeting. - And can't you smell the food cooking in the kitchen? I bet you there's stew, and roasted turkey and freshly baked bread and... - Bah! There's a wonder we even have an apple left in our larders with you guys here having done nothing but stuffing your faces for almost a fortnight. I don't envy the farmers downstream... eh, I mean... - Downstream? Towards the Antler River? Is that where we are going? - Forget what I said! The lords are busy and so should you be! Now get lost! In the kitchen the meals for lords and ladies were being prepared, and the kitchen boy just delivered an update on how far the lords had come in their discussions. - The Lord says they will dine within the hour, Miss. - Oh my... And how am I supposed to finish all these dishes in that time? It's so stressful to have make so many different dishes. Lord Ulfgang only eats his own recipes with that strange black sauce and Lord Bruin demands so many different spices. It's probably some expansive habit he's gotten into while traveling to Kaliphlin. - You might have more work coming, Miss. I overheard them talking about some lord from Tradewind Bay coming here as well and you know how much they love their seafood there. - Now that does it! I'm going to have a serious talk with Lady Bleywood about this. I can't keep up with the workload any more! Please Jarki, run and fetch your cousins Elmir and Tym as quickly as you can. First I need all the hands I can get to help me prepare the dinner! Upstairs, the highborn men and women of two old and proud families of Mitgardia were engaged in a hot-tempered debate. - Lady Ulfgang, I guarantee that if you try to avoid your share of the costs one more time this deal is off! I may be old but I'm not blind and this draft does not include your family's name among the financiers. - Lord Bleywood, I'm shocked that you think I might have done this on purpose! We fully support the arrangement we agreed upon yesterday, I assure you. - Spare me your excuses Lady, I've heard them before. Just change the draft to actually say what we have decided. Bleywood and Ulfgang both support Lord Theodore Bruin's Company with 40 % of their expenses for at least 4 months, or until the trade route to Avalonia is secured. The rest of the costs will be paid in land and rights to extract taxes after the conquest. - I don't like this Father, I don't trust these wolfs! They've tricked us before and will trick us again. As soon as the Steward appears with his troops they will run back into the forest with their tails between their legs! - Sir Udraigh! You might be the son of our host and heir to Bleywood but you have no right to speak about my noble family like that. Apologize at once or I'll have my champion challenging you to a duel! - Malvia, stop eavesdropping! You know your father strictly told you to not interfere anymore in the negotiations. - But Mother! What they speak of is treason! This is a real rebellion against the Guild of Mitgardia! Why isn't anyone doing anything? - Don't say that word! Your father is doing what is best for this family, by whatever means necessary. Have you forgotten all those taxes the Guild imposed on us because of their own failures of keeping the peace. We owe nothing to the Guild! Now step away from the door before anyone notices you! Up on the roof by the dovecote another hushed dialogue was taking place. - Quickly now, if someone comes up here now we are screwed! - I know, I know. I just got hold of the damn dove. I hope it's as fast as usual, the Steward needs to know about this scheme as fast as possible. - Is it really enough to only send one message? What if it gets caught by a bird of prey, or a fox, or shot down by an archer? - No time for any more! Your shift ends anytime now and I can't be here when you reliever comes up. It's been a while since I last built any GoH, but thankfully my friends talked me into it again. This was a fun build with many difficult angles and snotted areas that had to add up somehow. To give the build a Mitgardian feel to it I tried to avoid too lush greenery and incorporate a lot of wooden structures in the castle. I'm reusing my old character of Shivering Ettu from more than five years ago. Hopefully he will soon get out and see more of the world of Guilds of Historica, just as his creator. :)
  12. Etzel

    [MOC] Kon-Tiki

    The 17th of May is the national day of Norway, so what better way to celebrate my dear neighbors than with a Norwegian themed MOC? This is the Kon-Tiki, a balsa wood raft that Norwegian explorer and scientist Thor Heyerdahl with crew built and sailed across the Pacific Ocean in 1947. Kon-tiki by Etzel87, on Flickr The journey was made as an experiment to prove that pre-Columbian South Americans could've traveled and colonized Polynesia in the Southern Pacific Ocean. Rafts from the time had been documented in paintings and they were used as reference when building Kon-Tiki. The journey took 101 days from Peru to the island of Raroia in French Polynesia. The crew consisted of five Norwegians: Thor Heyerdahl, Erik Hesselberg, Knut Haugland, Torstein Raaby, Herman Watzinger adn one Swede Bengt Danielsson. They documented the expedition in both a documentary film and a book, and in 2012 there was also a dramatized feature film made. The real raft is in display in the Kon-Tiki museum in Oslo, Norway. I recommend the Wikipedia article if you want to know more about this fascinating expedition. Kon-tiki by Etzel87, on Flickr Kon-tiki by Etzel87, on Flickr Kon-tiki by Etzel87, on Flickr Kon-tiki by Etzel87, on Flickr Kon-tiki by Etzel87, on Flickr Kon-tiki by Etzel87, on Flickr Kon-tiki by Etzel87, on Flickr Kon-tiki by Etzel87, on Flickr Here are also some pictures of the MOC from the Swebrick exhibition two weeks ago. Pictures by @Ozp Klosskalaset Swebrick event 2019 Borlänge by LegoOzp, on Flickr Klosskalaset Swebrick event 2019 Borlänge by LegoOzp, on Flickr Klosskalaset Swebrick event 2019 Borlänge by LegoOzp, on Flickr Till lykke med dagen, Norge!
  13. Etzel

    Future Castle Sets?

    There is a big difference between the LEGO themes of City, Castle and Pirates, and the AFOL themes of City, Castle and Pirates. LEGO's themes are definitely aimed towards a younger audience and the sets are often quite simple, the latest Castle and Pirate themes are perfect examples of that. I didn't see a lot of praise for those themes among AFOLs and I certainly didn't think much of them myself either. But, they add their small part to the much bigger AFOL themes of Castle and Pirates that is the combination of all the different reincarnations of the themes throughout the years. These classic evergreen themes has such a big fanbase that they don't end when the specific current theme ends, they live on and expand. The main reason for why they do that is MOCs. Nothing keeps the interest in a theme going as seeing new builds from it, with new interesting techniques and creative ideas. Some themes are easier to start MOCing in, it's usually those with lots of buidlings because that's an easy and nice start for most. If left to just discuss the sets and stories behind them, the interest will die out when no more sets are released. Even though LEGO is mostly made for kids when you look at it from TLG's or an outside perspective, that is not really as relevant inside the AFOL community. i dare say most AFOLs don't love LEGO because it's a great kids toy, the love it because it's a great hobby for adults whatever its original intent. Of course we should be aware and understanding towards the situation and we can't expect to get our way all the time, but we certainly shouldn't back away from voicing our opinions from an AFOL point of view. With that said, I think a discussion about a possible future Castle theme is a bit uninteresting. If we get one, we'll get one, but until then it's nothing that stops us from keep building in the Castle theme. New, useful parts comes in a lot of various themes and thankfully the Collectible minifigure series has provided us with some quality historically fitting minifigs. If I could choose a "dream theme" it would be something like Prince of Persia, a theme that explores a new setting, provides a lot of useful parts, and that sells really poorly to the main target group so the sets will be on sale. It may seem a bit selfish but considering how well TLG is doing financially I'm not worried that it will do any harm.
  14. Etzel

    LEGO Minifigures – Disney Series 1 Poll

    Yeah, when I say "good" or "bad" it is of course a reflection of my personal taste. No LEGO set is universally good or bad to all AFOLs, we are humans after all.
  15. Etzel

    LEGO Minifigures – Disney Series 1 Poll

    Maleficent is my favourite, and one of few good minifigs in this series. I understand that LEGO goes with this because of the profit and so on, but I honestly feel that it's one of the worst series (only slightly better than the Simpsons ones). Good thing we are getting the German football team at the same time at least.