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  1. Mengish

    [MOC] The Pirates' Inn

    Oops! Thanks for the reminder Phred.
  2. Mengish

    [MOC] The Pirates' Inn

  3. Mengish

    [MOC] The Pirates' Inn

    Thank you, Mpyromaxos!
  4. Mengish

    [MOC] The Pirates' Inn

    Thanks for the comment & support GeoBrick! And here is another shot from a different angle and with a white background, which I believe worked better: http://The Pirates Inn Lego Ideas Project Update 2 07 by Mengish, on Flickr
  5. Mengish

    Île de rubis

    Yes, I agree. A Good MOC which only needs some light when photographed ;-)
  6. Mengish

    [MOC] Prepare for battle

    That's a lot of action going on there with good work on the landscape! Thumbs up!!
  7. Mengish

    [MOC] The Pirates' Inn

    Hi there again! My lego ideas project, The Pirates' Inn, has a new update: "The Snow Hits The Pirates' Inn". You can follow & support it using this link: where you can see more of the new update. The Pirates Inn Lego Ideas Project Update 2 01 by Mengish, on Flickr
  8. Mengish

    "Taverna" - Small Pirate MOC

    That is one cool taverna for us...Well done!!
  9. Mengish

    [MOC] The Pirates' Inn

    Ahoy Mates!! Now my Pirate Inn has an update: Interiors. Now it is a modular building with detachable roof top, top floor itself and the balcony base. We have a bedroom upstairs, which is accessed via stairs added to the back wall. And downstairs is divided into two room: A living space and a kitchen, both of which are furnished. You can check it out at here:
  10. Mengish

    Dodo Island

    Very nice display! And the arrival of the balloon is a nice touch...
  11. Mengish

    [MOC] The Pirates' Inn

    Thank you all for the nice words, which are always encouraging. And an update: My project has made it to the main page under the "popular this week" section :-) And has an update waiting for you... And yes, I have started working on the much-demanded "interiors" for The Pirates' Inn...
  12. These microships look dangerously cute! And all that action...
  13. Mengish

    [SR-FB] Ballad of the Mighty I

    Thanks Blackdeathgr! Climbing the mountain step by step..:-)
  14. Such a nice addition to the shipyard we have here. Congratulations!
  15. I wish I could see this in real life. Looks very lively & real wit the surrounding stones and floweres. Cool job, Mate!