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  1. Love this idea for New Haven, fits the aesthetic perfectly. Great work!
  2. @Bricksbypidy After a brief stop for supplies at Arlinsport, HMS Challenger set sail again bound north. Before the adventurers can even enter the Great Northern Ocean, they must successful round the Madrice Peninsular. HMS Challenger will need to resupply again before being able to make one of the smaller ports on Corrington's northern coast or even a friendly northern Eslandolan port. Navigator Alexandre Bar-de-Fer presents Captain Cooke and the expedition with two options. 1. Namere. Namere is known as a land where powerful families fight for power with constantly shifting political alliances and and petty wars. The faith is also known to have a strong presence with some areas being directly controlled by the clergy. Landing anywhere in Namere could be risky depending on who is in control of the port. One option is Reigh. A northerly port, Reigh is home to many whalers that likely have knowledge of the Great Northern Ocean which could prove invaluable. This information is not without risk... the stability of the region is unknown and rumours tell of a petty war between two powerful families in the region. Supplies may be very expensive and bribery will likely be necessary. Map of Namere courtesy of @Mesabi 2. Altonia. In contrast to Namere, Ulric is a safe option. Altonia is friendly towards Corrington and Altonian hospitality is famed. The merchants of Altonia are also famed as honest dealers, and resupply will be fair and corruption free. However, the merchants are shrewd businessmen and are unlikely to share any commercial secrets they may hold about the Great Northern Ocean. Advernturers, the choice is yours. Your decision will determine how costly resupply will be (DBs to be deducted from expedition treasury) and further information of use to the expedition may be revealed. Choose wisely. To continue show a scene of your expedition resupplying in your chosen port.
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    May-June Account Sheet
  4. Ayrlego

    [COR - FB - GOC] Chapel, New Haven

    Lots to like with this one - definitely one of my favourites of yours! The chapel itself is really well done with some great shaping and the colour palette is fantastic. Also great vegetation!
  5. It meets the intent of the task, so as the creator of GoC I'm pretty sure I can accept it :)
  6. Amazing! I love how you have captured the atmosphere of the monastery both with the exterior courtyard and interior scenes. I've licensed but changed the property type to art and culture to better reflect the religious purpose of the building.
  7. I really like the addition of the bright yellow to the Port Woodhouse style. Also that post sign you've hung above the door is one I've wanted to recreate in the Brick Seas world for a while - very nice!
  8. I really like the new plant pieces as a small spruce tree - nice work
  9. Wow, they just keep coming! To echo NOD I too like the way you have built on the diagonal angle - I think that always makes for an interesting scene. The details on the building and overall colour scheme are as usual really well done and excellent render as always!
  10. Ok, I've double checked and the front page edits appear to have saved this time! :)
  11. huh? that's very weird, I updated it all this morning - the edit mustn't have saved for some reason... I'll have to do it all again!
  12. Front page updated. Congratulations to @Bricksbypidy, Baron of Swanley - the first Corlander to be en-nobled through the GoC scheme!
  13. Ayrlego

    [GoC] Lotii Shophouses, Port Raleigh

    I can't believe I didn't comment on this - brilliant work! The roofs, the colour... everything! And easy to see your inspiration from Singapore. Great job!
  14. Ayrlego

    Account Summary

    Surprisingly not as late as has become normal... Mar-Apr Account Sheet You guys know the drill, let me know of any issues! It had a timestamp in March, so it's in this update - I think it should all be good now? Let me know if there is still any discrepancy.