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  1. Ayrlego

    Challenge I: Constructing Falcontop Keep

    Thanks Navarre, I did consider tiling the top bricks, as you suspected I decided to leave them as a nod building. As always I am now not too sure if that was the right decision! Thank you Kai, a mixture of home and castle was what I was going for, good to know I got it right! Thanks Zoth! Thanks Faladrin, the crane is functional... well kind of. You could wind the string up but it isn't connected to the trundle (which actually has a minifig inside that I realise now you can't really see!). Thank you! Thanks Colin. Funnily enough I did consider workplace health and safety - those roofers working at height aren't wearing harnesses! I didn't consider the bridge though, I left it rail-less as a disadvantage to attackers..
  2. A very bright and colourful scene Faladrin, just what I'd expect from an elvish influenced city! The pink tree is a great splash of colour and the light house is wonderfully detailed; however, it does seem to be leaning a bit at the top? I like the building activity, especially the guy laying the roofing shingles. A very nice entry!
  3. Good construction scene. I like the attention to detail you have made with things like the pile of stones, damaged section of the wall and crane. The landscaping is nicely done with a good mixture of different types of trees. Good job!
  4. Ayrlego

    Challenge I: Mitgardian Framing Party

    Great subject and very well presented - very fitting for the challenge! The framework looks great and the landscape compliments the build nicely. Great entry!
  5. Lots of great detail in the MOC and that is one very elaborate base! I like how busy the scene is and how it successfully conveys a sense of activity. Great job!
  6. Ayrlego

    Book III - Challenge I: A Time to Rebuild

    Here is my entry:
  7. My completed Challenge I entry: https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/167961-challenge-i-constructing-falcontop-keep/
  8. Sir Alan de Crecy belongs to the minor Mitgardian nobility. He was knighted and awarded a small fiefdom four years ago. His lands include farm land and pasture in valleys of the southern mountains, a stone quarry, some forest and the village of Ambarvale. As a new fiefdom, created to reward de Crecy for service to the realm, no suitable residence existed. So three summers ago de Crecy started construction of a fortified keep a short distance just outside the village. The keep is being constructed on a rocky outcrop beside a shallow stream. As winter approaches for another year, work has slowed down and preperations are being made for the winter pause. In addition to the adverse weather conditions, masons almost universally agree that buildings in which construction continues over winter have a tendency to fall down. de Crecy has arrived on site to consult with his master builder, and inspect the summer's work. This year, the second level of the keep has been finished and both the first and second levels are now habitable, although de Crecy and his family are yet to move in. Although no more stones will be laid this year, the last of the cut stone is hauled up to the construction. Meanwhile, the roofers are busy laying the last of the slate tiles over the main hall. Soon the exposed stone work at the top will be covered over with straw to protect it over winter and work will cease for the cold months. de Crecy is happy with the progress; all going well, the keep should be finished the following summer. __________________________ Some additional views: This build actually has some history! I started a base for a keep almost three years ago for LoR. The original finished build is here and is meant to show the laying of the foundations. Shortly after I posted the foundations, I constructed the bottom floor and some construction equipment but never photographed or posted it. Then the build went on the shelf, first the construction equipment was broken down for parts then most of the walls. The remainder then sat on the shelf for years until this challenge which provided the motivation to finally finish it! As my building style has somewhat changed over the last couple of years, I completely rebuilt the base and most of the first level (not much of the original remains!). I then added the second story and built a new trundle crane and scaffolding as well as adding the incomplete roof tiles. The design of the keep is based on these two classic builds: Crown Knights Castle by de Gothia and Legonardo's Crown Knights Remix. I created a new character as a minor noble to tell different stories to Yngvi, although I plan for their paths to cross both in the past and future.
  9. Ayrlego

    Account Summary

    Yeah something is definitely funky with the settlement values. Port Raleigh is showing a level of 80 when by my calculations it should only be 40.
  10. Nice worker's hut Flavius. The wooden construction is conveyed very well and the vegetation places it in a plantation setting. Only suggestion I have is that to make the scene less flat, perhaps vary the level of the sounding landscape using plates in different shades of green. I think by adding some height to the vegetation base it would help the scene to stand out. Something I struggle with a lot on some builds! Also with this medium residence Port Raleigh has made 'Large Town' - great work!
  11. I’m finishing up mine hopefully this afternoon. I got stuck for a while but it’s looking good now (I hope!)
  12. Ayrlego

    Challenge I: Aslanic Temple in Barqa

    Beautiful work as always! Great colour palette and the whole structure looks very curved. The sand green domes give you a sense of how huge the overall build is and the framework for the missing dome is wonderful. Fantastic entry!
  13. Ayrlego

    Freebuild - Kaliphlin Cog

    Such a beautiful vessel! The hull shaping is simply phenomenal! The forecastle and aftcastle are alse beautifully done. Fantastic work!
  14. I love the jungle feel of your part two and three builds. The green under the trans-clear water is a technique I have always liked! The shrine is well done as are the heads, and the crocodile is a nice touch. Great job!
  15. Your Cat B entries are probably some of my favourite in this challenge and I apologise for not having the chance to comment before now. The buildings are a great example of not needing to use fancy techniques to still create something great looking. At first I wasn't sure about the flimsy upper levels but I realised that you did that on purpose so that you could use the interiors for extra shots in the story and still have them well lit for the photos - clever! All in all a great effort and a very strong entry!