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  1. [COR - Aug FB] Leaving Nova Malto

    Thanks Kai, indeed it must be! I probably should work on a better way of positioning minifigs! Thanks BD, yep it's been a good Lego month for me and I am indeed in 'stralia where it is winter (well I think I can start to feel the first pangs of spring at the moment, although I can see snow on the mountains from my house... As for the flags, nothing special. At the moment they are stored in a tote draw with all my other flags. The redcoat flag I've had since the late '90s when I got the original set, but by that time I was a teenager so probably looked after it a bit better (some of my old first wave pirate flags have not held up so well....) the castle one I got in a Bricklink order only last year... Thanks Prof, a show of power was kind of what I was going for! Thanks Elos, I do think I may be in danger of over using the tree technique though! Thank you Mesabi! Yep, unlike some certain Counts, Major Bradley will not leave until his duty has been completed! ...and I'm pretty sure he has similar feelings for your company that he does for the Greenies after the way they abandoned the fort! Thanks Bregir! Now, now people, we are all friends again now right!..... right? Thanks SilentWolf. There are actually 40 if you count Major Bradley. 3 Officers, a Company of infantry (30), a colour party of 2 ensigns and 3 halberdiers and 2 pipers. I still have another 2 classic redcoat torsos (one of which is Dirk himself!), 15 2009 Redcoats (marines) and 20 chinese clone brand redcoat torsos that I can't decide if I like or not. I used one in the figbarf below, it's pretty easy to work out which one it is! I keep wanting to order more (actual Lego ones that is!), although if I am sensible, I'm not sure I'll ever really be able to squeeze that many more into a MOC than this one!
  2. Another property, this time a medium artisan, funded by Colonel Dirk Allcock in his gesture of friendship towards Eslandola. Ownership turned over to the settlement.
  3. A group of Eslandola musketeers relax outside the Falling Leaf Tavern in Hojaroja, on Otoño (The Autumn Isle). After a hard day of guard duty, the musketeers are enjoying some of the cider for which their nation is famous for. --------- The second of my promised Eslandolan builds on Otoño. I wanted to try something a bit different from my usual, the thatch roof started off as an experiment and the build grew from that! Anyway, hope you greenies like it, I'll license it as a medium artisan in the name of the settlement of Hojaroja. It's been a big freebuild month this month (4 I think?), this will be the last I promise (Well, I'm pretty sure it will be...)
  4. Lol - so true! Thanks Kai! Hmmm, I thought it was more recent, but so many good MOCs to remember.... so possibly, thanks BD!
  5. Hey, a quick request for help, I'm working on my next Autumn island build and remember sometime ago someone posted a build here which had a minifig smoking an excellent brick built pipe. I thought it might have been @Garmadon or @Kai NRG, but a quick look through their flickr streams didn't reveal it. Can anyone remember who it was or where it was? Thanks!
  6. Major William Bradley sat astride his horse, next to an Eslandolan cavalier officer as pair watched Major Bradley's Corlander garrison march to the waiting Royal Navy ships in Nova Malto harbour. The last of the Mardierian refugees had been safely evacuated, and Eslandola had, somewhat begrudgingly, fulfilled their promises to fund the settlement of New Haven for them. With his mission complete, Major Bradley was determined he would be the last Corlander to leave. As his troops marched past, he could not help but be filled with pride at their neat, orderly ranks. Many of the men seemed cheerful and in high spirits, all held their heads high, their muskets resting on shoulders, brass polished to a high sheen, fresh flints tightly locked and scarlet coats well brushed. In fact he couldn't help but compare their disciplined ranks to the gaggle of Eslandolan musketeers and pikemen behind him. The Eslandolan cavalier cleared his throat. "Well Major, it would seem our duties are at an end. I wish you well on your journey, and caution you against any further adventurism into Eslandolan territory." Major Bradley turned to look at the immaculately dressed officer. He was tired of Eslandolan arrogance, their abject refusal to see any other point of view, their hypocritical stance here in Malto.... part of him almost wished that diplomacy had not prevailed.... his men would have shown these fops how a professional modern army fights.... but no, as glorious as that may have been, without substantial re-enforcements, it could have only eventually ended one way. Rather than reply straight away, he simply raised one eyebrow and turned back to his men. He tried to think how Don Montoya might respond, but alas he was a soldier, not a diplomat. So as a soldier, without turning to look at the officer, he replied, "Indeed my duty here is complete, so with that Sir, I bid you good day." Without further ceremony, he turned his horse, which chose this perfect moment to defecate, and attached himself to the rear of the column. He had heard it said that the conclusion of the Eslandolan/Garvey war against Mardier was the beginning of a new era. Part of him whole-heartedly agreed. When he had first set foot on the Isla de Medio, it was in solidarity with Eslandola, but now as he left the island for a second time, he could not help but feel those who once were considered friends were now almost considered enemies... Corrish armies had for generations adorned their practice targets with blue coats, but now he could not help but think those blue coats would be exchanged in the future for green. As they filed onto the waiting transports in the harbour, the sun set in the west - the following dawn would indeed promise a new era for all. ------- A quick build to wrap up the Nova Malto Saga. Alternate view:
  7. Firstly, I wouldn't say it was a poor attempt to mimic Port Woodhouse's style - I'd say it fits right in perfectly! The colour palette is spot on - the dark red fireplace is a nice addition - I've been thinking about sneaking some dark red into the brick work - now I might need to try it! The building itself is nice and simple, with some great nods to some of the other Port Woodhouse builds - eg the protruding door and window frames. The engineers are fantastic. I really like the use of the bobby's helmet - now I need to obtain some of those new dark blue Union torsos so I can include them in future builds! The rocket stand and explosion are also really well done. The beach scene is also quite good. You've captured the rough sand well and I like the tents. Also I have been thinking of using top hats for my marines for a while now - but I only have two and I wasn't sure how they'd work - now I know! What can I say, I really like these builds! As for improving - I can make some suggestions based on the style I have been building in, but as I said I like it very much the way it is now. Firstly, maybe make the building one or two bricks higher? It looks a tiny bit short, although I think it might just be the crenulations - so maybe keep the roof the same height but build up the crenulations by one bricks height? Base: I've been playing around with slightly irregular shaped bases as I have always been impressed by them. Rather than a rectangle like you have now, use some wing or rounded plates around the outside to make an irregular shape and then maybe also build up a plate level or two to give it some depth (as you have done for the last build). I would then start adding further plates (in Port Woodhouse usually 1x1 or 1x2 dark tan, olive green and 1x1 round dark bley) and tiles (usually 1x1 and 2x2 round light bley) and vegetation. I've been showing off my olive vegetation, but green works well too - like you've shown here. Walls: What I have been trying to do with the highlights in the walls is make them not all uniform size and shape. So for example, for a dark tan section I'd base around 1x2 masonry brick, but with 1x1 and 1x2 dark tan plates around it to create a random shaped patch of colour. That's about it really - like I said before, great job!
  8. Gin House, New Haven

    I agree - the red/yellow/grey colour scheme works really well and the building itself has a nice aesthetic. The most simple answer to the GIN issue is probably just a Gin distillery.... then there is a pig... *sigh* classic Eslandolan diplomacy - as subtle as being hit in the face... with a brick!
  9. I too enjoyed the story! Very much in your previous humorous style - the drunken horse was a great final touch! Hopefully those soldiers will never need to use that cannon - maybe the Governor needs to classify Fort Agravia a hardship posting and rotate the garrison every three months!! I wont go into feedback on the build as we already discussed it elsewhere. Nice job anyway and good to see Mesabi Landing growing again. I have a feeling Captain Mesabi's delusions of grandeur in establishing a great settlement may be well founded! Keep up the good work.
  10. Sorry for the late reply, I finally got around to taking that picture for you... I warn you though, it isn't pretty!
  11. [COR-FB] Regular Like Clockwork

    Neat artisan Bregir. Excellent façade (although why are the grills above the windows horizontal but vertical below? My OCD is going nuts.... ) Anyway the interior is the star here, especially all those clocks, which are bookmarked on Flickr for future reference!
  12. Thanks Professor Thaum! The small leaves (2423), grass stalks (3741) and plant stems (15279) are all Lego parts in olive green. The flowers are also Lego, I think they are medium lavender (on the vine) and magneta for the flowers on the ground - although my knowledge of the proper names for all the new pink colours isnt great! The large leaves on the tree are not Lego, but a third party part that Garm correctly identifies being from Altbricks. They are great quality, although a little more brittle than real Lego, and the clutch is tighter. They have a wide range of colours not available in Lego and are handy for if you want some more variation in your trees and vegetation. Thanks Garm! I tried several faces before settling on that one! The parrot was a last minute addition - as every original pirate set seemed to have at least one I must remember to include them more! Thanks Elos, yeah the background isn't the best - I need to experiment with some better options. I'm very pleased with how the tree came out! Thanks Kai. Also thanks for not pointing out I ran out of 1x2 dark red tiles for the side windows !! Thanks SilentWolf! The couple out the front just seemed to lack something, so I tried the parasol (I'm always looking for an excuse to incorporate some classic pieces!) I really like it.
  13. Old memories

    As others have commented, this is a great story, one I read with much interest! I'm very much looking forward to seeing where it goes. It was good to see some attention in fleshing out the old world, and I like your interpretation of the great raiders. Lastly, a very nice build. The ruins are well done and I like all the figures, especially the cannon crew. Great job!
  14. Thanks Kai! olive palm leaves are indeed awesome, although I felt a bit lazy simply recycling the main palm tree for this build - so much so I built a real tree for the next one Thanks Garm! I hope to do at least a few more, so hopefully I can continue to make them interesting. The rifle rack was probably the most fiddly part of this build! Thank you BD! Thanks Capt Wolf! Nope! Thanks Professor, this building is rather simple but I was hoping it complimented the barracks. Thank you Bregir, The whole idea mainly revolved around that gun rack! For whatever reason I struggled for artisans in Mooreton Bay, so I put a bit of thought into what I could build here. Thanks Captain Braunsfeld! Thank you Maxim, no problem, posted build 3 last night! Although I'll never catch up to Trador, You motivated me to focus on getting a larger settlement at the other end of the Prio Sea, so thanks! Thanks Storm, I always struggle to decide whether to use Lego doors or build my own - good to brick built look good! Thank you Silent Wolf. I made the front wall two thick mainly because TLG has yet to release 1x2 medium-dark flesh plates! (hopefully soon if anyone with influence is reading this...) As I needed some smaller MDF highlights I had to use 2x2 plates instead, hence the 2 deep wall.
  15. Money among the stones

    A great and very detailed prospecting scene! Love the little shack and I really like the use of the Lone Ranger? hair and hat piece. I need to get one of those! All the best with the prospecting!