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  1. Corner Townhouse, small residence for the settlement
  2. As Queenston grows, it's minifigs demand increasingly more sophisticated living quarters. Rows of townhouses have popped up in the settlement centre. Usually three stories high, the who's who of Queenston society can be found here amoungst the hustle and bustle of the high street. As the corner house, this residents of this house take advantage of the late afternoon sun on the third story balcony. First of a (hopefully) series of modular high street builds for colonial Queenston and last of my GoC task 14 - Bastion of the East builds. @Justsomebrix challenged me to do a more city centre type build with this one than my usual more stand alone type properties. The building has technic points on each of the hidden sides to attach future builds to if I ever get around to them! Will be licensed as a small residence for the settlement.
  3. In the hours after the Corlander Fleet arrived at Seawatch... On the beaches just outside the heavily damaged docks of Seawatch, the senior officers of the Corlander Expeditionary Force assemble near a small warehouse as the army disembarked for the upcoming campaign. Temporarily promoted to the rank of Brigadier, Sir Dirk Allcock and Major Brickford, who had travelled on the same ship are the first to arrive. They examine the approaching Eslandolan. "What in Hades are the Greenbacks doing here, I thought they had some kind of internal revolution going on?" asked a somewhat bemused Major Brickford. "The God's alone know... and it may be uncharitable of me, but seeing what I believe is the MAESTRO standard amongst those vessels I can not help but think they must have sensed some kind of profit in coming to relieve the siege..." mused and equally incredulous Brigadier Allcock. "Greenbacks only ever do anything for profit" stated the gruff voice of a newcomer. "Colonel Wolf, good morrow to you Sir" Major Brickford offered. Colonel Wolf mounted the brickwork platform and the party was soon joined by Majors Spud and Brickleton. After some brief pleasantries, Brigadier Allcock began to hand out tasking. Allcock: "Gentlemen, we have much to do. Does anyone know where the WTC chap is... Colonel Whatshisname?" Brickleton: "I saw him as I came ashore, he said something about seeing a man about a horse..." Allcock: "Nevermind, we will start without him. For now I will set up a command post here. Major Spud, ( @Spud The Viking) Head into the town and find the Carnite commander, present him my compliments and ask where he would like our force quartered and what his immediate needs may be. Major Brickford ( @LM71Blackbird) see if you can find out who commands our greenback friends and Allies. Again present them my compliments and invite them to meet and coordinate our forces at his first available convenience. Hopefully we can work with our unexpected friends but it is important we determine their intentions before we make contact with the Lotii. Colonel Wolf ( @Brickwolf) , as tactical commander see to establishing a perimeter and send out some of your fellows from the 95th and the 60th to do some initial scouting. Pull back at the slightest contact with the Lotii, we need information before we commit to battle and although it looks like they have withdrawn, I doubt they have gone far. Major Brickleton ( @evancelt) see if you can unload some of the horses and conduct a mounted recon of the stream beds to the east of the settlement. Again, avoid contact with the Lotii if you can but see if the river beds are a feasible way to try and get a small force headed south to link up and establish contact with the Oleonese. If so it's your men who will likely get this task. I will remain here and attempt to sort our our supplies and headquarters. Barring any unforeseen emergencies, we shall reconvene here again tomorrow for another synchronisation meeting. Oh and someone find the WTC Colonel and send him by. ( @Darnok)
  4. The arrival of Corlander and Eslandolan forces in the Carnite settlement of Seawatch has lifted the Lotii siege. Lotii forces have withdrawn into the country side. Now the Corlander, Eslandolan and Carnite commanders have to agree on a plan to link up with an Oleonese column advancing out of Fort Arltrees and force the Lotii to battle to kick them out of western Oleonda for good. Will the tri-nation force in Seawatch agree to a unified plan? Will the Madricans in Seawatch successfully link up with the Oleonese advancing overland? Will the Oleonese force make it to Seawatch or will disaster befall them? What will the Lotii do? How will they respond to developments? Here is the thread for this event! Post or link your Seawatch Campaign builds in this thread together with all inter-faction IC coordination. The deadline for the land combat is TBA; however, will be independent from the Dec 6 tMRCA deadline. Have fun and don't underestimate the Lotii!!!
  5. Ayrlego

    [FB-OL] Le Grand Delais

    Brilliant, love the story and the frogs - very appropriate for Oleon!! Poor Major Cambois!
  6. Elizbethville Observatory, Task 5 Higher Education, category 3
  7. Elizbethville Observatory, large education licensed for the settlement.
  8. On top of a rocky outcrop in the idyllic countryside outside of Elizabethville, renowned Corlander Astronomer Sir George Herschel maintains a stately house that doubles as an observatory for his astronomical calculations. Sir George has happily made Lacryma his home and he enjoys consulting with the local Onondaga medicine men, who are known for their knowledge of the heavens. Sir George lives in peace with his daughter Abigail and her dachshund Tiberius. My wandering skies entry shamelessly re-purposed as a GoC build for BoBs. My intent was always to make my entry so that it could be easily converted from a floating island to a 'normal' terrestrial build. A GoC entry for Task 5, category 3. Licensed as an educational build for the settlement account.
  9. Mines are one size fits all, so no a royal mine isn’t really possible under the current rules. That said if you do a smaller mine build to extract the ore, you could then also do a royal sized factory to sort and process it? Does that suit your plans? If not let me know what you have in mind and I’ll see what we can work out
  10. Ayrlego

    Account Summary

    The Octavia (Class 5) sailed from Spudkirk to Seawatch loaded with troops to relieve the siege. Base upkeep on a class 5 is 105DB which modified becomes 5DB.
  11. It would seem those Engineers know their stuff! They have discovered a rich seem of GOLD!!!
  12. Ayrlego

    Account Summary

    Sep - Oct 22 Account Sheet Let me know any issues!
  13. The curious rock turns out to be a cinnabar which as all good geologists know is the most common source of naturally occurring mercury, well done! So when you rolled mercury I did a quick google search to see if I could somehow tie this in with the red mineral depicted in the scene - the fact cinnabar is red was a very pleasant and unexpected surprise and completely coincidental... unless the WTC have found some dastardly way of rigging https://numbergenerator.org
  14. The brutalist design fits the harsh Gunpowder island perfectly! Great to see WTC plans coming to fruition. I'm looking forward to the cooperation between the WTC, ETTC and the Crown on the island!