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  1. Great little micro, I love the way you've done the roof
  2. [COR-FB] The Sweetest Fruit

    @Mesabi If I were you I'd look up which famous spirit is made using agave... I'm sure the Count would be into that industry... and you'd potentially get the island bonus....
  3. [COR-FB] The Sweetest Fruit

    I'm not on the court so I will defer to them for a final answer, but as faction (semi)leadership in short the answer is no. As @Drunknok points out opium is neither sweet, nor a succulent. You can by all means have an opium plantation(s) and go into the narcotics trade, but you will only gain any island bonuses if you are able to discover the plant that the original descriptions refer to. I suspect it will turn out to be Agave. Regarding the build, it is simple but effective at conveying your story. I like the idea of the discovering this and trying to break into the opium market (maybe this could be the WTC's aim for a monopoly) On a separate note, should Agnes present some of her botanical findings to the Royal Society, I'm pretty sure Colonel Allcock would sponsor her for membership.
  4. The rules are open to a fair amount of interpretation, especially with builds that don't quite fit in any of the categories. As long as you aren't perceived to be 'gaming' the system by making a property type something it clearly isn't, you shouldn't have any issues. In this case I am with Mesabi here. The purpose of a lighthouse is to safeguard shipping. Shipping is primarily a commercial or naval venture, and it can be argued that one of the navy's main purposes is to protect commercial shipping. Thus I believe making it perfectly acceptable to licence as a commercial property. Should I build a lighthouse that is what I would licence as. An artisan could equally make sense in that there is probably a certain amount of skill in successfully operating a lighthouse... or a residence because as you say someone lives there. Whatever you choose, as long as you can reasonably justify your choice, nobody should question it. I can't remember where the rules for Trade Companies are stipulated, and I can't find them in any of the main indexes. However, from memory to have a Trade Company recognised it requires several active members, one property licensed as a headquarters, two properties licensed as warehouses and at least one licensed ship. I think you can have an EGS account before the TC is recognised to allow you to license the required builds, you'd need to request one is made in the Accounts Summary thread, however I think that to have the account created you'd need more than one active member. To gain a monopoly is hard - again from memory I think only one has been granted since the start of the game, and that was apples for MAESTRO. I am fuzzy on the exact requirements, but I believe you need multiple builds by multiple builders over an extended period of time. Leadership or should be able to clarify both points, but I hope that helps for now.
  5. The following is from the Basic EGS rules thread: (I was on my phone before so didn't link it) So by entering all your previous builds in the same month, you have limited the amount you can earn. It might save the Count some economic stress if you submit as you go from now on! @Kolonialbeamter Thanks for the signature tags! They look awesome!
  6. It gives you DBs for freebuilds... no wonder you are broke!!!!
  7. Oktoberfest festivities - Medium Artisan in Weelond
  8. Well it is that time of the year again - the festivities in Weelond are in full swing!!! Schoolmaster Elliot from the 'Red School' takes some of his current pupils out into the streets to witness some of the festivities (and warn against excessive drinking....) There are many sights to see, staff from the nearby tavern deliver beverages to the revellers. A street performer from a far away land charms a deady cobra with his flute playing, a baker sells loafs of fresh bread and some Eslandolan musketeers keep order in the streets. -------- Able to be licensed as a medium property - could be either commercial or artisan... @Capt Wolf let me know which you prefer for Weelond's development!
  9. [OL - FB] The Request

    I really like the façade here KB, both the architecture and colours. Faved on flickr for future copying reference!
  10. [OL-FB] An old two-decker

    Wow Bodi, she is simply stunning! I love the detail on the stern... actually I love everything about this ship. Great work!!!!
  11. Really great looking mirco Kotz, and great subject. Very well executed!
  12. [POLL] WTC Elites

    I don't mind the torso, and like the others have pretty much all said the brown pants look the best - the lone-ranger ones you've selected should work ok. However what makes these guys elite? They look very much the same as your regular marines. Elite troops like everyone to know they are elite! IMO they need something distinctive that sets them apart from your regulars. Epaulettes have been suggested and they'd probably work - I'd go for red if you have any, although red are starting to get a bit expensive on BL since they haven't been released since the original 1989 pirate series. If you're into designing troops, check out Cooper Read on Flickr (If you haven't already), he is one of my favourite army builders. He does a lot of modern (20th Century and above) stuff but also lots of Napoleonic era stuff like these guys: Napoleonic Military by Cooper Reed, on Flickr Royal Navy and Marines by Cooper Reed, on Flickr
  13. [COR] A fine day in Tellvok

    I like this one, the architecture of the building façade is quite good and the minecraft tile is a NPU. Nice to see a somewhat different environment than the normal BoBS setting.
  14. That is a truly impressive collection Captain Dee, even more so that you managed to stick with titles all beginning with C! Many to like, but I think among my favourites are the Cheese monger (is that torso custom?), Coal miner, Cartographer, Coppersmith and Crabber. Great job!