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  1. A Watermill for Hojaroja licensed as a large factory for @The Neighborhood Merchant. Will bring the settlement up to 'Town' status!
  2. The quiet Eslandolan settlement of Hojaroja is slowly growing, and with that growth comes the requirement to be more self sufficient. Small crops of grains are now being grown to feed the settlement and the requirement to grind them down to flour is meet by this watermill. Situated on a gently flowing stream, the water current is enough to power a small wheel that operates the grindstone within. WIP and build log thread here. Thank you everyone who provided suggestions and comments along the way. Now here is the finished product! A second build for @The Neighborhood Merchant as a final down-payment for his Class 7 HMS Legion. I will license as a large factory on his account. I actually think I like the first build (Postmaster's office) better than this one. Still it was an interesting build and that is by far the largest tree I have ever constructed (there are approximately 300 leaves in the big tree - I think it could have probably easily used another 100-200!
  3. Cool concept! The purple and magneta hues in the darkening sky are really effective - not colours I would have thought of using. Also that's a neat (not so) little camp fire. Nice work and it is great to see some life on Lacryma and the Onondaga people.
  4. Darnok, slot me in where ever you need a build.
  5. Nice work in keeping to the establish themes for Mooreton Bay! The new hair/tricorne piece looks good on that torso, I haven't seen that before.
  6. That’s a really cool little bridge; although, I’m not sure I’d want to lead a horse over it! Bravo Captain Brickleton! Great color scheme, I love the use of the yellow and orange in the landscape.
  7. Ayrlego

    [WIP] Watermill, Otoño

    Update 5 So I took the above advice on the pathway and have integrated the MDF and dark tan plates/tiles. I couldn't lower the pathway level without major effort, so rather I will continue to build the surrounding landscape up so it appears sunk into the ground a bit more. The tree will be tricky! I've never really been happy with my larger tree efforts and this is by far the largest I've ever attempted! I am hoping that the addition of foliage will help alot - but foliage will be the last thing to be added due to it's fragile nature. I am beginning to fear I may not have enough autumn leaves.... I estimate I currently have around 200 dark red and maybe about 100 dark orange. I could add bright orange/yellow/orange/various other Alt Brick autumn colours, but I wanted to try and restrict myself to just dark red and dark orange for this tree. As you can see, the Tudor sections are almost done, just the window on the front to be added now. I'm debating about the orientation of the roof. I think it will slope from the stair side to the chimney side as it will be easier as I wont have to incorporate the wooden insert over the waterwheel into the roof. Looks like it's going to be a busy weekend, so probably no more updates until next week. Thank you all for the continued input! I think I will leave it half open like this. I don't think adding anything on the interior will be worth the effort as I'm not sure that you will see anything. If it does look gappingly empty I'll stick a minifig or cart or something in the way!
  8. Ayrlego

    [MOC] Forbidden Island

    This is really brilliant work! I think it perfectly updates one of my all time favourite pirate sets (I didn't own it as a child but my younger brother did!) and you have captured the Pirates of Barracuda Bay style really well. Bravo! Really well done!
  9. Ayrlego

    [MOC] Fort in Punto Sur

    Eurobricks member and veteran MOC builder Kai NRG has created this bright and colourful modern take on the classic imperial watchtower in their latest MOC, Fort in Punto Sur. Check it and many more pirate-y builds out in the the Brethren of the Brick Seas forum now!
  10. Ayrlego

    Fort in Punto Sur

    Looks absolutely fantastic Kai! and you used the excellent new turtle before I got to! The bright colours really make the whole thing pop and I think if you had used dark red instead of the bright light orange it would not have had the same effect.
  11. Ayrlego

    [WIP] Watermill, Otoño

    Update 4 A delivery of reddish brown chairs arrived! The timber floor is down and the Tudor style upper level has began construction. The timber offshoot above the waterwheel has also been added. The tree looks very weird at this stage. It's based on this design here. Hopefully once the leaves start to go on it will improve. Otherwise I may need to rethink it. I need advice on the pathway. Originally I was going with the 1x1 round tiles, but I think I would prefer a more informal look. I was thinking of dark tan tiles and plates like I have tried inside and around the main door way... except is adding a third landscape colour too much??? Maybe I could do the same in MDF like the small trial patch just in front of the doorway? I suspect though that it will blend in too much with the rest of the landscape.... Any ideas?
  12. Ayrlego

    Redcoat Officer

    Nice, you've made me serious consider destroying a wig piece now!
  13. Ayrlego

    Starting from scratch.

    Hi Comrade_funny. I'm glad to hear my Flickr inspired you to give pirates a try! I think collection wise, where to start really depends on what direction you want to go in. I mainly build land based scenes, although I actually started in this forum when I found the tutorial Build a Frigate with Captain Green Hair. I'd always wanted a more realistic ship for my imperials so that got me started... BoBS launched shortly after that and I haven't stopped building in this genre since! With regards to collection, the good news is that a lot of pieces for land based pirate builds are relevant for any genre and so you will get good use out of them. When I started my collection was mostly classic parts from my childhood in the 80's and 90's, so I had to build the newer colours up from scratch. I'd probably divide parts up into two categories; landscape/vegetation and building. Below are some of the basic parts I find the most useful. Landscape/vegetation I find that dark tan and olive are probably my most utilised landscape colours. I use lots of plates, usually in the smaller sizes. I try and get bulk 1x2 plates in most colours and these can be used to build up landscapes as well as in some buildings. Vegetation pieces can be more expensive; however, my general rule is to cram as many as you can into a build. For the style of bases I like to make you'll need a lot of 1x1 modified bricks with the stud on the side to make the SNOT borders. Buildings For stone work I use a lot of 1x2 modified masonry bricks, 1x1, 1x2, 1x3 plates, headlight bricks and 1x2 modified plate with door rail. Mostly in bley, but you'll also want highlights in dark bley or dark tan. To achieve the 'classic' stucco look I use similar techniques but using white bricks, including all the old discolored and yellowed bricks I can get my hands on. Highlights for these builds can be tan, dark tan, dark orange, medium dark flesh/nougat etc. For the tudor sections, in the 'wooden' frame work I use a lot of reddish brown 1x1 bricks, plates and modified bricks with the stud on the side. I also have a lot of reddish brown tiles of all sizes. The panels are usually a mixture of tan, dark tan or sometimes white plates; including 1x1 round plates. Roof techniques depend on the style I'm building. I have stacks of 1x1 dark red, dark orange and reddish brown round bricks for the terracotta style. Other techniques use plates, mostly either black or dark tan/medium dark flesh. Hinge plates are useful for connecting the plates that form the base of these roofs to the rest of the building. Anyway, hopefully some of the above helps. Good luck and I look forward to seeing what you come up with!
  14. Life on the Brick Seas isn't all swashbuckling adventure! Sometimes good administration can be the key to success, as proven by the ever efficient Redcoats manning this Customs Office in Port Woodhouse by Eurobricks member Puvel. Enlist now for the faction of your choice in the Brethren of the Brick Seas forum!