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  1. Yes certainly, but it's probably something we'd want to discuss in the PM just so we are all on the same page.
  2. Very cool. A lot of great details fitting for a Royal property. The buttresses, cross shape and stained glass are all very distinctive of a cathedral and I love the pipe organ! Actually that shot through the front doors is my favourite of them all. Interesting approach to the spires as well. No. Real world religions are to be avoided as much as possible as to not upset players of differing opinions/faiths. So the use of the term Catholicism here was probably unfortunate. That said we can't really have a game set during the time frame without religion as religion played a major role in the period. Thus the Order takes on the characteristics of the Catholic church during the age of discovery with a pantheon of Greco-Roman gods. The Religion of the Molokei has very Islamic looking architecture with a pantheon of Egyptian gods. My understanding is these are the only two 'canon' religions. There are several player based ones; from memory there is the Truachesh a Celtic like region created by @gedren_y (note that the Truachesh have been officially acknowledged in lore, so they could probably also be considered 'cannon'). Also the Prometheans that you mentioned by @mesabi; and the Church of Sol and Luna by @Capt Wolf I may have missed others but those are the ones that come to mind. Officially, the Order is still widespread in Corrington; especially in rural regions and the (old world) island territories. Our society is a secular one with freedom of religion and many of the educated class reject religious doctrine as superstition not supported by science and reason. I missed most of the story lines that centred around Mesabi's Prometheans, but I interpret them as a very small radical sect of fanatics and they are certainly not part of mainstream Corrish culture (or lore). Here I interpreted LM's use of the term 'Church of Corrington' to mean perhaps be an offshoot of the order? Like he says, maybe it is similar to the Church of England? It would make sense for more moderate Corries who don't want to break with the Order completely to maybe have something that is kinda like The Order-Lite! Probably something we need to discuss more as a faction then release something on our front page to clarify.
  3. Technically there is nothing stopping you taking the Lotii side. Category D ‘MOC only’ and category E are both open for you to take either side. In the tMRCA; however, the odds would be stacked quite heavily against you - which is why we worded the category D tMRCA section the way we did. I guess you could enter the tMRCA as a privateer for the Lotii, just be aware it may not go so well.... No effort is required for a Carno LoM, so I think it’s only fair that a Lotii one could be obtained without any special requirements, although I’d love to see a story and builds about how you manage to obtain one!!
  4. Oh very cool TNM! A seamless bending of old and new here. Like everyone's said those old windows are very effective in this style and combined with the smoothness of the walls and dark brown roof make for an impressive looking structure. I was quite surprised as I scrolled down to discover the full interior! Your attention to detail here is plain to see with all the little features and details. Excellent job!
  5. Another splendid windmill Capt Wolf! I like how you made the lower diagonal sections to match the pre-fabricated panels at the top; and of course those sheep are a timely reminder for me that I need to get my own shiny new ones out of the little baggies they came in! The landscaping although simple I think works quite well to convey the pasture around the mill. Keep these windmills coming!
  6. Must be, I definately don't have the option! Thanks for fixing it up for us today.
  7. Pretty sure we can't, how'd you do it? As in, is there a button I'm not seeing... While you're here can you please unpin challenge 2? thanks!
  8. I'd really like too as I love the lore you guys created for the GAS; However, nobody ever finished inputting the info in the characteristics section. See the PM for more details.
  9. Exactly the kind of concept we were imagining!
  10. Carno added to Jameis Farstrider's Guide to Halos:
  11. Ayrlego

    Jameis Farstrider's Guide to Halos

    Carno Flag: Primary Colour: Dark Red Secondary Colours: Red, White Demonym: Carnite/Carnonian Nickname: "The Merchant Republic" Primary Real World Influences: A large nation of firmly unified city-states with strong mercantile traditions akin to Venice or the Hanseatic League. Ruler: King Ludwig I (ruler in name only - The Grand Mercantile Council controls state finances and thus determines all state policy) King of Carno by @Garmadon Capital: Aden People and History: Settling the Madrice peninsular during pre-history; Carnites are closely related to Altonians and Garvians with who they share cultural and linguistic ties and have more in common with than their Eslandolan, Mardiarian and Namerian neighbours. Ruled by Mardier after the fall of the Madrice Empire, ethnic Carnite city states revolted in the aftermath of the War that Time Forgot (or Mardierian Intervention) and in 355AE banded together to form the nation of Carno. Situated in a strategic location astride trade routes from Garvey, Eslandola, Mardier and Balondia, trade and commerce became the focus of the new nation. Although Carno never came close to amassing the wealth of neighbouring Eslandola, her citizens lived comfortably and Carnite markets gained a reputation for the quality of goods and fairness of their traders. Powerful trade and craftsmen guilds came to dominate most cities, appointing officials and even raising militias. After some time, these guilds eventually outstripped the monarchy in influence and today the King retains power in name only; which is probably a good thing as King Ludwig has been known for his impetuous and sometimes erratic behaviour. Carnites are a practical and pragmatic people. They tend to be conservative, hierarchical and organised in culture. Carnite Cities and Towns of note Aden Carnite Settlements in New Terra Poorvintia, Poorvintia, West Prio Sea Waypoint, Gernia, East Prio Sea Neustadt, East New Haven Sea Diplomatic Relations: Relations Diplomatic relations are rated on a scale of 1-5 (1=Hostile, 2=Unfriendly, 3=Indifferent, 4=Friendly, 5=Very Friendly) Corrington: 4 Friendly Eslandola: 4 Friendly Oleon: 4 Friendly Sea Rats: 3 Indifferent Namere: Unfriendly Kingdom of the Lotus: 1 Hostile War: A state of war exists between Carno and the Kingdom of the Lotus over colonial possessions in the New Haven Sea. Diplomatic alliances and pacts: None known Carnite Characteristics Each NPC nation has values for eight primary characteristics set by leadership for the purposes understanding the powers of NPC nations. These values are dynamic and may change periodically in response to events in the Brick Seas. Naval Power: 5 Carno is undergoing a rapid transition from a small but powerful coastal fleet to a moderately sized ocean going navy to support their colonial ambitions. Large ship yards are still in their infancy and some vessels are purchased from Garvey and Eslandola. Military Power: 4 Due to their position wedged between constantly warring Namere and the large empires of Eslandola, Mardier and Corlander Balondia, the guilds have long recognised the need for a moderately sized standing army. Carnite conservatism has prevented the adaptation of tactics and lessons learnt in the Corrington/Oleon Juniper war and the older system of pikeman and musketeers supported by armed cavalry and artillery is still in widespread use. Scientific Advancement: 4 Generally Carnites are slow to adapt to scientific advancement, although they have proven an openness to accept advances once they are tried and tested by others. Political/Diplomatic Influence: 5 Carno is generally well regarded by her neighbours; with the exception of Namere. Carno has enacted military intervention numerous times during neighbouring Namere's almost constant civil strife when Carnite interests have been threatened. Intervention is usually of a limited nature and duration. Inner Stability: 8 Most Carnites live by the philosophy that trade and commerce are more important that political intrigue and stability is good for business. The guilds rule with a light hand and are generally very sensitive to any issues that may disturb the status quo. Treasury/Coffers: 5 Trade has made Carno wealthy, although the old Eslandolan joke is that a Carnite merchant is too honest to be fabulously rich. Exploration: 6 Having missed the first wave of exploration and colonisation of the new world and upon seeing the great wealth obtained from the colonial possessions of her neighbours, Carno swiftly implemented a program of ship building and expeditions. Feeling that the best lands in the Sea of Thieves and Prio Sea had already been claimed by other nations, exploration was focused in the New Haven Sea with logistic settlements established in the Prio Sea to support the exploration of this area. Cultural Advancement: 7 Carnites share a strong cultural identity with a focus on pragmatic areas such as architecture. Carnites are also well known for their love of the theatre. Known Carnite Personalities and Organisations None yet Examples of Carnite builds In Her Majesties Diplomatic Service - Bregir Carnite Troops by @merc
  12. Unfortunately Court members can't pin/un-pin topics, it has to be a Eurobricks Staff member. We'll see who's around I hope to get the Carno write up released later today and will work on the Lotii when I get a chance. In the meantime, the Lotii are based on an East Asian culture. Both Japan and China have been used as inspiration in past builds. As for ship building: Not much is known about Lotii sea power. The Lotii ship design differs from Madrican design chiefly in the sailing rig. Lotii vessels use a sailing rig known as a junk rig, which gives these vessels their name; junks. It is thought the back-bone of their naval fleet in the New World are larger ocean going vessels of this type known as war junks. War junks are generally reported to be slightly smaller than a standard Madrician galleon; although some exceptions have been noted. A variety of different armament has been reported with different calibres and types of cannon employed. The limited reports we have indicate their ships usually sail in company of at least another 3-4 vessels. Sailors have also been reported to carry a type of muskets although crossbows are still heavily employed by Lotii forces. Hope that helps. Edit: Sorry I totally miss-read that question! The Tyree'De are a native culture with no direct real-world equivalent, so a fair about of poetic license is available here. Most native cultures depicted in the east islands so far have a Meso-American feel/base. Personally I'd either look at pre-Colombian American cultures and look for examples of sea-going vessels, or failing that use Polynesian designs.
  13. Healer's Farm House | Ayrlego | Mitgardia
  14. Ayrlego

    Age of Mitgardia (free-build-challenge)

    Farm Stage One: Healer's Farm House
  15. Some distance from the village of Ambarvale, a Mitgardian wise women and healer prepares a herbal remedy outside her small freehold farmhouse. Meanwhile her young apprentice collects eggs from the chicken coop. Their goat grazes under a shady tree, while pumpkins grow behind the house. _______________ For those who don't already know, I was called away from by bricks in September of last year for work with very short notice. I returned early December but for various reasons have been a bit slow to get back into building. Hopefully that will change now though and here is my first GoH build for the year! This all started with the tree. I was experimenting with tree techniques and needed a build to go with the tree - this is the result! The tree is a simplified version of this technique by Dario Đipić. The chicken coop is of course from this Mitgardian build by Isaac Synder. Roof shape was inspired by this build by Søren Johansen. Originally I was going to try and experiment with using yellowish green as a landscaping colour, but after I ordered a stack of 1x2 plates I realised it was much too bright for the effect I wanted! Also a submission for AoM.