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  1. Unit Name: Myzec Native Auxiliary - Eagle and Jaguar Regiments Unit Type: Native Melee Infantry Picture: Description: The semi-autonomous indigenous city of Myzectlan on the island of Cascadia fields it's own unique warriors which have been incorporated into Her Majesties forces. Known for their almost fanatical bravery and intimate knowledge of the jungles and grasslands of Cascadia, these warriors are divided into two 'regiments', the Eagle and the Jaguar. These warriors are armed with obsidian studded clubs called macuahuitl or obsidian tipped spears and protected by hide bound shields and are often decorated with colourful feathers or jaguar skins. Links: Myzectlan Settlement Thread
  2. Great job with the mine Cap, there is a lot to take inspiration from here. I like how tall the cliffs are and the insert cut you have made for the mine. It gives the scene a feeling of depth that I think really enhances the scene. I actually quite like the overhang and the camp at the top is a nice addition. I also love the inclusion of the old rope bridge piece (I really need to work one into one of my builds one of these days!). All up nice work and it's good to see the end result of the prospecting.
  3. Ayrlego

    [COR-FB] Taking Notes

    The view from Captain Hunter's telescope is a great touch! Where did you get those yellow window lattices from? I don't think I've seen them before.Good to see our Westface garrison starting to establish their presence on Terraversa!
  4. Ayrlego

    [SR - FB]Scandal in Mesabi Landing

    I saw then monkey and thought 'this is hilarious!'... then I noticed the dolphin!!!! Brilliant!
  5. An outdoor spice market licensed as a small commerce for the settlement of Jameston.
  6. The tropical conditions on Celestia are perfect for a wide range of spices. Other the vanilla beans the island is famous for; a wide variety of valuable spices are also grown. A number of spice markets have sprung up, including this small one in the area that is becoming known as the Nizami´╗┐ quarter as it is where a large number of the Nizami ETTC Sepoys from the Molokei empire have settled with their families. A large variety of chilli peppers, basils, gingers and various other valuable commodities can be seen on display. This small market generally only caters to local needs. I haven't had a lot of building time recently and I really wanted to get something small done today - so this is the rather modest result. Licensed as a small commerce in Jameston.
  7. I have always had a love/hate relationship with lime green!
  8. Ayrlego

    [OL-FB] Large Wooden Fort in Tarlor

    Faladrin, not sure if you saw it or not, but fort rules were updated in Feb 2017 and fort size restrictions dependant on settlement levels were removed. Update was announced here. And the Fort section of the By Land rules was updated around the same time. I know it can be hard for those of us who have been around since the beginning to keep track of how many times things have changed!!
  9. Fantastic build Evan and sorry I am late to the party! The fort itself is beautifully done. I like the smoothness of the grand building as opposed to the rough farm buildings in this style that have proceeded it. The white is tastefully broken up as to not look too plain and the slate roof looks really good. The landscaping is well executed and the Duplo you used to raise the base pays off in this regard. While I too love medium dark flesh/nougat, I'm not sure about it here - for my personal taste it clashes a bit with the bright greens - but this is a very minor criticism and more of a personal taste thing - it certainly doesn't detract from the build in anyway!. I think one challenge we will face as we explore Panarium is that as we have imagined it as largely treeless, (although not so much in the valleys?) the wide expanses of green plates can tend to look a little bare. Maybe some scattered ground foliage such as leaves or grasses may help to break up the plates a little? I always struggle when using old green as the main landscape colour! Perhaps rather than going bright we might experiment with sand green and tan? Similar to this build? Although that may make it look a little too old world?? Anyway just musing here - as I said this is a fantastic build in a style of fort that we haven't much seen yet but which is probably quite accurate for the time period. Definitely a GoC from me.
  10. Ayrlego

    Rule Updates and Clarifications

    Because I don't think it has ever been listed together in one place before, here are all the current Trade Company monopoly bonuses: Monopoly Name Trade Company Bonus Apple MAESTRO 50% Copper ETWC 75% Cotton or textile MCTC 50% Grape or wine RNTC 25% Iron MCTC 75% Oats or wheat ETWC 50% Silver RNTC 25% Opium FTA 25% Note. Going forward; to claim the bonus the property must be licensed in the name of the Trade Company (not individuals). If the TC wants to transfer funds via manual transactions to their individual members each month, they're free to do so. When licensing the property via webform, the builder must must answer the "Have you earned any other bonuses or modifiers for this property? Write the name of the bonus(es) and the amount / percentage here and why. " question. eg. "ETWC 75% bonus on copper " Any charted trade company may apply for a monopoly. Consider the following before applying. significant effort in both builds and back story is required to even be considered for a monopoly. An application is not a guarantee of success. Monopolies are very rare and the court will only grant them sparingly.
  11. @Keymonus Congratulations! The Gods have indeed been good and it seems El Oleonda's reputation for riches is well founded! The intrepid miners have struck gold!
  12. Ayrlego

    Account Summary

    Thank you all for the feedback both here and via PM. I think I have now made all the adjustments and added the MRCA income and upkeep for the Nov-Dec 2020 sheet. Please let me know if there are any further discrepancies (it's difficult to keep up with all the rules that adjust accounts - I'm attempting to update the 'By Land' thread as I find new additions that have been added and not updated.
  13. Ayrlego

    [COR FB] Arrival in Wullham

    They are, but unfortunately TLG didn't produce them. They are from BrickForge
  14. The Macarthur Residence, a medium residence in Wullham.
  15. James Macarthur and his son Edward, are new arrivals in Wullham. James, a widower from the rural midlands of Corrington; has decided to settle in Wullham. Hearing of the potential of the island for sheep, he and Edward have spent a month in the Eslandolan settlement of Weelond procuring a small flock of sheep. Now they have arrived in Wullham with their dog, Edgar and two horses. After constructing a small stone house, white washed with flecks of light grey and lavender of the local rock showing through, they are heading up into the hills to fatten up the flock prior to the first shearing season. The lush grassland in the hills should see the flock in good health, and perhaps they will even expand coming breeding season! A soldier of the 26th Regiment of Foot gives way to the flock as they pass. Licensed as a medium residence in Wullham.