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  1. Ayrlego

    Port Wilks Waterwheel

    Brilliant work Garm, I've been waiting for this one to drop here since you published on Flickr! I really love the inverted plates as roof tiles. I've experimented with this idea in the past, but nothing ever made it to the production stage! How are they attached? I suspected it might be via nets, but I don't see any net ends visible. The large round bley pieces make for really good looking rockwork and that is a cleverly done waterwheel. Lastly, great call borrowing the leaves - you can't go wrong with yellow leaves! All round great work! Speaking of which, I must get back to him! I've just had some interesting clone brand wild boars arrive from China which are begging to make an appearance on pig island! Actually this build is giving me lots of great ideas for Port Wilks.
  2. Semaphore Telegraph Station medium commerce for Corrington
  3. Task 4 - Purser's Network 1 - Semaphore Telegraph Station, Port Woodhouse.
  4. On a small island in the Garma Strait, the Royal Navy operates a semaphore optical telegraph, sending information on shipping in the busy strait back to the mainland and Port Woodhouse. The system was adapted in the Garma Strait after authorities received reports of the success of the stations on Hussar's Isle. Recently I started to play around with layers in GIMP to remove the backgrounds on my builds - I like to have a perfectly white background but often my builds with a lot of white bricks appeared over exposed or washed out when I tried to achieve this. Mostly due to my constant frustration I recently tried a new method on a GoH build and now wanted to try it on something a bit bigger. So what better than a typical Port Woodhouse scene! I am very pleased with the results, although the top arm of the telegraph isn't perfect. Built for GoC task 4 - Purser's Network, build one. Not sure what I will license it as - maybe commerce? It will be licensed for the faction.
  5. Westface, October 621 Captain Montroy of the Cardinal's Shadow, Dear Sir, I congratulate you on your recent capture of the Corlander flagged vessel Alexander Keith. As the owner of the vessel and a loyal citizen of Corrington, I am of course very upset by this action of piracy on the high seas. However, I must acknowledge your gallant treatment and subsequent release of her crew; who report that during the action, your seamanship was flawless. As you will no doubt be aware, even before this event, Her Majesty has issued a warrant for your arrest and should we be forced to the tedious task of hunting you down, we shall have no choice but to hang you. I believe this would be a shameless waste of both our resources and your talent. I believe we now share friends in Westface - which you are rumoured to have used as a refuge in the past – so perhaps we could come to a mutually beneficial agreement. Recently, Corlander shipping has been plagued by Lotii vessels in the New Haven Sea. The Lotii have accumulated vast treasure from their colonies on New Oleonda and continue to attack our merchants without provocation. I propose that you return the vessel Alexander Keith to Corlander authorities. In return, Corrington will pardon you of all past crimes against the Crown. In addition, for a period of three seasons (OOC 3 tMRCA turns), Corrington will issue you with a Letter of Marque against the Lotii and pay you each season to attack Lotii shipping in the new Haven Sea (200DB per turn). In addition, we will provide you with a one-off lump sum payment of 500DB to outfit this endeavour (with additional ships or supplies). For the duration of this task, you will have use of all Corlander ports and the assistance of Corlander authorities should you require shelter or repairs. Any Lotii vessels you plunder or take would be yours to dispose of as you will. Of course it should go without saying, that for this period you would refrain from attacking Corlander shipping. For your consideration, Sir Dirk Allcock Colonial Governor of the Paradise Isles @Capt Wolf
  6. Ayrlego

    CDC2 CMF: Ayrlego

    Me too! (just) Another Vignette, another Kaliphlini figure:
  7. Brickwolf beat me to answering, here is where I got to when he replied! Yes, not only is it allowed but it is encouraged. Most Corrington players start in an established settlement and develop their characters story. Then after a little while, some will set off to found their own settlement somewhere. We have many settlements that you could choose to start in, some of which do not have active mayors. Some settlements will have distinctive styles that you are encouraged to build in - but this is not essential (Port Woodhouse is classic white stucco with red roofs, Spudkirk is bright colours, Stormhaven is on stilts above a mangrove swamp etc.) Characteristics of settlements can be found in the settlement thread or by looking at previous builds in that settlement. It can be fun to try and tie your build into another builders ideas or themes, but like I said, it is not essential. No. Or if you do decide later to participate in the EGS, you can always license them later. See my answer for question 1. We'd prefer you to establish yourself in an existing location first, then after several builds we can talk about establishing a new settlement. I'll invite you to our faction PM after this post. We are not currently in a war with any player faction, although we are still at war with the Lotus Empire in the far east (New Haven Sea). You can MOC previous wars but be sure to read up on the history first. For question 6, Brickwolf said it perfectly! So if it is just for story telling, your troops can appear anywhere. But if the a settlement is attacked in the EGS, only EGS troops can defend it.
  8. Welcome to BoBS MetallfanYT, Yes, no problems here. Ranks after Captain are appointed by the faction, anything up to and including Captain can be determined by your story. Yes, although first you are encouraged to start building in an existing settlement, A list of all settlements can be found here. Absolutely. Although if you are playing the EGS they are expensive to maintain. In Corrington Forts are generally managed by the faction, so players are welcome to build them, then donate them to the faction to pay the upkeep. I would recommend discussing with your faction before deciding a location for a new fort. Of course if you aren't playing the EGS, then feel free to build away and not worry about any of the above! Yes, although check out this link to make sure the number you assign your regiment has not already been used. No, you only need to license a ship if you are participating in the EGS. At the age of 19, I'd recommend he start as a Lieutenant (promotion is quick in the colonies), but other than that yes, no issues at all with your story! Of course, your sigfig's backstory is completely up to you! No worries at all, please ask away - it is complicated to understand everything when starting. This guide is a good start when signing up.
  9. Ayrlego

    [MOC] Frontier Scouts, 3rd Cavalry

    Looks like I’m going to have to source some of those Brickarms repeaters and join in! Nice work with the base, I love the way you integrated the stream into the landscape and how it breaks the border. The trick with the flags is also really clever!
  10. Ayrlego

    CDC2 CMF: Ayrlego

    Thanks! From the 1979 original castle line:
  11. Ayrlego

    [Freebuild] The Druid Tower

    Such a vibrant and colourful scene which gives a really peaceful and idyllic atmosphere! I like how the light blue bell-like flowers compliment the purple foliage of the tree - it was one of the first things that caught my eye. That and the spiral staircase!
  12. Ayrlego

    [Freebuild] Skaldar Port

    This is absolutely brilliant! I love how you have successfully portrayed such a large scale scene (multiple buildings and a large section of a town) in such a compact way. I have spent many hours pondering how I could make a dock scene around this size but incorporating a wider scene than my normal single buildings. I shall likely spend a longer time examining this scene! The way you have build up the height of the scene and the ramshackle and interlocked nature of the stonework and buildings binds the scene together. So much detail! Very well done, excellent work!
  13. Ayrlego

    Age of Mitgardia (free-build-challenge)

    Storehouse Stage 2: Forest Hunting Hut
  14. Deep in the forests of southern Mitgardia, tribal hunters live much the same way as their ancestors hundreds of years before. Small huts serve as a mid-way storehouse, pelts and melt can be cured before transport to the nearest village for sale. They also provide hunters with a place to shelter when not hunting. In this scene, two hunters prepare to begin a hunt for boar. Using a long boar spear, they are also equipped with their traditional leather covered oak shields and long swords slung over their shoulders. This build started with me playing around with some 2623 - Boat, Bow Top 8 x 10 x 1 elements as a building frames after being inspired by this build from @evancelt . I ended up with two variations, this one which felt to me to be more Celtic (hence the minifigs!) and another which is much more Nordic (thus more typically Mitgardian!). I was going to place this hut in Avalonia, but then decided why should they have all the forest builds! I am waiting on a Bricklink order to finish the Nordic style build. Large olive tree in the foreground uses this design by Thorsten Bonsch. The other tree design is a slightly modified version of this design by Carter Witz.. Also I finally got to use my (very limited) supply of medium green 8x8 plates in the landscape. I've never used medium green before but picked up some plates a while ago for exactly this type of landscape. It was hard to find complementary colours for it - originally I had some olive green in the landscape as well, but I ended up taking it out.
  15. That is a really nice micro ship. I will definitely be closely studying how you made her as I need to build one of these myself!