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  1. BoBS CMF - Series 9

    An awesome collection Garm a lot of good combos here to like, and the stories that come along with each are great as well. Nice to see another CMF collection make an appearance again, worth the wait! I didn't pick up on that - if it is the ninja scabbard that is a really cool idea!
  2. A very nice entry Lord Buckethead, and I think it fits nicely with Jameston's style - which is a mix anyway! But then the government buildings have tended to be more white so far, so I actually think this is perfect! It's a nice clean building and it contrasts well with the thick green vegetation. I got one of Major Walsh's torso a while ago and wondered if it would be any good for BoBS, so interesting to see it here. Also your collection of Bobby helmets is impressive as always, although one of those engineers looks suspiciously like Colonel Allcock in disguise! A good look expedition over all and maybe they'll cross paths out there with my own!
  3. Thanks Drunknok, somehow the location got missed out when I was editing the text... It did originally say it was on the outskirts of King's Harbour. Thanks Professor, here are some additional shots of the crane: Thanks Capt Wolf! lol, that's not even all my barrels and chests, those things just seem to keep adding up! The track is from my 4.5V childhood train set (7720) - hence the chipped condition of the track! Thanks Mesabi. I was sorely tempted to leave out the interior... but I kept thinking of you berating me, and it's a Royal project... *sigh* so I did it!
  4. [COR] Shako Shanty

    I like the way the factory juts out of the cliff and overhangs the beach and water - also the factory itself has a nice clean look, which is different from your usual style. I like it. Seems slightly suspicious, where are the explosives hidden... @Bregir I will license this one and Mesabi's BoC build from yesterday in the name of Arlinsport. - Thanks Mesabi!
  5. Fantastic build Drunknok, and Jameston is very happy to have such a handsome looking inn! I like the mix of colours in the masonary bricks and the wavy roof, but the stand out feature for me is the windows and how you have used the inverted brown slopes and arches to create the frame. I will be remembering this technique! As for the interior - well it is remarkable. As someone who really dislikes making interiors, I am really appreciative of the extraordinary level of detail you've put in here. All in all a great entry, one of my favourites so far! In the first shot, to remove the pesky background, have you tried angling the build inside the lightbox, then taking the photo square on? (does that make sense?) That should then make it easier to remove the background in an editing program such as GIMP or photoshop. Just a suggestion.
  6. Nice entry Professor, like others have said that brick build chameleon is great! I also like how you've put the hat on your sigfig's head!
  7. A very nice, clean little sloop Capt Wolf. I especially like the colour scheme and the 1x1 headlight bricks as a grate.
  8. A loading station and warehouse on the wagonway for category 2. @Brickwolf would have to give you a definite answer on this, but I personally wouldn't have an issue if you wanted to build something.
  9. The ETTC was quick to see the potential of the Royal Cocovia Wagonway project and has thus made a substantial investment in it's development. Here a siding branches of the main track to a ETTC loading station and warehouse. Goods from the warehouse can be loaded onto wagons using a large crane. Inside the ETTC manager and his assistant inspect some of the goods awaiting dispatch. Footprint: 2034 (48x48) This one has been sitting collecting dust half finished since the original deadline and I was finally able to get it out and finish it off this week. Anyway nothing revolutionary here. I would have liked to do the terracotta style roof using round 1x1 bricks which I think would have looked much better, but I didn't have enough. EDIT: Some additional detail shots:
  10. Sorry Drunknok, I missed commenting when you posted this, but it is definitely worth coming back to now. Both builds are excellent. I especially like the black and white checked floor in the first build as with the red walls. For the wagon way itself, that is a great carriage, especially the sloped sides. I think I will borrow them if I ever get my entry finished. The vegetation makes for a colourful scene and I like the idea of the different ways of interacting with the natives! Of course as good Corries, I suspect we will go with the peaceful option! Again, my apologies for not commenting sooner - a great entry!
  11. I would think this is perfectly acceptable - you can always link the individual posts in your thread here for each category.
  12. Great build, the landscape is really good! Those Nexo torsos make interesting natives as well. Good luck with the risky choice.
  13. @Roadmonkeytj Thanks, I have considered ordering another small midsection to attempt an extension exactly like yours, but we'll have to see if I can bring myself to break her up....
  14. A really beautiful little interior Faladrin, the green on the floor works especially well and the red flags as curtains are a nice touch.
  15. [ML-AMCRA] Pirate Hunt

    It is a nice interior Mesabi, I admit to having eyed off that kit a few times as it looks like it has some decent parts. Hopefully your marines and one 'cool dude' will be enough to handle any pirates you encounter in the area! Also I think it's a good idea for an aMRCA. I do have one question though, why do most of your builds feature TNT? As a historical note, TNT was only first used as an explosive in 1891, well outside our time frame. I don't have an issue or anything, I'm just curious. I'm guessing the reason is that the WTC just love to blow things up!