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  1. Yes, the scoring is done - I just need to write up the results
  2. Ayrlego

    [OL - AMRCA] Le Terreur

    I really like your portrayal of Tam and those clansmen look fantastic. The coastline looks desolate, cold and rocky and the build is really successful in creating that atmosphere. I'll probably end up linking this post to the Isle of Tam on the Corrington front page. Great work!
  3. Challenge III Cat E Results Combat is ranging across El Oleonda as many Madrician nations answered Carno's call for action; although it would seem the responses are not all altruistic and many nations seem to have their own agenda on El Oleonda. Carno themselves have seen success, with the famous Essener Totenköpfe entering the fray. Oleon has shown they are committed to the fight against the Lotii; establish a foot hold on the somewhat suitably name El Oleonda at Fort Arltrees. Pursing a formal alliance with Carno and a group of Tyree'De battles were soon fort against the Lotii, notably the 'Battle of Fort Arltrees'. After having successfully defended their position at Fort Arltrees, Oleonese troops moved to offensive jungle operations where they proved effective at sweeping Lotii patrols from large swaths of western El Oleonda. As a result of the influx of Olean troops in the area, Fort Arltrees has expanded significantly. (Oleon is awarded x1 free large licence for a residence or an artisan in Fort Arltrees to be activated by a mirco build.) The combined Carnite and Olean efforts resulted in the withdrawal of Lotii forces from the western jungles, easing the threat to Carnite settlements there. However, even the strong Lotii positions in East El Oleonda proved not to be safe! Corlander forces, still smarting from the Lotii surprise attack on Spudkirk and the loss of the pride of the Royal Navy HMS Resilience, launched a daring raid on the most westernly Lotii settlement, Jiangkai. Starting from their new settlement of Brickford Landing, Corrie troops were ferried across to El Oleonda where they successfully made a cross jungle trek to take the settlement by suprise. After beaching the walls, Corlander troops sacked the town. Strong Lotii re-enforcements threatened from the east; however, and the Corlander forces made an orderly withdrawal with their spoils. A stalemate has developed on land, with Carnite and Olean forces holding the west of the island. Carno have declared they are satisfied with the status quo and will not seek to incur into Eastern 'Lotii' territory. Whether Oleon will accept this is anyone's guess. Who knows what ambitions the bluecoats have for El Oleonda? For their part, the Lotii have ceased land operations into western El Oleonda and to seem to have accepted the status quo, at least on land.... Individual winners: 1st Place: @Khorne The Thin Black Line 2nd Place: @Ross Fisher The Battle for Fort Arltrees 3rd Place: @Keymonus In extremis Faction Places at the end of Cat C A strong showing from Oleon propelled them to the top of the table this round and a shock fall from grace for Eslandola sees them go from first to last place!!! Oleon: 1st Sea Rats: 2nd Corrington: 3rd Eslandola: 4th
  4. Ayrlego

    Smugglers near Salida Este

    I like the bright yellow in the walls, a bold choice but definitely fitting for the aesthetic seen in previous Salida Este builds. As Capt Wolf and Kai mentioned, the bright green and olive look great together. The smuggler's wagon is very cool.
  5. Good (not sure nice is the correct word ) to see the WTCM back in print again. Appreciate the effort you put into this properganda newspaper, it really adds to the BoBS story.
  6. Should be released before the end of the week. Expect a shock to the rankings!
  7. An entry for Task 1 - Red Coats Rule, Cavalry Stables in Port Woodhouse.
  8. A cavalry stables, licensed as a large artisan.
  9. As the conflict against the Lotii in the New Haven Sea continues, cavalry are being increasing used and these units need to rest and acclimatise to the tropical conditions before reaching Spudkirk or Brickford Landing. For such a purpose, Port Woodhouse has proven a perfect location and has become an important staging point for Corlander forces heading eastward. To facilitate these troop movements, a number of new structures have been recently completed including a cavalry stables. Here both the troopers and their equine mounts can rest and recuperate after a long sea voyage. Horses transported from the old world need time to adjust to the very different conditions in the settlements of the new world and even though most of the horses being used by the Corrington Army in the New World are now bred in or around Elizabethville; the milder conditions on Lacryma mean the horses still need time to adjust to the conditions further east. Port Woodhouse is less humid than nearby Jameston and being that Garma's Key is a much smaller Island, most of the island enjoys a cool sea breeze at night. Coupled with the fact that there is no real jungle on Garma's Key; conditions for acclimatising horses in Port Woodhouse are ideal. Here, some troopers from the 2nd "Duke of Greenbourgh's" Hussars can been seen in one of the stables maintained in Port Woodhouse. These stables are purpose build and the cavalry stationed here receive the very best care. My final submission for GoC category 'Red Coats Rule'. I have plans for a series of stables in different Corlander settlements similar to the Queen's Birthday Parade series I did last year. This time; however, rather than 16x16 builds they will be 48x48. So I definitely won't be doing all 16 settlements, but I do have plans for a few more, with Elizabethville next (I really should have started with Elizabethville, where all our Corrie horses come from..!) An additional view from a slightly different angle: I am also experimenting with a new photography set up and playing with a new toy (a speedlight for my camera). The lightbox I was using was taking up far too much room and for a 48x48 build like this really wasn't working. If anyone has any tips, happy to hear them! I've based my set up on the example given by Gideon here. One problem is Ikea was out of the larger grey blinds, so I had to settle for a temporary 60cm one, which was far too short. Hopefully the quality will improve for my larger builds when they get a the bigger ones back in stock.
  10. Ayrlego

    Myzec Pyramid - Southern Cascadia

    A unique colour palette for Meso-American style ruins - you don't often see no bley used for these scenes and I think it works well here; especially to emphasise the dryer climate of teh southern plains of Cascadia. Making the pyramid almost entirely out of plates and tiles must have been painstaking but the hard work pays off as the texture looks great. The dark orange/MDF/olive landscaping looks good as usual and I like the way it spills out over the base at the front. Another lovely Cascadia scene from you Elostirion! I will gladly license as a medium art and culture for Myzectlan!
  11. Blackdeathgr is correct, I got it a couple of years ago in a Lego book they had at Audi. Here is the Bricklink link. That's brilliant, I don't know why I didn't think of that, they would be so much better as drum sticks - thanks!
  12. Ayrlego

    Christening of the ETWC ship

    Lol, that expression is perfect!!! Very nice scene too!
  13. English fail.. typical native speaker!!
  14. No worries, it's always nice to have someone back! Should be sorted in the latest account sheet. I'll just need to go back and check there was no MRCA income for the last four turns.
  15. Thanks! It is official Lego rope but cut to size