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  1. Ayrlego

    [MOC] North Western Frontier

    Thank you all for the comments! Thanks Evan! As I mentioned elsewhere, the yellow doesn't really match very closely IRL. The colour on the can is 'Lemon Yellow' and it falls somewhere between bright light yellow and normal yellow. I had a closer matching yellow, but went with the lighter option to try and distinguish between the yellow 'skin' and neckerchief. Thanks! I actually built this one so that I could put an interior in (very rare for me!). However, I only did the inside of the fire place and ended up leaving the rest bare. I've saved the cabin itself to recycle into a future Brethren of the Brick Seas build, so there is still a chance I may do one... Thank you. I debated whether or not to use fleshies or yellow... in the end I'm not sure why I went with yellow but I admit to almost instantly regretting it after I took the photos!!
  2. After successfully completing their northern patrol, 1st Lieutenant Dirk Allcock's troop is assigned the more challenging South Western sector, near the ill defined southern border. This area has a vastly different environment to the cooler North, here the pine forests give way to arid grasslands and desert. The locals are a mixture of races and cultures and the cavalrymen encounter many colourful characters. At a traditional southern house, the patrol are welcomed by the locals, who offer them a place to stay for the night. In the morning, they will continue to search for the bandit gang plaguing the area. Tonight; however, they can relax to the upbeat music and fiery food of offered by their hosts. The next in my Western series, I really enjoyed this one and have been wanting to build something Mexican themed for a long time now. The house design was much inspired by @Norton74's Mariachi wagon and Mexican house, which I have admired ever since I first saw it! As with my colonial builds, my extensive childhood collection of off-coloured white came in handy again! I deliberately used the same base as the North West Frontier MOC to highlight the contrast in the different environments (definitely not and because I'm lazy with bases... !) I've seen the dinosaur flippers used as plants before, but I designed (for me) a new way of supporting them. I put together a breakdown in case anyone is interested below:
  3. If a deadline has been set, @Capt Wolf usually creates and pins a thread that outlines the deadline, current trade values etc. Previous example (no longer pinned as deadline has expired):
  4. Ayrlego

    [GOC] Delayed in Stormhaven

    Oh I do like this a lot! Firstly (and usually most importantly for me) the colour palette works superbly to convey a swampy, tropical feel. It's a bit brighter than what I have thought of Stormhaven in the past, but it works well. The 'wooden' sections integrate well with the terracotta roof tiles (something I don't think I've seen on a wooden building before - very nice!), but the really genius part is the black part at the top. I don't know how to describe it but something about how that section ties the rest of the building together really makes this build 'pop' for me. Overall an excellent job and a definite GoC from me!
  5. Great work as always Capt Wolf! No more excuses for me not to get to work on the Nov-Dec account sheets now!
  6. To ease his new troop into the western routine, 1st Lieutenant Dirk Allcockā€™s troop has been assigned a patrol high up in the Blocky Mountain ranges to the North West of Fort Legoredo. The frontier here is relatively peaceful, although life is still hard for the pioneers who populate the wilderness. Allcock rides ahead of his troop to talk to locals along a mountain track. I'm taking a bit of a break from building pirate/imperial themed builds for a while and am planning on some western builds, inspired by @evancelt's recent efforts in that genre. This the the first, I have similar 'Western' and 'South Western' frontier builds planned to match this one. I may also try some smaller supporting scenes... I guess I'll see where I go from here... Yellow scarf is a standard Lego white scarf that has been desecrated painted with spray paint. Repeating rifle and cap-lock musket are Brickarms.
  7. Lovely way to display a great column of troops!
  8. Ayrlego

    [COR-FB] Land Ho!

    For EGS purposes Corrington has not yet landed troops on El Oleonda, although we are massing in the New Haven Sea. Outside of the EGS, players are welcome to tell their own stories. I'd guess that in the above mentioned cases Evan and Brickwolf have landed small contingents outside of the EGS to conduct scouting missions etc for background flavour.
  9. Ayrlego

    [COR-FB] An Odorific Homecoming

    Something I didn't mention in the other thread that is more noticeable on this version is the brick build backpack - I've seen you use it before but the detail is really great on this photo (by that I mean very copy-able!!!)
  10. It's a bold choice of colours with the yellow and contrasting azure but it works really well with both the colours and style being instantly recognisable to south east Asia. I've not been to Hanoi but I can vouch for the uniquely French influenced architecture Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City (here's Allcock showing off in location!). I love the detail of the SNOT work in the columns at the front - it gives a really unique look to the building. The SNOT roof sides are also a great way of getting a different angle on the slope and one I will likely borrow at some point. Anyway great work as usual, I always love seeing a new MOC from you! I have wondered if Oleon would change Jiangkai to something more... well Oleonese (like St Axel or something). I guess you guys have decided to continue using the Lotii name after all!
  11. Ayrlego

    [MOC] A Malodorous Homecoming

    I really like how this turned out, especially the mix of colours of the roof tiles. The large tree in the foreground works well but I am not sure about the top? The alignment of the top layer of leaves looks off, maybe because they are angled differently to the rest of the tree. Maybe weaving three large leaves together to get a more conical look might look more natural? Also nice use of the skunk! I'll have to get a move on with my 3rd cavalry builds! edit: here's what I mean by weaving three leaves together:
  12. Ayrlego

    Folviken Fortress

    Brilliant work - I admired this when I first saw it on Flickr! The stone work looks fantastic - just the right about of texture for that rough look and the timber sections blend right in - the whole effect is really very good!
  13. Ayrlego

    Passing through the forest

    Nice work on the base and integrating the rockwork into the olive plates. It's always nice to see old Fabuland pieces included and the cauldron is great in this setting. Nice work
  14. One should never leave DUPLO exposed!!!
  15. Nice boots! Great idea for the crocodile island.