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  1. The pink flower technique was shamelessly stolen/borrowed from @Legonaut
  2. I've had a few hours ashore with decent internet, so I've updated the second post, let me know if I have missed your build. A couple of builds are listed as approved that dont have two yet. This probably is because I approve them but haven't had time to properly comment. @Mesabi Can you let me know what task this build was for, I assume it was for the Merchant Marine, but just want to check - thanks! Congratulations to @LM71Blackbird for completing the Redcoats Rule task and earning the title 'Patron of the Army'!
  3. Like I said for the cutter, I'm no expert at ship builds. I like the uniforms of the crew and those hats work well for the oarsmen (although surely they'll overheat in the tropics!!). To my eye the hull looks a bit bulky for that small number of oarsmen - but like I said - no expert! As Wellesley suggests, a side rudder may make a nice addition? Anyways, a nice little gunboat and another GoC from me!
  4. Ayrlego

    [GoC - Sloops for the RN] Class 3 Cutter

    I'm no ship building expert by any means - my sad number of ship builds is testimony to this! However, I do know what I like and I like this! The angles of the hull make it look quite sleek and fast looking and that sail arrangement is very neat! A GoC from me!
  5. Thank you all for the comments! Alas no, just plain ordinary red! Hinges are purely for texture! Regarding the action, I agree it needs more. It is still sitting on my desk at home built, so maybe in three months time when I get home I'll try and add some more! I particularly like the idea of a women throwing water out of a window!
  6. A small inn has been licensed in the name of the settlement (small artisan)
  7. A series of scenes for the 'Redcoats Rule' Task for builds 1 and 2.
  8. Here are my contributions, scenes in Port Woodhouse, Jameston, Camp Isaac, Mooreton Bay, Elizabethville and Port Raleigh. Long Live the Queen!
  9. As part of the celebrations for Queen Annetta's birthday, most Corrish settlements hold a military parade in her honour. Here are some of the highlights from this years celebrations across Corlander possessions in the Terra Nova. Each scene attempts to showcase the different styles of each settlement and the different troops stationed there. 1. Port Woodhouse Against the backdrop of the typical stucco style building found in Port Woodhouse, Corlander Grenadiers from the garrison march in honour of Her Majesty. Licensed as a small residence. 2. Jameston With a stone foundation and colourful timber upper floor, Corlander Light Infantry and ETTC Sepoys march through the well developed streets of Jameston. Licensed as a small artisan. 3. Camp Isaac Elevated on a boardwalk over the shallows of one of the many rivulets surrounding Camp Isaac, Royal Pioneers with their distinctive blue trousers wait stationary for the parade to begin. Residences watch from the wooden houses constructed on the banks. Licensed as a small residence. 4. Mooreton Bay Corlander Line Infantry march past the sandstone buildings of Mooreton Bay. The influx of Mardierian refugees to nearby New Haven has also made it's mark on Mooreton Bay with a much more Mardieran style being noted recently in the settlement. Licensed as a small residence. 5. Elizabethville Queen's Own Hussar's mounted on local horses led the parade in Elizabethville, followed by local militia in their distinctive red trousers. The village like feel of the settlement is reflected in the inn which they are currently marching past. Licensed as a small artisan. 6. Port Raleigh Starting in the docks, Royal Marines led and are followed by local militia in their distinctive brown tricornes. Outside of the Lotii district, the buildings of Port Raleigh mostly have an old world feel - not surprising as Port Raleigh was both the first Corlander settlement and is the western most in Terra Nova if you do not include Arlinsport (which pre-dates the exploration era). Licensed as a small commerce. Long Live the Queen! ______________________________________________ As some of you will be aware, this was supposed to be a much larger project with builds for each of the 15 current Corlander settlements in Terra Nova. Unfortunately I have been called away on work at short notice and will be overseas (more accurately I will be on the sea...) until December. I've tried to take inspiration from the styles of previous builds in each of the settlements and to represent some of the more distinctive troop types seen in previous builds in those settlements. I'd like to submit this project collectively as Builds 1 and 2 for the 'Redcoats Rule' task of the GoC Challenge. Anyway I will try and follow the going ons here while I am away, but I likely won't be able to post much and a definitely won't be building! Hope you all have a great Autumn/Spring and I'll be back around mid December!
  10. Ayrlego

    [GoC - FB - COR] All Hail the Queen!

    Nice culture/ Queen's BD build LM71. It fits nicely with the style of your first two builds for the task and I like that you replicated many of the small details across the three builds: for example the same type of palm trees, colourful flowers and vegetation. As always in the spirit of the GoC challenge, here are some of my personal views on I think this build could possibly be improved. The arch way itself is great, no recommendations here! The angle on the palm tree trunks looks identical as does the frond arrangement; especially in the second picture. Introducing variation in the angles here I think would make the scene look slightly more natural. Good variation in the path although the green base looks a bit bare at the sides for my taste. Maybe some plates/tiles to break up the flatness? The only other things I can think of are also both very minor personal things; I'm not sure about the armour and barding on the horses, it doesn't seem right for the period and the armour hasn't rendered well which probably doesn't help; and, all the troops with the exception of the Mayor appear to be left handed which is messing with my mind! Anyway all very small and personal taste details. Great job on a fun little build and great to see Quinnsville participating in the festivities. A from me!
  11. A dockside warehouse has been constructed by the settlement for commercial use (small commerce).
  12. The Corrish settlement of Port Raleigh has long been noted as a priority for development by colonial planners. It's location as the first Corlander Port East of Arlinsport makes it an important stopping point for Corrish Captains heading east who want to avoid Eslandolan or Terraversian taxes. As such the docks of Port Raleigh are seeing significant expansion. In this scene a warehouse typical of the many that are springing up around the docks can be seen while a detachment of Highlanders keeps a watchful eye on proceedings. This particular warehouse is owned by the Colonial administration and is rented out to the ETTC who are currently using it to store locally produced rum before shipping to various ports in both the new and old world. ___________________________________- I've been working on a project of which the goal was to show 20x20 scenes from each of the 15 Corlander settlements in the new world. Unfortunately I need to conduct some short notice travel for my work and I was only able to complete 6 out of 15. This is a modified version of my Port Raleigh build. It turned out slightly larger than the rest and I wanted to take a photo from a different angle with a different scene on the road. The original image will still appear in my final project which I'll probably post sometime soon(ish), but in the meantime I really wanted to post something now so this is it! Licensed as a small commerce in Port Raleigh.
  13. Great tutorial Darnok, thanks for posting!
  14. I like your take on the coffee trees - seems a much more practical approach in real bricks to the digital examples I made. Up front it's a from me but I will attempt to offer some constructive feedback below in the spirit of the GoC challenge and present some ideas in how I think this could be easily transformed to 'next level'. The layout itself works well with the four 'bays' for the coffee trees and centralised plantation house. Like I said above I quite like the tree design which is both practical and I think true to the actual trees in Lego form. The clearing of the jungle in the background is also well executed with you using all those new bulk leaves to good effect, although I pity that poor worker removing them one by one! Personally I feel the jungle could benefit from being a little more varied in height and the edges are a little square in places - these are minor things though. Additional vegetation at a level between the undergrowth and palm trees would also help sell the thicker jungle look. The path looks good and I know from experience how painfully tedious it is to lay a path like that. At the same time, I think that varying some studs up pieces into the mix and maybe a different colour like dark bley may help break it up a bit. More importantly, making the path slightly less straight would make it seem more natural; or maybe 'sinking' it into the ground by building up the dirt level around it? Similarly the dark tan ground could do with being broken up somehow, maybe a mixture of plates and tiles used to create slight variations in the level? The building and fence are quite simple but effective. A little too much gold for my taste, but perfect for the ostentatious WTC! All in all a nice job, and well done on the first (soon-to-be) functioning coffee plantation in the new world.
  15. Ayrlego

    [COR - FB] Saltpeter Mine, Quinnsville

    Nice to see the mine in operation. Great forced perspective on the tunnel as well.