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  1. Funny you should say that... I'm currently working on a building loosely based on the AoE2 Aztec archery barracks...!
  2. A few of us in Corrington have been discussing ways to stimulate some activity/generate some ideas for the forum. The below is not an official challenge or anything, it started off as a faction incentive. We tried to pick something a bit out of the ordinary and also to open it up for all to participate in. It has grown into something bigger than we expected. If you are interested, feel free to participate. If you'd like to focus on your building skills, WIP shots are encouraged and I will personally try and provide constructive feedback on all WIPs and encourage all others to do the same. Just post them all here! Goal: To expand the lore of the native people in the lost city of Myzectlan on Cascadia. Background Information: The Myzec are loosely based on the Aztec civilisation. They primarily farm maize, sweet potato and beans in 'floating island' plots or chinampas on Lake Myzec. The meat in their diet includes fish and water fowl/turkeys and dugout canoes are used to transverse the lake. Very few mammals are farmed in the Myzec valley although there are some pigs and goats. They weave cloth from goat wool and produce leather from animal hides hunted outside the valley. A basket ball type game is a very popular recreational activity. They ferment an alcoholic ale from maize. There is some more info in the Myzectlan thread linked above. Requirements: Build a small scene showing the Myzec people conducting activities from their day to day life. Some examples may include: Farming a chinampa lot, milling maize grain, making tortillas, fermenting ale, fishing, trapping ducks, repairing fishing nets, making canoes, warriors training, producing mud bricks for construction, weaving cloth, tanning hides, hunting in the jungle, making jewellery/pottery, ball games, etc Rules: Open to citizens of all factions. No limit on number entries Size: Minimum 16x16, maximum 32x32 EGS: You may license your build for the EGS if appropriate although there is no requirement to do so. If your build is licensable and you have no wish to license it, the settlement will purchase it from you for 100DB. If the settlement licenses your build, it shall not count towards your monthly build limits. You must post a link to your entry(ies) in this topic Deadline: 14th January 2019. If it is before 14 Jan anywhere in the world, you can still enter. Scoring: Entries shall be scored in the below categories. NB. this process is similar (but not identical) to the system used to score challenge entries. Based on feedback you guys wanted to know how the challenges are scored and to receive feedback. While we don't want to give away all our secrets, I thought we could run this collab in this way to give you a feel for how it all works. 0-3points for story. eg. Does the scene depict daily life that fits into the give description: 0=not at all 3=a creative entry that matches the collab description and existing lore. 0-3points for presentation eg. How well the photo displays the scene. 0=poor presentation, out of focus, poor lighting, badly framed etc. 3=shape image, well framed and lit, presented on a plain background. 0-5 for build. eg. building techniques used. 0=a few bricks slapped on a baseplate. 5=advanced/effective (eg. SNOT) building techniques used (this becomes a bit subjective depending on taste, but we endeavour to factor in individual builders styles. Scores for each category are added for a total. If more than one judge then scores are averaged across judges for a final result. Winner is the entry with the highest average score. If the collab takes off and we have a decent number of entries, I will lobby the court to approve some prizes TBA. Possibilities may include micro licenses or BoBS cards. If not Allcock has a fortune in DBs to give away... plus Corrington would probably award some in-game titles... My latest build could be used as a good example entry for this collab and should be considered the first 'entry' (My entries shall of course not be included in the scoring part of the collab!)
  3. Ayrlego

    [Cor Dec FB1] Myzec House

    Thanks Spud! Thanks Kai. I really felt the addition of the red flowers in his build were a great touch and the splash of red was needed here (hence the parrot), but I didn't want to rip his ideas off any more than I already had! Thanks guys! Thanks Drunknok, the trees are meant to be a type of willow, which is long and thin. You are right but, using the pipe as trunk makes it difficult to give the tree any body. Scenes using few minifigs... hmmm I think most small vignettes could probably be adapted to look great with only one or two minifigs. I used a few here because the house by itself was really plain and the build really needed more details. Maybe a villager trapping ducks? (not sure how to make the duck...) or repairing a fishing net or even fishing in a canoe? Another idea I had was for a women making corn tortillas. I saw a video of the process on YTnot so long ago and immediately thought it may translate well into a small Lego scene.
  4. An example of the house of an ordinary Myzec family.
  5. In contrast to the great stone temples and public buildings of Myzectlan, most ordinary Myzec live in simple mud brick houses with thatched roofs. These houses are spread around the shores of Lake Myzec and house the vast majority of the Myzec people. Here is the house of once such Myzec family. The women weaves cloth while the man looks after their baby child. A fisher women passes by while two warriors discuss the latest ballgame. ___________ A bit of a change of scenery for me and some love for Myzectlan is long overdue! I wanted to show the simple dwellings of the ordinary people and the hut is based on Aztec houses, particularity the Lego example in the spoiler below by W. Navarre and also this other drawing I found on the internet. To be licensed as a residence in Myzectlan. There will likely be some more Myzec builds from me this month :) I am thinking of a small Myzec themed mini-challenge/collab if anyone is interested?
  6. Ayrlego

    AoM: Inn Phase 1: Alehouse

    Sorry for not replying sooner Kai, the lime feather was a random BL find, I had no idea where it came from until Henjin enlightened us! I also have the dark green forresters hat, but like you say mine is from the CMF Lederhosen guy. The broom is actually not medium flesh... it's listed on BL as 'Earth Orange'. Mine came from one of my childhood Fabuland sets.
  7. Great build Drunknok! I mean personally it's a little modern for my taste, but there is no denying how much attention to detail you have paid to the scene, cramming as much activity as possible in. Gives a nice bustling feel which is entirely appropriate for a market scene. The 'boxy building style' looks good here, you've managed to insert enough variation in shape and texture to really pull it off well, yet retain the characteristic boxy look. One suggestion with the light box. For some of my builds I have a piece of white cardboard (the thick plastic-y stuff) that I put down on the base of the box then place the MOC on top. This eliminates some of the shadows and creases on the floor and gives a crisp line between the base of the MOC and background. Then with a little post editing it should be a whole lot easier to completely erase the background if you so wish. Probably one of my favourite ML builds to date. Well done!
  8. Ayrlego

    [SR - FB] Tanner

    I really like this one - actually I was looking into the tanning process myself recently for a planned build and I really like how you depict the process here. A nice clean build, well presented. Great job!
  9. One of your best facades here Mesabi, the light blue and LBG work nicely together. I especially like the pattern created by the log bricks and the 1x4 plate with the studs on each end. The angled 1x2 tiles are also a nice touch. Not sure about the second layer of CMF baseplates - the bottom looks good but I can't work out the purpose of the top. Nice work although as with most of your builds, it would be nice to see an overview of the whole scene.
  10. Ayrlego

    Age of Mitgardia (free-build-challenge)

    Inn Stage 1: Alehouse
  11. Ale is an important source of nutrition for many Mitgardians. The most common type, known as 'small beer' is an important source of calorie intake and hydration, with just enough alcohol to act as a preservative without intoxicating effects. Ales with a higher alcohol content are less common and are used mostly for recreational purposes. Ambarvale like most villages, has several alehouses where grains are fermented in small batches by family brewers. Sometimes spices or honey can be added to the ale, though the expense of these mostly imported ingredients mainly limits the purchase of this type of ale to the nobility. Overnight the first snow of the season has fallen and the citizens go about their business preparing for the coming winter. _______________ Having enjoyed the style my previous wainwright so much, I decided to replicate it again on a different building. I'll probably do most of the village in this style although we'll see how that works out... I was tempted to go for autumn again, but no, the snow needed to arrive. I was going for a light dusting. I'm not sure about it, although admittedly I know very little about snow (it doesn't really snow much here... once we had a small amount that was all melted by about 10am. ). Again I did a tropical version for BoBS, just because the conversion worked quite well last time! I don't plan on recycling too many builds between games, but when I do I promise to at least make some effort to change the versions like I have with these two.
  12. An alehouse licensed as a medium artisan.
  13. Jameston has become well known for the production of sugar and already there are distilleries producing fine rum. However, hard spirits such as rum are not to everyone's taste and their is demand for good old fashioned ale and beer. Hops is largely unavailable in tropical Jameston, although there has been talk of experimenting with temperate crops such as hops high in the mountains where the climate is cooler. While some hops can be imported, most locals choose to brew ale. Some taverns brew their own ale; while other brewers such as this example operate out of their own premises and sell their product in barrels. ______________________________ Seeing as my last medieval conversion was so successful, I decided to build another! To be licensed as an artisan in Jameston. I have some ideas about growing some temperate crops in the mountains of Cascadia (Myzectlan specifically) next month, so this was a good segue!
  14. Ayrlego

    [SR-FB] Mama Doesn't Know

    Nice scene here. The clean building style looks really good and you've used a great colour palette. I especially like the archways over the doors! Nice work!
  15. Ayrlego

    AoM: House Build 3: Wainwright

    Thanks Navarre! Thanks Kai! I was hoping no one picked me up on the string! I did have it dangling down (because like you said, it makes more sense right?) but it didn't look right so I just attached it to the wall until I could come up with a better solution... and there it stayed! Thank you Grover. Unfortunately no pics of the other side. The chimney is simply attached directly to the roof plate using a hinge brick. As the back was not built for display, the small gap this creates wasn't an issue. If I was going to build the chimney on a display side, I'd probably make a 2x2 hole in the roof and simply have it poking through... well that's the plan anyway! Thanks adde. I do think the DBG does look better for this style as well... now I just need more as this was the extent of the wall I could build in this textured style with the bricks I currently have available! Thank you en-zoo. I did consider wooden supports which I've used in the past, but after seeing some examples from other builders (mainly Soccerkid/Isaac) I decided to experiment with stone!