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  1. MassEditor

    The House at Wither Woods

    That there tree sure is the biggest I've ever done seen! You killed it, very impressive! Love the little windows. Excellent shaping on the trunk and boughs. Would love to catch up with y'all under the shade of this gorgeous tree!
  2. MassEditor

    GoH 10 A : Exploring Cedrica

    Stunning work as always my friend. Love how well you've implemented the color palette. Just so visually appealing. Am I right in believing this is your first depiction of Cedrica? If so, I want to visit more than ever! I'm with Karin, so much to see! I'm sure I have much to catch up on, but I am very intrigued to know the what and why of Lord Karsten's visit to the capital city!
  3. MassEditor

    Celebrating Guilds of Historica, final contest!

    Ohhh... I love this! Also, missing the heck out of you guys and gals!
  4. Absolutely loving the minimalism here, the standard Gideon elegance I've come to know and love. The fallen tower, the damaged floor, so atmospheric. The white skeleton and gold armor pieces add just the right splash of color and (former) life. If I said it once, I've said it a million times: you are still the best MOC photographer I've seen. What a surprise to see you here again!
  5. MassEditor

    Floating temple of Ya'Hum

    Man, I thought I had a lot of patience, but I've got nothing compared to what it must have taken to balance those little palm trees! Again, great stuff here. Such excellently crafted details, always super impressive on such a small scale. I always thought Kaliphlin was the most beautiful guild, you are reminding of that with these wonderful additions!
  6. MassEditor

    Ab'Yad temple

    Dude... you're killing it with these Kaliphlin MOCs! This is so tranquil... no, surreal... no! Sublime, that's it! Such elegant architecture, very pleasing to the eye. And in one color, too. Personally, I don't think I'd have the courage to go with such a limited color scheme but pulled it off exceptionally well. Maybe I'm a weirdo, but I love lots of arches! And SNOT floors! Great work adde, I do hope your Kaliphlin compatriots share the contribution you are making!
  7. MassEditor

    Elon's Retreat.

    Ay caramba! She's a real beauty! Glad you finally had the chance to get this captured for posterity with this great photos. Not just big, but impressively detailed - though I would expect nothing less! The raised details on the little house rooves, genius. Really loving those stairs, too. Your work continues to be such a reliable inspiration, thanks for sharing Ecc!
  8. Well look what the cat dragged in... the Texan's back! And what a badass MOC! Awesome interior scene, especially like the throne and those off-stud rock walls. Great story as well dude, had me going for a moment. Dreaded the idea of marauding dwarves unleashed upon the innocent. Glad they figured things out - a lesson that could be valuable for many.
  9. MassEditor

    [AoM: Stables - Phase II] Don't Look Back

    Such a well composed and elegantly executed scene, Louis. So much to appreciate here, from the tiny details like the muddied path to the beautiful little lamp. Overall, the design and photographic angle is top notch. The way the entire background is taken up, the complementary color palette, weathered buildings, the overflowing landscape... it all equals up to a very fine creation. Really like those overhanging windows as well. Great continuation of your storyline and style, as well. I love your writing and especially the cliffhanger, definitely leaves me wanting for more. I hope Mitgardia is proud to have you!
  10. MassEditor

    CHALLENGE IV: Category B: Garden in Barqa

    A glimpse of paradise amongst the coming winter gloom. Such an elegant little scene. Really digging the roof style here.
  11. MassEditor

    Stormholme Castle

    Located in the swampy lowlands which straddle the Mitgardian and Nocturnus border, Stormholme Castle is an ancient fortification which has long stood as a bulwark against the evil forces plaguing Historica. The high castle walls, defensive towers and secure water source have allowed Stormholme to withstand numerous sieges. These days, in more peaceful times, the castle serves primarily as the residence of Jarl Baldar Yuengling (photo not available). A small but dilapidated village has cropped up around the castle and swampy lowland. Despite these more quiet times, Stormholme stands guarded and ready to protect the Mitgardian heartland. What's up y'all! Yup, as usual, I'm late getting this on GoH. Mostly out of shame, however. You're probably quick to notice the lack of even a single minifig in this display. That was not completely intentional, as though I believe minifigs can bruise the aesthetics of a build, GoH is all about people and their stories. Unfortunately, my collection of GoH minifigs went home unknowingly with the wrong person following a public display of this castle. By the time we had realized what happened, I had already photographed this creation and precipitated its destruction. So, the human element is implied for the time being until I can finish up a few more builds to properly introduce Jarl Yuengling and his manor. A few fun facts: Took nearly a year to build. Rough guess, 40,000 pieces. Splits into four sections for convenient handling. Didn't originally plan to include the swamp but it saved me from a lot of landscaping and turned out kinda nice. I've been building in the castle genre for years, but this is my first true castle. Good to see you guys again, and thanks for looking!!! If you're interested, here is a video from Beyond the Brick when they interviewed me over the castle at Brick Fiesta 2019:
  12. MassEditor


    Stop your grinnin' and drop your linen! That thing is on fire! Man, that's how you come out of the shadows. Glad to see the old proverb still rings true: Big, Bigger, Marco! Another stellar piece, Ecc, so much to feat the eyes on. The way the castle is built into/on top of/over is very enjoyable. The snowy landscaping is impressively frigid and bleak. One of the my favorites parts here is definitely the wooden palisades on top of the fore castle walls. No, I suspect any attackers would find this castle a real doozy. I can't imagine all the secrets tucked away in all those little nooks and crannies. Just wow, and to think this is just part of a larger collaborative (thanks for including those pics!). Such a thing must be seen in person to truly appreciate. Loving all the moving parts, has to be a big hit at public displays. Something I really need to incorporate more into my stuff. This has really inspired me to jump back into the fray here. Great to see you and your stuff again buddy!
  13. MassEditor

    Desert Outpost

    A sci-fi retro-y desert-y outpost of no particular relevance. It could be on another planet or Earth thanks to that darn global warming. I'm trying to build more stuff that isn't a swamp or castle. So far that's mostly meant putting antennas on things that kinda look like castles. Thanks for looking!
  14. MassEditor

    Along the coral road

    Beautiful colors and layout. Clever parts usage all round, well done! Just gorgeous to look at. My only very small nitpick would be the lack of "filler" on the back side of the build. It could use a couple of large plants to fill in the background. Again, very small suggestion. Otherwise, great work!
  15. MassEditor

    Teeny-tiny steampunk tank

    Another attempt at building something besides a castle. This started as a tablescrap project but I ended up having to tear apart the sole assembled LEGO set in my house (the Ideas ship in a bottle set) to finish it. That was kinda tough. Needs more gears and steampipes I suppose. Anywho, thanks for looking!