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  1. MassEditor

    Along the coral road

    Beautiful colors and layout. Clever parts usage all round, well done! Just gorgeous to look at. My only very small nitpick would be the lack of "filler" on the back side of the build. It could use a couple of large plants to fill in the background. Again, very small suggestion. Otherwise, great work!
  2. MassEditor

    Teeny-tiny steampunk tank

    Another attempt at building something besides a castle. This started as a tablescrap project but I ended up having to tear apart the sole assembled LEGO set in my house (the Ideas ship in a bottle set) to finish it. That was kinda tough. Needs more gears and steampipes I suppose. Anywho, thanks for looking!
  3. MassEditor

    [MOC] Calling International Rescue...

    Fantastic, well built and instantly recognizable! Incredible work adding so much detail on such a small scale. Good luck with the Ideas submission!
  4. These are the kind of rumors I can enjoy. A straightforward but nonetheless elegant build. I just can't find enough opportunities to mix the tan and medium flesh colors - they look so good together, as evidenced here. Nice use of the printed paneling too. The lighting and photography obviously steal the show, however. Perfectly illustrated. Your photo abilities are always inspiring. Excited to see where this goes! (Now I'm definitely going to dust off the army of mummy warriors I accumulated from the Kaliphlin Civil War. Looks like they may soon come in handy!)
  5. MassEditor

    Morty's Traveling Puppetry

    Dude! You're knocking these out of the park! Such a clever and unique concept. Keep it up!
  6. MassEditor

    Wyvernstone Village

    Woah! What an engaging and colorful scene! So many details, large and small, to enjoy here. Great work on angling the various buildings, a nice touch that really adds some good dimensions to your work. I love the variety in all the buildings. Each stands out but are similar enough to make sense as part of a complete scene. Such a lively build, I really could go on and on. Your presentation is great too. The little detail photos are thoughtful and help bring this scene to life (reminds me of the scenes from one of my favorite builds ever, Gideon's Streets of Barqa). My only teeny-tiny nitpick would be the angle of the first photo. It's a little too high. I think backing up and lowering the shot would give a much better, more visually pleasing angle. Anywho, now that I've spent the last 30 minutes gawking and admiring this beauty, I should prolly get back to work!
  7. My favorite aspect of Nocturnus has always been the incorporation of undead, goblins, cyclops and other beastly beings as something more than just nameless villains. This creation is a perfect example of just that. Enjoyable and touching backstory, look forward to seeing where it goes. Pity those who provoke the wrath of a pregnant cyclops! The build itself is quite engaging. I can see some of Blufiji's influence here (hard not to incorporate a bit, he's awesome!), especially in regards to the excellent color palette. I love your personal touches though, especially those sweet little huts. Challenging no doubt, but well worth the effort. Nice little details to enjoy as well. Great photography, too!
  8. MassEditor

    GoH Book III

    Me very excited.
  9. MassEditor

    Summoning gone wrong

    Haha, clever build and story Orange Leader! Excellent introduction and quite amusing too. Also, your English is perfectly legible (and better than 99% of the native English speakers I deal with every day ). Glad you joined Nocturnus, can't wait to see more from you. The Darklands welcome thy dark and terrible self!
  10. MassEditor

    Oasis Retreat

    Fantastic, simple but elegant. I love creations such as this which prove you don't have to have a giant MOC to make a really fine one. Everything is great here, the color, composition and techniques (the light shining through the boards of structure, though perhaps unintended, are a great effect!). The grass under and in front of the structure is great, as if the shade the building creates allows plants to grow in what would otherwise be a scorched, lifeless environment. The only suggestion I could share is to increase the depth of field of your photography (using a smaller aperture) to increase the sharpness of the photograph's foreground. Otherwise, flawless!
  11. MassEditor

    Shinmizu Village

    Wonderful creation guys, lots of little details to enjoy and appreciate. The rockwork is fantastic, you two have developed an awesome and very realistic technique here. I'm so intimidated by SNoT rockwork but, man, it can bring a whole new level of detail as evidenced here. The mixed Asian-Venetian architecture is a neat idea. Good call building the structures at an off-angle. Always a great touch!
  12. I was going to post that photo too, but, considering we both have significant others, I'd hate for all the ladies around here to get their hopes up! Well Texan, where were you? Also, two freebuilds for the glory of the Darklands! Foyodran Tower Moruth Swamp Outpost Redux
  13. MassEditor

    Moruth Swamp Outpost Redux

    To love Nocturnus is to love the swamps. In my mind’s-eye, there aren’t many landscapes that so embody “wild” as a swamp: dark, waterlogged, chirring with insects and frogsong—or, in northern wintry mode, a frozen-over backwater of tussocks, deadfall, and horned owls. Should you doubt the healthful stimulus a swamp provides the human spirit, just dip into Henry Thoreau's writings. “I enter a swamp as a sacred place—a sanctum sanctorum. There is the strength—the marrow of Nature” (“Walking”). Or, from the same essay: “Yes, though you may think me perverse, if it were proposed to me to dwell in the neighborhood of the most beautiful garden that ever human art contrived, or else of a Dismal Swamp, I should certainly decide for the swamp.” Here, here! So, without further non-GoH ado, here is my Swamp Outpost Redux. Some of you old timers may remember my swamp outpost from a few years back. This one fills pretty much the same purpose: respite for the weary swamp travelers, a place to re-supply and a staging point for Resistance forces operating throughout the Moruth Swamps. With lighting and smoke from a half-broken fog machine (it finally bit the dust on me!): Thanks for looking!
  14. Deep within the Rakarth mountains, where even Raavage's foul servants fear to go, lies a vast and forsaken land known as the Void Valley. Nothing inhabits this wicked realm in current times, but the Void Valley was once the site of an ancient and great power. All which remains of this dark kingdom is an edifice known only to a few as Foyodran Tower. Located in far within the Void Valley, Foyodran Tower rises above the surrounding lava lakes as an imposing artifact of an age long forgotten. Only a few know of Foyodran's existence, and even fewer know the dark and fearsome power which still resides in its corridors. The last one known to make this journey was Senurhem Nogad, leader of the Covenant of Nocturnus and ally of the Black Spire. He sought the tower's dark powers as an aid to crush the rising Resistance. He was never seen again. Some suggest Foyodran Tower betrayed Senurhem and that the evil powers within consumed his body and spirit. Others say Raavage, fearing a dark power greater than his own, appeared before Senurhem and cast him into the fiery pits of Void Valley. One thing is certain, however: the evil and terrible magic which lurks in Foyodran was never unlocked, much to the benefit of the Free People of Nocturnus. After setbacks forced the Black Spire to relinquish its control over much of the Rakarths, the Void Valley is now firmly in Resistance hands. Its entrance has since been sealed up in hopes that whatever dark power lies within will never be released. ------------------------------------------ Hello! Geez, here we are, another build from months ago, just now posted here. I hoped to fit this somehow into Chapter V, but other, more daunting priorities kept my attention elsewhere and I pretty much missed the entire challenge. Nevertheless, here it is my friends. Better late than never, I suppose! I actually had this thing together for more than a year before I was able to get any decent pictures of it. We Nocturnians are plagued by the difficulty in photographing black, and Foyodran Tower was a particular challenge. As the months wore on, I developed an intense hate for this build. It's just so ugly. I took it to several LUG displays, secretly praying I would drop it or some other disaster would befall it. But Foyodran's luck held out and it survived each trip (though, of the 12,000 orange neon bits in there, I'd say at least a thousand are scattered around convention centers in Arkansas and in various vehicles). I couldn't have been more excited to get these few pictures and finally destroy this evil and monstrous creation for good. Though, to be completely fair to this MOC, it truly looked much better in real life. These photos really don't do justice to the scale and design. But all things, good and evil, must come to an end. Like sands through the hourglass, Foyodran too has passed through time and into another realm (well, back into the proper plastic containers, anyways). Thanks for looking y'all!
  15. MassEditor

    Book II, Challenge V, Category C: Historica United

    @Henjin_Quilones There he is, looking fine as hell! Just noticed your little trick putting 1x1 bits under the glasses. Genius!