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Found 32 results

  1. Jacob Nion

    At the Black Knight's Inn

    Attention! Since it took me nearly a year to continue this story, recent events have overtaken me. Therefore, this story part takes place before MassEditor's prelude story that is linked below. All links are in chronological order. Make sure to (re-)read it! Glance into the future Three Ravens At the Black Knight's Inn The Resistance Unites (by MassEditor) When you ran out of coin, get out of here! the host had said. “Always the same sad business. No one treasures the value of a wise old man anymore.” Perry Ratchett mumbled into his grey beard, while he stumbled out of the Black Knight’s Inn. Aye, that old hoax of the heroic black knight defending a bridge against a king and losing all his limbs, one by one. That was a popular tale here in the East. The old wizard wondered how the people would react when they were told that this very story served as a shining example of chivalry and ideal courage in Avalonia. “I’m too late again! Foolish old dunderhead. “ Ratchett thought. He had never been an excellent wizard. Often he had proven himself not even an average wizard. But, after all, he was one. It was not a matter of the prowess as magician at all, he was just unfortunate enough to live in a wondrous world that offered as much kinds of ale, vine and liquor as it housed magical miracles. But now he was on a quest. He had witnessed what may would be and no it was on him, Peregrine Ratchett, the purple wizard, to prevent this city and its lord from ruin. He could see his course clear, the first time for years he felt the weightiness of his role in the world. He now had influence on the lifes of many. And although he was well aware of the immense threat to come, Perry silently enjoyed the feeling to be of some importance again. This wizard was back into business. As soon as he set a foot on the rough cobblestone the wizard had found for whom he was looking. Several armed men surrounded him, ensuring there would be no escape. A tall rat furred with brown and white hair approached. His look was strict and hard. But for those who were able to listen, his eyes would tell stories of grief and sorrow, deeply immured in an will of iron. The wizard recognized him immediately from his vision. “What is thy business in this town, old man?” the rat lord said. “I was told of a wizard arriving, speaking of great matters; dark menaces toward. Now all I see is a drunken vagabond, maybe hoping to be kept by my household in return for palmistry and other legerdemain. Do not dare to waste my time by trying to fool me.” The old wizard had expected mistrust. But this rat proved to be amongst that kind of stubborn beings who wouldn’t believe in dragons unless they recognised the smell of their burnt skin, or fur in such a case. He had to take care of what to say:”You may take me for a drunkard an impostor. And whilst I cannot deny my flaws I affirm you that serious wizardry is my business. I am Peregrine Ratchett. And I am called the purple wizard. And not only for the colour of my hat, I assure you. That is just frippery.” The lord of Skavenport kept his straight face, while his companions bandied inquiring gazes. A very uncomfortable silence spread and lasted far too long. Perry realised that this lord was still waiting for his explanations, either to be convinced or for having a reason to throw him into the deepest dungeon of the city; “I have come to assist you by the quest that lies ahead of you. For I have seen what may will be, and I say you there is no time to lose!” Osric Isentooth’s face became even more sceptical: “And what quest shall this be? Gathering my troops, march out with all the banners of red and gold waving in the wind? Many souls in Nocturnus call for this. No day that I do not receive requests for assistance from this lord and that village. I have no need for another supplicant to tell me about the sorrows that plague this land. I know them. Call the town watch and chase this vagabond out of my city!” The wizard rushed towards Osric:”The Lord of Shadowmere is calling for you! Will you deny his request?” The lord’s face turned angry: “You should have heard the rumours on your pub crawl. It is told in every tavern; Vladivus is dead.” Ratchett’s lips formed a grim smile: “He is alive. At least as much as his kind can be. You will see. Assemble Skavenport’s army, my lord. March out and engage the Black Spire. You are not alone. Raavage’s craft is to cloud his enemies’ awareness. The resistance is still strong. But you must unite your forces. Separating the last strongholds of the Darklands, destroying the remaining free peoples of Nocturnus one by one is the very intention of the Spire. Unite your armies, reclaim the East from Raavage, and the other guilds will join you. Because this fight is not the mere battle for Nocturnus. If you fail it will conclude the fate of all Historica. Tis the quest I have foreseen, the quest you will have to face up to.” Osric seemed to stare into an abyss, when he finally spoke: “All what you say... it either makes you an egregiously able wizard, or an equally able agent of my foes. Either way, I will learn the truth. Into the dungeon with him!” Perry felt that everything had gone wrong. While he resigned himself to a longer phase of soberness, a black hooded messenger arrived, bowed shortly before lord Osric, giving him a small piece of parchment, before heading away in a hurry. The rat lord looked at the sigil in surprise, broke it and unfurled the writing. It took him a moment to come to terms with it. Then he looked at the wizard and spoke: “Bring him to the castle. Host him in the keep, but do not let him leave it. And keep him sober.” He turned to his two captains, a rat and a grim looking sturdy human: “I have to leave the city. Lord Vladivus is indeed alive, or correctly: undead. A council will be held in Shadowmere. A council of the Resistance. I have to go.” “Alone? My lord! Every swathe of land between Shadowmere and the Grimwoods is occupied by the Spire. Damn it! Every single bloody stone in the Moruth has a Spire soldier guarding it!” the human said indignantly. “I have to go. And no time to lose. But I am well aware of the dangers such a journey involves. Therefore you will escort me, Dunstan. Why shall I fear a thousand Spire soldiers with you roaring at them?” Osric responded. Visibly amused the other captain began to speak: “I rest assured that you will make the journey without harm, my lord. My dear Sir Dunstan is no doubt the loudest man in Skavenport. But what are thy orders to me?” “You, good sir Aethelrat, will procure that an army in readiness will await our return. Gather supplies, lade war machines and keep the city’s fortifications operational.” Lord Isentooth commanded. Then he turned back towards the purple wizard: “I am still in doubt about your intentions. I will concern myself with you when I return. But for the time being I shall not call you a liar; war is to come. Allies are calling. And Skavenport shall answer.” ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________- So far, thanks for reading! And I am deeply sorry about the low photo quality. It's impossible for me to get the right lighting for such a weirdly angled build.
  2. Lord Raavage entered the castle like a tempest. He made his way to the command room, pushing his way through the Black Spire solidiers who rose to salute him. Throughout the halls could be heard the victory celebrations of drunken soldiers. Until yesterday the castle had belonged to the Nocturnian Resistance. Located near the Mitgardian border, Mortag Keep served as a convenient staging point for foreign troops assisting the resistance. It had long been a thorn in Raavage's side and he was glad to have it in his hands. Raavage listened in on a soldier who retold the story of Mortag Keep's capture to a group of reserve troops who had missed out. "So, we snuck up to the castle in the boats, all quiet like, while their soldiers were still sound asleep in their beds. They hadn't expected anyone coming from the swamp, the road was the only thing the sentries had their eyes on." The soldier took a long pull from his drink. "We gathered in the woods, wondering what to do next. Then up came one of Lord Raavage's wizards. He carried about some jar filled with black powder, placed it at the base of the wall, spoke a few words under his breath and told us to run." "Good thing we did, aye! Next thing we know the jar explodes and there's a hole in the wall. We rushed in and took the whole damn place before they knew what happened. When we found the commander he was still trying to put his trousers on! The rest of the survivors we rounded up and sent off to Lord Raavage's slave camps." It was a tactical victory, no doubt. Until word of Mortag Keep's fall spread, Raavage's forces could launch ambushes on any enemy troops who thought it was still in friendly hands. Foreign troops wishing to aid the resistance would have to enter Nocturnus along a more difficult route. Yet this victory was worth much more - more than anyone knew, save Lord Raavage himself. The inhabitants of Mortag Keep, a motley array of Resistance fighters, had discovered a map hidden in the nearby caves which led to something only a few knew existed - an ancient artifact so powerful that Raavage hungered for its possession. With such power, Raavage reminded himself, Nocturnus will fall into my hands, and then all of Historica." The thought of such power caused Raavage to salivate. He wanted the map in his hands, now. Raavage entered the room and interrupted the soldier's story. "To your feet! The Black Spire celebrates your victory here, but drunkenness and laziness on duty are punishable by death. You will return to your posts at once or else you will find yourselves hanging from the trees outside!" The soldiers rushed to their feet and hurried to their posts. Raavage stopped one of the troops. "Soldier, where is your commanding officer? I must speak to him immediately." The soldier stammered, obviously frightened by the Black Lord's presence. "Ssss…irrr…, he is upstairs, in the private quarters." Raavage turned and stormed towards the fort commander's room. Inside were several Black Spire officers, including General Azuk, who had commanded the force which captured Mortag Keep. A bandage on his right arm betrayed a grievous wound. "Azuk, congratulations, good work, well done and all that, but where is the map? I must have it now. I travelled a great distance to be here and I will not wait a moment longer." Several officers looked at each other with grave expressions, and then left the room. Only Azuk, Raavage and two of his Royal Guards remained. Azuk looked at his hand and then Raavage. "Lord Raavage, the map has been lost. A Resistance spy broke in last night and took the map, along with my hand. She was killed, but another agent was able to retrieve the map. We lost track of him in the swamps." A great fury took over Raavage, like a storm ready to destroy all in its way. He began to shake and froth at the mouth. "What to you mean, LOST THE MAP? To a Resistance SPY? You bumbling, incompetent, ungracious fool! You disgusting, treacherous lout! Anyone could have taken this lousy fort - I tasked you with recovering the map and this is the news you share?" Azuk backed up, cowering. "M'lord, there was nothing I could do! I will recover the map, please spare me! She took my hand, have I not suffered enough?" Raavage's lips twisted into a crooked smile. "You do not know the meaning of suffering, not yet. I should exterminate you where you stand, but that would be the easy way out." Raavage turned to his Royal Guard and gestured towards Azuk. "Take his other hand. Then his eyes and tongue. I want him kept alive. When you are done with him, throw him into the mine pits where he will repay his betrayal to our cause!" Azuk fell before Raavage to no avail. His pleas could be heard throughout the fort as the guards carried him away. Raavage smashed his fist on the commander's table. The crash echoed through the halls like an explosion. "Dammit! I am surrounded by fools and traitors! I will find this rebel spy and tear him to pieces. Then I will take back what is mine and then all of Nocturnus shall lay at my feet!" (And some pics of Mortag Keep. I tried incorporating more shots of the castle itself into the story, but after the forest collapsed several times, I was tired of messing with it!
  3. Darkness, growing ever blacker, falling ever deeper, consuming ever more. In Nocturnus, there is no escaping it. The light grows dimmer, the darkness more encompassing. These lands have never known true peace. War and death are staples here. Since the Obsidian Spike rose in the East, Nocturnus has bathed in the blood of its own. From its gates the Black Spire lord, Raavage, unleashed his army across Nocturnus. His quest for power and the resulting Civil War cleaved Nocturnus in half. Father was pitted against son, sister against brother, countryman against countryman. The conflict speeds to all corners of the land, and few escape its brutality. In recent times the war had slowed to a stalemate. Lord Ssilyrrlith, the nominal leader of the Nocturnian Resistance, remains holed up in the capital, Abyssian, besieged by a Black Spire army. Leadership of the resistance has fallen to Lord Vladivus of Shadowmere and an assortment of commanders united in their hatred of Raavage. Bravely they hold the line, attacking the Black Spire where it is weak and falling back only when they must. Allies in other Guilds send what they can to bolster the Resistance armies. Shamans, wisewomen, sorcerers and witches offered blessings for the Resistance troops and provided safe places of worship. But now the resistance lines are beginning to weaken while the Black Spire's grow stronger. Despite setbacks, and there were many - the treachery of the Drow and the Valyrian, Count Basil; the Zugal's turn against the Black Spire; the failed trap at Lagash Ur; and the defection of Anfauglir from Raavage's Covenant allies - the Black Spire has shown no signs of faltering. New armies are emerging from the Obisdian Spike's gate to bring Raavage's rule to the remaining Resistance enclaves. Raavage is clever and merciless, his armies powerful and numerous. With help from new allies, Raavage threatens to crush all in his way. Senurhem Nogad, the Covenant lord, continues to support the Black Spire with his powerful armies and dark magic. Other new and fearsome allies arrive from far off lands to assist the Dark Lord. The power of the dark spirits are not lost by Raavage's forces. They, too, seek divine assistance and to curse their foes. Futhermore, rumors spread among the Resistance leadership that Raavage seeks a mysterious and powerful artifact to aid his conquest. Such power threatens the precarious balance of forces. Failure to stop him would allow Raavage to spread his influence to all of Nocturnus and possibly beyond. The leaders of Historica's other Guilds watch with despair the events in Nocturnus. Kingless and without a united front, Historica holds its breath and prays for Raavage's defeat. What this renewed war will mean for Nocturnus, no one is sure. But one thing is certain: the bloodshed is only just beginning.
  4. Building for the Spire read first: For days now they had been marching through the mountains. Yvern had found a pretty large group of Bulls willing to join them, after talking to Davok. Now the expedition, under formal lead of Thornn and Spyrus, and Davok and Yvern, was crossing the Kyrrath Mountains. Tonight they could rest in the ruins of an ancient abandoned Orc fortress, Khazrat. Yet when they came closer, there was an unusual stench in the air. Spyrus and Davok went on, while the rest halted. When they neared the entrance to the fortress, Spyrus said: "This is Orc-scent. That would be that Resistance regiment. See? He didn't wipe them out, filthy Yudha. "How did you call me?" An unwelcome but familiar face appeared above them, just outside the gate the ruins of Khazrat Spyrus: "Why... what... what are you doing here?" Yudha: "Easy...helping my new friends to prevent some impetuous young men from assisting the spire... They pay me well enough" Davok: "Treacherous scum... Is mony indeed all you are after?" Yet Yudha disappeared through the gate. Davok: "The fortress will be occupied. Yet there is no way back now. The fortress doors have rotten away over time, so our best chances are to rush in..", and he shouted a signal. Immediatly the whole expedition started to run, with their weapons ready, not knowing where the enemy might appear... the ruins of Khazrat the ruins of Khazrat the ruins of Khazrat the ruins of Khazrat So, I have been working on this for a pretty long time: I wanted to hit some birds with one stone: I wanted to make ruins, and to make a round tower. I am pretty happy with the architecture of the (front) wall and the tower, yet they don't really get the attention they deserve in this build, I think. The tower has an half collapsed part, and the wall has some chunk out of it, made with different slope bricks.
  5. The elementals have upset the earth and my Master is awake. Though his physical body is still held by the magic bonds that chained him eons ago, his mind is free and his thought is everpresent. I carry his spark and I shall spread his word and be his voice in this turmoil He is B'deesh, The Great Wyrm and once he is free he will reshape the world! I am known simply as The Speaker. The Cult of The Great Wyrm has gathered and is growing ever so swiftly. We stand with the Black Spire and we shall support Lord Raavage, the rightful ruler of Nocturnus! least for now... Here is our clergy: In the back you can see the lowly Acolytes, they have yet to prove they are worthy of serving B'deesh. On the far sides you see the Ascended - priests who have embraced The Wyrm's awesome powers and are changed forever. In the middle you can see the War Priest and The Master Ritualist. Here are our Holy Warriors Like the Ascended, they also carry the spark of The Great Wyrm in them (which can be noticed by the red glow in their eyes). Our strength is in our secrecy, The Great Wyrm is calling and many will answer throughout Historica Maybe some in Avalonia, maybe in Mitgardia, maybe in Kaliphin... who knows... :) The Portal awaits, and once we have gathered the power necessary we shall dispell the bonds and our Master will be set loose upon this world. I have spoken...
  6. With the civil war raging, a dark servant of the Black Spire, Lord Vorn, makes his appearance as he prepares to conquer Nocturnus. Hey guys, I'm a new member, both to this RPG and Castle building, but I am really looking forward to participating (for the glory of Nocturnus of course :P). So tell me what you guys think and feedback is much appreciated.
  7. Lord Vladivus

    A Message

    Vladivus leant back wearily against the tree trunk. Had it really come to an end on this muddy field? He frowned. This territory was Shadowmere's, but a few leagues from the city gates, and a routine patrol had marched purposefully along the road. It had started further back, where well placed crossbow bolts had begun to whittle the Shadowmere Guard numbers. Only Vladivus' elite Knights of the Inner Keep, with their heavy armour and shields had managed to withstand the bolts. All this whilst an enemy remained unseen. The scouts should have warned the patrol of the crossbowmen, but, alas, the answer had come around the next bend. Corpses littered the road, Shadowmere scouts, foul things written in their blood. A few hundred metres on, and an ambush was sprung. Vladivus, alongside Krell, and the Knights of the Inner Keep, threw back several waves of Hand of Corruption forces. They had seemed to be winning. A bellowing roar, and a warrior dressed in black armour, a tattered white cloak fluttering from his shoulders, wielding a mighty black halberd and cracking whip entered the fray, and the battle began to turn. The warrior had fought his way unerringly to Krell and Vladivus, his whip coiling tight around the former. As the whip bound tighter around Krell, his arms were pinioned, and a swift thrust of the warrior's halberd had finished the Necromancer. Vladivus didn't remember much after that, glimpses of a burning fiery portal where Krell had stood, consuming Krell's lifeforce and dragging him to the hell from whence he had come. The death of Krell had rendered the few remaining Zombies present virtually catatonic. A crunch of footsteps brought Vladivus' attention to the present. He feebly grasped for his sword, but the wound in his side, and the hundreds of Spire warriors made the act of defiance die in his throat. The warrior spoke, his voice a growl. "So this is the mighty Shadowmere then. Fallin' like runts o' a litter. I am Catastros, Captain of the Black Spire, 'n' I've a message for ye. Take yer snivelling half-blood scrawny Lordship back ter the other runts in the Resistance and tell them to kneel before the Spire or be crushed. You'll find no mercy a seccond time if yer pick the latter mind." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So next part in the collab. Not everything is going the Resistance's way! Fairly simple build, mainly to try a different ground technique, thus more story than build orientated. C+C welcome!
  8. Lord Vladivus

    Burning Tranquility

    The remote Rakath village known as the Gardens of Tranquility was certainly less than tranquil. Smoke drifted lazily into the sky, fire burning in the trees and buildings. The Spire pyromancer had struck suddenly, his host of orcs springing from the bamboo. Shadowmere's eminent necromancer-mage, Krell had managed to rally the local samurai and ninjas in defense of the village, but he knew that it was simply a delaying tactic. The Spire's forces numbered in the hundreds, whilst Krell had only a handful of, admittedly skilled, warriors at his disposal. With a shout, Krell charged into the fray, wielding dread magic. The Spire would not walk away from this unwounded. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another freebuild from myself. With all the happenings in Shadowmere, it's easy to forget that the Spire poses a very real threat to the everyday Nocturnian! Originally I'd hoped to use the new ghost ninjas from Ninjago as the ancestors of the ninjas, but it was too many trans colours! C+C welcome!
  9. Lord Vladivus

    The Emissary: Part 2

    The Shadowmere throneroom was lavish, with a red carpet rolled out from the foot of the obsidian steps leading to Vladivus' golden throne. Banners hung from the walls, indicating fealty sworn to Shadowmere, and defeated enemies. The honour of guarding the throneroom went to the Kazzar Blackcloaks, who owed the Lord of Shadowmere a life's debt. Fearsome warriors all, they cut an intimidating silhouette with their lances, and none moreso than Vorek Steeljaw, his long golden lance setting him apart as a Captain in the Kazzar Blackcloaks. Without so much as a glance at this, the Black Spire emissary strode purposefully up the centre, towards Vladivus, flanked by two of his zombie guards, his crown glinting in the orange torchlight. He bowed exaggeratedly. "Hail once again Vladivus", he said mockingly. "Would ye hear my terms?" "Aye", came the measured reply, "let us hear them." The King's words came swiftly, as though practised. "Ravaage would have you bend your knee to him and yield the Resistance leaders," he said gesturing at the balcony, where Angfauglir and Lord Mortis watched. "In return for undying fealty and the dissolution of the Shadowmere Guard, you shall be granted your mothers former lands in Avalonia, where you shall live your life in exile. Your generals must either bend to Ravaage, or be executed." As the last word left the emissary's lips, the doors to the throne room crashed open, and a shout echoed through. "Stop this madness!" At this, the King drew his dirk, and charged at Vladivus, the sceptre in his hand glowing green, seemingly granting him warding against the Kazzar, who moved to intercept him. As fast as the Kazzar were, and as quick as the King moved, the Falcons were faster. Lead by Sir Eothain the Insane, they charged from the doorway, covering the ground swifter than any would have expected, followed by Lady Sithanna, her lips curled in a snarl, and her Manbat Warriors. Eothain's sword clove the sceptre in twain, and the head of the emissary bounced from his shoulders, as his guards fell to the floor. The bodies were swiftly cleared away, and a hurried council of sorts commenced. "What is this? You would kill an emissary?" Vladivus anger was palpable. "Hear us out my Lord" soothed Sithanna. "Your pup damn near killed my men", spat Eothain "He turned on us on the road to Abyssian. Ravaage's troops ambushed us, nothing we couldn't handle. Then the wolves came. Clawbreakers, and others. Fenrir didn't hesitate. He called for us to follow him against the wolves. Who were we to argue? The wolves came again, from behind, and as we turned to take them, Fenrir turned on us. If it weren't for Sithanna's timely arrival, on account of her taking a roundabout route from Kaliphlin we'd have been dog toys. Your guard you sent with us are all dead I'm afraid m'lord." "This King was with Fenrir- baying for blood. He's no emissary, he is, well, he was, an assassin," said Sithanna. "Amset-ra sent one of his men with us as a sign of the new alliance, and he knew the emissary of old." "This is troubling news". Vladivus mused. "Eothain, I'm offering you the position of Shadowmere General- it seems deeds must speak louder than words." At this, he cast his gaze at Angfauglir, who still leant upon the balcony. He turned, "Vorek!" "Yes my Lord?" said the Kazzar. "Call the Captains. Sir Eothain, ready for war." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And the next installment! C+C welcome!
  10. Lord Vladivus

    The Emissary: Part 1

    Horns sounded across the swamp- strange, wet, muddy sounds, more gurgling than a clear ring. The Moruth Rangers had tracked the party, noting the sizeable number of Schkyklyk Raiders attempting to pass in secret. The zombies and their palanquin, seemingly bearing a zombie king, were less discreet, marching straight to the Eastern gates of Shadowmere. Vladivus, Angfauglir, Lord Mortis and several warriors met the creatures beneath the black outer walls. The stench of the swamp followed them, not that the Nocturnians cared. The zombie king ordered his party to stop before the Lord of Shadowmere and the other Resistance leaders. "Salutations Vladivus!" called the King, his voice unnatural, "I speak as the King of the Moruth Swamps, and mouthpiece of Ravaage, the true Lord of Nocturnus." His eyes cast their gaze over the other Lords. "My esteemed Angfauglir, long has it been." Lord Mortis spoke from the gateway, "Name your reason for being here. If all you wish to do is bandy titles and small talk, then you are truly a King." "Ah, the vampire has a voice," sniggered the KIng, "very well, I wish to discuss terms of surrender." At this, Vladivus who had been quiet until now, spoke up "As an emissary, you shall be accorded due respect, and I guarantee your safety, providing you behave yourself. These are not the halls of Ravaage, we will have decorum. Turning to the Knights of the Inner Keep, he said "See the emissary to my throne room. I will receive him there." To be continued... So, the next part in the LV/ME/Jorrith collab. Hail Nocturnus! C+C welcome.
  11. As we sailed to pick up our kin from the north, I pondered my position. I was on the eve of my first real battle. Sure, I had fought, but I had never fought to the death. But this would be my revenge, I told myself. Revenge for my father. There was our northern kin. In the battle party was Rex Thorhammer, two raiders I didn't know, and an archer. Looking closer, I realized the archer was a girl. And the girl was quite pretty. Then Brandr Eraksson broke through my thoughts. “If you don't mind the shoreline, Logan, we're going to run aground.” After we loaded the war party on, Wulf and Rex went to the cabin to discuss the raid, leaving me in charge of the tiller. As I held it firmly, surveying the sea, the girl came up to the deck. “So you're Wulf's first mate,” she said. “Yes,” I replied. I felt the need to say something, but I felt an even greater need to not look like an idiot. She sensed my inner struggle, and answered the question on the tip of my tongue. “I'm Lydia, by the way.” “Good to meet you, Lydia.” Well, at least I could string a few words together. I didn't exactly have much experience talking to girls. “My name is Logan Fleetfoot.” “Why fleetfoot?” Here, at least, was a question that I could answer. “Well, back in Skaljarik, when we go bear hunting, I was named fleetfoot for my ability to move around the wood without making noise. It's a skill that has helped a lot.” “I'll bet.” We went on talking, right up until we reached the Nocturnian coast. I was shocked. It was at least a 8 hour voyage, even with a triangular sail. I was just as surprised to learn that I enjoyed talking to Lydia. I wondered idly how many such raids she had been on. I eventually asked her. “This is my first time,” she told me. “You?” “This is my first as well. It's not the same, is it?” “No, I should think not.” We had landed on the beach without much trouble. Having followed the river, we came upon the forces of the Black Spire. One was a dark knight, and all the rest were goblins and orcs. It was time for battle. As we began the fight, I quickly noted that I could defeat the goblins fairly easily. I wrote it down to that the goblins were poor fighters. But the truth was it was my own skill. I was a competent ax man, but where I came from, competent was the equivalent of “Skilled and highly dangerous”. We had gone through the goblin ranks like a knife through hot butter, and I had come upon a farmer. Well, if he fought, thus be it. He would die. But he didn't fight. He begged me, “Northerner, I have a family. A wife, children. Have mercy.” Now I had started a quest for revenge upon those responsible for my father's death. In the background, Wulf ordered, “Kill him.” I started, but then stopped. My anger was because raiders had taken my father from me. I would not visit the same punishment on some poor farmer's family. I murmered under my breath to the farmer, “run”. Then I turned to Wulf. “No. I will not kill him.” Wulf glared at me. “He's the enemy,” he almost shouted at me. “My father was taken from me,” I started. “And there is a hole in my heart for him that will never be replaced. I will not visit that punishment on some poor Nocturnian farmer's family.” Wulf, with an enormous effort, mastered his anger. Together, we tuned back to the Black Knight. Wulf let out an enormous roar, and swung his ax in a murderous side-stroke. My ax kept the sword at bay. Wulf's ax hit the bewitched horse head on, and it fell. The Black Knight rose, and shouted, while running in the opposite direction, “You'll pay for this, Wulf Stormbreaker.” As we walked back to the ship, Wulf pulled me aside. “Why the devil did you defy me?” I wanted to say nerves, but I decided avoiding the truth was a bad idea. “Because it would have been wrong.” “Wrong? His people killed your father!” “But not him. Every day, I feel the loss of my father,” I continued, gathering resolve. “I will not visit that pain upon someone else. Otherwise, I'm no better then they are. I watched Wulf's anger slowly fade. I hoped I hadn't pushed him too far. Author's notes: So the story was a bit shorter then I wanted, but oh well. Builder's notes: The builds aren't as large as I would like, but school has been brutal. In any case, I hope you guys like it,
  12. My second Freebuild! ---------------------- Wulf and I had just returned from our trip, and were on our way to visit the Jarl, to report. Wulf had said something about a possible mission for us, as Jarl Arian always had things he wanted Wulf to do. Simply put, Wulf was Jarl Arian's ace. Also, this meant I got all the exciting jobs. Dangerous, but exciting. I waved at my cousin as I walked by. He was a farmer here in Mitgardia, and a wealthy one. He worked hard, but he was good at it. I just couldn't imagine doing such menial work. It made me all the more grateful to Wulf. “I have something special for you, Wulf.” Jarl Arian DID have a mission for us. And by the sound of it, a good one. “Due to a Blue Wolf mercenary we recently captured, I have found the origin of the raid on our town by the Black Spire. The raid that killed your father,” Jarl Arian, said, looking at me. “I want you to get revenge. It is time for the Black Spire to learn they shouldn't mess with the Nordic of Mitgardia. Rex Thorhammer, Jarl of our kin, has asked that a force from here be sent to aid his force coming from the north, and I think you are the best choice. The chance to avenge my father! This was a day I hoped would come. Alone, Jarl Arian would never move against the Black Spire.......but with our kin to the north, he would jump at the opportunity. Wulf, too, hated the Black Spire and all it stood for. Wulf and I answered in unison. “We'll do it.” Author's Notes: the Viking Clan, or the Vikings are referred to as Nordic people. Also, a Jarl is the leader of a town or city. Builder's Notes: I had a lot of fun building this. I hope you enjoy it!
  13. Kayne

    Holding Rakath Gap

    With all of the turmoil in Noctunus, the members of the other guilds have all been uneasy with what the fallout may be in their own homes. Hearing of massive troop movements throughout Nocturnus, Kha gathered forces of Moonshadows, his elite elven forces and headed to the Rakath mountains near the border with Nocturnus. The thoughts were to ensure the safety of Kaliphlin's citizens. The most likely place that rogue soldiers of The Black Spire or leftovers of The Hand of Corruption would be the Rakath Gap. So, I have literally built nothing since the Challenge 2 build back in June. I started a couple of projects and just gave up each time. Finally decided today that I needed to build something to get out of my funk, so here is what we get today. Hopefully this will get me back on track with some builds! I am currently reading A Memory of Light from the Wheel of Time series for the first time and was inspired while reading about Tarwin's Gap. So, if any of you have read that, you may recognize what looks like a Myrdraal or Fade leading the "Trollocs" here. Also, I would like to claim University of Petraea credits for: Military Science-battle scene, Minifig Posing and Geography Mountains Thanks for looking! P.S. I tried to make a 100% purist build and as I was editing photos noticed that my son had stuck one light tan AltBricks weed on the left cliffs. So, just ignore it and pretend this is all purist parts!
  14. Back at Lagash Ur, a great change was now taking place. The old fortress' barracks and watch towers were filling with elite Hand troops, who interrogated Covenant army units for any signs of further betrayal. Several companies had vanished during the previous night's events, undoubtedly to join Anfauglir in the mountains. The Black Spire enforcers would ensure no one else dared to do the same. In the great halls of Lagash Ur, the few remaining red and gold Nocturnian banners - which proudly symbolized the strength and determination of Nocturnus' people - were being torn down and replaced with the black and white standard of the Spire. Throughout the fortress the recital of oaths could be heard, an allegiance not just to Senurhem but to a new name as well: Raavage. Try as he may, Raavage could not corrupt Senurhem, but he had broken the old necromancer's will. Senurhem had long ago turned his back on leading the Covenant, instead preferring to spend his days and nights locked deep inside Lagash Ur's catacombs. Here, it is rumored, he practiced his foul and twisted necromancy while governance of the fortress had been left to a group of Senurhem's inner circle - Anfauglir, who had perhaps served his lord longer than any other, had not been included. Long had the Covenant's commanders hungered for conquest, but they found Senurhem too preoccupied with his experiments. Some suggested Senurhem was losing his mind in Lagash Ur's secretive depths. But Raavage - deceitful and ruthless as ever - had promised to quench their bloodthirst and carry them to power as he said they deserved. In this way, Raavage was able to quietly wrest control of the Covenant army. Senurhem, himself blinded by the power Raavage had promised, especially in regards to his research, did not see these events overtake him. Though his presence would still invoke fear in those below him, all knew where the Covenant's allegiance now lay. And later, when Senurhem was to find out how irrelevant he had become among his own army, it would be far too late. For now, however, Raavage needed Senurhem. Raavage's allies had grown thin in recent days, though this concern he shared with no one, save Malicia. Count Basil had only been informed several nights before that he would be recalled to Varlyrio, undoubtedly to deal with the unrest plaguing its population. General Zurn, who knew Raavage had guessed his own deception, had fled during the battle in Lagash Ur's dining hall. In any case, the Drow could hardly be counted on because, as Raavage had recently learned, the bulk of the Drow army had secretly committed itself to conquering Avalonia. The Black Spire was weaker than it had ever been, and Raavage knew it. Senurhem, if anything, would help fill the resulting vacuum. Besides, it would do Raavage no good to get rid of the necromancer just yet. Only he knew how to unlock the evil power kept hidden in the bowels of Lagash Ur. Senurhem had shown Raavage ancient tomes which spoke of this power, a dark magic able to raise the dead. These books rumored of a device which could magnify this necromancy a hundredfold. Nothing within the books detailed what this catalyst would be, but, unlike Anfauglir and the other Nocturnians, Raavage knew where to look for it. Covenant and Hand scouts had already left the fortress in search of the fabled artifact. Raavage and Senurhem had stayed behind to discuss their next move after the previous night's escape. In Senurhem's private chambers, the two meet to finalize their plans before Raavage departs Lagash Ur and returns to his redoubt, the Obsidian Spike. Senurhem: The Zugal Brothers and the Dragon Master fought side-by-side to slip from our noose. Do you not think they will combine their forces against us? The question infuriates Raavage. Though he did not show it, Raavage had been forced to play his hand when he ambushed the delegation during the dinner. Instead of uniting the Zugal and Dragon Masters against Abyssian, his forces were now hunting their leaders throughout the surrounding mountains. Raavage: They will never unite! The Dragon Master is lost without his father's keep, and the Zugal are too proud to ever return it. Their war has only just begun, the Hand will make sure of that. What is left when the dust settles will hardly be a pebble in our way. Raavage would have liked to watch as the Zugal and Dragon Masters hurled themselves against Abyssian's defenses, but now he would see them destroy each other. Their escape the night before, though dramatic, would be inconsequential, thought Raavage. Senurhem: We must not forget that scum, Anfauglir. He has holed up in the mountains like a rat, but he will be a thorn in our side unless crushed. Anfauglir has already convinced several of my finest companies to join him in his treachery. Raavage studies the old necromancer's grimaced face; Senurhem is obviously worried about his traitorous commander. Anfauglir's betrayal had not been expected, and his next moves were unknown. Only guesses could be made at his intentions and whereabouts. Raavage: Anfauglir deludes himself if he hopes to stop the Black Spire. I will furnish you with a company of Hand troops; with these soldiers and your own you will find and destroy him! Senurhem: They are already assembled and only await my word, Raavage... m'lord. Raavage: Good. Send them to crush the rat in his hole. I must return soon to the Obsidian Spike. I have remained far too long in this damp dungeon you call a fortress and have other matters to deal with. We cannot allow the other Nocturnian scum to stand in our way! Senurhem leads Raavage to a balcony overlooking one of Lagash Ur's great halls. Arrayed below is an entire Covenant legion, supported by cruel-looking Hand warriors and a pair of mountain trolls gifted to Senurhem by the Black Spire. url=] Senurhem moves forward to address the throng but Raavage is the first to speak. Raavage: Warriors of the Covenant, you have been betrayed by your supposed brothers! They have deserted you, and now they slink into the mountains like snakes! Out of fear they hide from your rightful supremacy, and out of jealousy they wish to take it from you. They have forsaken your lord, and it is your rightful duty to show them the error of their ways. The Black Spire knows this treachery must not go unpunished, and it will fight with you. Go forward and do not return until the traitors' heads sit on pikes outside your walls! The hall erupts in blood-curdling cheers as the fortress doors open, unleashing the vicious horde into the surrounding mountains. Long columns of Covenant troops, with the Hand enforcers shadowing closely behind, begin filtering throughout the barren terrain. The light from their torches is visible for many miles as the columns descend the mountains like a great fire-serpent. One who saw this dreadful spectacle erupting across the landscape was a Covenant cavalry commander named Sakarmand. An old friend and lieutenant of Anfauglir, Samarkand was one of the few military leaders who chose to join the insurgency. He and a small group of soldiers had positioned themselves near Lagash Ur to scout the Covenant's movements. His heart sank as the seemingly endless lines of heavily-armed troops filtered from the fortress. They would assuredly find Anfauglir's stronghold in the Panjshir. And, with such strength arrayed against them, they could not hope to holdout long. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some extra pics, including a photo of this group of serious badasses! And a few shots of the MOCs, sans figs: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About this MOC: Greetings once again! Here is another installment in the ongoing Hand of Corruption story for Book II in Nocturnus! Before I say any more let me offer yet another round of apologies to you guys for the delay in this installment. Sorry if you guys got a little rusty on this story in the meantime! I must also apologize for the quality of some of these pics - only realized how difficult this would be to photograph after I built four walls and much of a ceiling. Kinda hard to get the camera in there to take some proper pics! I finally gave up on the photo of Senurhem and the glowing orb, and had to go with the one above. It was the best one I got but it still looks like his last known photo or something, like it should be on the back of a milk carton... Any advice you guys can share on taking photos of lighted MOCs would be appreciated. In any case, thanks for taking a peek and, as always, any criticisms or comments are welcome! Other installments of this story: The Hand Book II: Summit at Lagash Ur The Hand Book II: Summit at Lagash Ur Part II The Hand Book II: Escape from Lagash Ur The Hand Book II: Anfauglir's Camp For a refresher on the events leading up to these series of builds, please start here!
  15. At Senurhem's stronghold of Lagash Ur, Raavage stares at the angry faces that surround him. He ponders how everything could have gone so wrong. And yet, perhaps in this moment there is still an opportunity to unite these fractured alliances against his enemy. Raavage’s corrupt agents had reported Burress' betrayal and also that the Zugal had received both messages he had sent. Raavage has also sensed that the Drow and Varlyrians were not aware that he knows of their plan to recruit the Dragon Masters. The Dragons’ presence here has unnerved them. This is it, a chance to seal the fracture and bring the Zugal into the assault on Abyssian. Raavage could have picked no better place in all of Nocturnus to host this meeting. With the alliances of the Black Spire on the verge of complete dissolution, Senurhem's stronghold is the last bit of neutral ground in all the Darklands. Senurhem and his Covenant - Senurhem's name for the motley collection of Nocturian races he has pressed into his command - allied with Raavage late during the Civil War but proved an effective fighting force. The Zugal have also enjoyed a beneficial relationship with the Covenant, often combining forces for small operations against pockets of Nocturnian resistance. By agreeing to meet at Lagash Ur, the factions at least knew it wasn't one of Raavage's traps. Despite the neutral setting, Raavage knows today's meeting will be bitterly resisted. This will be a delicate dance. First he must reassure the ravens before consoling the Dragons; and finally unite them all against the snake! Raavage looks to the Zugal contingent and speaks. Raavage: My friends, you have been the victims of a Nocturnus plot to fracture our unity. The Nocturnians at Abyssian have tried to turn you against us. Raavage locks eyes with Korrak. He can tell the Zugal are not going to be easy to convince. Raavage shifts his focus to the others in the meeting room. Count Basil the Valyrian and General Zurnof the Drow avoid Raavage’s gaze. Both wonder what happened at the Eyrie. They sent no message to the Zugal but they fear what the Dragon Master delegation will tell Raavage. Both wonder what the Lord of the Hand knows. Korrak lets out a small click and hiss, his eyes darting over the faces of the gathered brood. Korrak: So you would have us believe that you did not intend to ally with our enemy? Korrak glares in the direction of Anzar Strongfist. Anzar doesn’t respond, he too would like to hear the explanation from Raavage. The altercation at Dragon Keep had cost the Dragon Masters much.Their dragon Handrid had fled into the mountains, the Dragon Keep was lost, and his father, Zar Strongfist, was slain at the hand of Raavage’s agent, the black knight Sir Burress. Raavage: I am most loyal to my friends, Korrak, and the Zugal are our most honored allies. As I said, you are the victim of an intricate plot perpetrated by the snake and his minions. Anzar could see the benefit the Nocturnian rebels may have gained by sparking this conflict, but if Raavage’s hands were truly clean then why were the Dragon Masters invited to this meeting? He wonders if Raavage intends to offer him up as sacrifice to the Zugal. His mind races as he considers the other possibilities. If the Nocturnian rebels were behind this plot, why did a Drow agent send a message to his father before Burress arrived at the Dragon Keep? Were the Drow behind the assassination? Burress, after all, is allied with Malicia Darkheart, a Drow sorceress. Anzar weighs his options carefully, then speaks. Anzar: If you truly have no affinity for the Dragon Masters, then why have you called here? Your honored allies decimated our Keep and killed many of my men. If you have brought us here to seek peace, we demand reparations for these actions. We would have the raven’s head on a pike! Korrak humms softly as he lets out a wry smile. Korrak: And where would you put that pike, Dragon? Surely not outside your Keep! The Zugal contingent lets out an audible groan, then a low clicking begins to fill the room. Anzar grips the hilt of his sword and his guards set their feet for battle. Raavage knows he must take control. If his plan to take Abyssian has any chance of surviving, he must take his chance now. Raavage slams his fist on the table and releases a commanding growl. Raavage: Enough! Can you not see? This is what the snake wants! He has used your vendetta to divide the Spire! It is the snake whose head you desire. The Zugal clicking fades as Korrak lifts his arm for silence. Korrak: Even if all you say is true, the Zugal will not cede our gains to the Dragons. Anzar stares furiously at Korrak. He was never the warrior of the family, but the Zugal’s cockiness enrages him. No matter what the Lord of the Hand says the Zugal will never be his ally! Raavage: Anzar, your losses were unfortunate, but perhaps this misunderstanding can improve your situation. The Dragon Keep has always resided in the long shadow of the Eyrie, and peace was hard to find. What if I allow you to keep Abyssian once we have slaughtered the snake? Anzar has no desire to possess Abyssian. It is not a suitable home for training dragons... Dragons! They must be what Raavage needs to take Abyssian, otherwise he would not have been summoned to this meeting. Anzar then wonder why it was he that was called and not his brother, Tanzar. Tanzar has the army, two dragons and is the Dragon Master's fiercest warrior. Did Raavage need Handrid for this assault? Why would he favor Handrid over Dravin and Dronis, his brother’s prized twin dragons? Perhaps Raavage thought he would be easier to manipulate than Tanzar. Was Raavage even aware that Handrid had fled into the mountains after the Dragon Keep fell? It must be something else. Anzar is only certain of two things. First, that Raavage is using him and second, that the Zugal are his enemy. If he does not ally with Raavage, he would ensure the fracture became a rift. Anzar surveys the audience and senses disquiet from the Drow and Varlyrians. He thinks carefully about his next move and then speaks. Anzar: We don’t want Abyssian. We want Malicia Darkheart! Raavage is surprised by the request. Where is the dragon pup going with this? He only brought Anzar to this meeting because he was inexperienced, easier to manipulate and intimidate. Why would he ask for Malicia, his most trusted advisor? Raavage: Out of the question, Dragon Master. Anzar: You say that it is the Nocturnian rebels who plotted to kill my father and spark this altercation, and yet Burress is under the command of Darkheart. The black knight came baring a shield given to Darkheart by my father. How are we to know it is not the Drow who conspire against us? I demand you turn over Darkheart for interrogation and possible execution! Raavage: Burress was allied with the Nocturnian rebels before his capture. It is clear they placed an enchantment on him long before he began to serve Malicia. The snake wanted to place Burress in a place of trust within my ranks to exact this plot! It is Burress you should question! The pace of the argument quickens. Anzar: Are you sure that Malicia is trustworthy? Are you sure that the Drow are your allies? Raavage: Malicia is trustworthy. Anzar: And the Drow- are they your allies? Raavage: They are loyal to me! Anzar shoots a glance towards General Zurn and flips a scroll onto the floor bearing Zurn’s seal. Anzar: If they are loyal to you, then why did they send my father a secret message promising the return of our lands in Avalonia if we would join them in an assault on the West? Are you sure the Drow work in your interests and not against them? Korrak smiles to himself, pleased to be witness to this altercation. Finally Raavage is being exposed! Raavage, however, is stunned. If he claims he ordered the Avalonian assault proposed by the Drow, the Drow will know that he is lying and that he is aware of their betrayal. Raavage: All part of the Rebel's plot! The answer comes too quickly and easily. This meant one thing - Raavage knew of their plan to recruit the Dragon Masters to assault Avalonia. General Zurn begins to question everything. Did Raavage send Burress to kill Zar to sabotage the Drow’s alliance with the Dragon Masters? How did Raavage know? Is the Varlyrian, Count Basil, a Hand spy? The only thing he knows for sure is Raavage cannot be trusted. Korrak: Unlikely, even I have a hard time believing the Rebel's could know enough about our fracture to exploit it. Raavage ignores Korrak's comment. Shifting his eyes to Zurn, Raavage sees the realization that his betrayal has been discovered wash over the General . The Lord of the Hand knows he must separate the sides now before all is lost. Raavage: This IS a Nocturnian plot. Let us cease these accusations now to gather our composure. The Covenant has prepared a unity feast. Let us allow our tempers to calm while we enjoy our host’s bounty. Senurhem walks forward to address the angry, but hungry mob assembled in his council chambers. Senurhem: Yes, I have ordered my finest chefs to prepare some traditional Nocturnian cuisine for your enjoyment this evening. The menu includes roasted crocodile, pan-fried Moruth trout, a light swamp salad and, for our Zugal friends, giant Nocturnian earthworms. Senurhem waves to a dark figure leaning against the wall. The man, obviously Senurhem's second-in-command, has said nothing the entire meeting. Senurhem: Anfauglir, order the waiters to begin serving. Anfauglir: Yes m'lord. Anfauglir exits through a side door and waiters soon pour out, their arms full of trays holding food and drink for Senurhem's guests. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Here's a few shots of the rest of the MOC without figs: ------------------------------------------------------------------ About this MOC: Torgar and Z were awesome enough to let me get in on some Collab action for Nocturnus, and this is my first entry so far. While I handled the MOC on this one T and Z worked up this part of the story, which I assure you has some twists in store. This of course takes place soon after the epic collab story T and Z put together and shared earlier this month. Definitely stay tuned to the forums over the next week to see the rest of this chapter! Thanks for checking it out!
  16. Prilo, A Hand of Corruption agent, enters the throne room before Rokkar just as General Grimm reported he would. Prilo: Lord Raavage sends tidings to his great allies, the Zugal, in this important hour. Rokkar’s fingers glide gently over the scroll Grimm claimed he recovered from an agent of The Hand sent to Zar Strongfist and the Zugal's greatest enemies, the Dragon Masters. Rokkar moves his right index finger and thumb against his face as he leans hard on his elbow. Rokkar: Important hour? What news does Raavage send his great allies? What service can the Zugal be to their great master? Prilo senses the sarcasm in Rokkar’s voice. He looks nervously around the room and hears the soft clicking of the whispers of the Zugal host surrounding him. He had heard about Rokkar and Korrak, the wingless raven brothers with faces of birds and bodies of men; the brutal and fantastic duo that had trained and bred a whole host of raven warriors to capture this small piece of land from the Dragon Masters. To Prilo, the Eyrie was just another rock in the swamp, just like Abyssian, but to the Zugal this was the only place that had ever been home. Unease washes over Prilo, but he has no reason to know Rokkar’s temperament. He was sent to deliver a scroll, and so he would deliver it. Prilo: A message from your master and mine. Sealed and carried by me alone to your great fortress. It is sent directly from Raavage for your eyes only. A Zugal warrior flaps its wings, springing from the shadows to snatch the scroll from Prilo’s grip. The warrior flips the scroll to Rokkar as Prilo recoils in shock . Rokkar opens the scroll, reads it quickly and tosses it casually to his brother, Korrak. Rokkar: It appears authentic, does it not, Korrak? Korrak: Yes brother, just like the other. Prilo’s hair begins to raise on the back of his neck as the clicking from the Zugal becomes louder. Prilo: The other? Korrak and Rokkar grin, or whatever the equivalent of a grin is to the Zugal. Korrak: Yes Prilo, this is not the first message we have received from Raavage today. Rokkar quickly stops his brother from saying more. He would not have him reveal who delivered the scroll. He would seek to shelter Grimm for the great service he had performed, should it be true. Rokkar: Allow me to read a passage from another scroll sent to our enemy, Zar Strongfist, intercepted by my men today. “Zar Strongfist, I send you tidings in this, our most important hour.” Korrak glanced angrily over at Prilo. Rokkar: “I send this message with the hope that a new alliance between our two great nations will benefit our mutual interests. In exchange for your vow to help my army take the fortress of Abyssian, I, Raavage, Lord of the Darklands, promise a restoration of your lands in Avalonia…” Rokkar pauses briefly but there is no reaction from Prilo. Either he did not know of this second message or Grimm is a liar. The raven does not need to refocus his eyes on the scroll as he has already memorized the final passages of the scroll. Rokkar: “… and to cede the Zugal’s Eyrie to you, our new friends. I send this message in great confidence by my most trusted agent for your eyes only.” Prilo is not surprised by the words in the scroll. He considers questioning the authenticity of the scroll, but he can tell his voice and eyes will betray him. The outcome of this exchange seemingly inevitable, the only control he now has is over how quickly he dies. Prilo pulls a knife from a sheath inside his left sleeve and plunges it into his heart. A high pitched screech bellows out from the Zugal host. Korrak: Then Grimm has told the truth. The Spire seeks to betray us. Rokkar: Yes, it is true. When word of the agent’s death reaches the Spire, an attack will come. We must strike at our enemies now while we have the advantage. Release the ravens and ready my mount. We go to war! ********** About this MOC ********** A few months ago ZCerberus contacted me about doing a Nocturnus collaboration. We decided to pit his Dragon Masters against my Ravens (Zugal), and this is my contribution. The overall MOC was initially inspired by the Eyrie in the Game of Thrones universe, and the architecture was inspired by Noddy's Brother's Tower. ********** Other Parts of the Story ********** Throne Room at Farnhorn Collab Prelude Part I The Spider's Chambers Collab Predlude Part II The Ruins Collab Display Part I Dragon Keep Collab Display Part II Zugal's Eyrie Collab Display Part III Fracture Collab Display
  17. Basil, Zurn and Malicia enter the Hand Throne Room at Farnhorn Fortress, a new hand outpost near Abyssian. Basil and Zurn are elated. Finally, they will be able to leverage their combined forces to invade the West. The Varlyrians have always had eyes for the Western plains, a climate and landscape more hospitable to the islanders, while the Drow’s hatred for the Avalonians and their Elven allies can only be slaked by blood. Count Basil: M’lord, we have raised the defenses throughout the land and have bested the Nocturnians in battle. General Zurn: We have pushed the Snake into his hole at Abyssian. We now control all of Nocturnus except the Snake’s lair. Lord Raavage snarls and angrily shifts his weight in the throne. He quickly realizes he must do his best to keep emotion in check. He needs the Drow and Varlyrians to take Abyssian and complete his plan to capture the Orion Sphere and raise an army from the dead. If he reveals too much, perhaps his allies will know he plans to slay them all. Even with this caution in his head, he can’t control his disappointment. Lord Raavage: And you think this is victory? I said I wanted ALL of Nocturnus. Count Basil looks uncomfortable. He knows an assault on Abyssian will be a hard battle and will cost many lives. He never wanted the Darklands anyway; his eye was always on the West. His elation turns to nervous fear as he shuffles his feet backwards away from Raavage. The Count hopes reason will be a satisfactory tool. He looks at his Drow ally realizing Zurn is also surprised by Raavage’s reaction. Count Basil: M’Lord, the Nocturnians rallied many allies to their cause and have managed to hold Abyssian. I fear a direct assault could leave us vulnerable to attack from the other guilds. Feeling emboldened by his ally, the Drow General speaks. General Zurn: We could choke the life out of the snake by placing a rock in front of his hole, but we see that Avalonia is weak and ready for the taking! Lord Raavage knows his plan to raise an undead army can only be accomplished by taking Abyssian. He tries to even his tone, but hints of his anger seep through. Lord Raavage: I care not for your excuses and “concerns”, you were given the task of taking all of Nocturnus, and we are not done until the black and white banner flies above Abyssian. General Zurn can no longer hide his frustration. He peers over at, Malicia, but she only smirks when Lord Raavage makes his pronouncement. He wonders why Raavage fears Abyssian. He begins to believe Raavage is fearful of an assault on Avalonia. The General begins to wonder if Raavage has any plans to attack Avalonia at all and speaks in a defiant, angered tone. General Zurn: M’Lord, you promised the Drow Avalonia. Raavage is annoyed with the charged, but this time he hides his emotions well. Lord Raavage: And you fear I will not keep my promises? What about your own promises? You agreed to take Nocturnus, and it is not complete until we have taken the Snake’s lair. I will hear no more of these insults. Prepare to press the assault on Abyssian! General Zurn and Count Basil glance at each briefly before each takes a bow and leaves the throne room. Lord Raavage is right, they did promise him Nocturnus, and it is clear the Lord of the Hand has his eyes set on Abyssian. The pair will have to find another way to move Raavage’s eyes to the West. ********** About the MOC ********** This MOC is intended to be a mini version of the Hand Throne Room from Challenge VI. It will be used to display Rellik Nam and Revolword in my LEGO room. It also happened to work well for the story that will unfold and lead up to the collab display that was done with Torgar. ********** Other Parts of the Story ********** Throne Room at Farnhorn Collab Prelude Part I The Spider's Chambers Collab Predlude Part II The Ruins Collab Display Part I Dragon Keep Collab Display Part II Zugal's Eyrie Collab Display Part III Fracture Collab Display
  18. The hand of the Black Spire has quickly spread across Nocturnus landscape, with more and more towers and fortresses seemly popping up overnight. One of the new defenses for the Black Spire is the Tower of Abaddon, a massive Orc guarded watchtower. No one knows what goes on inside the tower, or how far down into the earth it is nestled but they do know that the Orcs have been kidnapping and holding powerful and knowledgeable Mages from all over Historica. Only time will tell what their true plans are and what evil they are trying to awaken from slumber. Hope you enjoyed my Category B entry! My original plan was to have just the upper round part of the tower, and then it keep growing and growing. I'm pretty satisfied with the end result, especially since it took me completely out of my usual building tendencies and color schemes.
  19. Hello All, Here is my entry into the GoH Book II Challenge I B. Built in a couple hours, this was definitely a challenge to get finished in time. I am not completely satisfied with this build, as it was rushed, but I am glad that I still got an entry into my first GoH Challenge! Thank you ZCerberus for extending the deadline one more day, I appreciate it! Enjoy! GoH: Armathian Stronghold by mpoh98, on Flickr In order to establish dominion over the mountainous regions, the Black Spire has set up countless strongholds to defend key positions. The Armathian Stronghold is built for strength and power, and has known no defeat. Now occupied and enhanced by the Black Spire, this stronghold defends one of the only passes through the mountains. GoH: Armathian Stronghold by mpoh98, on Flickr GoH: Armathian Stronghold by mpoh98, on Flickr For the Black Spire! Soli Deo Gloria, ~Matthew~
  20. The swamps of Nocturnus have never been safe for travelers to explore and now they are even more dangerous with the war going on. The Black Spire will stop at nothing to win and have recruited only the most cunning and power forces to fight on their side, and no one is safe to step in the lands now. Here's my Category A entry, hope you like it! Working in this size was a great change of pace.
  21. Chapter 1: The Little Vagabond Tavern Chapter 2: The Discovery of Nalderic Chapter 3: A Warm Welcome Challenge 1 (A): A Bad Nocty! So Simon passed the ring of fire and now arrived at the castle of the Genius Malignus. First it looked like nobody was there... Abruptly, a genie stood in front of him. Humius: "Hello, I'm Humius. What's your name and where are you from?" Simon: "I'm Simon and I come from... Nocturnus." Humius: "Of course you're from Nocturnus, but where in Nocturnus?" Simon: "Eeeh... it's a small village near the ring of fire..." Humius: "Very nice to meet you! You should get know my friends. Voltarius and Cartesius come to me! Here's an Avalonian!" Voltarius: "Welcome Simon of Nalderic. Nice to meet you!" Cartesius: "Welcome to the Castle of Lies. I'm the leader of the Genius Malignus. You must be very stupid or very strong that you've come here alone. So, what do you want here?" Simon: "Why did you know that I'm from Avalonia? I mean, I'm dressed like a Nocty, I wear a nocty armor and I carry a nocty weapon. I thought it would be impossible that someone recognizes me. Voltarius: "We're the Genius Malignus, didn't you know? A birdbrained man, called René, once did thought experiment. He imagined, that there would be a ghost from which comes all knowledge that the humans have. The only aim of this ghost is, to fool the humans. That's why he called us "malignus". But then René did something even more stupid. From our possible living he concluded our inevitable existence. And so he created us and now we're damned to live in oil lamps, wear purple shirts and have long hair. To say it short: We're ghosts, we know anything." Simon: "Wow, that sounds pretty crazy. An Elf called Remigias sent me to you. I'm looking for the Herba Absynthii. They captured my friends and if I don't bring him this herb, he'll keep them as prisoneers forever. Can you help me to get it?" Cartesius: "You seem pretty confident and we like that. But you have to know that we don't like Remigias at all. So what will we do now?" Simon: "Just help me to get my friends back, please!" Humius: "You convinced me. Let's go." Voltarius and Cartesius: "Wait for us, we'll accompany you. This cabbage only grows on one place, which still is controlled by the old regime." Simon: "I already killed a bad Nocty on the way here, so I have no problems doing that again. I will fight against Lord Ssilyrrlith. Will you help me?" All 3 genies: "Yes." Simon: "Look there, is this white one a Herba Absynthii?" Cartesius: "Yes it is, but there are two guards we need to get rid of. Voltarius: "They aren't humans, so we can't spook them. And killing would ethically viewed be totally incorrect. So there must be another way." Simon: "What about distracting them?" Humius: "Yes, that's a good idea. Look now, this will be awesome." Cartesius: "That was clever, my friend. Giving them some food and we already have our Herba Absynthii. But Simon, I forbid you to bring it to Remigias. Do you know what power this cabbage has? With it, you can easily free your friends and take the lead over Nalderic..." Voltarius: "So you're free to leave. We have to stay here and keep fighting against Lord Ssilyrrlith. I wish you best of luck!" To be continued...
  22. Captain Settle

    Category B: Black Spire Fortress

    The hardest part of this build was definitely trying to make the ground seem barren, but still detailed enough. C&C welcome.
  23. Bad News After defeating the Cyclops chieftain and forcing the army to retreat, Xaris decided to build a small fort as a base in Nocturnus. He had his men get to work immediately; after a few months, though rather ramshackle, the fort finally took shape. Xaris stationed archers and guards on the battlements, and dispatched messengers to all the four corners of Nocturnus to receive intelligence on the Nocturnians' battle plans. Meanwhile, he has had the Cyclops chieftain's son, Kentr, and his human advisor, Ralph Benay, locked up in the small prison the fort owns and kept alive as an example of those who challenge the Black Spire. However, one of the messengers soon arrives with bad news. Very bad news. Xaris' brother Berelan Gryffen has travelled to Nocturnus to confront him; with him are Mitgardian Rangers and two tribes of orcs loyal to Nocturnus. This force is converging on the fort; Xaris is under siege. I know the base is rather small and it isn't really a proper fort, but I've never built one before...
  24. Trickery Xaris Flamesword has never played by the rules. A former Avalonian who framed his brother for a murder he himself had committed, Xaris abandoned Avalonia at Lord Ravaage's call. A mercenary at heart, Xaris has gathered a band of other bandits and sellswords, 'the Order of the Dragon' and a Drow noble and his entourage, Lord Ravenshelm of Myreglen, to assist him. While travelling to rendezvous with his paymaster at the Obsidian Spike, his band were attacked by a huge tribe of Cyclopes. Knowing they could never defeat the Cyclopes in open combat, Xaris challenged Chieftan Kareketr to a duel to the death. If he won, the Cyclopes would retreat. Never being one to win by fair methods, Xaris concealed a number of Drow warriors, including Lord Ravenshelm, an expert shot, in an abandoned former outpost just south of the duel area. As Kareketr engaged the leader of the Order of the Dragons in battle, Ravenshelm loaded his crossbow, aimed...and fired. Part B coming!
  25. Though I can't enter Challenge I, here's a category C type entry- though I would expect a much more complex story: Seeking to add the Orcish horde to their ranks, the Black Spire agree to assassinate Bernard, the Lion King. Bernard is notorious for his desire to be entertained, and so the Spire's allies, the Dragon Master plan a diversion... With King Bernard distracted, the Dragon Masters make their move... This MOC features a PF motor which makes the bear spin illistrated in this photo. And some details for your amusement. It's pretty obvious this would also qualify for "another" site's castle contest... we'll see if it shows up there as well.