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Found 46 results

  1. Fort Arltrees, El Oleonda, November 623 War was still raging on El Oleonda, somewhere in the East, but the inhabitants of Fort Arltrees weren't particularly concerned. The enemy army was reorganizing around Oryant and Luyang, and the only immediate threat to the Fort was represented by bands of Lotii stragglers and Carnite deserters: they still created some troubles for the most isolated farms... but, after all, that was the New World, and always keeping the musket at hand didn't seem something particularly unusual. Therefore, during the previous months, the settlement kept growing steadily: the arrival of the allied contingent required more warehouses for the supplies, more workshops to fix the carriages, more blacksmiths, more stables, and obviously houses and taverns for all the workers. The gold mine and the farms also contributed to attracting a third wave of colonists, ready to seek their fortune in this remote corner of the Empire. With the allied fleet securing the main trade routes, and the safety offered by the imposing fortifications, the wealth of El Oleonda started attracting enterprising men from all over the Empire, but also from abroad. In Fort Arltrees, merchants from foreign nations were encouraged to settle and start their businesses in a dedicated district, close to the commercial port. In the plans of the local authorities, the presence of foreign merchants in the settlement will further boost the economy of the settlement, encouraging more regular visits from the Madrician commercial fleets. On the other hand, Oleon doesn't want to repeat the mistakes made by Mardier with Terraversa: closing the port to the other nations would only encourage them to try establishing their own footholds in the New Haven Seas, with no control or advantage for the Empire of Light. Several nations established a commercial emporium in the settlement: these little buildings represented at the same time warehouses, offices of the commercial delegation, and informal embassies. To avoid crossing too much one another's path, each trading company specialized in a few specific wares: trading from and to the very corner of the map is already complicated enough, and nobody wants to start pointless concurrencies! In the Foreign Merchants' District, hundreds of doubloons change hands every day: a single ship loaded with spices, dyes, or sugar may be worth a real fortune back in the Madrician nations, while some relatively common goods produced in the motherland or in the Western Islands might be rare and expensive in the New Haven region. In the District, it is also possible to hire captains, ships, and crews of almost any nationality, to circumvent the current political complications: for a fair price, you could get a shipment of Lotii porcelains, or even get a passage to the Southern Kingdoms on a neutral ship; needless to say, this is also of great interest for the secret services, and the "Altonian salesman" who just embarked for the Lotus Empire could easily be an agent of Corrington or Oleon, an ambassador involved in secret talks, or even a Lotii spy! Sailing under a foreign flag can also allow a safer journey to Fort Arltrees for rich passengers, valuable objects... or both, as in the case of the famous painter who has just been hired by the Garvian delegation! A real army of porters works in the district and in the nearby port: hundreds of crates, barrels, and bags have to be moved every day from the ships to the warehouses, or vice versa. Not everything, however, is worth its weight in gold, as in the case of the shipment of fruit and vegetables just delivered to the Mardierian delegation. Even if Fort Arltrees looked very different from the small hamlet of wooden shacks of only a couple of years before, the settlement was still very different from the most civilized cities of the Western Islands. Despite the fancy buildings of the District, trappers and boucaniers are still a common sight in the settlement, and the inhabitants are not particularly picky about the possible meanings of "roasted venison"... differently from that Altonian officer, who would probably think twice before visiting a local tavern! Unfortunately, the development of Fort Arltrees also started to attract a few scoundrels and petty criminals... apparently an unavoidable price of progress and prosperity, in the New World exactly as in the Old one. This officer from East Terraversa should have been a little more watchful while telling tall tales about the Glorious Revolution of 616... Citizens of Southern descent represent a relevant minority, as some inhabitants of Jiangkai resettled in Fort Arltrees after the destruction of the settlement. Some Monomonto swordsmen, abandoned by their own comrades and simply left behind, asked to serve in the Grande Armèe of Oleon: most of them were enlisted in the King's Musketeers, a unit already well-known for the swashbuckling skills of its members... if with a rapier or a katana, apparently, makes little difference for the recruiting officers. ------------------------------ A list of foreign commercial missions: The Essener New World Trading Company The Ferrer Family Commercial Enterprise The Altonian Commercial Mission Miroslav Dobric's Trading Emporium Garvian League Guildhouse Terraversan Commonwealth Rum-Runners ----------------------------- OOC: This diorama includes several little details, including a full interior for most of the builds. Therefore, apart from text completion, expect it to remain “alive” For the next few days, as I figure out the best way to assemble/move/reorganize the different parts! In particular, I plan to add individual posts for each building in this thread, so stay tuned!
  2. The Ferrer Family Commercial Enterprise Part of the Foreign Merchants' Trading District of Fort Arltrees The largest building of the Foreign Merchants' District belonged to the Ferrers, a rich Mardierian family of bankers and traders. The palace was an elegant and classy building, for the Mardierian canons, even if a little too modest... for the Essians of the adjacent building, instead, it represented an awful baroque monstrosity! The Ferrers earned their impressive fortune a the very beginning of the Age of Exploration, when the ports of Terraversa were still closed and most of the Madrician Fleets were still locked behind the Line. At the time, the Ferrer Bank had the great intuition to finance the colonial adventures of the Mardierian Crown: soon, gold, silver, and spices started to flow back to King's Port and Londa, making the financiers rich beyond any measure. In a short time, the Ferrers were also able to launch their own private expeditions: in some periods, their galleons and conquistadores were almost as many as the ones of the king himself. Many years had passed, and now the quartered banner of the Ferrer only represented one of the many flags flown in the New World, and no longer the most feared. The Civil War, followed by the Terraversan Revolution and the Eslando-Mardierian War, represented devastating blows to the power of the Old Empire and its trading companies. Don Francisco Ferrer, one of the current representatives of the Company, had recently arrived at an agreement with the governor of Fort Arltrees: the Ferrers were authorized to establish a trading mission in the settlement; in return, they would act as middlemen in some trading businesses at the very border of legality... One of the most profitable -and possibly the most controversial- of these activities is trying to establish trading bonds with some Lotii merchants, in order to erode their support to the war against Oleon. Technically speaking, war was never declared between Oleon and the Lotii vassals, even if the latter had provided the Imperial Army with ships and numerous mercenaries. Therefore, again in principle, nothing forbade merchants from Banersbi or Bouton to moor in Fort Arltrees, trade with a Mardierian merchant, and leave unharmed... and nobody ever went too deep in investigating their precise nationality! For safety reasons, the Southerners were always escorted by Oleonese soldiers, were not allowed close to military installations, and could not spend the night in the settlement; apart from these minor aspects, everything had proceeded smoothly until that moment. The most well-paying trade of the Ferrers in Fort Arltrees is an unusual one, basically creating money out of thin air. Both in the Madrician states and in the Southern Kingdoms, gold and silver are valuable metals, and the former is worth more than the latter. How much more, however, is a different matter... A merchant of Oleon, Garvey, or Mardier, for instance, would be happy to pay a golden ingot with nine or ten silver ingots of the same weigth... ...while silver is much more priced in the Southern Kingdoms, and a Lotii merchant would gladly make the same exchange accepting five or six silver ingots. Therefore, by setting the exchange at an intermediate value, both sides would leave richer and happier, buy more metal in their home countries (gold for the Lotii, silver for the Marderians), and repeat the cycle indefinitely! As Fort Arltrees is probably the only place where this type of trade can currently happen, the pressure of the richest merchants on the Lotii commanders could defend the settlement better than a battery of howitzers... at least unless someone decides that raiding and plundering could be a more effective way to get cheap silver! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ On the upper floor, Don Francisco Ferrer was discussing some future plans with the governor of Fort Arltrees and the commander of his guards. Apparently, there are many ways in which the funds of the Ferrer Company could be put to good use in Fort Arltrees, far from the greedy tax collectors and the cumbersome bureaucracy of Mardier. From his side, Marcel Dubois knew that he had to be extremely careful in all his moves: politics might be far more dangerous than a battlefield, and a forged accusation of corruption or even treason could move him into a dark dungeon or in front of a firing squad really, really quickly. Additional picture in the spoiler: ------------------------------------------------------------ I hope you enjoy this second build! The backstory is somewhere between the established lore for Mardier, and something I completely invented (the Ferrer Family is something I introduced to build shady and slightly debatable stuff, without my main characters getting directly involved). I hope I didn't go too far in the business with the "definitely-not-Lotii" merchants, which is quite in line with how business and war were managed during the Age of Sails! The differences in the exchange rates between gold and silver in different places, historically, were a real thing: the Portuguese merchants of Macau and Nagasaki earned fortunes in this way, as China was a hungry importers of silver, and didn't use gold for its coins (therefore, the metal was less valuable).
  3. Extract from an enciphered report by Section 13's man in Mardier. ..."Lupine Bell" has been added. From our vessel of the same name. Understand the brokers strike it to mark a sale. - RE Pilots Association announcement: A few loyalists are angry about the Prio connection. Most pragmatists are strongly behind it. Syndicates eventually agreed to sponsor a winner's purse and send an observer along. - KPA is still considered the most reliable journal, despite difficulty getting hold of it in Mardieran ports. Eltina Courier is too irregular for most patrons. Curiously, one broker *does* read the WTCM. But then, he also enjoys cryptic crosswords and frequents Lady Domino's Palace of Punishment. - The following vessels have been insured for shipping out of Londa... For context:'s_Coffee_House This is a silly little joke, that I've wanted to make for a while. I even built the place in mainland Mardier, where it can't be of any use to me. And yet, I'm absurdly proud of myself. It genuinely looks legit.I hope you like it!
  4. Welcome to Londa, the capital of Mardier. The Townguard keeps order intact. A statue of Ardmond Basker, the greatest Mardierian Explorer of all time, who discovered Terraversa in 511 AE. Some more impressions: This one really does not need much story. I just felt that when we designed Jameis' guide we needed some more pictures of how the NPC nations look like. That's why I started MOCing for Mardier. And here you go. Thanks a lot to everyone in the NPC nation development group or your fantastic feedback during the construction phase.
  5. Adventure time, y'all! Not yet really sure how exactly to do this, but let's give the A-MCRA a try! Mission to Mardier Following his appointment as the Oleander ambassador to Mardier, Guiscard Emery de Beauregard - Duc de Corban, Secrétaire d’État de la Marine, Commandeur de l’Ordre Royal et Militaire de l’Étoile d’Ardros, Commandeur de l’Ordre Royal de Saint-Arltrees, Grand-Amiral d’Oleon - had no choice but to accept His Majesty's command to conduct a diplomatic mission to the High Court in Londa, Mardier. A new monarch on the throne - the ongoing civil war - the rather surprising defeat against the alliance of Eslandola and Garvey - there surely was enough to talk about. Welcome aboard the Royal Philip, Your Grace - or should I rather say Your Excellency - it's an honor to finally be given the opportunity of meeting you. I assume you've already had the chance to see Capitaine Brighi? Yes, Amiral d'Ancios, the captain was so kind to receive me and have me shown to your quarters. And thank you, it's an honor meeting you, too, monsieur. But referring to my appointment as ambassador will hardly be necessary. This hopefully is a one-time mission, I have better things to do with my time than waste it on banquets and negotiations. Apologies, monsieur. I understand. Also, I would have received you myself, but as this mission was scheduled on such short notice, we haven't had the chance to go through all the necessary preparation procedures quite yet. Especially with such a prominent member of His Majesty's cabinet aboard, matters of security demand more attention. I understand, monsieur l'amiral, I was told that's why the King's Guards are on board... But... what's the Red Cloak doing here? Personal request by His Most Eminence Highness, Chancelier Calida himself. He wouldn't let you leave Granoleon without a formation of his own Guards. For... if things went south, he expressed himself. Hmm... now isn't that too kind of His Highness. And my guess is the chancellor insisted, didn't he?! Yes, monsieur - he did. Hmm... you have any idea how many Red Cloaks there are on board this ship? I'm afraid not, monsieur, I... lost count - they all seem to look alike. Never mind, don't bother yourself, admiral, finish your preparations! Meanwhile I'll have someone show me to my quarters. As soon as you can, have the men set sail, I want to get this mission over with as quickly as possible. Let's go to Londa! My only concern is... the chancellor is rarely wrong. Btw, this scene actually shows parts of the Royal Philip's interior - just had to delete the grand cabin's roof and the starboard side for better lighting.
  6. Previous chapters: Captain Whiffo's Duel... Sailor Leon's Letter... "Well!" Captain Whiffo went on, "while that oaf was busy getting himself in trouble over in Elysabethtown, I was out a bit more... reasonably occupied..." -=- -=- -=- January, 617, at sea near Elysabethtown "Sail ho!" sang out the sailor in the crow's nest one early morning. Captain Whiffo leaned out over the railing of the White Doubloon and pulled out his telescope. Eslandola had now been at war with Mardier for a few months over some unwarrented predatory attacks on Eslandolan shipping, and the captain was out with his shiny new ship (well, new to him at least - it had belonged to a sea rat before that...) and a Letter of Marque, and he was very much up and ready for the fight. He brought the telescope into focus, and scanned the horizon. "Aha, we've caught sight of those villains at last! Prepare the cannons!" "Er, captain?" queried the first mate; "looks like the Mardierian battle fleet, don't it now?" Captain Whiffo continued gazing through his telescope. "Mmm, that's what I said, wasn't it?" "But sir," added the stuttering mate, "you do know we're just in a tiny Class 2, don't you? Looks to me like that there flagship's got to be a 6 at least, and a couple of 5s with it too." Captain Whiffo put down his telescope and looked over at the mate. "Why, my fellow, we'll just go for the flagship, then! There's nothing like loosing your flagship to a Class 2 to strike terror into a battle fleet! All sail, and set course to intercept them!" ... ... ... "Yarr, you piratical scoundrels! Theives! Villains! You'll pay for this, you will! A pretty lot you Mardierians are, to steal a ship like that! I'll be even with you yet!" Captain Whiffo ejaculated from the little raft he and his little crew had been tossed onto. As it turned out, he had never even made it to the flagship - the second largest ship of the fleet had cut him off before he had come within firing distance with it, and there really wasn't a whole lot the White Doubloon could do against a ship three times its size anyways, to tell the truth. Captain Whiffo's eyes narrowed as he glared at the Mardierian Admiral - the Admiral smirking back in mocking triumph all the while. Whiffo's first mate moaned out loud. The Captain glared. The Admiral glared back, neither moving a muscle as the ship slowly slid farther and farther away, leaving the raft astern. The skull and crossbones- -=- -=- -=- "Captain-" interrupted the first mate, who was listening to the Captain's tale with the others in the inn, with a sigh - "there were no skull and crossbones." "Well, there may as well as have been!" returned the Captain. "If the Mardierian shan't show their true piratical colours it only makes them more the villains for it!" "Well then, no skull and crossbones. But as I was saying, I glared at that scrupulous villain until my eyes nearly popped out o' my sockets, while we were slowly left farther and farther behind..." -=- -=- -=- A few minutes more, and the raft rolled along alone on the bosom of the great blue sea... To be continued... The next installment of that duel collab with Titus which has been in the works for way too long! This was an MRCA result build I always wanted to do (ever since last January ) but never got around to until now. A couple more pictures of the microships (some of the designs stolen pretty ruthlessly from some of KB's great designs!): And a shot of the whole other build, for the curious (no, the sky definitely was not photoshopped ): Kudos to anyone who can guess what famous event/picture the second build here was (roughly) inspired by! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  7. Hi mateys, just a micro build today El Palacio de la Ribera - The Riverside Palace in Londa, Mardier Located in the center of Mardier's capital on the northern bank of the river Minho, the Riverside Palace is perhaps the most dominating structure of Londa's skyline. Its origins can be traced back to the times of king Alphonse IV's reign, when Mardier's kings used to live in a large castle in the rural countryside. In an effort to increase royal authority over the capital, the crown expropriated a local noble, took possession of the land, and started the construction of a palace for the king to have proper accommodations when residing in Londa. Over time, the Riverside Palace grew in size and importance to the royal family, and since Alphonse X all Mardierian kings - with the exception of king Harln - have permanently lived within its walls. The palace has seen numerous extensions and has adapted various architectural styles during its existence. Fortunately, it has survived the devastating Mardierian civil war almost unscathed - even its vast collection of priceless paintings and pieces of art is said to miraculously be intact. One can only speculate how the royal family managed to overcome the ruining effects the war has had on the royal coffers... About: Well... as ever so often, this started out small - almost micro () - but then things sort of escalated. Now it contains 43.000+ parts, resulting in the single most parts-heavy LDD file I've ever had. As always, it should all be buildable in real bricks. But then, who would do such a mad thing... As inspiration I used the (destroyed) Ribeira Palace, and Praça do Comércio in Lisbon, Portugal. The palace will be licensed as a royal art & culture property by the Oleander Crown. Thanks for watching, C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  8. As a man of its word, Lord Maximilian Damaximus sent some workers to New Haven as well to help developping the new Haven for refugees. As the housing projects started to turn out very colourfull, the architect continued this style and designed a school and an inn for New Haven. The school, in the red, was very much needed to keep giving chances to the refugees and to teach them the laws of Corrington. After a hard day of study and much information, the citizens can take a break in the Blues Inn next door. --- Property can be licenced by Corrington as a small education and a small artisan. --- This was a fun build :)
  9. Challenge V: Princes of Garvey - Results! It is the end of an era – one which began with the discovery of a few islands and rapidly transformed many of the old regimes into colonizing powers. It has seen the birth of new rivalries and the rekindling of old, and the world of the Brick Seas has forever been changed… As the waves of the new seas grow more contested every day, the smaller nations look on greedily to get a piece of the pie. The valiant (or belligerent) Duke of Prio - depending on who you ask - has become a figurehead for a new movement, a movement of resistance. Now the King of Garvey, Leopaldis IV has begun to stir the pot. He has entered into the Mardier Civil War by declaring a state of war, snatching Mardierian ships, and signing a treaty with Eslandola against that unruly power. Openly taking the side of the Duke of Prio and Eslandola in that conflict, he has now begun to strike at Mardier’s settlements in the Far Islands. A declaration of war from the Mardierians was quick to follow. With Carno between the two nations on the mainland, however, this war, for the most part, will be fought in the far of Prio Seas. There is an old adage in Garvey, “He who rules the waves for his king, the same shall be made prince of the people” - and now the word has come to the far islands that Leopaldis will grant a new Prince title to the person, of whatever nation, who brings him the greatest victories in the Far Seas. Eslandola, too, has declared that it will grant special trading benefits to whoever will own its fight against Mardier, and a particular bonus to the one privateer who surpasses all the rest. But the Mardierians will not be deterred. King Alphonse XIII has finally taken the throne, and has the villainous rebels (more politely known as the “United Provinces’ forces”) on the run. It looks like without further intervention from the other countries, the Mardier Civil War may come to a quick close with Mardier on top. After that, only Terraversa lies between the King and absolute rule. Alphonse has declared that any privateer who defeats a Garvey or Eslandolan force in battle shall be given special trading rights with Mardier, and the greatest privateer of all at the end of the war will be named ambassador to his or her faction with special privileges. (Mardierian High Command - MOCed by our very own, illustrious, Bregir) (Prizes for Overall Individual Winners: Anyone who enters at least once for Eslandola and Garvey's side will get the prize of a 20% greater gain in the MRCA whenever visiting an ESL port for the next three months after the results of the challenge are posted or a 15% greater gain on any landbased properties placed in either Garvey or Eslandolan settlements built in the same time period (but the bonus would stay in place for those properties for all the foreseeable future), and the one overall winner for this side [determined by their average of entries from all categories] will receive the honorary title of Prince of Garvey, and will get a 40% greater gain when trading in any GAR or ESL ports during the next four months or a 30% bonus on all landbased properties in ESL or GAR settlements built during the same period (again, the bonuses would not go away afterwards - just any new builds would not be eligible for the bonus). Everyone who enters at least once for Mardier, on the other hand, will get a 25% greater gain whenever visiting MAR ports for the next three months after the results for the challenge are published or a 20% greater gain on any landbased properties placed in Mardierian settlements which are built in the same time period (but the bonus would likewise stay in place after that), and the overall winner for this side will receive the honorary title of Mardierian Ambassador, and a 50% trading bonus in MAR ports for four months/MRCAs or a 40% bonus on all landbased properties MAR settlements built during the same period (same bonus provisions as before). But we digress...) But what is at stake for the nations, you ask? The future of Mardier, Garvey, and Eslandola all hang in the balance! Will Mardier crush its opponents and regain its old position as the greatest empire of the world, or will Eslandola and Garvey be dictating its terms? Find out and tell us! (OOC: Another digression, I'm afraid! Overall Faction Winners: MAR, if the winning side, would win: The war... Isla de Many Names, an extra settlement on said island a royal fort license to be placed in any of its territories a monthly stipend of 300DBs to be paid by Eslandola as rent for the land on which Fuerte Unido is situated (the settlement, however, would continue to belong to ESL) ESL, if the winning side, would win: The war... Isla de Many Names, microbuild licenses (5 small, 3 medium, 2 large - free choice of category) to be placed in an extra settlement (if possible use one of the existing MAR locations) on the island, a royal fort license (to be placed anywhere on the island, three microbuilds required, showing different parts of the fort, or one large microbuild, license doesn't count against the fort limit of the corresponding settlement) In the case of no decisive win, one way or the other, the island would be peacefully (well, not really... but the war would be ended) split in half between MAR and ESL. first ranking faction among COR/OL/SR: microbuild licenses (5 small, 3 medium, 2 large - free choice of category) to be placed anywhere, which are the results of the efforts of those trying to escape the Mardierian war to settle in other nations' territory, a royal fort license (to be placed anywhere, three microbuilds required, showing different parts of the fort, or one large microbuild, license doesn't count against the fort limit of the corresponding settlement), 3000 FIPs second place: microbuild licenses (3 small, 2 medium, 1 large - free choice of category) to be placed anywhere, with the same reasoning as above, two large fort licenses (not upgradable, to be placed anywhere, one microbuild required per license, license don't count against the fort limit of the corresponding settlements), 2000 FIPs third place: microbuild licenses (2 small, 1 medium - free choice of category) to be placed anywhere, one large fort license (not upgradable, to be placed anywhere, microbuild required, license doesn't count against the fort limit of the corresponding settlement) 1000 FIPs End of prize info). This is the last challenge in Era I, The Discovery, and any member may build for either side – and it doesn’t necessarily have to be the side you think is best or right! There is not even any need to build for the same side in each category, and each member may build a maximum of one entry per side for each category – that is, you can have a total of 10 entries, max. Besides the usual category winners (one from each side [MAR or ESL + GAR], best build on the winning side being the winner and the best on the other the runner up of the category), there will be one overall winner for each team (the number of categories entered coming into play here), who will win the top individual prizes mentioned above. As per the usual, other factions will still compete against one another for the faction prizes as well (whichever side you build for, it will still help your own faction here - and note that, as there is already very much at stake for ESL, they won't be contending for this particular prize, see the faction prize info above), and the overall winning side (ESL and GAR or MAR and its allies) will end up being the winning side of the war. [Credit to the GoH leaders for many of the ideas above!] Category A: The Assassin's Creep Setting: The streets of Kings Port. Love and death are in the air. Panic has come over the island due to rumors that Alphonse has silenced the opposition back on the mainland. With their own leader in pseudo-rebellion, the Terraversans worry that Alphonse’s Death Guard will make their way to the island to reclaim it once and for all. Now is the time to make alliances and break previous partnerships. The best way to form an alliance is through marriage; the best way to break one is through bloodshed. Depict a romantic outing or a tragic end of life scene (or maybe both?) which affects the relationship between Terraversa and Mardier or some other nation. The MOC may be no larger than 16 x 16, and minifigure posing will be taken into account when judging. Due Date: February 28th, anywhere in the world Category Prize – 1st place - A battalion of Terraversan mercenaries, free of charge and upkeep - and 41149 Moana's Island Adventure Runner-up - A company of Terraversan troops, free of charge and upkeep - Results - Category B: ‘Till my dying breath… Setting: Skaford Heights. Mardier’s secret colony has been discovered by Eslandolan forces, and now there is a plan for a joint all-out assault! Builders need to pick a side and depict the Garvey and Eslandolan assault on the island. Your character does not have to be physically involved in the attack, but your sig fig has funded this expedition to defend or attack Skaford Heights (your sig-fig does not necessarily have to be involved with or funding the same side as the one you are building for). The MOC must depict a beach landing, a defense mounted by the Mardierians, and the death of a hero, and may be up to 48x48 studs. At least one picture must be a close up of the Hero’s death scene (artistic license for posing allowed, of course – see Death of General Wolfe for an example of artistic license.) Due Date: March 31st, anywhere in the world Category Prize – 1st place - 500 PIPs and a free medium fort (activated by a micro-build) to be placed anywhere - and 31063 Beachside Vacation Runner-up - 300 PIPs and a free small fortress (activated, likewise, by a micro-build) - Results - Category C: On Stranger Tentacles Setting: The Sea of Prio. Did you hear that Garvey has harnessed the power of the Kracken? Or perhaps you have heard about how King Alphonse rides on a giant Narwhal, destroying ships at his leisure? Terrible things lay in the depths of the Far Seas, and you will be depicting one of them. There are no size limits, but there must be a terrible sea creature, and it must be destroying a vessel or terrorizing a camp on shore from the side you are not supporting in the war. The monster must be natively aquatic (no jungle beasts, please). Due Date: March 31st, anywhere in the world Category Prize – 1st place - Cooperate with with the gamemasters in moving the Kraken in the upcoming quest! - and 70623 Destiny's Shadow Runner-up - Learn ahead of time the location of the Kraken (either to chase it or to run away!) for the first two MRCAs - Results - Category D: Yum Yum, Bumbel Tuna Setting: The far seas. The Mardierian fleet in the far seas has made their latest fortune in the fishing industry. Tuna has become the latest craze among the elite of the mainland. Mardier’s sailors have developed trade secrets and hidden away the best fishing spots to create a near monopoly on this most sought after fish, as the Eastern Bumbel Tuna Trading Company reaps massive profits! The Garvian privateers seek to hit Mardier where it hurts, their wallet. Builders depict either Garvian privateers intercepting a Mardier fishing vessel or show Mardier troops outwitting the Garvian privateers. This MOC may be up to 48x48 studs. The MOC must include TWO vessels, fish (brick built are fine!), and waves. Due Date: April 15th, anywhere in the world Category Prize – 1st place - A life-time supply of Bumbel Tuna!!! Reap a 300% profit next time you go on a Bounty Run (you'll have to let the automaters know after the KPA is published to triple the amount, or make sure they have already done so) - and 41150 Moana's Ocean Voyage Runner-up - Reap a 200% profit on your next bounty run - Results - Category E: The Treasure Trove Setting: The New World It is said that Mardier has been building up a massive fleet and army, which have been amassing at their ports to crush the rebels and Eslandola once and for all. There is only one wee little problem – Mardier is, essentially, broke. But rumor has it that somewhere in the newly discovered islands there is a fabled kingdom of gold, where the natives of the place have far more of the shiny metal than they know what to do with – and rumor has it, too, that the East Bumbel Tuna Company has found a map leading to this kingdom, and that they mean to use all means, fair and foul, to get this gold to support the Mardierian war endeavor and finish off the rebels once and for all! Such a sum of money could be the making or breaking of the struggling empire, but the news seems to have escaped and it is more than only the Mardierian who search for that lost treasure now! Show either one of your characters hearing about, discovering and/or carrying off this treasure, and dealing with the natives (and it doesn’t necessarily have to be for Eslandola! – as long as Mardier doesn’t get it, that is good enough for them!), or tell us how Mardier and the East Bumbel Tuna Company managed to thwart the treasure hunters and securely carry off this store of doubloons! But it is said that Mardier is not a nation with a track record of getting along very well with the native peoples… This is a story category, and you are allowed a maximum of three builds to portray this, the sizes being no greater than one 16x16, one 32x32, and one unlimited build respectively. There are no restrictions as to how you find the treasure or where this kingdom is located except that it is on one of the newly discovered islands of the Prio seas or the new Haven Seas region. Are the natives there friendly, or are they fiercely protective of their gold? Do pirates make off with the doubloons, do they fall into the hands of the rebels or Eslandolans, or is Mardier able to carry out their villainous masterplan? You decide! Due Date: May 15th, anywhere in the world Category Prize – 1st place - A new island (of the Prio seas, though your build could be in the new Haven seas) of your choice for your faction and 600 DBs - and 31065 Park Street Townhouse Runner-up - 500 DBs - Results - And now get to building those MOCs! The fate of the Brick Seas rests in your hands!
  10. Elise, The devestation. It's horrifying. The recent war absolutely destroyed families. The crew and I went to see what we can do to help. He pulled alongside one of our nation's vessels and worked with them to transport some of the refugees. Rene talked to some of the soldiers, getting information on just how extensive the damage was. We didn't see the worst of it. One of the families we helped lost their mother in the conflict. The father is now having to raise two girls by himself. We're doing what we can to help, donating money, resources. Some of the refugees are being set up in some of our settlements, where hopefully they can get back to living life, even if it is in a new place. When we returned to our ship, I think I heard Jean, you know Jean, our big burly master gunner, crying down below deck. It's been difficult for everyone. All my love, Emile
  11. From the Weelond Herald, May 617... As reported in the King’s Port Advertiser, elements of the Mardier “Grey” fleet, after being driven from their blockade of Elysabethtown by our Garvian allies, assaulted Weelond for two days earlier this month. As all residents of Weelond know, the Mardierian fleet was no match for our city’s fortifications, which gave back a barrage as good as they got. What our good readers may not know is the role our governor and leader of the MCTC, Willem Guilder, played in the defense. Gov. Guilder was at Fort Weelond when the Mardier fleet sailed into the bay, and he was quick to organize defensive measures and order returning fire. The defenses were holding well when, alas, a lucky shot from one of the Mardier ships struck near the governor’s position. Initially there were fears that the governor may be mortally wounded. But have no fear, readers. An excellent surgeon from neighboring Bardo was on hand, and he tended to the governor immediately. Word we have received directly from City Councilman Aaron van der Meede, Governor Guilder’s right-hand man, is that other than the loss of a leg, the governor will be fine. The editors of the Weelond Herald wish Gov. Guilder a speedy recovery and hope to see him up and about soon. ----------- Guilder directing the defense of the fort: The lucky shot hits: The governor gives final orders before being taken to surgery: Aaron van der Meede receives an update from the doctor:
  12. To all the citizens, nations, and peoples of the Brick Seas! The nation of Eslandola, being currently busily prosecuting its war with the preying nation of Mardier, brought on by said nation’s ruthless and unprovoked attacks upon Eslandolan shipping of all kinds without the slightest discrimination, does this day (October 12th, 616) offer a letter of marque to privateers of the honourable nations of Corrington and Oleon (and Eslandola, of course), as well as to any free-lancers of good reputation, granting the captains of ships holding said letter the right to attack and take any warships sailing the Mardierian flag, as well as any warships sailing under a Mardierian letter of marque – which ships shall be considered as right and lawful prizes of war in all courts. The High Council of Eslandola shall further reward any captain that may accept this letter of marque with full possession of any vessels taken by his ship, as well as a reward of 110 gold doubloons for any Mardierian warship (or any warship allied with said disgraced nation) sunk or captured, to be paid by the crown upon proof of the fact. Signed, The High Council of Eslandola - E. T. Wilkinson de Chauncourtois Guy K. Wyndzon In order to receive an Eslandolan letter of marque, please either sign up for it in this thread, or PM either Kai or me (or both preferably, if you have the ability) for one, which we will attempt to confirm before the deadline for the next MRCA (the 15th). Fire away!
  13. Category E results: Winning Side: 1st Place: Mardier (Score: 20,38) 2nd Place: Eslandola (Score: 20,11) Faction Winners: 1st Place: Oleon (Score: 17,70) 2nd Place: Corrington (Score: 17,05) 3rd Place: Sea Rats (Score: 14,85) Individual Winners: 1st Place: Ayrlego (MAR) (again!! ) - Prize, A new island (of the Prio seas) of your choice for your faction and 600 DBs - and 31065 Park Street Townhouse Runner-up: Faladrin & Captain Braunsfeld (ESL) - Prize, 500 DBs (/2 = 250DBs each) And lastly, the Cat. E write-up No write-up needed! The Overall results will be published very shortly, so stay tuned! (Well, maybe tomorrow morning - don't stay up all night in suspense, please! ) Once again, a very impressive showing, guys, thanks to you all, and congrats to the winners!
  14. Amazing part one by Sir Stig Part two: After the discoveries in Breshaun, Jan Zwartbaard went asap to Trador. Lord Maximilian Damaximus was easily convinced to sent at least an exploration party. Jan Zwartbaad could use the AQAR to sail to New Haven. The 50 gun vessel would be a safe head quarter for exploration. Once arrived at the beach, they set up a small camp ashore, manned by 40 soldiers. 50 soldiers stayed in the AQAR and 10 soldiers went exploring the jungle together with Jan Zwartbaard and a few Tenotclaxcan warriors. Zwartbaard hoped those natives would be helpfull when encountering new tribes. The jungle itself kept surprising Zwartbaard. So many wonderfull colours and animals. Luckily he was not a Corringtonlander or he would have been distracted all the time figuring out the newly discovered fauna and flora. Sometimes, he looked around him as he was sure they were being watched, but he could not see other humans. Part three: If the calculations were right, they would be in the middle of the island now. They would discover a lake soonish. And indeed, a few minutes later, they arrived at a complete new world. What they saw was not a flourishing village, but a destroyed and razed settlement. Upon arriving, he could not find a single living soul. Jan Zwartbaard ordered his soldiers to search for any clue they could find. It was at this point his Tenotclaxcan friends were helpfull as their well-trained ears heard some silent noise under one of the burnt houses. They quickly headed to what used to be the biggest building, discovering a small entrance to a hide-out. The natives they saw inside the hide-out were frightened and refused to come out. Jan Zwartbaard understood that they were too late. Mardier already arrived first and burned down the village in their struggle to find the treasure. Jan Zwartbaard ordered to give food to the survivors. Accepting his losses and not looking forward to report his defeat, he decided to stay a bit longer here and ordered his men to start building a campment in the village. 2 Soldiers went back to the shore to get 20 more soldiers and some supplies and materials. The more food they gave to the natives, the more they came out of their hide-outs and out of the jungle. Due to the actions of Jan Zwartbaard, the natives became friendly and with the help of the Tenotclaxcans, some sort of communication started. It was a surprise when the Tenotclaxcans understood the words of the natives and vice versa. It appears that the village they discovered is the capital of the Azclaxcans Tribes and they are relatives of the Tenotclaxcans. It were indeed orange wearing people who raided the village when they found out there was no huge amount of gold stored in the houses. They probably went to the next village, so the natives fear that their neighbours will have had the same destiny. After hearing what horrible deeds Mardier did, Jan Zwartbaard announced they had to go back to the known world to ask for back up and more resources. He appointed one of his sergeants in charge of 20 soldiers who would stay on the island to help rebuilding the other villages together with the Azclaxcans and some of the younger Tenotclaxcans who have no wife at home who would be angry because they would be really really late for dinner. Just when they said goodbye, the prince of the Azclaxcans, Prince AzTe Hek, asked permission to his father, King AzTe Nek, to accompany Jan Zwartbaard. The King not only gave permission, but also handed out a golden bracelet filled with precious diamonds to Jan Zwartbaard. That’s why Mardier burned the village down, they didn’t find anything as it was hidden as well! With the deepest bow he ever could do, Zwartbaard thanked the chief and started his journey back home together with prince AzTe Hek and a small MAESTRO party. Deep in thoughts, he figured how MAESTRO could secure the future of those natives. It would be a matter of time before other factions will visit the natives. He took a last glimp over his shoulder to see the Azclaxcan King waving goodbye. Some more overview pictures Thanks a lot for reading and commenting! Congratz to everyone who participated in this challenge and the other challenges! It was a wonderfull Book 1 and I am looking forward to Book 2! I have to thank the Eslandolan members for their activity through book 1. I am very happy I choosed Eslandola as faction as we were an united faction, even when divided in multiple trade companies. Go MAESTRO! Go Eslandola!
  15. Kolonialbeamter

    [OL - CH5D] Fish from Above

    Hi there, fellow BoBS'ers, I'd like to present my Challenge V - Category D entry: Fish from Above In their efforts to weaken the Eastern Bumbel Tuna Trading Company, the Garvian High Command had declared the waters around the Isla de Medio hunting grounds for their privateer fleet. As a result, especially the Tuna Strait quickly turned into a more and more dangerous place for the Marderian fishermen to go about their business. Fortunately for them though, the waters of the Tuna Strait were not only filled with fish, but also covered in thick layers of fog most of the time, thus still presenting a tempting area of operation for fishermen who were courageous enough to set sail. As it so happens, the crew of the Tuna Spirit was made up of especially brave men, and the thought of staying ashore in fear of Garvian privateers wouldn't cross their minds. And even when they became aware of an enemy raider closing in on their position, they didn't think of running away. Instead, they used their fishing gear, ropes, nets, and painted sail cloth to disguise their tiny boat as a menacing ship of the line. Sure, it wasn't a perfect disguise, but in the spirit of the best defense being a good offense they decided to engage. And so one of the most... unusual... naval engagements of the entire war took place. Unaware of any large ships in the era, the crew of the Garvian raider was caught by a complete shock when the fog revealed a mighty two-decker ship of the line right before their eyes. In utter fear they tried to break off and get away, but it was too late as the large predator was obviously in firing range. And then, it rained down fish on the already terrorized Garvians... shortly after, the privateers had all jumped ship, and thus this day the Tuna Spirit hauled in their greatest catch ever. About: Well, this was a lot of fun to build, although I had to do the final details using a laptop Anyway, as usual all can be build... the vessels are based on cb4's full hull technique, and a special thanks to all who gave me some WIP input Thanks for watching, C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  16. After their humiliating defeat trying to storm the beach, the remaining members of the Lechuga Squad hired themselves out to Garvy as privateers. They were scouring the seas looking for Bumble Tuna Company ships to sink or capture. Shortly before they found their next victim, a couple of fisherman were having great success. "Here comes another one!" said the first fisherman. "We are having a great day!" answered the second. "Maybe they'll finally let us join one of the big fishing boats instead of just sending us out in this dingy. Wait, what's that on the horizon?" "It's a Garvien warship! What are we going to do?" yelled the first. "Let's flip the boat and then pull it down under the water!" answered the second. "Are you sure that will work?" asked the first. "Yeah! I heard about two guys named Jack and Will who did it. We should have no problems!" said the second. "Uuuurrrr! I'm pulling and the boat is going under the water!" yelled the first. "Maybe we aren't pulling hard enough, keep trying!" said the second. "Look sir!" yelled a Lechuga scout. "Maybe it's part of the Bumble Tuna fleet?" "Do you think anyone's around?" asked a second scout. "Listen!" yelled a third, "I can hear their screams of agony as they drown!" "Those poor souls" said the captain. "Davy Jones is doing our work for us. Let's move along." "I think they're leaving" said the first fisherman. "Thank goodness!" answered the second. "That's the last time we try your idea!" yelled the first. "Hey!" replied the second, "at least we're still alive." "Yeah, but now we don't have any fish, or the fishing pole!" said the first. "Now we'll never get to be a part of the big ship's crew." "Maybe we should join the Sea Rats!" answered the second. "Now that's the first good idea you've had all day" replied the first.
  17. Hi there, fellow fortune seekers and adventurers, this is my entry for Challenge V - Category E. The Conquest of Paradise The Marquis de la Roya is an able man. Considered reckless by his foes and peers alike, he sees himself as a loyal servant to the new Marderian King Alphonse XIII. And as a loyal servant, he knew it was up to all Marderians to support the empire's war efforts against the invading Eslandian forces as best they could. But the Marquis is not only skilled in the arts of battlefield warfare - his true qualities lie in gathering and evaluating information. Cause that's what wars are won with primarily. And recently, he came across a very interesting bit of information. What only very few people in the Brick Seas know is that the mysterious voyages of the Oleander priest Father Tholeau lasted much longer than official records claim. And during these voyages to the far end of the world, Tholeau didn't only find the Fountain of Youth. In fact, he had also found something else in the vast jungles of the New Terra - something so important and potentially dangerous that it could shake the political status quo of all the known world like a furious earthquake. He had found the legendary city of Legorado - a city constructed of pure gold, constituting such astonishing wealth that whatever power managed to claim it would be considered rich beyond the wildest dream ever dreamed up by anybody. Terrorized by the implications of this very thought, Tholeau tried to kept his findings a secret. But the map he drew to find his way back home somehow winded up in an Oleander monastery where they were almost forgotten. And it was this bit of information that reached the Marquis de la Roya's ear... Part I - Atrocities The Marquis and his henchman - who only went by the name of el Zamuro - didn't loose any time. In total secrecy and given order by King Alphonse XIII himself to 'do whatever is necessary', they took command of a company of the King's Palace Guard, and boarded a ship - direction East. Their first destination was the Oleander monastery rumored to hold the secret map. When they arrived, the head priest requested to know what this unexpected visit was all about. This was his last request on this earth - 'whatever is necessary' in Marderian is best translated with 'shot first - don't even bother asking questions later!' The map was found shortly after in the catacombs underneath the chapel. The path was set. Part II - Pathfinding After an uneventful journey to the far side of New Terra, the Marquis and his company set up camp at the beaches of this yet unsettled island which revealed itself in front of their eyes. After a night's rest and some planning and scouting, the expedition party moved out and made their way through the jungle. The green hell was merciless - humidity and heat took their toll, as well as all sorts of venomous crawling things - man after man collapsed in these harsh conditions under the weight of their heavy equipment. After marching for several days without finding anything, concerns were spreading - some in the King's Guard whispered the Marquis would be their downfall. But luckily enough for de la Roya, soon after the expedition came across a promising beacon - an altar in the middle of the jungle. And the best thing was that gold seemed to be abundant! Part III - The Great Golden Pyramid of Legorado Incited by their discovery of the gold filled altar, de la Roya and his men picked up the pace and marched on. Driven by an insatiable thirst for the shiny metal they hasted through the jungle - nothing could stand in their way. All the long journey's destitution was forgotten, suffering became meaningless, and especially de la Roya's eyes were filled with an almost inhuman desire. And then they saw it. A bright reflection of pure golden sunlight in the middle of a vast clearing. Like bugs they were drawn towards it, still incapable of believing their eyes in the face of such radiating beauty. As the expedition closed in on the bright light, a priest flanked by two warriors approached them, seemingly friendly and curious as to the origin of the strange looking men. But instead of trying to enter into a conversation and trying to explore an obviously fascinating culture, de la Roya and his company only had eyes for the gold... 'Whatever is necessary' - the Marderian way... After the heinous murder of the sun priest and his warriors, de la Roya and his men climbed the pyramid. When they reached the top they first were shocked that the temple didn't contain any treasure. But when el Zamuro smashed his sword into the walls of the temple out of pure frustration, he realized... the entire temple structure was constructed of massive gold! What happened next is better not described - it sure was a great day for de la Roya and Mardier, but a horrible day for mankind as a whole. 'Whatever is necessary' About: Well, where to start... the jungle build was pretty straight forward, nothing really special about it. The chapel was a bit more tricky, the rug took some time to get right, but the hardest thing here was to stack the two coins on the small altar - something that 'in the brick' would take no time at all Now, the pyramid, yes in theory it could be built, but I sure don't know if the required bricks exist in such numbers - on Bricklink certainly not. Among other parts the pyramid consists of: 9792 chrome gold 1x2 tiles, 8675 pearl gold 1x1 plates, 718 pearl gold 1x2 jumper plates, 557 pearl gold 1x2 tiles, 658 pearl gold 2x2 tiles, 955 pearl gold 2x2 jumper plates, 5495 pearl gold 1x4 tiles, 2125 pearl gold 2x2x2 slopes What about suggesting this as a Lego Ideas set? Thanks for watching, C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  18. This collab is realized by Captain Genaro, Blackdeathgr and me. Here is the part of collab built by Captain Genaro: Amazing, the Mardierian officer thought. Had the native guide not pointed it out, he would completely missed the half overgrown stone, but now that he saw it, his imagination ran wild. The stone, more of a boulder really, was nearly the size of a man and despite cracks and weathering, had clearly been cut out by skilled stone masons. The overgrowth and weathering alone suggested that it predated any colonial settlements, but from what he had seen, the current natives lacked the means to quarry this block, much less move it any distance. CH V Entry by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr The native guide attempted to explain something about the stone with hand gestures, falling from the sky? No, that doesn't make sense, the officer thought. Or is he trying to tell us to rest? But before the Mardierian officer could interpret the gestures, he heard shouting followed by a thud, splash, and screams of terror. Immediately, he turned his head towards the commotion and saw the head and upper torso of one of the adventurers bobbing amid the torrent. Another man lay at the officer's feet, struggling to get up, and with a massive chest sitting precariously close to being washed away by the stream. On the opposite bank, men shouted at the poor soul to swim, keep his head up, grab onto something, head for the bank, just do something until we can help you, but all their shouting was in vain. The officer, though he had seen his share of violence and death, simply stood there stunned by the result. To think the adventure had gone so well up to this point, not a single man lost and an alliance with the natives. But alas, in his haste to reach his goal and avoid the Garvian frigate, he had decided to take the most direct route regardless of the risks. Sure, the stream was narrow, but it moved too fast and was mostly too deep to be forded. A bridge wouldn't take more than a few hours to construct, but the Oleanders couldn't be kept waiting. Any delay on his part and the ship-of-the-line captain might decide to abandon their deal and return to his patrols. And now, as a result of his haste, as a result of his greed for gold, a man had died. CH V Entry by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr While the officer stood there stunned, the rest of the men recovered. The shouting soon stopped, the roar of rushing water drowning out the prayers mumbled by the men as they quietly blessed their selves before fortifying their selves to continue on their journey to the coast. CH V Entry by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr "Shall we continue, sir," the soldier on the near bank asked. "Sir?" he repeated as the officer remained in his stunned state. "Oh, yes, yes, very good. As you were," the officer muttered seemingly to no one in particular. The soldier eyed the officer who seemed unaware of anything that was happening around him, and then began shouting orders for the men to continue and to watch their damn step lest they want to become the next sacrifice to the river nymph. CH V Entry by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Here is my part of collab (recognizable by the bad photo quality): On a bright and sunny day, a Garvian frigate cruises in the vicinity of Tema Hiva (rumours say a city of gold was discovered on this island). The ship, the Ugly Duckling, The Lion of Garvey, is a newly commissioned 6th rater (or class 5 in the universe of BoBS), pride of her captain. On this cruise, the captain must fulfill one mission, intercept the Mardierian vessel carrying the gold discovered on the soil of natives. The captain of the Lion of Garvey was very confident of the success of his mission, knowing Mardierians have lost most of their ships in the battle of five fleets. But it seems he has neglected one detail, the Blues are not in war against Mardier and their fleet is intact. So, on this shinny day, the watch of Lion of Garvey was surprised by a big bowsprit pointing at their six. - Captain, ship on our six! - Can you identify her? - Nay, sir, but she's a two-decker! - It must be Margot, our Eslandolan friends are trustworthy lads. - Sir! She is arboring a Fleur de lys on the bow castle! - What??!!! Impossible!!!! - What should we do captain? She's gaining rapidly on us! The garvian seamen aren't mistaken, she's indeed an Oleander ship of the line, built in urgence by the Royal Shipyard and arrived in time to the rendez-vous point. The Mardierian exploration team, although lost one of their men in the haste, finally managed to plow a path through the jungle and loaded the gold aboard. There, the gold is placed under the custody of a Mardierian colonel, who will make sure that the gold reaches safely its destination. The Oleanders are well aware of the importance of the cargo, therefore, they've despatched a SOTL carrying 60 guns. This is her maiden voyage and some Oleander dignitaries and ship experts are onboard to evaluate her sailing ability and supervise the loading and unloading of the gold. - Captain! They are opening the gunports, what is your order, sir! - Hum, humhum, heu, rehum... - Sir! - Lay down your weapons, lads! We can't fight a sotl at this distance. - Farewell Garvies! The Mardierian officer on the stern waves at them and says in smiling. Extra pictures of the ships: Thank you for viewing!
  19. Breaking News from the Isla de la Many Names!!! ...May, 617... In an epic series of attacks and through the courage - or recklessness - of its soldiers and generals, the Eslandolans have taken down Mardier's Royal Fortress on the island, and now the green and gold fly triumphantly from its peak! No news has come in from the second fort, but it is certified that the third has as of yet repulsed the green onslaught, and the battle on the island is not over yet! Eslandola has suffered some severe losses in the assaults, many of the leading members of the house of Brickwall going down with as many heroic bangs. Is this the end for Mardier on the island? Or is it only a temporary setback from which they will soon recover? Will the quest for the fabled city of gold yet turn the tide for the nation of yellow? One thing is sure - the Eslandolans' morale is high! Category B results: Winning Side: 1st Place: Eslandola 2nd Place: Mardier Faction Winners: 1st Place: Oleon 2nd Place: Sea Rats 3rd Place: Corrington Individual Winners: 1st Place: Garmadon (ESL) - Prize, 31063 Beachside Vacation Highest scoring non-leadership member (ESL) - Faladrin - Prize, 500 PIPs and a free medium fort (activated by a micro-build) to be placed anywhere Runner-up: Kolonialbeamter (MAR) - Prize, 300 PIPs and a free small fortress (activated, likewise, by a micro-build) Highest scoring non-leadership member (MAR) - Ayrlego - Prize, 300 PIPs and a free small fort (activated by a micro-build) to be placed anywhere Congrats to the winners and thanks to all who entered! Category C results should be getting published soon, and let's have a good show out for Category E, folks! Keep it up!
  20. The professionals of Corrington's armed forces are closely watching the first old world conflict to be fought in the new world. On Celestia, newly appointed Governor, Major Dirk Allcock, is prepared to do his part to ensure Corrington benefits from the lessons learned by both sides in the conflict. While other Corlander officers will be tasked with gathering the Eslandolan point of view, Dirk is uniquely placed to gain lessons from Mardier. He has recently learned of the arrival in theatre of Mardierian officer with whom he studied with at the University of Bellson, one Captain Giovanni Lorenzini. Lorenzini, on completion of his studies in Corrington returned to Mardier, where he joined the Royalist Forces in the civil war. Now he has arrived on the Isle de Medio to reinforce the garrison against the Eslandolan and Garvian invaders. Wasting no time, Dirk has immediately written to his old friend, asking that he may send a man to observe the conflict from the Mardierian side. The observer he has chosen to send is a former Royal Army officer, Captain Adam Todd. Captain Todd resigned his commission to pursue a trading career in Arlinsport, but so far has not been lucky. Dirk has offered him a generous commission to go to the Isle de Medio with gifts for Captain Lorenzini, and a letter requesting observer status. Captain Todd, although not military anymore, is under strict orders to observe only, and not interfere. Major Allcock has also made very clear he is not being sent in any official capacity, rather he is being dispatched on a private expedition. On arriving, Captain Todd discovers that Captain Lorenzini has been dispatched to one of the Royal Fortresses on the Island that has come under siege by the combined Eslandolan and Garvian forces. A dedicated man, he has managed to smuggle himself inside the fortress, where he is given a warm welcome by Lorenzini, who happy allows him to attach to his company of infantry. After a few days inside the fort, the besiegers start bombarding the fort with mortars. These artillery pieces are able to lob rounds over the walls deep inside the fortress. Using incendiary and explosive shot, they are a present a nuisance to Mardierian high command, who are unable to target them with counter-battery fire due to the clever positioning of the battery behind sand dunes on a spit of land in the nearby bay. Captain Lorenzini shares his knowledge of the battery with Captain Todd. The Mardierians believe the mortar fire is unusually accurate due to the fact it is operated by a Garvian contingent. Most of the besieging army is made up of Eslandolan mercenaries, whose quality and professionalism is mixed, but generally quite poor. The Garvians, on the other hand, are professional artillerymen from the regular army. To take advantage of the terrain, the battery itself is quite exposed, and relies on a half regiment of Eslandolan mercenaries for protection. Lorenzini explains however, that Mardierian fisherman have reported that incredibly, the majority of the guard force sails back to the comforts of the main camp every night, leaving only the Garvian artillery men and a small group of Eslandolan regulars. Furthermore, the mercenaries have been observed returning later every day. Captain Todd, finding himself drawn to the Mardierian officer, and even sympathising with their cause, helps plan a daring amphibious raid on the battery, with the goal of spiking the guns to prevent their further use. Mardierian high command will only risk one half company of troops, to be led by Captain Lorenzini. Despite his orders to the contrary, Captain Todd insists on accompanying the raid. The fishermen's information proved correct, in the early dawn, the Mardierians successfully surprise the battery as it begins to prepare for the day’s bombardment. The Eslandolan guard force is reduced to a mere handful of regulars and a single officer. Charging up the beach, the yellow coats achieve complete surprise. The Garvian battery is led by a Major of artillery, Major Jan Nieuwenaar. A good, well trained officer, it was his plan to position the battery in such a cunning position, and his calculations that allow the the battery to so accurately target the fort. He attempts to rally his men, but is mortally struck very early in the battle by a musket ball to the chest. As he falls, he is caught in the arms of his sergeant. The Mardierians overwhelm the battery. The guns are spiked and the prisoners rounded up into boats and transported back to the fort before the main Eslandolan guard force returns. Although Mardierian command seems confident. Captain Todd is not so sure. Although the quality and morale of the Mardierians seems far better, he is reminded of a quote from the famous scholar of antiquity, Marcus Tullius Bricero, “The sinews of war are infinite money”. The Greenbacks are certainly not short of gold, and seem unusually focused on spending it in this war. The Mardierians, on the other hand, are still in the grips of a civil war, with limited resources to devote to what essentially for them is a side show. He will report as much to Dirk, along with his tactical observations. No need to bother the Major with full details of his participation in the planning and execution of the raid though….. Details Wow, alot of conditions for this one, so let's check them off, This entry is Pro-Mardierian Character funded the assault/defence - Yes! Beaching landing - Yes! (although in reverse) Mardierian defence - Yes! (even though they are conducting the landing, technically they are defending the fort Death of a hero and close up shot - Yep. Eslandolan torsos from @Captain Braunsfeld Enjoy and C&C welcome!
  21. The still waters were broken by the sharp bow of a ship, and row upon row of its bristling cannons flew past. Captain Rijsk glanced down with a smile. He liked his job immensely. And he loved his flagship. Captain Rijisk worked for the Bumbel Tuna Trading Company - or pretended he did - and was the most successful fisherman in the business. Or maybe, more like the most successful Admiral in the business... Well, as I was saying, it was a fine, bright morning as the HMS Scrumble ploughed loftily through the waters, and the crew pulled out their fishing poles and prepared for another day. The fact was, though, that Captain Rijsk didn't work for the Bumbel Tuna Trading Company, and his ship wasn't out for fish. In fact, he didn't even know if such a company existed, and no one really like Bumbel Tuna anyways. But this mission, he had totally agreed with the Mardierian Secretary of War, was a stroke of genius. It was a brilliant way to get up close to the Eslandolan settlements without attracting much attention - then, when it was the least expected, his fleet of fishermen would turn the tide of the war, for good. Suddenly the lookout cried aloud, "Sail to starboard! Can't make out it's flag, though!" "Purple and white?!" exclaimed one of the make-believe fishermen. "What kind of nation would pick purple and white for their flag?" "I'm fairly sure that's Pontilla," remarked another, staring over at the tiny the ship dancing across on the waves. "No - it's Carno for sure," countered another. But in all the commotion over the tiny boat, the unfortunate crew failed to notice the more important details of the case... For, you see, some little time ago the Garveyans had developed an ingenious contraption - or rather, they had bought it from Captain Whiffo who had come up with it, and trained a whole brigade of their soldiers until they were quite expert in its use. It was know as the Eslandolan Wooden Diving Contraption: It really was spectacular. The tendency of the wood to float kept it barely underwater with the weight of a soldier attached, but the tube extending to the top let in plenty of air, while the glass window let the attackers see exactly what was going on. But to return. One second, all was peace and quite, and everyone was taken up with the tiny boat floating past. The next, all was confusion. Up out of the water they came, dripping as bad as the tuna the ship was supposedly after. Up the fishing lines and up the stern, Up the portholes and over the side, long before anyone had time or the presence of mind to fire a single one of the cannon. But the Mardierians hadn't went make-believe fishermen for nothing. They instantly grabbed up the weapons that were never far away, and did their best to stop the attackers. But all their efforts were futile, and not even the lookout escaped... Off went the victorious Garveyans with the "fishing smack," Leaving the Mardierians behind, as they commented, With a ship of much more decent size! But Captain Rijsk was not one to give up easily, not he! "It's not the end of the day yet!" he exclaimed. "Oh dear!" returned one of the crew with a gasp. "Now you've really jinxed us!" Interior: Not much of an interior to this one, just the cabin in the stern had enough space to really do much! And a few pics of the ship by itself: The Stern: Closeup: And one final shot: And I'll leave you (yes, a great deal of pics, I know!), with a shot of the attacking Garveyans. Phew! Definitely my quickest ship to date - and yes, it definitely got kind of out of hand! It was totally supposed to be about a 2A fishing smack, but something happened somewhere... Loosely based off the HMS Interceptor, but somehow my quarterdeck ended up a fair deal higher, which forced me to change up the sail plan a tad as well. I was originally hoping to build a whole underwater section with the Garveyans cutting through the ship's hull, but time was against me, so this is it for now! Enjoy! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  22. Previously: Recruiting at Marco's This Is Not the Wealthy Housing of Rassilon Falling Out with Foxx Cantu's Fort in Rassilon Freddy's Trained Chickens The Viper Jail Break! Cantu's House Even a Pirate Has a Sweet Tooth La Oleon Captain's Cabin Tropical Fruit Decision Lumber Camp Freddy's Big Haul The Golden Dragon The Capture of "El Polla" Swamp Raid Pirate Lagoon Palm Tree Inn Statues of Justice Secrets in the Hold Pirate Dojo Sinbad's Choice The Piranha's Plunder The Darting Frog Water Torture Choose! The Jade Piranha Strikes Again! The Parched Pirate Pirate Pet Shop Warped Wood The Captain's Dinner Death Before Dinner Kraken Attacken! FYI: this entry is pro-Mardier. Captain Ralph was a noted soldier in Eslandola's army. He had proved himself time and time again in their skirmishes against Mardier. So it was an easy choice when Eslandola's higher ups needed someone to lead the Lechuga squadron against Mardier's defenses. Leading the forces defending the Mardier line, Sinbad had once again been outfitted with new credentials that placed him at the head of a squad of Corrington soldiers who had opted to fight on behalf of Mardier. Captain Ralph had arranged to have multiple boats land at the same time allowing them to storm the palisade from different directions. He hoped that this would cause confusion for the soldiers on the wall, allowing his Lechuga squad to take out the Corries and bring down this section of wall. However, Sinbad's troops had the high ground and with such an open beach, it was easy for them to get the shots off they needed to slaughter the Eslandolian troops. Brave to the last, Captain Ralph was the first to be cut down. His troops mourned his loss and bravely fought on in his honor, but with no results except their own deaths. OoC: Special thanks to @Stash2Sixx for donating the amazing custom ESL troops and guns to be musket fodder for my MOC!
  23. Greetings, fellow BoBS'ers, I'd like to present my entry for Challenge V - Category B. Keeping the Keep El Peñón is a strategic Marderian stronghold overlooking the Bay of Good Hope. Although not a large fortress, El Peñón is nonetheless a vital part of Mardier's defenses around the town of Terra Fin Tin. Carved deep into the rocky cliffs, El Peñón is virtually impenetrable - a fact that's also known to the Eslandolian High Command - and giving them major headaches. The joint Eslandolian and Garvian assault plan provides for the surprise capture of Terra Fin Tin in order to open up a second front north of the fortress city of La Puebloto. And in order to achieve that, El Peñón had to be sacked quickly before any Marderian reinforcements would render capturing the fort impossible, ultimately putting the whole second front plan in jeopardy should Mardier's forces around Terra Fin Tin be alarmed before the actual assault was to begin. To solve this problem, one of the Eslandian elite units, the Black Bats - a veteran battalion experienced in spearhead missions, and infamous for their recklessness - was tasked with the surprise attack on El Peñón. Initially, the mission progressed as planned - the approach was not spotted by neither Marderian patrol vessels nor lookout posts along the coastline. And another pleasant surprise: when the boats landed, it became clear that the fort was undermanned. Now nothing stood in the way of a quick success. Or at least so it seemed... What they hadn't expected was the courage and relentlessness of the fort's commander. Before the perimeter guard was overrun, coronel Lorenzo Alderete stepped outside the gate in a desperate attempt to buy time, telling his men to barricade the entrance behind him. He then proceeded to furiously charge the attackers. The coronel managed to repel man after man, giving the garrison valuable time to regroup and send for reinforcements. The artillery lookout then spotted the approaching Eslandian fleet and the fort's batteries started engaging - thus completely ruining the attackers' element of surprise. Shortly before coronel Alderete was mortally wounded, he yelled out his final order to the garrison - to drop a load of explosives onto himself and the attackers. El Peñón was not to be captured! For Mardier! Some additional pics: About: Well, this started out with the simple need to come up with something for this category at all... and unfortunately, a massive builder's block. Eventually, the block loosened, and thanks to the support of @Bodi and @Captain Genaro, I even managed to put in some action. What else... well, as usual all parts except the uniforms exist... gravity is 'off'... can't think of anything else now Thanks for watching, C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  24. As the Secretary of the Eslandolan Navy I have quite some control over our navy - and every now and then I also need to invest a bit into it. We're sending out our flagship, under the command of Admiral Brickwall Adurnos, out against the Marderian Scum blocking our island. Their basic defenses stand no chance against the firepower of a ship of the line! Off course we can also transport lots of troops to land them there. Sadly, the landing didn't go quite as planned... View from on top: And the end of our dear Admiral Brickwall Adurnos: (quick note: I'm quite short on time this month, so excuse the little time spent on taking pictures. If interest is there I can retake them in about a week) (Also, if anyone is interested in a picture of all the guys here - click here) (Lastly, this is well within the size limit at 16x96 = 1536 with 48x48 = 2304)
  25. It are busy times for Lord Maximilian Damaximus. Given the rank of Commodore, he was in charge of hunting down the blockaders with a fleet of 16 (!) vessels in order to clean the area around Isla de la Medio. On his way to Trador, he stopped at the most Southern part of Isla de la Medio so the troops he transported could disembark. They knew there was a wooden pallisade along the coast and that resistance would be fierce. And as the cannons on the mainland had a longer reach than those on the vessels, the fleet could not simply provide the necessary firepower. Luckily the rowboats were provided of some mini-cannons. Corporal Brickwall Princeton was very eager to revenge the death of his good friend Brickwall Jackson. He just finished his heroic speech when a bullet hit his arm. Unlucky for our hero, there are crocodiles in the water. Corporal Brickwall Princeton didn't die directly from a Mardierian bullet, but his death wasn't less idiotic (and a bit more painfull). Anyway, I am sure another Brickwall will raise up soon for another revenge! Meanwhile General Samu Whitedragon rallied the forces. Some Eslandolan soldiers were very eager... Meanwhile the atmosphere in the Mardierian camp was not so optimal. After his failed mission protecting the Mardierian princess, the Royal Mardier Guard is now captain of a platoon on a remote beach. He still is wearing his costume though... A lot of piew piew piew and kaboom later, the Eslandolan forces secured the area. Go Eslandola!!! -- Thanks for watching, C&C always welcome! The vessel will have a next live as Class 1A Coastal Patroll Vessel in the future.