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  1. maxxev

    [LEGO Ideas] Medieval Inn

    Hi, yes, I pretty much agree that it is likely that if it reached review it would get dumped unless as Anachir suggests above the new stunt ramp could in some way be utilised, though I think it unlikely as it has a very different design and no technic pins which would make it very difficult to construct. When I first started to design this I hadn't really considered things like the age of the parts it was only when I came to think about and then actually purchase parts for it that I realised how rare and old those ramps were, I still love it though, but am trying with the new projects to keep it to stuff that's still in use like using the Ghost busters Ecto one windscreen for the room on the Apothcary's cottage :). Current project i'm struggling to think of what to use as the roof without basically copying the blacksmith :(.
  2. maxxev

    [MOC] The Ravnsborg Castle Heist

    This is fantastic, love it!
  3. maxxev

    [LEGO Ideas] Medieval Inn

    Not very good at checking messages!! Yes I agree the roof slopes would be a problem getting this made commercially via Ideas, likely the roof would need to be redesigned, but it's Lego IDEAS and the blacksmith doesn't look anything like how it was submitted to lego ideas so I guess Lego are fine with making changes if they like the idea of the set... Either way I enjoyed making it and building it (my wallet not so much!). I have now had a go at redesigning the front as I Wasn't happy with it and this is where the inn stands now. Tavern_finished_COMPLETE v2_2 by maxxev, on Flickr The next project i'm working on will have yellow plater sections :), .wont be building that one in person though, not got the space or the money for another one on the shelf!
  4. Yes, they art REALLY good, only comment is that the leg armour just means the torsos aren't very secure, perfectly fine for displaying though. As always you might find some of the arms don't fit as snuggly as your like but they are really quite decent! Lots of different torso print designs too which is a nice touch.
  5. Just FYI AliExpress now have some very nice Rohans. Love all these though :)
  6. Putting up my second project if anyone who likes it would please support and leave a comment for me, thank you. http://HERBALIST COTTAGE_5 by maxxev http://HERBALIST COTTAGE_6 by maxxev http://HERBALIST COTTAGE_12 by maxxev
  7. maxxev

    [LEGO Ideas] Medieval Inn

    Side stairs & rail completed as much as I can (run out of tiles) 20210424_170722 by maxxev, on Flickr
  8. Really nice set with tonnes of character, great job though I have to say I again do find the images particularly busy and the hard shadows make it rather difficult to see things clearly... sorry!
  9. maxxev

    [MOC] Leland's farmstead

    Wonderful stuff!
  10. maxxev

    [MOC] Visiting the Wizard hut

    Love it, that roof is great :)
  11. maxxev

    The Muddy Wiskah Bog

    Really great, I love the rocks and that bridge is amazing.
  12. maxxev

    [MOC] Farrador Castle

    Wonderful stuff, great job!
  13. maxxev

    [LEGO Ideas] Wolfpack Castle

    Looks great and I supported it straight away but please get part designer and sort out the orientation of that banner ! :)
  14. maxxev

    [LEGO Ideas] Medieval Inn

    Build progress update, lots of bricks missing yet. 20210404_083817 by maxxev, on Flickr
  15. maxxev

    [LEGO Ideas] Medieval Carpenter

    It's a really old piece from fabuland if I recall.