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Found 10 results

  1. mrcp6d

    Death in the Rafters

    As a journeyman Dragonslayer walks through the halls of Drakken Keep, another hunter stalks her prey... I submitted this as a CCC entry this year, and used my Safe Haven assassin and a Dragonslayer "armor off" concept that didn't make the cut. It;s good to actually build something! Are we still doing Doctorate of Historica? If so, I request UoP credit for Windows & Window Frames if there are any Kaliphlinites still on the forum. C&C Appreciated!
  2. It was the talk of the town the last couple of weeks. Princess Sofiana, a niece of King Alphonso of Mardier, was about to marry with Captain Emilson. Captain Emilson was a son of a wealthy family in Mardier and owner of a private fleet. By giving the hand of Lady Sofiana, King Alphonso hoped to led Captain Emilson join his war against Eslandola. As a wedding gift, the Emilson Family received no less than 1000 doubloons from Mardier! The wedding itself was a big succes. All noblemen from KP were invited, even the rebels. After a long day, the newly wed couple went to their suit in the Royal Horse Inn in KP. It was a very quiet night. A few strangers walking on the street, minding their own business or trying to arrive at home on time in order to avoid an unhappy wife. The doors of the Royal Horse already closed. And inside, only the barman and a musician were spotted. A very quiet night indeed. The couple slept very well, knowing a royal Mardierian Guard was well erm guarding the balcony. What no-one knew, was that an assassin prepared the perfect murder for weeks... Very smoothly he managed to remove some wooden planks he made loose in the past so he had access to the room without anyone noticing him. Once arriving at the bed, he choked the unfortunate lady. Smooth, quickly and without any sound. A bit later, Captain Emilson woke up, discovering his wife to be dead. He yielded, drawing the attention of the Royal Guard. As there was no way someone could have entered the room. The guard quickly determined 1 and 1 should be 2 and he arrested Captain Emilson for the murder on his wife. The fact that Captain Emilson had a reputation of liking SM, wasn't helping the poor guy... Aftermath: Captain Emilson was found guilty of murder. His last words were: "it wasn't me". His brother took command over his fleet and sailed away from KP under a Pirate Flag, having sworn to avenge his brother. Mardierian traders are his favourite prey. ------- Thanks for watching! C&C welcome!
  3. Hello Everyone - I'm starting this topic to write a brief review of the new Crowkillers Lego Technic Supercar – THE ASSASSIN! Over the past few summers, Paul has made it a habit to release his newest designs around this time of year for our viewing and building pleasure. In spring of 2014 he presented us with The Muscle Car with its unique forward opening hood mechanism and live rear axle and later that summer the all-white colored Phantasm Twin Turbo with its unique scissor doors. This year proves to be more of the same with The Assassin. Just as in his past designs, this new model offers something completely different than anything that he has done in his previous models. I will cover more on the unique features of this model later in the review. Paul has made instructions available for this model on his website ( for $12. When you purchase the instructions you will get high quality renditions for 3 different color combinations – a blue/white police edition, a black/white police edition, and a black/red edition. The instructions and parts list are flawless and very easy to follow for any experienced Technic builder. I’ve built the white/blue P.D. Special edition for this review. Obviously, one could build the model in any color combination they prefer and many builders have already done so. I have seen a red/white version and a yellow/green version and a black/orange combination. When it comes to the color combo, one is only limited by their creative ideas and the availability of parts on Bricklink! The model has all of the features that you would expect on a supercar of this scale (opening doors, transmission, suspension, etc.). However, in my opinion, this model has a feature that has never been seen or done before in Lego Technic Supercars. This model has a 4-speed transmission that is located behind the cabin seats and below the engine – just forward of the rear axle. This feature alone is unique, but the truly innovative thing about it is how the 4-speed transmission shifts gears. Paul came up with a brilliant lever system that is used to change the gears. The benefit is that the interior of the car no longer has the huge “bump” in between the seats to accommodate a transmission. This must be the year of new transmission concepts, first we had the nifty gearbox design in the Nathanael Kuipers Predator Supercar and now with Paul's Assassin, we have something just as unique, but designed and set-up completely different. The video below shows the shifting mechanism on a bare chassis toward the end of the video to help demonstrate how these shifting levers work. Another great less technical feature of this model that I personally really like is the Police Car aspect of it. The lights on the top and the red and blue lights across the front and rear bumpers really give this model a unique look. This subtle feature really makes the model pop in my opinion. The last point I would like to make about this model – and Paul’s design process overall – is that I truly appreciate that he takes parts availability into account when designing his models. Paul typically tries to incorporate the newest parts into his designs and tries to avoid parts in colors that are rare or scarce. The Muscle Car used the new front suspension a-arms (Bricklink #15459) when the old style a-arms (Bricklink #57515) were not as readily available or affordable at the time. Similarly, with The Assassin, he redesigned his original black/red model to remove the black 19L soft flex axles and replaced them with the more readily available black 16L soft flex axles that we recently got in set 42026. This effort on his part allows his models to be built by more people simply by considering parts availability. This is a good thing considering that a new trend of building MOCs appears to be on the rise given the popularity of websites such as Rebrickable and MOCpages, etc. With all of that said, the white/blue model I built does have a few parts that are a bit difficult to find at a reasonable price (i.e. blue 19L soft flex axles), but generally Paul made a great effort to use parts in colors that are readily available. So if you can’t build the white/blue combination due to parts availability, you can always build a color combo that is more available. Thank you for taking the time to read my brief review of Paul’s latest supercar. I have made a high quality video review showcasing this model and its features and I also demonstrate and show up close the shifting mechanisms. Please take the time to check it out!
  4. Disco's Guerilla's Build: Here starts the counter Guerilla: Once passed under the Great Arch, the people started feeling save as they know it took Sultan Santani b'Rack Ji'Fall 5 years to conquer Everlast 1300 years ago, even with an army of 20.000 soldiers!!!! Just like any other day, daily life was going on in Everlast, with some heavy equipped guards patrolling in the streets. While suddenly, the assassin jumped out of a building!! With a quick and precious hit, he stabbed one of the guards... He was already calculating how to kill the other guard when suddenly he felt a sword piercing through his body... "Bloody idiot, before entering, you should know Everlast has Undead Riders... And what is dead, can't die anymore..." --------------------------- Figless: --------------------------- Congratz Disco for making such a nice guerilla attack!!! But I hope this one blows your stunning entry! C&C welcome ofcourse!! I would like to claim UOP-credit for Forced Perspective!
  5. Heroica RPG - Quest #104: Ace Assassin: Dual Dragoons At the request of the Dragonlord, Veteran of Heroica, six Heroes gather at the Eubric docks just as dawn begins to break. Those Heroes are: The Party: Actaeon Artus (Actaeon) *Party Leader* 21 year old male human Level 1 Ranger Power: 4 Health: 6/6 Gold: 5 Equipment: Bow (WP:3) Inventory: Smoke Bomb, Potion, Bedroll Siercon (Siercon and Coral) Male, Age and species unknown Level 6 Mage Power: 14 (6 levels + 8 WP) Defense: 1 (Robe of the Magi) Health: 10/10 (5 base + 5 lvl) Ether: 10/10 (5 base + 5 lvl) Gold: 41 Equipment: Lullaby Wand (WP:8, deals sleep-effect; wand), Robe of the Magi (SP:1), Inventory: *Sylvania's Cowl (Artifact, Head Wear, Animal Talk), Spellbound Gloves (Power +5 to spells) *Diamond (Light), Scroll of Sleep, Bedroll *Potion x2, Remedy The Demon Germ (Samurai Turtle) ??? years old ; Half Demon; Male Level 1 Rogue Power: 4 Defense: 0 Health: 7/7 Ether: 0 Gold 5 Equipment: Copper Dagger (WP:3; dagger) Inventory: Venom, Potion, Bedroll Warlen Melimane and Quarion the floating skull (The Chosen Minifigure) 17 Year old Male Half-Elf Level 1 Mage Power: 4 Health: 5/5 Ether: 5/5 Gold: 5 Equipment: Gold-Coated bat staff (Wp:3) Inventory: Potion, Amethyst (Darkness), bedroll Yuji Daeth (Daeth) 34 year old male Croaken (Frog based race) Level 1 cleric Power: 4 Defense: 0 Health: 9/9 Ether: 5/5 Gold: 10 Equipment: Slightly Sharpened Croaken Staff (WP:3; staff) Inventory: Remedy, Potion Kiray Nastayo, A Hero Who Is Actually Worth Something 24 year old female human Level 4 Knight Power: 7 Defense: 2 Health: 13/13 Gold: 5 Equipment: Sword of the Kin (WP:3), Scutum Shield (SP:2; shield) Inventory: Potion, Banana (Restores full health when eaten), Chaotic Bomb (Causes 100 elemental damage to all opponents), Bedroll The morning fog still has not lifted, leaving the harbor itself shrouded behind a murky curtain of gray mist, but eventually the Heroes find their employer, again locked in deep discussion with Count Shadeaux. Waiting impatiently nearby is the seventh member of their party, a dark-garbed teenager who glares at the party as they approach. "...why you were training them in the first place?" "Dragonlourd, you of all personnes zhould know why I can non trust--" "Heroes. Running behind as usual, I see." The Dragonlord is the first to look up, but unlike the girl he smiles, a boisterous grin spreading across his face as he sights the Heroes. "Heroes! Good to see some fresh blood in the organization--though of course, a couple of you have done some good work for us already." Dragonlord nods in acknowledgement of Siercon and Kiray, though Count Shadeaux merely frowns more deeply than he already was. "Are you all ready for this adventure?" "Mon Dieu, Dragonlord, you speak like zis is un plaisir voyage and non an imminente catastrophe!" What will the party do? QM Note: Welcome to the Quest, 104ers! Hope you're excited as I am! Please check to make sure your stats are correct, and if you make any marketplace posts, I'll be sure to update these. You have 24 hours to confrim. Siercon, some of your stats were off; if you've used any consumables that permanently altered your stats, could you please link me to them? Also, since you are only Level 6, you can only have one Artifact equipped at a time; I've left the Robe of the Magi since that was what you already had equipped. Daeth and The Chosen Minifigure, you had both included your images as attachments rather than as image links from other sites. I have taken the liberty of uploading them to my Photobucket account (and in the case of Warlen and Quarion resizing them to normal size), you can now use them in the future by typing the following: Warlen: [img=] Quarion: [img=] Daeth: [img=]
  6. As the late morning sun rises up above the topmost buildings of Eubric, five heroes find themselves trailing down cobblestone streets towards a well-worn inn, known not for its luxury (or lack thereof), but for its open arms to all kinds. Monk Pretzel and His 99 Pieces, (Played by Palathdaric) 463-year-old male "hermit" Paladin *Immune to Sealed* *Party Leader* Level: 16 Power Bonus: 0 Defense: 12 Health: 36/36 Ether: 30/30 Gold: 250 Equipment: Cross of Light (WP:10; Light; Staff), Fashionable Shield (SP:7), Ethereal Cloak (Backwear; SP:2; Max Ether +4), Robe of the Archmagi (Bodywear; SP: 3; Max Ether +5, immune to "Sealed") Inventory: Heavy Flail (WP: 5; deals "Fragile" effect; Mace), Flying Cross (WP:6; Darkness, Fire, Wind; Broomstick), Steak (WP:1, instantly kills vampires on successful hits, suitable for all), Potion (2), Grand Potion (4), Tonic, Grand Tonic (2), Ether Core (2), Remedy (2), Soma, Phoenix Essence, Neutralizer, Venom (2), Deadly Venom (5), Paralyzing Venom (2), Smoke Bomb (5), Holy Bomb, Commerz Cannonball, Scroll of Sealing, Bedroll, Magnifying Glass, Pickaxe, Shovel, Magic Shovel (will always find something when used, limited to three uses per quest), Bone (3), Tasty Pretzel (Consumable) - 1/3 chance each of granting lucky, hastened and encouraged-effects upon consumption., Tricorn (Headwear; SP:3), Rito Feather (consumable, grants the hastened- and blessed-effects upon use for one battle) Erik Tyrvarr (Myrddyn) 19 years old male human barbarian. *Diplomatic* *Immune to Water* Level: 12.5 Power Bonus: 0 Defense: 1 Health: 19/19 Gold: 7 Equipment: Titanic Axe (WP:11, Earth-elemental, has 1/6 chances of inflicting petrified-effect; axe), Peacekeepers totem (Grants the "Diplomacy"-job trait; suitable to Erik only; accessory), Sharkskin Armour (SP +1, immune to water; bodywear) Inventory: Voltedge (WP: 13, Lightning-elemental; greatsword/longsword), Spear (WP: 9), 2 Death Progg claws, 4 Bones, Barbarian's Boots (Natural Respite>Restoration; footwear) Dreyrugr (Vash the Stampede) 1000 year old Male Vampire Black Knight *Immune to Stunned, Water and Fire* Level: 16 Power Bonus: 0 Defense: 9 Health: 36/36 Gold: 7 Equipment: Crow-Claw Dagger (WP: 6, 50/50 chance to stun enemy on successful attack, Darkness), Gloves of the Undead Assassin (For every enemy the wearer kills, it gains 5 HP, Immunity to Water, Usable by anyone, Handgear), Black Knight's Armour (SP:4, protects from stunned-effect), Impervious Shield (SP: 5) (Grants immunity to Fire) Inventory: Venom x4, Bedroll, Remedy, Smelling Salts x3, Mead x2, Shuriken (WP:5, Wind), Net (if used in combat, 1/3 chance to slow enemy, 1/3 chance to be useless, 1/3 chance slow self, lasts 3 rounds, retrievable),Nostrum x2, Throwing Dagger (WP:3) Fauxthril Scythe (WP:5), Bone, Bow (WP: 4), Scroll of Ice Armour, Psuedos Hood (can damage undead with normal attacks), Grand Potion, Phoenix Essence, Soma Nessa Anárion 59 years old female elven Ranger Level: 13 Power Bonus: 1 WP, + 3 to Werewolf, +4 to Aquatic Vermin Defense: 2 Health: 19 Gold: 180 Equipment: Darkness Silver Crossbow with Raven-Slayer Bolts and Newty Mag (WP: 7 (WP: +3 vs. werefolk (removable)) (WP: +4 vs. Aquatic vermin (removable) (usable by ex-Amphibians only)), Ranger's Quiver (WP: +1), Ranger's Cowl (SP: 2, usable by Rangers only (Headwear)) Inventory: Bedroll, Magic Compass, Venom (3), Nostrum (2), Mead, Smelling Salts Sylph Solanum (Dannylonglegs) unknown age, unknown race Druid *Immune to Fragile* Level: 22.66 Power Bonus: 1 WP, 7 under negative effect Defense: 4 Health: 38/38 Ether: 25/25 Gold: 84 Equipment: Shrapnel Bow (WP: 10, Bow. Every successful hit drops the target's SP by 1) , Ranger's Quiver (WP +1 to bows and crossbows), Emerald Hood (SP: 4, headwear, protects from Fragile), Hide of The Suffering (Bodywear, Power +7 when under a negative status effect. Doesn't stack.) Inventory: Scroll of Frailty, Scroll of Sleep, Scroll of Blindness, Scroll of Sealing, Scroll of Confusion, 2 Potions, 1 Grand Potion, 1 Venom, 1 Smoke Bomb, 2 Fire Bombs, 1 Ice Bomb, 3 Water Bombs, 2 Lightning Bombs, 1 Floral Bomb, 6 Bones, Trial Brew x3, Helmet (Max. health +1), Merry Bow (WP:7, ranged, steals 1 gold with each successful hit except Shield-skills), Emerald, 20-20 glasses (headwear, +1 turn of effect for scrolls), Bedroll, Shovel, Pickaxe, Magnifying Glass, Signet Ring, Saber Teeth, Journal of The Bleeding,Tale of the Invincible King, Psych Documents, Journal of The Wound, Suffering's Journal I Pie'd your stats to make them more accessible to me, you can just add the items to your Statistics if you want to keep them your inefficient way. On the first step inside, they find an irritated-looking creature slinging drinks to a most unsavory-looking individual... ...and off to the right, they note an excited bard blowing away at his bagpipes behind a tip jar and a solitary hooded girl in the corner.... ...towards the left, a shady mercenary-type is speaking to a bright orange woman....thing..... ...and in the back sits the familiar woman in red seen hovering around the Quest board in the hall, giving the heroes a brief wave. Also, the heroes decide not to dwell on the suspiciously similar-looking walls. They have more important things to focus on. Obviously. Welcome to the Quest, I'm glad to have you all. Feel free to talk around the bar, but I won't really begin until everybody confirms.
  7. ~-This Quest is for chosen heroes only. if you are interested in joining Heroica RPG, visit the Heroica Rules and Discussion topic.-~ The four heroes arrive at the docks. There they find a glorious ship waiting for them, as well as the knight that summoned them in the hall. Party: Thalion Dwinlas (-obelix-) **Party Leader** 213 years old male elf Mage Level: 14.5 *Immune to Petrified* Power: 19 (Level 14 + WP 5) Defense: 2 Health: 18/18 (5 + 13) Ether: 18/18 (5 + 13) Gold: 0 (Owes 50 gold to Alexander) Equipment: Scepter of Divine Afinity (WP: 5, has a 1/6 chance to deal the "Cursed" effect on successful spells, and a 1/6 chance to deal the "Blessed" effect on successful healing), Orcish Helmet (SP:2, suitable for non-humans, headwear), Snake Eye Charm (Protects from petrified-effect) Inventory: Amethyst (Darkness), Diamond (Light), Topaz (Lightning), Garnet (Earth), Ruby (Fire), Opal (Ice), Scroll of Sealing (Enables casting the Sealed-effect to the target, making it unable to use a special skill for the next three rounds. Each casting has a 50/50 chance of success and costs 1 ether), Scroll of Frailty (Enables casting the Fragile-effect to the target, causing it to take double damage for the next three rounds. Each casting has a 50/50 chance of success and costs 1 ether), Scroll of Weakening (Enables casting the Weakened-effect to the target, halving its level for the next three rounds. Each casting has a 50/50 chance of success and costs 1 ether), Cloak of Espionage (Artefact, backwear, Allows the wearer to examine enemy stats before a battle), Health Core, Potion (2), Grand Tonic, Remedy, Bone, Smoke Bomb, Bedroll Sgt Jon. Mcency (Skyrimguy) Level 13 Rogue *Dual Strike* Hastened Power: 30 (Level 13 + Wp:17) Health: 22/22 (Basic health 7 + Level bonus 12 + Porkchop 3) Gold: 3 Equipment: Demonic scissors (WP:17, dual strike, Daggers),Sticky gloves (Increases the amount of gold stolen by 50% (rounded up) , Pegleg of Hastening (Permanent hastened-effect to the user; suitable to Sarge only; footwear) Inventory: Amethyst (Darkness), Diamond (Light), Scrolls of blindness, Bedroll, Potion, Grand Potion, Venom x3, Deadly Venom, 2x Meads, Smokebomb, Phoenix Essence, Business Card, 2x Remedy Alexander Vandangant (Wedge09) 99 years old elf Ranger Level 11.5 Power: 17 (LVL 11+WP 6) Defense: 5 (Chevalier of Charis armor + Tricorne) Health: 18/18 (LVL 11 + 2 artifact) Gold: 25 (50 gold lent to Thalion) Equipment: Fauxthril Crossbow (WP: 6, darkness-elemental), Chevalier of Charis armor- (Artifact, bodywear) (Maximum health +2, SP: 2), Tricorne (SP: 3) Inventory: Bedroll, Shovel, 3 Potion, 4 Venoms, Smoke Bomb, Dirt Bomb, 2 Ice Bombs, Holy Bomb, Fire Bomb, First Aid Kit (Consumable), 4 Bones, Sterile Gloves (Handwear, protects from poisoned and badly poisoned effects) Sir Brickington (Brickington) 19 year old human male knight Level 6 Power: 10 (Level 6 + WP: 4) Defense: 4 Health: 15/15 Gold: 138 Equipment: Great Sword (WP: 3), Triangle Shield (SP: 2), Great Sword Mk. II (WP: 4), Winged Helmet (SP:2) Inventory: Bedroll, Smoke Bomb, Soma, Water Bomb, Mead The knight approaches them, beaming with joy. Greetings, heroes! It is good to see you again. I'm Aves, knight of Duplovia. As I'm sure you know from Prefect Rone's letter to you, we're in a bit of a situation. Duplovia and Delfrin have been at war for generations now, almost as long as we've been in the ancient city. Well, now the King of Delfrin wants to end all that. He and King Somoril - that's our king - have begun peace talks. The problem is, there's people who don't want this. Already there have been two assassination attempts. Since we're busy with the peace talks and the race and all that, we've hired you guys. Hopefully, you can shine a little light on the situation and find out who's doing all this. You know all this, though. At least, I should hope so. Are you all here? If so, then we should head out immediately! I can answer most of your questions on the way. QM Note: Please confirm and check your stats within 24 hours so we can head out. Thank you all for signing up! Also, mad props go to Masked for doing up nearly all the pics you'll see on this quest.
  8. Just a quick vignette I wanted to do, I apologise for the lack of quality in both the build and in photography. "I'm sorry sir, I can't take that contract for three reasons- 1; I am not a hitman, I have standards, 2; I am not a mercenary, I kill only one target, 3; I'm not a bounty hunter, I take my payment before the kill. Now leave, or I shall be forced to disembowel you with my katar."
  9. Zach Mills

    Damned Elves

    The elven bureaucrat who's name I believe to be 'Elidor' is to traveling to the pearl city this mourning, in order to finalize a trade deal between the Avalonian government, and his clan. Unbeknown to the Avalonians, He has only the intention of murdering our leader, as the start of a long campaign to overthrow the government. His intention was to open the gate for an attack squad, so that they could take down the city from the inside, leaving Avalonia divided for them to conquer. It's no secret that Elves consider themselves smarter than men, but this particular elf must have thought than all men were idiots. Otherwise, he may have at least tried to hide the fact that he payed off Albions gate guards. I'm going to finish this before it becomes an issue.