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  1. Hi folks, after my registration and some small Moc far far away in the past, I would like to start building again here. How is now the Administration? I would like to rename me in "Wilhelm Shelby", my Island in the north of Avalonia will be the same "Fortes Isles". ;-) Here is my first freebuild. Hunters'man Inn01 by Robert Maier, auf Flickr
  2. Everywhere in the Avalonia there are small tavernas and inns for travelers, traveling merchants and pilgrims. What is it, after a long day on the street better than a good meal, music and a bit of a hardliqur and then a soft bed? So some travelers remain then a few days longer than originally planned. The "Hunters'man Inn" can be found on the map, a half day's march north of "Brachfurtheim" the Capital of "Fortes Isles" a small Island in the north of Avalonia under the rule of "Wilhelm Shelby" and lures with good dishes from the surrounding forests, music and the Hunters'mann whiskey known all over "Fortes Isles" and its borders. Hunters'man Inn-03 by Robert Maier, auf Flickr Hunters'man Inn02 by Robert Maier, auf Flickr I hope you like my Moc and I'm look forward on praise, critic and improvement.
  3. hellboy

    Pirates Teamwork Contest

    I am from Germany and I thing about building a Orient/Chinese entry (with the minifigs from the "7416 Emperor's Ship") or with the Scorpion-knights as Inquisition. Someone interested to join the team - just PM me.
  4. hellboy

    Fighting Back

    Great, good look. The best resistance is the resitance from the folk
  5. hellboy

    The Resistance

    Great, I wish you luck for your Resistance to be successful in future too Good work, which should not end
  6. hellboy

    Nocturnus Guild: Homepage, Sign-up and Discussion

    That looks awesome Hersbrucker :-)
  7. hellboy

    LEGO Castle 2013

    @ spiderspaceman: Here are some pics and links: http://www.hothbricks.com/2013/01/nuremberg-toy-fair-le-retour-de-la-gamme-castle/ http://www.hothbricks.com/2013/02/nuremberg-toy-fair-faute-de-star-wars-voici-encore-du-castle/
  8. hellboy

    Avalonia Guild: Homepage, Sign-up and Discussion

    Can anybody tell me, what I have to build to get which title? I don't find ht writing form Derfel Caedan, where he told us the list what do build/do, do get which titles. Thanks
  9. hellboy

    Avalonia Guild: Homepage, Sign-up and Discussion

    After a long time only reading, I have some pics and infoormation for you: Here are some WIP pics from my nearly(70%) finished landscape. I have the castle on the top nearly finished, pics will follow. I am happy about praise, criticism and ideas for improvement. My landscape is 6 at 4 32x32 plates and with about 400 minifigures when it is finished (where I can change the height of the pics?) Here some informations about my character: Name: Fortes Reacher Nickname: hellboy Rank: Warlord, Duke of Fortes Isles, Age: 25 Weapon: Sword, Gunpowder-weapons History: Fortes met his parents never, because he was adopted and raised by a wealthy aristocrat. It was already clear that he had to start a career in the royal army, so that in his early age he was forced to begin a military training. Through his skill and an unintentional help of his father, he went at the age of 20 the career ladder quickly imported. During this time and in reason of the hard and brutal training, his strategic skills and knowledge in topics of warfare, he gained the nickname "hellboy,". He has a lot of enemies, because many military people don’t want to see such a young person in a so powerful position. He advocate for the development of gunpowder weapons and steam-powered tools and for the military useful. For the successful battles, which Fortes was defeated, he gets a small island in northwest of Avalonia in the Avalonian-ocean, which he called Fortes Isles. There he has this domicile and two small towns under his rule. The town people love him for his low taxes and his fair justice. Here he is building his preproduction models of steampunk airships and his gunpowder weapons. In his eye this is the right way into a new century.
  10. hellboy

    5th Guild

    Thank you for your praise. In my eyes are this the basics for a good working guild, then all new members have only the color and style inputs and the most possible possibility to advance and extracting the guild. Then in all other guild suggestion there are so many things to attend and this is in my eyes a big problem, because it's to much what already exist in this guilds-suggestions, there is no more unkown or possibility to put bigger fragments to this guilds. Avalonia, Nocturnus, Kaliphlin and Mitgardia were also not definite at the first minute, it needs time, people and ideas to bring something to flourish.
  11. hellboy

    5th Guild

    Here are two Men who will be maybe the next guildleaders, when their expeditions will have success. Also on this picture are objects which a guildleader must have to be a Down Under Guildleader :
  12. hellboy

    5th Guild

    Thanks, the basic idea is to give not to much information and fix thinks, and so the new members will be able to build this type of 5 guild by there own ideas and creativity along. So there is only the "Coast of Hope" with 4 cities(update will come soon)and the asiatic touch of the Mocs, but everything else the new members have to choice by thereselfes
  13. hellboy

    5th Guild

    Oh,the men are not in the picture. Here is another pic with the mysterious men: (I had only the face of MacWindo out of StarWars at this moment) i hope to be able to load up a picture of the guild leader tomorrow, Sunday the 16.09
  14. hellboy

    5th Guild

    Thanks for the praise and for your tip, but I think I will put only some cities/village on the "Coast of Hope", because I it the work for the new settlers to fill the map with places, river, mountains, deserts and villages. There is so much to explore and to find out with there own imagination and creativity. So the guild would not be in fix rails and there is a lot of space to fill in what ever the new guildmembers will have in there land.
  15. hellboy

    5th Guild

    Thank you. I think the guild leader will be more a symbol than a real leader, because the Nation is so young, that there will be much possible men and women who fight against to become this title. The symbol will have objects like a compass or a longglas, also he needs a map where I can notice the map of the unknown land behind the "Coast of Hope" Pic is coming soon I hope