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  1. My entry for Brickscalibur 2021 - Rogues and Outlaws category. Hello everyone! Third MOC in the series of little Sarophas. This time arriving at Ravnsborg Castle, the stronghold of the Baroness and her henchmen. Far to long, these thugs have been taxing the local villagers to the breaking point, only to fill their coffers with their hard earned money, but no more! Heinrich and the Hatted Huntsmen are scaling the tower walls to gain access to the castle, in an attempt to 'liberate' the Baroness' treasure hoard. See the full album here Front Back
  2. Sarophas

    [MOC] Two Vipers' Brewery

    Thank you
  3. Sarophas

    [MOC] Two Vipers' Brewery

    Looks great! So many lovely details and color choices One question though, which brick did you use for the smoke? Don't think I've seen it before.
  4. Sarophas

    Braunschweiger Schloss

    Usually I'm not that much of a micro-scale fan, but I think that this is one is amazing. It's slightly larger and thus more detailed than most micro-scale builds. I really think you nailed the different textures, colors and scales. Really good job
  5. Ah yes the LBG-hole, no matter how many you buy, you always end up needing more I have no idea how this would fit with your overall ideas/plans, but maybe instead of having a dedicated building for the chapel, it could be integrated into one of the larger buildings, like the living quarters for the lord? So it's basically just a room with chapel interior. This is the case for Sønderborg Castle's chapel, it's in a later style, but the point remains. (just using that one because I used to live in the city ) Maybe having big stained glass windows or something to distinguish it a bit from the rest could help?
  6. Sarophas

    Crusaders Keep - version 2.0

    Man I wish LEGO would revisit the classics and remaster them with all the new bricks/techniques available today, this really shows how great they could turn out! Really good job on both castles
  7. Sarophas

    Castle Falkenstein in Austria with lights

    Very much worth it, I'd say! The detail and the techniques used are great, there is a great level of depth and realism that just looks stunning. So much respect to the designer, but also to you for making it come to life
  8. It's looking great! The battlement turned out amazing, especially the detail on the woodwork makes it look more realistic Also the area underneath is very well done (I'm talking about the parapet) the way that it is just slightly protruding gives it a great effect imo. Always a pleasure to see this project updated, now I feel like building something huge and impressive like this.. although my brick supply might disagree
  9. Sounds very interesting (I somehow can't read that without it sounding sarcastic ). As for ideas I've looked at some castles/fortresses that (in very broad terms) relate to your layout. Karlštejn castle, Kost castle, Bouzov castle (the old/red shingled part), Orava castle. These are all from the Czech republic or Slovakia. Of course one of my favorites from Germany is Wernigerode castle. I think they all have some decent "layering" where the middle rises above the outer walls/defenses. Hope this helps a bit and happy building
  10. Just wow, the scale gets more and more impressive! Revisiting and changing your previous builds have payed off I'd say. How small do you plan to make the new tower? I'm thinking that a "bigger" tower would also look very impressive at the main gate, but I can also see your point of having the inner layer be taller (if that is what you meant?). In any case, I know you'll make it look amazing
  11. Sarophas

    [MOC] The secret passage of Lonsere

    Looks really good, best of luck to you
  12. Sarophas

    [MOC] The Golden Mane Tavern

    Thanks a lot I like how you see it as a torture chamber, I guess the guy getting his 'behind' kicked would agree I absolutely agree on the hinge-point, they can both be attributed to bad planning.. which -by now, I consider to be my signature move Glad you like it though!
  13. Sarophas

    [MOC] The Black Serpent

    Looks great, the sail especially rounds the whole build off nicely. Well done!
  14. I agree with @zoth33 this does indeed look better. I think that the big arches on the ground floor make for a lot of creative options, once you get to the detailing. It looks very welcoming and makes it easy to look inside (like the armor-stand/mannequin). Also the reinforcements/decorative stonework between the arches look great and help break up the walls in sections. Once again a nice addition, keem 'em coming
  15. Such an original idea, I love it! So many great details, great work and great scenery for a school play