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  1. Sarophas

    Barnsdale Watchtower

    Really well made! Interesting choice of colors, but it works quite well. The different building techniques are also really interesting, especially the wooden 'walls' look amazing
  2. Sarophas

    [MOC] The Blue Cottage

    Holy sheet! You keep 'em coming! Incredible level of detail and realism. The pictures are saved in my reference folder and ready to be studied closely
  3. Sarophas

    My first MOC

    Thanks a lot Love your little story addition, maybe I should just contact you for my next project Haha, yeah I thought he looked kind of cute popping out of the wall Maybe the farmer won't be too excited once he is covered in boils.. wow that sounded way darker than intended Yeah I agree with the above-mentioned criticisms. The tree was more an experiment, but I think you are right. Good idea of randomizing the birches. Again I agree with you regarding the roof, there are other things about the house (and build) in general that I'm not satisfied with. Knowing me though, I'd probably never be truly satisfied with my work
  4. Sarophas

    Golden gate

    Epic! I often think that gold tends to look a little over-the-top, but this has the opposite effect Great build, really good use of the bricks!
  5. Sarophas

    My first MOC

    Thanks a lot All the positive feedback is really encouraging! Thank you Thanks, I think they work really well though I can't take credit for them Thank you I just wanted to warn people that this is all new to me Thanks a lot Yes it might be an enchanted forest for all I know I've been investing a lot in new minifigs since I came back to LEGO, so I wanted to really make use of them
  6. Sarophas

    My first MOC

    Thanks a lot The richer he gets, the less taxes he wants to pay It's a well, I think it's more visible on one of the other pictures. Thanks I thought I was really smart, but someone actually posted a build with similar fence before me
  7. Sarophas

    My first MOC

    Hello everyone. So I faced my fears and decided to finally share something here on Eurobricks. This is as the title suggests, my very first MOC and as such, I would appreciate feedback About the MOC: A small medieval fantasy farm. The baroness and her henchmen have come to collect taxes from the farmer and his wife. Unbeknownst to them, a whole new threat looms right around the corner. Flickr album link:
  8. Sarophas

    [MOC] The Guard Dogs

    Much wow! Really nice and sweet build, I think every dog-owner can relate
  9. Sarophas

    [LEGO Ideas] Medieval Butcher

    Awesome build, absolutely love the piggy-sign
  10. Very nice, and now to build it for real
  11. Sarophas

    [LEGO IDEAS] Sorcerer's Tower

    AWESOME! Supported and waiting for it to be released, will buy this beauty
  12. Sarophas

    [MOC] Training Grounds

    Amazing! Great technique for the timber framed house. I absolutely love the targets!
  13. Sarophas

    [MOC] Scriptorium Mokotovum

    Rather amazingly beautiful masterpiece of a library! WOW!
  14. Sarophas

    Medieval street

    WOW! Absolutely incredible MOC, the attention to detail makes this look so real and organic. I don't think I can add more than what's already been said, but please build and post more!
  15. Sarophas

    Fantasy Pirates: A LEGO World Builder Project

    Are you serious? Oh man that just makes it even more ridiculous