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  1. Sounds very interesting (I somehow can't read that without it sounding sarcastic ). As for ideas I've looked at some castles/fortresses that (in very broad terms) relate to your layout. KarlĹĄtejn castle, Kost castle, Bouzov castle (the old/red shingled part), Orava castle. These are all from the Czech republic or Slovakia. Of course one of my favorites from Germany is Wernigerode castle. I think they all have some decent "layering" where the middle rises above the outer walls/defenses. Hope this helps a bit and happy building
  2. Just wow, the scale gets more and more impressive! Revisiting and changing your previous builds have payed off I'd say. How small do you plan to make the new tower? I'm thinking that a "bigger" tower would also look very impressive at the main gate, but I can also see your point of having the inner layer be taller (if that is what you meant?). In any case, I know you'll make it look amazing
  3. Sarophas

    [MOC] The secret passage of Lonsere

    Looks really good, best of luck to you
  4. Sarophas

    [MOC] The Golden Mane Tavern

    Thanks a lot I like how you see it as a torture chamber, I guess the guy getting his 'behind' kicked would agree I absolutely agree on the hinge-point, they can both be attributed to bad planning.. which -by now, I consider to be my signature move Glad you like it though!
  5. Sarophas

    [WIP] [MOC] The Black Serpent

    Looks great, the sail especially rounds the whole build off nicely. Well done!
  6. I agree with @zoth33 this does indeed look better. I think that the big arches on the ground floor make for a lot of creative options, once you get to the detailing. It looks very welcoming and makes it easy to look inside (like the armor-stand/mannequin). Also the reinforcements/decorative stonework between the arches look great and help break up the walls in sections. Once again a nice addition, keem 'em coming
  7. Such an original idea, I love it! So many great details, great work and great scenery for a school play
  8. Sarophas

    [WIP] [MOC] The Black Serpent

    Looking great! Your medieval builds so far have been very interesting and very good, especially the collaboration you did with Cube Brick. Can't wait to see how this turns out. Also the video logs are amazing!
  9. Can't wait! Adding some civilian buildings will surely add a bunch of life to the build
  10. Sarophas

    [MOC] The Golden Mane Tavern

    Thank you very much The basement was the main idea that, besides it being a tavern of course, glad you like it Thank you very much Yes they are, it is meant to look like there is although I didn't actually build it. Really glad you like it, I wanted the interior to be very lively and goofy
  11. Sarophas

    [MOC] The Golden Mane Tavern

    Thank you very much I never intended for the building to get this big, but the bricks wanted me to continue I used a lot of reference pictures of German timber framed houses for this build, we don't have nearly as many surviving ones up here in Denmark and the German ones are usually much more beautiful/ornate.
  12. Sarophas

    [MOC] The Golden Mane Tavern

    Thanks a lot You are correct, the basement interior is alright, given that the minifigs are what matters in that scene. I just think it looks quite bland/boring from the outside. I tried hiding it with the vines/bat/water coming/hanging from the street level but it's still an eyesore to me
  13. Sarophas

    Something is coming

    I totally agree. I have to admit that when I first glanced over the post, I thought you took the photos in the forest So yeah long story short, great job and many Romans minifigs to be jealous of
  14. Finally! Every update is an inspiration to me, especially on how to piece together such a beast of a castle/fortress. Regarding the dormers, I don't know what you had in mind, but to me the size seems fitting Also the timber framed/tudor buildings really give a nice splash of color (and look awesome!). Something that you hinted at in an earlier update, was to make the bridge leading to the gatehouse cross a swamp (or swamp-like underground) which I think would look great, (imagine the contrast of a dark green swamp and the grey/red colors of the castle!). Now I'm just rambling, so I'll stop for now I keep saying this, but I can't wait to see where this goes. I think you are doing an amazing job so far. Maybe the title should say "Former Noob (now adept) starts Castle Project"
  15. Some recent builds really inspired me to build a tavern/inn of my own. The cross section is partly to show the interior and partly due to a lack of bricks I'm not entirely happy with the base/exterior of the basement, but decided to leave it and focus on other parts of the building. This is the Golden Mane Inn! "A respectable establishment in the center of town, serving only fine ladies and gentlemen" - so the bouncer claims until he is handed a coin. What happens inside might be a whole other story. I hope you'll enjoy the build Link to full album: Front/side view. Back view.