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Found 10 results

  1. Norton74

    [MOC] Gypsy Wagons

    LIFE IN THE SLOW LANE... Gypsy wagons have been around for a very long time, having primarily been seen with travelling circuses, before being adopted by gypsies. The "Horse drawn, painted, one roomed house on wheels with a stove" is believed to originate in France in the early 19th Century. Gypsies themselves adopted them around 170 years ago. Its Romanesque characteristics, its baroque carvings and bright colours are likely to have been picked up from wanderings in Central and Eastern Europe. The Gypsyes' name for their wagons is a "Vardo", from the Iranian name vurton, that means cart. There were six main types of wagons and they were made of oak, ash, elm, walnut and pine. Most caravans were pulled by draft horses. I've always been intrigued by Gypsies Wagons and in the past few weeks I built a couple of them. Inspiration come mainly from a coffee table book my wife gifted me, "Les Roulottes, une invitation au voyage", a big source of colourful and funny caravans. It was very funny designing and building these caravans and also choose the right Minifigures from old sets and Collectionable Series. If you are wondering why Jack Sparrow is in the MOC the answer is that I think he has the perfect look of a yesteryear Gypsy :) A few pictures below Below the Wagons pulled by horses... And the back views... Hope you like it. More info and pictures on my Flickr. Thanks for stopping by!
  2. The WETEC has been expanding into the new islands. Part of the plan was to place offices and stables in strategic locations in order to expedite the delivery of horses to the new settlements. Elizabethville has begun to be the supplier of the horses in the new islands, but some are still being shipped from Belson and Arlinsport. The newest "office" the WETEC has been founded in Mooreton Bay. Though presently the "office" is simply a room in the residence of the manager, Mr. James Palmer. He and his wife are settling into their new home and responsibilities. They already have orders for 5 farm horses that they will soon be sending to Arlinsport for. They hope to receive more so they can get ahead of the needs on the island. This is intended to be a small residence in Mooreton Bay.
  3. Previously Even for Varlyrio it was an unseasonably warm winter's day, and it seemed as if half of Illaryian was in the stands to watch the races. With the queen's call for entertainment, the Supano Amancio had asked all of the finest horse breeders in Varlyrio to prepare their steeds to compete in the largest horse racing event in a generation. Outside the capital in an area of flat land the nobles had put up stands from which to watch the entertainment, which had turned into a competition to show of their wealth and status. Staffen had paid for a grand timber frame to be made in a style celebrating Varlyrian's ancient past, and once the labourers had made the structure safe he arranged for plasterers to come and cover it in stucco and paint it white. Finally, a few artists had come and added some detail to it to help make it stand out. It hadn't been cheap, but there was no mistaking that the Conzaga's had arrived. Staffen knew that he had to. After the recent attempt to poison his son Bernaldo he had to show his enemies that the Conzaga's would not be bowed by the threats. Bernaldo was his son and, at least nominally, his heir. Staffen had situated him pride of place in the front row of the stand guarded by his own minotaur bodyguard. "But father, no-one would dare attack us in public like you think! Minos can take the day off and enjoy the races.", said Bernaldo when he was told of the plan. This was typical of his naivety - he had underestimated the ruthlessness of his family's enemies - a mistake Staffen would not make twice. Staffen insisted it was Minos or he stayed inside the manor and Bernaldo reluctantly agreed. After being cooped up for weeks for his own safety Staffen knew his son would leap at the opportunity to get his freedom for the day. Around the grandiose Conzaga display was simpler timber stands for the ordinary folks. The crowds chattered loudly enjoying the day away from their trades. At the opening ceremony, they cheered for the riders; when they thundered passed they whooped and groaned and money changed hands and back again. But Staffen was not even listening, he had more important matters on his mind. As part of the queen's push to impress her subjects the Conzaga's had been approached to freely give out their wine to the common folks. When Staffen had objected to this, the envoy had opened a chest and the sparkling contents made him reconsider. There was a queen's ransom in diamonds inside! It was easily enough to pay for every man, woman and child in Historica to forget their woes for the day. While the diamonds were a welcome boost to the Conzaga treasury Staffen's head spun at what to use it for. He could raise an army to muscle out his competitors, bribe spies to find Bernaldo's attacker or build an impressive architectural feat to make him remembered down the ages. Whatever he decided Staffen knew - this was a good day for the Conzagas.
  4. Location: Quinnsville Type: Large Factory The WTC's efforts into Horse consumption had come to a head with their new, innovative product! Jellied Horse In a Can by North White, on Flickr Jellied Horse Meat! In a Can! Jellied Horse In a Can by North White, on Flickr First cooked in sea water, than in fresh water with a mix of proprietary WTC spices, the horse meat turned into a delicious jiggly concoction fit for any meal! Jellied Horse In a Can by North White, on Flickr With innovative Cans with a rubber lid (patent pending!) the delicious treat could be stored for months at sea. Untitled by North White, on Flickr WTC ships picked up crates by the cartload, all for sale across the Brick Seas! WTC! a Leading Pioneer in Innovation! FIN
  5. Cactus Brick will be putting on a Western Display at the 2018 Phoenix Comic Fest this week. To prepare for the display, we had a building competition to encourage creative thinking. Yesterday we held the competition and voted on our favorites. Here are some pictures of my entry to the display. Come check out the rest of the display this week in Phoenix. More pictures on Flickr
  6. "Johnny, why are you still working here in the office? You should be outside with everyone else watching the parade!" scolded James Hendricks. "If you don't leave these books for later, and go out right now I am going to have to fire you." James smiled as Johnny Martin, his young clerk, immediately vacated the office to grab his pennant in the storage room, before scrambling out the front door to see the parade that was already passing by. James is the business manager of the WETEC office in Elizabethville. The Elizabethville office is second only to the Arlinsport office in volume of work and sales. Though he is a shrewd business man who requires detailed and perfect work out of all his employees, James is not one to deprive a young man from the joy of the holidays. The New Year is just beginning and Elizabethville has decided to put on a parade that will travel down the length of its main street, all the way down to Fort di Legno near the docks. Many different people have joined the parade, and most of the rest of the town is crowding the walkways watching. First, came the marines, marching in their perfect order. They were stationed on the boat Octavia that is anchored in the bay. Following behind them are the bagpipes of the Corrish highlands playing their sweet but haunting tunes. Following them on horseback are several of the WETEC Light Cavalry. Following the cavalry, is a most peculiar site. A very tall man is walking by juggling balls. All the kids are in awe of his height, though whispers among the adults about a gadget called stilts has intrigued several who heard the whispers. Following the juggler is an equally peculiar site. A small cart being pulled by a yoke of... pigs! The driver must be skilled indeed to handle pigs so well. Oh, it is a monkey not a man driving the pigs. What a bizarre site to behold. So bizarre in fact that most people missed the man walking behind the pig-monkey cart as if he was in charge of it. The parade goes on with all sorts of fun and peculiar sites. People have moved from all over the old world to settle in this new colony. Many who have settled here, like the bagpipers of the highlands, have brought their own customs and traditions that they continue to follow. Together, all these customs and traditions are mixing into one town and colony that creates exciting holidays indeed.
  7. Location: Charlatan Bay Type: Large Factory He air hung heavy with the screams of horses and the scent of blood as Charlatan Bay's most industrial factory worked hard to create a vital product. Horse sausage Factory by North White, on Flickr Horses were brought in on small boats to the edge of Charlatan Bay, where the factory worked hard to process them. The WTC Riff Raft brought in two an hour on a good day. Horse sausage Factory by North White, on Flickr Completed Sausages were smoked in a small smokehouse built on the remains of the captains cabin. Horse sausage Factory by North White, on Flickr But Unfortunately, the Horses had to be sheared and dehoofed before they could be made into sausages, which was the bottleneck of the operation. Horse sausage Factory by North White, on Flickr But, once they were liberated, they could be ground down into sausages. It usually took a bit of prompting to force them into the grinder, but giving them a stiff drink beforehand usually weakened their resolve. Horse sausage Factory by North White, on Flickr And so, box after box of horsausage was made, smoked and shipped off into the colonies. Horse sausage Factory by North White, on Flickr FIN Hope you liked this build everyone. The factory is supposed to be built on a wrecked ship, next to an equally wrecked building, I'm just not sure how clear that is in the pictures. I really had fun with this one, and with all my Charlatan Bay builds in general. It was nice to have a change of atmosphere with my builds. I'll probably license the WTC Riff Raft in the future as a class 0, but I'm usually pretty lazy about doing so. C&C appreciated! Let me know if I should upload better photos as well, It's midnight here, and the light ain't to good.
  8. StarWars8Spoiler

    [MOC] Watermill Assault

    Good morrow to you, Eurobricks! The present day I giveth thee a 378-piece model formulated off of a watermill from medieval times! It includeth three minifigures- two evil knights and a miller who eke worketh as a blacksmith. The setteth itself includeth an assortment of interactivity and functions! This is the exterior of the watermill. As thee can see, tis very fusty and worn, with much of its structure appearing through the outer stonework, and foliage of various sorts adorning the walls. The back of the model. Hither thee can see the outer defense which comprises of a minuscule catapult, and the second floor's blacksmith shop. Thee can eke see the mill wheel and a very-poorly guarded hatch of sorts. I ponder what 'tis hiding? Aye! The panel swings upward to reveal a rare and most precious chest holding the mill's treasure. Thither beest a spider looking to maketh its home within the dank cellar! Hither we eke see the gear system that is hath used to rotate the mill wheel. The activator resides at the apex of the tower aside o' the catapult. I asketh thee to giveth me any thoughts, comments, criticisms, and appraisal that thee wish to giveth! I wilt fain lend mine ear to it.
  9. Sergeant Anthony Bolton and his squad were well prepared for any attack from another nation. (See the former build for backstory.) However, they were not prepared for the danger that lurked on the island. SAM_7254 The wild dogs that lived on the island had never been an issue for the natives. They would see them on occasion and primarily only eating other wildlife or slipping through the forest. The expedition had been told of them, but they had never seen the dogs. It would appear that they had no reason to fear them. However, they did not take into consideration that a new diet might be in desire. SAM_7240 (2) Two of Bolton's soldiers heard the distressed neighs of the filly, and the snarls of the wild dogs. They immediately fired upon the dogs slaying two and chasing off the others. However, they were too late to save the life of the filly. In the future, Bolton is going to need to establish a better perimeter defense against the dangers of the island. Apparently, pirates are not the only dangers in the new islands. SAM_7248 SAM_7246 SAM_7240 Here are a few pictures of the ranch scenes in Cat A and B put together. SAM_7271 SAM_7274
  10. Previous Builds Intro: Silent Wolf FB1: "Flying Colt" Ch1 CatA: Ahoy, Fishermen! While Silent Wolf and the crew were gone exploring on the "Flying Colt", Charles has been busy going back and forth between the office in town and the ranch. He is working hard to continue to expand the market for the horses they are breeding and training. Whenever a large potential investor comes around, Charles will often take him out to the ranch near Arlingsport to show their horses and training. Today he has a gentleman of Eslandola visiting the ranch to see what is going on. They have just brokered a deal for a lucrative contract over the course of the next two years.