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Found 18 results

  1. Romanos

    Djakovo-medieval town

    After I started building the city for a couple of years, I also became interested in castles. I'm never happy with what I've done, but I'm progressing slowly. Unfortunately the money side still limits me to go into more detail. Because when I go to work I like to do everything big. To make 4 buildings, instead of 1 with all the details. I am preparing for the exhibition of my LUG club "KOCKICE" so I am in a hurry to do everything I plan. I started the castle with 1 tower, then a couple of buildings, so I added the walls. Now I’m working the village in front - and the plan is a port as well. The tower is now too small for such a big city so I tear it down after the exhibition and do something bigger. I borrowed a lot of ideas, so maybe someone will recognized they work - THANK YOU !!
  2. Regenerate builder

    MOC Medieval Haven

    This is my rendition of a medieval castle and village in springtime. It features a church, blacksmith, windmill, and watermill. I hope you enjoy the colors and textures as much as I do! Here is my Flickr and a video of it on YouTube if you would like to see more. I wanted to add more pictures here but I am having trouble doing so.
  3. I would appreciate your vote on my Lego ideas MOC especially if you like the castle theme, dwarfs and Lord of the Rings Legos! You can vote for it here on the Lego Ideas website. My children are my inspiration for this Lego build. The dwarfs are some of our favorite castle minifigures and there are not many sets featuring them. This build is intended to feature the dwarven race and their unique home set robustly within the natural elements.
  4. Grover

    Prenmôr Forge

    The Tales of Lady Gwenllian 9. Prenmôr Forge One of the most important buildings in Prenmôr was the smithy. It was to be the first permanent structure in the castle, as a blacksmith was needed to prepare (and repair) nails, tools, weapons, and other miscellaneous steel and iron items. The need for a forge was immediate, so it was built with the first load of stone from the quarries and had little decoration. The initial stone from the quarries was irregular and contained smaller pieces than would eventually be used for the castle walls, so the blacksmith shop had a distinct appearance. It was intentionally located in what would become the inner ward for security and to ensure a steady supply of weapons and armor should the castle come under attack. Fire was always a concern in the confined space of a castle, so the smithy was made from stone, located near the well for a supply of water, and placed apart from the residential structures. To further mitigate fire risk, Lady Gwenllian purchased expensive slate from a nearby dwarven mine for the roof. The smithy's distinct appearance was not just due to its stone: the roof sloped one direction and only two small windows appeared in the side walls. Since the back of the smithy would eventually become part of the inner curtain a vaulted roof was unnecessary, and since the windows would eventually face the gatehouse and the inner curtain walls, their use as light sources was limited. Thus, two lanterns were hung inside the smithy to supplement the lighting. Lady Gwenllian and Lady Seren planned for the future by designing a forge large enough for a master smith that they hoped to eventually attract to the site. Despite being large, the forge had enough conveniences (such as a bellows with a pull chain) so that a single blacksmith could work alone if need be. A large horizontal window at the front doubled as a work counter, let in most of the light and fresh air, and provided an exit for the heat of the forge during warm months. This window was closed by a large wooden shutter that could be kept closed at night and in the winter. A stone shelf near the forge contained charcoal fuel, and several log rounds would hold work, tools, and the all-important anvil. A huge bellows would blow air into the forge to keep the coals hot enough for steel. Iron bloom, wrought iron rods, and steel stock were kept in crates and barrels around the room. Outside, barrels collected rain water runoff from the roof to supplement the water supply in the forge. A small bucket of water was located in the forge for immediate use. Lady Gwenllian’s blacksmith was none other than Sven, one of her family's blacksmiths from back in Albers. Sven had been raised in Mitgardia, where he fought and sailed, but had also apprenticed for a few years to a dwarven blacksmith. Sven was not a master of the forge, but his nails, horseshoes, and various tools were functional. His apprenticeship had taught him to let form follow function, and though his work was not always pretty, it could withstand quite a bit of abuse. At the beginning of the summer, the forge fired up for the first time. Raw iron bloom was smelted in a makeshift clay brick furnace in the yard, then stored in piles in the smithy. Sven wrought this sponge iron and stored it as bars and plates for tools, weapons, and armor. The initial pieces consisted mostly of nails and a few repairs on plows, picks, and shovels, none of which taxed the capacity of the huge smithy. Sven set up a cot in the back of the forge that became his temporary home until the permanent apartments were built, which was just fine with him, as he was the oldest of the household and was pleased to sleep in warm, a water-tight building. After watching Sven at work, Lady Seren’s daughter, Alis, became interested in smithing, and with Lady Seren's permission, Sven took her on as his apprentice. She worked the bellows, fed the fire, collected charcoal, fetched water, and practiced working on scraps of iron and steel as Sven handled the main load of work. By mid-summer, Alis had made great progress and was helping make nails, while Sven was starting to make more tools and even a few spearheads for rudimentary defense. Being more sociable, Alis also routinely dealt with customers, which greatly improved the relations between the workers and the somewhat curmudgeonly Sven. Particularly with the more unruly customers.
  5. Eslandola’s new settlement on Maldria continues to work toward self-sufficiency. With the brick-making factory established, the new bricks could be used to build the forge for a blacksmith. The quartermaster from one of the expedition’s ships discusses what they need. Workers take a wagon wheel around to the side of the shop. The blacksmith at his workbench. Working on a sword in the forge and at the anvil. ------- A blacksmith for the Eslandolan settlement of Interlagos on Maldria. All C&C welcome.
  6. As Mophet grew, so did the need for arms and other items a blacksmith could provide. Hid'ad had grown up in Mophet and seen the place transform from a sleepy little oasis into a blossoming community, not something seen very often in the badlands...He had gotten more and more busy lately and as he continued to go about his everyday work, his wife had gotten the bright idea to expand the business. After a little persuasion, they ended up being responsible for Mophets first armory. Although that didn't change life much for Hid'ad, as he still spent most of his days in the Kali-heat working the metal into some of the finest swords in the region. Khabaz the baker is also a recurring sight for people visiting Mophet. He might not be the best baker i Kaliphlin (in fact, he's average at best...) but he makes up for it in enthusiasm and an infectious laugh that keeps his business going. Hid'ad working on a sword which is to be delivered to the Mophet guards along with other fresh supplies. So this is another addition to the collab, and to Mophet of course. Had a fun time making the blacksmith-area and fairly pleased with how it turned out. For the armory I tried to get a bit of a different look on the facade, but looking back I'm not too sure about the red patterns...The ground is again a bit sparse, at least in the center-section, but again the idea was that it's mostly just gravel there. Outside of the square is a bit of "pavement" but I'm a little unsure about how well that worked out. If I were to redo it I would probably add roads as an additional border but I must admit I was running out of pieces at this point in the creation of Mophet... Anyways, a fun build and I hope you guys like it. Cheers!
  7. And... I know you all thought there weren't any more of these, but... Probably the last micro build prize from Challenge V from an Eslandolan! (Don't take my word for it necessarily, though, I could be wrong ) Every village growing into a town (or into a large town) needs a place to get its horseshoes fixed and its tools and weapons mended! Drop in at the blacksmith's shop outside Puerto Desafio to have all you metallic needs attended to in fashion! Commissioned by Captain Whiffo, who obviously noticed the lack of a blacksmith shop and saw the opportunities - not to say, saw the DB signs... The backside: One last shot: Hey all! Just a little micro-vig from me showing off my light grey texture collection! (Ok, I do have a wee bit more...) I'll be licencing this as a small artisan for Puerto Desafio, which should hopefully boost the settlement up to large town status. Credit for that awesome fence design goes entirely to Full Plate! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome as always!
  8. LittleJohn

    Hardwin's Smithy

    A fun build for the ABC’s of Castle, over on Classic-Castle. The idea is to pick a castle word that starts with any letter, build it and then post it (in alphabetical order). For my first contribution, I did the letter ‘B’, which stands for blacksmith. The blacksmith shop lifts off the base for easy play-ability, and features a full interior, as well as hinging walls for easy access. Inspiration for the wall texturing goes to Rod Gillies. Hardwin the smithy is always kept busy at his work, with all the local farmers coming to him for their tools and when their horses need shoeing. He's also known for his fine armor and weapons that he makes when not occupied with other tasks. More pictures on Brickbuilt Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  9. Micro Warcraft 2 I began working on each individual building a few months ago but finally finished assembling the display. The inspiration for this display began when I completed my Warcraft: Orcs and Humans micro last year. I figured it was time to go on to the next game Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness. I started with the human town center and built out the basic buildings of the lumber mill, barracks, blacksmith and the farm. Of course, the build wouldn't be complete without the resources to harvest and the exploding sheep. If you are unfamiliar with the game here are some screen shots. Click the image for a larger picture:
  10. StarWars8Spoiler

    [MOC] Watermill Assault

    Good morrow to you, Eurobricks! The present day I giveth thee a 378-piece model formulated off of a watermill from medieval times! It includeth three minifigures- two evil knights and a miller who eke worketh as a blacksmith. The setteth itself includeth an assortment of interactivity and functions! This is the exterior of the watermill. As thee can see, tis very fusty and worn, with much of its structure appearing through the outer stonework, and foliage of various sorts adorning the walls. The back of the model. Hither thee can see the outer defense which comprises of a minuscule catapult, and the second floor's blacksmith shop. Thee can eke see the mill wheel and a very-poorly guarded hatch of sorts. I ponder what 'tis hiding? Aye! The panel swings upward to reveal a rare and most precious chest holding the mill's treasure. Thither beest a spider looking to maketh its home within the dank cellar! Hither we eke see the gear system that is hath used to rotate the mill wheel. The activator resides at the apex of the tower aside o' the catapult. I asketh thee to giveth me any thoughts, comments, criticisms, and appraisal that thee wish to giveth! I wilt fain lend mine ear to it.
  11. Rconn0

    Kaliphlin Blacksmith

    Here's my latest free build, enjoy. A city blacksmith in Kaliphlin. Not much interesting backstory to it. Overall View. From one side. From the other side. From the back, the smith prefers to sleep out in the open air on the roof. Forge area without the roof. Inside the shop. The smith's assistant tends to a costumer. Inside the smith's house. C&C is appreciated. Thanks for viewing.
  12. Lord Alexander's horse business would not be complete without a way to draw in new customers. What better way than to have a blacksmith shop to serve the community? Whenever anyone in Arlingsport needed a new horse, Alexander's horse business immediately was spoken of. They also spoke favourably of his son Micah's fair management of the business. Gregory the blacksmith enjoyed his work. Early in the morning the shop, he would head to the shop to start for the day. By the time Charles would come by with a horse to be shod, Gregory would already be working with his bellows and hammers making some new iron design for usage in the houses of Arlinsport. SAM_6921 SAM_6949 SAM_6927 SAM_6931 Advice and critique welcome. Previous builds: Intro: Silent Wolf FB: "Flying Colt" Ch1 CatA: Ahoy, Fishermen! FB: Back at the Ranch... Ch1 CatB: Where only the strange men go MRCA Jan: Attacked by Privateers FB: Returning to the fiancee
  13. Digger1221

    MOC: The Blacksmith

    And another castle MOC! Here's my latest work The Blacksmith: Near the center of the village sits the home of the village blacksmith. Working out of a small shop connected to his house, the blacksmith provides trustworthy work to the local farmers, soldiers, and craftsmen who need a horse shoed, a plough sharpened, or a tool repaired. The sound of his hammer striking metal can be heard throughout the countryside, and the cozy outdoor shop often serves as the site of friendly socialization and sharing of news for the village residents. Another build incorporating the technic-pin roof technique I've been playing with. I love the way it looks and the versatility of it's shape, but it can really be a pain to work with. Also, building houses is kinda hard...getting the roof shape and building proportions right can be complicated. Something I need to practice more. Thanks for looking! Soli Deo Gloria!
  14. EDIT: The title should be: AoM: Store Phase 2: Danyel's Smithy. If a mod could fix that, it'd be great. An entry into the Castle Goes to Space contest on classic-castle. I chose to redesign the set 5890, Squidman's Pitstop, into a medieval blacksmith shop. I'm really pleased with how this turned out, and it was very fun transforming the space details in the set into medieval features. Danyel is a capable blacksmith that never lacks for work at his smithy, and his wares are often sold by his wife in the market at Daydelon. Space set it's based off of: More pictures here: link. C&C welcome
  15. Christian Tony

    [MOC] Blacksmith's Shop

    Hello everyone ! This is the first creation I upload on this forum. A blacksmith opens a workshop in front of his house and now he forges weapons and armor for the soilders and tools for the villagers. C & C are wellcomed !
  16. See the previous tales: Wyndor's Saga: Chapter 1 -What Has Past- Chapter 2 Part 10: A New Home Part 10.1:Blunted Edges Part 10.2: Cramped Spaces Part 10.3: Enthusiastic Worker Part 11.0 Part 11: Mysterious Death Part 12: Dark Meetings Part 13: Warm Yourself Part 14.1: Sisterly Visit Part 14.2: Proud Farmer Part 14.3: Mitgardian Household Part 15: Another Mysterious Death Part 16.1: The Council Meeting Part 16.2: Meeting with Wyndor (made by Glorfindel) Part 16.3: Feud in Teridyan Part 16.4: Great Elk Longhouse (made by Glorfindel) Part 16.5: Traveling Partners Part 17: The Cemetery Part 18: Home It was a clear Autumn day in Mitgardia. Snow was already starting to accumulate around the buildings where the shadows kept the sun away. For any Mitgardian it was the perfect weather. Valanice had already started to adjust to the cold temperatures and walked around without even noticing the cold as the rest of the city residents did. Her sisters though, found themselves shivering a little and they relished every chance they got to step indoors whenever they could. They visited the village bakery where Nora always seemed to have a worried expression on her face. Valanice explained to her sisters that it was because she was always worried that her husband was going to burn the bread. They spent the most time at the jeweler gazing at his selection of fine gems. They also walked past the blacksmith shop where the cooper had been busy banding barrels but was currently re-shoeing a horse. The girls had just finished looking at all the wares the stall owners had to offer and were listening to one of the local minstrels playing for coins and chatting with each other in the square. Valanice had picked up some food to add to their dinner and had been tempted at the one of the stalls to buy a new shovel from the dwarf that ran the shop. It would help her as she worked in the small garden around their house. There had been a lot of bustle amongst the dwarves of Dalig Ulv these days. Not only were they concerned about the recent deaths of their kind, but Valanice had also heard rumor that word had come from their council with some big decision. They were often seen huddled together discussing in animated tones. Valanice was just about to suggest to her sisters that they head back when a startled cry caught her attention. She turned to see a woman standing over an older dwarf elder and muttering under her breath. Valanice hefted her axe and prepared to charge the woman when two more women stepped up to block her path and with a flick of their wrists everyone around them was pushed back a few feet. All of a sudden four warriors rushed in to attack the three women. A half-dozen different blades were all rushing toward the nefarious women when Edea stopped focusing on the dwarf and added her mutterings to her sisters. All four warriors flew back with a burst of power. Just then, Natolyth ran up. He had just made it back to Dalig Ulv after his journey to Cedrica. He stood between the three sisters and the rest of the townsfolk with fireballs smoldering in his hands. “It’s been a long time Edea, since you had me enslaved, and I will not allow you to do likewise to any of these good people!” growled Natolyth. “I see you have not put the powers I gave you to waste Natolyth” answered Edea. “It is too bad you are not still under my control. I could do great things with your power.” “Enough!” Natolyth shouted, “I thought you were finished back in the cathedral, but obviously I did not do a good enough job of it.” “Oh, you exacted your toll well enough” said Edea, pulling back her hood and revealing her white hair. “It cost me much to recover from your attack. But my fight is not with you this time.” Turning to her sisters she said, “We have what we need, it’s time for us to go.” And with that they vanished. Valanice ran up to Natolyth and said, “You’ve arrived back home just in time!” “So it would seem” he replied. “But what is going to happen next?” OoC: I'll be claiming some HSS credits in this build for Bakery, Cooper, Blacksmith, Jeweler, and Minstrel.
  17. This MOC was built by my 12 year old brother. the house has a full interior. Kendrick and our heroes have traveled to a famous dwarven blacksmith to buy armor so they can fight the dragon. Captain:hello young lad,is your father here? Boy:Yes, he is working in his shop, I'll tell him you're here. Captain:Thank you. Blacksmith:Hello,how may I be of service to you? Captain:As I'm sure you've heard, there is a dragon going throughout the lands attacking everything he sees. Blacksmith:Yes,I've heard but fortunately neither we nor our have people been attacked yet. Captain:Well, we have been sent on a mission to destroy him,and we are in need of the best quality armor which we here you make. Blacksmith:I'm honored! come see what I have. Captain:Very good selection! I'll take two full suits,a spear,a sword,and two shields. Blacksmith:Very well, is that all? Captain:I believe so,your services are greatly appreciated. Blacksmith:Your most welcome.Oh one more thing I've heard rumor that the dragon has been spotted near Gravensteen. Captain:Thank you very much,your information is most helpful! Blacksmith:I hope so. Goodbye and may you return victorious! Captain:Goodbye! And thank you once again for everything! More pictures here:link He would appreciate any C&C
  18. soccerkid6

    Daydelon Blacksmith

    This is my phase 2 build for the House category in AoM. I'd like to receive UoP credit for: roofing (one of three) [Architecture], and manufacturing [Trade and Law]= 2 credits Surprisingly this is my first time building a medieval Blacksmith shop. It was a lot of fun and I think this is my best medieval house yet. As always there's a full interior and the door works. Every town needs a blacksmith, and Daydelon has a very good one. He's kept busy sharpening tools and swords as well as making new ones. More pictures can be seen here: link All Comments/Criticism appreciated