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  1. martinsuper

    MOC Breech Loading Gun

    VERY cool! I like it a lot. Def another option for fort and MOC builders!
  2. martinsuper

    Fort Marlin

    An honor to follow Hornbicker of course... I thought it said "Fort Martin" so I got excited. Now I see its a fish! Cool fort! I am always a big fan of MOCs that follow the original feel of the old sets. Good Luck! Keep brickin'!
  3. martinsuper

    What you want in a Fort

    I really like your cannon tower. It's simple and looks truly lego. I think it could fit in well with original sets.
  4. martinsuper

    CITY: Extremely random photos from Lego City!

    Total kudos for incorporating regular sets into your MOC city. I think incorporating sets and MOCs is the hardest thing to do. In the pirate theme I have had a few successes and multiple failures doing so. But yours looks like it is suppose to be that way! Good job! -martinsuper
  5. martinsuper

    MOC: BrickMiner's LEGOPOLIS

    I know that any words of mine will not give enough praise to your fantastic city! One question that did come to mind while looking at the layout. As you run out of empty spaces for buildings, will you eliminate some of the side streets? I feel that perhaps having some of the larger buildings closer together will give a more realistic allusion of "skyline"? I think what you have made so far is perfect, I just wonder where you will go when the room runs out?! -martinsuper
  6. martinsuper

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    However hopeful I am to see a blue coat return I think this speculation isn't well founded. They could use the blue coat governor torso which really to me isn't a blue coat at all. They might come up with some other blue coat torso also. But any way you slice it, it is not a reboot of the traditional blue coat "soldier", "sailor", "officer", and "admiral". True it might be ONE additional option, but I do not see it being any more than that. I am somewhat intrigued by the new red coat officer torso. I may get some of those and make all my current "officers" into grunts. I do want blue coats back more than anyone else, but I think I will stick to buying up the old ones. -martinsuper
  7. martinsuper

    Post your tractors!

    I am working on a tractor dealership. I really do not want to say more than that. I will incorporate some recent sets, some classic sets, and some of my own MOC tractors. I saw Legomaniacs83's tractors and implements and was very impressed! In fact, here is a link to legomaniac83's topic with pictures that gave me a bit of inspiration. Does anyone else want to share their tractor builds? I really want to get my dealership finished before I display it and the tractors! BTW, this is my first Town post, I am usually in the pirate forum.
  8. martinsuper

    How does the POTC theme fit into your world?

    I will buy the Ships and keep them together. I am interested in the new Red Coat Officer Torso. Mainly I care about having every LEGO pirate ship ever made, and this counts though I am not too thrilled about the release overall. I do however totally understand why LEGO did it. -martinsuper
  9. martinsuper

    MOC: Farm tractors

    These look fantastic! I am working on some classic tractors right now, but you seem to have the skills!
  10. martinsuper

    Caribbean Capital

    You are a true blue coat. I love the playability of this ship! All looks real good! Congrats!
  11. martinsuper

    W.I.P Port

    As always, top notch.
  12. martinsuper

    Our Zorro (Dieter) passing away

    I have been gone for a very long time. I have been too busy working and after trying to participate in several contests and finding I didn't have enough time to even stick two bricks together I went away. I logged on today after a very long time to find that the person I respected the most on this site has passed away. There are many times where my emotion got the best of me, and Zorro was always picking the right words to settle me down or defuse a situation. It takes a lot for a person to do that and this is but one of the many reasons I respected it. I find it very difficult to be coming back into LEGO again and get this news. Part of my heart really hurts. I also find myself questioning my own mortality when someone younger than me, and in many ways wiser, has passed. Rest in piece my friend. May perpetual light shine upon you. All of my love to you and your family. I never understood how little pieces of plastic could form such friendships, but maybe it is better we do not question it.
  13. martinsuper

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    After a long time away from LEGO because of work, family, and other obligations, I find that like everything I used to love as a child it has been sold to the highest bidder. Of course, let me be the one to say I think this is a really bad idea. I loved LEGO as a kid because it wasn't like all the other cheap "themed" toys. Nothing looks dumber to me than the "Halo fake LEGOs". Now we get the same garbage from LEGO directly. Awesome.
  14. martinsuper

    What you want in a Fort

    I think you need cannons, barrels, and your imagination. Its a good idea to look at whatever everyone else is building, but go with your own gut feelings. I have made a few forts here and there.
  15. martinsuper

    ToR II -Mr. Wayneright's Interrupted Lunch-

    Ninjas and sharks. Thats just hilarious.