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Found 9 results

  1. Hey Checkout the update to my Lego Islanders themed anniversary set that is heavily inspired by the enchanted island statue which is now standing in a vibrant jungle environment. Please support this idea if you like it because I really need all the support to stay in the long game of getting 10k support and making this happen. SUPPORT NOW Islanders Spirit Beacon The islanders are a rare sight these days. It has been more than 20 years since the Islanders pointed spear and arrow at pirate and soldier alike. After many years of glorious combat the last of the proud warrior-zealots were defeated. Their strongest leader: shaman king Kahuka still walks the eternal planes. The Islanders enchanted island has been looted and pillaged, the tribes scattered to the winds. A beacon of hope remains deep in the jungle on one of the islands in the archipelago of many waters. A faceless warrior priestess of the old gods is gathering the scattered tribes. The whispers beneath her mask speaks of king Kahuka's return. Broken spears are mend, arrows sharpened, howling of restless spirits in the night. This "spirit beacon" is heavily inspired by the original statue design that came with the Lego Islanders enchanted island set 6278-1 in 1994. It's a scaled up version with many new details that is nice as a nostalgic reminder or as a new playset. The spirit beacon has multiple chunks that can be taken apart easily for different play configurations. The statue has a compartment in the back that can serve as a prison or inner sanctum. A trapdoor leads to a small dungeon compartment were captain cheekbones lurks A treasure chest is hidden behind the different detachable faces of the head. The remaining Islanders have adapted to use stealth instead of numbers, Therefore most of the warriors use the jungle mud and leaves to conceal themselves. Its probably problematic that they still use the same bright painted shields and faces :P The zealots and priestess paint themselves with the classic red paint of the Islanders They are worthy of invoking the spiritual essence that is embedded within the shrine of the beacon. Mini-figs as seen from left to right: Shaman king Kahuka's spirit, special translucent Islanders anniversary fig :) Faceless priestess, current leader, Zealot warrior; melee specialist, Scaled warrior; stealth specialist, Veteran warrior, defense specialist, Young blood warrior, endurance specialist, Man-hunter; path finding and ranged specialist, Captain cheekbones; annoyance specialist, Muddy Monkey, banana specialist. SUPPORT NOW
  2. This is my MOC of the rebel base at Yavin IV based on A New Hope, Rogue One and Star Wars Rebels. I tried to make so that it could possibly be made as an actual LEGO set so it's one section out of four to keep the piece count at around 2,000 pieces and the price as low as possible at this size, and so the exterior can be exhibited and the interior can be accessed to at the same time. The set has 4 different sections, each one based on a different area of the base seen in the movies and the TV series. The first one is the hangar where the ships are fixed and get ready for battles, the second one is the war room where the rebel leaders meet and follow the state of the battles, the third one is the room where the rebel pilots were taught how to destroy the Death Star, and the fourth one is the ceremony room where the heroes of the Battle of Yavin got their medals. I made the set on LDD and rendered it with POV-ray. I've made a list of minifigs that I think should be included with the set and I'm finishing making the illustrations for them since some of them are new so I'll post them too when they are done! Feel free to ask any questions about the moc or leave any comments or critiques about it!
  3. kovacs

    [MOC] LEGO Factory playset

    Hello everyone! I'd like to share our new LEGO MOC, a LEGO Factory playset which is our LEGO Ideas project too! LEGO Factory playset on LEGO Ideas There are many videos about the LEGO production process and many interviews about the LEGO design process, but have you ever wondered about a playable LEGO Factory, where you can play the whole process with your minifigures? You can drive the truck that transports the raw material for the little bricks, then you upload silos - in the meantime, the LEGO designers in the design studio make new models, that could be produced in the factory. Then there is the working moulding machine, “where the magic happens.” It would be so cool, wouldn’t it? We decided to build a playable LEGO factory that mainly looks like the LEGO HQ in Billund, Denmark and it's interior is fully detailed (playable). Let me show you some pictures about the model: (For more pictures visit the project page - awesome renders by Zanna) So what do you think guys? :) If you like it, please support this idea - we can reach together those 10.000 votes!
  4. I’m back and this time I got a Ninjago set to review. This is my second EuroBricks review so let’s get it on! Overview Name: 70591 Kryptarium Prison Breakout Theme: LEGO System / Ninjago Year: 2016 (2H) Pieces: 207 Minifigures: 5 Price: USD 19.99 / EUR 19.99 / GBP 17.99 / SGD 39.90 / MYR 99.90 Resources: Brickset & Bricklink Introduction The day I saw the official images after its announcement I knew that I will be getting this playset. Kryptarium Prison Breakout includes 5 minifigures and it has relatively good amount of system bricks and plates to be considered as good parts donor. Before I go into more details, let’s look at the box art at the back and the sides. Inside we get 2 numbered bags, an instruction booklet and 1 sticker sheet. Bag #1 contents Bag #2 contents Let’s take a moment to appreciate the sticker sheet because I rarely apply stickers. In this review, I won’t be applying them. #1 is supposed to be a “seal” for the prison. I can’t find any concept art for the show if this dragon actually exists. Even after rewatching the Ninjago TV episodes, nowhere it is hinted that Kryptarium is guarded by dragons. This could be just one of those artist’s decision to include random dragon art. #2 depicts a map of the escape route from Kryptarium Prison to Tiger Widow Island. #3 is the plan showing how to break out off the prison via toilet using a crowbar… it's funny that the designers needed to supply this sticker to make it more obvious what the plan is. Minifigures We get 5 minifigures which is so awesome for the size of this set. There is Kai in his Skybound Gi outfit, Zane in prison uniform, Captain Soto in prison uniform, “Giant” Stone Warrior in prison uniform and a lonesome prison Guard who thinks he is cool with those sunglasses on. At the time of its release, this set is the cheapest way to get Zane’s titanium hair. Another compliment is the choice to include a gold scabbard for 2 swords because I don’t like it when the designers leave out the armour accessories in smaller sets. Just how expensive is that accessory to be removed when TLG can include a few more extra pieces that you rarely even use? So, I so am happy that Kai has a gold scabbard for his swords. If I need to nitpick on the minifigures - I wish that LEGO included a gold hook for Captain Soto as well as his pirate torso instead of the prison outfit. The “Giant” Stone Warrior is so small compared to the TV show version. With this price point I am even surprised they managed to squeeze in an extra Prison Guard with a generic headpiece. I just hope they included the right uniform colour because in the TV show the guards wore sand yellow (BL: dark tan) uniforms. Build The first build is a small table that can catapult the bread roll into the air. Underneath is a brick yellow (BL: tan) 2x2 tile with a map sticker that I didn’t apply, as well as a shuriken. It’s a fun small build and is great for launching anything you fancy for a good prison fight. The main build is the facade of the prison which has a passing resemblance to the older sets 70756 Dojo Showdown and 2504 Spinjitzu Dojo. Those who watches the Ninjago TV show would know how big the Kryptarium prison is in-universe so this is a very small representation of what Kryptarium Prison is supposed to be. Even if you buy 20 boxes of this set I doubt you can put them all together to create a full-scale Kryptarium Prison. Therefore, this size is very reasonable for the price of what we paid for. I didn’t expect this set to contain any unique or interesting pieces because I wasn’t looking for a complex build since we already have 5 minifigures. It’s a small playset packed with play features. Those who are looking for a fun building experience-- you just won’t find it from this set. That is not to say there is nothing to highlight from this set -- I find the sliding drop-down gate in the middle cleverly built. I think kids will enjoy sliding the door up and down with ease. It also uses the top roof as an anchor to hold the gate from sliding down accidentally. In addition, the prison cell build uses hinges so you can swivel the prison cells to your preferred angle. Security cameras in real life are generally dull, black and not brightly coloured but the one included in this set is blue -- most likely to highlight this play feature to kids. This is how the guard had imagined the job... Easy peasy. But in reality -- The toilet build in one of the prison cell is amusing. If I am not mistaken it is also the first toilet to ever appear in any Ninjago set. Picka-poo! Hello guys, I think I broke something... Of course this is not a complete review without the extra pieces. Even though I know there are 2 handcuffs, I didn’t include the spare one here. Conclusion In summary, this set is a fun small playset that kids can enjoy to roleplay a prison escape much like any City prison set but with more action. The 5 minifigures included is unprecedented for the price point and the main build, a prison rigged with escape routes, will offer hours of fun. Despite lacking any special pieces that adult fans will appreciate more, the simple build can be considered as good parts donor. After all, the main reason why any adult fan will buy this set is not for the build but for the minifigures included in the set. Review summary Playability: 9/10 - fun little set that is more enjoyable than any City prison break of the same price range Design / Building Experience: 6/10 - nothing exciting but that’s expected for this type of set Price / Value for money: 10/10 - 5 minifigs at this price point? Give me more of this! Overall: 9/10 - If only we got Captain Soto’s pirate torso & his gold hook, this set will be golden.
  5. Hello Eurobrikers! Here is my last project : a public works flatbed van. Basically this Moc is a full manual edition that can be upgraded with Power Function elements. In this presentation you'll only see the PFS equipped model. Here it is: This model is quite simple. It has manual function as direction with HOG, opening doors and front bonnet, a working 4 cylinders fake engine, a lift able flatbed, a winch and lots of details. here are some views of the design: right view of this van with the manual command of the flatbed lifting (the black 12T double bevel under the bed) This front view show the design of the front end, lights and bonnet cover: From this side you see details like the fuel hatch and a gearbox.... ? ....why a gearbox on a manual stuff ?......hé hé. still some patience ;) First we have to have a closer look at some details: easy accessible command of the bed and of the winch (simple friction connector used here) The winch with a storage box, chains: The engine bay, detailed with a big fan at the front end and a hood holding system: (Note that the front lights are PFS ready) At the rear end, the bed articulation with the opening element of the bed that fits perfectly even when bed fully raised. There is also a detachable toolbox: The back view that I didn't thought to speak until now: Nothing really special I must say. PFS ready rear lights: There is also a little crane based on a LEGO set that I reviewed and which I brought some modifications like a track train perfectly working on smooth surfaces Some other views of this excavator: I added a rotation command and modified the gears in the tracks: So.... I said in this post that this model has been designed to be manual and upgradable with power function. Once put in place the M motor does the job and motorised a reversible gearbox to lift the bed. But that's not all. Who will find what this medium motor does in addition to that? Ps the answer is hidden also in one of my previous Moc ;) So who's going? Regards Steph
  6. Brickadier General

    Mr. Freeze's Ice Crawler (Micro)

    This is the latest addition to my arsenal of microscale Batman baddie vehicles. My friend, Omar Ovalle made a Mr. Freeze microfigure (he also edited the first photo). I thought he needed a vehicle and this was the result! For ideas, I looked to polar research vehicles, past and present. That's why the vehicle is big and has treads. It is also functional; The front end is meant to look like a snow plow at first. But they can turn into hands, capable of capturing Batman! The Ice Crawler's trailer carries an icy prison. This was also made as an update to our LEGO Ideas project, "Mini Battle for the Batcave," which you can see here: Who should be next in line for a micro vehicle?
  7. Hi everyone! I wanted to share with you one of my favorite MOCs as of late, "Mini Battle for the Batcave" (illustrations by flickr user Omar + Kazumi Ovalle). I actually finished this back in August but feel Omar's illustrations made it "pop" even more. I designed the model with playability in mind, so it has 10 play features including: 2 separable modules (Wayne Manor & Batcave), glow-in-the-dark stars, Batwing with working missiles, Joker truck with hidden guns, secret door to Batboat dock, Bruce Wayne, Batman transformation chamber, jail cell, Batwing landing pad, snap-on "Bat Ramp." Other fun details include the trophy room and Batsignal. My main sources of inspiration were the Tim Burton Batman movies and comics, with a little bit of influence from the Animated Series. The Joker ice cream truck is a nod to one featured in one of the original LEGO sets. This was a lot of fun make. If you have any suggestions or ideas, let me know. In particular, I'm interested in making more microscale Batman stuff. What characters and or vehicles would you like to see? This playset is on LEGO Ideas and is a collaborative project between myself and Ideas users, omarovalle (Illustrations) and mreilly44 (Toy Commercial Video) I would add more pictures, but I think my friend's video does the best job of showing the play features in action. The first 40 seconds, or so, is the toy commercial. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did filming it!
  8. I will be filling this out more completely as I have time. Updated Final Version LDD File (lxf) http://www.brickshel..._jonnyboyca.lxf Old Version LDD File (Russian Nesting Doll style) (lxf) http://www.brickshel..._jonnyboyca.lxf This is my attempt at a Coruscant Jedi Temple (Prequel Episodes) in the style of the Death Star playset 10188 or the unreleased Yavin IV playset that I assembled a couple of years ago. The goal was to feature the prominent rooms and personages that appear in the prequel movie clips featuring the Jedi Temple. Most of the Jedi that appear in the the temple during the films have already been produced by Lego and these minifigs have been collected and included. The additional minifigs that are in the most part unique to Jedi Temple scenes include: Jocasta Nu, Bail Organa, the Jedi padawan that defends Bail Organa, and numerous Jedi younglings. There are a couple of council room Jedi who have not been released by Lego. However, the council room in my design only features 10 of the actual 12 seats shown in the film. These 10 seats can be fully occupied by the Jedi Lego has released that are council members in the prequel films. The main architectural feature that is currently lacking is the towers on top of the temple. The playset design behind the front facade meant I didn't find a method to anchor the towers that made me happy. External Reference Animated GIF of Rendering Entrance Reference Left/Right Stack Detatched Platforms Landing Platform Reference Command Room Reference Map Room Reference Council Room Reference Hallway Reference Library Reference Holocron Room Reference Youngling Training Room Reference Meditation Room Reference Jedi Padawan - Zett Jukassa Senator - Bail Organa Bail Organa's Speeder Chief Librarian - Jocasta Nu Jedi Youngling's
  9. Ten days ago, I started to present you my WIP of this playset but finally, I have decided to show it as it is now because it will certainly take some time before it will be modified and because it is very playable. But because, the WIP topic is recent, I will link to part of the WIP presentation and only show you news features which were not presented into the WIP. The aim of this topic is essentially to show you the potential of the playset rather than trying to show all possible scene which can be played with (it would be definitively too long). Finally, this MOC has been done for participating to the SeTechnic Star Wars contest. The playset, consisting of 4 modules, aims to include all major places seen into movie V. More pictures can be found into the WIP topic. Yoda's Hut (32x32 module back) Yoda's hut look like this : The tree, the top and the entrance of the Hut can be removed in order to access easily to the inside. The Hut has 3 sections : - the entrance and main section including a kitchen (where Yoda is preparing his dinner) - the bedroom, - the storeroom. At the left part is Yoda's garden with a delicious Lahdia flower and at right is a small swamp. A little smoke come out of the hut : Yoda is preparing his dinner Is Hut has been very well structured by Yoda : The underside of the ceiling shows the transition from technological parts to purely wood. I let you imagine Yoda's live with meditation periods, walking during hours into the forest, preparing his lunches, resting into his bedroom and, more recently, with long discussions with Luke. The DarkSide Cave (64x32 module at left) Most of the module has been presented into this section of the WIP topic A short stop motion movie using this module. The forest clearing (64x32 module back) Most of the module has been presented into this section of the WIP topic. Another short stop motion movie using this module. The swamp (module 64x64) This is the largest module with its 64x64 size. In fact, everything started with the idea of a MOC of the crashed X-wing into the swamp and, instead of having to buil a fraction of the starfighter and toput it into a small swamp, I have decided to keep the X-wing intact and to build a large swamp. This module done, I decided to build the 3 other modules and to do a playset. This module has two levels separated by 15 bricks : the high level for the ground and the lower for the swamp. The swamp is black and covered by dark green leaves; it has a fallen tree inside which explains why the X-wing did not completely sunk during the crash. it is also on that tree where R2-D2 will drive after is fall into the swamp before being kept by the beast leaving into the swamp. Finally, this tree will break under the weight of the X-wing which will then completely sunk into the swamp. When the sun shines on Dagobah, the swamp is not so dark as usually presented : The crashed X-wing into the swamp (the water "surface" has been removed) standing over the tree : The dragon snake catching R2-D2 : The swamp is deep enough so that the X-wing can completely sunk by removing the tree : and be covered by the water "surface" : The rescued X-wing Most of the module has been presented into this section of the WIP topic . The characters and the accessories Most of the module has been presented into this section of the WIP topic The rescue of the X-wing One of my favourite scene is when Yoda is recueing the sunken X-wing with Luke looking at like a child becoming back a forgotten toy: and in short stop-motion movie. Final word Yoda says you goodbye into this small stop motion movie. It is to you to play now !