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Found 15 results

  1. This is a LEGO Transformer robot which is able to change into Mini Combat Robot and Combat Helicopter. I spent much more time than the others to make the stop motion animation in this video. I wanted to take a scene of flying helicopter and I tried it actually. But I failed to many times and I had to give up. :( Anyway, my favorite part of this video is the rolling and transforming scene. Don't miss it!
  2. Bricks Feeder

    [MOC] Ghost Rider's Motorbike

    This MOC is my representation of the Motorbike of the "Classic" Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze and Dan Ketch) from The Marvel Univers. It's inspired by "the Spirit of vengeance" of the terrific builder called Ben Cossy on flickr and MOCS based on the LEGO Marvel video games. The MOC has 111 pieces... X6 and it's the devil's number ! The Showcase video is online on YouTube and the Building Instructions are available on Rebrickable ! The Building Instruction is a PDF file : More shots below : I hope you enjoy the build! Let me know what you think about ! If you have some remark or problem with the instructions, let me know and I will correct. Don’t hesitate if you have questions!Moreover, could you post pictures of yours when you finish to build it and write a comment below please? Thanks ! :)
  3. Bat Wolf, the chopper seen in the Lego Batman Movie, it first appeared when Robin managed to sneak into the Bat Cave, and appeared again around the 1 hr 05 min mark in the movie. Its image is also included in the LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE: The Making of the Movie book. Its not a very accurate build as my only reference was still images from the movie, so I went for simple, straight-forward building technics for this chopper :) Regards, KMP
  4. My very 1st chopper ever. Hope you like it.
  5. TyGl200


    I am currently working on a Ghost MOC from Star Wars Rebels. I'm basing the design of DarthTwoShedsJackson's Ghost. I really dislike the original Lego set because its too small and has no interior. I'm making it UCS scaled and it would really help if anyone could give me some advice.
  6. TyGl200


    I am currently working on a Ghost MOC from Star Wars Rebels. I'm basing the design of DarthTwoShedsJackson's Ghost. I really dislike the original Lego set because its too small and has no interior. I'm making it UCS scaled and it would really help if anyone could give me some advice.
  7. Taking a few critical looks at my original A-wing MOC, I decided that a few important improvements were in order to get the shapes and proportions right. So I spent a few hours during the past few weeks to revisit the built, and a lot has changed - quite a lot, especially with the internal frame and the way this model is built. The changes were neccessary to accomodate the more correct outer shape, and to retain the sturdiness of the original MOC. Now Ahsoka's ride was finally finished, and after a few intelligence missions into imperial territory and a daring escape, Ahsoka asked Chopper to check her A-wing for imperial transmitters in an abandoned facility from the Clone Wars before returning to Phoenix Squadron. "What have you done, Chopper?! When I told you to take this thing apart to check for transmitters, I meant it figuratively, not literally!" "Badoop, ba ba. Arrrrrh!" "Ach, okay. Now let's check these sub-assemblies, and then help me put this thing back together, understood?" "Woop, woop!" If anyone would like to create an lxf-file - be my guest! Enjoy and have fun!
  8. hi everyone recently done a few brick build motorbikes in minifigure scale. The nowady standard TLG bike assembly is too large in my opinion (and for my layout), so i build some myself I took some orientation for scale on lego classic bicycles and the motorbikes (around 1990s, "old body"), to me these are still the best from TLG considering the scale. Hope you enjoy! criticism welcome btw^^ possible parts bike by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr possible parts bike by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr green = handlebars red = speedometer yellow = wheelfork pink = leather seat blue = exhaust explained detail for new motorbike by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr speed bike by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr speed bike front view.lxf by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr speed bike back view.lxf by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr motorbike chopper.lxf by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr motorbike black .lxf by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr motorbike cs style.lxf by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr handlebars for this one are supposed to be single minifig hands attached to the wheelfork. LDD just wont let me use minifig hands by itself :-( , pls imagine them to be there^^ Star Wars: "Rogue" One ;) - battle droid motorbike by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr
  9. One more alternate build of 42036 Street Motorcycle... And LDD file is available for download Chopper.lxf
  10. Hello everyone, so recently I had encountered a small dilemma, what to do with the 8430 motorbike because I am not sure that I like both A and B official models lol, so I decided to make my own version of the chopper. So what do you think?
  11. Its weird and out of proportions, but it was my first creation over 20 years pause of Lego. But its V8!!!
  12. When I saw this set: it looked to me like an apache or a military helicopter, I was tempted to buy one but realized that those colors would not help at the moment modding it to my taste so I downloaded the instructions and proceeded to build it with my bricks in a grey pattern (which is one of the most common color I have because I am mainly a star wars customer), in the process I made the modifications according to my brick availability and personal taste ending with this awesome little vehicle: 1 by Nom Carver, on Flickr 2 by Nom Carver, on Flickr 4 by Nom Carver, on Flickr There are some issues in this MOC like the fact that it has no wheels because it looks that in the SW universe they barely use them but it has a retractible landing gear anyway. 8 by Nom Carver, on Flickr 10 by Nom Carver, on Flickr 9 by Nom Carver, on Flickr I would like a little help with the gun pods on the wings and nose. 7 by Nom Carver, on Flickr 6 by Nom Carver, on Flickr 11 by Nom Carver, on Flickr And LEGO, the next time you try to push on us an attack vehicle, try not to paint it yellow, I mean, do racing helicopters really exist? and if they do, why would they look like a combat helicopter, what's coming next? "super fun sunday beach M1 abrams tank (in pink and purple pattern)"? C&C are welcome, and if you ask me, go ahead and try it, is quite easy to build, sturdy and looks amazing, it also fits a minifig (with proper modifications) it doesn't need of too much special bricks, I hope you liked it.
  13. I am fixated on the Super cycle, so here is another version of one. I wanted it to have a crazy amount of lights and be blacked out for the most part. I also made the custom "Police" decals on the white pieces. Comments and criticisms are welcome, thanks for looking.
  14. legosamigos

    [MOC] Trike

    Hello Eurobricks members! Today I would like to show you a trike or if you like a street chopper Specifications: Length: 31 cm Width: 19 cm Height without antennas: 13 cm Weight: 613 gr. Power Functions: 2 x PF M motor 1 x PF IR receiver 1 x PF IR remote control 1 x PF battery box BS gallery
  15. kosmas

    MOC: Chopper Bike mfig size

    The Dark Thunder by Kosmas Santosa, on Flickr This is my first moc post in EB, I have read the rules but still if I'm doing anything forbidden or wrong please let me know :) The Story: The rider's name is Chris aka Wrench, he is a brilliant mechanic and the one who made the bike. It was made a year after his wife and 5 years old only son died in a horrible event. He made this hoping to find new purpose and bury his deep torturing grieved by going to new places and finding new challenges. The bike itself are made to endure long journey and various terrain and made with a very strong yet light material main chassis which is great as the main based in case there will be needed custom necessity for the bike to be added in the future. The name 'Dark Thunder' came from the extremely loud and intimidating sound of the bike that you can recognize miles away, for sure it can be a good news for his friends and a very bad news for his enemy when they heard the sound of the Dark Thunder. === The Build: I build this actually for an entry of BrickFanatics moc MF Vehicle Madness, which you can find in here: It is build to fit a regular minifigure without any modification technique on the minifig to sit there. Since it's minifigs size so I still can reuse this moc to fit and fill my Lego city's street...yippeee :) === My Flickr Page: *still failed to insert links in my signature :(