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Found 15 results

  1. CommanderGrimm

    [PURIST FIG] Commander Cody Phase II

    INFO: Commander Cody has always been my favorite character of the Clone Wars Era despite his betrayal of his Jedi master, General Kenobi. I decided that, since I had a few 212th battalion figures around, to try to make as accurate of a phase 2 Cody as possible. This is the result. PARTS: -The main body is that of the Clone Wars Commander Cody. -The legs are of the 212th Airborne Trooper. -The helmet is from the 212th Trooper. -The head is from Boba Fett. -The backpack is from a First Order Stormtrooper polybag. -The hair is a military-style black haircut. -The rifle is composed of a blaster rifle and a black connector piece. -The Palpatine hologram is from the Republic Frigate. The binoculars are macro-binoculars. PICTURE:
  2. Mon3yMon3y2020

    [MOC] Upon the Invisible Hand

    "I shouldn't, it's not the Jedi way!" "I shouldn't, it's not the Jedi way!' by Money Money 2020, on Flickr "Chancellor Palpatine, Sith Lords are our specialty!" Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. B2 Battle Droid by Money Money 2020, on Flickr
  3. simplethinker

    [MOC] Desk-Scale Star Wars fleet

    Back when the original Lego midi-scale sets came out, I fell in love with the idea of having models the size where they were small enough to display, but large enough to have detail and be cool. So, I set out first with my all time favorite capital ship in Star Wars, the Venator Cruiser. I roughed out the main idea, and kept tinkering with it ever since. That was 6 or 7 years ago. I was a beginner, so needless to say that it took four years of tinkering, remodeling, overhauling, and learning that got it to where I was satisfied. My thoughts about midi-scale, or desk-scale as I call it, were to focus on capital ships, since it seemed cool to have the largest ships in star wars on my desk. I also had the benefit of there not being very many people that had done capital ships at this scale. As a result, I built my next favorite capital ship, the executor. If you see the other photos, it was a good attempt, but it wasn't the greatest. Luckily, I found @skayenhere on Eurobricks who showed how to make the dimensions correct, though his is much, much larger. One good overhaul and viola!, the current model. (compliments of @skayen) It was around this time that I discovered Bricklink, which expedited the process. A lot. I decided to give it a go with smaller craft, starting first with a ship I came to love, the Ghost from Star Wars: Rebels. This time, design to completion only took a month (working on it off and on). It was also on this one that I tried my hand at custom sticker work as you can see on the cockpit and front turret. Then, I saw Rogue One and had to have a U-Wing. That was a pain in the butt as I designed and bought the parts only to realize that the wings were way too heavy to be supported by only a clip. I redesigned them to be lighter, but I still had to give up the functionality of the wings folding outward. I’ve seen others be able to do it, but I didn’t have the techniques to figure it out without an entire overhaul (which I don’t have the motivation or patience to do). It looked good, and that was enough for me. I left the clip in to make it look like it could though :D. Then, I had to hit the Resurgent battle-cruiser that was introduced in The Force Awakens. There wasn’t much source material at the time (pre Last Jedi) and I'm glad it turned out as well as it did. All the while, I'm getting better and better at designing and building, so it went from four years to completion, to two, to finishing two in a year, to now three in a year. They aren’t the most complex builds you’ll ever see, but that’s part of the style of this collection. Now for the Falcon. I hadn't dared do something so iconic since it'd been moc-ized at every conceivable scale innumerable times. But, I studied and saw one niche scale where it hadn't been given justice in my eyes, and I went for it. Another driving factor is the Ultimate Collector's Series Millennium Falcon that had been released that same fall to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Episode 4. I wasn't going to pay $800 dollars for a set, as cool as it is, and I didn't have anywhere to put it even if I did. Time to crank out the desk-scale experience. Two months later and there it was, my greatest thus far. It weighs two pounds. I managed to finish it before 2017 ended, making it my 40th anniversary celebration piece. Be sure to hit my flickr to see a couple of timelapses of me building this sucker! The latest I’ve done was inspired by @Inthert when he modified his excellent U-Wing into the junker version that appears in Star Wars: Rebels. I thought, “why not? I can so the same thing!” and voila! I’ve since shortened the wings a bit from these pictures so they are more accurate. Here's some pictures of most of the fleet on a wall: Their public debut and my first Lego Con, Brickslopes June 2018: I hope you enjoy. - Jordan Fridal aka simplethinker Every model has one element, idea or technique that I borrowed from someone else. So thanks to Erik Varszegi, V1lain, Tim Goddard, @Inthert, @sparkart, Palleon, @DarthTwoShedsJackson, @skayen, @Brickdoctor, and the LEGO Group! I’ll leave it as a challenge to all of you to look through the photos and figure out which elements came from where.
  4. Hey guys, this is my mini moc (16x16) on Mustafar, it is based on the duel of episode III. Lego Star Wars: Mini MOC on Mustafar Lego Star Wars: Mini MOC on Mustafar
  5. Hey all! A surprise leaving gift for my good friend Sanel who fittingly goes by the nickname 'Boga' this was a model I tremendously enjoyed building. I had great fun bringing Boga to life with bricks and even though this represents about 98% of my collection of dark green (which now proudly sits at Sanel's place) it was more than worth it. I wanted to tackle Boga for a while and this now created the perfect opportunity. For some reason our favorite lizard never got the replica out of LEGO it deserved (no, we won't mention the set from back in the day). Boga - Obi-Wan's Varactyl by Rolli, on Flickr It came together quite quickly over the course of two evenings and then a third one after a couple of Bricklink orders brought the sought-after dark green hands and some other small bits for the last details. I especially enjoyed building the head – I seem to have a thing for animals and creatures lately. Whereas the feathers around the neck were totally straightforward, especially the golden decorations cost me quite a bit of time. Well... All worth it! Sanel was over the moon – and so was I, seeing him so happy about the model. Hope you like it - let me know what you think! Best Markus PS: Obi-Wan's fancy new hairstyle obviously results from Boga's speedy movement across Utapau, not my atrocious collection of dark orange hair styles ;)
  6. marathon_productions

    [MOC] The Battle of Razor Coast

    The Battle of Razor Coast, the 3rd installment of the Jabiim Collab series ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. Samppu

    [MOC] BARC Speeder

    Hello, here is another small build from me, BARC Speeder. There is a Lego spring-loaded shooter under the nose of it. -Samppu
  8. marathon_productions

    [MOC] Sacking of the Jedi Temple

    Hello everyone The following is a little creation i threw together from some tan parts I had lying around. I hope you like it and i would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions for the MOC. Thanks Link to showcase video:
  9. Hello, Today I present my first MOC I am posting on Eurobricks:- "In the wilderness of Kashyyyk". The idea behind the MOC was to create a "slice" of the world that is Kashyyyk. I've chosen a bright colour scheme to work with as I feel it keeps the MOC rather upbeat as opposed to a fairly dark colour scheme which may be more accurate but more gloomy. Anyway, here is an overview shot. 20160327_130539 by badgersdontvote, on Flickr A reverse shot of the scene. 20160327_130513 by badgersdontvote, on Flickr From the foliage near the river. 20160327_130826 by badgersdontvote, on Flickr Without the figs. 20160327_125217 by badgersdontvote, on Flickr From the back 20160327_125245 by badgersdontvote, on Flickr Thank you for looking, I hope I have formatted the pictures correctly and to an appropriate size. If you have any feedback or would like some more photographs, I would be most gracious. ~Janeway
  10. Two MOCs in one day! Decided to quickly make a revamped version of the 2005 7521 Darth Vader Transformation set. Minifigures included are Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader, Anakin Skywalker, and a Medical Droid. Oh, and the Transformation Droid if that counts. As usual with my MOCs, I made it like an official LEGO set, play-ability all around. Like the original set, you can spin the table to show both Anakin pre-transformation and after. The platform also has two levers that can be turned to rumble the platform and knock off the droids, like the movie. Reference photo - Thanks for looking!
  11. Kristof

    [help] CIS emblem sticker

    Hello, For my recently completed MOCs of Invisible Hand and Venator, I need two emblem stickers for each one. For Venator, I found matching sticker sheet from set 75038 that fits my needs perfetcly for 'Open Circle Fleet' emblem applied on 2x2 LBG tile. However, for Invisible Hand, I need very tiny 'CIS emblem' onto blue 1x1 chese slope and I wasn't able to find any matching sticker within SW sets. Is it possible that there is some existing that I missed? If not, I'd need some advice on how to print a custom sticker. I personally do only have black laser printer but I think I could get acces to color one. Unfortunately I have no idea about what paper/foil to use, whether there are some pre-glued sticker sheets to print on... lacking any knowledge in general. Thanks for any recommendation or advice :)
  12. Happy Force Friday everyone! The frigate is one of top ships for screen time during the Clone Wars, and also seen in Episode III, but it has no LEGO model, so I made one for it! It has 2 Separatist stickers on the side, and I think it works great on this scale! This is actually one of the only scales that will work since you need the shape of those 2 large front pieces, so I'm glad they exist! I also love the tiny details on the buildings on top. LEGO Ideas Page Please feel free to comment, and give me some feedback, and if you really like it, support it on LEGO Ideas!
  13. This is my entry for SoNE Episode III: Search in the Echo Base. Initially, I wanted to make it bigger but real life slowed me and I was forced to make it smaller; however I think it comes out quite well. The squad of soldier Wedge09 is sent, together with other rebel soldiers, to search the Echo Base. In their search, soldier Wedge09 and his squad found a data server and some crates. Their orders are clear: retrieve all can be usefull and destroy all which is not. One of the soldiers calls their chief officer: "Sir, we have found something, crates and a data server, I think." "Copy, proceed as your orders." "Yes, sir, we are moving." and a photo without minifig C&C are always welcome and Enjoy
  14. We had only one main goal on this mission and it was to win against the Rebels in a snowball fight. We arrived at Hoth before they did, so we put a sign outside the sector E entrance: "Christmass time, no weapons allowed!" They obeyed the simple rule and after entering a huge snawball fight occured. We modified one of our cannons to shoot snowballs. Now that was a fun thing to watch! The Rebels left after a while all soaked with snow and shivering in cold ... Here you can see some of the Rebel SoNE participants. Stash was also fleshified! :) Here's our brutal snowball cannon. Downloading the last usefull data from the computers. Bob's aproaching to finish the job ... Steve's decorating an empty abandoned storage room. Half of our dropship was full of his silly presents. And here's a brave Rebel trying to retrieve Leia's clothes. Good luck with that, Rebel scum! Anyone know which side Santa's on? Whole MOC from one side ... ... and the other. All this holiday time was an excellent excuse to make a fun episode like this one. Thanks for extending the deadline, I really wouldn't have made it otherwise. Glad to see I'm not the only one ... Hope everyone had a nice Christmass, it's a bit late for this now, but there's always the next one! Good luck to everyone in the contest!
  15. Here's my entry for the Episode III community build! Palpatine's Medical Chamber. Palpatine's Medical Chamber by Walter Benson, on Flickr Medic Chamber Lit Up by Walter Benson, on Flickr "Lord Vader, Can You Hear Me?" by Walter Benson, on Flickr The whole structure of the diorama is based off the shape of the medical chamber, which resembles the Imperial insignia. I lit the creation with Lifelites! I had fun building this, and I love the Frankenstein-esque style of the scene.