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  1. Jody Meyer

    [Ep XVII Freebuild #3] Prowl Great Cain

    Great scenes, the build's look excellent. Nice clear photos. I am jealous of all your imperial figures...
  2. Jody Meyer

    REVIEW: 75222 Betrayal at Cloud City

    Great review, now to convince the wife this is worth 400.00 CAD...
  3. Jody Meyer

    The Bounty Hunter Missions

    I have a quick question(s)... 1) which generation of storm troop, clone trooper are we using, are we continuing from the endor chapter or can I use say clone troopers and some how work them in...i seem to have a whole bunch of those... 2) So i am trying to do a scene with out actually have said minifigure (gweedo)....any thoughts on how to incorporate him? cheers
  4. Jody Meyer

    [MOC] The Last Place on Earth

    Love it, great looking build
  5. Luc, sorry to see you leave the Perseus project, I didn't find anything that seemed out of place that was written, oh well. I think your build's are awesome, I follow you on Flickr as well. Hope to see you around.

    Jody Meyer.

  6. Jody Meyer

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    Thank you for sharing this, first of all that is an amazing collection. I have become overwhelmed with the amount of sorting that is needed to keep organized, it's to the point that it's leading me back into a dark age without building. I tend to sort by shape and not worry about the colour, I have to many of the one of's. cheers Jody
  7. Mine doesn't show the updated score now? Do I have to remove and re post it?
  8. Jody Meyer

    AG2 Prologue

    I would love to help out, PM is fine. I can help with Photoshop stuff as well as excel coding. Anything really. My real life is never getting ahead, my wife and I have been both fighting cancer so distraction helps.
  9. mine looks good, nice to see another tag under my name !! i am trying to figure out a bounty hunter build without having an Rodian or Geonosian head. location is easy...
  10. Jody Meyer

    WhiteFang's LEGO Studio

    wish I had a collection like that. oh well maybe someday. One way to keep the dust from settling in the display is to wire up a small CPU fan to a nine volt and a small hole to blow it out. depends if you are comfort able cutting glass though..
  11. Jody Meyer

    AG2 Prologue

    What are you looking for in a candidate? Maybe I can help out. Retirement has it's privileges, time being on of them.
  12. Jody Meyer

    [WIP] Light up all Modulars with LEDs

    Your work on both is awesome, are you adding any resistors to your LEDs? Love the clean tube work, great idea. I am thinking I want to do my Death Star with leds
  13. Jody Meyer

    [MOC] Akiyuki rail climber

    I like the concept, yours turned out well as well.
  14. This is a great little build, nice way to show the rocks floating.