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  1. Jody Meyer

    Stranger Things Season 3 - Suzie, do you copy?

    Saw this on your flickr page, love them all. This one has great detail, antenna is great.
  2. Jody Meyer

    Caterpillar 797F Dump Truck

    awesome, I love the ev3 portion, I have a hard time to find different ways to use mine.
  3. Jody Meyer

    [M10 - Sarapin - TCR] Traitor’s End

    A ton of great detail and work done here. Have fun sorting this one love the bubbling lava nice touch.
  4. Jody Meyer

    [TC16] Mobile Power Station

    That is a fantastic build, solar panels are a nice clean design.
  5. Jody Meyer

    [MOC] U8-3R

    An opposite position of the "bike" part.
  6. Jody Meyer

    [MOC] U8-3R

    Can the "bike part" go on ether side of the dome?
  7. Jody Meyer

    [MOC] U8-3R

    i also saw it in the contest, great design. question, which set has that dome piece, i would love to order a set of them...
  8. Seen, what a great build, and story line start
  9. Jody Meyer

    UCS TIE Silencer

    OMG sexy
  10. wow so many star wars figures lots of patience for building this I bet. looks great.
  11. Jody Meyer

    Canadian Eh?

    Bummer I am going to miss this...looks great though.
  12. Jody Meyer

    Atlas Copco Minetruck MT85

    This is awesome, we have lots of these in my area, not this one specifically. I am in a mining town...
  13. Jody Meyer

    [N10 - Foundry - TCR] The Can Can

    Wow this is an awesome build, yup lots of detail and your photography is on point, great job
  14. Jody Meyer

    Solid edge library has them for solid works, you can easily convert to solid edge.
  15. Jody Meyer

    [MOC] TIE Interceptor - FREE INSTRUCTION

    Sexy are your instructions going to be free?