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  1. Excellent brick work. Love the pose of the spy.
  2. I think I am one of two main ones....nice.
  3. Thank you, seems your the only one. I try to do new stuff every time, oh well.
  4. nice looking hyperdrive...great story.
  5. *Your entry has earned 7 XP (S:3, T:2, A:2) + 3 bonus XP for a total of 10XP EP4 Cat C by Meyerj, on Flickr
  6. *Your entry has earned 13 XP (S:5, T:4, A:4) + 3 bonus XP for a total of 16XP EP4 Cat B.1 by Meyerj, on Flickr
  7. Hello an dwelcom, sorry for the short answer on the other message. I do have two main characters that hand out the billets for the bounty / package / whatever is really sort of contraband. So for the first one. Momma - Mama, an elder Hutt, was born sometime before 1021 BBY, and sometime after became the wife of Papa. Together, they had three children: Ziro Desilijic Tiure, Ebor, and another male child. However, Ebor would eventually die. She was also the grandmother of Jabba Desilijic Tiure, and the great-grandmother of Jabba's son Rotta, and his nephew Gorga Desilijic Aarrpo. At some point before the start of the Clone Wars, Papa ran away, later dying and being buried on Teth. This information was known only to Ziro, who didn't have the heart to tell his mother that Papa had perished. then there is gummgar; Grummgar was a Dowutin male who worked as a big game hunter and mercenary active around thirty years after the Battle of Endor. After being left to live on his own at a young age, like all Dowutins, Grummgar acquired considerable hunting skills and eventually contracted work to hunt down a predatory molsume, native to the jungles of the planet Ithor. Despite the illegality of hunting on Ithor, Grummgar tracked molsumes for a period of time before he encountered fellow game hunter Nysorly. After regarding each other as potential competition, both hunters walked away with their own molsume pelts.
  8. Thank you for the feed back, the newer ship is a take off of half razor crest, the feeling of it and up grade off of this (link)
  9. CataEP4 by Meyerj, on Flickr
  10. Jody Meyer

    [Contest] Space Pirates - Back to the Carribean Galaxy!

    You had me until it said no digital.😐
  11. Jody Meyer

    [MOC] Shin Hati's RP82 Fiend Fighter

    This is a really great upgrade, T6 is tricky , balance is key.
  12. Bounty Hunters Guild by Meyerj Bounty hunters guild by Meyerj Bounty Hunters guild by Meyerj
  13. Welcome @paintballman, great looking build, love the back that you use reak material for your back drop (sand.) @MKJoshA please give access to mercenary forum please. I would if I could.
  14. Nice slick design, nice layout.