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  1. Jody Meyer

    [S10 - MC] Visit Nar Kreeta

    This turned out fantastic, nice of you to set the bar...
  2. Jody Meyer

    [M4-22 - 12x12 Vignette] Profundity Bridge

    I think I am going to need your email. I can attach the files from there. Cheers
  3. Jody Meyer

    [M4-22 - 12x12 Vignette] Profundity Bridge

    I could have helped with the head I have it in
  4. The Outpost a few old friends meet Friends? or bounty to be collected? When the Hutt's require a bounty hunter, many will come for the meeting and credits
  5. I use them only in studio. Also have the helm as well if interested.
  6. I have them in photoshop if you want them.
  7. Jody Meyer

    [M4-22 - Brick Built Creature] – Boga The Varactyl

    I agree the toes seem a bit large..but the rest looks really well done.
  8. Jody Meyer

    [M4-22 - Alphabet Fighter] D-Wing Fighter

    This took some thought, looks really good.
  9. Jody Meyer

    [M4-22 - Purist Minifigures] - Team Citadel

    Nice...mercenaries...Great looking group.
  10. *Your entry has earned 9 XP (S:3, T:3, A:3) + 3 bonus XP for a total of 12XP Formos, an Outer Rim Territories astronomical object lying on the hyperspace routes known as the Pabol Sleheyron and the Triellus Trade Route, running spice along the Kessel route for the empire, but for now it is done for the highest customer. -no questions asked.
  11. Welcome, and I am 100% digital...Studio and blender....there is a contest going not to sure you caught it, have a look through, ask questions.
  12. Welcome, to the Mercenaries!
  13. Welcome Founded originally with the name Freelance Mercenary Corps it was quickly changed to The Mercenary Guild in just a few days. Formed from a group of veterans who refused an easy life of luxury most of the founding members were force sensitive and warriors at heart. They decided that they needed a change in life and independence from lifelong service to various governments. Pooling their resources they assembled perhaps the largest independent fleet in the galaxy. They offer their services to those that can pay, generally wealthy individuals. They boast a mighty fleet and ground forces. They believe might makes right and are not above culling the weak and useless from the galaxy. They are held together by strong bonds of friendship and loyalty and are open to accepting any sentient being with a like mindset who can equally handle weapons and the Force..