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  1. TheCreatorr

    Imperial Sentinel Class Shuttle MOC

    The red minifig is to show the scale of the Shuttle properly, and I choose a red fig to outline that . Sadly 2.0 only got a very old stormtrooper version... Thx very much! That was my goal .
  2. TheCreatorr

    Imperial Sentinel Class Shuttle MOC

    Thx a lot ! The hardest part on this MOC were definetly the stability of the wings and the overall frame... if you decide to get the Instruction Manual you will see that the interior structure of the wings is filled with pins and modified bricks to delicate the build as best as it can be done in this scale. But I'm not very happy about the cockpit and how it turned out... I will probably rework this part to make it more accurat to the source material like Star Wars: Rebels. Here are some pics of the official Set 75221 from LEGO to see the difference between my MOC and the Set: I think that the 75221 look like a bulky baby with it's main fuselage and rear section.
  3. TheCreatorr

    Imperial Sentinel Class Shuttle MOC

    Here are some more photos of my Imperial SCS MOC: A total of 8 - 12 minifigures fit in properly. My Imperial Sentinel Class Shuttle features folding wings for flight/landing, removable landing gear, opening top panels with lots of space inside to sit or stand your troops, a hologram table with printed council, seats for 2 minifigures, cargo space with an orange cargo container. Thanks a lot! It's really cool that you chose my MOC to post on the frontpage!
  4. TheCreatorr

    Imperial Sentinel Class Shuttle MOC

    @DrMuttonchops Thx man! It's very kind of you saying that.
  5. TheCreatorr

    Imperial Sentinel Class Shuttle MOC

    @DrMuttonchops Yes indeed, there is a gap between the top and bottom segments, like in the Set 75221. But this for purpose, at least in my moc . If you look closer at this gap, you will see that the gap is completely filled and you cannot look in the inside. In this gaps, there are usually a kind of ventilation slots, at least in The Expanded Universe. Thank you dude! Really appreciate it . Unfortunately I cannot attach my high resolution render pictures to this quote, but if you take a look at my instagram account (thecreatorrmocs = and my bio, there is a link to my shop where you can buy the Instruction Manual. There I have uploaded pictures of the interior on both sides .
  6. TheCreatorr

    MOC: T4a Lambda-Class Imperial Shuttle

    Great Lambda Shuttle @Rufus . This is my Sentinel Class Shuttle MOC:
  7. TheCreatorr

    [MOD] Imperial Landing Craft 75221

    I ask carefully, do you mean my MOC? One more question: What is a hanger? Do you mean hangar?
  8. TheCreatorr

    [MOD] Imperial Landing Craft 75221

    Great improvement of the inside @MAG85. The official LEGO Set is very poor detailed and a bit compressed like a little round baby . For that and for the reason, that I wanted for a long time an as accurat as possible Imperial Sentinel Class Shuttle MOC in LEGO, I build this version: This is my older version... and this is the finished version (95%) :). The only downside of it is that it has no huge interior.