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  1. MOC: Imperial Shuttle

    I like your approach to the rounded edges of that cockpit, overall looks like a really good model.
  2. [WIP/LDD] Star destroyer 1:250

    I'm trying to build a microscale fleet as well but it never occurred to me to build only part of a star destroyer to fit, looks great so far!
  3. [MOC] Outrider

    The Outrider's always been one of my favourite freighters in Star Wars and yours is one of the best renditions I've seen of it in Lego!
  4. Naboo N-1 Starfighter Evolved MOC

    Thanks, I hadn't caught that but now you mention it they definitely look similar!
  5. First Order TIE Fighters

    Love the studless wings and that canopy design is stellar. At first I thought they weren't Lego: the shaping is fantastic. :)
  6. Inspired by the FBTB contest "Star Wars Evolved", where entrants had to build new versions of iconic Star Wars ships, I thought I'd try my hand at updating some of my favourite ship designs in the Star Wars galaxy. First up, the Naboo Starfighter. Naboo N1 Starfighter Evolved MOC Overhead by R4canine, on Flickr I decided to get rid of the yellow colour scheme of the N-1 (only partly because I don't have many yellow bricks) to make the craft look more rugged and used. I imagine this is a much bulkier craft, packing heavier lasers and engines as well as a tail gun at the back controlled by the astromech. All this ensures the next in the line of Naboo Starfighters is more powerful than its predecessor, able to contend with pirates and other attackers when the New Republic military can't. Naboo N1 Starfighter Evolved MOC Side 2 by R4canine, on Flickr Naboo N1 Starfighter Evolved MOC Side by R4canine, on Flickr Naboo N1 Starfighter Evolved MOC Side by R4canine, on Flickr Naboo N1 Starfighter Evolved MOC Side 3 by R4canine, on Flickr
  7. [MOC] Plus-Size Millennium Falcon?

    This looks awesome especially given how small it is compared to the UCS and how many details you've managed to pack in! Only part I'm not sure about is the back of the cockpit area which has a bit of a weird shape, but that's a pretty tiny nitpick - I barely noticed it.
  8. Question about chrome C-3po

    Not in anyway an expert in this sort of stuff but if his arms were upside down it's probably just that someone swapped them round (right arm on left joint etc). All you would need to do to fix it would be to pop the arms off and swap them around but yeah it's more than likely that whoever sold it to you messed with it before you got it since Lego doesn't normally ship arms backwards.
  9. One of my favourite recent Star Wars ship designs has to be the Carrion Spike which appeared in some of the Marvel comics: unlike a lot of the rusty ships bits of junk that are iconic to star wars, the ship has a very streamlined narrow spear like shape. Since I was such a fan of this design, I decided to build a model using the Carrion Spike as inspiration for SHIPtember. As I'm sure most of you've realised SHIPtember has come and gone and it's been almost half a year since the deadline so why the holdup? I'd love to say that I'd been slaving away improving the model but in truth I just never got around to posting it. So here it (finally) is, the Nomad's Spear. The Nomad's Spear was a ship in service to the New Republic shortly after The Battle Of Endor, one of a line of ships which were designed based on stolen Imperial blueprints to create a cloaked and exceptionally lightweight and speedy corvette, which, thanks to it's highly powered engines, could quickly sneak through Imperial blockades undetected to deliver aid until these planets could be liberated. As a result of its stealth abilities and the peaceful nature of its normal missions, the ship lacked any sort of offensive firepower. Furthermore, a lack of particularly bulky shields meant the ship saw limited service outside of delivering supplies. Following the Battle of Jakku and the widespread collapse of any remaining Imperial holdouts, the mercy missions the corvettes were tasked with became increasingly infrequent and these rare few ships became increasingly uncommon. Most found themselves deconstructed or left in hangars but the Nomad's Spear was redrafted into supporting New Republic fleets. Technicians and mechanics removed armour from the already vulnerable cockpit area and the plating in front of the engines to get better access to the ship's systems. This allowed them to fine tune the craft and increase shield output, helping the ship survive many missions over its 10 year service to the New Republic before new models made the ship obsolete. Hope you enjoyed that little backstory I quickly came up with. Sadly since this these pictures have been sat on my computer for ages, I can't really get anymore images of this MOC but since I had to make the spine of the structure sturdy there wasn't really any interior to see.
  10. So I built this MOC of the A-Wing inspired by its snazzy blue colour scheme in Star Wars Rebels a while ago and it's sat on my shelf for a few weeks. I finally got around to finishing the back area of it although I'm not too pleased with how the engines turned out. Most of this was built from memory without comparing it constantly to reference pictures so I took a few "creative liberties" with the ship like with the guns on the sides. Also, I don't have any tiles in blue and didn't want to make any bricklink orders so I used bricks instead, hence why it doesn't feature the pointed tip the actual ship does (let's just say the rebels modified it). A Wing by R4canine, on Flickr A Wing by R4canine, on Flickr A Wing by R4canine, on Flickr A Wing by R4canine, on Flickr A Wing by R4canine, on Flickr A Wing by R4canine, on Flickr A Wing by R4canine, on Flickr This is my first post so if anything is wrong with formatting or something else please say! I've been browsing this forum for a few months now but never posted.