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  1. Simulterious

    (Kashyyyk - P9 - CFS) Mathfful is a Wookie Mandalorian

    Cool build!
  2. Simulterious

    [Factions Ep. 6 - Cat C][L13 - Fondor - TT] Speak of the Devil

    Wonderfull and creative build!
  3. Built to work in tandem with Arkum Elo's build in the same category. This was completed like 3 weeks ago but I finnaly got around to posting. All those yellow support pieces inspired the build and it went along from there. Size is 32x32... (expect more edits today) Accesing Triumvirate mission database... Clearance code invalid. Access denied.
  4. Simulterious

    [Factions Ep. 6 - Cat C][L13 - Fondor - TT] Speak of the Devil

    You sure about that?
  5. Simulterious

    [L13 - Fondor - TT] [CAT A] Imperial landing

    Great action!
  6. Simulterious

    [N5 - Vinsoth - CFS] Abandoned Separatist Outpost

    Amazing! Needs. More. Pics.
  7. Simulterious

    [Q10 - Uogo'cor - TT] On the Hunt

    Love the rockwork!
  8. Excellent detail, love the rainy water on the street!
  9. *Your entry has earned 6 XP* Endor [1] by simulterious, on Flickr "Hey Santar, you ever feel like we're being watched here?" "It's TK - 194, and we're not allowed to chat during our shift, remember?" "Oh give me a break! We've been standing guard for an hour staring at trees - and I'm telling you someone is watching us!" "Have you not heard of those ewoks? I hear they catch stragglers in patrols and eat them!" "Oh come on Santar I've seen a dead one once. They're like little teddybears!" "I don't know... Hey did you just hear some rustling?"
  10. Simulterious

    [P8 - Azure - CE] The Hoard | Part II

    Very nice and atmosferic!
  11. Simulterious

    [P8 - Azure - CE] Hunting Imps | Part I

    Love it!
  12. The resemblance is certainly there!
  13. *Your entry has earned 2 XP* Welcome to the Triumvirate! [1] by simulterious, on Flickr Welcome cadets! I'm captain Neimor, your supervising officer for the day. Maybe you just graduated from our academy on Scarif or have been fighting since Hoth - I will treat you no differently. Right now, the Triumvirate is in the middle of a major operation, and we need you on your best side! Your holopads contain all the details, now go and bring order to the galaxy! Welcome to the Triumvirate! [2] by simulterious, on Flickr
  14. Simulterious

    [K11 - Odik - TT] Prison Break

    Looks great! As for feedback, maybe you could add some more detail in the cross section of the floor. Cheers!
  15. Simulterious

    [P10 – Umbara - TT] Battle of the shadowy world!

    Yeah I just threw in the interiors because I had them and wouldn't be able to include them otherwise. They're more like neat easter eggs than a important part.