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  1. Out of all the builds for cat A so far, this one really is a cut above the rest! Great work!
  2. Simulterious

    [L13 - Fondor - TT] No Introduction Needed

    We will be watching your career with great interest!
  3. Simulterious

    [K11 - Odik II - TT] Between Blue Ferns

    Part usage on part with the Iron Builder competition!
  4. Simulterious

    Faction: The Triumvirate

    Welcome Brick Wolf! Darth Bjorn will PM you shortly, hold tight soldier!
  5. Simulterious

    [H19 - Skye - TT] The powers at play

    *Your entry has earned 3 XP* Before it's destruction, a record existed of all the pilgrims that came to Jedha city over many milenia. The governor presiding over the operation there was smart enough to make a copy of these records, safely stored aboard the star destroyer looming over the city. Though happenstance Admiral Gable Karius came across them years later. They contained the writings of an ancient monk who lived nearly two thousand years ago - "The Art of war". Out of the manny passages one struck him the most - "If you know your enemy and you know yourself, you need not worry about the result of a hundred battles". He took the writings to heart, implementing a new policy among his officers. They must not only be educated on The Triumvirate's internal matters, but of their enemies as well. During the time of the Empire officers weren't even told about the Hutts, an organisation directly controlling a large portion of the galaxy; Karius seeked to amend that mistake. LOG_ACCESS_exe GRANT_ISB_op-2647: FILE: ISB_Training_Holo ACCESSED: junior Lieutenant Grant Samsidi OP_PLATFORM: ISD Pandemonium START_LOG Welcome, keen officer of the glorious Triumvirate! First, congratulations are in order; you have been admitted into the Triumvirate Inquisition as a junior assistant Inquisitor. You will be assigned a transfer post from the Pandemonium shortly. This log is a formal introduction to your allies and enemies; as an Inquisitor you will keep a close eye on both. Sharing information presented in this log with personel without a level 3 or higher security clearance will result in disciplinary action and demotion. The most powerful faction in the galaxy is certainly The New Republic. Through corruption and influence over the Senate TT has managed to avert their gaze elsewhere, while slowly retaking what was lost in the war... The New Galactic Republic figbarf ver. 2 by simulterious, on Flickr The Confederacy of Free Systems is the spiritual successor of the CIS, seeking peaceful coexistence with the New Republic. At times they have meddled with our operations, but refrain from open hostility towards us... The Confederacy of free systems figbarf ver. 2 by simulterious, on Flickr Clan Eldar seeks to unite the Mandalorians of the galaxy under one banner and to restore their former glory. Fo far they have refrained from any kind of conflict, although it is rumored that several Triumvirate operatives helped jumpstart the movement... Mandalorian Clan Eldar by simulterious, on Flickr Black Sun is, at present, the largest crime syndicate at large. Since the demise of the hutts they have seized many of their assets and their monopoly on the illegal substance market. Cooperation seems possible, although no side has attempted to broker a deal... Black Sun crime syndicate by simulterious, on Flickr Corellian Security is the Republic's strong arm, boasting a shrewd intelligence agency of their own and a fleet of ships to guard planets that the NR cannot afford to. With the Republic rapidly demilitarising, CorSec's role in their defence grid is larger than ever... Corellian security (Cor-Sec) by simulterious, on Flickr The Imperial Triumvirate is, for all intents and purposes, what remains of the Empire. Our soldiers fight to defend more than a hundred worlds, taking new ones either through diplomacy or by conquest. Be it snow, forrest or a muddy hellhole, we stand our ground! The Imperial Triumvirate (imperial remnant) by simulterious, on Flickr Alien Alliances - aliens serving The Triumvirate by simulterious, on Flickr Triumvirate army troopers by simulterious, on Flickr Triumvirate cold assault troopers by simulterious, on Flickr Triumvirate Agri-Corps troopers by simulterious, on Flickr Behind the scenes...
  6. Simulterious

    [H19 - Skye - TT] Clipped Wings

    Great build - love the little Gaius Neimor cameo, be it intentional or not
  7. Simulterious

    [P10 – Umbara - TT] Storming Umbara

    *Your entry has earned 13 XP* Storming Umbara [1] by simulterious, on Flickr Storming Umbara [2] by simulterious, on Flickr Storming Umbara [3] by simulterious, on Flickr Storming Umbara [4] by simulterious, on Flickr Storming Umbara [5] by simulterious, on Flickr The Republic launches a lighting fast assault deep into Umbaran territory! Led by jedi general Anakin Skywalker and cpt. Rex, the 501 legion storms Umbaran defences... Behind the scenes...
  8. Simulterious

    (I7 - Ankus - CFS) The Sage of Ankus

    An incredibly creative and atmospheric build!
  9. Simulterious

    [K-12 - Kalist VI - TT] Horror in the desert

    More tentacles = more creepy! (Just look at my entries) Man octopuses really do get a bad rap don't they?
  10. Simulterious

    [M13 – Quarzite - TT] The horror beyond the veil

    Making something creepy and unsettling was my goal, thanks guys!
  11. Simulterious

    [U12 - Teth - TT] Fear, Pain, and Horror...

    Looks great! I do miss the statues on top of the pillars tho...
  12. Simulterious

    [K12 - Kalist VI - TT] Horror, dark science, and cloning...

    Very nice build, I think we've found dr. Pershing's friends!
  13. Simulterious

    [L9 - Coruscant - CorSec] Old, but still useful

    Yes, a great build!
  14. Simulterious

    [M13 - Quarzite - TT] Horror quarry

    Absolutely metal!
  15. *Your entry has earned 5 XP (x2 for limited challenge)* The horror beyond [1] - ver. 2 by simulterious, on Flickr The horror beyond [2] - ver. 2 by simulterious, on Flickr The horror beyond [3] - ver. 2 by simulterious, on Flickr Deep below the populated caverns and tunnels of Quarzite, where the pink crystals grow green and sickly; a ritual takes place. Sith cultists bathe in the toxic fumes of a sulphur infused crystal lake, their vision going hazy. An ancient legend says that within these tunnels still roams the spirit of an ancient dark side entity, a sith lord long forgotten or even an avatar of the dark side itself. In this hellish state they can see him, a great monstrosity red as blood, it's eyes set upon its chest. The air is even heavier now; it's wings now emerging, almost touching the top of the cavern. The cultists didn't know that the price for immortality would be so great, yet their master demands it. They can feel his presence even now, thousands of light years away. At that point they feared that monster sitting upon his throne more than this demon in front of them. They will pay the price; their master now being a step closer to returning.... Behind the scenes Really having fun with this horror theme! Entry was inspired by the SCP foundation and some Lovecraft sprinkled in. I tied the story a little bit to our favourite emperor - I imagine it takes a lot of esoteric work to bring a sith lord back to life...