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  1. Hehe, thanks for catching that. TT was a faction
  2. Taking Felucia wasn't easy the first time. Taking it again was a meatgrinder. The stench of toxic fumes and fungi fills the air, as troopers succumb to exotic diseases and droid ambushes alike. Every step can mean death, from the monstrous flora to the millions of stepmines the separatists placed in well traded routes.
  3. *Your entry has earned 18 XP* Factions: Collectable Minifigure series figures will be dropping never, in a store nowhere near you! Collect them all, from scoundrels to masters! Figure lineup 1. Jedi grandmaster Luke Skywalker 2. Imperial Consortium stormtrooper 3. IG-74 mercenary droid, employed by the Black Sun syndicate 4. Chiss martial arts trainee 5. New Republic Starhawk command fleet officer 6. CorSec dropper, fighting for the memory of his lost world 7. Pentastar Alignment field commander 8. Imperial Consortium riot trooper 9. Mando'ade hell-jumper 10. Dark Covenant Blademaster Zgar 11. Pentastar patrol gunnery trooper 12. Dark Covenant zealot 13. CorSec infiltrator commando 14. Stygian Calderra Society operative 15. Black Sun headhunter 16. New Republic senator
  4. The Dark Covenant Faction: The Dark Covenant Faction Leader: @Simulterious Faction pseudonym: DC, The Sith Ascendant Affiliation: Neutral Headquarters/Capital: Cantonica Systems: Exegol (F7), Cantonica (S4), Mortis (K2) Members: Ayobyte, Ninja Nin Description The Emperor is dead. The Sith are no more. From their ashes rises a new Power, hungry for knowledge, sacred blood and eternal being. The foolish look only at the surface, unaware of the cold deep bellow them. The Galaxy is about to take the plunge. The Dark Covenant rises, once more unto the breach. The Dark Covenant (DC) is a collection of cults worshipping some aspect of the Dark Side of the Force. There are various paths you can choose as a member; a relic hunter, a monk searching for immortality, or even an acolyte wielding a lightsaber... DC features three main cults your character can join: The Blades of Malgus Named after the Sith lord who carved out his own empire, the Blades seek purity through death. Resembling the Sith empire of old, the Blades are infamous for their prolific usage of lightsabers and other ancient weapons in their crusades. Warmaster Zgar, a fierce cyborg of immense strength, leads The Blades of Malgus. The children of Kreia Perhaps most unlike the Sith, the Children seek purity through spiritual enlightenment. Silent guardians of places powerful with the Force, they seek the bend it to their will. While pacifist in nature, the Covenant's most powerful Force users belong to this cult. Allakar the Pure, said to be 400 years old, leads The Children of Kreia. The searchers of Momin Honoring the legacy of Darth Momin, the Searchers seek purity through power. As the dark lord who possessed potent artefacts, they believe ultimate wisdom had alredy been found, lost in a forgotten temple on a dead Sith world. Kvothe the twice-burned, the legendary raider of Malakar, leads the Searchers of Momin. Territory Affiliations DC has formed an alliance with The Imperial Consortium and the Stygian Caldera society - THE SHATTERED EMPIRE. Members of the Covenant can freely build for these factions and participate in alliance-wide events - planetary sieges, space battles etc. Together with out sister Faction, The Followers of the Force, we'll be creating expansive storylines and cross faction events. Expect grand quests, collaborative work on creating sub-groups and an interesting villain for the both of us... Membership To join, reply to this post! We are looking for builders who already have some experience in building, photography and storytelling. If you're looking for a chill place to write stories, exchange feedback on builds and just hang out DC is the place in the galaxy for you! Reserved
  5. Simulterious

    [J7 – Iridonia - TT] The Atonal

    Well it's been a while, but if I remember correctly there isn't one 😅
  6. What a way to wrap up a storyline! Can't wait for Season 2!
  7. *This entry has earned 8 XP* [J7 – Iridonia - TT] The Atonal Ship specifications Name: Interdictor type cruiser “Atonal” Fleet assignment: 77th task force “Harmony” Length: 940 m (75 studs) Weapons: 4 heavy turbolaser batteries, 4 proton torpedo tubes, 6 heavy ion cannons, 6 medium laser cannons Manufacturer: Fondor shipyards national corps. Description: After securing Fondor and its shipyards, The Triumvirate started experimenting with new ship types to strengthen the navy and improve on the imperial doctrines of old. To keep their projects secret Fondor shipyards national corps was formed, its formal assignment being the repair and reconstruction of ships damaged or destroyed by Pyerce’s forces. Following the capture of the planet great amounts of resources and manpower were devoted to its construction, completing it in 7 months and deploying it a month after. The Atonal demonstrates a striking new strategy, intended to operate alone or as part of a small battle group centred around it. With a relatively small weapons compliment for its size, the Atonal focusses its power supplies on a strong deflector shield and eight powerful gravity domes. This is where it stands out among other interdictors. Its 4 primary white domes are used to pull vessels out of hyperspace, while the 4 smaller ones prevent them from leaving the system. By dividing its operations and using a large number of domes the Atonal can project a gravity shadow of a massive size, blocking out a hyper lane for kilometres. It was placed near Fondor to prevent any unauthorised travel along the Shipwright’s Trace, and subsequently deployed on Iridonia as part of the High Command fleet. Insert from admiral Neimor’s log: The invasion proceeds well. All routes off world have been blocked, and we are mopping up any remaining resistance in orbit. I have been summoned on the Ressurector, to attend the announcement of our glorious victory… Behind the scenes...
  8. *This entry has earned 10 XP* "The insurgents did not manage to wipe the data drives it seems. Technician Lask, commence stripping this facility. These catacombs are expansive, and we must act quickly to prevent any effective counter strikes on our forces." "Yes Sir!" Cdr. Bannon stood surrounded by tall figures clad in polished black armor, admiral Neimor's personal strike force. "I must break protocol captain - why are we being sent in to clean up on the Reaper's butchery? Our briefing on the Cresentius pointed to other objectives, yet we were split and the three of us assigned to you. Why?" "Good soldiers follow orders Notturno. As chance would have it, your question is quite prescient. On these drives is the location of your objective. Details and transport will be provided. Failure will not be tolerated." "Ah, yet another mission of... sensitive nature?" "Of utmost importance." "Understood. Bravura squad, move out!"
  9. Simulterious

    [J7 - Iridonia - TT] Enemies at the Gates

    Great work. Love the effects and the fig posing!
  10. Thank you! Yeah quite a lot of color variations for them, they have been around since 2013...
  11. *This entry has earned 13 XP* "Damn those insurgents! Transport shot down, missed the LZ by 7 clicks and landed in the middle of the jungle." "At least we landed in one piece. Pick up your pace, we have to catch up to the next drop in sector 17." "I'm just hoping to catch one of those monkey lizards!" "Leave it to you to chase daydreams in a warzone, Coda."
  12. *Your entry has earned 9 xp* Svivren maintained it's neutrality throughout the Galactic civil war, but a great cost. Lord Vader himself spearheaded the unsuccessful occupation of the planet...
  13. Simulterious

    [K5 - Mygeeto - PA] Not a bad sacrifice...

    At first I thought it was a nice little scene, but then as I scrolled my mind was blown!