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  1. Rubblemaker

    [MOC] Expired Jam

    Seen your work on Brothers Brick, really stunning builds. The Mass Effect shotgun is particularly amazing! Do you design these digitally first or just build them for real from your head?
  2. Rubblemaker

    [MOC] - R4-1L Precision Fighter

    Lol, yeah probably. Nothing a quick burst of the hyperdrive won't compensate for though ;) And thanks! :)
  3. Rubblemaker

    [MOC] - R4-1L Precision Fighter

    This is the R4-1L Precision Fighter. The second ship in my fleet of Neo Classic Space inspired attack vessels. Its a small ship fitted with a very large Railgun. A gun which needs cooling via the pipework system on the left of the ship after every shot. The flipside of this is that it's a one shot kill weapon. There are loads more angles on this moc in my Flickr album here for anyone interested: Thanks for looking :)
  4. Rubblemaker


    Thanks very much :) You should check out the second ship in the fleet, just finished work on it today:
  5. Rubblemaker

    Green Darth Vader

    Lol, I said it might be worth millions... not to me though. Its worth about as much to me as the half chewed Benny my 2 year old spat out yesterday.
  6. Rubblemaker

    Green Darth Vader

    Perhaps he was part of a discontinued line of Vegetarian Darth Vaders. He'd turned to the green side!
  7. Rubblemaker

    Green Darth Vader

    I have no idea. I am not an expert on Lego sun damage. I'm sure you're right and its probably worth millions ;)
  8. Rubblemaker

    Green Darth Vader

    Unless of course those aren’t the original arms, legs and head that were attached to it. Having said that the paintwork doesn’t look too faded so you might be right.
  9. Rubblemaker

    Green Darth Vader

    I have a few dark blue pieces that I got in a bulk buy, they have sun damage on one side, presumably the side that was outward facing on the build they were in. (The owner told me it was sun damage due to the location of the models they had been in) It looks exactly like this torso, evenly discoloured. You’d say that it was the bricks colour if it was the only side you saw. In fact, they’re even green!
  10. Rubblemaker

    Green Darth Vader

    Looks to me like either sun damage, fading/discolouring, a misprint or someone has replaced his torso with a knock off/fake lego one. Either way I’d estimate it’s worth about .. nothing at all. I could be wrong of course.
  11. Rubblemaker


    Ah! Thanks very much. The next ship in this fleet is coming along pretty nicely too.
  12. Rubblemaker


    Thanks. There will be a whole fleet of modernised Neo Classic Space themed ships/vehicles to go along with this one eventually. Each with their own specific numerical designation. :)
  13. Sometimes I see techniques and literally facepalm that I never thought of that. Your brackets and hinges approach to the angled wings on these is one of those moments. Very simple, clever and effective. More worthy additions to your fleet!
  14. Rubblemaker

    [MOC] Micro Slave 1

    Thanks, 🙂 the very fragile icing on the cake. They fall apart every 4.2 nanoseconds. 😒
  15. Rubblemaker


    Thanks :) Crazy fragile too. I’ve seen this technique used by others (using ice cream scoops to simulate smoke) so decided to try it myself. Those things aren’t meant to be stacked horizontally and collapse if you even look at them the wrong way!