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  1. IT’S NOT MIC... ..... oh wait... you already did that... Amazing job as ever Ron, these look as good now as the first time I saw them in the LUG!
  2. Well, can confirm, that is one super gorgeous ISD moc! Nice work!
  3. Looks really good, at least I think so.. do you have any pictures in brighter lighting? So we can see things like the stand and the overall outline? It’s all very.... dark. Beautiful and moody but.... dark... ☹️
  4. Come find me on Instagram: @rubblemaker_lego. I’ll be posting updates on instructions there :)
  5. It’s half a cm longer than the UCS Falcon. But considerably ‘slimmer’. As for actual real life (in universe) scale.. I have no idea. I don’t really build sets so don’t pay much attention to them.
  6. I was basically sticking bricks together at 90 degrees the wrong angle! Jerac told me that snot is easy to do but easy to get wrong in an unfixable way. And he was right as there was no way forward the way I was doing it and I had to start over from scratch (about a week in, so in all, the build you see in these photos was actually about 2.5 weeks in the making). As for instructions.. I was thinking about them whilst building.. is what I'm doing something that could be 'sold' as a building technique? ... that sort of thing. I happen to know someone in my LUG who is not only an excellent moc maker in his own right but also a wizard with and he will be making the instructions from photos of the ship. Fortunately, the way I created it, it can be separated into sections quite easily for photographing without having to actually 'take it apart'.
  7. Pretty much both. After I'd finished the Gladiator I spent about a week scouring the net looking for something to fill the void before settling on the Corvus. Then I downloaded as many images of it as I could find and spent a few days studying every single square mm of it. By chance around this time I'd also just bought a gigantic joblot of lbg Lego from eBay which happened to contain hundreds of bricks in it. It was around then that I thought I might have enough to attempt a SNOT build. Then it was just a case of .. building I guess. I partition a ship into sections in my mind and build it in those sections. Once I have enough of these I usually tackle a frame to hold them all together. Then it's just a case of keeping on going. I have a saying before I start every moc.. 'I'm going to keep on building until I can't figure out a way to keep on building.' With this one that almost happened and then I contacted Jerac to ask for his advice as he employs the snot technique to incredible effect. He was amazingly helpful and saved the build as I was about to give up, by giving me pointers on how to do this technique properly. So in short, yes, I just build. Mess around, tear it up, build it again, iterate, re-iterate, study pictures of it and hope to god I'll have enough pieces to see it through to the end (usually placing multiple small Bricklink orders along the way as I think of ideas I don't have the pieces for). Sorry... long answer but.. there's no quick way to explain it all. :)
  8. Lol, not that I want to give you anxiety but I used a couple of control panel printed pieces as greebling in the mid section too
  9. Hmmm... well, there are plenty of choices regarding the Imperial Corvus as it's the only one people ever seem to make. Nice to see something new occasionally isn't it? ;) regarding the tanks... I'm afraid I'm going to have to completely disagree with you on that one. The modified plates are way too thick for that area and as for the printed tiles... well, I think mine next to the reference material speaks for itself. I think I nailed it pretty accurately:
  10. Lol, the Gladiator. Yeah, that was me too. In my head that was about 16 years ago.. but in real time I finished it one month ago. I’m about to embark on a mammoth instructions making project for this and the Gladiator though so don’t expect another giant ship from me in another months time... maybe 2 though.. ;) No... me neither....
  11. Thanks very much :) Yeah, I think most people’s instinct would be to go for the Imperial version, in fact it is. That’s pretty much the only Corvus that is ever made in Lego. Just as most people make Imperial Star Destroyers. But I like to challenge that a bit and make stuff that everybody else isn’t making. I did the same with my last moc, The Gladiator Class Star Destroyer. It’s about time some of these lesser known ships got some Lego TLC ;)
  12. Hi all, this is my latest MOC, The Rebel Alliance Corvus from Star Wars Battlefront 2 Halfway through the story campaign for the game, Iden Versio, Commander of Inferno Squad, defects to the Rebel Alliance taking the Imperial Corvus Raider with her. The ship is given a new republic style overhaul and a flash new paint job (which still manages to look worn out). At 84.5 cm long, about 5,000 pieces and 8 kilos in weight, this is my recreation of that ship in LEGO bricks, made mostly using the SNOT technique. And here is me for scale: Huge thanks to Jerac for his help and advice whilst I was creating this, without whom, at one point I would have binned the whole project. You can see more in my Flickr album at: Or follow me on Instagram: @rubblemaker_lego Thanks for looking. :)
  13. Rubblemaker

    Most accurate star destroyer?

    The interior of the Eviscerator is made with about 3 times as many technic pieces as the Monarch. These 2 pictures are really bad ones to make a comparison from. The Eviscerator is a really spectacular looking model, but Onecase really knows how to photograph his Mocs. 2Impaireds ISD is incredibly polished and doesn’t have the studded look that the Monarch does. So if you prefer the studless look (as I do) that’s the better choice.
  14. Thanks very much :) Yeah it does look a bit like a Star Destroyer that has wrapped itself around a tree doesn't it.
  15. Thanks! They’re taken with my phone. Though I did also use a pro backdrop, tripod and remote switch, but it just goes to show you don’t necessarily need a DSLR these days, phones are becoming so good for photography.