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  1. Rubblemaker

    [MOC] Heimdall

    Absolutely love this build. I’ve been looking at it for a couple of weeks now and keep forgetting to post here about it. Possibly one of the most impressive NCS mocs I’ve seen for a long time. I looked at your WIP pics. That’s some crazy connection wizardry you’ve got going on inside this thing. Was all that complexity just a result of experimenting to see what worked or did you have definite ideas for how to connect everything beforehand? Amazing build and thanks for sharing! It’s motivated me to start thinking about making a new Classic space moc now!
  2. Rubblemaker

    [MOC] Let slip the dogs of war

    Yes!!!! Finally, someone got the Shakespeare connection! Nice! And thanks for the kind words. 😀👍👍
  3. Rubblemaker

    [MOC] Let slip the dogs of war

    I may well indeed do that. Though knowing me, I'd probably just use the pieces in it for mocs. Looks like it has some interesting parts. Already giving me ideas.... 🤔
  4. Rubblemaker

    [MOC] Let slip the dogs of war

    Damn! I wasn’t even aware of the Scuttler until I read your reply here and googled it. Pretty awesome looking set, and thanks for the compliments. :)
  5. Rubblemaker

    [MOC] Let slip the dogs of war

    Hmmmm...... *scratches chin and ponders turning it into a stop motion movie.... hmmmm....
  6. Rubblemaker

    [MOC] Classic Space Beta-II Refinery Base

    This is amazing mate! I especially like the way you’ve done your tiling on the ground. Really great build(s) and great photos too!
  7. Rubblemaker

    [MOC] Let slip the dogs of war

    Thanks very much :)
  8. Rubblemaker

    [MOC] Let slip the dogs of war

    Thanks :) it was all looking a bit colourless until I had the idea of making it half flooded. Needed a source for the flooding, really pleased that you noticed it! :) Thanks mate :) Does look a bit like it. Cool! I never really looked at zoids much back then, I was a transformers kid ;)
  9. Rubblemaker

    [MOC] Let slip the dogs of war

    Hi all. I’ve just completed this moc made of about 3,000 pieces. Its called 'Let slip the dogs of war' and is a post-apocalyptic scene in which a huge dog-like mech encounters a small dog which its programming cannot decide is a friend or foe. It took 2 months to design and build. I started with the intention of just making a black 4 legged mech which quickly grew into this much larger project. You can see more on my Flickr page: or my Instagram: @rubblemaker_lego
  10. Rubblemaker


    Might be something to do with it being made out of Lepin whilst this is a Lego forum.
  11. Rubblemaker

    "A New Hope" in Lego

    Absolutely jaw dropping to see the whole lot like this. Amazing work!
  12. Rubblemaker

    [MOC] DR4G-5T3R

    Thanks. The concept of a Classic Space dragster car was the one which started me on this path. Got sidetracked and made 5 other Classic Space ships first but got there in the end!
  13. Rubblemaker

    [MOC] DR4G-5T3R

    Thanks mate 🙂 glad you liked it.
  14. Rubblemaker

    [MOC] DR4G-5T3R

    Thanks. Tried so many different things with those roof pieces. They were originally going to be a ‘spine’ running down the back of the whole car, but then I realised they wouldn’t work because of that massive engine. Moved them to the sides and was pretty pleased with the result.
  15. Rubblemaker

    [MOC] DR4G-5T3R

    I have six! (counting the whole fleet) I’ve been getting quite a few requests for instructions lately so I may consider it once this lockdown is out of the way (got a bit too much going on to work on that too unfortunately). Stay tuned!