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  1. P-38 STARFIGHTER Hello again everyone Staying with the prequels this time I present the P-38 Starfighter which is seen all too briefly in Ep. III. It is seen more in the Clone Wars and a modified version in The Mandalorian which reminded me of this ship. However, it does “appear” first in Ep. III so it is in this thread! The Porax-38 (P-38) starfighter was a tough, hyperdrive-equipped starfighter used by the Utapauns as part of the Utapau Skyforce. Some models were adapted by the Confederacy of Independent Systems who had the cockpit modified for an IG-100 MagnaGuard. There are no real tricky building techniques on this one but I do like those drill pieces. The cockpit is built on a headlight brick attached to a 1x1 bracket to get the shape right with those two trans-black cheees slopes. I do like the look of this one on the stand with the Magnaguard figure. As usual please feel free to let me know what you think. More soon Jon
  2. Hello again everyone I hope everyone is safe and well. This time 3 models based on/modified from the original LEGO Star Wars Video game way back in 2005 (I think!). these models have been knocking around for a while so i am posting them now for completeness sake. They are basically "tarting up" the basic models from the game. NUBIAN ROYAL STARSHIP Firstly, the The J-type 327 Nubian Royal Starship (also known as the Naboo Royal Starship) from Ep. I was a starship used by Queen Amidala, Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and his Padawan, Obi-Wan Kenobi, during the Invasion of Naboo. Here is the model from the video game: This was too big for my tastes so I shortened and narrowed the design.I also completely redesigned the cockpit/bridge section and changed the engines. It is still a bit big (I have been tinkering with plates to replace the nose but not happy with any combination yet) but I really like how this looks with the Queen Amidala figure. WOOKIEE CATAMARAN Secondly, The Wookiee Catamaran (from Ep. III), The Oevvaor jet catamaran was a dual-purpose airspeeder that saw heavy use in the Battle of Kashyyyk. Here is the model from the video game: Not a major overhaul on this one. Colour scheme, some added panels and a bit more detail on the engine s. FIRESPEEDER Lastly, (again from EP. III) The emergency firespeeder, also known simply as a fireship, was a designated fire suppression speeder and thus was designed to transport large amounts of water and other fire-retardant agents to douse flaming structures and vessels. Here is the model from the video game: This was really just adding more detail to the model. Changing the cockpit, adding the emergency lights and changing the fire hoses. I have also built a Firespeeder pilot minifigure out of official parts. More original models soon Jon
  3. Thanks guys. People can say whatever they want about the prequels but they have to admit there are some lovely designs.
  4. NEW MODELS WILL APPEAR IN THE REPLIES TO THIS THREAD Models now included in this thread: 1. Gungan Bongo 2. Sith Infiltrator 3. Nubian Royal Starship 4. Wookiee Catamaran 5. Firespeeder 6. Porax-38 (P-38) Starfighter Hello again everyone I hope everyone is safe and well. It is time to open up another thread with MINIs from the neglected prequels. GUNGAN BONGO First up, the Gungan Tribubble Bongo from Ep. I. I had the model from the original LEGO Star Wars video game in my collection for a long time: I had been meaning to build one myself for a while as this just looked so big on the stand next to Jar-Jar! The lockdown gave me the time and the opportunity. I decided to use the 2x2 transparent domes (astromech head) for the bubbles. I have seen a lot of models use transparent dishes but they just look too flat in my opinion. In essence, for the most part, this is a scaled down version of the model above with some newer parts. There are no clever techniques or anything like that but it looks quite striking on the stand with the Jar Jar minigifure and adds some colour to the collection. SITH INFILTRATOR Secondly, The Scimitar (again from Ep. I), also known as the Sith Infiltrator, which was a heavily modified Star Courier and the personal starship of Darth Maul. Like the Bongo I had previously had a LEGO version in my collection, a modified version of the Microfighter convention model from years ago. Again, this just looked big on the stand so with time on my hands I built my own. The nose section is not built using the normal wedge plates technique as there is not the correct size or gradient for this scale (nose is 4 studs wide). Instead I have used the 1x4 plate with offset and 1x8 tiles to create the dagger shape. A 1x3 plate holds the nose construction in shape towards the nose. There is also a 1x1 round plate with hole on a jumper plate underneath the 1x6 dark grey tile holding that in place. Apart from that no clever techniques really. The bottom dish is held there by the stud on a technic half pin which is in the holes from the round plates. And yes, I know the top dish is cracked (it is old) if you have spotted that. I have tried to hide this with the colour picker function in paint – I will have to order another from bricklink. I love how this one looks on display with Darth Maul and his probe droid. Let me know what you think. More soon. Jon
  5. Thanks. I am sure I saw a MF scale in another thread - “Wookie stands out in the crowd” or something like that. Maybe it was not true MF scale for your tastes.
  6. DN-25 TREADABLE Hello again everyone This time we go back to Episode IX with the Treadable. The DN-25 treadable was a model of treadable developed by Pasaana Kitha-Garra-du on the planet Pasaana. Kalo'ne drove a DN-25 treadable across Pasaana's desert terrain during the Festival of the Ancestors in 35 ABY. Kal’one was flinty and age-worn after decades of treadable driving and was most comfortable in her driving cabin with her serpentine body wrapped around the steering column. This was quite a tricky one to build as it needed two separate treads and went through a few different approaches. Eventually I went for the version you see here. Earlier versions were too thin (only had one tread) or became way too big. The key to the build is wrapping those tread links around the 4x4 round plates at both ends of the model. Earlier versions I overcomplicated the build and had all the plates going the same way. Eventually I had a eureka moment that I could actually build two almost identical sides and join them back to back with technic axles! So that is what I did! I also quite like the little simple things on the model like the chain for the “washing line” and the little bulbs. I have also built a Kal’one minifigure out of bricks and a transfer for her face. Let me know what you think. Jon
  7. obijon

    [MOC] MINIs from Clone Wars - 4 models

    my bad, I was not aware of them then when it was built. I was not buying sets at that time. I am more aware of new parts now as my 7 year-old monster loves his LEGO. Either way it is an old model!
  8. obijon

    [MOC] MINIs from Clone Wars - 4 models

    @BEAVeRMany thanks for the kind words. Yes, I try not to compromise too much and get as much detail in as possible. Usually a few parts (or part) drive the shape of the model but I do try and avoid gimmicks and using a certain part just for the sake of it. Sometimes I do get a eureka moment with a certain part(s) like the nose of the Y-Wing but as you say it needs to fit the source material. One thing I have been doing more recently is to have schematics of the source material on the computer screen where possible and try and match the silhouette from all angles with any prototype I am building. These models were updates of older models so I was not looking to rebuild too much. I would love to see your critique of the newer models in the other threads from Resistance, Rebels, The Mandalorian and the movies! Just search my username - you would probably get sore fingers typing. Addressing your points: I initialliy had that part but felt it did not leave a big enough gap so I went with the door rail. Matter of taste I suppose. This was one of those small compomises that you need to make building in such a small scale. The slope does both jobs so to speak. I cannot move it forward with the current construction as it would effect how other parts are held together. there is a 1 x2 brick with studs on sides in there which attaches to the headlight bricks at the front. I will get one of those jewel pieces out of my sons collection and see how it looks. I think it would stick out further though. Those slopes would just make the tiny gap at the back where the engines are attached by brackets look wider I think. I will see how it looks. The grey tile was just for a bit of contrast and to show the vent more clearly which is in the source. This was the one I did almost completely rebuild and I did start tiling it all in at first. It just seemed too thick afterwards and made the head on the right appear too small- I didn't want to raise that another stud. Any feedback is appreciated and with lockdown I have plenty of models at least in the prototype stage.
  9. obijon

    [MOC] MINIs from Clone Wars - 4 models

    Many thanks - I always loved the Clone Wars. if you want to see more search for my name on the boards and there are plaenty of other threads for the movies, Rebels, Resistance etc. thanks again - I am always trying to find different techniques to build things/solve problems.
  10. Starting a new thread here for the Clone Wars! New models are in the works so keep an eye out! Models in this thread: 1. TWILIGHT 2. TRIDENT 3. BTL-B Y WING STARFIGHTER 4. HYENA DROID BOMBER Hello again everyone After re-watching some of this prior to watching the new series I decided to go back and update some of my old Clone Wars models from a while back which were originally posted on the From Bricks to Bothans (FBTB) board. As I said these are not new models but have been updated for new parts which were not around when these were first built. The original versions of these were built way before the Planets Series so I have also had to buy the figures. The old versions can be found here (with some very bad and grainy photography!): TWILIGHT First up we have the Twilight - The Twilight was a Corellian G9 Rigger-class light freighter owned and operated by the Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker during the Clone Wars. Skywalker and his Padawan, Ahsoka Tano, used the ship to escape from a battle on Teth. The original version was grey and sand blue but I decided to ditch the sand blue tints. I also updated the top cannon as the 1x1 brackets were not available when this was first built – just the neck bracket piece. I also wish they would bring the old fingered hinge plates back as I still have old grey ones for the bottom wing as they are the only piece that work so it can fold up properly. These are now rare but are very useful for mini builds as you do not have to add an extra layer of plates for imperial shuttle/Skyhopper (hint) wings for example. It shows my age that luckily I have a few of these lying around! TRIDENT Next up the Trident - the Trident-class assault ship, also known as the Trident assault ship, was a model of aquatic gunship manufactured by the Colicoid Creation Nest. They were used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars. This one is so old the cheese slopes were not available when it was first built so I have used the cheese slopes to update the head to give it a more rounded appearance – previously this had a jumper plate and a tile where the cheese slopes are. I have also updated the “limbs” with the 1 x2 plates with handles and clips, replacing the old finger hinge plates and also added the tooth pieces and added the round tile for the cockpit. Those cone pieces are still not both available in normal red though so dark red it has to be! Meh. BTL-B Y-WING STARFIGHTER Thirdly we have the Republic version of the Y-Wing Starfighter. The BTL-B Y-wing starfighter was an assault starfighter/bomber that flew combat missions for the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars. This did not have a major overall – mainly new white pieces as the old ones had yellowed. I have added some of those curved 1 x2 slopes which weren’t around and a couple of the round plate with a bar which are very useful for cannons on minis! The shape of the nose has been built using the horizontal hinge plates instead of wedges so that is only 3 studs wide. HYENA DROID BOMBER Lastly, for this post, the Hyena Droid Bomber - the vulture droids big brother. These were droid starfighters manufactured by Baktoid Armor Workshop. They were designed for heavy ordnance bombing runs. Based on vulture droid designs, Hyena bombers had wider and sturdier hulls with huge wings to gain stability during flight. This one had the most drastic rebuild as I rebuilt the centre section completely. Instead of the 1x2 slopes with grilles I have used the new 1x2 curved slopes for the heads both on top and underneath. I also made the centre section a stud wider. Let me know what you think. More soon. Jon
  11. Hello again everyone A quick update today – 2 mods of official LEGO models which I have uploaded for completeness. Both of these have been built a while but I don’t think I have published them before. Plenty of NEW models in the pipeline for all eras - LOCKDOWN! Jon A-WING Firstly, a mod of the official A-Wing polybag. I thought parts of this build were lazy and also with the parts and build used this was actually not far off being a very nice little model. I needed a few extra parts, not many. The laziest part for me was the guns. Why not just add a couple of clip plates so they are actually on the “A”? I also replaced the antenna pieces used for the guns with those flick missile pieces. I also changed the part on the engines and added some white slopes to the fuselage. SUPER STAR DESTROYER This is a mod of the little model which came with the UCS Death Star II. I increased the length by a couple of studs and replace the plates with tiles. I am not sure why tiles weren’t used in the UCS model as it looks so much smoother! I also replaced the binoculars used for the bridge with a clip tile. I have been meaning to build my own SSD for a while so that is now on my to-do-list.
  12. Thanks very much. @martinsuper - glad to see you have built it. I didn't realise the Ghost was so big compared to the Razor Crest1
  13. No, I just build the MINIs. We don't have a lot of space to display etc now the little monster is becoming a larger monster! The missus is also not a LEGO fan so I am always fighting that battle regarding shelves etc! It's easy to keep little models relatively dust free inside a display cabinet. I have been busy though - I have got quite a few prototypes buillt but I am trying to bulk order pieces for a few models at a time to reduce deliveries for obvious reasons.
  14. And there I was hoping for a micro of Ackbar's flagship! Having attempted this many moons ago it is a tough one. Maybe i will revisit that one. Anyway its a very nice looking little model and the idea of miniaturised sets has reminded me of something I have been meaning to do for a long time but never got round to which might be something you could look at - "Bounty Hunter Pursuit" from Ep.II. (complete with power couplings.....).