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  1. That is awesome work. I would not have the time, parts or patience to build something like this. Will you have the lighting in the real thing? The only slight nit-pick (and it is only a slight one) is the Ubrikkian speeder looks a little flat or too wide. I would "steal" Chris Deck's one and maybe tweak it a little........... ....
  2. T-6 SHUTTLE Hi again everyone, A quick model this time and keeping up the Republic theme from Clone Wars it is the T-6 Shuttle. No fancy building tricks with this one. It just uses plates and slope bricks. When I first thought about building this one I tried to incorporate the spinning cockpit and engine block as one section. The model just started to grow too big for my liking or looked too blocky. In the end I just made the cockpit and 3 engines easy to move (twist on a single stud) so the shuttle could be shown in flight and landing configuration. It is just a shame that cockpit piece does not come in white. Overall, it all works well enough. I like the use of the technic pins and clip tiles as the landing gear. I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of that before! Again, let me know what you think about this and any other models in this thread. Cheers Jon
  3. Hi all Having finished re-watching Clone Wars there are plenty more ships to build. And if, heaven forbid, any of you have not watched this brilliant show I highly recommend watching (and Rebels but not Resistance! ). Of these ships here are the first two: ARQUITENS-CLASS LIGHT CRUISER The Arquitens-class light cruiser, also known as the Jedi light cruiser or Republic light cruiser and later the Imperial light cruiser, was a line of light cruisers designed by Kuat Drive Yards that saw extensive service with the Republic Navy during the Clone Wars. In appearance it resembles a cross between the Consular-Class cruiser seen in Ep. I and the Venator-Class Star Destroyer seen in Ep. III with its size somewhere in between. This model uses a combination of bricks with studs on sides and plates to get the shape of this ship. There are no real tricks used but it is quite a nice looking little model. I have also made a custom Clone Naval Officer for the display. FREECO BIKE The CK-6 Swoop, or Freeco Bike, was a speeder bike specially adapted to operate effectively in cold environments. It was a swift speeder that could function in cold weather the likes of which would not allow standard speeders to operate. The bike featured an insulated and heated cockpit This is a simple little build and uses a lot of trans-clear pieces to create the bubble cockpit. The figure is a custom which I bought from ebay so I can’t take credit for the lovely Cold Assault Trooper figure. As always feel free to let me know what you think. More soon, Jon
  4. Thanks, I thought these two had got ignored. I really enjoyed building the Lucrehulk as it was a bit of an experiment at first. Go for it. That's why we share these creations after all. thanks again. Maybe it does look better. It does not flow as well with the eyes but it is more accurate. It is a tough shape to get without the model becoming too big.
  5. Thanks again. I have now added the "eyes" and updated the pictures in the original post. I am not sure if I prefer it like this but I suppose it is more accurate. I have used trans-red cheese slopes attached to a brick with studs on 4 sides. This was the only way I could see of doing this as the central part needed to have a hollow stud due to the construction method. Thank you. I do try and get as much detail as I can in these little models. Sometimes compromises do need to be made though at times.
  6. DROID TRI-FIGHTER Hello again everyone Continuing with the prequels and the Separatist theme from the last two models this time I present the Droid Tri-Fighter from Ep. III. I have said in the past that I don’t build around “gimmick” pieces (building a model using a piece for the sake of it). Whilst this is true sometimes there are Eureka moments. Whilst playing Star Wars battles with the many advent calendar sets we have with my son I realised that the ball turret used for the Ion Cannon would be perfect for the droid brain of the Tri-Fighter. I looked on Bricklink and found a transparent piece (it is glow in the dark) and hey presto! The 3 arches of the model are created using technic triangle pieces, click hinge pieces and clip and handle plates. An umbrella stand piece and a round 1x1 brick then attaches the front of the turret piece to the rest of the model and the 2x2 base of the turret is attached to the back of the model using 2x2 round plates and a bar through the axle holes. As this was not a conventional build one of the hardest parts was working out how to attach it to the display stand. There is an old circular wrench piece at the back of the model the handle of which slots into a technic pin. The turret piece then rests on a cylinder for support. I like how this one looks with the Buzz Droid. Let me know what you think about this one and any of the others in this thread. More soon. Jon PS. Model has been updated to include the sensor eyes.
  7. Hello again everyone 2 models today from my lockdown building binge which I have finally completed. We are going back to Episode I with these two. Let me know what you think. Jon LUCREHULK-CLASS BATTLESHIP Firstly, the Lucrehulk Trade Federation battleship used to blockade Naboo. This was one of those Eureka moment type builds. I was building a Hidden Side set (School Bus) with my son when I saw the pieces used for the wheel arches. Not being a real expert on new parts – I learn when I build these sets with my boy – I wondered if theses wheel arch pieces came in grey and hey presto! The trick with this build was how to attach the bottom part of the hull. They are simply attached using technic pins in the stud holes in the bottom of the arch pieces. The gaps are then filled in with 1 x 1 round plates and this also gives the greebling effect between the top and bottom sections. The 4 quadrants are joined using 2 x 3 plates and Bob’s your Uncle. I am pleased with how this one turned out as it was a bit of an experiment at first and looks good with Nute Gunray on display.. C-9979 LANDING CRAFT Secondly, sticking with the Trade Federation theme, the C-9979 landing craft, also known as the Trade Federation landing ship or the Separatist landing craft, was a large landing craft built for the Trade Federation's military forces and used to land their forces on Naboo. There are no real building tricks for this one. The 2 x 2 corner plates and a 1 x 3 plates are used to attach the front wing so the detail can be added for the front but that’s it really. Quite a nice looking little model and does the job.
  8. SENTINEL-CLASS IMPERIAL LANDING CRAFT Hello again everyone This time something for the purists as we go back to the original trilogy and Ep. IV: A New Hope with the Sentinel-class Imperial Landing Craft seen briefly when the Sandtroopers are searching for our favourite droids on Tatooine. I have been tinkering with this model for what seems like months (probably has been with lockdown etc!) The dimensions etc. seem right from schematics I have seen and the “Guide To Vehicles and Vessels” although there appear to be different versions of this craft. The version in Rebels seems much stockier………. The only real trick/technique with this model is the way the dorsal fin is attached. I didn’t want to use slope bricks as that always looks too thick (even though it is the conventional method) or use the technique of sliding plates in between studs (illegal technique I think?). I eventually used clip tiles and plates with handles to attach plates to the main body. One plate with handle isn’t attached to the fin – it is just there for symmetry. Let me know what you think. Jon
  9. Once you told me about the keel i went searching for images not specifically for LEGO models but for the skiff in general and there it was. I actually didn't realise it was your model until your post and went back to look again. Once again great work.
  10. Thanks both. I actually saw your MOC and used it as a reference for my little model. Very nice work.
  11. Never let it be said I don't listen (unless it is the other half moaning about LEGO!). I have added the keel and it was only a few pieces which I luckily had to hand. Whilst it may be more accurate for some reason I do not like the look of it as much. The previous version reminded me of pacific island style canoes. Oh well it is what is is and I am all for accuracy where possible!
  12. Thanks for the nice feedback. I hadn't noticed the keel when watching the movie and pausing it. However, having looked at some more online reference pictures (viusal dictionary) you are right. I will have to put that right........
  13. SEA SKIFF Hello again everyone Back to EP. IX this time with the Sea Skiff from Rise Of Skywalker which Rey used to get over to the Death Star wreckage. This model had the potential for its span to get rather large but I managed to keep it within my usual size (can't say scale as they are all different!). There are no really neat tricks as such but it took me a while to work out the best way of attaching the outriggers. I eventually used the old space handle plates and attached them to the main body using technic pins. Using these also gave the look of the beams on the outriggers and allowed me to build the outer parts upside down. Let me know what you think. Jon
  14. NEW REPUBLIC PRISON SHIP Hello again everyone As promised here is the New Republic Prison Ship from Episode 6 of The Mandalorian. I am quite happy with how this on turned out. It has the correct number of sections etc. It is built using 2x2 brackets and those 1x2x2 bricks with studs on the side to get varying depths. The front is connected using 3 1x1 bricks with one stud attached to the 3 holes on the bottom of a 2x4 plate. The tricky part was the vertical engines at the back. In the end I kept it simple by just adding a pile of 1x2 plates to the 3x2 tiles on the sides. They don't quite meet in the middle but i can live with that. I have also built a New Republic Security Droid. The head is attached using a 1x1 vertical clip plate attaced to one of those 1x1 round tiles with pin. That double 1x1 slope was perfect for it's chin. Let me know what you think. Jon