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  1. obijon

    [MOC] Kenner Mini-rigs

    Excellent work. Ah memories, I had the INT-4 toy as a kid and you have nailed it. I also had the ISP-6 (Imperial Shuttle Pod) which seems to be missing from your collection....................
  2. HI again all I am back with another ship from the excellent The Mandalorian. This time it is the 546-Class cruiser. The Class 546 Cruiser was a modified model of Arquitens-class command cruiser (seen in The Clone Wars). Although similar to the command cruiser model, the Class 546 housed a large internal hangar bay that could be accessed by port and starboard hangar doors and a launch tube at the center of the vessel between the ship's two prongs. There are also I have incorporated the 3 access points for the hangar in to the model. The model itself flips from being brick built (slopes) at the front for the two prongs to wedge plates at the back by using a spine of bricks with studs on the side and jumper plates. I think I have got most of the features. I think it looks good on display with the Dark Trooper. Let me know what you think. Jon
  3. Thanks both. I am always looking for new models to build so the Mantis is certainly a possibility. Just need a minifigure.......
  4. HI everyone The Scorpenek annihilator droid appears to be based on a piece of concept art for Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones and appear (and made canon) in Episode 7 of Book Of Boba Fett (or Mandalorian Season 2.5 if you prefer ). In essence a much larger version of the Colicoids' droideka, the annihilator droid was armed with two dual rapid-fire laser cannons cocked back in the menacing form of a rampant scorpion. This was quite a simple little build, the hardest part was the two loops behind the cannons which attach to the main body. I started by trying to use click hinges but could not get the right angle and they were too big. Eventually clips and the new(ish) 1x1 plate with handles were the solution. These also had the benefit of holding the angle of the cones in place on the hinges. There is also a custom Pyke soldier minifigure for the display. Let me know what you think. More models soon. Jon
  5. Thank you very much. This ship is ripe for a polybag.
  6. obijon

    Updating Your Minifigs

    The key ring hook normally pulls out with a bit of effort and a pair of pliers. No heat necessary. Unless the attachment is different for an Astromech head vs minifigure head?
  7. Hello everyone Most of my models recently have been from older shows/movies. It’s nice to present something recent and more relevant. To celebrate the premiere of Obi-Wan Kenobi here is my MINI version of the Inquisitor Shuttle which can be seen in the trailers. I myself will hold off watching this on Disney+ until all the Episodes are available so I can watch all in one go (Day off required!). I would expect a whole load of MOCs of this to appear, so here is mine. When I first saw this I thought it would translate in to a MINI really easily. There must be a wedge for the front section I thought. But no, nothing that would fit the shape. It took me a while to work out how to solve this. In the end the solution I came up with was to invert wedge plates and attach them to a plate with two handles with clip tiles. They could then be angled to (almost) match the slope bricks for the main body. This was the only tricky part of the build. The rest was easy but I think it looks the part. I have also built a custom Reva minifigure. I will replace this with the official one once it is available. Let me know what you think. Jon
  8. Hello again everyone I have not given this Resistance thread much love recently - a bit like the series really - but I am now adding 3 new models to this page including the long overdue Colossus. I am also working on a new smaller version of Vonreg's Tie and at some point I may also build Jaeger's Racer. Whilst it was not a great series, there were some great ship designs. THE COLOSSUS The Colossus was an aircraft refueling station on the ocean planet Castilon in the Western Reaches of the Mid Rim. It turned out to also be a Hyperspace capable Starship. This was one of those models which had the potential to become a lot larger in MINI scale than it actually turned out. The trick of the model is that it is built along a spine of bricks with studs on sides and to attach the city centre these are then flipped so 3 hollow studs are showing to attach the command/city structure to the plates on the city structure. It was quite an easy build once I worked out how to attach the top section: I wanted to be able to easily remove the "platform" as for most of the first series you do not see the majority of the ship as it is underwater. I think this turned out quite nicely. I managed to get most of the engines on the model too - there are one or two missing at the top but to add all the engines would make the model too big. The model looks bigger than it actually is on display as it is vertical. I have also created a custom Captain Doza minifigure for this one. Minifigures are not my speciality but he looks quite good. GUAVIAN SCOUT SHIP The Guavian Ship was model of starship that was used by the Guavian Death Gang during the war between the First Order and the Resistance. This ship actually first appears in The Force Awakens in a blink and you miss it appearance on a black and white monitor on the Eravana when it docks, but appears in full colour in Resistance (and in the fleet at Exegol in Ep IX) and is another great visual from an otherwise bad series. The only trick on this one is the angling of the plates from the main round body to get the angle nose so that is goes from 4 studs to 3 studs wide at the tip. The gap is then filled in by using tiles and offset plates with the studs going in to the stud holes on the bottom of the tiles. This can be seen in the underside view of the model. It looks good on display as it adds colour. It's always nice to have something other than grey! FIRST ORDER TIE BOMBER Lastly another great design from the Series Finale - the First Order Tie Bomber. Nothing really tricky technique wise on this one, just another variation on the many tie fighters I have built. The panels slope outwards, as opposed to inwards on the Imperial Bomber and clip plates and handle plates have been used to achieve this. A nice looking model on disply. More new models soon. Jon
  9. IMPERIAL STAR DESTROYER This is a companion model to the Xyston-Class Star Destroyer in the Ep. IX Thread. This is a MOD/major overhaul of the official LEGO Polybag. I have added the nose construction below used on the Xyston (it works better on the larger model as the angle is less noticeable). I have also completely redone the citadel section and added more layers of plates to the bottom section. Really all that remains of the polybag is the framework of the model. Apart from the nose no other construction tricks on this. I hope you agree this is an improvement on the polybag! Jon
  10. XYSTON-CLASS STAR DESTROYER Hello again, this time we have the Sith Eternal Star Destroyer from Ep IX. The design of this is based on the Imperial Star Destroyer but larger with an axial Super-Laser and go faster red stripes! Star Destroyers have been done to death in this scale (and larger) but i never really liked building them as I always hated the way the nose looked in MINI scale. It would always be two studs wide and look blunt and not look right. Yes, you can use the old space wing piece but to me that didn't look right either. You can also build the entire shape with slope pieces but then that makes adding detail to the top and bottom tricky. I was running out of things to build so i bit the bullet and decided to give this one a go. After a lot of tinkering around with plates and wedges trying to improve the nose I finally stumbled across the construction below using the 2x3 plate with a hole, clip plate, two 1x2 slopes with grille and a 1 x1 plate. I think the angle is a few degrees off from the 3 x 6 wedge plates but is not really noticeable. This and the fact i needed to have at least a 3 plate layer of wedhes for the red stripe dictated the size of the model. The other trick used in this model is for the engines. They are attached within the main build using plates with handles and a clip tile on the cone pieces so that the engines will sit within the gao in the plates at the back. I quite like how this turned out. I have also modded the polybag of the ISD which can be seen in more detail in my Original Triolgy thread but I have added a comparison picture below. I think the two are "roughly" to scale by accident. Let me know what you think. Jon
  11. Yes the Star Wars polybags are fewer but the Lego Star Wars magazine has some nice little models as the gift from time to time. The Falcon on the current issue is fantastic for its size.
  12. Yes, it is much better and also available on a keychain so it is available at a fraction of the price of the actual figure. A good pair of wire cutters and hey presto! totally agree. it's like solving little puzzles getting the right shapes etc in small scale and when you get there........Building is also very therapeutic - it helped keep me sane during lockdowns
  13. Thank you. The Planets sets were so much better than the microfighters which replaced them. Can you tell I was a fan………