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  1. obijon

    [MOC] MINI First Light Star Yacht (SOLO)

    thanks guys. I am pleased with how this one turned out.
  2. Hello again everyone This time I present a vessel from the latest star wars movie, Dryden Vos' luxury yacht the First Light. I have not seen the movie yet but have found some good reference pictures, this being the best: My first attempt at building this involved slopes but to get all the detail on the outside it just became too thick. I eventually decided on using wedge plates but I needed to have studs on both sides of the model so as not make the body of the ship too thick. I also needed a third layer in between (gold) for the elevator shaft which runs up the entire front of the ship. This was solved by attaching the top of the two sides made of wedges with a clip plate which holds the top section and the bottom half of the model is clamped together using two brackets and a plate connecting the two which is the engine section. There are also interlocking plates on both sets of wedges to stop the model sliding apart. Using this method allows the gold parts and other details to be added to both sides and be symmetrical. The black and pearl gold colour combination also looks pretty striking. There is also no official Dryden Vos minifigure so I have again built my own only from official parts. I like the use of the gold claws for the dagger. ;-) Anyway enough of the waffling here is the model. Hope you like it and let me know what you think. Jon on display planets style...... and the Dryden Vos figure.
  3. updated minifigure in the original post
  4. thanks for the positive comment and advice. I have managed to source a suitable printed piece from BL so will update when I get it. Took a while to find as it was a back torso print.
  5. Hi again all With my latest offering i go back to TLJ with the Canto Bight Police Speeder (Zephyr GB-134 speeder to be precise! ). This is quite a tricky little build to get all the detail in. The whole thing is built along an umbrella stand with parts clipped on. The side panels are attached to the umbrella stand using those very useful 1x1 round plates with open stud. And for this model a first for me, a custom minifigure made with all official parts. I would guess sooner or later a sysytem set of this might appear so he will then get replaced. Let me know what you think. Jon and on display planets style.
  6. Thanks again for the feedback
  7. Updated model in first post
  8. Thanks again. it certainly isn't the easiest ship to build at this scale. I am waiting on a BL order so I hope to post a revised middle section in the next week or so.
  9. thanks for the feedback. I have addressed the height of the cargo section in the main post as I would imagine this would be a re-occurring comment. This was not the easiest build I have ever done by a long way. As for the colours from the source material red and blue look like the right colours. I didn't have enough red and blue pieces at the time so i used yellow as well. I might take out the yellow if I can find some more blue or order some from BL when I make my next order.
  10. Hi again everyone Carrying on from the Kessel Run Millennium Falcon I thought I would show off Han's other ship from Ep. VII the Eravana. I have been working on this model for quite some time. It was quite a tricky build, especially the lattice cargo section, but every ship is there to at least be attempted in LEGO is it not? It is not often in this scale that you get to do a modular build but this little model was built in 3 sections. The front, cargo and engine sections are all separate little builds. Once I decided how the overall model was held together (by click hinges) this idea fell in to place. The engine section was finished pretty quickly and the front section soon followed including opening cargo door and even some cargo and a Micro MF inside if you can spot it? What took the majority of the time time was the centre cargo section, specifically the top half. It went through a number of versions until I could finally get the 4 rows of cargo the same distance apart. It looks simple but there are quite a few headlight bricks and jumper plates to space them correctly. It is probably too thick but this comes from having to connect it to the other sections at the right height and distance to the other two parts. At the back the connection is 3 studs high; plate, jumper plate to reduce the gap and the hinge plate. Sometimes building in this scale you can't get everything spot on and have to sacrifice certain things. I have now updated the centre section. I have bowed to popular opinion with the colour of the freight and the centre section is also a complete rebuild. It is now built upside down and the top is connected with brackets. This has overall reduced the height of the centre section by a whole brick! I think I was over complicating the first version and once I decided on using the brackets it became much cleaner and simpler. I am now happy with how this turned out. The bridge is a bit large but there is no smaller piece so if anyone has any suggestions. I took a bit of artistic license on the bridge but the location is correct according to the incredible cross sections. I hope you like it. Jon And on display planets style with Old Han You can see the old version with the thick freight section and how the model is split in to 3 modules below: and a link to the entire Force Awakens gallery:
  11. Thanks again. As for the label you have probably all guessed by now I am a fan of the planets sets!
  12. thanks again. I did look at the Fez piece and I may have used it if it came in light grey as well. I may also have added a 1x1 round trans-black tile or plate to the end. However, I didn't want to have different cockpits on the 2 falcon models (magazine and kessel run) and on the Outrider which I am working on using similar building style, so I settled with the trans-black cone to be consistent across the fleet. Are you listening Lego? Light bluish grey fez pieces please!
  13. thanks. I can't take all the credit as the basic framework was already in place in the magazine model.
  14. Hi again everyone To celebrate the recent release of Solo (i must admit I have not seen it yet) I decided to build a Millennium Falcon in its honour. I decided to base it on the MINI model which came with the Lego Star Wars magazine: But in true Lando fashion I decided to pimp his ride back to the state it was in before Han got his grubby mits on her. The original model is a nice size for a mini with the saucer section six studs wide. 8 studs and you start getting a much larger model. I have changed it to white with blue, changed the radar dish to be flat, changed the gun and added the cargo pod at the front as well as a few other changes which add a bit more shape to the back section. and as usual on display with Lando planets styling and profiling: Let me know what you think. Jon
  15. obijon

    [MOC] MINI Libertine Space Yacht (Ep VIII)

    I hope you are not imagining me in a big English country house with a library?! ;-) The “study” was a cloak room and barely has enough room for a small computer desk and a small display cabinet. Mrs does not allow lego on display in living room so at least I have somewhere. 🙃