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  1. [MOC] MINI Supremacy (Ep. VIII)

    Certainly have. Definitley not my first Rodeos: I went thorugh a bit of a Dark Age before EP. VII came out. Brickshelf (lots and lots of old models in the "REAL" folder - I am aware these could be updated with newer parts which were not available at time of building): Here are a few links to other topics for the new stuff:
  2. [MOC] MINI Supremacy (Ep. VIII)

    A few more than I have judging by this: Looking at the pictures I am going with 28 vs 14 on mine. Including them all would be a much bigger model!
  3. [MOC] MINI Supremacy (Ep. VIII)

    anyone else experiencing this? They are working for me if I am not signed in.
  4. Hi all A nice simple model this time. Supreme Leader Snoke's massive starship from Ep. VII. The only slightly tricky part was getting all those engines on without the model becoming too high. I managed to get 14 engines on to this little model by staggering the brackets but it is still not enough to be completely accurate. Overall a nice simple build which gets the message across. How tricky can a flying wing be? Hope you like it. Jon EDIT: Can someone let me know if the pictures below are visible. One member has told me they can't see them and I would like to know if this is a wider issue. In the meantime here is a link to the brickshelf folder the model is in: and on display planets stye with Snoke himself:
  5. thanks very much guys. So much tinkering but worth it in the end!
  6. Hello all I have finally got around to updating this little model. I have updated the wingtips, cockpit, hatch and engines. I have actually tinkered on more than one occasion with the cockpit and thought i was done on numerous occasions and was about to post updated pictures but different ideas kept entering my head. I think i have finally settled on this version. Anyway, let me know what you think of the finished model. Jon
  7. Option 7 does use that jumper technique.......great minds and all that. I just have that on top with a 1x2 black cheese slope underneath just for the flow and shape of the overall model. I had it all in trans-red but it was just too much for the size of the MINI. I would have posted a pic of the MOD but I do not have all the pieces i need in black (yet). The main body of the ship will look the same but due to how the cockpit will now attach with bricks and a 1x2 bracket instead of a 2x2 bracket I have had to rebuild how all the plates etc interact and I am missing some pieces. It does not look right at the moment with white placeholders! i am hoping the pieces arrive over the weekend so I can finish this one off (and the last few pieces for Supremacy and Mandator-IV Dreadnought I am working on ;-) ).
  8. I think I am going for option 7! None of the above...........
  9. [MOC] Mini Kessel Run Millennium Falcon

    How about this for the tunnel and cockpit. Nice and simple
  10. [MOC] Mini Kessel Run Millennium Falcon

    Very nice indeed. I can see LEGO putting out a small polybag version of the MF which will obviously be smaller and not look as good as this!
  11. So while I am trying to find the 1x4 tiles on some of my other models (or bricklink!) to finish this little bad boy off I have been tinkering with different cockpit designs and would like some feedback on what you guys think is the best one: The original cockpit (option 1) is obviously not the best option. I am leaning towards Options 2,5 or 6. They look the best as the others I think have too much trans-red. Sometimes you have to go for looks over 100% accuracy. ;-) Anyway, let me know what you all think and I will incorporate in to the final model. Jon Option 1 (Origina)l: Option 2: Option 3: Option 4: Option 5: Option 6:
  12. Good idea with the tile. The technic pins were a late edition to make it longer. I just wanted to use the 1x1 round plate with bar for the guns but it was too short. may well be an update soon......
  13. Thanks for the compliments . yes the guns were deliberately used to make it look longer. As I said if only there were longer wedge plates. jon
  14. See reply below for updated model. HI again everyone This time I present the new Tie from TLJ - the Tie Silencer as flown by Solo Jr. The main problem with this ship was the long thin panels. At first I used a clever technique with horizontal hinges and an upside down 2x4 wedge plate but the panels ended up being too close together (as the straight edge of the wedge plate is lower than the tile in the pictures below). I then moved the attachment of the wings further apart for the top and bottom but that just made the whole model look too tall. Not to mention that the wings looked too thick. In the end I admitted defeat and just used 2x4 wedges for the front of the panels. Hint to LEGO - can we have some 2x6 wedge plates please! ;-) Anyway the final model looks pretty sleak and streamlined and looks pretty cool (i think anyway!) all in black. Let me know what you think. Any comments welcome. Jon
  15. Yep that’s it. With 1x1 bricks with studs on sides to hold the lift arm in place