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  1. SELF-PROPPELLED HEAVY ARTILLERY TURBOLASER (SPHA-T) Hello again everyone The Self-Propelled Heavy Artillery Turbolaser (SPHA-T), also known as the Self-Propelled Heavy Artillery (SPHA), was a 12-legged gun platform manufactured by Rothana Heavy Engineering. They were the largest ground-based weapons used by the Grand Army of the Republic in the Clone Wars. This one, like the first four models in this thread, again started out as just updating an old model (below) with new pieces: However, after looking at more and more source references it became apparent that a complete rebuild was needed. T he original model was too narrow (5 studs rather than 4-wide for the body is better and allows more detail), the walker is not completely symmetrical – there is a troop platform on the right side of the walker for example, the detail at the rear with the “exhausts” and a complete rebuild of the turbolaser. This turned from replacing a few pieces (the new 1x2 semi-circle brick at the front instead of a 2x2 round brick for example) into a really fun project and I am really pleased with how this one turned out. The 12 legs are attached 1 ½ studs apart on a 1x10 plate using the 1x1 round plate with open stud. Let me know what you think. Jon
  2. Thanks. I do try and get the proportions as close as I can without the models getting too large and also try to get as much detail in as possible. many thanks.
  3. FORTITUDE ‘LUCKY LANDER’ Hello again everyone Back to Ep. IX this time with another model from the lockdown building binge; The Fortitude, nicknamed "lucky lander" by some troops, was a YC-123B transport hauler in the service of the Resistance during their war against the First Order. During the Battle of Exegol, the Fortitude carried several troops and Orbaks to attack Exegol. Like the earlier ‘Bestoon Legacy’ model this looks new when compared to the source but in this scale it is harder to get that old look. This is probably it’s showroom look. 😊 This model does not have many complicated techniques. The engines were probably the trickiest part getting the 3 blocks of 4. They have been attached using bricks with studs on sides attached to technic bricks on the 2 engine pilons. The size of the engines also determined the overall size of the model. The only other tricky part of this ship was the recessed arch at the front for the troop deployment. Those 2 x 2 modified tiles with studs on the edge solved the problem of the bottom lip with the two decorated tiles used for the doors set back on headlight bricks attached to bricks with studs on the side. As I said it looks a bit new but the shape and proportions are pretty much spot on I think. As usual let me know what you think about this one and any other models in the thread. Jon
  4. GOJI-DF TURTLE TANKER Hello again everyone And now for something completely different………….as someone once said! It’s back to the Clone Wars with this model and the Turtle Tanker from the Brothers arc. During the Clone Wars, a Turtle Tanker on Stobar was commandeered by Savage Opress, a Nightbrother seeking to reunite himself with his brother, the former Sith once known as Darth Maul. The Goji-DF, also known as the Turtle Tanker, was a utilitarian starship manufactured by the Corellian Mining Corporation and was used throughout the galaxy during the Clone Wars, with spacious holds that could be partitioned to allow for simultaneous transport of a variety of cargo. What makes this ship different is that the Turtle Tanker featured all-terrain legs to assist in landing on worlds with minimal or no docking facilities, with the feet containing its engines. The ship's minimal cockpit doubled as an escape pod; a secondary command module within the main tanker allowed it to be piloted even without the cockpit. The cargo pod is also detachable leaving just a walker/ship. I wanted to build a little model which would keep all of the above features. The cockpit is detachable as is the cargo pod just leaving the walker section. This model (the cargo section especially) had the potential to become very big so I decided to try and keep it simple and use those 3 x4 wedges for the sides and rear slope and just closed the gaps with some plates. There are no really clever techniques on this one it was really down to parts choice. I think it works pretty well all in all. Let me know what you think. Jon
  5. Thanks very much. Of course, use whatever you need. Isn't that the purpose of sharing ideas in the first place?
  6. IMPERIAL TRANSPORT/DROPSHIP Hello everyone I hope everyone is keeping well in these hard times. As mentioned in my post for the Outland Tie here is one of the new vehicles from Season 2 - The Imperial Transport/Dropship from Chapter 14: The Tragedy. This appears to be an earlier version of the First Order Transport (which looks like a WW2 landing craft) from The Force Awakens. The Imperial transport was used by Moff Gideon's Imperial remnant. I will avoid further spoilers for those that haven’t watched it yet. (Why not?!) Whilst I have some other vehicles now built from other movies/series I thought I would publish this one as it is more relevant/recent and fresh in people’s minds. This little model took quite a lot of thought and planning and there are a couple of tricks used in this model: Firstly, for the slope on the front section. This very slight slope has been achieved by using a clip plate and one of those 1x1 plates with handle. The slight gap you have naturally between plates allows for the slope when the nose is attached. This took a bit of experimenting before coming up with the right approach. The sloped nose just sits on the lower section and is only attached by the one clip. Secondly, the top part of the model is 5 studs wide and the bottom is 4 studs wide to get the slight overhang – the wonder of jumper plates! This also allows the engine section to have the required 8 engines with the small gap between them. Thirdly, the engine section is built on a 9L technic liftarm. This is held on to the main body of the ship by 2 bricks with studs on the sides in the centre hole of the liftarm. I have also made a custom Mortar Trooper from the same episode using black and yellow sharpies on a cheap old stormtrooper figure. The pauldron is from Firestar toys and has also been sharpied to get the two colours. I have seen rumours that there will be an official version of this figure later in the year so this custom may well be replaced later on. There is also a brick built mortar. I think it turned out pretty well. Let me know what you think. Jon
  7. OUTLAND TIE FIGHTER Hello again everyone. I have not posted anything for a while – I had a nasty bout of gastroenteritis over the Christmas break so I did not get to do much building. However, I did get a chance to rewatch the first season of The Mandalorian and the second series whilst I was in my sick bed. I realised I had not built the Outland Tie! What a major oversight. Whilst it just looks like a normal Tie in flight mode there is of course the folding panels for landing which make it distinctive. I solved the folding panels problem simply by using clip plates and plates with handles on the panels. The cockpit ball uses techniques used previously and the panels are just attached to the truncated cone pieces on the cockpit using the bottom stud of a 1x2 plate. I have also built a custom Moff Gideon figure – apologies to the purists for the use of a Sharpie on the katana piece for the Dark Saber! The idea for the display base is also not mine – I saw something similar whilst searching images on Google – so if it looks familiar, thank you! I wanted to display this in landing mode as otherwise it just looked like a normal Tie and it just looked wrong on the stand on it’s own in landing mode. Whilst watching I also discovered there are some new vehicles to build from Season 2 also so keep a look out. Let me know what you think. Jon
  8. Thanks for the compliments guys. The Wookiee Catamaran is on my list to be mothballed when I need the space in the display cabinet. I agree the video game model, even with a few improvements, is not that accurate. I like your ideas so I might use some of those if I decide to rebuild.
  9. Sure no problem. There may be extra/few parts not on the list. I build rough prototypes (more for feasibility than look) after having the ideas in my head then order what I think I need for the finished model. Most of the time it works out fine but sometimes i need a few extra parts.
  10. GEONOSIAN STARFIGHTER Hello again everyone Back to a live action model this time with the Geonosian Starfighter from Ep. II. I have been meaning to build a version of this for a while. I previosuly had a slightly beefed up version of the model that came in the advent calendar in my collection but it was starting to look small so I decided to build a larger version. At first I was hoping that the surfboard piece came in brown but alas no so I decided to build the needle shaped craft using plates and jumper plates to get the shape. Dimensions wise it is pretty spot on when compared to the reference materials. The top and bottom "needles" are attached with two bricks with studs on four sides which allows the gun and engines to be attached. I have added some dark orange to the brown to get the colour scheme. Anyway a pretty simple technique but an effective little model. Quite a cheap one too as i already had the minifig!. Let me know what you think about this and any of the others. Jon
  11. Thanks very much. Sharing is what the community is for. As for the name plates, they are actually not much trouble, once the template has been set up in excel it is just a case of printing them off on to a sticker. There are also other threads for Original Trilogy, Prequels, Rogue One, Solo and the 3 animated series Clone Wars, Rebels and Resistance if you want some more ideas.