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  1. Not sure exactly. A LOT judging by my brickshelf gallery. A lot of the older ones have been retired or replaced with official models though,
  2. Thanks for the compliments guys. I actually thought I might have lost my touch as the intital post was at the end of last month and only got replies this week. The hinge was a nice bi-product. As I said in the original post this was the only way I could attach this and be 5 studs long without the wing being more than one stud thick. The shuttle cockpit was a case of keeping it as simple as possible. The grey bullion piece just seemed to work perfectly, Don't worry more are in the pipeline, some finished. Don't want to spam the board! ;-) Not sure i have a wide angle lens big enough. The collection also includes official polybags so there are over 100 models. I will see what i can do.....I could just take a picture of the display cabinets I suppose
  3. Xi-Class Light Shuttle Post 2 Hello again everyone I thought as this was another simple model like the Ski Speeder I would post this in the same thread. The Xi-Class shuttle is the shuttle Rose, Finn and BB-8 use to escape the Supremacy. The trickiest part of the build was attaching the wings to the tiny fuselage without making the wings too thick or flimsy and also being able to attach the engines. Lots of interjoined tiles and plates did the trick - each wing has 12 parts. Anyway let me know what you think about this one and the ski speeder. A bigger ship from Ep. VIII is coming soon, maybe not next though! Jon
  4. Ski Speeder Post 1 Hello again everyone This time I am going back to The Last Jedi with this new little model. I present The V-4X-D ski speeder, also known as the Resistance ski speeder seen in the Battle Of Krait. I have tinkered around with this little model for a while. You would think it would be quite an easy build but to get the dimensions etc "correct" took a couple of tricks. The cockpit has been built using bricks with studs in the side and is attached to the main body using 1x1 clip tiles. The gun on the other side has had to be attached using hinge plates to get a piece that is 5 studs long otherwise the wings become too thick. My favourite part of this little model is the rear section and the rudder. The steering wheel with the T-bar and 2 clip plates attached do the job perfectly I think. In fact this was the first part I built and the rest of the model and scale was determined by this section. Anyway let me know what you think. Jon and on display Planets style with Rose:
  5. obijon

    [MOC] MINI TIE/rb (Solo)

    Many thanks. Yes, I have a few models in the pipeline so watch this space. In the meantime here is my brickshelf gallery:
  6. obijon

    [MOC] MINI TIE/rb (Solo)

    Hi again everyone A quick model this time round. This is the new Tie variant from Solo The TIE/rb heavy starfighter, also known as the heavy TIE fighter. There is nothing fancy or earth shattering technique wise in this model. It is a just tie with a gun turret after all! The model is held together with bars. I also decided to use the 3x3 dishes for the ball. I built this while tinkering around with a couple of other models I am close to finishing and for completeness I suppose. Can you have too many TIEs? Jon
  7. obijon

    [MOC] MINI Conveyex Transport (SOLO)

    the planet sets weren't bad!
  8. obijon

    [MOC] MINI Conveyex Transport (SOLO)

    Thanks again for the nice comments. A great idea, but i don't have the parts, time or space to do this. No wheel inside. The top level would slide if it was all tiles for the track. the door rail pieces would keep it on the track. I know! Planet Sets!
  9. obijon

    [MOC] MINI Conveyex Transport (SOLO)

    Thanks for the compliments guys. It would also be extremely heavy I would guess combining two of those sets. Keeping the track from warping would be an issue. If you mean connecting the trains top and bottom I tried that with clicky hinges, clips and plates but the spacing just did not look right. It is much cleaner how it is.
  10. Hello again everyone. To celebrate the DVD release of Solo I present my MINI version of the Conveyex transport. It took me a while to get the overall shape without the cars becoming too wide. There are technic bricks and bricks with studs on the side in the middle of the model and slopes, plates and tiles arranged on the exterior in such a way so that they all interact to hold the little models together. At first I was just going to build the front engine and caboose (like the system scale model) but then I decided to do both top and bottom once I worked out how I could attach both sides to the track! The track is simply tiles and plates and the bottom engine and container are attached by inverting bricks with studs on the sides at the bottom of the two modules. I really enjoyed building this and am really pleased with how this one turned out. Now to watch the movie for the first time! Let me know what you think. Jon The model is below and here is a link to the Solo gallery (when public).
  11. obijon

    [MOC] MINI First Light Star Yacht (SOLO)

    thanks guys. I am pleased with how this one turned out.
  12. Hello again everyone This time I present a vessel from the latest star wars movie, Dryden Vos' luxury yacht the First Light. I have not seen the movie yet but have found some good reference pictures, this being the best: My first attempt at building this involved slopes but to get all the detail on the outside it just became too thick. I eventually decided on using wedge plates but I needed to have studs on both sides of the model so as not make the body of the ship too thick. I also needed a third layer in between (gold) for the elevator shaft which runs up the entire front of the ship. This was solved by attaching the top of the two sides made of wedges with a clip plate which holds the top section and the bottom half of the model is clamped together using two brackets and a plate connecting the two which is the engine section. There are also interlocking plates on both sets of wedges to stop the model sliding apart. Using this method allows the gold parts and other details to be added to both sides and be symmetrical. The black and pearl gold colour combination also looks pretty striking. There is also no official Dryden Vos minifigure so I have again built my own only from official parts. I like the use of the gold claws for the dagger. ;-) Anyway enough of the waffling here is the model. Hope you like it and let me know what you think. Jon on display planets style...... and the Dryden Vos figure.
  13. updated minifigure in the original post
  14. thanks for the positive comment and advice. I have managed to source a suitable printed piece from BL so will update when I get it. Took a while to find as it was a back torso print.