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  1. obijon

    [MOC] Pirate Snubfighter

    Nice little model. If ever there was a ship ripe for being a MINI it’s this one. Best get cracking.
  2. I am afraid I do not prepare instructions as I am too busy with work, family and golf! However there is a parts list for this model earlier in the thread and it is not too complicated a build. If there are any parts of the build that you need help on let me know. Thanks for the interest
  3. Hello again everyone, Here is the Resistance Navy from The Last Jedi seen escaping D’Qar from The First Order. I have a whole thread for Ep. VIII but thought that these deserved one of their own. And no they are not all to scale before anyone asks! The Resistance Navy over D'Qar consisted of the MC85 Star Cruiser Raddus, Free Virgillia-class Bunkerbuster Ninka, Nebulon-C escort frigate Anodyne and Vakbeor-class cargo frigate Vigil. All four are included here! The Raddus and Ninka are models I have previously published but the Anodyne and Vigil are sparkly and new. MC85 Star Cruiser Raddus The Raddus was an MC85 Star Cruiser that served as the flagship of General Leia Organa. As with most of my builds a certain piece defines the build and it is then built form there. For the Raddus it was the wedge for the nose (as discussed in the Profundity topic). The piece does not come in light bluish or dark bluish grey, so I have used flat silver. It works fine so no major problem. From the front I have used wedges and slopes to create the main section of the hull with the main section being 4 studs wide tapering back to 2 studs wide before the engine section using the 10x1 curved slopes. These slopes have been attached using headlight bricks through the middle of the model so the model is not wider than the wedge at the front. I have also managed to build the engine cluster at the back and have used 1x1 trans-blue plates for the hangar on either side near the front. The model flows quite nicely from front to back but as with most Mon Calamari vessels it is very difficult to get the curved shape completely right with LEGO, especially in such a small scale. Free Virgillia-class Bunkerbuster Ninka The Free Virgillia was a class of corvette. It was armed with powerful bunker buster plasma bombs. There were a couple of tricky parts to this model. Firstly how to attach the front side sections and to get the shape. I settled with the 1x1 round plates without a stud and a couple of grey bars to attach the side parts into some bricks with holes. Secondly the engine section. There should be six engines on each side but it took me a while to arrange the parts in such a way so that I could have six engines and keep the shape and most importantly be able to attach them to the main hull! The first couple of versions only had 3 engines and while this looked good was not accurate. I am really pleased with how this model turned out. The few orange parts really make it look cool in my opinion. Nebulon-C escort frigate Anodyne The Anodyne was a modified Nebulon-C escort frigate that served as a medical frigate for the Resistance. This model does not have any real tricks apart from an arrangement of bricks with studs on one side to be able to attach those wedge plates for the front section. There are also a lot of sections which interact to hold the whole model together (it is quite thin) but nothing too complicated. The trickiest part was getting the wings the same height front and back as the sections are built in different ways. I have managed to get most of the details of this ship in to this little model including the correct number of engines, which is always the aim. The bridge also is easily detached as the escape pod too. Like with the Ninka the flashes of colour also really make a difference. Vakbeor-class cargo frigate Vigil The Vigil was a Vakbeor-class cargo frigate manufactured by Kuat Drive Yards. It was used to house supplies and munitions and many other types of equipment during the evacuation. The wedges used for the front section determined the size of this model. Again, no real tricks, the model was built in 3 sections (front, neck and back) and is attached together using bricks with studs on sides and the hole in technic bricks. Again, most of the details are in the model including right number of engines and the splash of colour from the orange make a big difference to the overall look. Resistance Navy And finally the entire Navy fleeing D’Qar. (Roughly to scale). Let me know what you think. More soon. Jon
  4. PS. If anyone can think of any other potential builds from BoBF please let me know
  5. Hello again everyone, it's been a while since I posted anything new so here are a couple of models from Book Of Boba Fett: MODIFIED N-1 STARFIGHTER As we know a modified N-1 starfighter was owned by Din Djarin following the destruction of the Razor Crest (boo hoo!). Djarin and the mechanic Peli Motto worked together to build the N-1 starfighter as a replacement. When I first though about a model for this I thought just changing the colour scheme of one of the official polybags would do the trick, but once i did that I actually realised I wanted more detail. The model grew from wanting to use the plate with two handles for the guns at the front but to do this the wings needed to be upside down (as the handles are offset slightly below the plate) and so an idea was born. The front is inverted using brackets attached to a technic brick which also allows the body to incorporate the third engine at the rear. It’s quite hard to explain and is quite tricky so here is a picture of the construction of the body: Flipping the wings at the front also allows the “turbo” to be added in front of the cockpit in the stud hole in the bottom of a 2 x 2 tile with 2 studs. The tail is attached using one of those 1x1 round plates with a bar. Overall this was quite a tricky little build with a lot of parts interacting to keep the size and shape this small. A few flat silver and gold pieces are also added for detail and contrast. I think this is now one of my favourite models. REPULSORLIFT TRAIN Tatooine Repulsor Trains were used by the Pyke Syndicate to transport spice on Tatooine. This is quite a simple, but effective, little model. This had the possibility of becoming a much larger model but I decided to keep it small and simple. The “locomotive” is built along bricks with studs on both sides and the bottom of the carriages are built with 1 x 4 brackets and 1 x 1 brackets. There is a gap in the brackets of one stud on either side but you can only see that from the bottom. No real tricks with this one, I think I used them all up with the N-1, but an effective little model all the same! Let me know what you think. FYI, I finally watched Andor over Christmas (excellent isn’t it?) so I have some more models to build. 😊 Jon
  6. obijon

    [MOC] TIE-Krykna

    Ooh matron. Sorry couldn't resist. Too many Carry On Films as a child to let this innocent faux pas go to waste....... Nice little MOC by the way, back on topic! Those legs would be perfect for a Scorponek Droid.
  7. A nice little model. Could you not use a 1 x 1 cheese slope and a plate underneath as an approximation of the slope? You could then cut the length of the model by one stud. Not sure how you would then to hold it all together though (my only nitpick is that it is not swooshable without the stand as the front section is not attached without it).
  8. Thank you very much! It would have cost too much to use silver at your scale....... MINI Building is all about seeing a piece and realising how it can be useful. Larger scale building there may be multiple options but with small scale you are limited by size. That ring pull piece is a perfect example of that.
  9. obijon

    [MOC] Tri-Wing S-91x Pegasus Starfighter

    Voila! Not wanting to hijack your thread so only posting one picture here. More on my Obiwan thread along with a couple more new models.
  10. Hi again everyone This time I present 3 models from the excellent Obiwan Kenobi series to go along with the Scythe Transport above: JABIIM FREIGHTER Kawlan Roken utilized two of these small passenger freighters to aid The Path in moving force sensitives outside the reach of the Empire. This was quite a simple build with the size of it determined by the engine section which was the trickiest part of the build. The 1 x 1 brackets allowed for separation of the engines without it becoming more than 3 bricks in height which would then have led to a much larger model and took a bit of tinkering with overlapping plates to get the gap at the back without the engines being flimsy. The main body is built along a spine modified 2x2 plates with 2 studs on the end. I have also used a mixture of different shades of grey and tan pieces to try and give it the old battered look. There is also a custom Kawlan Roken minifigure for the display. PEGASUS TRI WING The Tri-Wing S-91x Pegasus Starfighter, or simply the Tri-wing, was a type of starship that was manufactured by Incom Corporation and later classified as a New Republic Light Assault Starship. It was active during the Imperial Era, with one spotted by Princess Leia Organa on Alderaan. I was inspired to build this by TeddytheSpoon’s excellent minifig scale MOC of this ship and the fact that it is now canon. The only really tricky part of this ship is the wings as they are swept back but not in a normal wedge plate shape, they had to be straight. I tinkered with angling plates on single studs but there was always a horrible gap and did not line up with the body. I eventually used the swivel top hinge plates and discovered that the newish triangle tile piece fit perfectly in the space next to the engines without leaving a gap. The triangle piece also has the effect of locking the hinge in place so it becomes swooshable without the wings flapping about! I have also used as much silver as possible so this model actually looks pretty striking in real life. Shame I am such a terrible photographer. There is also a custom Aquillian Ranger minifigure for the display which is based on Ralph McQuarries concept art. IMPERIAL TRANSPORT SHUTTLE The Sienar Fleet Systems Imperial Transport Shuttle was a small short ranged transport used to ferry Imperial personnel planetside to orbiting ships. This was a simple little build. No tricks with the build really, just a case of working out the shape for the windscreen. It is not perfect but I did not want this model to be any bigger than it is as it is supposed to be a very small shuttle. I have used the official Tala minifigure for the display. Let me know what you think. Jon
  11. obijon

    Fondor Haulcraft - where’s the MOCS? some good reference pictures here. doing my research.....
  12. obijon

    Fondor Haulcraft - where’s the MOCS?

    It's definitely on my MINI to do list along with the Tac Pod. It reminds me a bit of the Tie Reaper from Rogue One.
  13. obijon

    [MOC] Tri-Wing S-91x Pegasus Starfighter

    Excellent work. As this is now canon I can now build this in MINI form.........
  14. Hello again everyone This time I present a couple of models from the brilliant Rebels animated series. ARC CANNON AT-DP PROTOTYPE Firstly, the ARC Cannon. The AT-DP Arc Cannon Prototype was a prototype Imperial walker that contained "the Duchess," an arc generator designed by Sabine Wren (hence the Sabine minifig) when she was still a cadet at the Imperial Academy on Mandalore. It was named after the late Duchess Satine Kryze, who ruled the New Mandalorians during the Clone Wars. This model is based on the official AT-DP polybag (comparison shot below) which has been modfied. The cannon section has obviously had to be replaced with “the Duchess” which has been attached using a bar and 1 x1 round plates with open studs. The “wings” on the head obviously also had to be added. Quite simple mods and quite a striking little model. LAAT/le PATROL GUNSHIP Secondly, the LAAT/le patrol gunship. The LAAT/le patrol gunship, also known as the Republic police gunship and later known as the Imperial patrol transport, was a gunship introduced during the Clone Wars (with a different colour scheme to this one) to perform law enforcement functions on the Republic capital of Coruscant. Designed to be sleeker and smaller as well as less heavily armed than the Republic attack gunship, the patrol transport was better suited for policing the dense, planet-wide city while reducing the risks of collateral damage. After the formation of the Galactic Empire, the patrol transport saw a broader use as a patrol craft for the Imperial Military on various worlds and it is the imperial version below. I spent quite a lot of time getting this one right. The multiple panels were the trickiest part, adding them all within the small size of the model without them looking silly or oversized. The top panels are attached using a clip tile and plate with handles. The bottoms panels have been attached using the 1 x 1 round plate with a bar, with the bar attached to the bracket using a 1 x 1 round plate with open stud. The 1 x 4 offset plate used to attach the front cannons doubles as the attachment point for the bottom panels. The rest is a pretty simple build but I really like this one. More models soon. Let me know what you think about these and any other models in this thread. Jon
  15. obijon

    [MOC] Kenner Mini-rigs

    Excellent work. Ah memories, I had the INT-4 toy as a kid and you have nailed it. I also had the ISP-6 (Imperial Shuttle Pod) which seems to be missing from your collection....................