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  1. Hi all Having started to build the Dagger Ship from Bad Batch I need an X Trooper/Assassin for my build display. Any of you minifigure experts got any ideas for the helmet? Cheers Jon
  2. Thanks very much. Here are screenshots of the Wanted List from Bricklink. Should be pretty much complete, may be extras. Enjoy building!
  3. obijon

    [MOC] MINIs from Ahsoka - 7 NEW Models

    Thanks again.
  4. obijon

    [MOC] MINIs from Ahsoka - 7 NEW Models

    Thanks both. The size of the model(s) is normally determined by a piece, or pieces, which defines the shape or is central to the design. For the cruiser it was the front section. The front of the cruiser is 4 studs wide and as it is long and thin made it a long model. In general the maximum size is that it has to fit on the stand without looking stupidly large, so a feel.
  5. Hello all I have finally finished my Ahsoka collection after a Bricklink order got lost and I completely messed up another order! Work also took over as it was year end but finally they are done. There are seven models for your visual delight. I will try to keep the descriptions short so if anyone wants to know how certain parts of the models have been built let me know. Now the models, in no particular order……… AHSOKA’S T-6 SHUTTLE I was not going to build this as I had already built a clone wars model which admittedly I did not spend much time on. However, having watched the series I realized that Ahsoka’s shuttle was the signature ship and I needed to do a proper job and I wanted to make the cockpit and engines section rotate together. The ship is built around using a technic liftarm to hold everything together. This allows the ship to be the same top and bottom and also allows the cockpit and engines to rotate. I have also added the extra engine and gun turret. NEW REPUBLIC E-WING Finally this ship is in canon! It was always one of my favourite EU/Legends ships. Simple enough build for anyone that has built an x-wing polybag before! 😊 No real tricks. I do have to admit to using a sticker on the nose. It is an official sticker from one of those Ferrari sets from the petrol station. It just didn’t look quite right being all white. I am surprised LEGO did not release this ship as an official Polybag. ETA-CLASS SHUTTLE Another Clone Wars Era ship brought in to live action. For some reason I never got round to building this before. Maybe there were too many shuttles! A simple little build and I have used click hingers for the wings for those of us that are OCD about having the wings at the same angles! MORGAN ELSBETH’S SHUTTLE Another simple build. The cockpit area was the main problem. The shape is not perfect but I think the use of the wedge pieces was the best compromise. I tried to be clever angling plates but the model would have just become really big with that wingspan. I settled on using dark tan (with some gold pieces) as it is the closest to gold. RP82 FIEND FIGHTER This is probably the most striking model of the collection due to it actually having some colour! I am pleased how this one turned out. It could have been built smaller with a cheese slope as a cockpit but that model would have been tiny. It actually looks bigger in the pictures than it actually is for some reason. The engine parts front and back are attached using 1x2 plates with a wheel pin. 2X4 and 3x6 wedge plates provide the different angles for the wings. SCOUT FIGHTER Obviously a very similar build to the Fiend. The rear section is changed to incorporate the bottom fin and both kinds of 2x4 wedge plates are used for the angles of the wings and the outer parts of the wings on the Fiend removed. I have built a custom HK-87 Droid for the display as there is not a pilot minifigure available. NEW REPUBLIC CRUISER The largest model of the collection and the one that took the most time. This almost got too big for my liking but just about stays within the size I am looking for. The front section is a simple enough build. The rear engine section was far more tricky. The wedge plates have been angled using a combination of bricks with studs on sided and plates. There are 5 engines in a small amount of space. I am not 100% happy with the rear section but it is very difficult when it is only 5 studs wide to get all the angles. Let me know what you think. Jon
  6. MERCENARY SHIP This model again is added here for completeness, Nothing clever really just a flying wing with some greeblies! The engines were the trickiest part and settled for attaching them to 1x1x2 brackets on the plate which holds the whole thing together accross the model. I do like the custom Vect Nokru minifigure. One of my favourites especially as custom figs aren't really my thing. Where possible i want to use an official figure. Hope to have the Ahsoka models done over Christmas....... Jon
  7. FERRIX FERRY SHUTTLE has now been included in the original post
  8. obijon

    [MOC] MINI Yoda's Jedi Starfighter (CW)

    thanks again
  9. obijon

    [MOC] MINI Yoda's Jedi Starfighter (CW)

    Thanks again. LEGO know where to find me 🤣. most of these models on the magazines look like afterthoughts. There has been the odd exception - the last Falcon was good, the turbo tank. If I was paranoid I would think that they copied my design for Reys Speeder from Force Awakens a few years back.
  10. obijon

    [MOC] MINI Yoda's Jedi Starfighter (CW)

    Thanks again. I do try and get as much detail as possible in to these little builds.
  11. obijon

    [MOC] MINI Yoda's Jedi Starfighter (CW)

    Thank you very much. It is around 60 parts so I suppose it shows what could have been. I have that turbo tank model too - I modded it quite a bit though. I should publish that at some point!
  12. Hello all Just the one model this time. The Ahsoka collection has taken a bit of time due to the recent Bricklink issues............ The latest issue of the LEGO Star Wars Magazine supposedly has a mini model of Yoda’s Jedi Starfighter: Yes, really, that is supposed to be Yoda’s Jedi Starfighter. Even if you use your imagination (like you are supposed to do with LEGO) and give the designer the benefit of the doubt, er no! . Basically it’s a re-coloured TIE Striker. As a MINI builder I know the limitations of these small models but really! This is just lazy and no-one would know what it was if it didn’t have it printed on the bag. The cockpit section is way too tiny compared to the wings for starters and there should be wings/s-foils top and bottom. I have had this one on my to do list for a long while but I have not got round to it but this just made me want to do a proper job on this one when my son brought this home and told me what it was! Rant over, now to the model! 😊 The cockpit is 3 studs wide not 2, and I have used the 3x3 cone as the back of the cockpit. This is all held together with a bar through a 1x1 brick with studs on 2 sides. The wings are angled forward using those rounded 1x2 plates so you can turn the wedges. I also really like how the 2x2 wedges at the back of the wings sit snuggly against the cone so there is no gap. The foils may be slightly too big but are much better than having none and overall the model’s proportions are almost spot on to the source material. Colour wise I have used green not dark green as the cone piece is not available in dark. There are probably too many pieces for a magazine gift model but this shows what can be done. Let me know what you think. Jon Full Bricksafe gallery can be found here with loads of other models:
  13. Thank you. Of these the Speeder Bike is my personal favourite. Quite surprised about the Skiff.....
  14. Hello all This time I present 4 little models from the Original Trilogy. I will keep the descriptions of these short: IMPERIAL SPEEDER BIKE This is a very intricate little build and I have managed to keep it really small. The main body is built with a brick with studs on all sides attached to a 1x1 bracket. The nose is attached using a t-bar and bar holders with a clip. I think I got all the main details in for such a small model. For some reason I think the pictures make this model look a lot bigger than it really is – or maybe it’s just me! Really like how this turned out. DESERT SKIFF Sticking with RoTJ here is a simple little model of the desert skiff from the opening part of the movie. I could have made a simple little version only 2 studs wide but would not have got any detail doing that. No real tricks on this model. T-16 SKYHOPPER Barely seen other than as a model (Luke’s toy) and in the special edition of ANH this little model has one neat little trick. The fin is attached using a plate with handle attached to 1x1 clip tiles on the body. I wanted to do something different other than make it with bricks as it would just have looked too wide. ESCAPE POD Very simple little model built using 4x4 round bricks and plates. Again it could have been built smaller but wanted to do something a bit different. The cone is hollow to allow the 4 engines to be added the right way up. Let me know what you think. More soon. Jon Full Gallery Can be found here:
  15. Thank you, the Corsair was the one i spent the most time on. It is a bit of a tight fit when you spin it but it does work! Thanks again.