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  1. Thanks again. As for the label you have probably all guessed by now I am a fan of the planets sets!
  2. thanks again. I did look at the Fez piece and I may have used it if it came in light grey as well. I may also have added a 1x1 round trans-black tile or plate to the end. However, I didn't want to have different cockpits on the 2 falcon models (magazine and kessel run) and on the Outrider which I am working on using similar building style, so I settled with the trans-black cone to be consistent across the fleet. Are you listening Lego? Light bluish grey fez pieces please!
  3. thanks. I can't take all the credit as the basic framework was already in place in the magazine model.
  4. Hi again everyone To celebrate the recent release of Solo (i must admit I have not seen it yet) I decided to build a Millennium Falcon in its honour. I decided to base it on the MINI model which came with the Lego Star Wars magazine: But in true Lando fashion I decided to pimp his ride back to the state it was in before Han got his grubby mits on her. The original model is a nice size for a mini with the saucer section six studs wide. 8 studs and you start getting a much larger model. I have changed it to white with blue, changed the radar dish to be flat, changed the gun and added the cargo pod at the front as well as a few other changes which add a bit more shape to the back section. and as usual on display with Lando planets styling and profiling: Let me know what you think. Jon
  5. obijon

    [MOC] MINI Libertine Space Yacht (Ep VIII)

    I hope you are not imagining me in a big English country house with a library?! ;-) The “study” was a cloak room and barely has enough room for a small computer desk and a small display cabinet. Mrs does not allow lego on display in living room so at least I have somewhere. 🙃
  6. obijon

    [MOC] MINI Libertine Space Yacht (Ep VIII)

    Thanks, I actually spent a lot of time designing this one, even going to the lengths of sketching it out on graph paper to make sure the dimensions etc were correct. Unfiortunately I have thrown those sketches out otherwise i would have shared them. It is not something I would normally do. As for a system scale set - IF ONLY! Most of my LEGO budget goes on Batman/Marvel sets for my five year-old son. Not to mention I only have space in the dispaly cabinet in our tiny little study for MINIs.
  7. obijon

    [MOC] MINI Libertine Space Yacht (Ep VIII)

    Having watched TLJ again you don’t get that many views of this beautiful design. You do see it arriving at Canto Bight at the start of that scene. Piloted by its actual owner!
  8. obijon

    [MOC] MINI Libertine Space Yacht (Ep VIII)

    Thanks guys. I really enjoyed building this one. I think every ship should be attempted, no matter how tricky. it is no fun without a challenge.
  9. Hi again everyone This week I present another new model from EP. VIII, the yacht stolen by DJ, the Libertine. This model has turned out to be quite an expensive little model with various bricklink orders for rebuilds, rare parts (looking at you those white tree palm pieces in particular) and the DJ figure. I have tried to keep this as sleak as possible and I think it looks quite cool. It helps when the source material looks good to begin with and it was certainly nice to build something in a colour other than grey! To keep the sleak look there are a few hidden technic bricks and bricks with studs on the sides inside the build to hold it all together so the model does not become too tall. The engines and front pylons are all held together with umbrella stand pieces. It is also studless to give the sleak look. I am really happy with how this little model has turned out. I spent longer on this one than I normally would as I really liked the source material. and finally on display planets style with DJ carrying his reward for selling out our heroes. Let me know what you think. Jon
  10. Thanks again. I suppose when you can use cgi it does not cost any time or money to replace.
  11. Looks great in red. Nice to see other people enjoying and building my models.
  12. Thanks guys. That is the fun of building in this scale when you realise a certain part is perfect. Building at this scale limits your options somewhat!
  13. Hi all I have tinkered a little bit with this model. Not a huge amount but it does look a lot better in my opinion. I have removed the 1x1 round plates which acted as the turrets and added some tiles on the surface to give the effect of the seam. This leaves 26 whole studs visible on the surface, and apparently according to wikipedia there are 26 surface turrets on these monsters. Good enough for me! I have also changed the front slightly so I could taper off the wedge plates using 2x4s all the way back for the bottom part. There were 2x3s at the back previously. All in all it looks cleaner. Completely new models soon. Jon
  14. UPDATED MODEL IN NEXT POST HI again all Following on from my Supremacy I present another capital ship from The Last Jedi, the Dreadnought. This is another simple build, it is just a flat triangle after all. I played around a bit with the two planetary bombardment cannons underneath but finally settled on using the stud shooters after building a Batman set with my son and realising they would do nicely. They are just attached using a clip plate, nice and simple. I have used some round plates for the surface turrets, I know they are a bit "large" but the model just looked too plain without them. I also quite like the use of the turntable base for the "hole". Let me know what you think. Jon
  15. obijon

    [MOC] Mini Outrider

    Yes, the lipstick piece would be better for the purists and I must get myself a few of those. Very useful for mini building. I must admit the only pieces I have ever cut were the technic hoses. Nice looking model. My only suggestion would be that the trans blue parts for the engines maybe look a bit "tall". maybe taper down using the 1x2 curved slopes top and bottom and have a 2 plate high engine in between or 1x2 jump plates to have a thin blue line for the engines.