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  1. CP5670, I hope you are doing well. They are probably neither. They are unprinted Blacktron panels, most likely a printing error. There used to be a lot more of these available. I remember seeing a bag of 6 of them at brickfair in 2010 (I think) for 40 bucks. I wish I had bought them. One other possibility is that the first group of Blacktron-2 sets may have had stickers for these like the exploriens base had. I’m not really sure on that. I have previously attempted using a product called brasso to remove the print on various parts. It’s not perfect but it works the best out of anything that I have tried. There still is evidence of the print especially on a transparent part and it gives it a dull finish. That sounds like an interesting and fun challenge.
  2. OK, I cheated on this one for day 17 of Febrovery. I used two 6989’s and threw in 2 panels not included in this set, but I’ve been meaning to make this one for a while. This was one I had intended to make for Febrovery 2019 but never got to until this week. While not incredibly imaginative in the respect that I tried to keep true to the original set, I did want pay an M:Tron homage to the Solar Power Transporter. I will revisit this concept many times over. If I had to part with (see what I did there) all my LEGO and could only keep one set, the Mega Core Magnetizer would be it. It is my favorite LEGO set. The form, color, functionality's were perfect- and those big megablocks tires were awesome. If I could change anything, I would make the M:Tron figures more interesting (maybe more cyberpunk), but with this set, you got a couple of jet packs to make up for that. The steering feature and crane also added some nice mechanical features. Interesting side-notes: This set was also called Multi-core Magnetizer in the U.S. M:tron itself had been referred to as Magna:Tron in some of the articles I have read about it. I have no idea why these changes were made. I have more Febrovery creations for 2023 on Flickr and Instagram- https://www.flickr.com/gp/66166063@N07/2W1223i075 https://www.instagram.com/walter.whiteside?igsh=YTQwZjQ0NmI0OA%3D%3D&utm_source=qr
  3. My most recent project is complete. It is approximately a scale of .15 meter to one stud.
  4. whitswj

    Febrovery 2022 is here!

    It's been a while since I have posted here. Febrovery Week 1. This is a space police rover with influences from space police 1,2, & 3. There is a video for it if you click the link below. There have been several years of febrovery with some amazing build from many builders..... There is a group on flickr dedicated to febrovery with hundreds of MOCs from dozens of creators. Febrovery week 1 by Walter Whiteside Jr., on Flickr