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  1. Thanks for the kind words! The Phantom can dock both ways - I like it better when the Phantom faces forwards (Note - the guns must be detached for it to fit like this - in tv show the guns were retractable but at this scale it's impossible to make) Oh yes, the instructions available at the Daves Customs shop. Check the main entry of the topic for the link! For anyone who is interested - instructions available at Daves Customs Shop. Check the store for other awesome SW Mocs.
  2. Thanks for the kind words! Same for me, I don't know why but the Ghost just ticks all the right boxes for a cool spaceship! It was one of my main tasks to make the model use it's own landing gear for all the support and at first I was afraid that It would be hard to do, but in the end it turned out fairly balanced and some magic with angled landing gear did the trick! I have put a printed canopy piece on my IRL Ghost, sadly I don't have the stickers for the top cockpit.
  3. Thanks! It's a nice show, but just a bit more kid friendly than the Clone wars :) Thanks for the great feedback! A lot of texturing and details were inspired by Randy Cooper's miniature model ( Very happy how this turned out compared to the first WIP model it's like day and night! Thanks! Will see, If I'm not able to come I will pack it and Give it to someone who can! It's a sturdy MOC and quite easy to transport.
  4. Thanks! I'm happy the way it turned out and that a lot of people like it as much as I do! Thanks! Much appricated! I thought of making Phantom II but as You say the scale and size is a very big problem here. I don't want for the ship to be just a placeholder and without any space for the minifigs and for creating a more or less accuarte Phantom II at this scale I think that the interrior would be too limited, at least my first version had..
  5. Good to hear that! Instructions would be ready much sooner if the Studio IO wouldn't lag so much on me... they will be done but not as fast as I would like..
  6. Hey! Build is good and there is plenty of details so it doesn't look plain. As for the inetrest of people - it seems that the SW forum is a lot smaller then the City or Techinc forum so therfore less covarege and less comments and suggestions. :)
  7. I think he was reffering to the docking port round part - it's a bottom half of the technic turntable, part 18939 ( See above :)
  8. Lanfing gear is easily detachable, front leg is held in place by 3 studs and the rear legs are atached by 4 studs each. As for the flying stand - the underside has several strongpoints that the stand could be attached so it would be possible. Haven't made a stand though, but I like how the Ghost simply sits on the ground.
  9. Thanks! As for the lower cargo room it's possible to make the side walls/panels to be removable for access on both sides. It won't give a lot of room for play but it's enough to put some cargo in it. As for the floor of the cargo bay - it's one large plate to support whole weight of the ship and it's not possible to make some removable plates there. Anyway, thanks for the ideas!
  10. Thanks man! Will let You know when they will be up for sale! Thank You!
  11. Thanks! Yes, I have made some renders and have updated the main post. Check the pictures there! :)
  12. After 3 years of work and 2 different iterrations I can proudly present one of my favorite SW ships - GHOST Part count - Approx. 4100 (excluding phantom) Length - 62 studs (50 cm) Width - 50 studs (40 cm) Height - 26 studs (20,5 cm) It's not a minifig scale model, but rather a playscale one - it is designed to fit the minifigures, but when corresponding to proper scale model the inner rooms are smaller and I had some artistic freedom making them to my likings and configuration. GHOST suffers from being heavy to the rear end, to prevent the model from tipping the chasis/landing gear is slightly angled forward and therfore model can stand on it's own without any additional support at the back. GHOST features modular removable sections - Phantom docking bay, top floor with the gunner position and roof sections in the front and the back. All of the removed sections reveal an interrior space that can be used by minifigures. And yes, this model is made IRL as well. It was one of those rare times that I made model with real bricks first and only then it made in digital form. Compared to the UCS Star destroyer 75252, GHOST looks rather small, but to be honest a lot of MOC's look rather small next to that thing! More photos/renders of interrior and Phantom will be added soon. Also, the instructions are being worked on right now. Update (17.08.20) Renders for the Phantom and how it fits with the ship. Also. description and top view of the accessible interrior. Main floor Top Floor Rooms as following: 1. Front gunner seat, accessible by lowering ladder 2. Pilot position, accessible from the communication room 3. Communication room and droid repair station 4. Main hallway, connects main ramp, living quarters, communication room, both airlocks* and the backside of the ship 5. Living quarters - has 3 beds, table and some basic furniture to accomodate basic minifgure needs 6. Cargo elevator. Can be used to access the lower cargo hold** 7. Right airlock 8. Left airlock and doorway to common room 9. Access to upper level, main gunner seat and Phantom docking bay 10. Armory and gunsmith 11. Dejarik and dining table 12. Kitchen area 13. Bathroom 14. Engine room, houses 2 hyperdive units and signal jammer 15. Main gunner position*** 16. Access hatch for the docking bay 17. Phantom Docking bay *Airlocks cannot be opened due to the structure of the build, they are keeping all the side connections together and play major role to make GHOST swooshable. ** Lower cargo hold access is limited, therfore it's hard tu use it for "playing" porpuses. It's possible to put some cargo and boxes while still building this MOC. Cargo will be seen through the large 8x8 grill pieces. *** Main gun on the top of the ship is fixed and can be reattached at 90 degree increments. I tried to make it freely rotateble but at this scale I didn't want to sacrifce looks for this small function. Hope to finish instructions till the end of the August for anyone who is interested in buying my playscale GHOST. UPDATE (11.09.2020) Instructions available at Daves Customs shop! Check it here - Daves Customs Shop
  13. TGBDZ

    [MOC] 42108 Set Alternates

    @Nequmodiva Very nice work, would love to see it in action as well. How well is it balanced on the maximum reach?
  14. TGBDZ

    [MOC] 42108 Set Alternates

    Happens Yes, the inspiration has been taken from Bobcat Toolcat ( It has plenty of attachments available, but from the 42108 parts the shovel was the easiest and best solution in my opinion for the front attachment. From the leftover parts it's possible to make a flatbed trailer Well, I wouldn't say that it's a total stinker but You can obviously see where they have cut corners to reduce the part number and decerase the overall cost of the set. For 120 euros I think it's a decent sized crane but then again, I am one of those who really liked the 8071 set as well Heh, thanks! Thanks! I'm glad that we can help and show people that usually with every set there is more than meets the eye, and that it's possible to build more and even better models then the original set! I think that the B-models will be only on rare ocassions.. why spend time on a single set and try to squeeze out another build out of it rather using the same time designing completly different build. Two sets on shelves instead of one will be more obvious choice for every company. For now I guess that the EV3 and other "programmable" sets fill the roles of universal builder sets.. but they are expensive.. time will tell, maybe Asia market will shake some things up a bit.
  15. TGBDZ

    42108 mods and improvements

    Well.. I'm afraid that after checking this thread You may start to hate me as well.. Other 42108 alternates