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  1. Thank You! Actually this set surprised me with really decent parts choice! The original model is kind a weird and not for my taste but the parts are really great for other builds as You can see! :)
  2. Thanks! Trying my best!
  3. It's the default instruction that is generated from the LDD - could have some errors and illogical steps.. Therfore the LDD files are included as well and for easier assembly its possible to check the model in 3D using the LDD. I haven't tried my hand in making proper step by step instructions - but if I do then I will increase the price for the time invested in creating the instructions. So if You are not an LDD user then the build could be a bit hard to make. Thanks for the comments! I really wanted to use the string from the set but I didn't want to use it as a winch so the next logical step was to build a crane. No worm gears and no linear gears = no possible way to make extending boom.. therfore went for a different approach - folding arm.
  4. Looks like a beast! Great work!
  5. Hi guys! Made another alternate - heavy duty folding crane Functions: Moving treads Unfolding arm (uses red locking pins to avoid uneccessary collapsing of the arm) Free 360 degree rotation of the arm using a knob on the back Possible to change the height of the arm using knob and small linear actuator Folded position: Hope You like it! It looks this will be the last alternate I build from this set, need to get some other technic sets a try now. Just like the previous models, check rebrickable for instructions. Cheers!
  6. Thanks! Actually the structure is quite similar to 42032 as well - If You remove the treads than the body looks super slim and small.
  7. Greetings! Decided to give another shot making another alternate, this time ended up with frontal loader. Functions Moving treads Adjustable height of the boom and shovel using knob on the back Possible to change the angle of shovel using a yellow lever on top of the loader It uses only 533 parts from the available 827 parts. Just like the excavator it's possible to acquire the model un Rebrickable. Cheers!
  8. Changed the bucket a bit and made a render in LDD with it. What do You think? :) A small update, but makes it a lot more closed (uses 4 parts on each side)
  9. Thanks for the feedback and kind words Actually there is quite a lot of leftover pieces - except the pins and connectors - I have almost used all of them including the spares. Regarding the bucket - I could look into that :) I like how it looks but I guess the side gaps are a bit too big..
  10. Long time no see! Some of You maybe remember my love for excavators and alternate models - 5 years ago I participated in the TC5 challange for alternate builds with an excavator and thanks to Your support I won the competition. Recently decided to challange myself again with the same task of creating an alternate model of the excavator using a middle sized set. 42094 was a no brainer as the best choice - tracks, turntable, some gears, mini actuator - most of the major components necessary for a successful build. The biggest problem was the lack of the wormgear - it would increase control and strength of the extended arm. Nevertheless, I found a solution, and in the end I'm pleasntly surprised how the MOC turned out. Functions: Working tracks (duhh) no suspension, no boogeys, more stable that way Upper structure rotates, sadly didn't manage to attach a knob, so it's done by grabbing the upper part Working boom similar to my previous build Possible to change the height of the whole boom Bucket and the second section of the arm works together - If You reach further, bucket opens, and vice versa - if the arm is getting closer the bucket closes Arm and boom function is operated by a black knob made from small sprocket pieces, to gain easier access, the rear can be opened. Both of the functions can be switched using a LBG connector that switches the clutch piece. So guys, what do You think? Also, what other alternates You would like to see made from this set? And If You want to get the LDD file than check Rebrickable or link below: MODEL INSTRUCTIONS Cheers!
  11. This Popped up on Latvian FB page for black Friday discounts in Latvian Lego stores - Not the best quality but some of the 2019 sets are seen.
  12. Thanks! Thanks! No instructions for it, but believe me, it's fairly simple build, so you can build your own chasis and the body work you can copy from the pictures Paldies!
  13. Hello there! Recently I was browsing through some old pictures and I stumbled upon this beauty - beach buggy - built for the Lego Technic take the Challange contest. It was built in 2011 Features: All wheel independent suspension Doors can open Super fake steering wheel and V4 engine (none of them works :D ) Working steering Detailed interrior I still remember how I was building it.. it's definitely a blast from the past.. And yeah, it's a shame that TLG discontinued the "Take the challenge" contest.. Good day everyone! TGBDZ
  14. Thanks! I thought that you will be the winner actually when I saw your model :) So I'm happy that you got the second place because you deserved it :) Can't wait for the next competition :D And thanks again everyone for the support and kind words! :) And yeah, forgot to say thanks to Jim for organizing and making this possible :) I bought the 8071 because it looks cool in my opinion.. I guess the real problem is that nobody likes bucket trucks in real life.. You see a buggy, you think it's cool, then you see an excavator - it's cool too, and when you see a bucket truck you think that it's nothing special.. maybe that's why there is a lot of people who isn't very optimistic about this set :) I'ts nice to see that a lot of people want to make my model, I get warm and fuzzy feeling inside :D the instructions can be found here :)
  15. Wuuhuu!! So happy for this! Wanted to say thank you for all the people who voted for me! Your support is appreciated! :)