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  1. Thanks! Probably need to buy 3 sets - first to build the original set, second for the quad version and the third just as a partspack I will leave the trailer for other builders, need to build something new
  2. TGBDZ

    [MOC] [WIP] The Ghost

    @NathanR Heh, don't mind at all, now Your Ghost model looks like a smaller brother to my version
  3. thanks! Well it would be only a starter pack for the bike then.. note enough beams and pins leftover from the alternate to create a proper bike :)
  4. Hmm, I think a stand would be possible. But I think than it should be angled sideways just like the Millenium falcon stands, not forward. Happy You enjoyed the model! Keep me posted If You make a stand, want to see your solution.
  5. When I first saw the 42139 set, I knew I had to get one. From the functionality aspect, the set for the relatively small price tag has a lot to offer, and it's an amazing parts donor as well. But I believe that I wasn't the only one that thought the 6 wheel ATV is quite an unconventional vehicle and it would look rather cool to see this as a more common 4x4 quadbike. So I made an alternate / mod that turns this into more classic looking quad. The front and middle part of the build remains almost unchanged (switched 7 long beams from white to orange to make better looking rear mudguards), also there is an extra part at the front to secure the winch hook. Almost no changes means that the functionality remains the same: winch steering Suspension 2 speed gearbox Working cylinders The cargo box on the back is fixed, so the dumping bed mechanism has been removed. To compensate for this there is a place to attach a trailer. Leftover parts are a great source material for the trailer itself, sadly no pins were left to make a proper trailer to complement the quad bike. Oh, and the best part is that it's still possible to assemble the chainsaw If anyone is interested. building instructions are available at REBRICKABLE Cheers!
  6. Oh.. it's a tricky question. In reality there is not that many parts that are not visible while making this.. a lot of inner frame that supports the ship outer walls double as interrior details, therfore they are mostly white and LBG. I think that Your "Obvious" way of going through instructions is the easiest way. :)
  7. The roof is sitting on the canopy piece! Simply take of the roof, open up the canopy, put the roof in place and only then close the canopy piece. Easy as that! Check the previous photos or renders of the ship and You will see that the canopy piece is at the same height as the red stripe. Hope this helps!
  8. What is the problem with the top part? Can You add some photos? :) Sometimes the middle front roof section slightly catches the sides and with a slight wiggle it should set in the correct position and no large visible gaps should be present. I have seen several photos on instagram from different people that have some side gaps but it's just the roof simply hasn't been put on properly. If that's the issue it's an easy fix. As for the balance - with phantom I it should be fine. I think the reason for the balance could be that my test model uses different frontal sloped panels with more plates and less bricks then the final version and therfore the front could be heavier on my ship. As for a solution - You can try add additional boat studs underneath the rear landing gear on the most end part, It should help a bit. Also Some additional weight could be hidden underneath the front sloped panels to balance it forward. Maybe some weight could also be added underneath the main walkway (the DBG underside section between the loading ramp and docking bay) Hope this helps!
  9. Thanks! And yes, video review can be seen on Brickvault Youtube channel!
  10. UPDATE From now on the instructions are available on Brickvault Also a review video of the model can be seen here.
  11. Thanks! Drive line is pretty straight forward - tire is engaging the 12 tooth bewel gear and that's it. To adjust the friction/contact between the tire and the gear it's possible to slide the rear wheel on axle. Thanks! The set has a lot of panels to choose from :)
  12. Hi! Finaly got my hands on a new set that I could use for making new alternates - 42123 Mclaren - it's a really great set, but when it came to deciding what to make, it turned out to be a lot harder then I expected. Almost no gears and functioning elements means that the look is the main point for being a successful alternate. I usually make my alternates with the all stickers, and this one was not an exception so taking that into acount it was logical to make something related to racing, but I didn't want to stick with just a random racecar, I wanted for it to be something a bit more special. Thanks @marceriusLV (my brother) for giving me the idea that I could use less than 4 wheels for a racing car, and we all know that the most popular three wheeler is Morgan. MORGAN 3 wheeler concept Functions: Steering - controlled by the steering wheel V4 - moving pistons driven by the rear wheel As with previous alternates - the instructions are available at Rebrickable Cheers! UPDATE. Decided to put all the alternates under one topic so here is an update. BAJA Racing truck After making a true three wheeler I decided to stick with 4 wheels, seeing that there are several truly great racing cars/formulas already made I thought of making something a bit more offroad. Initial inspriation was from the legendary Dakar rally car - Schlesser buggy. As usual while making alternates not all things went as planned and in the end I got something more similar to BAJA racing truck, rather then a proper Dakar rally car. Nevertheless I really like the end result. Functions: HOG steering Pendular front axle (similar to the 42122 Jeep set) Rear axle suspension using flex axle Mid mounted V8 working engine, driven by the rear wheel. As usual I try to make 3 builds form one set, and this time was no exception. Sea Sparrow For the 3rd model I decided to not use the wheels at all, so there are basically 2 options - something that floats or flies, I chose the flying option. At first I wanted to make a propeller plane but after 20 minutes of struggle It was clear to me that the plane is not the way to go. Helicopter on the other hand, was comming together super fast and after three evenings I already had a finished alternate (usually it takes much longer for me to make a properly working model). I Didn't want to stick with traditional Lego helicopter functions - working rotors that are linked together, so I managed to add a third function as well. Functions: Working main rotor linked with the rear rotor V4 engine connected to rotors (I know that helicopters have different motors :D ) Safety clucthes on both rotors that allow the blades to slip Working V4 engine is hidden behind the panels As always, instructions for my alternates can be found on my REBRICKABLE page. Cheers!
  13. If You have already bought the instructions befor the Phantom II was released then contact Dave and give him Your purchase order number and he will send You the instructions for free. Thanks! When the original set got released I didn't even now what the Rebels show was so I missed out on it, but to be honest, the set itself is quite bad.