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  1. @Demon9999 no, but you can bricklink them yourself mostly.
  2. See my edited post a few rows above. Hope that helps.
  3. I just watched a few episodes of the Galidor TV show. It's was painful. I can't find a single cool thing to build. This is going to be tough!
  4. o0ger

    [MOC] Cavity Corner

    Well... I might do that. No promises. I need to get ready for the annual Swebrick exhibition in april. Thanks! Well, I needed something there in the corner. There was a fountain in Assembly Square, so it didn't feel fun to build that. A tree seemed fitting, for the reasons you mention. Thank you! I understand what you mean. My idea for the theme in this MOC was that it should be spring. And the color of the birch in spring is very bright green. If I hadn't focused so much on the spring theme I might have made it different.
  5. o0ger

    [MOC] Cavity Corner

    Thanks @dylanfarrow, ok, I totally see what you and @Maple mean about the tree. Thanks a lot @RogerSmith! Me neither :D So you want me to remove the third floor and take a photo of the house without it? Is there anything in particular you want to see?
  6. o0ger

    [MOC] Cavity Corner

    Yes! :) It is supposed to be a birch. They are quite common in Sweden and a constant source of runny nose and itchy eyes for me every spring.
  7. o0ger

    [MOC] Cavity Corner

    Thanks! Glad you like it! Thank you. I feel the same way about the interior. I try to build something in the windows so there seems to be at least something in there. Thanks! I appreciate criticism. I think it is needed to evolve as a MOCer. Please feel free to tell me what you don't like about my stuff. When you say "that it lacks a certain something", I interpret that as you like it but there are som parts that you don't like but you can't quite put a finger on it? Am I correct? Ok, thanks! I have been, and still am, a bit "afraid" of colors. :) I usually build sci-fi stuff with "safe" colors like white, black and gray. I usually focus more on shapes instead of colors.
  8. o0ger

    [MOC] Cavity Corner

    Hey, thanks @LegoModularFan! Glad you like it! I wanted a spring theme in this MOC. I was thinking of people going outside on a warm spring day. Buying Ice cream and standing in the sun. I think I got the idea from the color Spring Yellowish Green as TLG calls it. But spring is also synonymous with allergies for me. It's a bitter sweet time of the year. That's why I built a birch, full of pollen generating catkins! Ok, great that you decided to build my houses. Let me know if you find something weird. I know right now that there are two parts missing in BriXtar 3D. It's the 32952 and the black 2x2x3 slope. It will be fixed soon I think but here is the list of parts missing from BriXtar 3D (that I've found): Six 32952, Yellowish Green Tweklve 32952, Reddish Brown Two 32952, Red 13 98560, Black - This is the 2x2x3 slope. Any kind of 2x2x3 slope will work. I was hugely inspired by Old Town Pub. I'm so impressed with how much color and intricate details are in there. This inspired me to have two separate buildings with a slight offset towards each other. And also, as I mentioned, to try to use more colors. The contest is what actually made me finish this MOC. I need contests or events to trigger me in that way. I have only one room with interior. It's from the Candy Shop. Thanks @deraven! Yes, I agree, the fire escape could have been more detailed. I tried to build rings around it with hoses, but I couldn't get the rigid hose to bend into the shape I wanted. Also, I agree with the outdoor display. I just didn't find it plausible that you would have cookies laying around outside. A sticker on the flag would have been nice.
  9. o0ger

    [MOC] Cavity Corner

    Thanks @fordtruckin! I know, I never thought I'd build a lime green house :D But I think it works. Partly because of the mix with yellowish green. The fire escape will defensively not go unnoticed in the next security inspection.
  10. o0ger

    [MOC] Cavity Corner

    Hi everyone. I'd like to share my latest creation with you. It's called Cavity Corner. It's a 32x32 Modular Corner Building. Building this, I was trying to challenge myself to build with colors I wouldn't normally use. This is the result. My second modular. It was great fun (but frustrating) to build :) Somewhere halfway into the designing process I got the idea to have two very contrasting buildings as next door neighbors. This resulted in the contrasting colors, the older house next to the newer and the dentist versus the candy shop. Please tell me what you think! This house is built for a BriXtar contest. BriXtar is an app for iOS and Android where you can share LEGO creations with others. I have uploaded a 3D-version of this MOC to BriXtar, so you can view it in 3D and see how it's built.
  11. o0ger

    [MOC] Police L.E.V. 5

    Police L.E.V. 5 (Light Enforcing Vehicle - Pursuit Class) Just thought I'd share this with you guys if you haven't seen it yet. The LEV is the most common police vehicle in colonies with a sanctioned judicial system all over human explored space. There are several classes of LEV modified for specific tasks. The Class 5 (Pursuit Class) is equipped with multiple types of suppression weaponry, jammers and a local weak inertia suppression field, protecting the pilot from high G-forces during hard accelerations. This is a power consuming ability but the being able to quickly overtake fleeing suspects is clearly advantageous. Built for 2018 Lego Speeder Bike Contest, Category: "ENFORCE" This MOC started with the Throwbot Visor (Windscreen) and then I just tried to find pieces matching it. While building this I came up with a neat idea to attach the windscreen to regular LEGO System:
  12. o0ger


    Thanks y'all
  13. o0ger


    AEX-12J FORDY - Junior class type V.A. that has high mobility and average attack, range, and ammo. Lacks in defense, depending on its agility to avoid damage. Height: 3825mm Weight: 6780kg Armor: 18-22 mm Max Speed: 60-106 km/h Max Power: 1798hp Sarah White aka Siren - The child of a human mother and a Raian father, she grew up in a slum camp. Though spirited and spunky, she occasionally shows tenderness to others. After she discovered the true purpose of the mission, she refused to participate in any further missions. On August 18, she was discharged from the United Earth Force and returned to Raia, where she spends most of her time as a volunteer. Machine: AEX-12J FORDY Height: 156.1cm Weight: 40.3kg Birthday: 2262/12/3 Age: 20 Blood Type: A Nationality: France Rank: 2nd lieutenant I've spent countless hours and coins on the coin-op game Armored Warriors in my youth. The arcade was just a block away from school and we used to sneak in there whenever we could. I just loved this game. Giant robots beating up other giant robots. I always played as Fordy (the yellow robot) or Reptos (the blue one). They where the quick and agile ones. I liked being able to outmaneuver my opponents and then stab them in the back. In the game you can switch arms and cannons. My favorite was the drill. I've been wanting to build this since 2013. But it just never felt quite right. But this will have to do. I don't think I will be able to build a better version in minifig scale. So, which one should I build next? Reptos or Guldin? (does anyone other than me know about this game?) Reference image:
  14. Glad you like it! I think it's a great video with awesome animations, voice acting and effects! Well. no. sorry. I don't have instructions and don't think I will ever make any.
  15. Hey everyone! Don't miss this video where my ship plays a small part: