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  1. [MOC] AEX-12J FORDY

    Thanks y'all
  2. [MOC] AEX-12J FORDY

    AEX-12J FORDY - Junior class type V.A. that has high mobility and average attack, range, and ammo. Lacks in defense, depending on its agility to avoid damage. Height: 3825mm Weight: 6780kg Armor: 18-22 mm Max Speed: 60-106 km/h Max Power: 1798hp Sarah White aka Siren - The child of a human mother and a Raian father, she grew up in a slum camp. Though spirited and spunky, she occasionally shows tenderness to others. After she discovered the true purpose of the mission, she refused to participate in any further missions. On August 18, she was discharged from the United Earth Force and returned to Raia, where she spends most of her time as a volunteer. Machine: AEX-12J FORDY Height: 156.1cm Weight: 40.3kg Birthday: 2262/12/3 Age: 20 Blood Type: A Nationality: France Rank: 2nd lieutenant I've spent countless hours and coins on the coin-op game Armored Warriors in my youth. The arcade was just a block away from school and we used to sneak in there whenever we could. I just loved this game. Giant robots beating up other giant robots. I always played as Fordy (the yellow robot) or Reptos (the blue one). They where the quick and agile ones. I liked being able to outmaneuver my opponents and then stab them in the back. In the game you can switch arms and cannons. My favorite was the drill. I've been wanting to build this since 2013. But it just never felt quite right. But this will have to do. I don't think I will be able to build a better version in minifig scale. So, which one should I build next? Reptos or Guldin? (does anyone other than me know about this game?) Reference image:
  3. Glad you like it! I think it's a great video with awesome animations, voice acting and effects! Well. no. sorry. I don't have instructions and don't think I will ever make any.
  4. Hey everyone! Don't miss this video where my ship plays a small part:
  5. [MOC] Blade Wing Starfighter

    That's a neat trick! It didn't swing out that much when I built it. Maybe the friction will be different depending on how used the hinges are? New link for downloading LXF: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fr8g0f7zy8rwuuw/o0ger_Blade_Wing_Starfighter.lxf?dl=0 Please tell me if this doesn't work.
  6. [MOC] Guardian Golem

    Thanks! I don't do a lot builds like this either. I think it was the parts that just called out to me :) Thank you so much! Thank you! I just found the tree fitting for a forest golem made of wood.
  7. [MOC] Guardian Golem

    Thanks Tyndale! The lower jaw is Chewies head (upside down and backwards) :) Thanks Deraven! Yes, the entire character just grew up around that part really. I haven't seen Labyrinth so I had to check up Ludo. There are som similarities:
  8. Ok, so I never feel quite certain which forum to post my MOCs in. I guess this is the most suitable. This is a character I built during two days. It started with me opening the new Chewie set (75530). I just had to build something with all those new parts! - "You want a flower?" While building the brown figure I noticed his posture and expression made it look a bit scared or startled. So I started thinking about different things that would get this reaction from it. I thought of oil cans and chain saws, but it didn't feel quite right. Then I thought about Totoro. The Japanese Anime where a little girl befriends the Spirit of the forest. So this made me think of a kid, lost in the forest, meeting the big Guardian Golem. The kid offers a flower to the Golem, who is totally in chock to see a plant torn up from the ground like that. Hope you like it!
  9. Old Town Pub [moc]

    Fantastic building! This inspired me to try building a modular again. Thanks!
  10. The Nadir has now docked with a XL Standard Container and is now on it's way to deliver precious cargo to the other side of the Galaxy. Swoosh!
  11. Hey! thanks everyone! I've been busy the last couple of days visiting Skaerbaek Fan Weekend in Denmark. (if you haven't been there, you have to go some day). Wow... that's really kind of you. I looked through some of McQuarries work the other day and I think it kinda resembles this image: Maybe I subconsciously had this image in my head when I snapped the shot? Thanks! Yeah, I know. It's hard to build a worn down ship. I was thinking about maybe using some stickers for scratches and damages but I just didn't dare going there. Also, I think that not every pilot of a Corellian freighter are as reckless as Han Solo ;)
  12. ok! no, that's the big dish on the other side.
  13. Thanks! Well, the cockpit and the cannon does not actually rotate in this model. You have to use your imagination I guess. The bottom of the ship is not completely closed. There is mostly tiles and openings. Not much to see actually. Thanks BigEl! Well, the cockpit is the black cone on the side. I guess this ship is about the same size as the MF. (hint: this MOC is not Minifig scale)
  14. The YT-1450 model was conceived mainly for hauling large cargo crates by connecting them to the hull between the two forward mandibles. This was a feature not frequently used on earlier models, such as the YT-1300, but there still existed a market demand for these types of ships. The YT-1450 standard model comes equipped with a forward pointing tractor beam projector, placed between the large mandibles. Somewhat unique for this YT model is the side mounted rotating cockpit that gives the pilot a great overview of the ship and the cargo during flight. "The Nadir" is, as many other YT class ships, greatly modified. In particular for getting large cargo shipments out of tough situations. An oversized shield generator has been fitted to one of the mandibles. This gives The Nadir the possibility to shield both the ship and the cargo. To be able to blast through blockades, a double turbo laser battery has replaced one of the docking ports. Almost all of the long-range sensors and communication equipment have been upgraded and switched out during the years. -------------------------------------- This is my entry in the Rebrick FREIGHTER WARS contest. The design is completely my own. It's a mix of the Millennium Falcon and a ship I've been thinking about building for a long time. Hope you like it!
  15. I think she's missing the point. It's not that you are having issues with your LDD. The error is server side.