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Found 69 results

  1. This is my moc/alternative/combo build “corner market” Mr produce has fallen on hard times, forcing him to downgrade his grocery store to a corner market, he still is very popular with the kids, though, his only complaint about his current situation is the bank at the top In the back, a fresh delivery from the farm! Jackson unloads the truck, getting the shipment ready for the store! Mr produce welcomes the first few arrivals to the store, Amy and Natasha! Jackson meanwhile, has gotten the crate and is about to put it on the conveyor belt Jackson loads the crate… And pushes it through! Mr produce, on the other end, receives the delivery, all locally grown produce! And by local… we mean VERY local Upstairs, Ben works on managing the banks reserves, everything is in order! 9 hours later, mr produce closes up for the night… little does he know, the truck is back, but why? Midnight delivery? Recreational driving? No! Crime!, as daisy kaboom has been behind the scenes the whole time! Using the lift she secretly had in the truck, she is able to get up to the bank… A few minutes later, KABOOM! She has blown a hole in the side of the building Daisy helps herself to the goods inside And then escapes through her secret exit, through the roof! That’s not her only secret, however As daisy enjoys her snack, she doesn’t realize she has more imminent problems… Will daisy kaboom escape? Does mr produce know about this? Stay tuned to find out!
  2. Lancethecat

    [CatC] StoryQuest

    Hello! This is my contest entry for Category B: Minifigure Lineup. Description: “For centuries, the Order of Bookkeepers kept watch over a library of thousands of ancient books containing stories and legends from kingdoms all over the world. However, many of these books disappeared throughout the ages, and their contents have been lost to history. Asimov, the last remaining Bookkeeper, sends his lone pupil Christie out into a fantastical land of magic and mystery to seek out the lost tomes and restore their knowledge to the world. Christie will brave daring challenges and make surprising allies on her quest to rebuild the library, perhaps creating a few stories of her own along the way.” Each set contains at least one “tome,” a unique book associated with a character or location in that set; they can all be collected and stored in the mid-tier set “Asimov’s Library.” This theme was inspired by my love for reading fantasy stories as a child, and designed to be less focused on conflict than other LEGO themes and more focused on exploration and discovery. Minifigures: Christie When she isn’t falling asleep during one of Asimov’s endless lectures, Christie can typically be found nestled deep in his library with a book in hand, dreaming of going on some fantastical adventure beyond the walls of her quiet town. She’s nervous about embarking on her first quest, but excited for the chance to finally live out her fantasies. Brontë As the self-proclaimed queen of the spiders, Brontë is used to getting singled out as the “bad guy” even if she doesn’t mean anyone any harm. Living in a spooky forest probably doesn’t help, but hopefully someone will come along who’s able to look past her frightening exterior. Shelley Shelley will tell anyone who asks that she dreams of becoming a famous pirate one day, but for now she’s content adventuring with Christie to seek out “tomes” or whatever they’re looking for. She wasn’t paying a lot of attention during the mission briefing, honestly. Joyce Joyce is a mischievous but kind-hearted fairy who loves playing pranks on unsuspecting adventurers. Her favorite pastime is spreading rumors about the “fierce dragon” that guards a vast hoard of treasure in the Shimmering Glade, neglecting to mention that it’s a loyal pet of hers who wouldn’t harm a fly. Asimov As the last of the Bookkeepers, Asimov wishes more people would share his passion for learning and worries that all of his work will soon be forgotten. Still, he’s proud of how far his pupil has come and confident that she’ll succeed on her journey. The Librarian’s Ghost The ghost has spent years haunting the castle where he once served as a Royal Bookkeeper, hoping that someone will come along and find the tome he devoted decades of his life to writing. Doyle Doyle’s fear of heights make his profession as an airship captain’s first mate rather questionable, but his fierce loyalty makes him a valuable ally even when he’s scared out of his wits. Captain Hemingway The honorable Captain Hemingway has spent most of his life navigating the Seven Skies in his airship, carrying intrepid adventurers on countless voyages to distant lands around the world. Set List: Spider Queen's Lair- $15 Contains Christie, Brontë, and the Tome of Shadows A black tree with spider-like roots and a hidden compartment for the tome Guardian of Light- $30 Contains Joyce, Shelley, and the Tome of Light A golden dragon with a small pile of treasure containing the tome Asimov’s Library- $40 Contains Christie, Asimov and the Tome of Tomes A book that opens up to reveal a library with a sliding ladder rows of shelves for the tomes Airship Adventure- $70 Contains Shelley, Doyle, Captain Hemingway and the Tome of Quests An airship with a hidden library in the captain’s cabin Crypt of the Bookkeeper- $100 Contains Christie, Shelley, Joyce, Brontë, the Librarian’s Ghost and the Tome of Heroes Stone remains of an ancient castle with a bell tower, a collapsing bridge, and a fireplace that swivels around to reveal the tome Thanks for reading!
  3. *Your entry has earned 8 XP* On the eve of an invasion, Captain Tomas Harlan returns to Dantooine to look for his old friend, Dr. Yvin Tuu. Story Pictures Some Story Commentary Thanks for looking!
  4. Hi guys I recently realized my first lego Ideas project. If you like it, please supports! Many thanks
  5. This topic is for sharing recurring characters throughout our various Oleon stories. Oleon is looking to build stories that intersect. If you'd like your character to venture into other stories, share your characters here! Please use the Oleon Intro Topic to discuss. This topic should be for characters only. Feel free to post multiple characters in one post. The following general format is recommended for each character: NAME OF PERSON: A brief description with whatever information you feel is necessary or important to know. Please keep it under 200 words. [Single Small Image] [INSIDE A SPOILER: Additional pictures of the fig along with relevant links to their story]
  6. Previously: Part 1 It has been raining for a while when Florian began heading back to the estate. It was foggy and he could hardly see, but he knew his way around, and he had been going to the estate for longer than he could remember. He was getting too old for this. As He approached the building, like usual, it in no way portended to what was in it. It gave of a stately, important vibe, but Florian knew all too well that what was inside was quite different, rotting, poisoned even. When he reached the big double doors, he was worried. Master would be angry. He knocked, and entered. The room gave of a faint gray glow. Master was facing away from him, but in the tall black mirror, Florian could see him gritting his teeth. He held his breath. 'Master, may I speak?' he said quietly. Master did not turn to face him as he approached , his face turning away so Florian could no longer see it in the mirror. 'Yes. What news do you bring? ' Masters voice was cold, as if his words came not from his voice box but from his poisoned, cruel soul. 'Greybeard has survived.' Florian was fearful, his body wracked with sweats. 'He has a new ship, the cutter Sea Wench.' Master hissed angrily. When he spoke again his voice was dripping with vindictive rage. 'Sean still owes me. I will kill him. I will have my revenge.' Florian spoke again.' Sir, the Black Captains Brethren are a tightly knit group. They will not allow you to take one of their brothers The Phoenix will be angry if you interfere.' There was a silence, which seemed to last for decades. When Master spoke again it was with chilling calm. 'Loosen the knots until we can get to Sean.'
  7. *Your entry has earned 10 XP* Part 1 (Cat A): The Sound in the Streets Part 2 (Cat C): The CFS Peace and Quiet Day 2 of CFS intervention in the Pyerce Affair. The dreadnaught CFS PEACE AND QUIET orbits around the planet FONDOR, where the CFF Tilled Soil has drawn the PYERCE BLOCKADE into battle. BUT FORGET ALL THAT. Three troublesome maintenance workers on the Peace and Quiet are totally unaware of the impending BATTLE. Build Pictures: Thanks so much for reading! Hope you enjoyed my middling attempts at editing and this very long (for a Factions post) story. Wouldn't expect anyone to put themselves through that. Appreciate it.
  8. *Your entry has earned 3 XP* Mato I: A Death Sentence Mato II: Fleeing the Stench Next Post: Mato IV: Along Old Lanes Chapter III Mato saw faces and hands, blood and teeth, victims and threats, anguish and rage. With a shout, he lurched up on his bunk, out of his violent dreams. He sat still, breathing deep, staring at the gray of the wall in front of him. The air was stale, recycled. Not like Nal Hutta. That was a relief. The faces swam before his eyes, fading slowly. He would never kill again, he thought to himself. Killing was the Hutt-way. The Hutt-way was the nightmare behind him, but there was a life ahead. He remembered what had happened, took in where he was. He was on the girl-spy’s (Yigs, that was her name) ship, they had escaped from Nal Hutta. She had rescued him. Or had he rescued her? Maybe both were true. Wiping his face, he looked around and found water. The Weequay gulped down a canteen, and then after a thought occurred, filled an extra one for Yigs. Had she been flying all night? She had to be thirsty. He emerged into the cockpit, and nearly stumbled in shock. The blue tunnel of Hyperspace stretched before him, a cosmic swirl of energy, speed, and power. He had never seen such a thing. The girl smiled when she saw him enter, laughed at his open jaw. “Hey there! You’ve been out for hours! Quite a sight, isn’t it? Is this your first time in Hyperspace?” “Yes. What a horrifying sight.” “Hah! Don’t worry, it’s safe. The odds of anything happening to us in hyperspace are next to nothing.” Mato frowned. “’Next to nothing’. Is that supposed to be comforting?” “Sure, that was the idea.” Bewildered, he handed her the full canteen. She glanced back at him, surprised by the gesture, and took a grateful drink while he fell into the co-pilot’s seat. “I think the water has gone old,” he said regretfully. “It isn’t blue.” Yigs smiled. “Only water in rivers and streams is blue.” Mato blinked. “Is this true? I thought all water was blue, except on Hutta.” “Not true, my friend. You should see Mimban. And even where it is blue, that’s only on clear days.” Mato scratched his chin, growling to himself. “This is a great mystery.” Yigs checked a few monitors while wiping her mouth. “You’ll see. We’re nearly there, you’re just in time.” Hyperspace began to recede in a blinding display of shattered white, and a planet—colored a wash of healthy blue-green—rushed to meet them. In moments, it had gone from a tiny pearl to a massive ball that dominated the view screen. Mato nearly fell out of his chair. “Wayland!” Yigs declared, swelling with pride. “Home. This place used to be a breadbasket for the Empire. When it collapsed, the people rose up to take control of their homes and farms. That was a little before my time. Now they’re apart of the Confederacy of Free Systems, a group of other colonies in the Outer Rim.” Mato watched with great interest, but his attention was grabbed by something else. A dark, still object hovering over the planet, a large spacecraft. “And what is that, there?” he asked, pointing. Yigs’ expression turned sour. “The Techno Union,” she said, muttering, “They’d ruin dozens of acres of soil if they ever landed that monstrosity.” Seeing that Mato was curious for more, she explained. “The Techno Union were a big deal in the original Confederacy. They disappeared when the Empire rose, but now they’re back, and they want a hand in things. They’ve been trying to win the trust of the colonists, trying to sell them ‘new and improved’ farming methods and tech. Personally, I think it’s just a different kind of slavery waiting to happen. Koyode, our leader, thinks so too. We’re trying to get them to leave, but some of the colonists like what they have to say.” Mato examined the craft, scratching his chin. “I know this kind of starship. I’ve seen it on Nal Hutta. This Techno Union has dealings with the Hutts.” The woman looked at him with wide-eyed triumph. “I knew it! But . . . The only problem is that they can deny it as long as they want. We would need proof. That’s why I’ll be going back to Nal Hutta.” Mato spun to stare at her. “Return? Don’t be stupid. You'll die if you return there.” “Not with your help, I won’t,” she grinned. A pained expression crossed Mato’s face. He shook his head slowly. “No . . . no. I'm sorry, but . . . Yigs, I will never go back to that place.” Yigs hadn’t expected that. She thought she’d won another fighter for the cause. “What?” she said, blankly. “I’m sorry. I cannot. The Hutts . . . my life before . . . “ he hung his head in shame, struggling to find the right words. “You must understand—“ Yigs watched him, her expression impossible to read. Finally, she nodded in a stiff sort of way. “I . . . get it. It’s okay. I’ll just keep working on my own.” Her brow twitched, and she fixed her attention on preparing the ship for entry. “Alright, we’re coming in now, buckle up!” Mato felt uneasy. He hadn’t realized she expected him to help. Would she not have helped him escape Nal Hutta had she known? He wanted nothing to do with his old life, but was he wrong not to help her in her cause? He had left to find a new life, not to attack his old one. He just wanted to forget about the whole thing. Eager to break the awkward silence that had settled, he asked, “Do you like Wayland?” She nodded profusely. “Have you heard me talk at all? It’s the best planet in the galaxy.” He looked out on the continents and oceans before them, brimming with the light of their sun. He felt that feeling rising in him once again: hope. “You . . . seem a happy place," he said to the planet. "I should like to live in a happy place.”
  9. Hi, i’ve been tracking down parts of the orient expedition story for a while now and know the general idea of what happens. However 2 things are yet unknown to me, 1 the purpose of the gems guarded by tygurah, the yeti, jun-chi and the one present in the mount everest temple set 7417 2. the actual content and order of the more specific events for example dr kilroy’s encounter with tygurah as the german cd that i found a translation disagrees with the web comic etc... any help is much appreciated and it would be great to have a complete idea of what was going on (the confusing gems in particular) main events the team meet at marco polos house in venice and find a map they go to india and sail down a river they see lord sinister forcing babloo to work for him the adventurers then free him dr killroy steals sunstone from tygurah elephant chase scorpion palace- gets shield goes to mount everest with guide in the aero nomad shrine of yeti temple of everest - sword ends up on the emperors ship enters dragon temple through a passage (jun-chi) gets golden helmet and finds the dragon disputed conclusion
  10. Hello everyone! The first couple of AFOL Designer Sets from BrickLink have arrived to the people who pre-ordered them, so I thought it's time to make a review of my design, The LEGO® Story (which now has a set number too, BL19008). The postman gave me a classic brown box, with the BrickLink logo on it. After I opened it, I was finally able to see the beautiful, high quality box design. It has a white sleeve, with a couple of images of the four vignettes, the BrickLink logo, the 60 years anniversary logo from LEGO and a nice sticker, with "Exclusive LEGO element included" label. When you remove this white part of the box, you can see a nice backdrop photo for the model (on the inner side of the white sleeve), and of course the matte black box, with the BrickLink logo, and a nice brick pattern. The box is closed with a special shiny sticker, which includes the set number and name, and the (user)name of the AFOL who designed it. Let's open this black box! You can see here a thank you message from BrickLink and The LEGO Group, the exclusive element, the numbered bags, and the building instruction: Here is the exclusive element! - 39789pb01 The set contains 9 bigger, and several smaller bags (inside the bigger ones, for the smaller LEGO pieces), which are numbered similarly to the official LEGO set bags. A1 and A2 contains the pieces for the old workshop, B1 and B2 for the old moulding machine, C1 and C2 for the designer's office, and finally D1, D2, and D3 contains the pieces for the modern factory with the big moulding machine. The building instruction booklet is really high quality, just like the ones which you get with the bigger Creator Expert sets these days. I believe most of you have already seen the set on different sites, but here are some photos of the final model, and an official unboxing video made by BrickLink! Official unboxing video:
  11. Hey everyone, I thought this would belong here, please move this thread if it’s wrong. I could find only one similar thread which had its last comment in 2014 so I preferred creating a new one than reviving a four year old topic. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if there’s a similar alive thread Just thought it would be interesting to create a topic where people can share how and when they got back into Lego/came out of their Dark Ages. Here’s how I got back into Lego: In August 2017, I started to want to get some bricks for making a remote control car and I discovered the great PAB service at S@H but I didn’t know which bricks in which quantities I needed to buy. Then, I looked at the Classic sets for getting big amounts of bricks for a reasonable price at S@H and saw that the price per piece ratio was much lower than that of the bricks in the PAB service. But I was wrapped up in something that includes cute smiley faces and has an incredible amount of details packed in its interior: the Parisian Restaurant! I was absolutely blown with the possibilities Lego had! I really wanted to get it but it was way too expensive for my budget- I ended up buying two Classic sets even if I wasn’t totally convinced. I tried to MOC a modular as my interest came to them but I didn’t have the skills and the bricks variety. After a while, I discovered other modulars available (the Palace Cinema, Detective’s Office, Brick Bank and Assembly Square) and I started to really like the AS as it has a European Architecture. The AS became a modular that I started to want to get too but the other modulars didn’t interest me, I didn’t like their architecture. They of course did grow on me and I don’t remember anymore how and which one: I discovered one of the retired modulars, following by all the other retired ones of the series! I became very familiar with all and then discovered Ideas, a couple of weeks later, discovered MOCs and the AFOL community... So how did you guys got back into Lego?
  12. Hi Guys! It's already 2 months ago I made this MOC but I forget to share here with you so... I show you my MOC of the AT-DT! I let you watch the showcase video. And the quick scene I made for a LEGO Convention. Free PDF Instructions are available on Rebrickable : Don't forget to mention me if you use this design. ) Let me know what you think about! See you soon!
  13. If you want to read the first part of my characters story, read the introduction post. "Log of Captain Lothario Fraunces, 28th of June, 618 Me and my brothers Jacobo and Alfie spend some days together in the city of Breshaun. Me and my brother Jacobo came to Breshaun on board of the Fluyt 'The Octopus'. Together with Alfie we enlisted again and had plans to reach the new world to the east, when some of the Octopus' crew members came to me. Crew members: "Lothario, the captain died last night. He was ill since we left Holders Rock but he did not want to tell anyone. We need a new captain and we know your skills on the seas and don't trust the old quartermaster Cedric. He is egocentric and is very stubborn. Lead us in our mutiny!" And so we went to the ship. I challenged Cedric to a duel for the captaincy. Our cutlasses almost broke with every strike. Cedric fought like a bull but his anger prohibited him to foresee my moves and I was on the winning hand, what I did not know was that Cedric companion was below deck, ready to fill me with lead through the hatch. The blast just missed my forehead and blew my hat away. The cheat came out of the hatch to finish the job, but he did not count on my brother Alfie. With one smooth move Alfie threw the cheat overboard: "Go irritate Neptune" - he said. How I already love this guy. The duel with Cedric however, continued. It was not long before I took the upper hand and with a few slashes and thrusts I had him on the ground. We put Cedric on a rowing boat back to Breshaun, The Octopus crew chose me as their new captain. We buried our old captain on an empty beach in LeBellan, said goodbye to the girls in the brothel, took in fresh supplies and headed to the new world. Jacobo (the new quartermaster) convinced the me and the crew to head to île D'Or, for glory, adventure and gold was lurking on that island. What more does one need to convince a bunch of Sea Rats? And so we went." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope you guys like my ship and the story. I checked the shipwright post for building tips and took my main motivation from the replica Dutch Fluyt 'de Batavia'. I will license her as a Class 5. My apologies for the bad photo-shopping, this is not my forte. The name derives from the bow spring: C&C is welcome.
  14. Hi guys! This is my minifig’s scaled ARATECH C-PH Patrol Speeder bike used by the Imperial Patrol troopers. It appears just few seconds in the second Starwars spin-off movie called Solo : A starters story but I very appreciate its design! :) Special Credits for the inspiration of some parts to : Luca s projects (<a href=""></a>) BricksStudios (<a href=""></a>) Showcase and Tutorial Video : Parts list : I hope you enjoy the build even if it's not perfect! :) keep on building!
  15. “Mr. Horton,” Captain Matthew Hawes said as he crossed the gun deck of the old galleon. “How is the refit coming along?” “Slowly and expensively sir,” said Horton. “It seems more of her is rotted through than anticipated. At this rate, we’d likely been better served to have purchased a new ship outright.” “Perhaps, but this particular ship has something to offer that others cannot.” Captain Hawes said as he ran his hand along the grain of an old plank softened by the sea. Horton furrowed his brow. “What’s that sir?” Captain Hawes paused before turning to leave. “A story to tell.” I am currently building a Class 5 or 6 galleon named "The Rosa Lee" and since it is taking more time (and costing far more money) than anticipated, I figure I'd post several little narratives along the way to show off the progress I've made thus far. More stories and images coming soon!
  16. The waves crashed and roared, and the heavy smoke of the combat still hung low in the atmosphere, as the sinking Shuriken, torn and splintered by the iron rain it had just received, sent its bow high up into the air. Captain Gryple took one last glance at his ship as the waves seemed to leap up greedily to swallow their prize, and looked away, while the musketeer still kept up a scattering fire after the victorious pirates. Ever since Captain Whiffo had taken possession of the Shooting Shuriken from the Monezterrel shipyards in name of the ETWC, Captain Gryple had been in command and had turned over some good profit for the company in his work. But now, on what was likely its most important voyage yet, the ETWC ship had found itself set upon in the vicinity of Terraversa by the infamous pirate captain Unrigged Nordau, who had fired upon the ship with such hot haste that in almost less than ten minutes there was nothing of the wreck remaining, except a few loose pieces of wreckage and the jollyboat with the crew floating on the rolling ocean. Captain Gryple frowned, and turned the boat's head towards Kings Port... Couldn't pass up a good sinking! My MRCA result build from... the MRCA before the last, if I'm correct (I'll just be submitting it as a freebuild, anyways). This is pretty obviously what I was supposed to be building when the Midnight's Mist happened, but two is better than one, you know! And yes, I do know that the sails are annoyingly blocky - I wish I could have done better with those, but really wanted to include the dark green sails of the original ship, and didn't have any other material to make them with than the brick! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome as always!
  17. It took some doing, but Emile Perreault managed to track down another former crew member, Bart. The marine-turned-pirate had left the pirate trade and had been living his life in a small fishing village. But no more, Emile vowed to make today Bart's last. BLAM! Bart fell into the water, bleeding out, and no fish in his barrel for that day. Emile made a mental note. There were only two people left he had to find: the captain and the man who recruited him. It's been awhile since I've built, I've just been busy with other things. I also wanted to try some rockwork, which has always been difficult for me. Thoughts?
  18. Emile managed to track a third former crewmate down. He was surprised he didn't smell him across the ocean. Rupert, or "Rotten" as the few friends of Emile on that ship called him, was known to smell worse than Corrington breeches when they see the glory of an Oleander. That being aside, Emile smelled Rotten as soon as he stepped into town. Emile wanted his former crewmembers he hunted to see him and know he was there when he came for them. He was willing to make an exception for Rotten, the poor fellow. The stench of booze, rotting meat, and who knew what else fell like a thick cloud over the city. Emile knew that a msuket would serve this task, and hopefully the smell of gunpowder would cover up the foul odor. Only there was a problem. The guard. The rather angry looking guard. But fortune favors the bold, as Emile had heard. He found a fortune teller on the side streets and offered her some coin to keep Mr. Angry Morion over there. Emile instructed her to speak very loudly. Mr. Angry Morion didn't seem too pleased with his fortune. So Emile lept into action, quickly lining up his shot and fired at Rotten. And without even having to get close to Rotten, Emile killed the smelly man.
  19. They called him the Great Shark because of how pale he was. The Great Shark was never always that pale; around his teens his skin pigment started changing. He wasn't that dark to start, but it was noticeable. Maybe that's why he joined the crew, they didn't judge him. The man was a killer through and through, even if he was peacefully fishing now. There were too many unspeakable actions he had made, in Emile's opinion. That's why, like Scott, The Great Shark had to die. It was an overcast day when Emile decided to make his move. Captain Emile Perreault knew this was risky, out in the open. But he wanted to make a statement. He knew that word of an unusually pale man murdered in the middle of the day would spread. Emile hoped that would cause the others he hunted to make mistakes and stumble into the open. Emile waited for The Great Shark to cast his net again. And then he moved in, putting his blade against The Great Shark's thick neck. "You're going to kill me?" The Great Shark asked. It seemed more of a statement than a question. "Yes." Emile replied. "Shame, you were my favorite person on the crew." Then The Great Shark lurched kicked Emile's shin. Emile bumped into the barrel of fish, and some tuna fell onto the deck. The Great Shark tried to go forward; he opened his mouth to scream for help. But it was too late. Emile moved his knife around and stabbed his former crewmember in the kidney. And amongst the fish, The Great Shark lay.
  20. Demetreous

    Inquiry of this Forum

    Hello everyone, I am fairly new to this forum and noticed that there are many "guilds" that run the place. I was wondering if this forum is used to support the worlds and story lines that have been set before me, or if it is encouraged to bring in original story lines. Excuse my noobery, -Deme
  21. Well it is now officially the start of the Christmas season, and my latest creation is the house from the movie "A Christmas Story". In the States, this movie is iconic. So much so that it runs 24 hours straight on Christmas Eve on a particular channel, and the actual house where the movie was filmed was turned into a museum and gets 10s of thousands of visitors every year. However, it dawned on me that Lego fans outside of America may not even know about this movie. Thus, I figured that Eurobricks was probably the best place to get some perspective. Any feedback that you can provide would be great. Just a little about the model itself... I have an 8 year-old, and I really wanted it to be playable for her. Thus, it is modular where the second story and roof can be removed, and it fits fully on a 32x32 baseplate (actually two white 16x32 plates to be exact). Many of the movie scenes were shot in a studio, so the interior layout is based on a mix of the film and the actual house (in Cleveland, Ohio). It was created 100% percent with bricks that I had or was able to procure from bricklink, so there are no custom bricks. I was even able to find a tile with a "FRAGILE" sticker on it! To distinctly set it apart from other Lego houses, I added snow in a unique way to the roof and ground. The most fun feature that I was able to recreate was the famous leg lamp from the film using a Lego light brick above it so that it can be turned on. Anyway, if people outside of the US don't really know about the movie, then I guess those details would be lost. Just looking for some feedback and perspective (mostly from non-Americans, but anyone can feel free to weigh in). I did end up submitting it to Lego Ideas last month, so there are more and higher res pics there, as well as more of a description of the project and how the leg lamp works. Here are just a couple of pics though... Just let me know your perspective and/ or if you have any questions. Thanks so much!
  22. Legofin2012

    Pt. 1.2: Blood Lord Reunion

    The next part of my character story, check out part 1, and part 2. A few days after part 1. After the kidnapping of men by barbarians in Teridyan, a meeting was called in the map room of the M.I.S. manor, reuniting 3 high ranking members: The Blood Lords. Demm, head of Blood lords, vice-chief of the M.I.S. - So, you must be wondering why I have summoned you here? Krew, first Blood Lord, the Crow-Keeper - Well I most certainly am. Demm - I received a message from a friend in Teridyan, there has been another silent attack and kidnapping... Obara, second Blood Lord, the Key-Keeper - We are yet to solve the last one. Demm - But this time the situation has gotten worse, a member of the M.I.S. has been removed during this attack a few days ago. Kan, third Blood Lord, leader of the M.I.S. Northern Guardsmen - Who is it? Demm - Finnak Sern, known as Fin. Obara - I met him on a few occasions, I cannot imagine he'd be an easy man to kidnap. Demm - We believe this attack is related to the others, so based of witnesses, the attackers are large, barbaric looking men, who come in the night and take the men only, leaving everything else untouched. We've narrowed down the location of the attackers and hopefully their prisoners to somewhere in Mitgardia. Kan - It's not that that is not much to go on, but all of Mitgardia is a rather broad search area, not to mention we've had M.I.S. specialists investigating these kidnappings for over a year now... Demm - Which is why I've called upon you three, Krew, we need you to provide an eye in the sky, use your crows to search the land far and wide. Krew - As you wish sir. Demm - Obara, I believe a man matching the description of the attackers is in your custody after getting injured during one of their little raids, we need as much information off him as possible, and by any means. Obara - Very well sir, we interrogated him when he was sent in to no success, but I won't fail this time. Demm - Kan, as much as your services are not required at the moment, as soon as the location of these men has been revealed we'll need your guardsmen to strike and recover any Mitgardian prisoners. Kan - Aye,it would be my pleasure m'lord, I'll get the boys prepared. Demm - And I wish to present you head of our rangers, Thomas, he and his men will search all Mitgardia for the Barbarians. Thomas- Good evening gentlemen, wish I could chat but I believe we all have work to do. Demm - Good luck to you all. A few months later. Krew - Sir my crows found nothing, we've searched all the land for a trace of the barbarians for months now, and word from Obara says the prisoner was no use, we have nothing... Thomas - The same for my rangers sir... Demm - This is most unusual, and leaves two solutions, either they aren't in Mitguardia, Avalonians or Nocturnians maybe, or... Krew - No, that's not possible sir, the only thing up there is ice creatures and snow! Thomas - What we are dealing with are no ice creatures, yet no man could survive up there. Demm - Someone must go, someone must venture through the snow and ice... Thomas - I will go, I knew Fin, I shall not let him down. Krew - Alone? Thomas - I will take any willing rangers, but if none agree, yes, I shall go alone. Demm - The best of luck to you master ranger, you will go where very few dare, brave the Frozen Beyond. Thomas - Thank you sir, I shall return and with the location needed. Possibly my largest GoH build so far, starting off with just the map and then expanding, the map was rather fun to build, and I tried to make it as accurate as I could. Sorry the story kinda jumps through time here though going back to before part 2, and then to after it. Without minifigs: -Thanks for looking!
  23. Second build for my character story, explaining his 2 year absence, part 1. A few days after part 1. After waking up with an excruciating headache from the knife hilt, the second thing I noticed was the icy cold I'd woken up to. The sound of footsteps and something being dragged across the snow could also be heard. My body had been wrapped in a nearly soft cloth, presumably to keep me from freezing to death, and had been tied down, my head still in the bag they put on me what I'm guessing must be a few nights ago now. I was laying on something hard, but not as cold as stone, so wood, that would also explain the dragging sound, I was tied to a sled. Yet no horse could be heard, only men, remembering the two men who attacked me in my room; large brutes, but strong enough to pull a heavy sleigh through the snow in such temperatures for days on end? What kind of men was I dealing with, barbarians, savages...? Counting the times we stopped assuming they were nights, it had been just over a month, dragged through the snow on a sled with little food and water. The first week I'd struggled, trying to find a way to untie myself and escape, a cold cylindrical object regularly bumped my head through the sack, a sword hilt? But after that, the cold, the lack of food, water, and very little sleep, I felt close to death. It almost got my once, they'd placed me on a boat, and the rocking motion without any sense of direction almost made be very sick, nearly throwing up inside the bag, which would not have ended well. I couldn't help but noticed how the temperature continued to drop, meaning one of two things, we were going up into mountains, but we haven't climbed any substantial slopes, or we were going North, very far North. So like I said, taking a break from AoM to continue my character story a bit. -Thanks for looking!
  24. After all the buzz about tiny MOCs pushing themselves into first row and the community-stress that came along with it, I thought it would be a good moment to raise a question that invites you to tell something about how far your LEGO-hobby - or should I say addiction - goes. Hoping that sharing some light-hearted personal stories will add to the community-spirit. The main question boils down to the following: Do you actually go as far as to get down on your knees to play with your build to feel how it performs or inspect how it behaves while pushing the buttons on your RC? And of course, any other story or anecdote that shows us how far your addiction goes is welcome too. For instance: LEGO has cost you your marriage and you're fine with it. Share it with us. Anything non-AFOLs won't understand. Let me be the first to speak out. I'm a push-along type of guy. I can sit with my build for hours, pushing the suspension over and over again, seeing the gears function over and over again, and then suddenly, after re-thinking one aspect over and over again, I take half the build apart to refactor only a very small substructure of the entire thing. And when the whole build is - once again - finished, the delight of the accomplishment is tremendous. Until I start testing the suspension again, or start pushing the car once more to feel how the steering behaves. Then the whole process starts over again, and I'm perfectly happy with that.
  25. Sir Edwyn

    The Græskar: Part Two

    Part One Sir Edwyn looked around the room, squinting as his eyes adjusted to the dim firelight. “Evidently The Graesker is not here. Ah well, I was not expecting to be able to meet him so easily.” “Nor was I,” his contact replied. “Please sit down, and tell me your plan. There must be a serious matter afoot to force you to seek him.” Edwyn glanced at the door nervously before settling himself on the low wooden stool. “Indeed,” he replied. “You see, there is a certain member on the council whose influence is growing too strong. He is undermining my interests left and right…I find that I am no longer able to reckon with him.” “So you wish to…ah…see his influence removed then, yes?” “Indeed. However, he is a hard target to reach. I’ve heard whispers about a man whose facility for cover arts is beyond description…. never a name, and no one seems to have made contact with him directly. There was an old man who referred me to you, though. He said that you’ve dealt with him before.” “Not directly…” Edwyn sighed wistfully. “So you are just like the others. I am beginning to think he is but a legend.” “No! The Graesker is real enough. Unless of course you are foolish enough to believe that Duke Richtenheim dropped dead on his own accord.” “So you’re the one who was behind that?” “Well I – what was that?” Both men turned around as they heard a low rasping sound emanating from the doorway. “I thought you said no one would find us here!” Edwyn demanded. Suddenly the room grew dark and cold and Sir Edwyn felt as though he was falling into a deep sleep….