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  1. This story stood out, Ross. Per usual, your writing is expressive and full of character. Even just a few paragraphs helps make the galaxy feel alive. Love it. Love a creative SW alien, too! I hate to say this, but have you thought about getting a non-textured background? I honestly think the BG you've got detracts from your builds. I think a clean white or black BG might help, but that's just a suggestion! #MandaloreReclaimed
  2. RocketBoy

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I think an Underworld battle pack would be cool and appropriate. Gor Koresh, a Quarren tough, a Gran, and an Aqualish thief. The build could be some terrain and a Swoop, or an e-web platform like in Chapter 1. That would he a nice way to get ahold of a few alien species that have had some prominent appearances in Seasons 1 and 2. Having a prominent representative of the Mimbanese in both Chapter 12 and SW: Squadrons, it might be time for one of those, too.
  3. RocketBoy

    [MOC] The Havoc, Nym's Scurrg H-6 Bomber

    The old Jedi Starfighter games have some great designs. It's lovely to see this realized so well.
  4. Your stuff is always so solid. That's a great solution to the Krykna' Another great entry! You should join us over at Factions if you ever want to get in a game. :)
  5. RocketBoy

    [H19 - Skye - TT] Population Processing

    Whoof, mass graves and mutilation. At least there's person in the Triumvirate with a conscience. Kind of. Naturally, the build itself is really well done.
  6. RocketBoy

    [R14 - Boranda - CS] Diplomats & Merchants

    Thanks a ton! It's always important to me for Figbarfs that the characters seem to fit together, so I'm glad I apparently succeeded with this one!
  7. *Your entry has earned 6 XP* A group of individuals looking for the truths about the Force have set out on expeditions, sponsored by the CFS member world of Brentaal. Led by the scholarly Archscriptists, some join the Searchers out of religious curiosity, others in a bid for power or truth, but all seeking to learn more about the mysterious energy between all things. Once a stronghold of an order of force-wielders called "Jedi", Ossus is a rich mine of knowledge waiting to be tapped. Storms scour its surface and thunder rolls across its dunes, a warning to any who would try to plumb its depths. STORY Thanks for looking!
  8. RocketBoy

    [R14 - Boranda - CS] Diplomats & Merchants

    For the sake of argument, putting together those figures took a lot of time and energy. I think they could qualify as a "build" to score, since they're Lego arranged in a specific way that took creative effort. But I'll remove them from scoring if need be. (To be clear, I wouldn't make the same argument for a Figbarf that made no attempt at providing context, like I did with the props, background, and stories for each character and the build as a whole.)
  9. *Your entry has earned 2 XP* As parts of a larger understanding, the CFS member worlds have a lot of use for diplomacy and negotiation. Merchants hash out deals and create the flow of resources, Ambassadors battle in the courts of cruel regimes, and bodyguards keep them all free to do their jobs. With the intent of forming favorable connections, CFS-aligned diplomats are invited to the bustling world of Boranda for discussions with CorSec representatives. Nothing like a little nightlife to help discussions go smoothly. Descriptions Thanks for looking!
  10. *Your entry has earned 2 XP* People are the heart of the CFS. The colonists, farmers, laborers, and families that populate the planets of the galaxy, working hard to live in harmony with the land and one another. These are people of grit, wit, and drive. People with vision, and compassion, and care for one another. People who don't always get things right, but value fixing what's wrong. People who have found each other, and found something to share and build together. Descriptions Thanks for looking! (Sorry, MarvelBoy <3)
  11. RocketBoy

    (I7 - Ankus - CFS) The Sage of Ankus

    I agree, the foreground pole is really obstructive from like all angles but one. I like the space itself, but shooting it is really hard. But dude, thank you. I really appreciate that, it means a lot.
  12. RocketBoy

    (I7 - Ankus - CFS) The Sage of Ankus

    *Your entry has earned 11 XP* From the Mid-Rim world of ANKUS comes a request for aid! Enslaved by the mining corporation TAGGECO, the Cragmoloid natives are cruelly oppressed, made to work in the mines, and killed by the hundreds. Perhaps their only hope now rests with the FREEDOM FIGHTERS of the CFS, a fighting force dedicated to helping the oppressed. DATA MASTER BEY'WAN PW'TUA is sent to coordinates received from intelligence network NIMBUS CELL, but he does not know exactly what he'll find... Story and Pictures More Pictures Thanks for looking!
  13. RocketBoy

    [S12 - Rorak - BS] A horror place

    I love the two-part build! That doctor is pretty freaky.
  14. RocketBoy

    [O6 - Dathomir - CE] Horrors of Dathomir

    Dog. Dog! Dog. Fantastic story-telling. Establishing how he feels about bones, and then burying him in bones? Extremely nice touch. I'm super impressed with the whole thing. Cammie is great too. I'm looking forward to seeing more from Olen, consider me invested.
  15. RocketBoy

    [L19 - Mustafar - TT] The horror of Mustafar

    Love a little snapshot to further flesh out Fnab's story. That lava is great! I see how much work you put into that.