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  1. STORY MORE PHOTOS Thanks for looking!
  2. RocketBoy

    [G7 - Ilum - FF] The Thaw

    STORY PHOTOS Thanks for looking!
  3. RocketBoy

    [J12 - Atrisia - CFS] Bright Taco Delivery

    Love the colors and shaping, super duper Republic. Looks like the republic bomber from Galactic Battlegrounds.
  4. Love the context and scene setting, and genius NPU. I love the feeling of all those boxes. Even his HAIR is yellow!!
  5. On Yavin IV, a father teaches his son how to track an incoming starship. Build Photos Thanks for looking!
  6. RocketBoy

    [M13 - Devaron - TT] A brighter future

    Great building design. I have no idea why I saw this and immediately thought of the Spongebob theme song.
  7. RocketBoy

    [O10 - Gorse - TT] Bright sunset on Gorse

    Super creative idea, and really well executed! I love the gothic silhouette, with the poles adding that spot of SW flair. What is "Star Wars" can be a pretty open concept if you look at everything that's been included in the franchise. I think this is a lovely, original, great take. Reminds me of Dathomir and the old concept paintings for the Emperor's palace.
  8. RocketBoy

    [M13 - Devaron - TT] Bounty Hunter Bright

    Love the colors on the building and the way they're put together, love how the bush in the back is composed. The small details on every part of this are really, really great. Good job, yet again!
  9. RocketBoy

    [P6 - Yavin IV - CFS] Markets on the Jungle Moon

    Thank you for all the compliments! I'm very honored. Yeah, that speeder bike looks ready to fly straight off the lot, doesn't it?
  10. RocketBoy

    [P9 - Uyter - CE] Bright Eyes

    Really fantastic work, I love how simple and striking the design is, those doors especially look fantastic. Very Spirited Away. I see what Bjorn is saying with the sides, and the rockwork on the back right uses a lot of the same parts near each other, which looks a little repetitive, but its hardly the focal point of the build. In Bjorn's defense, we all want to help each other grow as builders, right? It's not a matter of teams or judging more harshly, at least I hope. Great work all around.
  11. *Your entry has earned 8 XP* ___________________________ More Photos Thanks for looking!
  12. RocketBoy

    [P9-Trandosha-CE] It wasn't his Brightest idea

    Super cool idea! Love the HUD.
  13. RocketBoy

    [R14-Tarsunt-Corsec] Bright: Engineering up and running

    Absolutely love what you're doing with all the lighting. Super fun colors too.
  14. Love those comparisons so much. Yeah, finally a use for the yellow Naboo guard!
  15. *Your entry has earned 6 XP* Angel Wings Colony Ship Lantillian ShipWrights LX-1 Bulk Transport Starliner Flying on behalf of the Hygga Guild, Angel Wings travels between the Outer Rim and the Core Worlds carrying thousands of passengers and tons upon tons of cargo. These huge ships, like great whales, overshadow anything else at the orbital port. Captain Donu Scail is a veteran of the industry who has made this passage hundreds of times. Decisive and orderly, she'll get her passengers safely where they need to go. MORE PHOTOS Thanks for looking!