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  1. Having downed another of the numerous pirate starfighters, Suppi Vio's A-Z1 Sparrow picks up an enemy fighter on its tail. Three intuitive flicks of the flight-stick sends her rolling into her attacker's blind spot. Scratch one more bogey. (Editing by the super generous @Darth Bjorn) Battle over the waves of MON CALA! The Outer Rim homeworld of the Mon Calamari comes under threat from Imperial Pirates. Called into action one last time, Admiral Yima deploys the 2nd Fleet of the Freedom Fighters to answer. For the first time, the Freedom Fighters deploy a brand-new starfighter designed specifically for their use. The A-Z1 Sparrow was designed from the ground up as an ace starfighter for the Followers of the Force, and quickly proves it was worth the effort. The FF send twelve Sparrows against a swarm of over thirty enemy Scyk interceptors. By the end, the interceptors were like buzzflies against birds of prey. SHIP DESCRIPTIONS MORE PHOTOS Thanks for looking!
  2. The Cold War! A busy, populated time of suspicion and poorly-thought-out aesthetics. Back then, Korriban was the bustling hub world of the Sith Empire, a place of factories, academies, and internal politics. But not everyone had a cool job; some were just rank-and-file Sith troopers, made to walk around the blistering desert while wearing all black, ostensibly to look for spies. You want to talk about evil? It doesn't get much worse than the smell of a Sith uniform after patrol. Don't feel too bad for them though: they've killed innocents without remorse and they have terrible attitudes. On one such patrol, Trooper Cudiss finds mysterious bit of debris—a sensor package packed into a sort of probe droid head. Could the Republic be spying on Korriban? (Of course the Republic is spying on Korriban.) He must report this immediately! What Cudiss thinks is vital, urgent information actually... isn't. It is fateful for him, however. In fact, it's his dutiful reporting of this pedestrian information that will bring about his untimely, lighting-themed death at the hands of an inpatient Sith Lord who felt his precious time was wasted. (Sith have always been a petty, wasteful bunch.) So ends the story of Trooper Cudiss, may his name be always remembered. Once again, don't feel too bad. But you can feel a little bad. Such was the life of a lackey. MORE PHOTOS Thanks for looking!
  3. RocketBoy

    [J7 - Iridonia - TT] Conflict of Ideas

    I really enjoyed this. The story is great, I like the different personalities of the family members, they're very distinct, and Farantros's reactions feel genuine and I sympathize with him as a character. Some of the dialogue from Ithisii feels word-for-word like propaganda, it may be that people on the ground would talk in less lofty ideals like "stability and security", but maybe she's just a true believer! And the patriarch balanced things out well. The build is fantastic, this is one of my favorites of yours. The details are perfect, even the lighting is spot on, and it all works to create exactly the right atmosphere. (And I loved the behind-the-scenes look at the process!) Great work all around. I'm excited for that final part.
  4. "The Lore of Bogan describes a process of desecration, the 'bleeding' of crystals sensitive to the Force of Life during the fashioning of Sith weapons. Imagine a miracle; a gemstone that responds to the force, ruined. Violated. Made twisted and discordant. Imagine becoming so blind that you torture even things that do not live." MORE PHOTOS Thanks for looking!
  5. RocketBoy

    [J7 - Iridonia - TT] Sunset over Iridonia

    Faaaaaaantaastic. What atmosphere! I love the Persona breakdown.
  6. Previous chapters of the Perilous Adventure! Chapter 1: Meet our heroes! Chapter 2: Meet the devious Colonel Corbett! Chapter 3: Raiders of the Lost Jungle Planet! Chapter 3: Torture, Love, and Civilized Conversation! Chapter 4: Fight and Flight The chase comes to a very sudden stop! High in the Imynusoph mountains, our heroes reach the Thrilling Conclusion of their adventure! Read on to see how it all wraps up! THE THRILLING CONCLUSION THE HEROES MORE PHOTOS Thanks for looking, and coming on this adventure with me!
  7. Previous entries in Across the Stars: The penultimate chapter: Nathan and Ozz have been taken to a secret colony of cultists living on KORRIBAN, where they will finally come face-to-face with the ancient immortality-granting Sith artifact called BALAAM'S HEART. STORY MORE PHOTOS Thanks for looking!
  8. RocketBoy

    [J7 - Iridonia - TT] One last mission

    Fantastic story, can't wait to see more. That texturing on the building is really cool.
  9. RocketBoy

    [J7 - Iridonia - TT] Into the Meat Grinder

    This is one of my favorite posts in a while. The detail is incredible, it feels so lived-in and real. I love the idea of a meatpacking district--inspired choice, and the tense story and setting is awesome. Even your inspiration photos are awesome, and ones I mostly haven't seen before! Great work.
  10. RocketBoy

    [S16 - Kowak - TT] Waiting for new missions

    Cool stuff! Make sure you hit it with the prefix. (# - Kowak - TT)
  11. RocketBoy

    Faction: Followers of the Force

    Welcome, it's very good to have you! Thanks for joining up!
  12. *Your entry has earned 5 XP* Previous entries in Across the Stars: Nathan and Ozz reach the long-dead world of KORRIBAN, hoping to find the artifact called BALAAM'S HEART somewhere on its dusty surface. On the darkest planet they've encountered so far there are dangers both physical and spiritual, and Nathan's unique power will become his greatest weakness. STORY PHOTOS Thanks for looking! More to come.
  13. RocketBoy

    [U10 - Eadu - BS] Size-ing a new mission

    This really sells me on the atmosphere of Eadu. Great stuff.
  14. Previous chapters of the Perilous Adventure! Chapter 1: Meet our heroes! Chapter 2: Meet the devious Colonel Corbett! Chapter 3: Raiders of the Lost Jungle Planet! Chapter 3: Torture, Love, and Civilized Conversation! After a daring escape from Colonel Corbett and his gang of pirates, our heroes skim over the jungle in search of the natives of IMYNUSOPH. But the pirates are close on their tail. Will our heroes escape, or will their journey end at 10,000 feet? Read on to find out! STORY (w/ Photos) THE HEROES MORE PHOTOS Thanks for looking! Read the thrilling conclusion, as our heroes encounter The Great Beast of Imynusoph!