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  1. Stories of the New Jedi Order Story Photos Thank you for looking.
  2. Thanks for building it! And thanks for reading. We're almost there!
  3. RocketBoy

    FACTIONS: Bounty Board

    Bounty Claimed by @MayItBe • Captain Byron Varrasin - Ring of Kafrene
  4. A great ending shot, in that fine Empire Strikes Back tradition. Looking forward to seeing more of Jal Mes (and the Duros culture). Congratulations on finishing the first arc, my friend!
  5. RocketBoy

    FACTIONS: Bounty Board

    (!) To all Bounty Hunters: If the score has been posted for your Phase 1 mission and it's over the threshold (5), your hunt is successful; you've found your target. You're clear to proceed to your Phase 2 mission. Bring 'em home.
  6. Stories of the New Jedi Order Build by @The British Brixter STORY PHOTOS Thanks for looking!
  7. RocketBoy


    Way better. Awesome build, I love the texture on the side of the building.
  8. RocketBoy


    Looks really cool. You might bring up the brightness a little bit, though? Dark as it is, the lava also keeps thing fairly nice and bright, right? (And it's a bit hard to see the build right now.)
  9. Or maybe just a very old and thin and pale Rancor!
  10. Fantastic all around. The tank is creative and well-executed, super detailed. I love the modules. The bit of terrain we get is fantastic, but I'd love to see more height variation. Maybe even some ambitious snow-dusted cliffs to sell the drama of Ossus!
  11. Platonic ideal of Felucia. Each one is essential, each one has its own unique techniques, each one has something special and different and quintessential to the planet. Lush and dense and weird and great. The arch! The buried tank! All the flora! And all of it perfectly composed. Well done, good sir, well done! A standing ovation for you and your smelly jungles!
  12. I love the gantry and terminal and cleaning droid! The wall pattern feels a little jarring just because the colors are so contrasting, and the plant feels a little out of place on a decommissioned mining rig, but eh!
  13. I've been staring at so much Ord Ibanna reference, and this is instantly recognizable. Great work!