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  1. This year I'll be putting up a simple classic pirate tree:
  2. Household items built out of Lego?

    Thanks for the sketch, rodiziorobs. I ended up building a dispenser where the candies were stacked one on top of the other, so they wouldn't get stuck: I'm hoping to build a coin-operated dispenser soon, but most of the ones I've seen online are either too bulky or only store one or two candies.
  3. For my first brickfilm I decided to do a shot-for-shot recreation of the trailer for Kingsman: The Golden Circle, coming out this September. It's not the best video I've done, but I'm hoping to make higher-quality brickfilms in the future as I continue to practice animating. Any comments or criticism would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I managed to get ahold of a UCS Tie Fighter in an Amazon lightning deal for $130 last year. I wasn't interested in the set itself and was hoping I'd be able to sell it on the aftermarket, but considering how it's still only going for around $180 on Bricklink, I'm not sure if my return on investment would be that high. I'm planning to buy one larger set before I take a break from LEGO over the next year, so I thought I might be able to trade the Tie Fighter instead of selling it. Here are the three top options I'm considering right now: - Trade it now for a 70751 Temple of Airjitzu (same RRP) - Wait a few months and then trade it for the Destiny's Bounty and City Chase from the Ninjago Movie line - Keep it until it's discontinued, then sell it (hopefully value will have increased by then) I might also be willing to trade it for another $200 set or bundle of sets, depending on who's interested. This is my first time attempting to make a transaction like this, so if anyone has any suggestions, or is interested in buying/trading for the set, I would really appreciate it.
  5. LEGO Candy Dispenser

    After several failed designs in the past, I've built a candy dispenser that can dispense up to five Skittles or M&M's at a time. To save on space, I decided not to make it coin operated, which didn't seem like a necessary design feature anyway. It's pretty simplified compared to a lot of other designs that I've seen, but I'd love to hear if anyone has any ideas for improvements.
  6. LEGO Fidget Cube

    Overall the build is pretty sturdy, but the joystick tends to detach from the cube if you fiddle with it too roughly. This is an easy fix: just replace the two SNOT bricks with an angular plate like this one and two 1x2 plates stacked on top. The wheel also spins better and doesn't come off as easily if you use a gear or a small car wheel instead of a satellite dish. This is my first how-to video, but I'm planning on releasing at least two more in the near future: one for a fidget spinner and one for a customizeable fidget cube with interchangeable sides. Was the process in this video clear enough, or do you think I should include a list of parts or a step-by-step narration in the next one?
  7. Household items built out of Lego?

    I'm not sure if this counts as a household item, but I made myself a fidget cube to keep on my office desk. I use it as a stress reliever, so I don't really consider it a toy, but maybe I'm in the minority? I just ordered parts for a family photo frame from Bricklink, so hopefully I'll have that built by next week. I tried building an M&M's dispenser once, but the candies kept getting stuck in the exit slot. If anyone knows where I can find instructions for a working dispenser, I wouldn't mind having another go at it.
  8. LEGO Fidget Cube

    This ended up being a lot easier to build than I expected, so I decided to make a how-to video: Any suggestions on how I could improve the design?
  9. [BRAINS] Cat D - The Wild Bunch

    Howler's Gulch was once a booming coal town, but when the miners dug too deep, they released an unthinkable threat that spread through the desert like wildfire. Now the few remaining pockets of survivors roam the desert in search of water and shelter, their numbers diminishing every day. Charles Livingstone- Before the plague, he was a respected Civil War veteran, but his first encounter with the undead left him without his legs and his trachea. Thanks to the work of a brilliant doctor/mechanic from San Francisco, he now lives relatively comfortably as the leader of a ragtag group of survivors. His favorite tea is Earl Grey, and his hobby is mowing down zombies with his steam-powered wheelchair while laughing maniacally. The Man in Black- No one knows much about this character, other than that he's a man who wears black. He's a heck of a shot, and that's all that matters to the other survivors. Jack the Monkey- Jack was bitten by one of the undead while working as a trained coal hauler monkey, but rather than become undead himself, he turned into a fully sentient monkey/zombie hybrid. The same doctor who fixed up Livingstone fitted him with drills for arms, which he uses to tear through hordes of zombies like butter. Butch Grimlow- Jack's owner and a former coal miner, Butch now applies his pick-axing skills to zombies instead of rocks. He keeps the heads of his victims in a knapsack strapped to his back, and the others are afraid to ask him what he plans on doing with them. Calamity Ann- Ann is a tough-as-nails sniper and former train robber who lost all of the flesh on her right arm in a previous encounter. No one on the team has had the nerve to ask her how it happened, and she acts like she doesn't even notice it.
  10. contest Braaiiinnss!!! Sci-Fi Contest

    Would it fit under Category D rules if one of the survivors was a captive zombie?
  11. EB Xmas Raffle 2016 - Your ideal Snow entry thread

    Aargh! I was so busy this past month that I completely forgot to enter the raffle! Does anyone know if there are any other contests I can enter before Christmas?
  12. Simpsons Halloween Raffle

    Looks like Lisa was right about the aliens after all... Happy belated Halloween!
  13. Vote for your favourite Category Mega A entries

    44) Ballerina Entry (Build by QBeat) - 1 point 55) Laser Mech Entry (Build by Ninja Bomb) - 1 point 60) Frightening Knight Entry (Build by Graham Gidman) - 1 point
  14. [MOC] Draphim the Dragonborn

    My jaw actually dropped when I saw this. Fantastic work all around.
  15. Scooby Doo Creepy Coolsville diorama

    I have no idea what Creepy Coolsville is, but this MOC makes me want to go there!