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  1. This market stall is selling fantasy memorabilia in front of a replica of Bilbo Baggins' family home. Santa happily munches on a pretzel and watches the busy shoppers go by as a shopkeeper cuts up the wrapping paper for her latest customer. Hope everyone has a happy holiday and a happy new year!
  2. While plenty of entertainers are wandering the winter festival dressed as Santa Claus, one person decided to go this year as a chimney. Next year he'll probably choose something a little more traditional.
  3. Lancethecat

    Winter Festival [Cat - B] - Market Stalls

    I like how you managed to pack so many details into such a small space! The rings on the lampposts are a nice touch.
  4. Lancethecat

    [CatC] StoryQuest

    Hello! This is my contest entry for Category B: Minifigure Lineup. Description: “For centuries, the Order of Bookkeepers kept watch over a library of thousands of ancient books containing stories and legends from kingdoms all over the world. However, many of these books disappeared throughout the ages, and their contents have been lost to history. Asimov, the last remaining Bookkeeper, sends his lone pupil Christie out into a fantastical land of magic and mystery to seek out the lost tomes and restore their knowledge to the world. Christie will brave daring challenges and make surprising allies on her quest to rebuild the library, perhaps creating a few stories of her own along the way.” Each set contains at least one “tome,” a unique book associated with a character or location in that set; they can all be collected and stored in the mid-tier set “Asimov’s Library.” This theme was inspired by my love for reading fantasy stories as a child, and designed to be less focused on conflict than other LEGO themes and more focused on exploration and discovery. Minifigures: Christie When she isn’t falling asleep during one of Asimov’s endless lectures, Christie can typically be found nestled deep in his library with a book in hand, dreaming of going on some fantastical adventure beyond the walls of her quiet town. She’s nervous about embarking on her first quest, but excited for the chance to finally live out her fantasies. Brontë As the self-proclaimed queen of the spiders, Brontë is used to getting singled out as the “bad guy” even if she doesn’t mean anyone any harm. Living in a spooky forest probably doesn’t help, but hopefully someone will come along who’s able to look past her frightening exterior. Shelley Shelley will tell anyone who asks that she dreams of becoming a famous pirate one day, but for now she’s content adventuring with Christie to seek out “tomes” or whatever they’re looking for. She wasn’t paying a lot of attention during the mission briefing, honestly. Joyce Joyce is a mischievous but kind-hearted fairy who loves playing pranks on unsuspecting adventurers. Her favorite pastime is spreading rumors about the “fierce dragon” that guards a vast hoard of treasure in the Shimmering Glade, neglecting to mention that it’s a loyal pet of hers who wouldn’t harm a fly. Asimov As the last of the Bookkeepers, Asimov wishes more people would share his passion for learning and worries that all of his work will soon be forgotten. Still, he’s proud of how far his pupil has come and confident that she’ll succeed on her journey. The Librarian’s Ghost The ghost has spent years haunting the castle where he once served as a Royal Bookkeeper, hoping that someone will come along and find the tome he devoted decades of his life to writing. Doyle Doyle’s fear of heights make his profession as an airship captain’s first mate rather questionable, but his fierce loyalty makes him a valuable ally even when he’s scared out of his wits. Captain Hemingway The honorable Captain Hemingway has spent most of his life navigating the Seven Skies in his airship, carrying intrepid adventurers on countless voyages to distant lands around the world. Set List: Spider Queen's Lair- $15 Contains Christie, Brontë, and the Tome of Shadows A black tree with spider-like roots and a hidden compartment for the tome Guardian of Light- $30 Contains Joyce, Shelley, and the Tome of Light A golden dragon with a small pile of treasure containing the tome Asimov’s Library- $40 Contains Christie, Asimov and the Tome of Tomes A book that opens up to reveal a library with a sliding ladder rows of shelves for the tomes Airship Adventure- $70 Contains Shelley, Doyle, Captain Hemingway and the Tome of Quests An airship with a hidden library in the captain’s cabin Crypt of the Bookkeeper- $100 Contains Christie, Shelley, Joyce, Brontë, the Librarian’s Ghost and the Tome of Heroes Stone remains of an ancient castle with a bell tower, a collapsing bridge, and a fireplace that swivels around to reveal the tome Thanks for reading!
  5. When will the topic for voting on entries be opened? Additionally, I know this is a given for most contests but I just wanted to make sure, I'm assuming entrants aren't eligible to place votes?
  6. Lancethecat

    Real life "Escape Game" MOC

    This is such a cool design! All of the colors you used work really well together.
  7. This is my entry to Eurobricks' Dynamic Action Contest. The Leap of Faith from Into the Spider-Verse is easily my favorite scene from my favorite movie ever, so I tried to condense it into a 12 x 12 grid for the contest:
  8. Lancethecat

    Eurobricks' Licensed Dynamic Action Contest - Entry Topic

    Here's my entry: my all-time favorite movie scene, the Leap of Faith from Into the Spider-Verse! Theme: Marvel Super Heroes
  9. If my entry looks like it has overhang but still fits within a 12x12 frame, should I provide pictures of other angles to prove that it still fits the requirements?
  10. I've been excited to see this film ever since it was first announced, so I had a lot of fun making this trailer! Let me know if you have any advice on how to improve it!
  11. Harry Potter is one of my favorite franchises of all time, so I was really excited to make this trailer! Let me know if you have any advice on how to improve it!
  12. Lancethecat

    Jurassic World 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Do you know what account they are on?
  13. Lancethecat

    Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Has anyone posted pictures of the Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown next to a modular building?
  14. Lancethecat

    EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    Just received my pirate figures. Thank you, @CopMike!