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  1. A Conversation heard in Haven: "Did they have to build it like that?" "It's a lighthouse. It's s'pposed to be all tall and stuff." "Right." "But?" "Did they have to make it look so evil?" Looming over the Horns is the lonley Black Tower lighthouse, inhabited only by the mysterious woman who operates it. While all in Haven are happy to see the light of it's beacon, few like to visit the grimly foreboding structure. Whispers abound that the Lightkeeper worships some dark patron, and that the tower is truly more of a shrine that just happens to require a freshly kindled flame. Details behind the Spoiler.
  2. FREE TRADERS ASSOCIATION The Free Traders Association (FTA) officially began operating in December 617 in response to aggression towards legitimate free trades fleets. Tired of the tyranny of the tired monarchies of the old world, many colonist had come to the islands of the Prio and Sea of Thieves looking to start anew without the oppression of the aristocracy. While the prospered initially, the attempts by some old Kingdoms to exert dominance of the trade lanes required the banding together for mutual protection. At a tavern in the Garvey's colony of Freeport, a number of ship Captains met with a delegation from Charlatan Bay to sign an accord of mutual defense and profit sharing. With its headquarters in the free port of Charlatan Bay, the FTA main holdings serve as a clearing house for legitimate (and not so much) goods traveling to and from the Prio Seas colonies and the Old World. At the same time, its surprisingly well-armed trade convoys travel between colonies insuring a steady supply of needed goods. Company Ownership Amara the Amazon, Mayor of Charlatan Bay [Gulagurag] Professor Thaum [as himself] <redacted> [Kwatchi] Share Value Initial Share Price (Dec ' 17) - 265 Dbs Merchant Fleet (Ship Levels up to 25) Sirrus - Class 3 Captain Preston Fluttering Petal - Class 3 Captain Tifune Gargoyle - Class 3 Captain Richard Turpin Night's Whisper - Class 2 Captain "Patches Jr. Land Assets Free Traders Hall - Hightown, Charlatan Bay FTA Warehouse - Lowtown, Charlatan Bay Write-Offs
  3. Somewhere in Freeport "Gentlemen, in light of constant pirate depredation, aggression by tyrannical nations, and collusion by envious rivals we have faced in the past months, I applaud our uniting together to make common cause. Please raise your glasses with me for a toast; 'The Free Traders Association - May our success only be outshone by the gold in our purse!' Now before we begin to celebrate in earnest, there is the matter of organizing our fleet..." ---x---x---x--- Just a little build to serve for the license application to level 25 and the official announcement of the formation of the first Sea Rat trading company - the Free Traders Association (FTA). And yes, the lantern is crooked. Bah!
  4. Originally built by the Tifune Clan as a trading post, the building was recently re-appropriated by the Free Traders Association to serve as a dock side warehouse in Charlatan Bay's Low Town. ---x---x---x--- Tried my hand at a pagoda-style roof but it did not come off as well as I'd like. Not awful, just not completely happy with it so I'll try new technique next time. My investment in a few blue tans tiles for water though paid off really well; I plan to add to my collection in that regard. This will be licensed as a small commercial (warehouse) by the Free Traders Association.
  5. After a successful voyage, and some quite lucrative trading, Captain Roderick Graves of the Lenore makes good on a promise to buy his officers a round of drinks in the first tavern they find.
  6. Dramatis Personae (I too really like this idea to keep characters sorted! Thanks to @Kolonialbeamter for the Inkscape template for the character tags!) Colonel Sir Dirk Allcock has finally made it back to civilisation. After months in the jungles of Cascadia with the Myzec, he has finally arrived back in Jameston, a settlement that has grown much in his absence. As he greets Samuel Woodruff outside the new constructed offices of the Allcock Trading Company, Dirk notices that next door is a barbershop. A barber with a luxurious moustache is waiting for customers at the door. After months in the jungle, Dirk longs for a proper shave and trim, so much to the surprise of Mr Woodruff, but not so much Sergeant Gowan or Davy Russell, who had both returned with Dirk from Cascadia, he heads over and greets the Barber. The moustached barber returns Dirk's greeting enthusiastically, revealing a thick Mardierian accent. Dirk soon finds himself in the barber's chair, looking out onto the street with Mr Woodruff hovering alongside and Sergeant Gowan lounging on the back wall. Russell has wondered off. The barber's name was Marco, and he was indeed of Mardierian descent. "So my fine man, how did you end up here in Jameston, by the sounds of it you originally hail from Mardier?" "Not Mardier Signore, but rater the Isle de Medio, born in New Ter-ra. I worked as the personal barber for teh Mardierian Viceroy himself." "and you fled after the fall of the Island to Eslandola?" "Si, Signore, bet-ter to leave no?" "Quite so, but why not New Haven with your fellow countrymen?" "Ah, Every-a-one go to New Hafen - Marco, he lika his chances going east, so I a come here no? Open my own shop" "Well my dear man, let's see if your barber skills are as you say, your finest shave and a trim thank you." With that Marco got to work. Mr Woodruff began a report. "The incentive for factories was released as ordered Colonel. We have had more interest than expected so far, but I shall await judgement until the projects themselves firm up." "Quite good, and I see that the resupply convoy from Cocovia has arrived in harbour, I noticed the Lady Jacqueline amongst the ships at anchor on my arrival" "Indeed, Captain Sawkins awaits you at your pleasure. The convoy is readying to depart in the next week and are currently loading goods, mostly sugar cane" "Yes, I see the sugar industry here is off to a great start, very good indeed" The conversation went on for sometime, until Marco had finished. Dirk felt great - it was indeed a fine shave. "Well my good Sir, that was indeed as good as promised, Sergeant, pay the good man from my purse if you please, and don't skimp on the tip." "To be sure Sir," "Actually while you are there, Marco, give my Sergeant a shave, he always seems to have that shadow on his face" The normally stoic Sergeant Gowan looked horrified. "Ah Sir, for the love of the gods you wouldn't let that Mardo anywhere near me with a razor would you Sir?" "Don't make such a fuss Sergeant, you will feel better I assure you" "Zeus, Hades and Posiedon!" Sergeant Gowan made the sign against evil. Dirk sighed, "Just pay the man then Sergeant. We shall be returning." "Many tanks Signore, a fine day to you" ---------- Another small artisan for Jameston and the first section of the street put together. Below is a picture of the Barbershop on its own. It was time for Dirk to return and time to focus on storytelling again, hence the wall of text. I really love @Kolonialbeamter's tags for his characters and hope to put together some of my own, as I seem to have lots of named reoccurring characters and it would be nice to weave them back into the stories again. EDIT: Tags added thanks to KB's assistance!
  7. On the same street as the Allcock Trading Offices and Temple of Poseidon stands a new tailor's shop. Run by two enterprising young women, the shop makes and repairs quality clothes for the citizens of the settlement. Will be licensed as a small artisan. This is the third of my 20x20 modules intended to be joined together for a large street scene. Hopefully I'll start putting together the scene after the next couple of builds.
  8. Part 3 - Deal with the Devil is here Ladies and gentlemen, a moment of your time please! As most of you are aware, the reign of Emil Meloche, the so-called Dark Bishop and Pirate Lord, has ended. His church has been destroyed and its ashes strewn wide so that it can never rise again. His associates have been identified and they will of course share his fate for the crime of heresy. But rest assured good people of Charlatan Bay that the Empire of Mardier does not kill wantonly and King Alphonse (may his radiance never dim) welcomes you into a new era of peace and prosperity. Rejoice! Friendship will be rewarded while the false... ...will have their just desserts. Ah! Mistress Amara, thank you for joining me Ma'am. Let me dispense with the melodrama . As a member of Meloche's inner circle, there were many who called for you to join your former comrades on the gibbet. I was not one of them Ma'am. Your actions during the Battle of Five Fleets are legendary and I salute you one true warrior to another. Based on my recommendation, you have been spared due to that extraordinary service to the Empire of Mardier. However Ma'am, that does pose me a problem; I cannot have you sailing freely anymore, as you are quite the menace to all that cross you. I propose to you this solution. While the great Mardierian navy suffered a number of set-backs, I find myself with a surplus of marines at this time. Captain Jardines here has been ordered to establish a nominal garrison in High Town in order to oversee the smooth transition to civilian rule (and to guarantee that religious cult of Hades does not rise again of course). He is not interfere with either commerce or the more... egregious actions of the various ships that make port, and has been instructed to avoid Low Town altogether. That does leave me the issue of establishing someone to run the colony as mayor; one who is knowledgeable of the locale is ideal. Perhaps you'd be interested in the job Ma'am? It would keep you permanently ashore of course, but I assure you Mistress Amara that the footing on land is far more solid that on the gallows' deck behind me. ---x---x---x---x--- Once again I envisioned something grander than my collection and time allowed me to produce, but I got something out in the end. Thanks to Gulagurag for lending me Captain Amara. For those politicos trying to decipher what this all means. 1) Gulagurag will be collecting the colony's mayor's salary starting in November. 2) Both he and I have retired our Era 1 captains and will be introducing new ones in the near future. Amara lost her 4th ship this past month, so she may be jinxed anyway. 3) Charlatan Bay stays a freeport/city state. The Mardierian army occupation of High Town is simply a potential plot device we may come back to and won't affect the colony's faction relationships, which will continue to be set by our whims. . Pictures related to licensing of small commerce: High Town Market Square. (Why not? :) )
  9. The Free Traders Hall in the High Town district of Charlatan Bay serves the headquarters an association of short haul independent traders (both legitimate and otherwise) where they plan their commercial enterprises. All manners of navigational charts, taxation rates, proscribed item lists, and general shipping information is kept on file for every colony in the environs. Various trade captains can make use of the facilities on a pay per usage basis, or pay an annual dues for unlimited access. This MOC will be licensed as a medium commercial property and as the HQ for the Free Traders Association, and was previously used in another MOC. (Yes, it could be considered smaller than a medium, but I "rounded down" on the last two so I figure I was due )
  10. Part 1 - A Helping Hand is here I assure you Admiral, the Red Monks are not just simple scriveners. They also have passed on the art of acquiring knowledge through the infliction of pain through the generations, and are quite proud of their skill. I don't doubt you sirrah. But one must then wonder why you are taking a personal interest in this matter then. Well Admiral, it is quite simple. One must exercise one's own muscles on occasion, lest they get soft. Brother, how goes the interrogation of Captain Antilles? Your holiness, his spirit is close to breaking but he has yet to give us the name of his local contact. No matter. I'll have what we need soon enough. It is simply a matter of ripping it out of his soul. ST'HGINKo'XEN SI'EhTE ULC Give me the name Captain. Nnnnnnnng Give me the name and the pains ends. Ahhhhhhhh Give me the name and I'll let you die. Otherwise the torment will be everlasting! ArrrrrrggggggggHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH JETHHRROO HHHHHHHHH ..... "Jethro". Does that name have any significance for you sir? It does Admiral. It does indeed and it pains me dearly to hear it. We must be quick if we wish to catch him, and when I do even Hades himself will beg me to be merciful. Next to come: Part 3 - Deal with the Devil
  11. Shipwreck Bay

    Jacob Nion has shared a fort he had built for the Sea Rats Faction of Brethren of the Brick Seas. The shipwreck bay is where many an unfortunate ship run aground. The Sea Rats found good use for them, refitting some of the shipwrecks for hideouts. Come check out Shipwreck Bay and other great creations in the Brethren of the Brick Seas Forum within the Pirate Forum.
  12. As the colony grew, the basket lifts proved an inadequate method of travel for goods and people between the harbours of Lowtown at the bottom of the sea cliffs and Hightown. To ameliorate this (and break the strangle hold of the Porter's Guild on trade) a path was cut into the cliff face that linked the two boroughs of Charlatan Bay. One side effect was that it opened up space for new housing, and many of the burgeoning middle class who were banned from living in Hightown due to their unbelief in Hades Ascendant built their residences along Winding Way in order to rise above the crime and filth of the harbour slums. Admiral Cadiz, I welcome you once again to Charlatan Bay. I thank you sir, though I wish it was under more auspicious circumstances,. Yes. I have had word of Mardier's defeat at Isla de Medio. Defeat?! Hogwash! Those flea-ridden cowardly merchants of Eslandola bribed all the colonial governors and mayors, and those greedy two-faced politicians cut off our supplies. I tell you sir, we fought as true warriors and made them pay in many a battle but those traitors to the crown made it a certainty that it was nigh impossible to win the war. When I learned of the whole affair, I must tell you my disgust was nearly equal to my outrage. Those green cut purses have no sense of honour. I take it you received my letter then, sir. Yes Admiral. Your cutter arrived three days ago. Have you considered my humble request for asylum then, sir? I saved as many of our honourable soldiers as I could during the chaos of our retreat, but for all the moneygrubber's talk of a "noble surrender" they harried my countrymen with irregulars and mercenaries like a pack of hyenas. May those two-tongued coin fondlers choke on all their ill-gotten gold. I left many a brave boy in the mud as we fought a rear-guard action. And sir, they desperately require some respite before they march again. Admiral Cadiz, I understand completely. An enemy of Eslandola will always be welcome on these shores. Please accept the colonies hospitality on my behalf. An area has been set aside at the cliff top north of the town where your men may bivouac. And perhaps during your stay, I can inconvenience you by borrowing your engineers for a few projects I have in mind to assure our safety here. Capital sir! A most excellent agreement between true warriors. I was telling my second, young Flag Captain Jardines here, that Mardier has a friend in you sir. Now, on to other matters. What of that prisoner I provided you months ago. Did he provide you the information you sought, sir? I have had him in confinement since you gifted him to me (and my thanks again). But by happy coincidence Admiral, I have just recently turned him over to the Red Monks and they inform me he is now disposed to talking and I was on my way to see him. Care to join me? Indeed, sir! A most gracious offer. I will certainly accompany you as I as well am interested in what has to say. Part 2 - An Answer === I have to thank Bregir and Company. I've been pretty uninspired for the last few months, but after seeing their excellent Operation Pax Corlandia yesterday I was driven to hit the bricks in order to come up with a Mardieran perspective on events. While I was strongly opposed to the Princes of Garvey competition and the underlying issue, I can't deny it has generated some great story lines. Also, I will be licensing this a small residence. 'Cuz, why not. :) EXTRA PHOTOS
  13. Jean Pier-Prolouge

    On the shores of Corlean a young man lives. He stands on edge of his estate as the waves collide upon the stone covered shore. The Corlean flag whips along with his hair with it's blue and red color's shining in the glory of daylight. Suddenly a man walks behind him, with the same long brown hair. "Jean" his father Michael says, a deep voice one from many years on the fields of battle. "So, you found me" he says with dismay. "Well Son, I've known you since you were born, and I also know this is where you go to get things off your mind." "I don't think you'll want to know." "You've gotten all your daily work done early, and that's defiantly not your status quo" the young man turns around, at this point ready to admit the truth tired of holding it in. "Back in school I started to feel a patriotic sense of duty, one to Olean, just like my brother Charles felt, and just like you felt" his father takes in a deep breath to take in the new info and with that formulates a response. "You're finally going to do your service for King and Queen" he says with slight dismay. "I knew you'd say something like that, after all you were a Hussar back in your day, so why all the protest?" he says with a sudden flare of emotion. "Because it's hard for a man from Corlean to fight when he doesn't truly know his loyalty" as he looks at his son, timidly. "But I truly know that my loyalty lies with Olean, and I'm willing to do my service for King Phillip!" he says with pride looking up at the flag. "Well, you are a grown man, and if Charles can go so can you, so if you think this will be good for us Leroux's, now go and gain us some honor" his father says putting his hand on Jean's shoulder. "Thank you father" Jean says as he walks inside to get his stuff. "To think I was just like him once, just pray he doesn't end up like me" he says looking out at the seas, and the shores of the peninsula, that same one that's swallowed so many lives, and hides many secrets.
  14. Captained by Roderick Graves, the Lenore is recent arrival in the trading ports of the Sea Rats.
  15. The rapid expansion across the Terraversa Sea presented many an opportunity to the open minded merchants of the old world. Johan von Yastobaal was one such merchant. Establishing his headquarters and estate in King’s Port, the Mardier business man was making quite a fortune for himself. Unfortunately, his mercantile efforts were repeatedly frustrating, and frustrated by, Eslandolan trade ventures in the same ports. As von Yastobaal was about to discover, the Eslandolans had deep pockets and few were the difficulties more money could not solve in one way or another. So it was that Johan returned to his estate one evening. Immediately retreating to his private chambers overlooking the garden, he was quite surprised to find a woman hidden in his room. He was even more surprised when she struck him in the chest with some kind of modified caestus. Seconds later he was falling out of his window onto the stone path below. The assassin watched with an intellectual curiosity as von Yastobaal hit the ground. The fall was likely more than survivable, which is why the blades of her weapon had been coated with Widowmaker venom – a potent, and extremely swift, venom belonging to a species of spider recently discovered in the Terraversan isles. Making a discrete exit, she stopped to confirm von Yastobaal was dead. Satisfied, she fled the scene to return to her employers at the House of Spiders.
  16. Tanith Morgan - no relation to the infamous Captain Benjamin Morgan - is a curious soul. Supposedly rescued from men with most ungentleman-like intentions by Roland Blaze, she spent some time serving on the Crimson Marauder before Blaze found himself founding Haven and becoming it's de facto leader. As construction on more enduring buildings began Tanith had a very particular set of demands regarding her residence. Being the town's premier expert on medical matters - the town's only expert, unless one counts barber-surgeon Zebediah, and somehow few do - few were willing to risk her refusing to help them. And so Tanith Morgan got her tower. Or, at least, the tallest building in Haven currently. While the ground floor is furnished for comfort it often goes unused. Tanith Morgan has never encountered a field of study she did not immediately become obsessed with, at least for a time. Equally driven to record her findings, much of the building is taken up by her experiments and research libraries, be it chemistry... ...biology... ...or her current interest, astronomy. And being the asocial type that she is, Tanith uses the attic as her personal living space. Well away from the townsfolk, and their distracting requests.
  17. In his younger days Lorenzio Gascoigne was quite the entrepreneur but the only thing that ever paid off was mercenary work. Making his fortune serving all nations, Gascoigne considered none of them to be home. Few who knew him were surprised when he invested heavily in Bastion and paid for the construction of his new home. As for the mercenary work, Lorenzio's son Laurence took over the small mercenary company. They can often be found sailing from one employer to the next aboard the Wight Spider. The attic of Gossamer House is set up as a practice room for the fine arts of swordmanship, a set-up Laurence appreciates greatly. The upper floor of the building hosts the entrance to Lorenzio's library, as well as his bedroom. Knowing the elder Gascoigne is expecting company, Klaus makes his way upstairs to join Talia on the balcony. Even now, Gascoigne continues to entertain visitors. Rumour has it, however, few are friends. There are those who claim that Gossamer House goes by another name, that of the assassin's guild The House of Spiders.
  18. So ya cove, do ye ever wonder what happen old pirates? After years of reaving and looting, those that haven't been confined to the briney deep some find themselves as rich as kings, and settle down to a soft life as lily white landlubber. Some waste away on the docks in a drunken stupour. A few still heed the siren's call of the sea, even if though their youth has fled. Take Captain Bartholomew Preston for example. Preston had been the quartermaster's mate on the Corrington Privateer Majestic Ruse. After nearly three decades of sailing with her, that ship paid off for the final time and was condemned as a wreck. Preston was not ready to be stranded ashore, so rather than drinking his final pay packet away he used it to buy a prize ship brought into Bastion. The best he could afford himself was a half-rotten sloop that had been taken off the coast of An Holli. The ship was poorly designed and wallowed if not handled perfectly, but she could carry an inordinate amount of cargo. Putting every coin he had into repairs and a coat of white paint, he christened her The Sirrus... after a dock hand snarked that she looked like a passing cloud. True to his nature, Captain Preston's ship does not sail all that meekly and mounts a couple 9 lb deck guns to force second thoughts. While occasionally conducting a little smuggling for the thrill of it, Captain Preston lives the life of a tramp trader and is happiest in the well-appointed cabin sipping port and reminiscing about his youthful exploits with his crew of veteran Sea Rats. And though the years have softened him, his reputation as a buccaneer is still largely known which grants him the courtesy of a safe berth in any of the piratical Freeports found on the new seas. ===/===/=== The Sirrus will be licensed as a 3T2. After helping Gulagurag build his 5HA on Friday, I was left with a pile of spare bricks and a 6 year old nagging me to build him a ship. There are worse things to do on a weekend. Of course this is hardly a centerpiece MOC, and is literally the result of me dredging my bins for any remotely useful bricks. The beak head/bow is pretty poor, and the dimensions are far too short and wide to be practical, but it was fun to do as a building exercise all the same.
  19. The story continues from here ===/===/=== The Bishop waits for you in the alley Captain Yharnam. He asks that you come alone. I have a little surprise for you Captain. Your ship is sitting in the harbour unmanned and unguarded, waiting for you to claim it. What?! Quiet down you foo... Shut up! And listen. The Oleon Order of Faith has been sailing patrols and snooping around Isla del Diablo. That's my territory. If there is a problem, I'll deal with it. Your problems are our problems. I answer to the Council in Bastion; not to psychos. Why Yharnam, you ought to think about the future. You mean when you run the show? You ain't got no future Emil! You're a grade A nut boy, and all the Captains know it. ... Better be sure. See, you can make a good decision if you try. Hehehe Well this was a lousy way to spend a night. Did you get your ship back Jacqueline? ... Yes, it would seem so. What did he want in return? Just information. He wanted everything I knew about the Lost Soul's Tide. ==/==/== This little scene was to officially announce the return of the Mirthless Jest to Kaiju. Thanks to Gulagurag's Captain Amara for guest starring.
  20. A stolen ship made escaping the Eslandolan forces quite a simple matter, but where were two highly unusual pirates to go after that? Who would welcome one woman steeped in death, and another who may not be all together alive? Where would no one notice such a pair of monsters? Charlatan Bay it was… In Charlatan Bay there was a tavern known as Flotsam’s Rest. Squeezed between other buildings in Low Town it was a dark, dingy place with no windows. No one was ever sure if the name referred to the clientèle, or the various oddities used to decorate the bar. It was an otherwise usual night until Yharnam and Harrow stalked in, scaring the other patrons out of their way. Secluded in a corner they considered their next objective believing their presence had gone without drawing undue attention. They were wrong, of course, and their discussions were quite rudely interrupted by the approach of two men. “Yes?” Harrow hissed at the men. “Would one of you two rather lovely women by Jack Yharnam, former captain of the… um, unfunny joke?” asked the first interloper. Jacqueline Yharnam looked unimpressed. Snikt. The man noted three things. Firstly, that he had never thought it humanly possible to move as quickly as Harrow did in that moment. Secondly, he had no idea where Harrow had retrieved that knife from. And thirdly, that he was loosing all sensation... As his body hit the floor his companion, more than a little rattled, tried to speak. “We meant no harm, cap’n,” he began, “we was sent by his Holiness the Bishop. His Holiness says he requests your audience, and ’as an offer of trade for you.” Yharnam approached him, slinking forward from her seat. Harrow still lurked nearby, licking the blood from her blade. It rather felt to him like being surrounded by predators. “What is he offering?” Yharnam asked. “Something about yer ship, cap’n,” the messenger said, “his Holiness says some ‘fortuitous circumstances’ have happened, and he can return ’er to you, but he needs sumthin’ from you.” Yharnam smiled a mirthless smile. “Lucky you,” she said, “you get to live through today. I will meet with your priest.” As they left the surviving messenger could only think one thing: That smile terrified him. Continued here. And some clean shots of the scenes: Flotsam's Rest is licensed as a Small Artisan property in Charlatan Bay.
  21. <Unseen Hand Part 1> The annals of the heretic Millar date back to 356. The set of tomes long thought lost described his pilgrimage across the eastern seas, as he searched for an unknown treasure believed to be coveted by Hades himself. His discoveries on what is now believed to be the island of Inferno Pordejon have long since been discredited by the church as delusions of a madman. Still, over time some of the true faith have tried to retrace his footsteps in order to take up the hunt and grasp the gift foretold. Most died in the attempt. Most, but not all. Memoirs of Captain Silas Pike, Jan '617 ===/===/=== Somewhere, mid way down the cliffs to the south of Charlatan Bay: Wait here sailor. I'll holler if I'll be needing you. Yes your eminence. Ahhhh! The Red Bishop. I have watched you from afar these many months. The earth murmurs of your triumphs. The fire hisses at your failures. The stars scream of your future. Why do you cross my threshold now I wonder? Could it be you finally have begun to fear the dark? Crone, your legendary powers as a seeress must be nothing but lies if you cannot see what drives me. You wound me Prophet of Hades! My oracle sight is not all encompassing, and for my words to be true my hand must be crossed in gold. Have you the will to proceed? Here are your coins hag. Prove your worth to me. Why do you insult me by throwing your coins at my feet? An old woman should not be treated with by one so cruel. You take me for a fool, one blind enough to your threat to get that close? I know how cruel you really are wychkin. And I name thee! A'VA'PREN'TICET'HGI'NKOX'EN REVEAL THYSELF CREATURE OR KNOW TRUE SUFFERING AT MY HAND!!!! YOU... INSSSSECT! How did mana... Oh, but I know everything about you creature. Millar's diary goes into great detail about how he bound you here in this cave and drew on your foresight. His knowledge is now mine, and I am not one to be trifled with. Now, tell me why I am here. You inssssolent cur. I'll have my vengeanccccce on you. I'll rip out your soul... DON'T try my patience wychkin! Your worth to me is limited to the enlightenment you provide, and should you fail to be useful I can destroy you utterly at my whim. Service will be rewarded; resistance will result in your eternal doom. Very well curse one. You are here becaussse assss you reach forward to the light, you ssensssee a ssshadow behind. You feel itsssss fingerssss at your throat. You feel itssssss breath on your neck. You are the prey and you ssssseeek the hunter in the dark. Yes! Who is it? Who is my hunter? The faccccceee of that one isssss obssscured from even my eyessss. He hidessss in plain sight, but placccessss othersss before him. And hwe will ssssend three to destroy you. The captain. The priessst. The traitor. Two are alike but not the sssame, one is different but sssimilar. One you ssshould fear, one you should pity, and one you ssshould notice but will not sssee. You speak in riddles hell spawn. What good is this to me? Good or not good is not my gift. I sssspeak the truth and only wisdom will help you hear it. Baaahh! I should destroy you now. WAIT! I give one more vissssion to ssstay the hand of my gaoler. A traveler is coming to your sssshoressss. Ssssseek her out, for sssshe can provide you with a princcccely gift: the path to the ssssummoning of Hade'ssss favoured vessel. But beware, sssshe is more dangeroussss than sssshe sssseemssss, and more besssssidessss. Hmmmmm. Creature, should this be true, your existence may prove of use. Should you lie, my return will herald your demise. But let it not be said I am callous soul. After all these years, you must be famished. I'll have food brought in to you as a token of my limited trust. Assss you will, Red Bishop. Sailor, my business with the oracle is concluded. Bring her the provisions she requires. Yes your eminence. YEAAAARGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! ===/===/=== This will be licensed as a small Educational Property. Frankly, I had a heck of time coming up with an idea for the sort of educational building would be found in a scummy freeport run by a sorcerous Pirate Lord. After 3 months of false starts, I finally settled on this in December and I have just got around to finishing it now. So a bit 'off the wall', but it is certainly a place of learning. I'll have to check with Phred, but I am fairly sure this pushes Charlatan Bay up to Large Town tier. Hopefully I can come with a few more EDU property ideas in time for another jump at this time next year. Some extra photos:
  22. Previously Escaping from an Oleon Jail, Captain Dracken escaped from LeBellan and returned to his ship. Revealing he had acquired a map to the lost vault of Oedon Black and the fabled Heretic's Hoard, Dracken set course on his ship, the Bleak Angel. The Heretic's Hoard, part I: The Fate of Oedon Black After some delays the Bleak Angel had finally found her target: a small island unmarked on maps and seemingly abandoned. From the wheel of the Angel Captain Dracken surveyed the isle. The only visible landing point was a small beach flanked by large outcroppings of rocks. “Ready the boats,” he said, “and make some room below decks.” Not trusting the quiet island Dracken assembled a heavily armed party. Second Mate Kite would oversee the crew, Bartholomew Drake would appraise the loot. They landed on the beach with no problem and were barely finished unloading weapons when everyone heard Drake ask the question. “What is that?” Suspended on a large pole above the beach was a skeleton, or most of it at any rate, wrapped in tattered cloth and chained in place. “Sky burial,” Dracken said, “pity the soul.” “Sounds like crazy Oleon stuff.” Kite said. “Not wrong,” Dracken said, “though not exclusive to Oleon. The faith claims that souls of the dead pass through to Hades' realm beneath the earth and so inter their bodies in the ground to help the soul cross over.” “And this sorry son-of-a-” Drake began. “Was Oedon Black himself,” Dracken said, “judging from that placard. Sky burial was reserved for heretics and other treasonous souls. The body hoisted aloft and left to be picked clean by carrion and insects. The idea is that burial in this fashion delays, or even prevents, a soul crossing over.” “That,” Kite said, “is messed up.” To Be Continued...
  23. With both the Mirthless Jest and Maiden of the Deep captured, their captains - Jacqueline "Jack" Yharnam and Elspeth Harrow - were handed over to Eslandolan officials to face justice. However... Somewhere in an Eslandolan office... “Let me get this straight. We captured two notorious pirates, who were to be hung by the neck until dead this morning. And instead, when your best men went to retrieve said pirates from the gaol, they found their cells empty.” “Yes sir.” “And you have no explanation?” “No reasonable explanation, sir.” “Alright, what’s the unreasonable one?” “When we found Captain Yharnam’s cell empty, the prisoner in the cell adjacent was terrified. He told us of a story he had heard; that Jacqueline Yharnam had received the black spot and cut off her hand in order to escape the curse it supposedly comes with. This, according to the prisoner, left her trapped between the living and the dead.” “Superstitious nonsense.” “That’s what the prisoner believed, until last night. Apparently, shortly after sundown she underwent some kind of transformation that left her less than corporeal.” “Less than… what, she turned into a ghost and walked out?” “That is what the prisoner claims to have seen, sir.” “I take it there’s some equally preposterous excuse for the escape of the other one.” “Not as such, sir.” “No?” “Elspeth Harrow severely injured, mained or killed a dozen of our soldiers before being subdued sufficiently to incarcerate. She was manacled, chained by the ankle, masked to prevent biting and locked up in the deepest hole we could find for her. There are no available witnesses to her escape, but we believe Miss Yharnam helped her escape. We found the chain unfastened and discarded manacles, along with a trail of bodies leading to a missing ship.” “So not only did we fail to execute or even contain them, these pirates are now at large again?” “Yes, sir.”
  24. With the navies of the great powers growing larger by the day, Bishop Meloche, pirate lord of Charlatan Bay, quickly came to the realization that the time of reaving in single masted sloops had come to an abrupt end. Amassing his fortune, he hired the shipwrights of Bastion to design a sleek raider; one fast enough to run down the treasure fleets but rating higher than all but the dreadnoughts of the era. After months of design and building, the first Sea Serpent class schooner of war made her way out of the blocks and set sail for Charlatan Bay. While narrow of beam and sharply raked at the bow, the schooner mounted eighteen (18) cannons including two (2) bow chasers of considerable weight and two stern chasers out of the captain's suite (not pictured). She'd prove to be a menace to many a fast trader, as she was designed to be as quick and maneuverable as they were. ------ So this started out as a direct replacement for my lost "free" class 2A and some how morphed into 5LA when all was said and done. It was another of many firsts this past year for me: 1) using Captain Greenhair's tutorial for a sloped shape hull, though I went with a scratch built one narrower than pre-built sections by a few lugs, 2) first time doing significant rigging work (what a pain in the proverbial), and 3) first time I had an actual sail plan to model against. It is by no means trying for historically accurate though. It is more a happy medium between those and playable sets in my eyes. And in light of my ongoing "luck", I did build in one little personal innovation as you'll see in the post below.
  25. Somewhere southeast of Terraversa Island: Captain Bishop yer Holiness Sir? Hrmmm. Yes, what is it now Cookie? I have another question about what happened. Well, what is it? Do ya think all the bad stuff dat happened to us... could it be because you lost dat lucky hat of yers? For the last time Cookie, my hat was not lucky. Was losing yer hat why you got older den? No Cookie. Hades is a wrathful deity who does not take the failure of his faithful lightly. My sudden (re) aging reflects what occurred, and I now must make amends to him. Captain, I'm thirsty. We have no water left Cookie. Captain, do you know where we are going? Yes Cookie. ... Captain, are we there yet? DAMN YER INSOLENT PRATTLE! Your Holiness, there is a ship bearing down on us from the east. It looks to be flying the colours of Charlatan Bay. Thank you Robin. It's about bloody time! Ahoy there! Who goes? His Holiness Captain-Bishop Meloche, Pirate Lord of Charlatan Bay, coming aboard! Welcome aboard the Peregrine your Holiness, sir. Thank you Mr. Moore. I see you had no problem taking possession of her from the Bastion shipyards. No problem at all sir. When you missed the rendez-vous, I circled around while Captain Nitoni took the Toucan on to home. It is sheer good fortune we found you out here. I do have a thousand questions though, if you'll permit. What of the fleet? All lost Mr. Moore to a single Mardierian brig. Mardierian?! But you were sailing under a Letter of Marque from Mardier! What in the blazes... That Letter of Marque was nothing more than a noose they gave us to slip over our own necks. We met them south of King's Port as agreed, and they acted as sweet as you would like, accepting our apologies for the Tarlo incident and what not. And no sooner than we set our sails, the brig turned on us and cut us to pieces like they were born to it. Captain's Amara's ship was reduced to kindling and we remaining few abandoned the Donatus after she was holed beyond reckoning. By Zeus' silver balls! What of the brig escort you had hired? Tucked tail and ran at the first sign of trouble. It was as if they forgot how to fight, though I suspect a hefty bribe to her captain may have had a hand in it. (And don't blashemy!) And those mercenary marines you had planned to take aboard? Did they not help in the defense of the Donatus? It seems there was an error in the wording of their contract forms and they never came aboard. It defies belief sir! That is does Mr. Moore. Some may call it fate or bad luck, but I perceive a thread running through these events and I intend to follow it to find who is holding the other end. I need to get back to Charlatan Bay with all haste; I will consult the Oracle in order to un-muddy these waters. You Captain Moore, will lead our punishment raid on Mardieran interests for me with whichever ships we can put to sea. For make no mistake, Mardier has declared war on us, and our response will be swift, harsh, and long remembered. Very good sir! We will make both you and Hades proud! I do have one further question however sir. Yes? What happened to your lucky hat?