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  1. Meadow Tickle Tickle (n): a Newfoundland (Canada) term first coined in 1770. It describes i) a narrow salt-water strait, as in the entrance to a harbour or between islands & other land masses, often difficult to navigate due to narrowness, shallowness, tides, etc.; ii) a 'settlement adjoining such a passage. So named as a boat which traverses it may feel a "tickle" on the bottom of their hull. The fishing village of Meadow Tickle was composed of a handful of fisherman families and their huts, their existence on the edge of civilization was a hard one. Named for the explorer who discovered it (Captain Daniel Médaux), During the recent monsoons, two of the local skiffs were lost with all hands, devastating the community and threatening their livelihood. So when a pirate fleet came around the cape and asked to barter for supplies in exchange for hard currency, they jumped at the chance and the little hamlet prospered as never before. This represents a SEA RAT Pirate Hideout. Other pics:
  2. Colony Name: Free City of Charlatan Bay Ownership: Sea Rats Location: Infero Pordejon, Sea of Thieves Island Description: With 50 to 200ft High cliffs on all sides, and an active volcano that gives off smoke more than a couple times a year, this small island his highly volatile. An eruption in '618 this year was felt as far away as Nelissa. This seismic activity has led some to believe that there is gold to be mined in the cliff regions of this island. A large native tribe lives on this island, and they are rumored to be hostile. Colony History: The colony of Charlatan Bay is a free port and city-state located on the island known as Infero Pordejon. The main town itself was founded at the top of the cliffs overlooking the bay, but over time a warren like community has sprung up by the docks along the cliff base and this haven serves pirate captains and smugglers both looking to resupply their fleets and as source of miscreants for their crews. After the death of its founder, the colony found itself under Mardierian military control, though every day governance was the purview of a civilian mayor. With the eruption of the local volcano in May '618, the colony closed its port and fired on all foreign vessels trying to make landfall. Now under new leadership, this self-imposed curfew has been lifted. The colony presently hosts the headquarters of the Free Traders Association. <More details below>
  3. Brethren of the Brick Seas (BoBS) Introduction and Starting Thread (Just looking for the Master Index?) What is it? The simple answer is that it is a building community on Eurobricks that is open to all who wish to join. We tell stories about a maritime-oriented world where the technology level is parallel with the historical Age of Sail. There are currently four factions. Each member joins a faction, and builds to win points (Gold doubloons and influence points) for their faction, themselves, and to better their building skills. At any given time of the year there may be one or more building challenges in which a builder may win recognition and sometimes prizes for themselves. On top of this, there is also a game mechanic that allows players to earn more gold and power for themselves and their faction. Background: The year is 615 AE (After Empire) and this is the dawn of a new era. For the first time in the history of the continent of Halos, new lands have been discovered. Even more shocking, the Halosians are not alone in the world. Once thought to be a flat plane, where monsters roamed the edges, the world is now believed by most geographers to be most certainly round. This was proven first with the discovery of Terraversa by the Mardierian explorer, Ardmond Basker. For 100 years the Mardierians have held Terraversa as a far off gateway, keeping all others out and not allowing the information of the world to the east, or New Terra, to permeate into the rest of Halos. At almost a 1000 miles from the next island in the Sea of Storms, the island remains a most crucial point on the voyage into the unknown. As time went on, other nations of the Madrice Peninsula began to search the seas for other islands and their potential riches. South of the Basker Islands, Corrington took Tiberia, an unforgiving rock just outside of the much more lucrative tropical zone. Oleon found LeBellan, the jewel of the Sea of Storms. LeBellan sits right inside the tropical zone, and produces sugar in vast quantities. 56 years ago Eslandola took possession of An Holli and An Toli, two smaller islands south of LeBellan, both sugar producing as well. Despite gaining footholds in the Sea of Storms, the other Madrician nations were unable to voyage beyond Terraversa. This all changed with the death of King Harln of Mardier, and the vast civil war that began in the country in 595 AE. Instead of looking to gain territory from Mardier’s mainland, the Eslandolans approached the Viceroy of Terraversa and paid him handsomely for permission to trade at the island. The Viscount took it further and allowed ALL nations to pay for the privilege to visit his island. Twenty years later, as the civil war continues, Terraversa has become a defacto independent state. The Viscount’s son, Miro Oldis, now runs the island, and his father’s policies live on. It is not certain if the Mardierians will reestablish their colony or not after the war, but it may be too late. In 597, intrepid Eslandolian explorer Cato Calrelli sailed east from Terraversa into the unknown. It was thought to be suicidal at the time, but he returned 70 days later with the news that he had found more of New Terra. He claimed the land for Eslandola, and soon the Kingdom of Eslandola was the leading nation in colonization. In 605, news circulated throughout the Madrice Peninsula that the Eslandolans had found gold on their island of Nellisa, and this set off a thirst for expansion and exploration never before seen. With Terraversa as a launching spot for new expeditions, Corringtonians, Oleanders, Eslandolans, along with some Garvans, Mardierans, and Carnovans made their way towards New Terra. Many found themselves unable to find supplies at Nellisa, the Eslandolans baring even some of their own from landing on the island. These vagabonds headed south, where a new isle was found, one with few resources, but great defensive harbors. Soon, the Sea Rats had a home. Angry that they had been dispossessed and had not found aid, many turned to vengeance on the Eslandolans by becoming pirates, and many of these pirates began to prey on all nations, and even their fellow pirate. Besides Terraversa, where the Atwi tribe lives, no new natives have been found yet. The islands beyond Terraversa have so far all had strange abandoned settlements upon them, and some sailors say that there is a whole new nation of people in these far waters, but no one has recorded seeing a non-Halosian or Atwi person yet. OW NORTH Series Map This brings us to the present. Oleon and Corrington have both issued rewards for the first permanent settlement “Beyond the Line” (beyond Terraversa). They are willing to bring their navies to New Terra if they only have a settlement to resupply at. Eslandola is calling for its own people to venture into the unknown and find wealth and fortune in the its name. But the Sea Rats lurk in all the waters of New Terra, waiting for opportunity, and despite the world seeming more round than ever, some say those old sea monsters still exist in the uncharted lands of the East. All factions await new souls to take on a role in the New World. Who will win in the end? Nobody knows, but for sure the sea will play a large role in deciding the fate of these rich new lands. She can be a cruel mistress to those who do not respect her, indeed, and the only guarantee in this world is that salt will run through your veins as you become part of the Brethren of the Brick Seas. The Crossing Series Mapd How this works: Builders pick a faction - this is your faction until the next “open period,” so make sure to pick a character you like. You will be able to change factions with enough personal influence points (PIPs), but that take a while. Your builds do not have to display your signature figure, but we encourage it! You also may build MOCs in other faction’s territory, so building is not limited to one style. There will be an “Era” of story and challenges, which will end with winners being determined in a few different categories. The contests and stories told during an era will influence the map, the history of the world, and future challenges. When a era is completed, points will be reset, but Factions and builders will keep their “gold doubloons.” (DBs) Builders and factions alike seek fortune. This project setting revolves around two currencies that are earned by building and winning competitions. This is the economy of the project. We understand that not every builder will want to play this game, and a builder can opt out of playing altogether, or only participating in the game when they choose. Free Builds that enhance the community’s story are always welcome. Even if a builder opts out of playing the "Economic Game System" (EGS), their freebuilds will earn their faction Doubloons and Factions Influence Points. Please see the rules thread for more details on how the economy works. Factions: The Kingdom of Eslandola STATUS: Open for new members SCORE: 0 DBs | 0 FIPs The Empire of Corrington STATUS: Open for new members SCORE: 0 DBs | 0 FIPs The Empire of Oleon STATUS: Open for new members SCORE: 0 DBs | 0 FIPs The Sea Rats STATUS: Open for new members SCORE: 0 DBs | 0 FIPs What you need to do now: Take a look at the faction threads. Pick a side and sign up in the faction thread with your signature figure (sig fig). It helps to have a back story! Can I have more than one character? Yes! Although one should be your sig fig and your main character, you can have as many other characters as you wish. The world needs populated after all! A starting challenge: This is open to everyone to complete once, and 25DBs will be awarded to the builder for completing the task. Build your sig fig and place them in a setting in our world. It can be in the colonies, in the motherland, at sea, anything you would like, but make sure to show the figure clearly and demonstrate the profession you have chosen for them in some way. (IE: if you decided to play an explorer, maybe you will place them on the bow of a ship looking out to sea with a spy glass.) Any profession that existed during the enlightenment is fine, along with a few other professions that would be a reasonable fit. If you are playing in the EGS, then there are a few character traits that you may want to consider here. How are scores kept? Each month, a pinned thread will help us keep score. After you complete a build (which should have its own thread, no matter if it is a free build, a duel, or a challenge build) you need to post in this score keeping thread and use a leadership-supplied link to a webform to help us keep score. In the thread, post your name, faction, and a link to your build (and the challenge it belongs to) in the thread. Please only use one post per topic, and just edit the thread when you build something else. At the end of the month, a project leader will tally up the scores and update the “Hall of Fame and Score” post for each faction. Please be patient for updates, we are not being paid for this. Scores will be displayed as follows: Name: DBs, PIPs, (PIPs achieved this cycle) IE: Skaforhire: 5DB, 5PIPs, (2PIPs) Current faction score is kept by adding all member’s totals within the parenthesis minus any expenditures the faction has made during the cycle. What can be bought with points and doubloons? A lot. The list will grow over time with more specifics, but since we are just launching this project, here are some of the examples without specific details: DBs: Position within trading guilds, rank in certain factions, a letter of marque to join another factions war against a third faction, a licence to sail a vessel in the raiding action, gamble, etc… FIPs: A newly discovered island, win a war between factions, buy DBs for the total score, open up a new portion of the map just for your faction for a few months, etc… The Map: The map is a part of the storytelling mechanism. As you can see, it is not totally defined yet. This will change as time goes on. New portions of the New World (and some of the Old) will be uncovered through events, challenges, and other parts of the project. New islands will be claimed, older territories will be taken in war, and the map will stay dynamic throughout the story. Builders will have the map revealed to them over time, and they will help decide what lands are conquered. With that said, the first part of our story will take place in New Terra. Your character should probably have some feasible connection that would lead them to that region, or it may be hard to really participate in the early challenges. A baker back in Eslandola’s capitol city is probably going to have little interaction with things going on in New Terra. We will eventually have challenges that happen on the mainland, and different story events “back home,” but we are emphasizing the pirate theme and its nature primarily in the first part of this project. Once a firm piratical lore and history is established, more aspects of Enlightenment era politics, war making, and commerce will emerge. Rules Thread History and Background Thread The Scorecard Thread
  4. If you want to read the first part of my characters story, read the introduction post. "Log of Captain Lothario Fraunces, 28th of June, 618 Me and my brothers Jacobo and Alfie spend some days together in the city of Breshaun. Me and my brother Jacobo came to Breshaun on board of the Fluyt 'The Octopus'. Together with Alfie we enlisted again and had plans to reach the new world to the east, when some of the Octopus' crew members came to me. Crew members: "Lothario, the captain died last night. He was ill since we left Holders Rock but he did not want to tell anyone. We need a new captain and we know your skills on the seas and don't trust the old quartermaster Cedric. He is egocentric and is very stubborn. Lead us in our mutiny!" And so we went to the ship. I challenged Cedric to a duel for the captaincy. Our cutlasses almost broke with every strike. Cedric fought like a bull but his anger prohibited him to foresee my moves and I was on the winning hand, what I did not know was that Cedric companion was below deck, ready to fill me with lead through the hatch. The blast just missed my forehead and blew my hat away. The cheat came out of the hatch to finish the job, but he did not count on my brother Alfie. With one smooth move Alfie threw the cheat overboard: "Go irritate Neptune" - he said. How I already love this guy. The duel with Cedric however, continued. It was not long before I took the upper hand and with a few slashes and thrusts I had him on the ground. We put Cedric on a rowing boat back to Breshaun, The Octopus crew chose me as their new captain. We buried our old captain on an empty beach in LeBellan, said goodbye to the girls in the brothel, took in fresh supplies and headed to the new world. Jacobo (the new quartermaster) convinced the me and the crew to head to île D'Or, for glory, adventure and gold was lurking on that island. What more does one need to convince a bunch of Sea Rats? And so we went." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope you guys like my ship and the story. I checked the shipwright post for building tips and took my main motivation from the replica Dutch Fluyt 'de Batavia'. I will license her as a Class 5. My apologies for the bad photo-shopping, this is not my forte. The name derives from the bow spring: C&C is welcome.
  5. The frigate Hand of Fate was commissioned by Bishop Meloche from the shipyards of the old world long before his untimely demise. The two decked warship was to have served as his flag ship, but found itself without ownership and was sold to a private concern. Its whereabouts are presently unknown. ===x===x===x=== This is a project that I am finishing simply to get it off my workspace. It was begun almost a full year ago and built up in stops & starts. When the Shipwright Guild Hall deemed it too short to fit the class 8 template in November 2017, it was torn apart and restarted once two new prefab mid sections showed up in the mail. Since then the bow & head rails have been rebuilt four times and the stern twice. Today I found myself with two hours of free time. I pulled it out of the closet and simply decided to finish it as best I could to end the odyssey. I declare it as done as it will ever be. I'm not completely happy with it aesthetically but as a "game piece" it will suffice. I certainly will never try my hand at a ship this large ever again; my collection doesn't allow me to work at this magnitude successfully. I was originally planning to do some rigging work but I just don't have the impetus anymore.
  6. May 29, 618: Red Bloom Public House, Bastion Captain Rajput! It has been an age since the Golden Calf put into Bastion. The last I heard, you had been working the East Prio Sea. What brings you back here? Willard my good man, it has been a long time. I must confess I had not planned on making port here at all. But I have been at sea far too long and needed to slake my thirst. Take my coin and pour some of the good brandy and I'll tell you a tale that still has me perplexed. Ahhhh. We ran out of rum not a week ago, so this soothing drink was a long time in coming. But to my story... First off, let me state that I have been making my berth in Charlatan Bay these last few months. It lies close to the shipping lanes out of the eastern colonies, and even with the Mad Bishop dead and the city under marshal law by the occupying Mardieran Navy, us enterprising buccaneers were given free rein. The Mardieran officer in charge knew full well he could not counter a rebellion by all the black flag captains, so he turned a blind eye as long as their shipping was safe and the odd coin found its way into his pocket. While it was not as easy as things were before (it is hard to make a go of piracy these days), we still managed to pull in enough to get by. Then the volcano erupted. The rumbling started as we left port on the first of the month and we could see the smoke and ash rising still after being a day out to sea. Now Charlatan Bay is on the far side of the island, so while I was sure the quaking would loosen some clay roof tiles, I doubted the lava flows would reach it. Some of the crew were concerned for favourite wenches left behind, so we were a bit apprehensive on what we'd encounter on our return. We all would have guessed wrong. As we made our way down the northwestern coast line, it was a scene like hell itself had risen from the depths. The ash was as thick as fog, and rivers of flame flowed into the ocean were it spat and boiled like a thrashing beast. About a league before we were to make our turn into the bay, we came across the Tiger Shark; Captain Redgrave's ship. They had been shot to ribbons and were so holed I thought it a miracle they were still afloat. We hailed them and came in close for news. Redgrave was dead. His first mate was wild eyed and panicked, but in exchange for a barrel of salt beef he agreed to tell me what had occurred. The Tiger Shark must have arrived in Charlatan Bay a week or so after we had left, and when they made port the populace had been understandably nervous about the volcano but no more than that. Redgrave set about replenishing his stores and making repairs. For the first week all was as normal as possible, thought the smoke and ash was a nuisance to be dealt with and required a fire watch be kept on the ship. Then things started to go queer. Some Mardieran marines were found floating face down in the harbour. Then a trader out of Carno caught fire and burned down lightning quick with all hands lost. The sloop-of-war Pride of Dortanis exploded at anchor, when her powder stores apparently caught a descending ember. Finally, the very night before we made landfall, there was an event. The first mate was too terrified to even explain what had occurred - all I could get out him "drums" and "blood". As they fled, he claimed he saw a harbour full of burning ships and the forts fired on them mercilessly until they made there way clear. I of course thought him unhinged and likely guilty of deserting his captain. We gave them short shrift and quickly disengaged, only to make our way round to the lip of the bay to see what what we could. I have always been a curious sort. We never got close enough though, as we were fired upon us before we could get a good look through the smoke. I put it down to some madness lingering from bishop's rule and were putting Charlatan Bay to our rudder, when the oddest thing happened. A Free Traders Association boat came up upon us suddenly, and we could see it intended to make port. We did our best to hail them and warn them of impeding attack but they ignored us and sailed into the bay WITHOUT DRAWING ANY RESPONSE FROM THE SHORE BATTERIES. With our own stores low, I decided to head here rather than investigate further. The whole incident has me curious, though not enough to brave those waters until he smoke clears mind you. What say you to that Willard? Captain, it has been years since I walked a deck and carried a cutlass, but I was a brave man in my day and pillaged enough to buy this here tavern. I am no stranger to death. So understand that I am no craven when I say: there is not enough gold on this earth that would make me visit Charlatan Bay right now. ===x===x===x=== IMPORTANT NOTICE: As of this moment, Charlatan Bay is a closed port to all but FTA shipping (and the personal ships of Roadmonkeytj, Gulagurag and myself of course, but that doesn't dovetail nicely into the story yet). I will be asking @Capt Wolf to treat any ship, other than the exceptions stated, that make port during the TMRCA to be denied trading rights, and have immediate attempts made for captured and subsequently destruction.
  7. One of the more unusal exports from Isla del Diablo is the particularly potent venoms of the island's arachnid population. Of course, obtaining said venoms firstly requires finding the spiders, which means venturing out of Haven and into the dangerous wooded portions of the island. Quite a risk, but the hunter's patrons pay well... ...especially, of course, the House of Spiders.
  8. Monthly Free Build Registration Thread July 1st, 2016 to August 1st, 2016 What is this thread? This is the thread where YOU register your free build, besides submitting it via the webform. So, why are we doing this again? This thread is both an index of builds so that they may be easier to find for members, and a backup for the Economic Game System. As a back up of Free Builds and MRCA builds, we won't be using this thread for calculating your account. Please remember to submit the form for your Free Build or MRCA build. What do I need to do? Simply write the following information in a NEW post: Name of MOC linked to the thread | Name of Builder | Faction you belong to IE: Smuggler's Cove | Kai NRG | Eslandola Write no more. Note: All free builds must have their own thread, and there must be a link to that thread provided here. After you are finished making a thread, make sure to report your free build via the monthly webform so that you can get credit for it! Remember, if this build is going to have an Economic Game System component (IE you are going to buy a license and make money off the property) you will need to fill out either a Property License Form or a Ship License Form. Do not comment on builds in this thread, please do that on the MOC’s own thread. Can I just post in my faction thread and leave it at that? Um... No. Can I put up an entry for another faction member's build? If that builder has disappeared and we are getting near the end of the month, this would be allowed. What if I can't remember if a submitted a build? If you don't remember submitting a form, use the Free Build Entry List to find out what builds you've already submitted. An email will be sent containing a list of all builds submitted. Spelling is important. Is this just a copy of GoH's free build registration thread? No! I don't have any idea what made you think it is. The idea was a completely original one and has absolutely nothing to do with GoH's one. (Yes, actually it is ) Why does this look a lot like the previous ones? Because it is the same, that's why Previous Months: January's Free Build Registration Thread February's Free Build Registration Thread March's Free Build Registration Thread April's Free Build Registration Thread May's Free Build Registration Thread June's Free Build Registration Thread
  9. Settlement Name: Haven Owner: Sea Rats Location: Isla del Diablo (Challenge Island 11) Island Description: Located southeast of the Nest of Thieves, Isla del Diablo is named for the large bay and small peninsulas that, once a map way drawn, resembled nothing so much as the horns of a monster. The bay, however, provides an almost perfect natural harbor and a well defensible position. Unsurprisingly the island has already started to draw settlers, although some are scared away by talk of cannibals... Haven is one of the first new settlements. The inhabitants arrived in a small fleet to find clear beaches and dense jungle that provides plenty of material for building endeavors. Already the de facto leader, Roland Blaze, is drawing up plans for fortifications. After all, there are more than just Sea Rats out there. Mayor: Roland Blaze (kaiju) Size: Hamlet Who can own Property in Haven: Sea Rats Who can freebuild in Haven: Anyone Map: Here Fortifications: Fort Crimson - Small Fort Licensed Builds in Haven: Black Tower Lighthouse - Medium Commerce Haven Common House - Medium Residence The Shrines of Haven - Small Art & Cultural Tanith's House of Knowledge - Small Education Unlicensed/Other Builds: Hunting for Spiders About Haven
  10. Having given up her duties as mayor of Charlatan Bay, Captain Amara returned to where she was happiest - living the pirate life on the high seas. Aboard her new war brig Dreamchaser, she chased the horizon once again and woe betide any merchant she came across. ===x===x===x=== My brother @Gulagurag finished this MOC over a month ago but couldn't bring himself to post it - he avoids the forums after getting turned off by the drama.. So I am doing it for him. No need to criticize or comment, because it is highly unlikely he will ever read it.
  11. Crisis can bring opportunity. While their ships were detained by the Eslandolan government in February '618, the FTA captains took it upon themselves to find lodging more suitable than the dockside inns. Using the profits they had made in port, they purchased a small estate known locally as Papaver House - after the distinct red flowers cultivated in the garden. Not only did this serve as housing for the captains while the bureaucratic fracas played out, it was also decided it would be a suitable location for a new trade office. Needing a factor to run the office, the Sirrus' First Mate Edgar Marquez was selected. He had faithfully served under Captain Preston dating back to their days as pirates, but having taken a splinter during a battle this past October had severely hampered his mobility. Rather than cash him out, this gave the former Eslandolan privateer a regular stipend a new purpose. And since Papaver House was opulently appointed (in order to more easiltydeal with the rich merchant class of the town), his life would be one of wealth that he had never would have dreamed of. ==/==/== This is the second in my series of FTA satellite offices, and in this case I tried to mimic the architectural style of the Brickwall Memorial Park. The style was actually a lot of fun to try out and is very striking in real life. While I am happy overall, the exterior pictures are not great (I hope to redo them later this week), and I only had 11 of the dark tan brick facade pieces; I wish I had more to use as an accent. And I can't forget to mention that my proud 7 yo did the gardening and was insistent that I mention it. Some further story below:
  12. Feb 8, 618: Mayor's Office, Charlatan Bay Yes, come in! Ma'am, I come with an official protest from Captain Jardine. With the... um... demise Bishop Meloche and his inner circle, you are now the highest ranking municipal leader in Charlatan Bay. You do understand? Yes, yes. Stop wasting my time. Just get to the point before I anger. Madam, as you are now in charge of the town, you need to deal with… its… um … continued welfare. In example - you have yet to address the seizing of the Peregrine by Eslandolan forces, let alone that they are detaining the FTA trade fleet, in Fuerte Unido. Captain Pike has the authority to address this and I believe he has recalled the Toucan into service. Now Mister Delleli, I believe I warned you to get to the point. Please do so before the point of my sword beats you to it!. Yes ma'am. The jist of it is that your commissioning of a new ship for your own purposes has given the military governor, Captain Jardines, the erm.... impression you plan to depart. And? The colony requires its civilian government to function! Who shall be in charge while you are gone ma'am? Is that all? Hah! I have already taken care of it. Let me introduce my deputy mayor, who will act in my absence... Jared Gordon, at your service Sir. So with that settled, I have other business gentlemen. Good day to you. But ma'am... GOOD. DAY. GENTLEMEN. Yes ma'am. Good day ma'am. FISH, GET IN HERE! Close the door behind you. Did you find it?! Yes, Cap'n. The Mardierians dumped it right where you said they would. Perfect. With this and his diary, we may still have a chance. Have the Puck's Jest II made ready to sail. We leave at dawn! ===/===/=== So this was a joint effort. Gulagurag (who enjoys building and sailing part of BoBS, and can't be bothered with the rest) did the office and the story, while I got stuck with the photos, posting, and forms. (And since I took the time to post it, I get the 10dbs!!! ) This build has actually been languishing for a while on the shelf while we dealt with other nonsense, but finally starts off our Era 2 story line in earnest. It will also serve as the sister-ship build for the Puck's Jest, lost back in October.
  13. As part of the efforts of the nascent Free Traders Association to grow their commerce, a decision was made to reinvestment profits into their ports of call. This was to have the two-fold benefit of raising awareness of their brand and wares, but also give them a permanent local staff to help navigate the customs and laws which vary wildly across the island colonies. The first of these offices was founded in Freeport, located on Garvey's Rum Isles. Established in a former counting house, the location by the docks proved by advantageous by close to the custom house and docks, but also in what was regarded as a higher class portion shore line. The office was staffed by Mstr. Kai Nilsen, an older well spoken gentlemen familiar with Garvey. He is a quiet man who generally keeps to himself and stays out of trouble. While he serves the FTA captains who put as liaison, he helps maintain the profitability of the office by acting as a currency exchange for foreign traders at a reasonable fee. Of course what is not common knowledge is Nilsen is himself a retired privateer, but those days of excitement are long behind him. He now has a comfortable life. When there are no trade ships in port, Kai finds himself with ample time to stare out his door, tea in hand, and enjoy the daily hustle and bustle of the dockside. The truth be told, he also has a fond eye on the fish shop proprietress next door. ===/===/=== I approached this build with the intention of mimicking the aesthetic that Sir Stig set out for Freeport in the Jameis Farstrider's Guide entry for Garvey. I am fairly happy wit the result and believe if you dropped these besides his work they would not look completely out of place. The difference is that I approached both Freeport builds with one eye on game play, rather than solely as display pieces. Comes with having young kids I guess. My original plan was to have a larger office building with an open air warehouse attached. Unfortunately, I ran out of roof bricks. So rather than scrap my other half of dock, I split things into two small builds. It ended up being a fun little project I coudl work on in manageble chucks. My grandiose plan is to do something similar in each port the FTA convoy stops in, but considering this one pertains to the Nov/Dec MRCA it seems I am already woefully behind. This will be licensed by the Free Traders Association as a small commerce in Freeport (GAR). Additional photographs:
  14. Mistress Lund was born in a farm village on the Rum Islands (Garvey) to a family with five daughters. When her prospects for marriage proved to be close to nil, she took her meager dowry and headed to Freeport with the dream of running her own inn. While she never managed to realise her dream, she did found a rather successful Fried Fish Shoppe. Her clientele is mostly composed of dock hands and sailors, though she does get the occasional custom officer or trader stopping in for a quick bite for lunch. While her fried is a well thought of dish, the fact she also serves beer and grog may also account for her shop's popularity. The Free Trader's Association recently took up residence at the former counting house next door, and she is aware that their factor Mr. Nilsen (an older but distinguished gentlemen by the looks of him) has been spending a lot of his time looking out her way. Perhaps one day soon he'll come over and introduce himself. ===/===/=== Once again, I approached this build with the intention of mimicking the aesthetic that Sir Stig set out for Freeport in the Jameis Farstrider's Guide entry for Garvey. I am fairly happy wit the result and believe if you dropped these besides his work they would not look completely out of place. The difference is that I approached both Freeport builds with one eye on game play, rather than solely as display pieces. Comes with having young kids I guess. Originally, this second section of dock was going to simply be open air warehousing for the FTA office. When faced with a shortage of roofing bricks, the office footprint was reduced and I decided to split the build into two rather than scrap the remaining half. This will be licensed by me as a small artisan in Freeport (GAR). Additional photographs:
  15. Jan 03 618: Aboard the Peregrine at anchor off of Freeport I have clandestinely met with the Mardierian diplomatic officer in port Captain Pike, and I have a dispatch addressed to you. Thank you Mr. Frenetti. You may be an adequate liaison officer, but you are one top notch sneaky git. We'll make a pirate of you yet. Not likely sir. Only teasing. Hand it over please. It is from your nation's intelligence service. It seems the Corrington admiralty's conflict with those buccaneers out of Bastion continues to confound them. Their most brilliant solution is to antagonize all the remaining free ports and declare war against the lot, and that unfortunately means Charlatan Bay. An official declaration from them is expected within the next four days. Astounding! Can the idiot Corrish still not tell the difference between a pirate and free trader? It beggars believe sir. Mr. Frenetti, at this point I sincerely doubt those buffoons can tell the difference between a sow and their own mothers. They have difficulty just keeping their own people under control but that won't stop them from bumbling into a new war through their own sheer incompetence. Nothing to be done about it. As acting Commodore of the colony's fleet, it appears I'll have to make preparations. If your nation would do me a service, I'll have a number of urgent dispatches for you within the hour. We have warnings to send, and it appears we'll need a place some orders with the shipyards. ===/===/===/=== This will serve as the vignette supporting my increase of ship activity level to 35. Additional photographs
  16. A native of the southern nation of Salleek, Alsin Jarpur was a free spirit who made his living as a barber in his home country, like his father before him. Succumbing to wanderlust, he travelled up along the Merlonic Sea coast until a fateful day in Oleon when he was press ganged on to the royal frigate Saville. That began a decade of servitude in the cramped, miserable confines of the Oleon ship where he became as a surgeon’s mate thanks to his skill with a sharp razor blade. At some point in his impressed servitude, he learned of the Old Faith of the Patheon of Three from some of his fellow sailors, and though not devout, took to it as his own in order to fit in with his mess mates. During a cruise to the Sea of Thieves, the Saville made port at Astrapi to refit after having lost a number of spars during a storm. Ever longing for freedom, Alsin took the opportunity to jump ship and hid in the wilderness until the frigate had sailed. Then after finding little compassion for a foreigner amongst the populace of Isle de Zeus, he heard a rumour of a nearby colony where the Old Faith was practiced once again. Stealing a fishing smack, he made his way to Charlatan Bay where he was received with open arms. He was given a place in the nascent colony and established himself a barber shop on the main floor of a house built by a family who had succumbed to malaria weeks prior. Fate had taken a hand perhaps. Alsin Jarpur has quickly become a fixture in the free port. While not a fervent believer, he makes his devotions to Hades and Poseidon each morning and his living mostly by way of barbering for the town folk and passing seaman; though he will occasionally be called into action as a surgeon when a raider ship makes port after having badly lost a fight. The Dark Bishop himself can frequently found in the barber shop after his recent rejuvenation (see previous) and seems on rather cordial terms with Jarpur. Some note however that Meloche’s visits for a haircut and shave tend to coincide with when Alsin is required to conduct an amputation, and some secretly whisper that the Captain feeds on the pain and suffering of those poor souls under the knife. ==== This will be licensed as a small artisan. And I promise, no more indoor vignettes for a while. :)
  17. A Conversation heard in Haven: "Did they have to build it like that?" "It's a lighthouse. It's s'pposed to be all tall and stuff." "Right." "But?" "Did they have to make it look so evil?" Looming over the Horns is the lonley Black Tower lighthouse, inhabited only by the mysterious woman who operates it. While all in Haven are happy to see the light of it's beacon, few like to visit the grimly foreboding structure. Whispers abound that the Lightkeeper worships some dark patron, and that the tower is truly more of a shrine that just happens to require a freshly kindled flame. Details behind the Spoiler.
  18. Somewhere in Freeport "Gentlemen, in light of constant pirate depredation, aggression by tyrannical nations, and collusion by envious rivals we have faced in the past months, I applaud our uniting together to make common cause. Please raise your glasses with me for a toast; 'The Free Traders Association - May our success only be outshone by the gold in our purse!' Now before we begin to celebrate in earnest, there is the matter of organizing our fleet..." ---x---x---x--- Just a little build to serve for the license application to level 25 and the official announcement of the formation of the first Sea Rat trading company - the Free Traders Association (FTA). And yes, the lantern is crooked. Bah!
  19. FREE TRADERS ASSOCIATION The Free Traders Association (FTA) officially began operating in December 617 in response to aggression towards legitimate free trades fleets. Tired of the tyranny of the tired monarchies of the old world, many colonist had come to the islands of the Prio and Sea of Thieves looking to start anew without the oppression of the aristocracy. While the prospered initially, the attempts by some old Kingdoms to exert dominance of the trade lanes required the banding together for mutual protection. At a tavern in the Garvey's colony of Freeport, a number of ship Captains met with a delegation from Charlatan Bay to sign an accord of mutual defense and profit sharing. With its headquarters in the free port of Charlatan Bay, the FTA warehouses serve as a clearing house for legitimate (and not so much) goods traveling between the Prio Seas colonies and the Old World. At the same time, its surprisingly well-armed trade convoys travel between colonies insuring a steady supply of needed goods. Company Directors Gustaf Von Bricktin [Roadmonkeytj] Rodesh Derr [Bart] Professor Thaum [as himself] Silent Partners Captain Silas Pike [Kwatchi] Amara the Amazon [Gulagurag] Merchant Fleet (Ship Levels up to 25) Sirrus - Class 3 Captain Preston Fluttering Petal - Class 3 Captain Tifune Night's Whisper - Class 2 Captain "Patches Jr. Redtail - Class 2 Captain Haymish McGillicuddy Dusk - Class 3 Captain Richard Turpin Achernar - Class 3 Captain Bennet Land Assets Free Traders Hall - Hightown, Charlatan Bay (SR) FTA Warehouse - Lowtown, Charlatan Bay (SR) FTA Trade Office - Freeport (GAR) FTA Office - Papaver House - Furte Unido (ESL) Rooming House - Fatu Hiva (OL) FTA Trade Office and Warehouse - Charlatan Bay (SR) Red Bloom Public House - Bastion (SR) A Smoking Room - King's Harbour (Cor) <= Monopoly property Junkie Den - Freeport (Gar) <= Monopoly property Poppy Mill - Poppy Port (SR) <= Monopoly property BruHaha Brewery - Bastion (SR) <= Monopoly property Plantations Black Poppy Field - Poppy Port (SR) <= Monopoly property White Poppy Field - Charlatan Bay (SR) <= Monopoly property Standard Poppy Field - Tortuga (SR) <= Monopoly property Write-Offs
  20. Originally built by the Tifune Clan as a trading post, the building was recently re-appropriated by the Free Traders Association to serve as a dock side warehouse in Charlatan Bay's Low Town. ---x---x---x--- Tried my hand at a pagoda-style roof but it did not come off as well as I'd like. Not awful, just not completely happy with it so I'll try new technique next time. My investment in a few blue trans tiles for water though paid off really well; I plan to add to my collection in that regard. This will be licensed as a small commercial (warehouse) by the Free Traders Association.
  21. After a successful voyage, and some quite lucrative trading, Captain Roderick Graves of the Lenore makes good on a promise to buy his officers a round of drinks in the first tavern they find.
  22. Dramatis Personae (I too really like this idea to keep characters sorted! Thanks to @Kolonialbeamter for the Inkscape template for the character tags!) Colonel Sir Dirk Allcock has finally made it back to civilisation. After months in the jungles of Cascadia with the Myzec, he has finally arrived back in Jameston, a settlement that has grown much in his absence. As he greets Samuel Woodruff outside the new constructed offices of the Allcock Trading Company, Dirk notices that next door is a barbershop. A barber with a luxurious moustache is waiting for customers at the door. After months in the jungle, Dirk longs for a proper shave and trim, so much to the surprise of Mr Woodruff, but not so much Sergeant Gowan or Davy Russell, who had both returned with Dirk from Cascadia, he heads over and greets the Barber. The moustached barber returns Dirk's greeting enthusiastically, revealing a thick Mardierian accent. Dirk soon finds himself in the barber's chair, looking out onto the street with Mr Woodruff hovering alongside and Sergeant Gowan lounging on the back wall. Russell has wondered off. The barber's name was Marco, and he was indeed of Mardierian descent. "So my fine man, how did you end up here in Jameston, by the sounds of it you originally hail from Mardier?" "Not Mardier Signore, but rater the Isle de Medio, born in New Ter-ra. I worked as the personal barber for teh Mardierian Viceroy himself." "and you fled after the fall of the Island to Eslandola?" "Si, Signore, bet-ter to leave no?" "Quite so, but why not New Haven with your fellow countrymen?" "Ah, Every-a-one go to New Hafen - Marco, he lika his chances going east, so I a come here no? Open my own shop" "Well my dear man, let's see if your barber skills are as you say, your finest shave and a trim thank you." With that Marco got to work. Mr Woodruff began a report. "The incentive for factories was released as ordered Colonel. We have had more interest than expected so far, but I shall await judgement until the projects themselves firm up." "Quite good, and I see that the resupply convoy from Cocovia has arrived in harbour, I noticed the Lady Jacqueline amongst the ships at anchor on my arrival" "Indeed, Captain Sawkins awaits you at your pleasure. The convoy is readying to depart in the next week and are currently loading goods, mostly sugar cane" "Yes, I see the sugar industry here is off to a great start, very good indeed" The conversation went on for sometime, until Marco had finished. Dirk felt great - it was indeed a fine shave. "Well my good Sir, that was indeed as good as promised, Sergeant, pay the good man from my purse if you please, and don't skimp on the tip." "To be sure Sir," "Actually while you are there, Marco, give my Sergeant a shave, he always seems to have that shadow on his face" The normally stoic Sergeant Gowan looked horrified. "Ah Sir, for the love of the gods you wouldn't let that Mardo anywhere near me with a razor would you Sir?" "Don't make such a fuss Sergeant, you will feel better I assure you" "Zeus, Hades and Posiedon!" Sergeant Gowan made the sign against evil. Dirk sighed, "Just pay the man then Sergeant. We shall be returning." "Many tanks Signore, a fine day to you" ---------- Another small artisan for Jameston and the first section of the street put together. Below is a picture of the Barbershop on its own. It was time for Dirk to return and time to focus on storytelling again, hence the wall of text. I really love @Kolonialbeamter's tags for his characters and hope to put together some of my own, as I seem to have lots of named reoccurring characters and it would be nice to weave them back into the stories again. EDIT: Tags added thanks to KB's assistance!
  23. On the same street as the Allcock Trading Offices and Temple of Poseidon stands a new tailor's shop. Run by two enterprising young women, the shop makes and repairs quality clothes for the citizens of the settlement. Will be licensed as a small artisan. This is the third of my 20x20 modules intended to be joined together for a large street scene. Hopefully I'll start putting together the scene after the next couple of builds.
  24. Part 3 - Deal with the Devil is here Ladies and gentlemen, a moment of your time please! As most of you are aware, the reign of Emil Meloche, the so-called Dark Bishop and Pirate Lord, has ended. His church has been destroyed and its ashes strewn wide so that it can never rise again. His associates have been identified and they will of course share his fate for the crime of heresy. But rest assured good people of Charlatan Bay that the Empire of Mardier does not kill wantonly and King Alphonse (may his radiance never dim) welcomes you into a new era of peace and prosperity. Rejoice! Friendship will be rewarded while the false... ...will have their just desserts. Ah! Mistress Amara, thank you for joining me Ma'am. Let me dispense with the melodrama . As a member of Meloche's inner circle, there were many who called for you to join your former comrades on the gibbet. I was not one of them Ma'am. Your actions during the Battle of Five Fleets are legendary and I salute you one true warrior to another. Based on my recommendation, you have been spared due to that extraordinary service to the Empire of Mardier. However Ma'am, that does pose me a problem; I cannot have you sailing freely anymore, as you are quite the menace to all that cross you. I propose to you this solution. While the great Mardierian navy suffered a number of set-backs, I find myself with a surplus of marines at this time. Captain Jardines here has been ordered to establish a nominal garrison in High Town in order to oversee the smooth transition to civilian rule (and to guarantee that religious cult of Hades does not rise again of course). He is not interfere with either commerce or the more... egregious actions of the various ships that make port, and has been instructed to avoid Low Town altogether. That does leave me the issue of establishing someone to run the colony as mayor; one who is knowledgeable of the locale is ideal. Perhaps you'd be interested in the job Ma'am? It would keep you permanently ashore of course, but I assure you Mistress Amara that the footing on land is far more solid that on the gallows' deck behind me. ---x---x---x---x--- Once again I envisioned something grander than my collection and time allowed me to produce, but I got something out in the end. Thanks to Gulagurag for lending me Captain Amara. For those politicos trying to decipher what this all means. 1) Gulagurag will be collecting the colony's mayor's salary starting in November. 2) Both he and I have retired our Era 1 captains and will be introducing new ones in the near future. Amara lost her 4th ship this past month, so she may be jinxed anyway. 3) Charlatan Bay stays a freeport/city state. The Mardierian army occupation of High Town is simply a potential plot device we may come back to and won't affect the colony's faction relationships, which will continue to be set by our whims. . Pictures related to licensing of small commerce: High Town Market Square. (Why not? :) )
  25. The Free Traders Hall in the High Town district of Charlatan Bay serves the headquarters an association of short haul independent traders (both legitimate and otherwise) where they plan their commercial enterprises. All manners of navigational charts, taxation rates, proscribed item lists, and general shipping information is kept on file for every colony in the environs. Various trade captains can make use of the facilities on a pay per usage basis, or pay an annual dues for unlimited access. This MOC will be licensed as a medium commercial property and as the HQ for the Free Traders Association, and was previously used in another MOC. (Yes, it could be considered smaller than a medium, but I "rounded down" on the last two so I figure I was due )