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Found 3 results

  1. Legofin2012

    M.I.S. Avalonian Outpost

    Deep in Avalonian forest, the M.I.S. keeps eye on potential threats. Although remaining peaceful for many years, the Black Spire uprising in Nocturnus is a major concern, so men everywhere could serve it's purpose. The location of the outpost on a small cliff keeps the lower section hidden and the wooden lookout is built to blend in with the dense forest. Rangers train in their spare time The rocks provide a cool storage place for reserves and of course, Mitgardian ale Originally built for CCCXIV, but hoping to enter into AoM too, but as a later phase. -Thanks for looking :) They are watching
  2. Legofin2012

    Pt. 1.2: Blood Lord Reunion

    The next part of my character story, check out part 1, and part 2. A few days after part 1. After the kidnapping of men by barbarians in Teridyan, a meeting was called in the map room of the M.I.S. manor, reuniting 3 high ranking members: The Blood Lords. Demm, head of Blood lords, vice-chief of the M.I.S. - So, you must be wondering why I have summoned you here? Krew, first Blood Lord, the Crow-Keeper - Well I most certainly am. Demm - I received a message from a friend in Teridyan, there has been another silent attack and kidnapping... Obara, second Blood Lord, the Key-Keeper - We are yet to solve the last one. Demm - But this time the situation has gotten worse, a member of the M.I.S. has been removed during this attack a few days ago. Kan, third Blood Lord, leader of the M.I.S. Northern Guardsmen - Who is it? Demm - Finnak Sern, known as Fin. Obara - I met him on a few occasions, I cannot imagine he'd be an easy man to kidnap. Demm - We believe this attack is related to the others, so based of witnesses, the attackers are large, barbaric looking men, who come in the night and take the men only, leaving everything else untouched. We've narrowed down the location of the attackers and hopefully their prisoners to somewhere in Mitgardia. Kan - It's not that that is not much to go on, but all of Mitgardia is a rather broad search area, not to mention we've had M.I.S. specialists investigating these kidnappings for over a year now... Demm - Which is why I've called upon you three, Krew, we need you to provide an eye in the sky, use your crows to search the land far and wide. Krew - As you wish sir. Demm - Obara, I believe a man matching the description of the attackers is in your custody after getting injured during one of their little raids, we need as much information off him as possible, and by any means. Obara - Very well sir, we interrogated him when he was sent in to no success, but I won't fail this time. Demm - Kan, as much as your services are not required at the moment, as soon as the location of these men has been revealed we'll need your guardsmen to strike and recover any Mitgardian prisoners. Kan - Aye,it would be my pleasure m'lord, I'll get the boys prepared. Demm - And I wish to present you head of our rangers, Thomas, he and his men will search all Mitgardia for the Barbarians. Thomas- Good evening gentlemen, wish I could chat but I believe we all have work to do. Demm - Good luck to you all. A few months later. Krew - Sir my crows found nothing, we've searched all the land for a trace of the barbarians for months now, and word from Obara says the prisoner was no use, we have nothing... Thomas - The same for my rangers sir... Demm - This is most unusual, and leaves two solutions, either they aren't in Mitguardia, Avalonians or Nocturnians maybe, or... Krew - No, that's not possible sir, the only thing up there is ice creatures and snow! Thomas - What we are dealing with are no ice creatures, yet no man could survive up there. Demm - Someone must go, someone must venture through the snow and ice... Thomas - I will go, I knew Fin, I shall not let him down. Krew - Alone? Thomas - I will take any willing rangers, but if none agree, yes, I shall go alone. Demm - The best of luck to you master ranger, you will go where very few dare, brave the Frozen Beyond. Thomas - Thank you sir, I shall return and with the location needed. Possibly my largest GoH build so far, starting off with just the map and then expanding, the map was rather fun to build, and I tried to make it as accurate as I could. Sorry the story kinda jumps through time here though going back to before part 2, and then to after it. Without minifigs: -Thanks for looking!
  3. In the 42056 Porsche the shifting mechanism (or shift train as I like to refer to it) relies on correctly aligned axles. Each of the axles needs to have a close-to-perfect 45 degree or 90 degree orientation. However, despite many imrpovements I never got the paddle shifter unit to operate correctly. I rebuilt it many times and there was always one paddle that had problems. It even motivated me to build my own paddle shifter unit. Today I found out what the problem was (I had the CV-joint axle at the right of the first image sitting in my Porsche between the shifter unit and the gearbox): This mis-aligned CV-joint axle caused the vertical axle at the center of the shifter unit to misalign significantly. Now I cannot recall whether I ever swapped the CV-joint axles that came with the set with ones I already had. I don't think I did, but I'm not sure. So my question is: Has anyone seen this kind of mis-aligned CV-joint axle before? Would it be a misprint or a fake?