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    Star wars solos landspeeder

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  1. Didn't show the pic, but it's a start.
  2. I would show a pic, I've uploaded it to Flickr but it doesn't want to insert into my reply. Any ideas why this is?
  3. Thanks so far everyone, but I think I have been a bit too vague. The ship is a beam width of 16 studs. I've sorted out the narrowing at the stern, the method I used won't work at the bow. The ship is galleon shaped, so I hope now I've cleared that up you might have more ideas.
  4. How does everyone build brick built bows when not using lego's prefabs? Thanks in advance.
  5. Count Vroskri


    Yes. I have money but Im going to put of buying it because lego bought bricklink
  6. Count Vroskri

    What is this ship and where is it?

    I can't remember where it might have been the moc forum. A bit vague, I know, but it was in a subforum of that forum perhaps.
  7. Count Vroskri

    What is this ship and where is it?

    I like this ship and wondered if anyone knew anything about it. Thanks.
  8. Count Vroskri


    Thanks. That rowboat probably will be longer than any ship I can hope of building.
  9. Count Vroskri


    Any chance of pic of the lovely boat?
  10. Count Vroskri

    [MOC] circa 1700 32-gun pirate fifth-rate flagship "Athena's Rage"

    Wow. Any instructions? I want them! So good. I really love your work.
  11. Count Vroskri


    Lovely! I really love the early ships just like this. You make them look like actual kits.
  12. Count Vroskri

    Pirate ship bows.

    I am wip a ship. 16 studs wide, galleon. Any tips on the bow that does not require prefabs.?
  13. Count Vroskri

    The launching of the soulful hound

    Thanks all. I will have some more up dates soon Sean has begun to upgrade his ship. Also, any ideas on how toun squarify that bow?
  14. Count Vroskri

    The launching of the soulful hound

    Blood bowl nay? Warhammer 40,000aye
  15. Count Vroskri

    The white dove pirate boat

    Apparently I have licenced it as class 1 warship