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  1. Count Vroskri

    [SR - FB] Tavern, Poppy Port

    Great style, I like the contrasting chimney and again the whole look is brilliant.
  2. You are becoming a master of plantations @NOD! I have to say I agree. Is there a reason for this?
  3. OK, probably because I'm using a phone. I'll try on a computer.
  4. I'll be getting my moc ready in time, but I do have one question - how do I make a spoiler tag?
  5. Count Vroskri

    [ESL] Watermill, Otoño

    It's awesome finished @Ayrlego. I love it. This interpretation of your style and especially the auburn and ochre colours are really good. The building, too, is spot on and I love the way the mill and tree blend seamlessly and realistically into the base. Awesome, it deserves a frontpage!
  6. Thanks, I can do the 9th.
  7. @Darnok Awesome, just thinking about this thread yesterday! I don't mind what day I can do as I can build soon but preferably day 7 or more. I have a question though - when I've finished the build, do I post it straight away, or wait till the date?
  8. Count Vroskri

    [WIP] Watermill, Otoño

    Wwwow! This is awesome, very unique but still retaining the distinctive style of your previous builds. I love it! The use of chairs as Mill wheels is ingenious!
  9. Count Vroskri

    Fort in Punto Sur

    This is totally awesome, I love it! Every bit is spot on!
  10. Thanks for the challenge @Capt Wolf! There where so many awesome entries and I'm very happy with what I built for it. Can't wait to see what's next!
  11. Great interpretation of @Ayrlego's style, it's awesome!
  12. Great idea, I'll see what I can do!
  13. Wow @SteamSewnEmpire, you got a comment from maxim! I would be very proud of a comment from a celebrity like him. Although you are a very good builder too, you are very suited to Studio, and this ship is no exception!
  14. Count Vroskri

    [COR - FB] Ships never come singly

    Awesome, lovely set of ships with great rigging and sails! Great all round, actually! Keep up the good work!