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  1. Capn Frank

    Account Summary

    April 2019 Summary is done.
  2. Capn Frank

    Account Summary

    How about now? That's the only fort that's transferred ownership so far.
  3. Capn Frank

    Account Summary

    Sorry this took so long. The combination of real life issues (which are good to go now), and overhauling the property license sheets caused delays to be much longer than anticipated. Here is the February & March 2019 Account Summary Let me know if there are any issues. I believe properties licensed in February would have yield in March. Your yield will only be counted once if your property was licensed both months. Feel free to check that they're there in the latest account summary.
  4. Capn Frank

    Account Summary

    He has been added. The February summary has not been posted yet. I am working on them. The equations have to be updated with the range of dates in the summaries now. I did see these two submitals in the summary.
  5. Capn Frank

    Account Summary

  6. Capn Frank

    Account Summary

    The settlement has been established.
  7. Capn Frank

    Settlement: The Sereen Cay

    @FrauncesI'll be adding the settlement momentarily. Who is the mayor of this settlement? Also, when answering where your properties are located, only enter The Sereen Cay. Anything other than this will not automatically show as part of the settlement.
  8. Capn Frank

    Account Summary

    Troops are fixed. Apparently when I made the equations, I have to copy the equations onto all rows for when people submit new entries.
  9. Capn Frank

    Account Summary

    LM71Blackbird is correct. I should look into removing the inactive accounts to speed things up.
  10. A good quality MOC of a damaged building would be cool to see and make sense story-wise. Minifigs could be clearing some rubble. I would recommend that buildings have enough complete to show the building type. There is plenty of inspiration in WW2 scenery builds like this one.
  11. The earliest the settlement could be reinstated for further construction is 3 MRCAs or May. I agree that completing 4 builds is too much, which is why I told you is should be decreased. After discussing with the court, we came up with the following update. Rules Update: 5 builds are required, minimum 5,000 studs, and 2 of those builds must come from Mesabi. Once the above requirements have been met, the settlement will be re-built, and others can license freely at the settlement. Mesabi must build a third MOC with a minimum of 1,000 studs of considerable quality before he is able to license freely again. @Mesabi, Creating 2 builds to rebuild your settlement should be more reasonable if you are done moving after February. Now it is 5 builds, but 5 builds are the minimum, and the footprint for each build can be any size as long as the total footprint is 5,000 studs.
  12. Capn Frank

    [OL-FB] Dying Gull (almost) ready to Sail

    Yes, it will. That shoreline matches perfectly into the pirate settlement. Thanks for the complements.
  13. Admiral Winston seeks to command up to 15 vessels.
  14. The Dying Gull is about to make way while we're making final preparations. It's not as fancy a vessel as another Class 3 that requires a sistership. But it'll still haul as much. I'm sure the Dying Gull will require repairs and will more likely be lost at see than my other merchants. Preparations are being completed along the beach where vessels are temporarily moored for cleaning or repairs. There is no facilities exist for assistance. Captains are expected to make repairs on their own using their own supplies, crew, and tools. This ship is a MOD of a MOC. I modified a bunch of the MOC based upon the pieces I have and preferred building methods. But overall, I would recommend checking out the Speed Build of the Original MOC on YouTube. Open the spoiler below. Thanks.
  15. Mesabi is required to perform a majority of the repairs of the settlement. You are not on the hook for Mesabi's build quality. I should not have lumped you two together. I apologize for not communicating that clearly. You were informed ahead of time namely because such a large portion of your builds are a part of Mesabi's Landing.