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Found 12 results

  1. But it's got a new hat! There's been so many lovely MOCs of this speeder, so my goal was to make it look like the Scout was riding the speeder a bit more, without removing the legs or having that moped look of standing on a platform. The rider is held in place by the tension of the socket wrenches and it can be posed upside down without it falling out. Pleased with that. I've put free instructions up on rebrickable, if anyone is interested. Thanks for stopping by.
  2. Hi everyone! This is a series of scenes based on the popular Disney+ series "The Mandalorian" which I built for Bricks LA 2021, a free virtual AFOL convention that is happening this weekend. First up, a vignette of the mandalorian armorer taking on a squad of stormtroopers inside her workshop with nothing but the tools of her trade as seen in "Chapter 8: Redemption". This Chapter is my favorite as it is filled with badass moments like this. There is a Mandalorian crest above the doorway, a table with forged helmets and jetpacks to the right, and the armorer's toolbox to the left. From the cold open of the same chapter, this vignette depicts IG-11 showing up to rescue the Child from the hapless scout troopers that kidnapped him. Nearby, you can see the transmitter that the troopers had used for target practice earlier. Next, we have Cobb Vanth riding his speeder made out of a podracer engine through the deserts of Tatooine from Chapter 9: The Marshal. There is a hook for storing Boba Fett's helmet behind his seat. This MOC will make a nice addition to the Trouble on Tatooine set coming out this year. Based on Chapter 12: The Siege, this vignette shows Cara Dune, Greef Karga, and the mythrol escaping the Nevarro Imperial base with a stolen Trexler Marauder and being chased by speederbikes and TIE Fighters through a canyon. The Mando shows up in his Razor Crest to shoot down the TIEs to save them. That's it for now. I still have a few ideas for vignettes, so keep an eye on this thread as I may add more. Let me know what you think of these and if there are any particular scenes you'd like to see. May the way be with you.
  3. Peppermint_M

    [MOC] Speeder Bike - Trenner

    Breaking all the rules. I found more than 12 of those brick separators when tidying my build table. Not to mention the box I already have and all the others. So I built a speeder. I like speeder bikes. I like using weird parts to build with and making odd connections with the little elements. I also love to combine a bright colour "chassis" with greys/silvers as the mechanical parts. The technic cross axle peg was vital, as it provided an actual connection to the separator that was viable. Everything else connects to it. This was plenty of fun to build, playing around with connections. The name is a nod to the seed element of this build. Comments etc are welcome
  4. Hi guys! This is my minifig’s scaled ARATECH C-PH Patrol Speeder bike used by the Imperial Patrol troopers. It appears just few seconds in the second Starwars spin-off movie called Solo : A starters story but I very appreciate its design! :) Special Credits for the inspiration of some parts to : Luca s projects (<a href=""></a>) BricksStudios (<a href=""></a>) Showcase and Tutorial Video : Parts list : I hope you enjoy the build even if it's not perfect! :) keep on building!
  5. Peppermint_M

    MOC: Compliance

    Soundtrack The G-MIL SportFli XVI is a top performing civilian speeder-bike. Favoured by the Authority Deployment Unit of District 18 since model IX. With a few modifications after-market (strictly restricted to the District 18 police) the sport bike becomes the Compliance. Outranking all other bikes in its class, it is a valuable tool for law enforcement. This one was a lot more of an exercise in self control. I get a little carried away with shoving in details that can increase the size to something more of a tank than a speeder bike. While I have enjoyed making speeders from the motorcycle fairing for a fair few years. (Nine by the looks of it... Or ten. ) I just love throwing in more and more parts. So, I pared it down to what you see here. I love to sneak Castle elements into SF builds and couldn't resist the helmet. I think speeder bikes still need to have a "bike-ness" to them, which can be lost without the wheels, so popping in the helmet fills the space and looks futuristic. Another great thing building this bike and the others for the contest was discovering how all the cool elements that have arrived since I last was really able to MOC (been a bit stuck for space and opportunity for about eighteen months). I have a number of other bikes I made when testing concepts and connections that I will share soon. Hope you like the MOC.
  6. Peppermint_M

    [MOC] Teoshi-Guruma SkyBike

    The Kunai Corporation are pleased to unveil their latest skybike, the Teoshi-guruma! Fast and manoeuvrable, it is perfect for the racing circuit but also a popular sport Skybike for fans and riders. Here Gates Rusch sets the pace for a race at NuTokyo Raceway. I once again challenged myself to an odd part. This time the wheelbarrow. Teoshi-guruma is Japanese for hand-cart. . I took what would certainly be labelled a "single use" part by most and discovered that it has a wealth of connection points, not to mention is has practically got a 1x2 plate as part of the structure. I threw together a futuristic race-track as a stand, the back of the "A" plates is lifted by a pair of mudguards to angle the track. Also worth mentioning: on the bottom of the bike is a tail-fin piece that I used SNOT techniques to invert as the bike looked pretty empty underneath. I like to design around the idea of greys/blacks and metallic as the functioning mechanical parts and the colourful fairings and chassis on top. However, my Least Amount of Parts challenge still escapes me, I keep getting carried away. Comments, questions and critique welcome!
  7. -zenn

    Redux Hoverbike

    Been a while since I posted something... But hey this is what watching the Dakar Rally, playing Wip3out while building Lego will do to you... Redux; a hoverbike remake inspired by the 'Wipe3out' series. More on my Flickr photostream.
  8. Billy Burg

    Classic Space Speederbike

    Another upload of my Ideas set: Lunar Exploration Geological Outpost by billyburg, on Flickr Let me know what you think. Please vote if you want to see a Classic Space set made reality. Billy
  9. -zenn

    Bombshell Hoverbike

    Just a nice little build, which will also be part of some prices for the upcoming Speeder Bike Contest '16. which I may or may not mention yet. Bombshell; a hoverbike inspired by 'VNV Nation - Resonance'. More on my Flickr photostream.
  10. Yesterday i was rearranging my Lego Shelf to get some Room for Kanan`s Speederbike Set. Well,i almost got everything placed until i turned around and noticed there is still the white Speederbike from Ezra`s Speederbike Set left. Grabbed and tried to play a little "where can i place it-Tetris". Couldn`t find a Place for it.The large Consoleroom of the Tardis was taking most of the Room.Then i thought "man,if only the Speederbikes were smaller,more scale appropiate.So i started searching the Internet and found a Thread from Eurobricks Member DarthTwoShedJackson where he actually resized the Speederbikes to more Minifig Scale. THIS was exactly what i wanted.So i tried to find out how the Bike was build,with LDD running in the Background. I also made a few small Changes to the Speederbike,like keeping the large Wingpieces on the Frontend (mostly because i don`t have them in white. A bunch of tiny Changes were made to make it look different,but it still uses much of the Inspiration.... And yes,the green Speederbike will follow,but first i need to track down a few where are those Wrench Pieces....
  11. Here are my two attempts at the 614-AvA speeder bike from the Star Wars Rebels anime series. First try: 614-AvA speeder bike by Veynom, on Flickr This is the largest version of the two. Quite strong and perfectly swooshable. Minigis fit perfectly on it. 614-AvA speeder bike by Veynom, on Flickr And quickly followed by my second tentative: 614-AvA speeder bike by Veynom, on Flickr Smaller in size, more elegant but much more fragile. Minifigs are not so well in place. 614-AvA speeder bike by Veynom, on Flickr And a small comparison of the two: 614-AvA speeder bike comparison by Veynom, on Flickr So which version do you prefer ? And why ? Some bonus picture, just because I can. ;) 614-AvA speeder bike by Veynom, on Flickr 614-AvA speeder bike by Veynom, on Flickr
  12. Hi' Here's my last moc : a 74S speederbike we can see in ROTJ. The moc is made by 27 bricks, and there's enough place for one minifig (a scout trooper for example). The pictures :