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Found 14 results

  1. The Pentastar Alignment Faction: The Pentastar Alignment Faction Leader: Denal31 (Mike31 on Discord) Capital: TBD Planets: Ansion (I6), Esfandia (I6), Bescane (K3), Dubrillion (K3), Bastion (K3) Grid: N/A Sectors: N/A Members: Malen Garek, JOKA, PB Productions, Dark&Dusty03, h2brick, Lapius DESCRIPTION After the Emperor's death in 4 ABY, the Galactic Empire fragmented into multiple pieces. Grand Moff Ardus Kaine saw the Emperor's demise as an opportunity to establish his own Imperial Faction in the Outer Rim. However, rather than attempt to control the entire Outer Rim and risk conflict with multiple Remnants, the Grand Moff would concentrate on a few sectors instead. Kaine moved quickly to form a new faction with knowledge that many corporations in the targeted sectors would struggle to stay afloat without Imperial backing. With this in mind, the Moff would call a meeting with multiple corporation heads and local governors. During this meeting, Kaine presented a treaty that would align both Corporate and Imperial interests thus establishing an isolationist political conglomerate that would allow these companies to continue trade without interference from the New Republic. With the treaty signed by all parties, the Pentastar Alignment would be established. HISTORY LEADERSHIP Grand Moff Ardus Kaine Formerly the Grand Moff of the Oversector Outer, Kaine would establish the Pentastar Alignment in 4 ABY following the Emperor's death seeing it has an opportunity to establish his own Empire. Ardus Kaine desired actual power, rather than titles, and preferred to be at the core of the Empire when it came to making important decisions and determining how operations would be run. The Chamber of Order The Chamber of Order is the Upper Legislative Body of the Pentastar Alignment responsible for enacting new policies and dealing with threats to the Alignment's interests. The heads of influential families, Majority Shareholders of major corporations, and Local Governors/Moffs can be found in this council. Members are also responsible for requesting military assistance in addition to assigning Overseers to systems under the Pentastar Alignment's jurisdiction. While Grand Moff Kaine has the deciding vote, the Chamber has the ability to override any executive decision with a majority vote. ORGANIZATION The Pentastar Alignment, while using the Galactic Empire as a blueprint, differed from the former and is administratively split into two branches, Order and Enforcement, each with its own set of sub-branches. Once a recruit is granted access to the Alignment, he/she can choose to build for any of the organizations below! Enforcement The Enforcement Branch of the Pentastar Alignment is responsible for protecting Alignment assets and engaging in inter-galactic warfare if the situation arises. The Pentastar Patrol The Pentastar Patrol is the primary military organization in the Pentastar Alignment. The Patrol primarily consists of Ex-Imperial military, however in an attempt to bolster numbers and reduce internal tension within the Alignment's Territory, non-humans were allowed to serve as well. Due to the Isolationist policies of the Alignment, the Pentastar Patrol is primarily responsible for protecting Alignment Worlds and Assets from Mercenary Raids. However, if the need arises, the Pentastar Patrol can be mobilized in galactic scale combat. The Pentastar Alignment Navy Primarily consisting of former Imperial personnel and assets, the Navy is responsible for the defense of all Alignment worlds. The Alignment Navy has the ability to establish blockades and respond to various threats in short notice. Order Organizations within the Order branch uphold the decrees and interests of the Pentastar Alignment. The Imperial Knights The Imperial Knights are an order of Force-Practitioners loyal to the decrees of the Pentastar Alignment. They are primarily Gray Jedi by nature and do not draw from the dark-side of the force or completely follow the light. Despite being a fairly young order, the Imperial Knights have established themselves as the right-hand of the Chamber of Order and are sworn to uphold and carry out the decrees of the Pentastar Alignment The Great InQuestors of Judgement <Classified> Established early on in the formation of the Pentastar Alignment, the Great InQuestors of Judgement consist of a small number of force-practitioners who draw on the dark side of the force in order to further the not only the agenda of the Pentastar Alignment, but their own as well. Despite warnings from the head of the Imperial Knights, Trin-Yan Kaster, about their methods, Grand Moff Kaine views them as a necessary evil that can help advance the interests of the Alignment. Special Forces/Security Bureau Members of this organization are tasked with espionage of enemy Factions, spread of false propaganda to prevent systems from defecting to the New Republic, and the discreet elimination of enemy assets. TERRITORY A Current list of Pentastar Alignment Worlds and Assets Current Planets: Ansion (I6), Esfandia (I6), Bescane (K3), Dubrillion (K3), Bastion (K3) Grid: N/A Hyperspace Lanes: Namadii Corridor, Veragi Trade Route IMPORTANT CHARACTERS The people of the galaxy are what make it so intriguing. Beings from all around with different personalities and motives. Listed below are important Characters that you may come across when browsing various builds involving the Pentastar Alignment. These characters can both be NPCs or Player-Created Characters. Name (Player/NPC, Affiliation) Trin-Yan Kaster (NPC, Pentastar Alignment, Imperial Knights) Born the son of a highly ranked official in the Alignment, Kaster was offered up by his parents to the well-regarded Jedi Master Luke Skywalker for training after displaying some connection to the Force. Skywalker approached Kaster with some caution, but in the end liked his disposition and trained him among his first batch of students. Combined with discipline and self-control, Kaster would find himself excelling in lightsaber combat and well on his way to achieving the status of Jedi Knight until he caught word of a Dark Influence within the upper legislative branch of the Pentastar Alignment, the Chamber of Order. Distraught at the thought of Dark Jedi influencing the politics of what he called home, Kaster, unable to suppress these feelings, proceeded to leave the New Jedi Order, much to Skywalker's disapproval, and with the help of his Father requested an audience with Grand Moff Ardus Kaine in an effort to establish a group to provide opposition to the Grand InQuestor's influence. Seeing the InQuestors as a necessary evil, Kaine disregarded Kaster's warning about the Dark Jedi, but saw the benefit in adding more Force-Sensitives to the ranks of the Alignment. With this in mind, Kaine liking Kaster's intensity, tasked him with establishing a new order aimed at protecting and upholding the decrees of the Pentastar Alignment, The Imperial Knights. Andrephan Stormcaller (NPC, The Red Moons) A former Rebel Alliance officer, Stormcaller became disgruntled with the New Republic's inaction towards the Pentastar Alignment and formed the Mercenary Group; The Red Moons. These Mercenaries raid Alignment assets and worlds in an attempt to stunt its growth. AFFILIATED FACTIONS The Galaxy is large and filled with Factions of many kinds. The following affiliated Factions are small groups that you may come across when browsing various builds involving the Pentastar Alignment. These groups are generally introduced by fellow players and can either be for or against the Pentastar Alignment's interests. The Red Moons The Red Moons are a mercenary organization dedicated to the 'liberating' of worlds under Imperial Control. Frustrated with the New Republic's inaction towards the Alignment, the Red Moons have taken it upon themselves to do what the New Republic will not. These Mercenaries are the biggest threat to the Alignment's assets locally. HOW TO JOIN For Recruits interested in joining the Pentastar Alignment, simply send a Private Message to Denal31 (On Eurobricks) or Mike31 (On Discord) expressing your interest (Replying to this post works as well!) You will then receive an invite to the our primary Discord server to make communication easier. (For those that don't use Discord I can find a way to communicate with you that accommodates your preferences) From that point, in order to become a full member of the Pentastar Alignment you will need to post an 'Intro Build' on Bastion (K3). This can be a build of any kind or even a fig-barf. This will then give you access to the Pentastar Alignment's primary channels. Things you will need to do: - Make a EUROBRICKS Account (You can't post to the forum if you do not have this) - If you don't have one, be sure to make an account with a Photo-Hosting site such as Flickr or Bricksafe (You will need this to post the photo to the forum) - Contact Denal31 (On Eurobricks) or Mike31 (On Discord) about joining PA. You can also reply to this topic! - You will be given limited access to PA's channels - Create a Build for Bastion (K3) and post to the forum (This will give you access to all of the Alignment's Primary Channels & Ensure the willingness to post on the forum) - Have Fun! MEMBERS Below is a list of current members of the Pentastar Alignment. Be sure to check out all of their awesome builds! Denal31, Malen Garek, h2brick, DarkandDusty, Lapius, JOKA
  2. *This entry has earned 8 XP* Mission Briefing "One of the mercenary units had holed up in the Kaden mountains in an ancient castle, using it as an FOB and a place to lick their wounds. The thing practically looked modern--Munnilinst architecture seemed to be fond of its own history. It was a rescue mission: we had a man on the inside, a turncoat codenamed "Jarai." Jarai had been serving as spy and informant for a couple of weeks, providing us intelligence for strikes behind enemy lines. His material had come through. Now we would come through for him--one last mission on his intel, this time to walk the man himself out of his own personal hell. Hard to get far if you aren't nice to your friends. Yand and I will approach from the lake, the others are coming in from the highlands. We'll get our man, and then we're off home." More Photos Thanks for looking.
  3. *This entry has earned 10 XP (x2 LTC Bonus Applied)* Mercenary tanks encroach on the city of Harnaidan! Pentastar Alignment gunships take flight over Muunilinst's capital, their engines thrumming as they dive, their beam weapons slicing through the enemy. The ships cast dashing shadows over the fleeing mercenaries below, who run to put distance between themselves and the burning hulks of their armor. The ones who survive must regroup and rethink their strategy: Harnaidan had become a citadel of Alignment protection, and breaching the metropolis was no small thing. As persistent as they were, the Alignment's defense stood ironclad. Thanks for looking!
  4. *Your entry has earned 12 xp* Given the recent attacks on Muunilinst by state-sponsored mercenary forces, the Dantooine garrison of the Pentastar Patrol has been on high alert. Captain Pavay walks the local farmsteads with a few patrol troopers (both of whom forego the full stormtrooper facemask, per garrison policy). He greets the farmers amicably and makes sure everyone is doing well, answering any questions and assuaging any concerns. The Captain has been walking this track for a number of weeks now; the farmers are happy enough to see the man, who in their eyes has become something of a local sheriff. While the Pentastar Alignment is, at its core, an Imperial Remnant, there are many among its ranks who seek to create the Empire as it should have been: a strong government protective of its citizens, providing for a grateful populace with the strong arm of justice. No less authoritarian, but precise, intelligent, and benevolent, not cruel or wasteful. Pavay is one of these "visionaries," a term used distastefully by certain members of the cabinet. Whatever their opinions, the loyal citizens he protects know they have nothing to fear. MORE PHOTOS Thanks for looking!
  5. *Your entry has earned 14 XP* PHOTOS Thanks for looking!
  6. *Your entry has earned 27 XP* Following Lorrd, refugees from Entralla move on the Jedha before escaping to Vohai. Their shuttle is unarmed and quite vulnerable, but well suited for discretely moving as many people as possible across hyperspace. The stopover in Jedha will allow the crew to refuel and resupply before their longest stretch. Not much survived the attack on Jedha, but the Imperials that returned for "disaster recovery" maintained a fairly independent outpost that ended up being highly influenced by the Followers of the Force that quickly followed, making for a quite, unassuming ally to those escaping the New Territories.
  7. *Your entry has earned 13 XP* Why did we follow so blindly? Why did we get sacrificed like pawns in a game? When will this end? I am Captain Ruhn of the Emissary and this is how we found hell in deep space. It all started when we were tasked to investigate an anomaly out in deep space, the farthest we thought harm would find our crew. We had just returned to headquarters from a blockade hold nearby Mygeeto when we were given the order to investigate. It seemed simple enough. Our fierce Commander Lazvis, one whom I think was oblivious to what was really at hand, told us one way or another, we shall stick to protocol. Arriving at the coordinates, all we could see was the vastness of space surrounding us. Commander Lazvis, still sticking to his routine, sent me to ready my men in case of any disruptions. Communications were opened up in order to relay the situation to headquarters. We were told this task was of peak interest to Imperial High Command. Before we could reach them, it began. Out of the void, a flash of dark red light, striking out with bolts of lightning could be seen in clear view of the bridge. The alarms automatically kicked in, it seemed this unusual force was sabotaging our reactor with its increasing amount of energy. Our technicians trying to get communications back online were subsequently knocked back by the energy which found its way into our batteries. Little did we know, this was the least of our problems. Here is a link to my Flickr post.
  8. *Your entry has earned 12 XP* Nexus City, Historical District The people of Entralla, citizens of the Pentastar Alignment, have a colorful culture and a rich tapestry of myths. They believe in thousands of spirits, good and bad, that represent different parts of life, and that people go to be with those spirits when they pass away. The people's favorite time of year is the Lunar Night, the annual occasion when they celebrate the Parade of Ghosts. During the Parade of Ghosts, the people march through the streets carrying purple lanterns and wearing masks and singing songs of celebration to make the spirits feel welcome and invite them to mingle among the crowds. They all hope that when their ancestors arrive with the other spirits, they will pass by their family homes and leave behind a blessing. The adults hope for luck, health, and good fortune, the sorts of things kids don't care much about, so children are given toys and presents, which they're told are gifts from their ancestors. Thanks for looking!
  9. *Your entry has earned 8 XP* On the eve of an invasion, Captain Tomas Harlan returns to Dantooine to look for his old friend, Dr. Yvin Tuu. Story Pictures Some Story Commentary Thanks for looking!
  10. *Your entry has earned 16 XP* While the New Republic abides the presence of the Pentastar Alignment in the New Territories, true Rebels have taken the fight to them. No system is safe while fascist, authoritarians lie in wait, and member worlds of the Confederacy of Free System have banded together to support the desperate fight against them. Take the fight to the PA today by joining the Confederacy of Free Systems!
  11. The Pentastar Alignment Faction: The Pentastar Alignment Faction Leader: Denal31 Capital: TBA Planets: Belkadan (L1), Iridonia (J7), Muunilinst (K4), Ord Trasi (L4), Vinsoth (N5) Description Following the death of Emperor Palpatine, the Empire fragmented into several splinter groups. One of these groups being the Pentastar Alignment. In 4 ABY, Grand Moff Ardus Kaine hosted the Pentastar Talks with various leaders in the Velcar-Free Commerce Zone. These talks resulted in the formation of the Pentastar Alignment. Once established, the Pentastar Alignment sought to maintain a strong grip on its borders. As a result, policy leaned more towards isolationism instead of expansion. Leadership Grand Moff Ardus Kaine Formerly the Grand Moff of the Oversector Outer, Kaine established the Pentastar Alignment in 4 ABY following the Pentastar Talks. Figure Templates Currently, the Pentastar Alignment does not differ much from the Galactic Empire in regards to troop appearance. Below are some templates for some of the units you may come across in the PA military. (Disclaimer: These are just basic templates. Liberties can be taken when creating figures for the Pentastar Alignment) Standard Infantry: The bulk of the Pentastar Alignment military consists of Stormtroopers. The majority of these troops are human, but some aliens may be found among their ranks. Officers: Officers in the Pentastar Alignment are responsible for managing enlisted personnel and leading military operations. Marines: These elite soldiers are generally stationed on Star Destroyers and specialize in boarding enemy starships as well as protecting high-priority assets. Other Examples How to Join To join the Pentastar Alignment you will need to send a PM to faction leader Denal31 or simply reply to this thread. I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible. Territory (Work-in-Progress) (More edits will be made to this page in the coming days)
  12. Never before had so many vessels of all sizes plied the Brick Seas this side of Terraversa. However, these sea zones are still largely uncharted, unknown and ridden by storms, and many crews still struggle to make it to their safely destinations.Additionally, losing your bearings is a surefire way to end up in enemy ports or at the mercy of pirates. Just recently, Grand Duke Alexander Prio felt the heat himself, with Prio vessels involved in an incident with the Sea Rats that almost lead to war, which could have proven catastrophic for the future of the newly founded state. In order to avoid future issues and ensure safer navigation, the Archduke has decided to establish the Pilot's Association, an international organisation dedicated to ensuring safe navigation of the Brick Seas by making pilots available throughout Terra Nova. However, to make this a success, commitment and the proper tools must be in place. Cat A: The Pilots' Association The Pilot's Association is a prestigious project, and it is Archduke Alexander's hope that many will take an interest in its success. In order to show his support, he has decided to award a knighthood to the three most active contributors and has instituted the order of Navigation to that effect. Show a scene from Alexport, which must show your involvement in the Pilots' Association or the Racing Cup. Perhaps your team is there to meet with the Pilot's Association or the Archduke's court to offer support, funding, involvement etc. to the P.A. and/or the Cup? Perhaps your crew are smugglers or pirates looking for new ways to avoid customs cutters and navy patrols? Or perhaps a military attaché looking for new patrol boats? Or perhaps simply to participate in the race and win? NB: Rules: Your build must show a scene in Alexport or eslewhere in Prio It may be licensable, but it is not required Your story must explain "your" involvement in the P.A. or the Cup Max 32x32 or equivalent per player (collabs encouraged) Stay true to the feel of Alexport and Prio (Historical Puerto Rico or similar Spanish colonies) Prizes: The three best (individual) entries will be awarded microbuild licenses for properties in Prio. (Sizes will be determined based on participation) The three best (individual) stories will be awarded knighthoods in the order of Navigation. (Creativity is encouraged - and you do not need to IC support the initiative to win) The best collab (if applicable) will be awarded with a large microbuild license of their own choice in Prio. Cat B: The P.A. Racing Cup Any pilot will need a vessel to carry him to his duty, and the requirements for successful pilot cutters are speed, maneuverability, and seaworthiness. To identify the proper designs for these cutters, the Pilot's Association is hosting the first P.A. Racing Cup, a prestigious boat race for smaller vessels. An added purpose of the race is to drive development and experimentation in smaller vessel types in order to, over time, develop better designs. Hence, three grand racing tournaments will be held, each with several races in which contestants will earn points towards overall victory. One for class 1, one for class 2 and one for class 3 vessels. Rules: Each player can enter one vessel per class. Entries must include desired stats of the vessel. (Although this will have no impact on race performance, as that will be randomised!) We encourage you to build some sort of scene (shooting through the waves, crossing the finish line, etc.). Please make sure to stay within the class sizes. Prizes: Glory and Prestige! All vessels entered into the challenge will be awarded with a free license (minimum quality requirements will be enforced) The best three in each class will be awarded with BoBs cards. The Cup winner for each class will be awarded a free ship activated by microbuild. Class 1 winner: Class 3 Class 2 winner: Class 4 Class 3 winner: Class 5 There are rumours that people from many different walks of life have shown an interest in the race. Both for the prestige and for the prize, but also for the boat designs... Coincidentally, these are the exact same designs a pirate, smuggler, customs officer, or perhaps navy patrol will benefit from... So get on your race-hat and participate in the first P.A. Racing Cup for a chance to win Glory and Prestige, and show that YOUR boat and crew is the best of the best. Deadline: May 6th everywhere in the world

    Delaware & Hudson ALCO PA

    Hi guys. I built this ALCO PA and I thought, why wouldn't I show it here. Background information The ALCO PA's are A1A-A1A locomotives built to haul passenger trains by ALCO and GE. Sadly, from the nearly 300 PA's built only 7 still exist today. The PA has gone on to achieve a legendary fame in railfan circles. Because of it's tendency to belch heavy, black smoke, the PA has even been declared to be an "honorary steam locomotive". Even the late, noted train artist Howard Fogg, a big steam aficionado, once called the PA "a nice looking locomotive". What else needs to be said? My own model Last year I built a 6 studs wide ALCO PA that I didn't really like because it was small and didn't have much detail. A few weeks ago I also built an 8 studs wide steam locomotive which led to me wanting to built a diesel locomotive in that same scale ( even though the PA is a bit to large) and seeing as I already built a PA before, why not make a new one? ALCO PA #5 by RIZING!, on Flickr I think she looks fine. At least an improvement if you see my older models... Almost everything is done now. I just have to know if the drivetrain works and how I can built the bogies because I've never done any brick built bogies. ALCO PA #6 by RIZING!, on Flickr As you can see, the bogies are geared 1:1 with a large motor. But does a drivetrain like this work? The motors are static in the shell and the bogies are loose under it. ALCO PA #7 by RIZING!, on Flickr So, the L motor in the locomotive doesn't move at all while the bogies are turning when it goes around corners. So I really need to know if that isn't a problem. Also, can jumper plates keep an L motor in place? ALCO PA #8 or so by RIZING!, on Flickr And yeah, I need to make better bogies ALCO PA # 9? by RIZING!, on Flickr But really, I've never built bogies for a train so I definitely need help there. ALCO PA #10 by RIZING!, on Flickr And here a quick comparison picture of the old model (in front) and the new one (in back) Bye
  14. This model is dedicated to my father, who, through thick & thin, never gave up on me. He has inspired me, challenged me, and helped me become who I am today. This model was created by my father as gift to me in 2004. It is a representation of a diesel, and was created before he had discovered Bricklink. The base plate is the only incorrect part, as it should have 10 pin holes instead of 6 like this one does. Sadly, as I grew older, I decided I didn't like the model anymore, so I tore it apart around 2007. About 6 years later I realized my mistake, and am currently trying to rebuild it. This is my own modern interpretation of the model. I made it stronger, cleaner, and more pleasing to the eye. But if you look at the side vent work, you will see what inspired me: that 2004 MOC by my Dad. Here they are together, so you can compare them. LDD file: http://www.mocpages....1396963872m.lxf Comments, Questions, & Complaints welcome!