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  1. [MOC] Laundromat and Musician's Apartment

    Thanks, this is your MOC after all! I wanted to make the most colored and variated version so I removed the second and third floors. The fifth floor was essential to keep, it’s the greatest part of the building with its roof IMO. I’m still not sure but it looks beautiful as a display model! All said though, I really love the original, especially next to your Umbrella Bank The height of both this and Umbrella Bank are exactly in real life...
  2. [MOC] Laundromat and Musician's Apartment

    Thanks! You can find it here! What do you think about it? What do you think about it guys?
  3. [MOC] Laundromat and Musician's Apartment

    I’ve done a quick not very good editing, can I share it here? For sharing here, I’ll need to upload it on Flickr just for your information. If it’s ok for you to share my quick editing, I’ll of course give credit and share there your video. Thanks
  4. Inspirational Modular and Non-Modular Building MOCs

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to share some other really great threads where I post inspirational buildings that I don’t post here because the MOCs I post there are themed (such as Sci-Fi and Licensed). There are some other very inspirational MOCs posted in these threads even if generally they’re not buildings. Be sure to check out every single MOCs posted by everyone! Enjoy! Favorite/Inspirational Sci-Fi MOCs by @danth Best Lego Ideas Projects by @LegoMonorailFan What Are Your Favorite Licensed MOCs? by @Digger of Bricks BTW, we almost reached 10.000 views on this topic
  5. [MOC] Laundromat and Musician's Apartment

    This MOC deserves waaay more replies and interest IMO. It surely got missed and forgotten between some other great MOCs. Let’s encourage @DK_Titan to continue making MOCs and congratulate him with his gorgeous MOC
  6. Best Lego Ideas projects

    Medieval Townhouse by @RogerSmith Toralf Mech by Max Kunz Coraline's Pink Palace Apartments by Hwachtman
  7. Favorite/Inspirational Sci-Fi MOCs

    Dieselpunk Style Floating City by @Vanocean117 Gas station by @crises_crs Japan 2089 by Forgotten Days @Digger of Bricks, @danth You made me a Sci-Fi fan, thanks
  8. What Are Your Favorite Licensed MOCs?

    Ghostbusters HQ / Chinese Restaurant by @BaronSat The Burrow by Marcel V. Opening Night by @Scrat Any MOCs made by @cesbrick are always incredible!
  9. And me finishing I don’t understand and will never understand why the people on Ideas don’t vote for the best projects! There are some great under-appreciated expired modulars and some popular/best MOCers have a few projects uploaded. They’re just gorgeous but almost/already expired. At least, there are some very good projects which reached 10 000 supporters. I hope this will be one of the very good projects which reaches to what it deserves! Ok, I’m not going to junk your thread with that so I’m stopping it now. I’ll do my best because this definitely deserves much more support P.S. Did you consider uploading your Sideways Building and Outdoor Store on Ideas?
  10. Inspirational Modular and Non-Modular Building MOCs

    Staff Picks of 20/03/18: ~Rathaus in Osterode by siriusprzem ~Roxy Theatre by jiminiBrickit ~Modular Building by kosbrick Congrats to all these MOCers! And the color scheme of this reminds me of the Bank by @Svelte (BTW, it seems he was a mod which is very surprising for me)
  11. Grand Lodge

    You’re amazing
  12. [MOC] Cavity Corner

    Yes, I’d like to see if it looks better without it. Just wondering/want to have an idea of how it could possibly work. If you’re going to rephotograph it, I would also be greatful if you can take a photo with the third floor removed from the reddish brown building and remained on the other one. Many thanks for your consideration Finally featured! I was thinking it was really deserving that since Sunday! Congrats! Keep up your great work
  13. Inspirational Modular and Non-Modular Building MOCs

    I’ve never seen this, thanks for sharing! Seriously, that color scheme rocks! Especially the uses of Sand Green, Dark Tan and Dark Bluish Gray... One of the best color schemes I’ve ever seen The roofline and the round thing (I don’t know what it’s) are also beautiful!
  14. ["A Safe Haven" Challenge, Cat. A] The City of Bandari

    Oh wow, this is incredible There are so many things I love about this MOC, those angled walls are very well done, great architecture and a lot of great techniques! Your builds are always spectacular! As a modular fan, this MOC encouraged me to visit more Historic Themes and GoH forum! Millions of thanks!
  15. [MOC] Cavity Corner

    I agree. An interior is fun to look, at, see and play but if you put a modular in a layout, no one will really see its interior. That idea/solution is amazing! Never thought about that! BTW, do you have any photos with the third floor removed? That's what I'm thinking about doing when I'll build it in future. Thanks! Very interesting critism IMO because it looks very realistic as @Bricked1980 mentioned above and is definitely my favorite thing! Of course I respect your criticism.