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  1. LegoModularFan

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I’m back, long time no see... I’m not in love with what I’m able to see for now, definitely liked the Bookshop more but it certainly looks quite interesting! I really like that they included two narrower buildings in different colors and the use of the splat gears as bushes is quite clever indeed! It looks like a nice parts pack as well, looking forward to seeing some photos in higher resolution...
  2. LegoModularFan

    MOC: Theo's Tailoring

    I've been waiting this for 3 years! So glad to see finally your attempt at Art Nouveau (which is quite a great one to be honest ). Brilliant SNOTting as always, the right part and the bay window on the left especially look Art Nouveauish! Some great and clever configurations with flex tubes, arches, and Elves pieces seem to be the way for Art Nouveau indeed. Keep up the great work and keep the Art Nouveau's coming!
  3. LegoModularFan

    Outskirts of Mophet

    Amazing build as always, the window arch with the cheeses, the printed Orient Express arch and the wands on their sprue turned out great! I especially love the tree with the whips, the stone path and the flowers on the bushes! Even though I like the clean look of the border, I would have gone for something less blocky but that said, I like how there’s no textures on it. Keep up the great work!
  4. This looks great, I’m always impressed by high quality alternate builds such as yours! What I especially like is the stone building and the interior, you managed to put in so much detail with all the part limitations! One should definitely consider rebuilding their OFS.
  5. LegoModularFan

    [MOC] Erling Records

    Great build Pau! Nice to see you try your hands at other themes! It would be great to see some tiling, especially since you did some great ones before! Supported
  6. LegoModularFan

    [MOC] Corner Garage - Alternative Build

    Wow, this is really impressive! This should definitely make one reconsider about buying CG if they didn’t already buy it... Beautiful architectural style, some great SNOTting on that facade! Brilliant part usages as well, I love the spoons, roller skates and all the Technic parts! And from what I can see, there seems to be even a complete interior! I especially love the way you’ve built the dormer windows and the roof itself built with the newish 1x1 double slopes. I’m not the hugest fan of the color scheme but there was of course nothing you could do août it as the initial color scheme of the CG is already trash... Keep up the great work! I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t possible for Lukasz to build it symmetrical with all the part limits... And I personally see as if there were 3 separate buildings, the two dark orange buildings being separated with the quarter tiles. Haha, I would instead take it apart in a heartbeat, I personally find this so much better architecture, techniques and NPU wise... Everyone has their taste I guess! At least having the instructions and the few extra parts to build it when you get bored of the Garage wouldn’t hurt...
  7. LegoModularFan

    Mitgardian Border Village House

    Great and clean build indeed, early Derfel Cadarn inspiration is visible indeed! The Tudor and the foliage are both nicely done! I also see some similarities with Snyder brothers work, were you inspired from them? Keep it up!
  8. LegoModularFan

    [MOC] Barbershop

    Another brilliant @MaximB modular as said on Flickr! You include so many great techniques in the modulars, you’re truly taking them to the next level both with the amount of details, techniques and NPUs! The bay window is next level stuff as the others have pointed out! I love how you did it slightly bigger than minifig scale to include more details! Keep up the incredible work!
  9. LegoModularFan

    MOC:Teapot Junction

    Great work as always, nice SNOTting on the house! I like how you did the cobblestone, easy but effective! Nice train too. Keep up the great work!
  10. Looks great, I’m especially a fan of the two lamps! Definitely some nice additions to one’s city. And great to see you back by the way!
  11. LegoModularFan

    Inspirational Modular and Castle MOCs

    Not the greatest execution (not a fan of that grey) but the idea is great and that tree on the back looks lovely with those flowers and the elephant trunks! The roof is nicely built as well. Pretty similar indeed! I was so confused for a moment because I thought it was the same MOC, I thought you were trolling! This looks great as Ben’s a very skilled MOCer but come on, he could have modified first floor and the roof just a bit... Why overusing a great build? I’m sure he could have come up with something different... Oh well... I became a count by the way!
  12. LegoModularFan

    [MOC] St Mark's Campanile

    Great to see another build from you! So accurate and realistic, love it. Great shaping, and details, some great SNOTting on the bottom of the building and with the old windows, love the use of the 18978 Speed Champion wheels (confirmation needed), such a NPU and such accurate representation of that part of St Mark’s Campanile! Those 1x2 arches got a amazing use as well. Keep up the great work! Fun fact, this is by the way my 1000th post on Eurobricks which means I’ll also become a count just when I post this comment! It’s definitely well worth writing this special post on your great MOC!
  13. LegoModularFan

    Inspirational Modular and Castle MOCs

    Here we go as promised! Mini modular time! Sorry for not posting for several days... ~Mini Modulars by @o0ger Mini Modulars Front by Oscar Cederwall (o0ger), on Flickr Parisian Restaurant Mini Modular by Oscar Cederwall (o0ger), on Flickr Detective's Office Mini Modular by Oscar Cederwall (o0ger), on Flickr Brick Bank Mini Modular by Oscar Cederwall (o0ger), on Flickr Assembly Square Mini Modular by Oscar Cederwall (o0ger), on Flickr ~Mini Downtown Diner by @Swan Dutchman Mini Downtown Diner by Koen Zwanenburg, on Flickr More great mini modulars to come! And Keith is back with another great Apocalypse modular: ~Apocalypse Palace Cinema by Keith Reed 20200415_194940 by Keith Reed, on Flickr This is my 999th post by the way!
  14. LegoModularFan

    [MOC] Sci-fi Speeder by Pasq67

    I’ve been seeing these speeders on Flickr, they all have their specialities! I especially like the second ship because of the color choice and the curves, the third because of the great shaping and the fourth with the macaroni tubes and the 1x1 swirl pieces! Keep up the great work! Any new speeders coming?
  15. LegoModularFan

    [MOC] - Micro Skull Island

    Nice micro, I like how you kept it simple with the use of bricks with holes and common slopes. The vegetation is a nice touch too! Keep it up!