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  1. LegoModularFan

    Prelude: The Long Discussion

    This looks great, I really love the way you built the tree, the roof, the tiling and the arches! Did you only build the things that would be visible from the photos or is it entirely built?
  2. LegoModularFan

    The Car Wash

    Hey @paokus, welcome to Eurobricks, it’s great to see you here! As I said elsewhere, this is a gorgeous Art Deco modular, the brick-built signs are just incredibly well done as all the curves are! Honestly, I would have preferred something like this rather than the Corner Garage we got... Keep up the great work!
  3. LegoModularFan

    Waffles and Milk

    Wow, this looks so delicious, it makes me feel hungry... The waffles are shaped up greatly, the berries look very realistic and the way the syrup flows is very convincing as the rendering! About the plate, I agree with @Kristel...
  4. LegoModularFan

    Kaliphlin at Work - Day 11: Priestess

    Great work @pombe, you've packed this build with plenty of great ideas! My favorite bits are probably the mosaic floor, and the cheese sloped roof! As what to improve, I think that the whole build lacks a bit of an integrity, I think my recommendation would be to look at more MOCs and real buildings... Nevertheless, the build includes some great techniques and ideas so you're in the right direction! Keep it up!
  5. LegoModularFan

    Kaliphlin at Work - Day 9: Mophet - guardtower

    Great tower, really liking its color scheme and the stone path! Keep the great work up!
  6. LegoModularFan

    MOC: The Magnolias On 10th Apartments

    I don't really like this type of buildings in real life but you succeeded to make it look very pleasant, probably thanks to the great color scheme and the amount of details! Can't wait to see more from your Wasabi district project!
  7. LegoModularFan

    [MOC] Botanic Mansion

    Looks great, I just love its color scheme and the unfinished look it has! The greenhouse on the back is probably my favorite part though, I just love the way you used those big transparent pieces and how luxury it looks! Keep up the great work!
  8. LegoModularFan

    [MOC] Modular Casa Brickllo

    They look incredible together, I love how it goes from the least crazy looking from the craziest one! Incredible job on all of these! By the way, what did you use to render? It doesn't look like Blender but the results are very convincing... Is it
  9. LegoModularFan

    Inspirational Modular and Castle MOCs

    Great idea but who’s going to collect all the modulars? It would take a lot of time for me so I won’t able to do so but if you or anybody can collect all the modulars, ok.
  10. LegoModularFan

    Inspirational Modular and Castle MOCs

    Wow, Bricky_Brick's modulars really started to be amazing, this is probably my favorite by him! Why the Corner Garage didn't look like this, this is the first time I've seen a three storey modular garage that I love!
  11. LegoModularFan

    Favorite/Inspirational Sci-Fi MOCs

    Check out this beauty: IMG_4255 by Davdup, on Flickr
  12. LegoModularFan

    [MOC] Modular Casa Brickllo

    You just made my day! Truly magnificent two Art Nouveau jewels you got here, Casa Batlló is instantly recognizable and brilliantly done, and the building on the left looks gorgeous! You chose just the right parts to represent all the details of Casa Batlló and the windows of the townhouse are shaped brilliantly! I have some suggestions to give if you don’t mind... I’m not really sure about the color scheme of them separately and together... I personally think that only white or only tan would work better for Casa Batlló and a few tones of blue would look nice on the top floor of Casa Batlló. Also I’m not totally sure about the way you used plates on the top floor, I think it looks blocky but it’s pretty difficult to capture the color splashes found in Casa Batlló better without using illegal techniques so I don’t really know how it could look better... Perhaps some flower pieces in different colors? Or, if you don’t mind using illegal techniques, it’s possible to use cheese slopes like in this MOC. You can check out this tutorial if you are interested in this and similar techniques as well as Katie Walker’s photostream and this Flickr group. I just love the color scheme of the townhouse on its own but I’m not really sure about the look of its colors next to Casa Batlló... But after all, this is your MOC and it’s brilliantly done! Thanks so much for making Art Nouveau buildings, you really make my day! Keep up the incredible work! P.S. I highly recommend you to add your last MOCs (including this one) to lots of Flickr groups because they deserve a lot more faves! EDIT: This really grew up on me, I love it much more than yesterday!