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Found 25 results

  1. kr1minal

    [MOC] Kenoby's fury

    This is my very first MOC\Diorama Star Wars themed. I've made this as entry for a contest (Lego First Order channel on YT). I hope you like it, feel free to leave a comment. Many thanks for your attention.
  2. "Wrecker, easy with my ship. "Your ship?" My Midi-Scale collection expands again with this nanofig-scaled Havoc Marauder from the Bad Batch series. Despite the small size, I once again went for a full SNOT look and paid close attention to proportions of the original shuttle. The build comes with a discrete, transparent stand to be displayed in flight mode. ► Instructions for the Havoc Marauder are available at Rebrickable or via email at More pictures on my Flickr page.
  3. The Y-45 armored transport hauler, also known as AT hauler, built by Kuat Drive Yards and used for the Galactic Empire, with its very agressive and intimidating design, was a great Midi-scale challenge. Accurately Microfig-scaled (or trophy-scaled), and made of 623 pieces, this MOC features all the typical angles and details of the original cargo ship: agressive cockpit shape, intricate wing angles, lower bridge with its guard-rails and stairs, ion engines and magnetic clamps, holding on a single, secure Lego stand. With very simple connections, both arms can be installed upwards to put the ship in landing mode. ► Instructions for the AT Hauler are available at Rebrickable or via email at More pictures on my Flickr page.
  4. Gong Solo

    [MOD] Resistance Jaguar i-Pace

    The recently released Jaguar i-Pace really looks like that rare vehicle seen in that rare town, a long time ago… ;-) Yeah, there’s plenty of room at the back of this i-Pace ! Bonus - My version of the Audi
  5. Hi Guys! It's already 2 months ago I made this MOC but I forget to share here with you so... I show you my MOC of the AT-DT! I let you watch the showcase video. And the quick scene I made for a LEGO Convention. Free PDF Instructions are available on Rebrickable : Don't forget to mention me if you use this design. ) Let me know what you think about! See you soon!
  6. Hi guys! This is my minifig’s scaled ARATECH C-PH Patrol Speeder bike used by the Imperial Patrol troopers. It appears just few seconds in the second Starwars spin-off movie called Solo : A starters story but I very appreciate its design! :) Special Credits for the inspiration of some parts to : Luca s projects (<a href=""></a>) BricksStudios (<a href=""></a>) Showcase and Tutorial Video : Parts list : I hope you enjoy the build even if it's not perfect! :) keep on building!
  7. Black Numenorean

    [MOC] The Duel on Tatooine

    After the freedom of Anakin from Tatooine, Qui gon Jinn and the young boy walked to the Queen's ship. Before reaching the ship, the landspeeder of an unknown appeared just behind Anakin. Darth Maul, a lord Sith attacked Qui Gon Jinn in aim of killing him. The duel on Tatooine began. ________________________ Hi everyone, this is just my second Moc based on Star Wars. It include the landspeeder of Darth Maul, darth Maul himself, the young Skywalker and Qui Gon Jinn I Hope you will like it. At the beginning, i wanted to build a huge landscape with a medium blue sky. However, i had to change a little bit the plan because I had not all the bricks. So, I decided to build this creation in the limit of my stock, and only my stock. A lot of things had to be cancelled with this limit. I wish that this inconvenient did'nt impact the quality of my Moc. Any comment and suggestions will be a pleasure Duel On Tatooine by Hugo, sur Flickr
  8. Voting is over and the votes have been tallied, congratulations jansued and Artizan! Ever since 2007 The Lego Company has raided our wallets with their mostly popular (and sometimes less so, I’m looking at you 8015 Assassin Droid!) Battle Packs. Now it’s your turn! Create your own Star Wars Battle Pack to populate the galaxy (and your desk) with more minifigures! An all Jedi battle pack, Star Wars Christmas battle pack, an astromech battle pack, a cantina goer battle pack, the options are endless! All entries should include a small build with play features as well as 4 minifigures. Look to the previous battle packs for inspiration but use your imagination too. If you are using aliens that do not already have a mold produced by Lego (such as the Quarren), they must be a race that makes an appearance in one of the main 6 Star Wars movies. This is not a fig-barf contest. Each entry will be judged on play features, the main build, and the minifigures. The entries will be given a maximum of 6/15 points for the build, 5/15 points for the minifigures, and 4/15 points for play features. Rules Each person is allowed up to 2 entries in this contest, but each person is eligible to receive only one prize. Each entry must include 4 minifigures or the equivalent of minifigures (brick built figs may not contain more than 30 pieces). Each entry should not include more than 100 pieces (not including minifigures and 1 weapon apiece), but there will be some grace given if the piece count exceeds this number be a small amount. The contest will run from 1st May to 31th May, 2015. As long as it's still May 31 somewhere in the world, you can still enter. Entries posted after the deadline will be disqualified. This contest is open to all EB members, even if they joined EB after the contest has begun. EB Staff are ineligible to win prizes. All entries must be new creations, not posted anywhere else prior to being entered in the contest. You may be asked by a staff member to change your entry if it is too similar to an earlier creation. All entries must be built from real LEGO. No clone brands, no third-party custom parts. Digital entries will be allowed. All digital entries must use only existing pieces in existing colors. You can use official stickers or custom stickers for the minifigures only. All entries must be posted as a new topic in the Watto’s Junkyard forum, the title prefixed by, "[sWBP] – entry name". (For example, "[sWBP] – Youngling Battle Pack") A link must also be included in this thread for your entry to count. Post pictures no larger than 800x640, but you may link to bigger pictures. You may do a 'full-blown photo edit' with all the text, effects, background compositing, support erasing, and other effects on one picture. All your other pictures may have no editing other than color adjustment or background removal for a solid-color background. For obvious reasons, any photo editing that changes the shape, functionality, or color (not tint or adjustment, but actual color) of a LEGO piece is prohibited. It is also prohibited to use the Lego logo in any picture. All entries are considered WIPs (Works In Progress) until the deadline passes. Until the deadline has passed, you are allowed to change and improve your MOC. If there are more than 25 entries, EB staff will make a first selection to bring the number down to 25, and then EB members will vote for their favorite entry among that selection. EB staff will using the judging scale listed above. EB members should vote based on the judging scale, but will not be required to show what points they judged by. Rules Update: The piece count allowed for brick-built figs has been increased to 30 pieces The piece limit rules has been updated to be more flexible. It's still at 100, but there is some overage allowed. This is being purposely left vague because I don't want people to abuse this rule and I reserve the right to veto any builds that are obviously too parts intensive. Entries are not required to list their piece count (though you still can if you want). The piece count needs to visually look like it could be a battlepack but can be done in a completely different way from the TLG produced battlepacks. (See my example entry for what would still be acceptable if it's not in the TLG format). Prizes First and second place will win 9489 Endor Rebel Trooper & Imperial Trooper Battle Pack. Example Entry: Rodian Bounty Hunter Battle Pack A galaxy far, far away always has work for a bounty hunter. Go on adventures with this group of Rodians! Help them crack the security codes on the door! Help make sure this group of bounty hunters always gets their guy, alive or disintegrated!
  9. Not one to start small for a few weeks now I've been working on flushing out the Echo Base Hanger display I want to build for my UCS Millennium Falcon. I've been planning this since the set was announced but couldn't really start till I had the set in hand to base everything off. It will be in a glass coffee table I'll be building to display it. The planned layout is currently 47.5" by 41.75" but I may go to 47.5" x 47.5". I'm going to use Stricklybricks 50x50 baseplates with one set getting trimmed down. I'm trying to be as accurate as possible and get all the little details I'm finding as I research that I haven't seen before. This will also display some of the rest of my collection so the ships inside will be a mix besides the Falcon. My 99 X-Wing and probably one of Cehnot's beauties and 4 different official speeder sets spanning the years. I'm using Migui94's Falcon as a placeholder as I work to confirm sizing in addition to the physical test layout I have set up. I see that last week Cehnot also started basically the same project with similar goals but he is going for the whole hanger while I only have room for some of it with size limitation. Can't wait to see his take shape and maybe collaborate on a few elements. I'm building in first since I don't have the money to start buying all the bricks and figure it out by physical trial and error. So to get started with where I am at here is an over view of the layout. I have a lot of detailing to do on the walls but I've been waiting till I had the structural strength and sizing dialed in first as I kept tweaking. I originally had 2 full bays but they wouldn't hold an X-Wing so I widened it and also ended up raising them to fit the vents. This top down view with the yellow fence shows the 41" width. and the potential space if I expand to 47". I'm going to curve the wall behind the Falcon some more but I'm not going to go all the way around to keep the sides of the Falcon visible through the sides of the table. This front view of the bay shows the vents in the top of the bays. My current thought was stickers to detail the vents but i will probably revisit them to look ate a brick based option but scale is a limit here. The Cat Walk for the X-Wings is an item that has been done but lacking in detail. I used Enderman eye plates for the side detailing. The current support beam X cross braces are temporary. After much thinking and tinkering I decided to design and print custom pieces to go there. The 3L bar on top will be cut in half to finish the top rail on the ends. I do like Cehnot's top rail better though and may try to rework mine based on his. Some small detail builds I have are the (quite silly) Treadwell 1016 droid briefly seen twice (somehow it gets on top of the Falcon with treads...). I also have a fuel tanker cart seen between the Falcon and the X-Wing. The floor light took days to get the scale right and try to be easily lit from below. The plan it to get vinyl stickers for the sides to cover the trans-clear plates then put an LED under them trough a hole in the baseplate. Not shown here is that the front 1x2 plate is clear while the 2 under the slope grills are trans med blue to get the right light out the back. I have lots more to do but finally felt I had enough to start sharing. Any suggestions on how to improve something are welcome! I will also be overhauling the Falcon itself to be more ESB accurate. Haven't yet decided on adding an interior since it will be in a closed display. -JF140/Cody
  10. Hello Guys ! I show you my MOC of the TIE Fighter with the STARWARS REBELS Design. I'm inspired by the awesome "TIE Fighters short film" on YouTube too. I'm trying to be the more "accurate" I can! I'm proud of my cockpit design which has a very good shape! :) I regret just a small space between the canopy and the rest of the cockpit. Moreover, the panels ("wings") are relatively heavy for the structure. The consequence is this creation is NOT for playing! Because the structure is a little bit too fragile for that! If you are interested, I sell the building instructions (PDF + Partlist.xls) 5 euros. I have to finish these instructions. My instructions are not free to help me a little to continue to build other things and to "protect" my work... I hope you understand. My website : On Rebrickable : UPDATE (30/10/2017) : With RUSTINIDIEL, we found a way to improve the strength of the structure. Now, You can grab the TIE By the cockpit (not by just one wing) and put in on the air and different positions. BUT be careful ! You still have to take it not as a brute or too quickly. This TIE is still made for dioramas, or collection (static positions) An updated building instructions was made. For the person who already bought my instructions, I will send the updated version for free. :) My YouTube Video : See you soon! :) You can see my other topics : ITT : [MOC] ITT (Imperial Troop Transport) from SW Rebels TIE Advanced Prototype : [MOC] TIE Advanced Prototype (aka Inquisitor's TIE) from SW Rebels A-Wing (McQuarrie / SW Rebels Design) : [MOC] A-Wing (McQuarrie / SW Rebels Design) Batman's Batmech : [MOC] Batman's Batmech Speeder Bike 614-AVA : [MOC] Speeder bike 614-AvA
  11. Hello from France Guys ! I'm Bricks Feeder and it's my first topic on Eurobricks! :) I show you my MOC of the TIE Advanced Prototype (aka The Sith Inquisitor's TIE) seen on the SW Rebels series. I will make some pictures of my advance in the future but for the moment, I give you some videos (of my YouTube Channel) of my prototype on LDD. This MOC is based on the original LEGO set 75082. The "wings" were directly inspired by this forum on Eurobricks ( I'm trying to build a "cool" Interior of the cockpit. For that point, I'm inspired by the awesome TIE Fighters short film. I'm trying to be "accurate" but it's difficult when you found pictures of a subject with different "shapes" or variations of shape between them. So I based my model on the first appearance of this fighter in the Rebels Show... I made a second version with some upgrades of the articulations of the "wings" to get it stronger. Moreover, I change all the back! I'll continue to work on it. I am not satisfied yet ! I'll show you my advance and if I can, the real one! If you have some ideas or constructive criticisms, share with me please! I want to upgrade my skills! :) Enjoy and have a nice day! P.S. : If you have the time... Check my You Tube Channel! ;)
  12. UPDATE : 6th October 2017 The building instructions (PDF + partslist.xls) of my ITT are finally available! The rebrickable link is not valid yet (I'll do an update for that) but you can go to my website ( To help me a little to continue this passion, these instructions are paying (10 euros by paypal). Link to Rebrickable : My final MOC has 1154 pieces and has light f you want. I hope you enjoy! :) Keep on building! ----------------------------------------------- Hello from France Guys ! I'm Bricks Feeder and it's my first topic on Eurobricks! :) I show you my third version of my MOC of the ITT (Imperial Troop Transport) seen on the SW Rebels series. This MOC has the dimensions of the mining's scale with 1174 bricks. => Almost 21cm (L) x 10,5 cm (W) x 9cm (H) I'm trying to build a "cool" Interior of the cockpit. I'll continue to work on it. I am not satisfied yet ! I'll show you my advance and if I can, the real one! If you have some ideas or constructive criticisms, share with me please! I want to upgrade my skills! :) Enjoy and have a nice day! P.S. : If you have the time... Check my You Tube Channel! ;) My previous version can be seen in this video.
  13. Hello Guys ! I show you my MOC of the Speeder Bike 614-AvA seen on the SW Rebels series. This MOC has closed dimensions of the minifig's scale (a little bigger) with 88 bricks. It's not perfect but better than the 75090 set I think. And next to my minifig's scale ITT (building instructions will come soon!) You can find my first tutorial to build it on my YouTube channel ! Link to Rebrickable : If you have some ideas or constructive criticisms, share with me please! I want to upgrade my skills! :) Enjoy and have a nice day! You can see my other topics : ITT : [MOC] ITT (Imperial Troop Transport) from SW Rebels TIE Advanced Prototype : [MOC] TIE Advanced Prototype (aka Inquisitor's TIE) from SW Rebels A-Wing (McQuarrie / SW Rebels Design) : [MOC] A-Wing (McQuarrie / SW Rebels Design) Batman's Batmech : [MOC] Batman's Batmech
  14. Hello from France Guys ! I'm Bricks Feeder and it's my third topic on Eurobricks! :) Today, I show you my MOC of the A-Wing using the design seen on the SW Rebels series and based on the Original A-Wing Concept of Mr. McQuarrie. I will make some pictures of my advance in the future but for the moment, I give you some videos (of my YouTube Channel) of my prototype on LDD. This MOC is based on the Jerac's A-Wing but I made a lot of change. For the moment, It's just a prototype on LDD. I tried to build a functional Landing gear. But I have to test the structure in real. I made Three version : Two A-Wing of the Phoenix Squadron (534 Bricks and 523 Bricks) and the A-Wing that Ezra used in the season 3 to go to Tatooine (523 Bricks). Although, These MOC need some stickers for the details. I take all advice if you have! :) You can see my other topics about SW : ITT : [MOC] ITT (Imperial Troop Transport) from SW Rebels TIE Advanced Prototype : [MOC] TIE Advanced Prototype (aka Inquisitor's TIE) from SW Rebels A-Wing (McQuarrie / SW Rebels Design) : [MOC] A-Wing (McQuarrie / SW Rebels Design) Batman's Batmech : [MOC] Batman's Batmech
  15. Ronan

    SW Lego Question

    Hi, My favourite lego star wars sets are the ones made between 1999 and 2003, and I'd like to know a thing about them: who designed them?
  16. brickmartil

    [MOC] Merkabah - Space Gunship

    Hello everyone=D I m fresh afol. I want to share with you my creation. I m interesting about a feedback. This is my first MOC after DA. I ve build it around a half year. Ok less talking. Pictures: You can find this MOC on lego ideas. Support very welcome Here is my flickr acount with better resolution photos
  17. Kman860

    [MOC] [LDD] Hoth Vignette

    This is an example of what happens when you get left behind on Hoth, after Bob and Jim's suicide mission...I mean the Assault on Hoth Hoth Vignette by Kman860, on Flickr
  18. Hey guys What about pinning a new topic called, for example, "Software links" where would only be a long list of all software that ppl posted here in this section so one can find them all quite easily (+ it would be locked so ppl would not be tempted leaving some kind of messages - it would be just a clear shortcut to posts of those sw form this forum section) - what do you think, hm? Also there would only be sw name, short one sentence description and link to its topic here on BR forum - It could look for example somehow like this: Reason: For example, lately I was searching for a sw that exports LDD model bricks into a file that can be uploaded to Bricklink creating new favorite entry in my profile - I remember I saw it here once but I forget its name, author, everything about that sw - now if we had such topic as I suggested it would be nothing easier than open that locked pinned topic and find my sw I am looking for!
  19. Desert Harrier - a fictional spacecraft from the shipyards of Corellia the Old Republic age, upgraded owner-sith. Star Wars "Desert Harrier" by Nikita Lazarev, on Flickr Star Wars "Desert Harrier" by Nikita Lazarev, on Flickr Star Wars "Desert Harrier" by Nikita Lazarev, on Flickr Star Wars "Desert Harrier" by Nikita Lazarev, on Flickr
  20. Thank you all for your patience. I've had a lot of real life events keeping me from posting this. And let me tell you, it was hard to narrow it down to the final entries that you all get to vote on. For all of you whose entries did not make it, it wasn't because your entry wasn't good. I thought all the battle packs were incredible and showed hard work on your part. Thank you for getting involved. Voting is now open! Each picture is a link to the original thread. Please go to each thread before voting as there are more pictures from the members that may help you make a better choice. Please vote for your two favorite entries by listing the numbers. For example: Only those who were members before the contest ended on June 1st can vote. If you were not a member before June 1st then you can't vote. This is to prevent accounts being created for voting. You must vote for two entries, you cannot only vote for one. The two entries with the most votes will win the prize: Endor Rebel Trooper & Imperial Trooper Battle Pack. Some members have more than one entry you can vote for. As a member can only win one of the two prizes, if a member gets the most votes for both of their entries the 2nd prize will go to the 3rd place member. You cannot vote for your own entry! Voting will close at the end of the day on the 24th of June. As long as it is still the 24th somewhere in the world, you can still vote. Votes cast after that hour will not be accepted. 1. LordDan - Advanced Bomb Squad 2. jansued - Alliance Anti Boarding Crew 3. Ninja Nin - Angry Senator Battle Pack 4. Artizan - Arc Troopers Battlepack 5. BJM - Assassins of Honoghr 6. MrLee - Battle of Umbara 7. Jacob Nion - Battlefront Rebel Special Troops 8. peffour - Cantina party squad 9. scuotter - Endor Dangers 10. Leopold - Gungan Swamp Patrol 11. Lord Vladivus - Hunt for the Noetikons 12. naugem - Hutt Lord Enforcers 13. Sir Brickalot - Jabba's Thugs Battle Pack 14. TheNerdyOne - Phoenix Squadron 15. Donnie Bricko - Rebel Ground and Air Attack 16. ACPin - Rebel Hangar Maintenance Mechanics 17. Artizan - Rebel Special Forces Battlepack 18. sparkart - Rogue One Rebel Dropship 19. Praiter Yed - Scum & Villainy Pack 20. Leopold - Sith Betrayal Battle Pack 21. Venkefedo - Smugglers' Stash 22. peffour - Swap market inspection 23. JackJonespaw - The Conference Room 24. sparkart - The Star Wars Imperial Shocktrooper Speeder 25. Sir Brickalot - Ugnaughts Battle Pack 26. BrickCipo - WOOKIES BATTLEPACK 27. TheNerdyOne_ - Yuuzhan Vong Invasion
  21. EtelEnzos


    Force Awakens Lego by etelenzos, on Flickr Rey Solo by etelenzos, on Flickr See it on my Gallery:
  22. Hi. I'm looking for Lego Star Wars set 7665, Republic Cruiser from 2007. Can negotiate price if anyone is willing to part with one. Not really fussed about box condition, as long as complete. PM if anyone is interested.
  23. Sullust... I really hated the place. With thick, toxic air, and a strong stench of sulphur it didn't really have much going for it. Unfortunately that was where our mission was. We had crashed a decoy shuttle a short distance from the Imperial base, and they took the bait. Two Stormtrooper squadrons had been sent to investigate, making our job at the base easier. SoNE Ep. IV by LegoFjotten, on Flickr Infiltration went surprisingly smooth, and once on the inside we split up into units to carry out our individual missions... SoNE Ep. IV by LegoFjotten, on Flickr My objective was to take control of the main command post & the communication station. I had a couple of troopers with me, as well as an trusty old R2 unit that I was told could help access the computers and take the turrets offline for our evacuation. Hopefully Bob would arrive with his reinforcements and get us safely away once our mission was completed. SoNE Ep. IV by LegoFjotten, on Flickr I had sent Donnie Bricko & Kaitan to the detention block together with Chewbacca. Disguised as Stormtroopers they would pull the old prisoner transfer routine to get inside the cell block and release the prisoners. SoNE Ep. IV by LegoFjotten, on Flickr A small group of our troopers had helped themselves to a tri-pod laser cannon from weapons storage and taken up position in the main hallway. If the Stormtroopers we had lured away returned before we had escaped, they were in for a surprise... SoNE Ep. IV by LegoFjotten, on Flickr SoNE Ep. IV by LegoFjotten, on Flickr To make sure our escape route was clear I stationed three of my commandos guarding the weapons storage and hallway outside the main command post. SoNE Ep. IV by LegoFjotten, on Flickr All the pieces were in place, now we just had to see how it all played out... SoNE Ep. IV by LegoFjotten, on Flickr
  24. What a mess! I never thought I would set foot in the Echo Base control room again, but here I was... This time it was not to run errands for others though, this time I was leading a team to salvage what we could and destroy the rest... I found it strange we hadn't run into any Imperial troopers yet, we knew they were here somewhere. LegoFjotten: "Kaitan, pull the memory banks from K-3PO" Kaitan: "Yes sir" LegoFjotten: "Donnie, place the explosives on the servers." Donnie: "You got it boss" Meanwhile, at Bravo team's location: Soldier: "Captain! Look, a couple of crates of blasters." Captain: "Excellent solider, let us bring them with us, E-3PO, give them a hand with the crates". E-3PO: "E-Chu-Ta" Captain: "How rude, someone please remind me to not bring the rudest droid in the galaxy for our next mission." In the princess's chambers: Soldier 1: "Those are some outfits! Wish I could see the princess in these! Maybe she will be so happy when I bring here these she will..." Soldier 2: "Eeeh.... is that a 3D poster of captain Solo on the wall?" Soldier 1: "Indeed! That's a bit... odd... isn't it?" Soldier 2: "...did the princess ask us to bring any of her other... belongings?" Soldier 1: "No, just the clothes." Soldier 2: "Good, that could have been awkward!" Elsewhere: Cape guy: "That's great guys! Let's make an astromech out of snow you said... let's decorate the place... it'll be fun.... yeah right! Who invited the wampa!" Officer: "Shut it! If you hadn't tripped on your cape when you went for your blaster we wouldn't be in this fine predicament now would we? What's with the cape anyway? And the outfit?" Cape guy: "Grmphf!" Tie pilot: "Maybe TK-422 will get us out of this, he was just... oh wait, nevermind." A few overview shots: High res photos on flickr. Comments & criticism welcome! Edit: Doh, forgot to adjust the photos, I will update the photos later on. Edit2: Updated the overview shots, at least the edge of my paper background isn't showing any more!
  25. Hi, Last month I worked on a MOC for TechLUG contest about Death star attack. I tried to do something new. My aim was to create a view of Home One desk with Endor and the Death Star II. I havn't enough bricks to do all this at the same scale (and obviously for making endor and the DS at minifig scale ! ). I tried to do a perspective but without cheating on computer by working on the picture and the background. All the perspective is real when you are standing in front of the MOC. You have 3 size of X-Wing, 4 of A-wing, 3 of minifigs,...(the minifig scale A-Wing and X-wing are just MOD because of contest deadline, and also because I like the A-Wing design actually.) As some ones told me, the walls are too clean, not enough greebs. I had only 2 months to find an idea and create it during spare times. Here are the pictures... Here is the smaller guy on the deck...juste in front an A-Wing on fire! And here is how it is constructed.