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  1. RocketSeason

    [MOC] Rotting Leviathan

    Had to log back in for the first time in a while to say that this is totally awesome work! Fantastic concept and amazing execution!
  2. RocketSeason

    [OL-Ch2] Incompetent Adventurers!

    Nice! I really like the angled build.
  3. RocketSeason

    [COR Jul FB2] Stores Detail

    The color combination is magnificent and I really do think it works very well in a tropical setting.
  4. RocketSeason

    The foundry

    Very nice build! I really enjoy the ground work.
  5. RocketSeason

    [SR-FB] The Rosa Lee (WIP)

    “Mornin’ Captain!” the young man spoke as he slid a large barrel across the dock. “Good Morning Mr. Combs.” The captain said. “Looks like the last of the provisions have arrived.” “Aye, sir.” Combs said. “We’re pretty well stocked up at this point.” “Very good.” The captain said with some satisfaction before turning away from the young man. It was just then that Captain Hawes noticed a tall, thin man staring at the old galleon. “I can’t believe you found her!” The thin man exclaimed before extending an arm to touch the old ship in an effort to reassure himself that what he was seeing was actually real, in physical form, and there before his eyes. “I found her wrecked on a beach east of Pontelli and had her towed here for refit.” The Captain said walking toward the thin man before extending a hand. “It’s good to see you again Ben.” The two men shook hands, then embraced, laughing and slapping each other on the back. Benjamin grinned and said. “I’ve heard you are in need of a ship’s doctor.” “A doctor yes, but more importantly, a man of science!” The Captain smiled. “Mr Combs!” “Sir!” Combs said as he dropped a barrel on the dock and rushed to the Captain’s side. The barrel bounced before rolling from the dock and into the water. “Please take Mr. Levy’s things and show him to his cabin.” The Captain said handing him Benjamin’s bag. Benjamin Levy started to follow the young sailor up the ladder but stopped to press the palm of his hand on the outer planking of the hull one last time. He could feel the ship bending and moving slightly as the morning tide began to roll in. With a not insignificant amount of astonishment in his voice, Benjamin exclaimed “I can’t believe you found her!”
  6. RocketSeason

    Black seas barracuda rebuild

    Very nice update! I a m a fan. The gundeck looks especially nice and the Captain's cabin looks well-stocked for whatever eventualities may come!
  7. RocketSeason

    [SR-FB] The Rosa Lee (WIP)

    "That's it, I'm done for the day." Horton said as he tried his best to ignore the dead lights dancing on the main deck. Horton's head felt unnaturally heavy on his shoulders as he squeezed into his tiny room. He struggled to remove his shoes before finally laying down on the bunk. He stared at the lamp hanging above his head and briefly considered dowsing the flame but the green glow creeping along the walls had him thinking better of it. ---------------------------------------------- Here's a shot of the "Officers' Quarters" just forward of the Captain's Quarters. This area of the ship contains two nearly identical rooms with a hallway between them and can be accessed from the main deck.
  8. RocketSeason

    [SR-FB] The Rosa Lee (WIP)

    Thank for the comments guys. I wanted to stop teasing so much and share a WIP image of the ship. My goal is to create a ship that is as accurate as possible by using 100% LEGO parts with a few modifications to the parts as possible. (namely only cutting official LEGO string.) I'm currently working on the rigging. It's been a bit of a trial and error getting to this point.
  9. I absolutely love the design of these little pieces!
  10. RocketSeason

    [COR FB] Port Raleigh Lighthouse

    Has a beautiful classic-pirates feel. Really love it!
  11. RocketSeason

    [SR-FB] The Rosa Lee (WIP)

    A cool evening breeze whistled through the rigging of the old Galleon as Captain Hawes crossed the deck and lifted himself onto the Foc’sle. The distinctive, irregular sound of his wooden leg finding it’s purchase on aged planking echoed across the quieted ship. “Soon.” He said to himself as he stood at the bow and gazed out into the dark void of the great sea. As if sensing his presence or perhaps responding to a silent command from some unseen force, dark clouds shifted and the pale, haunting glow of moonlight poured across the surface of the bay and bathed Captain Hawes and his ship. In response, the ship groaned. It was a wholly unfamiliar sound that was not quite the bending and twisting of wooden beams, but seemed almost a vocalization from within the wood itself. Captain Hawes turned to peer down the length of the ship as an unnatural light began the seep from between splintered cracks. It’s sick green glow oozed out and onto the deck and dripped down from the stays. The Captain felt a deep churning from within himself and he fought for control of his stomach. Soon however, the sick, heavy feeling subsided and was replaced with a warmth that felt almost like that of a comforting embrace. The Captain smiled and turned back towards the sea. ---------------------------- I purchased a set of micro LED lights and had a bit of fun last night. Hopefully they will help improve my photography.
  12. RocketSeason

    [SR-FB] The Rosa Lee (WIP)

    @Roadmonkeytj This is the set I ordered: Should work nicely when lighting the scene for photography. Hopefully make it easier to get light below decks. I'll be trying them out tonight.
  13. RocketSeason

    [SR-FB] The Rosa Lee (WIP)

    Thanks for the kind words gang! I've got many, many more photos in the hopper as the ship is getting closer to completion. @Roadmonkeytj You should have some full-ship shots soon-ish. @Fraunces, I am using Photoshop for the photo editing. I use it to color correct the image, add some artificial lighting and lens flare effects, but I mostly use it to paint out dust specks. Doesn't matter how clean I think I keep these models, they are a dust magnet! I just ordered some micro LED lights with a wide variety of color settings so Hopefully I can improve the lighting in these scenes even more. I'm excited to give it a try!