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  1. Fraunces

    REVIEW: 21326 Winnie the Pooh

    Great review feel like buying it and finding it out for myself!
  2. Fraunces

    [REVIEW] 31120 Medieval Castle

    Very nice review indeed. Agree with you on all points!
  3. Very nice micro! Love the layout.
  4. Fraunces

    The first LTP - continued

    Lol who would've guessed haha
  5. Fraunces

    Those Terrible Tulips

    Very good build, especially the angle you chose for the picture makes the first pic spot on!
  6. Fraunces

    The first LTP

    Very nice plantation my friend! Warms my heart as a Dutchman myself ;)
  7. Fraunces

    Tulips in the Garden

    Me too! Love your style and story, once again. I do feel you neglect those monkeys though...
  8. Very nice one indeed! Very original
  9. Fraunces

    [COR - MRCA] Class 5 Octavia

    Indeed, I like the story too. The ships are nice builds too!
  10. I'd join, no problem! Sound a little bit like BotBS?
  11. Fraunces

    Trade MRCA Deadline - Oct 26

    Ah great. Just filled the forms. Many thanks for the work you guys put in this game.
  12. Fraunces

    What is he doing here?

    Nice vignette, I like the unseriousness of the story
  13. Fraunces

    [COR- Faction Flavors] Antonio's office

    Very cool vignette. Clever use of the sack and I have to complement you on those great colorcombinations.
  14. Nice action put in bricks! Very good,.