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  1. Great story and I too love the gipsy wagon the most. But the story is the best part of this page. I really do hope we will see a lot more of this part of the world.
  2. I like the stone work as well! You just missed some SNOT's at the rock and on the right side
  3. Nice builds man and good story. I would only argue how well defendable that tower ;) The stone work in the tower is nice though as well as the vegatation in the 2nd build.
  4. Fraunces

    [SR - FB] Tortuga Quayside

    I licensed as medium and took the fischermans schack not seperate but together, making it easily 32x32 with the quay included. In story both the premises are from my characters. This was what I was doing as well, and thought it looked funny with 2 peglegs, Thanks! and yes it is custom :) thanks guys!
  5. Bloody Bill has returned the vessel and the money is transferred.
  6. Another part of quay has been developed by the Fraunces brothers:
  7. In Tortuga, the Fraunces brothers set up shop and opened a warehouse, where rum, Sereenian Beer and weapons of all sorts are stored and sold. The neighbor fisherman settled down after loosing both his legs, and runs from his home a small fresh fish auction on the island together with his daughter and his business is being used as for money laundering. Jacobo is running these the Tortuga department of the family business at this moment. Interiors:
  8. "Aye tell me jimbo is it because we've been drinking too much Sereenian beer yesterday or is that "the Margaret" laying at the quay?" "Ahoy ahoy you stinkin' Sea Rats! Let me show you what a real flag looks like! Now this [raising the black] is a free mans flag. The other one I have here [raising a SR flag without a black stripe, shaking his head], Bloody Bill stripped it of it's black colour, because you Rats are a disgrace for us proper pirates." "You have quite some nerve to come to our Tortuga warehouse insulting us after you seized one of our ships, we are supposed to work together!" "We sail the seas, always in danger of tyrannical maniacs trying to control every drip and every piece of wood on the Brick Seas. YOU on the other hand, bumping onto NPC pirates like you own the place with your smuggler ships, not even showing any colour in the top minstrel..... Bloody Bills told me tell you he had no choice as to take a 100 doubloons for our trouble. He, who has better things to do at this moment, does not need this piece of junk, and you can have it back. Bloody Bill trusts the matter is settled and hopes you will make a swift turn to the brighter life and live like a real pirate, like your dad once used to do. Your crew is tied down below. Beware next time!" _______________________________________________ Belowdecks: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This story is mainly inspired by the last Kings Port Advertiser in which Bloody Bill took the Margaret from me, but this was a mistake. He was not supposed to attack Sea Rat traders. That is why me and @Capt Wolf came up with this scenario. I do not posses the bricks to made Bloody Bill who is shown in this build, so very conveniently, Bloody Bill did sent one of his men to bring the message over . I will transfer 100 DB to Bloody Bill, and hope the matter is settled then. More about the buildings, which are in Tortuga, in this post.
  9. Wow these are fantastic. The portrait of each settlement is amazing. Truly artistic.
  10. Fraunces

    [GoC - FB2 - COR] University of Quinnsville

    Really amazing work once again. Amazing build.
  11. Fraunces

    [GoC] Fortification on Serentia

    Real good job on the minifigs. The fort is simple but stands out. Good work!
  12. I really love this piece of work. Those colors are amazing! So odd and still they do not feel unfitting. I am no expert on rigging and sailmaking, so I will not comment on that. But the sails are just so.. peculiar.
  13. Fraunces

    [WTCM] WTC Monthly - Issue 15

    Great one again!
  14. I like this one too. Classic feel!
  15. Fraunces

    Civilization is Returning

    Great ending to the story and good to see Charlatan Bay once again pulled back to order. The new uniforms look great.