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  1. Fraunces

    [SR- OKT] The cool vaulted cellar

    The door, roof, beer mugs ( didn't even see them before reading the comments) all very well done
  2. As the postal system kept enhancing around the more advanced islands in the Brick Seas, the island known as the Rock was in need of a structered postal office too. For the Fraunces brothers this seemed a great opportunity to get ahold of information regarding valuable transpo.. to professionalize and organize there trading network more efficiently. An office was erected and became the place where much information on the island went through. Passing ships delivered and transported mail but not as much as the offices' own collection of doves, crows, parrots, owls and hawks. All trained to pick up and transport valuable information. A crate filled with letters of marque from the archduke of Terraversa had just been delivered here: and passed onto a young female Sea Rat captain looking for some action and adventure (which will be a new secondary character of mine). Like all Sea Rats, the pirate in command of the station is not really a type to be a typical postal-officer. He likes to fill his days by entertaining passers-by, by playing harmonica in duet with his saxophone-playing monkey-assistant. ~~~~ I got the idea of the harmonica from some other nice ship I found while scrolling through google, don't know from where.. The postal office idea ofcourse from multiple fellow brethren .
  3. Fraunces

    [ESL-Ship] La Descoberta - Terraman

    I understand completely what you mean.. The stern is original, I love that you just put to bowpieces on top of each other also at the bow, the crew is very cool (very detailed). A very big, beautiful & colorful Eslandolan ship! One minor fault is the use of wood-bricks in the sides of the ship.
  4. Fraunces

    [ESL -Troops] Weelond Musketeers

    Ah another classic Eslandolan build! Reminds me of the old school Armada
  5. cool action pics, I always love hussar-builds. Reminding me of the real-life army of Jan Sobiewski and his victory at Vienna
  6. I really like this one as well!! Very neat execution.
  7. the story is very good put together. The build is nice too! Great work.
  8. absolutely beautiful ship. The rigging has some loose ends still but that is about the only negative I can see. Also a cool minifig selection! !
  9. Fraunces

    [BTV1-TER] The end of a patrol...

    That red white green colourscheme works surprisingly well!
  10. Fraunces

    [OL - AMRCA] Le Terreur

    Very nice countryside build, something other than the usual Brick Seas topics! Very good execution of a scottish-based-part in our world
  11. Fraunces

    [COR - FB] Spudkirk Prospecting

    What can I say, nice posing and rockwork! Hope you find something valuable !
  12. There has to come some kind of following up on this haha Great troop-show off Ayrlego A Sea Rat would begin to grow scared if we weren't the best fighters on land with the fastest ships on the Brick Seas....
  13. Fraunces

    [BTV1-TER] Form an Orderly Line

    Real good build , good minifigs selection and a true war-like feel to the post altogether!
  14. Quite nice, the mix between oktoberfest and a educational build is nice. you could however shown us some more of the inside of the build.