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  1. Fraunces

    [INDEX] Settlements of BoBS

    Name: The Sereen Cay Ownership: Sea Rats Location: The Rock, between the Cocovia Sea and the West Prio Sea´╗┐ Mayor: To be announced Who can own property in The Sereen Cay: Anyone Who can freebuild in The Sereen Cay: Anyone´╗┐ Settlement thread
  2. Fraunces

    [SR-FB] Restoring Order to Chaos

    Beautiful. Very fun concept.
  3. Fraunces

    Settlement: The Sereen Cay

    Thanks all! I was really happy with the result. Yes I was planning on doing so. Thanks for the headsup anyway. All of 'em yes. In the future I plan on making this the base off operations of my characters as well, with accompanying story lines of course.
  4. Fraunces

    [OL-FB] Floating Battery

    Kinda fat ship but the techniques are neat! Wonderful job on the rigging btw
  5. looks like fun moc to build,and fun to look at as well, little bit late but who cares
  6. Fraunces

    MRCA Deadline January 8

  7. Fraunces

    [SR - FB] Class 3 "Margaret"

    Yes haha a plasma-TV. Thanks! Thats what I wanted, thanks! Me too, I wanted to catch that old set look. been thinkins about this, and I will do this, thanks! Thanks Bart!! Thanks Bodi, I have been looking at a lot of your ships as well for some inspiration or when I was stuck on the build. Shipbuilding is hard!! Haha don't puke over the LEGOS! Thanks man! I will try improve the presentation, and I had some good tips so that will be better. The crew does sing that song indeed, including the laugher, chickensounds and barks.
  8. Fraunces

    Weelond 2nd Battalion ready for duty

    agreed! me as well! Very nice army you got there. It is beginning to look like a cold war of imperialistic nations across the Brick Seas Those work fantastic
  9. Very nice copy of this small but nice ship!!
  10. Fraunces

    [COR - Raising troops] Vernon's Company

    i love the simple minifig heads
  11. Before the the Lothario decided to join the Sea Rat expedition to the unknown lands, he and his two brothers had a discussion in the captains' quarters of the Octopus. "Lothario," Jacobo said "it is time to expand. We have no clue to where our father is or what happened. I want to go on the expedition, but I think it is wise if we split up for the time being. I know some sailors in the Sereen Qay who are willing to make a doubloon with me on trading some weapons." Alfie and Lothario looked at each other and nodded, this has been coming for some time. Alfie responded: "I'll travel with you to the Sereen Cay where we will get you a ship. I will stay there and try to enlarge the family business on land." Lothario knew they needed to split up, if they ever wanted to create a sizable business. Alfie and Lothario Fraunces traveled as planned to the Sea Rat village, which was still fairly new. With the help of some connections they bought a class 3 trading ship, sailed over to the settlement to sell to the brothers. After a new crew had been mustered, the ship took of on her first adventure under a new captain. Alfie stayed in the Sereen Cay, fascinated by the tales of the Corlander explorer which never returned from the main island. ~~~~~~~~ Just in time for the MRCA The presentation is not very well as I am always struggling to make good pictures with my phone. Need to invest in a decent camera sometime. If anyone knows a good tutorial on how to make quality pics with a white background, please share.
  12. Fraunces

    [SR-FB] Myth Chaser

    Awesome ship, looks just right if you ask me. Lovely story to go along with it. The tavern scene is great but is there no way to get the shadows out of the walls (it reflects in LDD)
  13. Fraunces

    [COR-FB] Marine Surveyor (LDD)

    very cool warehouse, I was just about to build something similar (Anno 1602 2nd age warehouse style), this will be a very positive inspiration
  14. I always like the WTC monthly but this edition you kinda just use to crap over your fellow Corries.. Keep it nice and fun for the loyal readers who don't care about internal struggles.