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  1. Fraunces

    [SR - FB] Lothario's poker lounge

    Thanks Professor! Thanks a lot! I actually missed some parts for this build but thanks for the appreciation Thanks Captain Dee, one can never show your LEGO-coins off too much right! Thanks , glad you liked it. The idea came to me while I was "bored building" with the new blue parrot and the pokercards piece, and before I knew it, I had a poker lounge in the works Thanks all! Glad everyone (young and old ) liked the build.
  2. I like the shrine a lot Thaum but I really don't understand the wish of the priest hahaha
  3. Amazing and realistic ship! The sails are so beautiful
  4. ~Parrots whispering~ "What do you mean bluff? Your Sea Rat master didn't bluff once all this time!" "Listen Popsy, I do love your visits to the Rock, but this Carnovian captain you are travelling with does not know the first thing about poker. He already lost his first all-in and keeps playing risky. You will not be making a single doubloon this trade run that I can tell you!" "At least we are heading for adventure after we have taken these chips and loaded the guns tomorrow! We are going to fight off the Lotii!" "Pff .. better to be profiting of wars than joining 'em. Look at the Mardierians! They have lost half an empire fighting useless wars." "Talk about useless: your master just went all-in on a 7 - 2 !" Just a small build showing off my poker table. It is placed in "Lothario's poker lounge" in the Sereen Cay, the Rock, zone 31. Traders, buccaneers and imperial captains of all nations come here to spend some of their ill-gotten doubloons or soldiers-salaries. Current players on this table are Lothario Fraunces, facing off a Carnovian captain on his last stop off to war, other players include a Corrington Lieutenant, an Eslandolan trader, a Mardierian conquistador and a Black-Flag Sea Rat captain. Better picture of the poker lounge:
  5. Fraunces

    [COR Jan FB1/GOC] Spudkirk Armoury

    Amazing build once again. I would only argue the guards on the roof have no visible ladder to climb on and off The water looks good, just a little shallow.
  6. Fraunces

    Rising through the ranks

    Although I am not fond of the building, the story and photography make this post outstanding. You are a good storyteller!
  7. I also like the story accompanied by a nice build with enough details and cool minfig-presentation. Would like to see what the Oleonese war-machine is up to
  8. Fraunces


    Ah these builds make my day
  9. Fraunces

    [Lego Ideas] 24 Gun Spanish Galleon

    What a marvel! Love the shape and the colours! why not add some sails and minifigs? Would be a front page MOC If you'd ask me :)
  10. She's a beauty! The wood pieces spice the deck up quite nice and I just love the clean colorfulness. Would be a tremendous sight to see her in real hard bricks
  11. Oh boy this is gonna be fun
  12. Fraunces

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Amazing build to announce your return Very good stonework, details and the fall-back-in-the-wall-window
  13. Fraunces

    I wish I had more ship levels ...

    Lol great build :). Well though of
  14. Fraunces

    [GoC] Class 2 Myzec Trimaran

    really nice this build, could've been a real LEGO set!! I love the use of all the original LEGO-pieces. They fit perfectly together :)