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  1. Sir Edwyn

    [MOC] Canton Du Valais

    I'm back after a few years hiatus :). I spent some time hiking in the Alps and British Isles over the past two summers; this MOC is based off of the many traditional chalets I've seen in the Swiss Canton of Valais. Unfortunately my Lego cows seem to have disappeared at some point, so the scene is missing that quintessential element. Enjoy! Canton du Valais by Sir Edwyn, on Flickr
  2. Sir Edwyn

    The Græskar: Part Two

    Part One Sir Edwyn looked around the room, squinting as his eyes adjusted to the dim firelight. “Evidently The Graesker is not here. Ah well, I was not expecting to be able to meet him so easily.” “Nor was I,” his contact replied. “Please sit down, and tell me your plan. There must be a serious matter afoot to force you to seek him.” Edwyn glanced at the door nervously before settling himself on the low wooden stool. “Indeed,” he replied. “You see, there is a certain member on the council whose influence is growing too strong. He is undermining my interests left and right…I find that I am no longer able to reckon with him.” “So you wish to…ah…see his influence removed then, yes?” “Indeed. However, he is a hard target to reach. I’ve heard whispers about a man whose facility for cover arts is beyond description…. never a name, and no one seems to have made contact with him directly. There was an old man who referred me to you, though. He said that you’ve dealt with him before.” “Not directly…” Edwyn sighed wistfully. “So you are just like the others. I am beginning to think he is but a legend.” “No! The Graesker is real enough. Unless of course you are foolish enough to believe that Duke Richtenheim dropped dead on his own accord.” “So you’re the one who was behind that?” “Well I – what was that?” Both men turned around as they heard a low rasping sound emanating from the doorway. “I thought you said no one would find us here!” Edwyn demanded. Suddenly the room grew dark and cold and Sir Edwyn felt as though he was falling into a deep sleep….
  3. Sir Edwyn

    The Græskar: Part One

    I know exactly what it means in Danish ;). I wasn't sure if anyone would pick up on it, but then this is eurobricks, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Anyway all will be revealed in time. Thanks for including the spoiler warning!
  4. Sir Edwyn

    The Græskar: Part One

    Sir Edwyn walked briskly through the winding maze of buildings, tapping out a lonely beat against the cobblestone with his walking stick. He emerged from an alley and looked up at the worn stone watch tower of the guardhouse before glancing around the street. Spotting his contact, he quickly strode over . "And just why did you arrange to meet here?" Edwyn demanded, giving no regard to pleasantries. "An official building is not the most appropriate place to discuss - ah - clandestine operations, shall we say?" "It certainly isn't. I wasn't planning on discussing anything here, but you hardly could have found the place that we're heading to on your own, this was simply a convenient place to meet up." "I see. Will the Græskar be at this more private venue of yours?" "Quiet! ... and I am unsure, but pray don't speak that name aloud unless you have to." "Very well then, let's be off."
  5. Sir Edwyn

    Granovian Patrol

    Thanks, but what tree?
  6. Sir Edwyn

    [MOC] The Lumberjack's Cottage

    I think it's really awesome that your building with your son. Very nice MOC, keep it up!
  7. Sir Edwyn

    Granovian Patrol

    Thanks Everyone! :) Well there's no exact story, but this is a location in my own fantasy world, Nolaria. My past few builds have been set in the Granovian City States, bordering the eastern coast. Their government and sovereignty are much like the ancient Greek city states, but their culture is more Germanic. Here are some other Granovian Builds:
  8. Sir Edwyn

    Granovian Patrol

    I quick little something I whipped up. Enjoy!
  9. Sir Edwyn

    Eastcairn Keep

    I actually joined two years ago, but I've never participated. I found the system too confusing. I've also given up on online Lego role plays for the time being. I used to be very active in LoR, but these days I don't have the time or patience to keep up with the proceedings.
  10. Sir Edwyn

    Eastcairn Keep

    Thanks Guy!
  11. Sir Edwyn

    Eastcairn Keep

    Eastcairn keep lies on a rock islet of the coast of Granovia. The only entrance is by a rickety plank perched between the mainland and the islet. The difficult entrance ensures the security of the keep during times of war. It serves as a lookout and safe haven. So this has actually been complete for a while now, but I only just photographed it. This was really fun to build, though very part consuming. And before you all ask, no, there is no interior ;). Sorry, that's just not my style. If you want castles with full interiors check out my buddy soccersnyderi.
  12. Sir Edwyn

    Technic pieces in castle building

    Actually there has been a whole castles made with this technique, by Tiberium Blue:
  13. Sir Edwyn

    Granovian Inn

    Thanks, Everyone! No I did not do an interior. I find it very difficult to do both a detailed exterior as well as a good interior. Lots of the techniques I use involve clunky supports behind the walls, so there isn't much room to work with. Maybe I'll consider refining those techniques to allow for more space on the inside.
  14. Sir Edwyn

    Granovian Inn

    Hello all, here is my first MOC in quite a while. Enjoy!
  15. Sir Edwyn

    Valholl's Southern Gate

    Awesome job, will start on the next installment tonight! BTW, what is this new backdrop you mentioned?