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Found 3 results

  1. And here comes my latest MOC/mashup. This is an AT-DT which is very briefly seen in Solo, a Star Wars story. Its turret immediatly made me think to a mix between a German WW2 sIG 33 and a FLAK 88. AT-DT by Veynom, on Flickr For this model, I have really mashed up existing MOCs found on the Internet, existing sets, and my own freedom. The turret is based on the excellent model from Bricksfeeder on Rebrickable. The front armored panel was modified to remove a stress issue and suppress the gaps between the front and side panels. Side panels were also adapted. The main body is taken from the set 75201: First Order AT-ST but updated (rebuilt) for balance purpose. I kept the rotating mechanism. For the legs, I first started from those from the 75201 but then I completely rebuilt them to better match the canon shape. I found a robust solution with the feet connection from set 75083 (AT-DP) allowing me to connect th enice design of Bircksfeeder's feed to my legs. Balance is maintained as long as you do not shake it too much. Rear view: a minifig can easily sit inside. AT-DT rear view by Veynom, on Flickr AT-DT by Veynom, on Flickr Regarding scale, it can be compared to a minifig and to a smaller AT-MB (Mobile Battery) AT-MB and AT-DT by Veynom, on Flickr AT-DT and AT-MB by Veynom, on Flickr Then I've asked my friend Muad'Brick to abuse of his virtual skills on my pictures and he came up with this: AT-DT - Ewoks Killer by Veynom, on Flickr And this: AT-DT Flower Power Variant by Veynom, on Flickr Ans because size does not matter, here is the microscale version (13 parts): Micro AT-DT by Veynom, on Flickr PS: ABefore you ask, no, I have no LDD of my final model but the excellent original model from Bricksfeeder is available on Rebrickable.
  2. Hi Guys! It's already 2 months ago I made this MOC but I forget to share here with you so... I show you my MOC of the AT-DT! I let you watch the showcase video. And the quick scene I made for a LEGO Convention. Free PDF Instructions are available on Rebrickable : Don't forget to mention me if you use this design. ) Let me know what you think about! See you soon!
  3. Hello Eurobricks member ! It has been a while I did not post here, but here is my latest MOC, an All Terrain Dewbacked Transporter build or the Techlug Contest 12., where the goal was to convert a Dewback in Lego, to make it being a Walker, or an AT-DT. As you can see, they are elements : the head, the body and the 4 legs. Here are pictures to show their building : As you can see, the interior is fully playable, there is enough space for 5 minifigs. Their weapons are located on the inner roof side. There are two doors, one of each side and a trapdoor if you get to loose a piece or a blaster Inside, you'll only have to open it to get it back ! Also, the minifigs can use it to enter the Walker. Here are some pics to show different perspecives : I'm quite satisfated with the joints, excepted at the back. I wanted to build a tail for this AT-DT, but the rules of the contest did not alloud to build a Walker longer than 38,5 cm. Instead, a gunner is placed in a cabin at the back and watches for ennemies ! Here is a larger view of the bottom section : I really wanted the Walker to be playable, so it had to be able to adopt different positions. In addition, you can choose t use the turret or as a gun or as a sattelite dish.The design is mainly based on the Clone Wars, with dark red bands and some greebles, such as telephones, levers, bars and plate or tiles modified. If it would exist in the films, it couls be a scout Walker which had to carry a small commando troup for specifics and dangerous missions. I designed it to be pretty strong, and it seems it's quite solid, an X-Wing and two full paint sprays can even land on it : Finally, I enjoyed building this walker for the contest, I could use some interesting, simple building techniques. I personnaly thing it looks like a Dewback, with a strong head, a large neck, small legs... But in comparison to other entries of the contest, I could not rebuild in Lego all the aspects and the whole spirit of an Dewback in a Walker. Still, it remains a proposition of how a Kuat Drives Ingeneer could adapt the abilities and the appearance of a DewBack to make it becoming a Star Wars walker. What do you think ? Dewback or not ? Remarks and critics are always welcome. Also, do not hesitate to take a look at the results topic, with the other entries (DanSto presented his own here), and the Bricksafe gallery of this MOC.